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tv   Never Again  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2019 8:32am-9:01am +03

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and that drew the attention of one celebrity dame emma thompson to help make its message heard. the london protests have been shed you will to last for two full weeks or until the government promises to confront what protesters describe as a climate and ecological emergency but there are signs the police will want to london's busy oxford street and other locations three it will be full there. is a very fine balance being struck here between the interests of this very peaceful passionate crowd and public order with roadways in the capital obstructed now for five days it's clear nobody here wants confrontation but the police clearly feel but they've got to do something to regain control the police have been fantastic. and so far as what i've seen how far are you prepared to take this as far as needed as long as it remains peaceful nonviolent atmosphere where it's been here is one
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day i have been a number of arrests but all my whole it's all been pretty good natured so far young and old in the city and for the earth for humanity and a better future china how al-jazeera london. rebuilding the not should on the paris won't be easy but a famous cathedral in the french city of proves it can be done also called the not should on the wrong cathedral was almost destroyed by fire and shelling during world war one and as natasha about reports it took twenty five years to restore the building to its former glory. it's not as famous as not a dam in paris but not a dam in a castle is equally impressive a towering gothic splendor soaring into the sky built in the eleventh century france is kings were crowned here but in world war one it was left in ruins by german artillery the cathedral was eventually rebuilt with painstaking attention to detail that there were. in fact
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a discussion one time true go to decide whether we should leave because here all is a room remembering all the fuss i've been dong during the war or if we had to rebuild because he ruined the process i needed to rebuild it like not a dam in paris the roof here was destroyed inside heat resistant cement was used in the new version instead of timber it took twenty five years to restore the casie jewel french president emmanuel mccall wants to rebuild not a dam in paris within just five. mr president across time frame is probably aimed at completing the first stage and next area more time will be needed of course to restore it to its former glory when this cathedral was nearly destroyed people were shocked and saddened the famous french writer marcel proust called its shelling a crime against art the fire not to dam in paris has produced similar emotions and it desire amongst the french to rebuild. in paris people come to reflect on what
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happened reconstruction will be expensive but more than a billion dollars has already been raised the national heritage foundation of france has been inundated with calls from people in companies offering donations or skills one of the great talents i think is also to out all the people able to work on it you know a lot of craftsmen. or other companies who work on this kind of living are very specialized so that we have to train new people it will be a new source up after our government leaders in france have yet to decide whether or not to dam will be faithfully restored or redesigned rebuilding the medieval masterpiece is undoubtedly a challenge but the cathedral in house proves that it can be done natasha butler al-jazeera france.
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they have.
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well at least thirteen people have been killed and sixteen others injured after parts of a church came crashing down on south africa this happened late on thursday in the coastal province of cuisine and atoll people are gathered for a religious service ahead of easter sunday the area has seen days of heavy rains and strong winds this week. and the repair bill for flood damage in iran is
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expected to be around two and a half billion dollars millions of iranians are rebuilding their lives after devastating floods a month ago as reports from lauriston province the crisis has come at a bad time for iran's shrinking economy hampered by u.s. sanctions. iran's government is measuring the cost of flood damage in the billions of dollars for iran's people measuring the cost is also very personal damage chops . broken furniture. even packets of spaghetti. homes have been destroyed shops and businesses damaged everything it's gone. now the cleanup the floods left this school filled with mud the goal is to clear up as fast as possible to get the children back into class now this is the kind of thing that will cost time and money to fix if you look over here that metal structure that's connected to the bridge that is
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a temporary one that had to be put in place when the pressure of the water that was coming through flowing through the river brought down entire sections of that bridge and if you look over here in this direction basically what we're looking at is a river front that has now been completely destroyed. the iranian government's response to this emergency was rapid and people say they are grateful but now they expect the authorities to help them return to their normal lives. a scheme is in the works to rent apartments for people who don't want to live in tents and relocate those from villages which cannot be saved the city governor says his people are doing everything they can maul. considering the large scale destruction all roads had been cut and we had no access to the capital of the province most roads to villages were damaged and we had to. cut across lauriston province crews have been at work for weeks rebuilding washed roads
