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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 21, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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new contract for bidding on government projects and by the elimination of this oversight body and regulation essentially the military can continue to entrenched its grip on the economy and on building infrastructure in egypt here's what we've got coming up for you on this news hour we're looking at what is causing a rise in suicide among police offices in france also new developments in the search for two cuban doctors kidnapped in kenya. and in sport christiane of rinaldo and eventis try to win their consecutive italian league title and to put the european exit behind them. but to northern ireland now where police have arrested two teenagers in connection with the killing of a journalist a vigil has been held for lara mckee she was shot on thursday just days before the anniversary of the east uprising of irish republicans against british rule back in
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one nine hundred sixteen politicians from all sides in the region which is part of the u.k. have condemned the killing bennett smith with more now from london terry. it was quiet overnight friday into saturday here in derry there remains of shock disbelief revulsion over the murder of lyra mackay there have been growing support for these dissident republican groups in this area these are groups that are opposed to the now twenty one year old good friday agreement that brought peace to northern ireland gave it self rule but kept it part of the united kingdom these distant republican groups want no british connection here and they want a united ireland but those groups have been particularly seen support growing amongst younger people eighteen nineteen twenty one year olds who have no memory of the troubles in northern ireland and those are the groups of those are people who say they've seen no benefit from the last twenty one years of peace here they would . economically deprived and they say there is little opportunity but that outbreak
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of violence prompted by police raids in this area properties where they were looking for power for petrol bombs are sort of thing that might have been used in a march on monday a police raid prompted. rioting on thursday night that led to a lot of mckee's death. the revulsion but as calm as a consequence of serves as a reminder to young people here particularly all the violence of what northern ireland was like before the good friday agreement with the many older people here been reminded of the troubles of there were in northern ireland some twenty one years ago. well tensions in northern ireland have lingered for decades the period known as the troubles began in the late one nine hundred sixty s. unionists who wanted to remain part of the u.k. and nationalists who want to the region to reunite with the republic of ireland i made rising tensions between the two sides british troops were deployed to northern
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out and back in one thousand sixty nine but that was when the violence followed the paramilitary irish republican army the ira wanted to take northern ireland out of the united kingdom they wanted it reunited with the rest of on and on over a period of nearly thirty years three and a half thousand people were killed in fighting between irish nationalists catholics and the pro british protestants the conflict ended in one thousand nine hundred eight with the signing of the good friday agreement which still stands more on this now with kevin mcdermott a journalist originally from derry now based in dublin kevin. outlined there for our international audience the basic outline of the troubles and then as we pointed out at the end they have a good friday agreement does what you're seeing now in your hometown make you worry about the fragility of the good friday agreement twenty one years on is it under threat in any way. yes i think there's a number of warning tractors one has mentioned in your report the fact that the two
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man arrested are both under twenty one years of age so they're not a product of the discrimination that may be the justification for the beginning of the troubles back in nineteen sixty nine hundred sixty nine. is very worrying but what's even more worrying is the shadow brags it and all of this environment now as cut this shadow of border checkpoints of you know police and an army guarding her border that most people in derry in particular would not see as a border that they want to recognize or even want to be there in the first place so those two factors together would make it quite worrying however i would say the difference between two thousand and one thousand nine hundred sixty nine is that there isn't a groundswell of community trying to reform or a man society as there was in one nine hundred sixty nine so that there's a lot of optimism at this stage ok i want to go back to the point about the the youth because you've mentioned it our reporter mentioned it i think it's really important what is it. that is pushing them towards these acts what is it that
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is why are they feeling so disaffected i guess. i suppose there's like people all across western europe they're not feeling the benefits of city konami recovery that we have experienced here in the republic they were going to when this took place would be a very very disadvantaged area it is it has existed it was both after the second world war to host huge numbers of catholics as it happened to working class people in derry and never really grew out of anything more than working class area if it darts itself in the big regard themselves as be you know they're very staunch working class people but they don't feel the benefits regardless of whether under irish british rule or he you are not seen the young people are facing into unemployment. any of the hope that might be seen elsewhere in the e.u. is not being felt there and they're feeling that regardless of whether it's a parliament in belfast or apartment in london when you have western art there and the people forget about them when there is no economic recovery there so it's easy
