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a lot of the charge would be conspiracy and he did not find enough evidence to charge the campaign or campaign that fairly it with conspiracy with russia but what he does lay out very very clearly number one is attempts by the russian security officials to penetrate election systems in the embedded states three specific instances in which they were successful in florida illinois and then a computer election manufacturer in florida there are others those are three days now the second part of what he lays out are communications between the trump team and russian officials conspiracy no they were asking please would you penetrate for what they were viewing is through you know like a tank and they were benefiting from the russian interference and so that is very clear and very damning in damaging in that report although it does not rise to the level of the prosecutor oh by a lation a conspiracy in terms of the way the law is laid out the united states and also
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according to mr mr trump a thirty three zero lapses of memory i mean that's thirty lapses of memory from a man who eighteen months ago in a public forum said he's got the best memory in the world does that work. yes thirty lapses in memory of course those pain when he was given the opportunity to present written answers and as you said at the top what the special prosecutor didn't do that democrats are curious about is he did not interview the president one on one face to face he said he didn't do that because of the timing involved but that may be a very serious misstep as we know i mean obstruction and law requires finding intent to obstruct very difficult to find in ten if you don't speak to somebody directly so the fact the prosecutor let the president off on that and yet the president still has these thirty lasses in written answers is going to be a big issue great democrats as they will bob muller in front of the house of
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representatives maybe closely the senate to answer questions on this investigation there were ten and i quote ten episodes of obstruction of justice not the concept of that trumps critics clearly that will linger a long time for them in the memory but those ten episodes of obstructing american justice distilled down for me if you can what kind of legal process that may yet become point number one and point number two who drive it. so but all there laid out those ten instances as you mentioned a potential obstruction of justice and he said since we cannot and date a sitting president i am going to relate these out and politically let the house of representatives decide if it wants to act and when you do oversight or impeachment and also if and when the president leaves the white house the justice department could potentially decide to charge the president after the fact and so that's why
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he thought it was important to lay those out and that's also why he says very clearly there is evidence of obstruction we cannot charge but we also cannot exonerate and so he left it open these two routes it's political and potentially illegal after the president leaves the white house that could be pursued if and when either the democrats in the house or the justice department under a new president decides to do that and again those are big ifs but the public can go out and repeat what those ten instances that they found were and the fascinating part of this story is that the president tended to obstruct when it's actually his staff we come to find out who stopped him from doing that so really the president attempted according to what bob mueller lays out what his staff refused to carry out his orders these would be people like the white house attorney donegan who refused to make steps to file by or rather the special prosecutor and corey
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lewandowsky his former campaign manager who wouldn't go to jeff sessions and do what the president wanted so the president benefited from the fact that staff would not follow through in terms of what he was asking them to do. that in your resell thank you so much christensen is in new york taking a closer look now at some of the fallout from the moller investigation has sparked a range of separate worries for the u.s. president. robert muller did not charge president trump with the crime his inquiry did help trigger however several new and wide ranging investigations related to the president's business practices as well as his presidency including some right here at federal court in new york new york is just one of a half dozen federal state and city jurisdictions conducting their own often overlapping investigations one centers on alleged hush money payments to two women
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including stormy daniels by the president's former personal attorney in the final weeks of his campaign another looks at how his inaugural committee raised more than a hundred million dollars nearly double the previous record and where that money went to nowhere comes close to the president's hometown when it comes to buildings with the trump name on them like a hotel near central park but it's also here in new york where the president is most under the microscope. three state agencies here have launched inquiries into his business practices and they're looking at whether trump inflated his wealth when applying for loans while elsewhere the nation's capital there are at least six congressional investigations most led by house democrats most recently the house ways and means committee out for the president's personal income tax historically presidents have shared them voluntarily this president has refused. now the full extent of these inquiries and the president's legal jeopardy isn't clear and
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justice department policy prohibits federal prosecutors from indicting a sitting president but state officials could try and congress is likely to continue its digging into two thousand and twenty and the next election cycle thanks mostly to come for you here on the news hour including flash flooding in iran will bring two point five billion dollars from the country's economy plus. i'm the first apartment in a house in the sand from rebuilding not to dam was easy but this cathedral. proves that it can be done. and in the sport the san jose sharks try to stay alive in the n.h.l. playoffs details with santa in about thirty minutes. turkey has detained two people for allegedly spying on arab nationals on behalf of the united arab emirates let's get more now from the trash can and he joins us live