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repairing transport links is crucial for getting help into affected areas. there is a sense of urgency. officials want to get the newly homeless out of tents and into temporary homes away from busy streets for some patience is wearing thin and there have been reports of protests in some parts of the country. we met one woman. who says she's had enough little remains from her earlier life but memories just days before the flood she was celebrating the persian new year with her family now this is all that's left. with a. house was just here the floods took it away completely there is no sign of a two story house anymore it's riven now we have displaced living in tents we don't know what to do there is so much pollution there are thousands like her looking to
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the country's leaders for answers. the questions include where will her family go and how will she raised three boys after losing everything. on province iran. well now it's time for sport pour thank you very much we start with tennis and a very out of sorts novak djokovic was dumped out of the monte carlo masters on friday the world than one and top seed for the tournament lost in the quarterfinals he was beaten in three sets by russia's ten c. dunhill medvedev who was playing in the last eight for the first time in a masters competition jock which who's won the event twice made forty seven unforced errors in term children is the ultimate goal include. hope breaking a million for sure it's expected in a way to. for me to peak right at the sort of in because that's what i'm aiming for and this is. not only the first to remain unclear it's
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a long season so let's see how it goes at one stage it looked like rafael nadal would follow jack rich out the eleven time when it went down to breaks against argentina as we don't but he rallied brilliantly to take the opening sets on a tie break and then wrap things up six games to three in the second that are closer to a record extending twelve titles next up he plays italy's fabio fognini. the heavyweight title fight between anthony joshua and general miller is definitely off after miller attorney a second adverse drug test the american challenger was already blocked from getting a license for the june first bout after the first test he was appealing the decision but this second one has ended his hopes of stepping into the ring joshua will still fight at madison square garden in new york and his camp will announce replacement opponent next week. i.x.'s bid to reach the european champions league final has been given a huge boost with some help from its rival clubs in the netherlands the dutch
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football association is set to postpone a whole round of league games to give them more time to prepare for the european semifinal against english fine tottenham i.x. would use to play just two days before the first leg in london but now they'll have a whole week off talking on the other hand we'll only have two days break dutch journalist michela young kman told al jazeera that other clubs in holland weren't completely happy but that even i axes title rivals p.s.v. can see the bigger picture. we're small we were tiny we have to we have to you know . grab first our spot in the spotlight and we have to you know chase our minutes there and i mean the last time we were in this position was an old four zero five when we had basically i hope it does that mean the champions league it happened you know once every generation pretty much so i can understand that there's being like this is an exceptional situation let the you know relish the moment and that's
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pretty much what everyone seems to accept i mean even a straight trainer mark from bull just now this afternoon is said to be totally understand that that they're considering this team even if they speak trainer mark from bull and even they say general manager are saying you know this is this is really exceptional let's make sure that i had the best possible chance to maybe even reach the final that says something many of the u.k.'s top footballers have boycotted social media for a day to protest against racial abuse the professional footballers' association launched the hashtag anough campaign this follows a string of global high profile races to beas cases both on and off the pitch. this is the problem with society so if we did not include. that there are so many many followers and it can create an impact on this problem and possibly cause it's
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everybody's problem so i'm total support you know one of england's top women footballers say they need to be more successful before asking for the same pay as men tony dugan is a strike for england and barcelona she backs the world champion u.s. team for taking their federation to court over wages and working conditions but duggan believes england are not yet in a position to make similar demands. we need to be more successful the lot of the women's usa team and the a lot more successful in the men's and that's their argument so i can listen to it and say we're going to get to that stage and so we need trophies on the table or maybe that time will come one day i hope for fair play to the women's team in america because it's what they deserve now we're used to seeing pro golfers whole shots from distance but not quite like this this was angel year in the l.p.g. a lot he championship in hawaii have all collided with the ball of her playing partner and went straight into the hole for an eagle if you're wondering her part
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is ball was placed back where it was and she managed to get a birdie so nobody had to miss out all right i saw a sport and i will have more later on and that's it for me for this news hour but i'll be back in just a few minutes with another full roundup of the day's news for you very shortly. examining the headlines a collapsed economy believes the very people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have to wait i don't think you can look away any longer sharing