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to becomes and it's easy to think that gertie being something like a brave man fighting for your society if you join a little sister groups so how they and your opinion to to keep a lid on all of this because as you say brags that it's not going away in fact it's being extended so that uncertainty is around for a while the lack of a functioning government in northern ireland is a huge issue as well how then to control and keep a lid on this. i think that the key factor from the political going to get used to the nice things the working class catholics if you like for better or more to a better description need to feel that there is a political leadership there that there is somebody who has got power and he's speaking to them i remember very clearly myself as a young boy growing up whenever there was government announced they were reaching like today. it is something from the ashes i felt betrayed i felt there was nobody
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who was a you for me or he was with you or for me so reforms that are contained in the good friday agreement that are being implemented if there were that meant it would take away some of the grievances and a lot of people to feel that government is working for them at a local level and that to me is the way to keep it in this and actually stop it from getting worse kevin mcdermott joining us from dublin already thank you for your your perspective and your explanations there do appreciate it. kid. now the chairman of the african union commission is meeting sudan's military leaders in the tomb there has been pressure on the council to hand over power to a civilian government after deposing president on an earlier this month we're off to the two now to speak to mohamed vall about this mohamed the commission chairman been in khartoum for a few hours now i believe how the meetings going. yes he has already held the meeting with the leadership of the military council consultations there
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about what to do next and particularly the handing over of power to a civilian government remember that the african union a week ago gave an ultimatum of two weeks to the military council to hand over power to the civilians now we have one more week to go so he's here today to see how much progress has been achieved in this respect he's also meeting with the leadership of the different to groups behind the protest probably it is going on now that meeting or in the next hour or so to have more consultations this is because there was a meeting to be done to morrow to be given by the leadership of the of the groups behind the protest to announce the names they think should be in the civilian government in the cabinet. but we're hearing reports that that meeting may not happen tomorrow and that's because there was a tremendous amount of difficulty there between the leaderships of those groups and or sort of the other political parties agreeing on a on
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a common list. the yes some of the parties have actually asked the popular. congress party asks the you. asked mr fakih to give more time to the military and ask for more consultations and said that tomorrow could not be the day that the government can be announced and that more consultations should be held because people are not in agreement on the names that should be part of this government so there are difficulties on all aspects here the people the opposition the protesters and so on they are not they don't have a united styles to who should be part of the government some asking for a president to teams from the parties some asking for just technicians or technocrats people who have competence and quality. these regardless of whether they make they are members of any party or of any group and that all this
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situation has alleged to a little bit of confusion around what's going on and the major conclusion there is that probably tomorrow we were not see lists of people being suggested that government these may not be announced tomorrow. reporting from khartoum thank you. four civilians and three soldiers have been killed in a gunfight in the afghan capital kabul the attackers appear to have detonated an explosive device before storming the communications ministry there's actually been relative calm in kabul in recent weeks coinciding with talks between the u.s. and taliban officials the taliban has denied responsibility for this attack more. in kabul. this attack began around eleven thirty am local time a loud explosion was heard reverberated across central kabul then following that there was three to four minutes of heavy gunfire. that it was inside the ministry
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of communications building ministry of interior came out they said we understand this is a complex attack there was a suicide bomber and then gunmen into the premises it took about five hours for security forces to get in and get control of the situation and they have just they've managed to secure the scene and we've seen security forces coming in going as intelligence people come in and try to assess what happened here to hold on lockdown people could not come and go cordons a still in place a lot of people here very frustrated that they haven't been able to get inside central kabul and congestion. is very high was very difficult to move around kabul is the heart was under lockdown during this attack intelligence. on the serena hotel and neighboring government buildings now the serena hotel is right next to where this attack happened and that intelligence is. some type of explosives used by government elements on the screen or neighboring buildings and