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from istanbul natasha hi there what else do we know. peter sources tell that two men men they believe are operatives collecting intelligence for the united arab emirates were detained on monday they have still been detained are they are still detained they were detained here in istanbul and they're suspected of spying on arab dissidents since the arab spring many arab dissidents have sought refuge here in turkey viewing it as kind of a safe haven if you will but we don't have much more confirmed by senior officials now this was first reported by reuters and we're used to saying that they believe that these senior officials are telling reuters that these men were spying on behalf of the united arab emirates and that the reason they may have been here is because the first man arrived shortly after the death of saudi journalist and
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washington post columnist jamal khashoggi he was murdered in the saudi consulate here in istanbul in october and according to what a senior official has told reuters he arrived just days after chris show g.'s murder then another man followed perhaps to assist with quote the workload now an official tells roeder reuters that the operatives have been monitored for the last six months but again it's still very unclear exactly what they were looking for a senior official says that they may have been here as a result of the shoji murder but they also may have been here to spy on arab dissidents this is a developing story and we'll bring you more when we have it. and sasha thanks very much. thousands of protesters are still gathered outside the military headquarters in the sudanese capital khartoum after the biggest rally since the overthrow of the president omar al bashir last week the protesters want the civilian led transition
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they're expected to name a team on sunday to take charge of the country the ruling military council as promises of reforms have done little to satisfy people's demands so how did sudan get here by the end of last year protests started over the rising cost of bread but soon came demands that omar bashir should step down more than one thousand protesters were detained by government forces in february sudan's national security and intelligence services said bashir would step down but the president was defiant declaring a national state of emergency by april thousands of demonstrators reached the military headquarters and police said they would support a quote peaceful transition of power on april the eleventh the military announced that bashir had been ousted and arrested but that still not appeased the protesters let gets more on this for you here on the news are joining us in the studio is adam he's a sudanese lawyer and research associate at the school of oriental and african studies
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in london mr adam why is this taking so long. physically. the military they said before you no doubt. having some sort of for political will to act that let's remember that it should all get keep in mind that you know the or soon or push it and then you know the bush and the this or this actually happened because of the strong pressure but the demonstrators on the ground and that's right because they don't have any kind of political will because that one of them that probably give it some so is this was our sustained pressure action from demonstrators they're not going out but i think now that the mystery if is in a way that actually the military council is actually responding to the pressure that's why they're sitting united still actually mr thing in front of the military you know get our command for all of these days and. i expect i'm sure they can you know to that one because they're actually trying to demonstrate this and the military actually accounts and that's why they want to grantee you know that desperation and their demands actually be allies when they begin i mean what is it
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is homesick probably for interrupting you there isn't what is it's about the military we've had sixteen weeks four months of protests and it seems to me we so weak so weak the military has consistently misread the staying power of the protesters you know of course they sit through that they don't have the political will that's for sure and also that afraid of any kind of thing that a friend of soviet rule let's remember him a deal the military council on the head of the but it didn't cost a deal was actually. to give them so they fought all the wars like what in that court they've been together all this time they. saw four of them it's very actually difficult to move forward without you know putting pressure on them but but to be honest as you would be you know transition there would be no political action is to put it in the country with the offer to give power to actually been seen exist actually in the country that's why the protests that they should have to put sustained pressure on the military council to get the government to simply get a hold if the protesters get what they want to mean given that they had so long of
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authoritarian military rule in the country they kind of skipped a generation in the political development in the way that people do politics they stand for office they run the country can those protesters if in a year say you and i are having a conversation after free and fair elections can they do it and do it properly. it is difficult i must say it is very difficult transition given actually this sea of jihad for fraud given actually the structure of political parties and civil source it's actually about the order again or this kind of thing but people are determined since the action of the deep end they removed you know the ship to get after fifty years i think or so that we can actually get to claim their country and actually not establish and heal democracy and freedom in a kind of predictive system and to continue to trust that you know they can do it it's very complicated it's not going to be easy it's not going to be like you know something small of but still people are came and they have the will to pass through this kind of transition mr adam again great to talk to you thank you so much.