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personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform of the neediest motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera child enjoy bringing my neighbor's children so they can see and get more comfortable five years children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons fact that of their osama makes the report stand there for a new machine and it's fun but the new generation is fighting fire with reason we are fighting for voices to be heard because you don't want to see it and you do speak it fluently but never again part of the radicalized youth series on a. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world
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so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current events that matter to you al-jazeera the right to adequate housing what is adequate who decides what is actually housing is not just about four walls and a roof it's about living in a place where you have peace security and most importantly dignity un special rapporteur on a farm talks to al-jazeera. the u.s. president pledges his support to libyan warlord. who's fighting to take control of tripoli from the internationally recognized government. hello i'm mr and this is al jazeera live from dar also coming up democratic
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presidential candidate elizabeth warren calls for the impeachment of donald trump one day off to the public release of the reporters. caught in the crossfire a journalist is shot dead by a gunman. in northern ireland. and ukraine's president and the comedian challenging him for his job trade blows and a head to head debate on the eve of sunday's election. u.s. president donald trump has offered support to the libyan war. in a phone call the general is the leading a military campaign against the u.n. recognized government in the country have to praised story trump praised huffed up of fighting terrorism and securing libya's oil the warlords forces launched an offensive three weeks ago to take tripoli that's where the un recognized government
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is based. comes despite comments earlier this month by u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or expressing concern over a half dozen vaunts on the capital mike hanna has the latest from washington d.c. . one must remember that two weeks ago the secretary of state or sharply criticizing huffed and his forces for their latest offensive and certainly this is now a massive turnaround with the president. after and effectively giving him support and praising him thanking him for his efforts against terror and also thanking him for what the white house describes as protecting libya's oil resources now the internationally recognized government in tripoli regard this as a theft of libya's oil resources so certainly this is a very puzzling question a very puzzling turn around why it's being kept quiet for the week well there was a u.n. security council meeting thursday in which to everybody surprise the u.s.
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refused to back a resolution introduced by the u.k. asking for a cease fire in tripoli in libya there by agreeing with the russians who had objected to the resolution because it mentioned have to has forces by name as the aggressors in the conflict so that was perhaps an indication that was the first sign that there has been a shift in u.s. policy not even a shift a complete somersault from posing the afters forces to now apparently siding with egypt saudi arabia and the u.a.e. in supporting the huffed initiative and to tripoli now where our correspondent went out to right here has been following developments. people here seem to be angry about this support from president. especially those demonstrators whole took to the streets today and to diminish squares in civil
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cities and the worst of libya especially in the capital tripoli and the city of misrata the major cities in the west of libya they say that there is some kind of contradiction in the american situation libya specially they were happy when. you in an interview in a television interview said that must set down and must stop the military escalation on tripoli but when they heard the border from president trump to have to via this call it's kind of good to have here or are you doing well people here have become very angry this say that they're wondering whether or not there is more important than people's blood here. over two hundred people were killed since have to launch at this military oftens of
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one tripoli on april fourth many of them are innocent civilians women and children . earlier i spoke to anas al gore marty who is a political analyst and director of the tripoli based phatic institute he says trump's call is intended to show support to have to backers rather than to the warlord himself. libya lies in the center stage of the arab spring and there are some powerful forces military and political that will be behind this now in the days preceding after school rather in the days following up a school that had been much more many many calls from the united arab emirates and result personally cooled trump has also met with a presidential envoy in the united arab emirates. the foreign ministers also met with and is this the can to open and there has been several other attempts by the u.a.e. including sisi who is also part of that. authoritarianism gregg and crowd in the in the arab world and i think they're trying to after to that to that crowd and i