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that people should stay clear they didn't at the time but they said that there were . whether or not those threats were related to what we're seeing today. but it did something like this could happen now security has been very high because of the spring offensive last friday so they were. highs and security and we are in the ring of steel where there are a lot of checkpoints if you go into government buildings you get searched the bags this is the last was a lot of security in place there will be questions now as to how this could happen could most politicus get inside the string and stage an attack of this nature. now at least thirty five syrian soldiers have been killed in clashes with i still fight is in central desert areas of the country the battle between the government forces and i still took place in west in syria's west in homs province dozens of soldiers also enjoy it police in paris of fired tear gas at the yellow vest protesters have
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been demonstrating for weeks over the economy one hundred twenty six people arrested police have conducted more than eleven thousand spot checks as well earlier the french interior minister warned violence could flare up at this weekend's protests before he's been banned marches around the noted on cathedral since the fire broke out there on monday. still in france and it's actually been a sudden rise in suicide among police officers there and an increase in attacks mass protests anti police sentiment it's all adding to the stress according to a government report one police officer is committing suicide every four days more on this for mentorship how. police officers are the ones members of the public look to to keep them safe but now it's the police who are looking for help the pressures of the job becoming too much for some of them. these officers in marsay are no mourning for two of their colleagues who killed themselves this week twenty seven
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others have done the same so far this year others stood outside police stations and the interior ministry in paris woman is on the phone. i myself hope my children do not ever become police officers because all their lives they will suffer in so let's go believing in a lack of recognition social i can accept from our children but i can't. working conditions for police officers in some of the country's main cities have been described as difficult. and some say the yellow vests protests which began last november in response to rising fuel costs but quickly became a campaign against the government have added to the pressures while the vast majority of demonstrations have been peaceful there have been outbreaks of violence and cases of anti police chants. already under stress from a number of terror attacks and a two year long state of emergency officers faced long working hours and struggle to get paid for overtime the government report reveals french police have
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a suicide rate thirty six percent higher than the general population already this year the number of officers who have taken their own lives is double the figure from the same time last year and police unions fear if action is not taken now twenty one thousand could see more suicides than in one thousand nine hundred six when seventy officers died that day the government says it's setting up a special unit later this month to try and tackle the problem and prevent more deaths yet in bestial it is a passion for the uniform it's extraordinary but there is pressure and we obviously need to heed the warning cries that we come through these individual suicides this cries of the collective. but the police don't feel protected by the government and the yellow vests protesters don't think the government is listening to them it's a delicate balancing act on the streets of french cities and you should tell al-jazeera we'll get a break on the news hour when we come back twenty years since the columbine high
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school shooting shocked america we're looking at what if anything has changed also rebuilding in iran after a month of heavy rain victims of the floods say they're left with no food and the shells and swore to land their produce a bit of magic as they do in the n.b.a. playoffs wasn't enough to push them to victory. we will find out later with. hello that we've got a big swelling massive cloud over many parts of the middle east at the moment for look at the satellite picture we can see the clouds stretches all the way up well actually towards kazakstan there but the big swirling center that's here just working its way towards the caspian sea so heavy downpours here and that system is gradually edging its way eastwards an easing as we head through the next few days but as it works its way away from us the next system is pushing its way in so
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plenty of showers here for many of us in syria and through turkey and it's cold as well so we'll also see a lot of that turn to snow that system will then work its way eastwards as we head through the day on monday so we'll see more of that in parts of iraq and into parts of iran as well so generally speaking still rather unsettled across this whole region a bit further towards the south and there's some cloud for the arabian peninsula including for us here in doha that's also going to be affecting us involve a little bit gray at times but still really feeling quite warm now with the top temperature of around thirty three degrees to the south of all of us it's a lot of it's humid here so it's up temperature no higher than around thirty degrees down to was a southern parts of africa where you can see the showers that we've had to stretch from angola and to working a little bit further towards the south we're also seeing some wet weather over the eastern parts of south africa and that's gradually edging its way eastwards as we head through sunday and monday.
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dreams have turned out to be disappointed and they're. getting a call to say he'd leave each. advice or. three young north africans tell the story of how europe is not all they hoped it would be. al jazeera world welcome to italy. the latest news as it breaks while this is a training exercise the dangers are real because to think you ation mali is slowly deteriorating with detailed coverage and how that is the donald tough to raise them a makes it clear that the current political impasse simply can't go on from around the world while aid agencies are warning people of the dangers of cholera and distributing vaccines many are still using levers for offing and caning.