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friday process well underway for a ninth successive week in algeria thousands in the capital algiers chanting down with the system the long term president abdelaziz bouteflika was ousted earlier this month protesters continue to demand change because of the interim government's links to put a flicker and the latest in presidential elections until july your simple and joins us here in doha he's a professor of political science at castle university mr bill and all welcome back to the news quite can't there on the elections before july obviously because the people in the sleeves do not want it to happen those who are going to organize do elections all associated with the illusion the. hurdle for the government mr bud we fall into the administer is very well known for the good in the elections let's not forget the beautiful managed to belike for six point five million signatures and his intention was novel to run for election
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this is the first one the second one is so like forty eight when you see polities so far have said that they're not going to leave. lists and also do. the group of lawyers say that will not go to supervise this elections so. clear months the fourth of july is really impossible to have presidential election the atmosphere up to now has been kind of a tinderbox dry will the authorities try to keep a lid on this between now and when the votes should take place. to do told his would like to do that but i don't think that the street. will stop the protests just leads with keep pushing the pressures on the auto to on the one hand and most importantly on the military because ations by the chief of staff. suggests that he be he's on the side of the people and the people who want him to take decisive
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steps in a little faults. with the president to resign and also the government to resign like he did with former president. is there anything the current interim administration could do that would be a cheap fix to make sure that the situation did come between now and any election when. it is concerned the only thing that would satisfy them that the couldn't mutilation will do is simply to the people have been saying it loud and clear when we had the system when we did lee is. one of them but i used the president of the constitutional council and. pushing. on the opportunities for this government the interim president to go professor as ever thank you so much thank you. two seasons of weather in australia rob
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yes summer and winter west and east dramatic as it could be of course is with above freezing in both cases but here we go perth moments sixteen degrees an adelaide thirty four to get sixteen degrees in perth which is a midwinter temperature a certain amount of change in the weather type had to go on it's been a pretty stormy last twenty four hours. or so for example we've had the strongest winds in five years blows through yes some damage was done on the coast april day since one thousand nine hundred thirty nine souls or it doesn't necessarily it's a dramatically different adelaide story well that's more like a midsummer one. twenty two and the temperature was thirty four this is today's temperature record is thirty seven so we're not far off in fact this is also a good day for about one hundred years so these are really quite major difference is obviously this sort of thing happens if you really was extreme weather when you drag cold air up the antarctic and run it across as a frontal system across the bite and then everything changes well that's happening
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now so you might be about to happen in adelaide now you've got it spot on first of all cloudy still thirty one and slowly warming behind in perth well this is the picture of mrs lee for saturday for tech you head to sunday the warm bit goes. further east winds the temp it ends up being more like twenty one hang on right here it comes. twenty peter. i do like it when the weatherman goes a bit. later still ahead here on the al jazeera news for you supporters of the opposition candidate in indonesia's presidential election hold a rally as a vote count is now well underway. contested legacy prove mourning the death of its former president who was accused of corruption. and the arsenal manager takes a step closer to history as the gunners reach the. semifinals of the european league when we come back.
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on line through to the winter for them not to do this or if you join us on a saturday all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a diana react talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including a funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice and us your thoughts your twitter and you could be on the story and join the colobus conversation on now to zero.