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think it's not the endorsement of how there is offensive after loops defensive in front of and to look at errors two weeks ago on the fourth of april and doesn't really care about it wasn't he wants to go to his own wanted this is much more about and also copters backers the u.a.e. egypt do have military assets on the ground they do have an air force that they've used in libya since as early as doesn't have a drone force that is allegedly manned by must be forces that are controlled and operated by eric prince only a blackwater they have an incredible amount. of force and military forces that they can use that escalate because a mile and a half there seems like is dwindling in this metric tons and so we're also going to look behind the scenes here and look away from the smoke and mirrors after is trying to use this for his credibility purposes but more than anything it's the u.a.e. that has been trying to avoid any form of the public scrutiny that whitens from towards this you know with proper techie has arrested two palestinian suspects who allegedly confessed to spying for the united arab emirates the two men are
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reportedly accused of wanting members of how last and the muslim brotherhood texas media reports one of the men arrived in tech in october last year just days after the matter of saudi jenna's jamal khashoggi police are investigating a possible relationship with the crime of passion has more from istanbul. two palestinian men have been arrested in istanbul they've been charged with political military and international espionage the palestinians were initially detained in a hotel in is stamboul officials confiscated an encrypted computer stashed in a hidden compartment sources say the men allegedly confessed to being intelligence operatives working for the united arab emirates and they were here specifically gathering intelligence on arab dissidents and students after the arab spring in two thousand and eleven many arab dissidents came to turkey to live in exile sources
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tell us the men were under surveillance for six months during that time they contacted turkish analysts made inquiries about qatar's foreign investment in turkey the two countries are close allies the u.a.e. is part of a saudi backed blockade against qatar intended to isolate the country the men also allegedly contacted a suspect in the. murder case. was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october there was international condemnation at that time the u.a.e. and saudi arabia are close allies now sources are saying that shortly after quiz show g.'s murder the first operative entered the country the second soon after to help with the workload but the focus of the investigation appears to be on spying on arab dissidents in turkey and there's the thought that given the strained relations between turkey and saudi arabia turkey and the u.a.e.
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and turkey and egypt that perhaps the u.a.e. was attempting to open up a new avenue of intelligence gathering in turkey and now to the fallout from the public release of the reports the u.s. department of justice has dismissed a subpoena requesting an uncensored copy of the report as premature and unnecessary and redacted version was released on thursday can be held as has more from washington. as u.s. president donald trump arrived fur golf game at his club in florida back in washington democratic members of congress renewed demands and issued a subpoena for an unproductive version of special counsel robert muller's report by may first on a working visit to northern ireland during a congressional recess nancy pelosi the top democrat in the u.s. house of representatives again play down talk of impeaching the president that this time she didn't rule it out the congress of the united states will honor its oath
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of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states to protect our democracy we believe that the first article article one the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy and we will exercise that the conclusion of congressional democrats after reading what they call the selectively redacted four hundred forty eight page report is that while the special counsel declined to prosecute a sitting president muller did call on congress to investigate whether trump obstructed justice and tried to stop the investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election on friday morning trump tweeted using profanity he lashed out at recollections of his statements in the report calling the fabricated and the investigation an illegal hoax congressional republicans are promising their own investigation into whether law enforcement agencies like the f.b.i.
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may have exercised political bias to destroy trump's presidency democrats have announced they will hold a conference call on monday to discuss next steps this is far from being over and i'm sure that the house and the senate committees are going to be looking at every piece in turning everything because just looking in the special counsel looked at. the possibility impeachment i think everything's on the table and. this is not the end of anything but what happens next is now in the hands of congressional democrats newly empowered by the special counsel to act potentially dictating not only the terms of transfer mading time in office but also whether he might win reelection the twenty twenty presidential race can really help get al-jazeera washington and now the first member of the democratic field of presidential contenders is calling for donald trump to be impeached senator elizabeth warren
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says the house of representatives should begin proceedings oren's tomorrow and runs counter to democratic leaders in the house who resisted calls for impeachment. by the weather is next but still ahead on al jazeera. the. stepping up the pressure sudanese protesters have their own plan for taking over the country . and we look at how flooding in iran is straining two and a half billion dollars from its economy. rather the rain showing itself to ignore him or to expect in china in april and particularly in my as this rain gets more and more persistent but a figure of one hundred millimeters in twelve hours will cause flooding this is
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just inland from hong kong could be anywhere and one dog and probably will be in the next two or three days the dollar could.


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