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the news out here at al jazeera these are our top stories libya where there has been heavy fighting between the warlord khalifa haftar his forces and the libyan government shelling also reported near tripoli's inactive international airport which half of us still controls egyptians are voting in a referendum that could keep president out the frontal sisi in office to lead a twenty thirty year also deciding whether to allow the president to appoint top judges and to expand the role of the military and police in northern ireland to rest two teenagers in connection with the killing of a journalist a vigil has been held for larger maccie with politicians from all sides in the
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region condemning the killing. incredibly twenty years today saturday since the columbine high school shooting in the united states twelve students and one teacher were killed when two teenagers carried out a planned attack in colorado several mass school shootings of course since brought calls to change the gun laws and as alan fischer reports now anti gun campaigners believe change might finally be on the horizon. it was until then the watched school shooting in american history a nation watched twenty years ago as terrified students run for their lives the lucky ones could hug their parents but twelve students and one teacher never would they died when two students took their guns and their read into the corridors of the high school and columbine became new in the world over among the community it's among the american people there really was at the time a sense that ok maybe maybe this will be a change maybe change will will come from this and there was quite
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a popular appetite to see it happen but the colorado shooting brought copycats and contagion it wasn't the first mass school shooting but somehow it became a fresh starting point and a heart breaking list that grew every year. for junior tech with thirty two people were killed. sandy hook in connecticut where twenty children were shot dead and moved the president to tears the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of five and ten years old. roseburg in oregon parklane florida and many places in between eleven more mass school shootings eleven places that said enough eleven places changed forever. but not in the way many hoped in australia after a mass shooting where thirty five died they changed the laws in scotland where
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children were gunned down in a school in dunblane the change the laws and the recent attack on two mosques in new zealand brought an almost immediate change in gun laws so this new generation to really are the ones that are going to be the ones to bring change because they've grown up knowing nothing but the fear of school shootings their entire life columbine was twenty years ago. people who were born after columbine are now voting and that matters because they don't want this fear for the next generation they had a memorial service for columbine this week they wanted to send a message of hope and strength to the community which has lived with the tragedy every day for twenty years and the other places that know must also live with the same pain the same scars alan fischer. he is joining us now from washington a policy analyst for gun violence prevention at the center for american progress thanks for your time. i think we all want to share the optimism or the idea that
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something will change but just as alan's report they listed off everything since columbine sandy hook virginia tech parklane all of these it's hard to have that optimism isn't it. so thank you for having me on your absolutely correct that the number of school shootings it's sort of become a part of our media we see them so often the number of school shootings since columbine has in fact increased but i do want to note that school shootings are actually once small part of a much bigger problem in the united states gun violence is an every day occurrence it takes the lives of more than ninety five people every day and i think what we're seeing now in the optimism that your story showed i think it's showing that people are saying school shootings are tragedies and our congress our leaders in congress and state legislators need to act and they also need to address these other issues that are completely related to gun violence it's a public health crisis that affects all communities in the united states not just
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our schools not just our youth you are absolutely right i think we all we all feel it a lot more keenly when it happens to children and president obama in that report was that was a classic example the interview in that story also raise the idea that the sort of columbine generation of those young people are now voting and now and we saw them off to parklane didn't we really mobilizing is there a glimmer of hope there is this strengths in this current young generation. absolutely i think you're you've got it spot on after parklane we saw thousands of people across the u.s. take to the streets and protest not just for the lives that were lost or parklane but for all lives that were lost from gun violence the us you saw politicians campaigning in the twenty eighteen midterms with gun violence being a priority part of their political agenda and then you saw politicians for the first time when their seats you see make bath who is a survivor of everyday gun violence won her seat in georgia six jennifer what
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student ran a campaign talking about strengthening gun laws and won her seat in fairfax county where the n.r.a. his own headquarters are people were voting on gun violence that was one of the top five issues at the polls i think we've reached a point where people are saying thoughts and prayers those aren't enough we need action we need legislation so how do you feel then as a an american and be someone who works in studies about gun violence prevention how do you feel when you look at other countries who take action you see them just now took action within weeks australia did and and what do you know there are such as the of these incidents anymore right so i think what you saw in new zealand most recently is what people should expect of their elected leaders there was a horrific tragedy that took the lives of dozens of people and impacted the entire country the prime minister came forward she offered thoughts and prayers and then
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provided a very strategic commonsense solutions that instantly became law. that's what you want from your elected leaders you want them to take up their places in office and protect the people make communities safer now there is the one major distinction between new zealand and the us and that's the political system new zealand has a unicameral system so the prime minister and her coalition want a law it's going to happen that's not the case the united states i think sandy hook with president obama is a good example of that he was on board the democrats in congress were on board but because republicans controlled pieces of the congress and had the ability to filibuster you didn't see an assault weapons ban go forth after twenty five and six year olds were gunned down in school and so i think the political system and the fact that the gun rights lobby in this country has created so much misinformation around what gun violence prevention laws are i think that's one of the main challenges for our movement and most of what my work is addressing is trying to