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ok there we are here we go let's recap the top stories for you donald trump is attacking what he's calling the crazy modeler report and says the whole thing is a hoax after thursday's release of the censored reports into allegations of russian interference in the election of donald trump democrats are expected to discuss on monday their next move. thousands of protesters are gathering at the military headquarters in sudan's capital after the biggest rallies since the overthrow of president bashir last week demanding
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a civilian transition and they're expected to name the team on sunday to take charge of the country. friday protests are underway for the ninth successive week in algeria protesters continue to demand change because of the interim government's links to the former president abdelaziz bouteflika until the presidential elections until july. new statistics on the war in yemen show the number of people killed in the last three years is seven times higher than was widely believed a u.s. based nonpartisan organization which analyzes data on violence worldwide recorded more than seventy thousand yemenis killed. since twenty sixteen the armed conflict location and event dates of projects as the dirty include more than seven thousand civilians. accuses the coalition and its allies who are directly targeting and killing almost five thousand civilians the statisticians say the group is responsible for killing one thousand three hundred civilians ten thousand yemenis
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have reported to being killed in the last five months spiers brokered by the un have helped to cut the casualty rate but the heavy fighting in certain areas well it does continue. as an analyst of the armed conflict location data project which published those figures. the violence in yemen has overall decreased since the beginning of twenty nineteen mostly due to a decrease in violence in the previous awful day which had become the flashpoint of the major offensive last year. they'd agree with has managed to actually stop violence or to prevent violence from escalating in their region but what we've seen is actually an escalation of violence in outer regions in the north in. in our valley as well and this was mostly due to the fact that the who thiis have actually engaged in repression of local tribal actors for instance in.
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but also there has been every escalation of frozen military offensives in in many areas so what we've seen is actually. geography of the violence. the president has appeal to voters to forgive his mistakes as he trails in the opinion polls ahead of sunday's election runoff now those polls are predicting the petro poroshenko will lose his bid for reelection. shitter sheriff i once again ask you to forgive me but we did not work out hurts the most yes i know how hard it is for each of you to forgive my mistakes and believe again i want you to know yes this is my fault. should i want to finish the job and continue work i've already done so i ask for your support on april twenty first and i will accept any decision
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of yours since the will of the people is most important well challenger is a comedian and actor lot of me as alinsky his only experience of politics is playing the president on t.v. or as robin for a state walker has been to his home town. this is the reek crooked home in english a city built on iron ore and steel production. and birthplace of the man who is promising to reshape ukraine's political landscape the law to made a zillion ski. zielinski plays a humble history teacher who becomes ukraine's president in the hit comedy t.v. series servant of the people the real zelinsky has no political experience but ever since announcing he wanted the top job he's been favorite to win i asked a local historian what can tell us about the zielinski. this is
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a city of mentally iron and steel the kind of character that will never let you down here locals who know him say success inspired zelinsky and his comedy troupe. you always wanted what was best not just for him but for his friends his family would never reach just good people like him. this is the apartment block zielinski grew up in and his parents still live here now it's clear he's come from humble beginnings rather like the character in his t.v. show but there is one big difference the real civilian ski is a very powerful business associate who's helped him get to where he is now. one of ukraine's most powerful oligarchs owns the t.v. station that hosts zelinsky shows. the ali got lives abroad and is wanted on embezzlement charges ukraine's incumbent president petro poroshenko accuses me of
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being called a puppet. many men here have died in the fighting against russian backed separatists a former governor of the region. financed the war effort and he's still respected for that and you think when you go in with good we visit if it wasn't because the russians would have been here when the war started it was called a more ski he stood at the helm of the need progress without taking a dime the war drags on and pensions here barely enough to live on good washing ensures we've got nothing to do nuffin would not start when not in america there was also shot mind and did anything bad happened there will be all right the people of reviewed week appear ready to pin their hopes on one of their own robin first year walker al jazeera t.v. the. in indonesia legal actions being threatened over what's described as
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widespread cheating in weapons days presidential election final results won't be known until next month president has already declared reelection victory but his challenger to be on top says he'll go to court because of voter fraud wainaina from jakarta. supporters of probable so be on to say that they had planned to stage a macho after friday prayers but after some fairly stern words from the security forces about not interfering in the democratic process there instead decided to gather outside his home in the capital jakarta he and his supporters claim that he is the rightful president of indonesia after wednesday's election but all the provisional results say that the incumbent joko widodo won the election by a fairly comfortable margin and again the problem is alleging that there was cheating. in this election and if he is not announced as the official winner by the
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election commission on may twenty second then he will take the case to the constitutional court remember he said that after the two thousand and fourteen election as well which he lost he said there was cheating that time as well he took the case to the court the court ruled against him. supporters of the former peruvian president alan garcia paid tribute to him after he committed suicide as he was facing arrest plenty of loyal followers but many detractors to his mariana sanchez from lima. paid tribute with tears and slogans for more than thirty years and then go to see a live at the party now his followers raced the party symbol as a final goodbye to him. thousands of peruvians lined up early thursday to celebrate the life of their former leader the room i feel such great pain because so many pushed him this far and he didn't want to allow anyone to see him handcuffed. although he was fired been proven politics able to dazzle followers f.c.s.