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make sense that this is this is the common sense solutions that the majority of americans actually want it is not an infringement in freedom or rights at all it's extraordinary stuff isn't it rick money thank you for joining us as we say twenty years since columbine so a good time for us to be revisiting this thank you. thanks for the first democrat to declare for the twenty twenty presidential election is calling on congress to impeach donald trump senator elizabeth warren says the house of representatives should begin proceedings she made those comments just after the release of the miller report investigating the possibility of collusion between the trumpet ministration and russia. in nicaragua comes on the first anniversary of mass protests there and michelle people rallied for social security reform but it turned into a whole movement against president daniel ortega and his government and that turned deadly now a year later the country reflects on the ultimate cost of the crisis more on that
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which on home and. it's in the specially somber easter week. those here are remembering not just the events of two millennia past but those more recent far more local. in this town a bastion of the opposition during the first months of naked i was crisis street barricades went up and running battles with the security forces were regular site some are still struggling to come to terms with the human cost of it will. be hard to speak about this. is about what the people of nicaragua have gone through even the love of life is leaking away because of so much pain so much barbarity. easter week this year feels exactly on the first anniversary of protests against naked i was long term president daniel ortega he labeled those against him as boiling who inciting terrorists pointing to the death of policeman and his response
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was brutal concepcion portals may says her brother was killed by a sniper's bullet that she says was just the start of her family's troubles me in the ten months since he's been called we've had death threats been following harassed and i don't see any change from the government. there's been an ongoing crackdown against human rights groups journalists activists and even demonstrations since the crisis began the government's effectively banned street protests in the kid i was so religious procession it's like this one of one of the only ways that people can come out and express what they feel about the situation. here that meant a coup for peace basically kumble that we plead with mr than a lot of data misses reciter modi joiner brother souldiers stop the repression stop the crucifixion and killing over naked i want people you have mothers and children
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too you have wives and family that you love it's never too late it's time to free ourselves from days. before looking to the future though it was time to remember the day that i'm not. there with us responded those gathered here john home and. messiah. police investigating the abduction of two cuban doctors in kenya are now questioning the driver terror looking into whether he had links with people in somalia it's gotten so in our reports from and there. it was on this street in the town of monday two cuban doctors were abducted last week this side john and his ition had been heading to a government hospital where they'd been working for close to a year treating patients from kenya somalia and ethiopia. who were kidnapped right outside muhammad ahmed shop the security guard was shot that you see here. i heard
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a load of bunk and gunshots after i opened the shop. we are all in shock. and landis' rodriguez are part of an exchange program between kenya and cuba that started last. the doctors are being held in somalia and government forces from that country and kenya are watching with us from both sides of the border to try and secure their release security has been beefed up at this checkpoint for example wasn't there before that. when you check your documentation and just trying to make sure the bills were getting into town i'm not carrying anything that a lot of people think they want the government to. and make sure that the doctors get back to the. it's in everybody's interest especially that of people here like. two days before the incident she died on friday
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something her family says might not have happened it had doctors had still been there. when the doctors were taken she was not a did it again until it was badly infected. from the hospital. the local health minister has told al jazeera. zeynab got proper medical care but died from a blood clot in an artery no one has claimed responsibility for the kidnappings but the driver of the government vehicle carrying the doctors is in cassidy police are investigating with a hate communicated with people in somalia the armed group in that country has often been blamed for carrying out attacks in kenya this is just a button because of the proximity to the border if you know if we were to get. a. hold of this issue. or monday
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or a town hasn't been attacked in the last few years but several other border areas farther north hov some of these people are heading there and they're being escorted by police a sign of how dangerous many believe life is becoming and potus region catherine saw al jazeera mandela northeastern kenya mali is facing political uncertainty after the resignation of the prime minister and his entire government on friday of all those weeks of protests over ethnic violence more than one hundred sixty four lani villages were killed last month by gunmen suspected of being from the rival doggone ethnic group demonstrators angry at the government for failing to stop the violence also i want action to improve the economy and to end the presence of foreign troops nicholas hockey is reporting for us now from bamako. he's under pressure to try to build a government of national unity because since his reelection back in august this country has been wronged by political instability because the outcome of the
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election back in august was contested by most members of the opposition and so at stake here isn't just the political stability of this country but also the security situation was really put under pressure we've seen massive protests says here on the streets of bamako on april fifth they were threat of more protest if you didn't resign so really the president had no choice but to listen to the streets and try to find some sort of solution here we're told that by the end of the weekend we'll have an answer at least will have some sort of inclination who the next prime minister will be and what the new government will look like the reason why my guy was it was really removed because he the president was reelected on this idea that he will bring back security for all mali and but since his reelection the situation has gone from bad to worse and mike has tried to rely on mali and security
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forces in order to restore security but they're just not trained there's not enough of them and so he started to rely on militia groups to bring back security in the areas where the mali armies were not present and he and we saw the prime minister with these head of militia groups. of ten million people have been affected by the recent flooding in iran that have been a month since the rains first came but the debris is still a problem people are slowly cleaning up but thousands of homes and roads beyond repair and as more rain begins to fall people feel the devastation could happen all over again same by starving reports now from. everyone we meet invites us inside their homes they want people to understand what they're going through when the first floods came a month ago. says there was no government warning no alert system just talk of the possibility of floods when it happened they read and they may have to run again. to
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the. water came up two or two and a half meters were worried because there is no dam here after more rain water will come up when there is any rain we just run away shop owner mike i pray to god not to have to happen again but there's nothing left for us to lose now just our lives . upstream rivers are picking up pace. these waters are headed for iran's western city of pulled. there's been more rain in this part of the country in the last few days and that is meant that water is once more rushing down the river it's an unwelcome thing for communities that had barely begun to recover. as people watch the skies on the ground there seems to be no end in sight to the work that needs to be done. many people in this neighborhood say the same thing supply trucks only stop at main roads never making it as far as the back alleys where they
12:37 am
live everyone else they say is getting more help. but bask in detroit hey everyone gives. i'm saying this because it's not fat. that people cannot complain if they do that taking away there is frustration here for those who've lost all their possessions. up the road we meet military units doing the work of getting people back on their feet. members of the islamic revolutionary guard corps hand in hand with regular army. they hand out ration cards clear debris even. wash windows. no one was authorized to speak on camera but one soldier says it can be thankless work the need is great and no matter how much they help he says it doesn't seem to be enough. where modern structures were torn down the river spared monuments of the past. for many people
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the flood has been the worst experience of their lives and as they prepare for the possibility of more rain in this ancient place there are signs that life moves on the same bus robbi older zero pulled dr in lauriston province iran. still ahead on the news are all your sports there in this world champion runner reason serious trouble with the governing body of world athletics all will be along with the. refugees heading for a better life in australia in two seconds and sent to remote island indefinite detention in holistic conditions get a conscience. understand how to do this to smuggled out footage and eyewitness accounts is the main thing in doing for people in asking them not to harm themselves to kill themselves witness chasing asylum. on al-jazeera.
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for drug users seeking to get clean one rehab option has been raising serious questions work based therapy a so-called treatment that is all work and no play. full of lines investigates how people reeling from drug use i have an exploitation added to that was who's. recovering from rehab on al-jazeera.
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we're back with a look at your sport with mr pawle race thank you very much manchester city have exacted some revenge for this week's european champions league exit at the hands of tottenham they played spurs again on saturday this time in the english premier league city won by a goal to nil to go back to the top of the table one point clear of liverpool in the title race teenager phil foden with his first of a premier league goal it's a blow for spurs in their efforts to qualify for next season's champions league they stay third for now that. they've played a before and nothing to lose and we played to lose them from a leak in the teller's defeat less wednesday was a really tough last two days but i like is the lady's been tough being they're still here with. eighty six points after one hundred like season is ones the most remarkable things i have a leaf in my career as a football player manager i think we compete really will we do the sukkot stunts i
12:41 am
am happy we need to keep that feeling dude relates to say and be sure that we. do know what it is we are going to be close to win because the three point is going to be this is you for road race and it was flawed in the end of the season you want us out of a chance to sail a record eighth title in a row and that much which starts shortly christiane arnaldo on his team mates need just to draw time against fiorentina to take an unassailable lead over a second place napoli the italian side are also looking to bounce back after they were bundled out of the champions league by x. earlier in the week. so of course dr. after chance to win the titles and we must do it on saturday we need to get over the disappointment of developing nation in the champions league we need to accept that and move on because we can go back in time and we can change this call. to tennis and there's been a big upsets in the semifinals of the monte carlo musters with well number two rafael nadal beaten in straight sets the defending champion struggled badly against
12:42 am
thirteenth seed fabio fognini italian or they six four six two victory for me is now through to his first masters one thousand final for me will play serbian dusan live which after he also reached his first masters final he trailed five one in the first set against russia's dunhill medvedev but live it came back to win ten games in a row to win the match seven five six won the world number forty eight is the lowest ranked player to reach the final at monte carlo since two thousand and one former olympic one thousand five hundred meter champion as bell kept prop has been handed a four year ban for violating anti doping rules the three time world champion has been punished by the governing body of world athletics the i w s twenty seventeen the kenyan underwent an out of competition test was positive for e.p.o. a blood boosting drug denies any wrongdoing and claims his sample may have been tampered with. heavyweight boxer general miller admits he messed up after failing a second drug test it's prompted his world title fight with anthony joshua to be
12:43 am