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tarnished reputation dates back to his first government in the late one nine hundred eighty s. when hyperinflation reached epic levels hundreds of surrender prisoners were massacred in several jails after his first time enough eisa ulen garcia fled to colombia in one thousand nine hundred two and then lived in france hiding from corruption charges he returned and won the presidency again in two thousand and six but ended as one of proust most repudiated politicians many things there that i guess it was obvious politician now it's political allies are blaming the press and public prosecutors for things that. journalists following part of the money trail and that in america's worst corruption scandal revealed that during a government brazilian construction giant old david h. paid at least. twenty four million dollars in bribes and prosecutors question him
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for months more to a lot of allen was a victim of a long campaign of insults that were already killing him little by little and then ordering his arrest without any proof for sure just to humiliate him they wanted to see him handcuffed was however critics see that c.s.i. lies are now trying to make peruvians believe that his death is a result of a political persecution. money. it is outrageous that goes he has followers are using is to side it is unfair with the prosecutor because they were following the due process if i linger c.i. in the face of the process decided to take such a drastic decision that is his own responsibility. the recent opinion poll says more than seventy percent of peruvians believe get to see a was guilty of corruption despite his passing the law allows prosecutors to continue investigating him and they will following the trail of millions of dollars all they were paid to get construction concessions during second government and
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whose accounts the money and the ban. just to. uganda's top court has upheld the law removing the presidential age limits it could lead to a sixth term for president yoweri was seventy with the age gap of seventy five years the seventy four year old president can run again he did win fifty three years ago the opposition says that change is unconstitutional and seventy came to power in one nine hundred eighty six africa a war the two term limit was scrapped in two thousand and five. the president of mali has accepted the resignation of the prime minister and his entire government telling weeks of protests about ethnic killings more than one hundred sixty people in the village were killed last month by a suspected gunman from the rival doggone ethnic group al jazeera nicholas hart who's a neighboring some ago says the resignations pose big challenge for mali's president . the prime ministers to me lou my guy did not give a reason for his resignation but it really comes as no surprise because just days
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ago on wednesday the national assembly and members of the ruling party and the opposition in an unprecedented move put out a motion of no confidence against the prime minister and against his government and that was supposed to be voted in on friday the resignation came on thursday night it also comes on the heels of massive protests on april fifth thousands of malia's took to the streets asking for the prime minister's resignation and calling for foreign troops to leave the country there's thirteen thousand un peacekeeping troops as well as french troops france being the former colonial powers they're trying to find out rebel groups active in the north of the country but just three weeks ago this insurgency turned into an ethnic conflict with poll villagers being targeted by their own neighbors poser a semi nomadic group some of their neighbors accuse them of supporting some of
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these insurgent group of the north but the main reason why the prime minister is resigning is because many millions are unhappy about the fact that the cost of living has risen by twenty percent promises made by president mubarak arcade it was reelected in august have not been kept the schools have not opened since september the justice system is paralyzed it seems all of the government institutions. i have not been functioning adding to that is the deterioration of the security situation in mali so the president has announced that he will choose a new prime minister and you government in the days to come a journalist has been shot dead during a night of unrest in the city of london derry in northern island lara mckee was reporting on riots when a gunman opened fire the police are describing the murder inquiry as a terrorist incident by dissident republicans the new ira republican group claimed
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responsibility for a number of possible bombs sent recently. the expected repair bill for flood damage in iran is expected to be around two and a half billion dollars millions of iranians are rebuilding their lives after the devastating floods a month ago as in basra v. reports now from laura started province the crisis has come at a bad time for iran shrinking economy hampered by u.s. sanctions. iran's government is measuring the cost of flood damage in the billions of dollars for iran's people measuring the cost is also very personal damage shops . broken furniture. even packets of spaghetti. our homes have been destroyed shops and businesses damaged everything is gone. now the cleanup the floods left this school filled with mud the goal is to clear up as fast as possible to get the chief.


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