called off the american challenger was already blocked from getting a license for the june first bout after failing a first test he was appealing that decision but a second one has ended his hopes of stepping into the ring are most of the middle back or. learn ways of the situation room lee and i'm sure it is a big opportunity. i'm certainly no more moral is leader a moon. now to the n.b.a. playoffs on the boston celtics are just one win away from reaching round two after beating the indiana pacers the oklahoma city thunder have come back against portland with a high wind but still trail in their series and the toronto raptors also got a victory which moved them ahead of the orlando magic so how. are the six cities because i try to get to the toronto raptors with co i learned in their ranks were
12:44 am
expected to make short work of the orlando magic i but with the series level going into game three that's not been the case i think she was i tested them again on friday particularly nick love much of it right the twenty two point games that are going to start all lando kept pace with toronto thanks to the kind of shooting that backstop their franchise name was she said was being terrence ross making sure the magic trailed by just three going into halftime. but toronto started showing glimpses of the form that got them the second seed in the eastern conference to try to be opened up an eleven point lead by the end of the third quarter stepping up here again. orlando did manage to close the gap but toronto hung on i game high thirty points or pascal c. a come guiding them to a ninety two ninety three win thanks this victory giving the raptors a two one series lead but they know they need to step it up if they want to be
12:45 am
serious championship contenders surveiled malik al-jazeera. well for the first time in history both number one seeds in each conference have been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs the colorado avalanche of not southwest and conference top seeds the calgary flames to win the series four one calling wilson and mick around town and each had two goals and an assist in game five helping the avalanche win this one five to one the flames have joined the tampa bay lightning in their first round exits they were defeated by the columbus blue jackets. in the boston bruins were pushed to the brink of elimination by the toronto maple leafs the canadian team scored twice in the third periods when two to one and take a three two lead they need just one more when to progress to the second round. oh i saw a small we've got three now we're back a bit later thank you paul we'll see paul again in the news hour eighteen hundred hours g.m.t. in the meantime plenty more online of course at al-jazeera dot com the latest there
12:46 am
on sudan and as i look at the screens i can see we're going to be speaking to my heart of the wellhead in tripoli shortly about the latest coming up in libya stick around back in a few minutes. in syria citizens are collecting evidence enough knowledge bill has shot of crimes committed against civilians we've moved out of syria now those six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the assad regime to justice it
12:47 am
puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face by this issue and syria witnesses for the prosecution on al-jazeera. when the news breaks when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is about died in the twenty first century with exclusive interviews has honesty fall into the lowest point in its history and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground it takes to bring new moon award winning documentaries and generally and life moves on and on and on. how if you changed since he was seven. charting the lives of the children of apartheid over twenty one yes each story
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reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight south africa part one on al-jazeera. fighting intensifies in the battle for tripoli as the waldo pushes to capture the libyan capital. welcome back everyone i'm kemal santamaria with the world news from al-jazeera millions of egyptians are heading to the polls for a vote that could keep the president in office for another decade. the call for
12:49 am
peace after two people arrested following the shooting death of a journalist in northern ireland. columbine which twenty years ago. people who were born after columbine are now voting and that matters two decades now since that high school tragedy in littleton colorado we're looking at what if anything has changed since then. so libya first stop where there is heavy fighting in the capital as the warlord honey for half the us forces continue to attack tripoli they are battling the un recognized libyan government south of the city this is happening in the town of kos have been gushing out of the fighting happening near the old international airport actually which is under control government forces are preparing to launch an operation in the coming days to retake the area although it is now with mark without the wanted in tripoli sounds like this is really starting to intensify
12:50 am
mohammed. it does it really does commercial just getting news now from military commanders with the government on the battlefield saying that the are now gaining more ground and they are besieging military units loyal to the warlord who for have to in several locations on the southern outskirts of the capital tripoli the government forces are now proceeding to the south of the tripoli pushing have to back beyond the disused international airport that is the active international airport that was taken control of by have to forces a week ago now government sources say that it's the aim not only to push have to back beyond the southern borders of tripoli but to chase them on the way on the highway of links tripoli to the city of that again around eighty
12:51 am
kilometers. from tripoli remember the government forces are determined to move towards the city of that a year and the city of daraa horner these are the measure to measure of cities supporting the warlord who for have in the west of libya and in the city of the operation the central command of the have to is running their battles south of tripoli from that again and warplanes with the government of national call today targeting several have to locations around the city of the u.n. and the area. around two hundred fifty kilometers to the stars to the western suburbs of tripoli that is from their planes loyal to the warlords or have to take off and target the government forces locations of tripoli also we're getting our news from military sources with the government near this he was able to say that they have captured seven pull have to the fighters and they are now
12:52 am
chasing. civet of the poor have to military units to have their way to city remember. that government forces during the past two days have been gaining ground on another side of the city on the southern eastern side of tripoli namely taken control of ns our neighborhood which was taken control of the us forces a week ago the latest there from tripoli with mahmud up the word of course thank you for joining us. you know in tripoli itself has been the reaction of anger to the white house said u.s. president donald trump spoke with. by phone early this week and pledged to support . direct in yellow vests as a symbol of resistance thousands of people have been protesting in libya's capital denouncing the recent military offensive to seize tripoli led by the warlord.
12:53 am
marching in central martyr square on friday they blamed foreign interference for the violence in their country. the powers that support terrorism in libya our friends from egypt saudi arabia and the u.a.e. we condemn the criminal acts against the libyan people and the support of this rebel have we also condemned the united nation mission because of their inability to handle the libyan situation room we say no to the military rule and no to an individual rule but yes to a civil state the protests come after the white house said president donald trump spoke on the phone with earlier this week offering his support and praising the warlords fight against what he called terrorism and securing libya's oil many are angry about that development. will of course trump support tough because who initially brought into the limelight after it was put on hold so they can have someone to replace gadhafi and now they have brought him back to take
12:54 am
over the libyan people are against and against tough we want civilian rule and freedom. have to us forces in the east have been fighting to take control of tripoli from the internationally recognized government for the past few weeks since then violence has escalated and more than two hundred people have been killed and there are efforts to find a political solution. in the center of. how. and it's not the indorsement after is offensive after last. two weeks ago. and doesn't really care he wants to go. this is much more about and also. the u.n. egypt do have military assets on the ground. libya has had two rival governments since twenty fourteen and violence has followed among their rival militias many
12:55 am
libyans now fear the next few months could bring even more instability for him hamad al jazeera. in other news egyptians are voting in a referendum that could open the door to president their l.c.c. staying in office till the year twenty thirty voters also deciding whether to allow the president to appoint top judges and to expand the role of the military fifty five million egyptians are eligible to take part but rights groups are concerned the referent won't be free or fair they propose changes to the constitution widely described as a step towards more autocracy under sisi. as that he has a president i'll deliver to has sisi was sworn in last year after winning his second term in office the vote was marred by claims of irregularities a crackdown on activists and potential challengers a few months earlier sisi had said he would not seek
12:56 am
a third term by the egyptian leader seems to have changed his mind beginning on saturday voters will take part in a referendum that could extend cc's term in office by two years and allow him to stand for another six year mandate effectively keeping him in office until twenty thirty the movie's a departure from the two thousand and eleven constitutional declaration that limits presidents to two four year terms completely. eliminated opposition it's an environment of repression and fear people are terrified to to to vote to express dissent just in this in the lead up to this vote more than one hundred twenty people have been arrested for campaigning for the for the no vote sisi rossa prominence after the two thousand and eleven uprising in two thousand and twelve he was appointed minister of defense by egypt's first democratically elected president
12:57 am
mohamed morsi a year later sisi deposed morsi in a military coup and eventually became president while consider dating his grip on power his government has a rusted thousands of activists and opponents many facing death penalties the trials were widely condemned by human rights groups as a travesty. over the last few years a predominantly loyal parliament has introduced a series of reforms expanding the militarist influence the referendum is also asking people to vote for a provision that declares the military the guardian and protector of the state the opposition is calling for boycott our dream and all to have a president elected once every two turns i've gone to and what sisi is will is not without challenges he faces armed groups in the sinai peninsula who have launched attacks against security forces and international calls for political reforms but
12:58 am
the general turned politician seems defiant he's launching mega projects across the country and hoping to be able to fix an economy in tatters and win the trust of the people. the chairman of the african union commission is meeting sudan's military leaders in khartoum there's been pressure on the council to hand over power to a civilian government after deposing president omar bashir earlier this month the latest on that with mohamed val joining us from in what is happening with this a year meeting mohamed. yes come out he held a meeting this morning with the leadership of the military council and we learned that he gave a statement to the sudan news agency in which he praised the sudanese military id praise the position of sudan and for all of the sudan geo politically in the
12:59 am
african continent and he particularly stressed that all of the military in maintaining stability in the country and he asked once again that the military council. presided over a handover a peaceful one small handover of power to the in government we understand that the african union just a week ago give an ultimatum of two weeks to the military council to cede power. to the civilians but right now it's not clear what is meant exactly by that do they want the military council to move away completely or from the top leadership of the country and leave it for a civilian president and the civilian cabinet all whether they just want a sharing of power in which the running of the affairs of the country is held by is done by civilians while the military maintain a position kind of presidential military council that's not clear so far but we know that there are consultations going on it's been going on for days now for the
1:00 am
opposition groups particularly those behind the protest to come with a list of suggested members of the cabinet they were supposed to announce it tomorrow in a press but now we're hearing that it might be postponed because they have not yet to really agreed with all the components of the opposition and the political class on the names of those people some of the parties the islamist leaning parties particularly the popular congress party led by and it has asked for the extension of the ultimatum given by the african union and more time to be given to the military and he also opposed the announcing of any needs tomorrow because he said some of the parties are not yet on the same page with the.


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