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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 21, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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in the capital tripoli u.s. forces loyal to the warlord have tired of continue their campaign to take control of the city after us forces are battling the you would recognize libyan government south of tripoli in the town of being a sheer the world health organization says that at least two hundred twenty people have now been killed since after us forces launched their offensive more than two weeks ago the spike in violence follows the white house's revelation the president spoke the have on the phone earlier this week well a spokesman for have to us forces known as the libyan national army says they are increasing the pressure on the un backed government. forces providing fire support ground operations the enemy is trying to fling call falseness from the back but they have failed in the face of the strength of our thought is and the experience of. you just become a war of attrition so. controlled by the ill and. the go ahead has the
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latest now from the libyan capital. fierce fighting happened today according as the spokesman of have those forces described. have those forces lost the ground today as the government forces proceeded and took control of the strategic locations including the vinous cities of the disused international airport on the southern part of the capital meanwhile civil military units on the government of national called the you and the recognized government have joined each other forming a kind of defense could have gone as military commanders describe it they have managed to push have to his forces back beyond civil war locations in the southern outskirts of tripoli and also now these say that military commanders with the government say that they are now besieging military units loyal to the world have to have been here that area that's near the tripoli this used international airport
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meanwhile the spokesman of have to. his forces received strikes from the government of national called all planes today near the city over the yan around eighty kilometers to the south from tripoli in the city of fallujah and there is a central command for running the battles in the southern outskirts of tripoli and also government of national called warplanes targeted. around one hundred sixty kilometers to the southwest from the capital tripoli that is there has the runways from which have to the warplanes have been taken off from their targeting to target locations of the government forces on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli coming up on this news hour from london. more clashes on the streets of paris as yellow vest anger is fueled by the donations to rebuild the town. and when turkey's cultural capital will work to
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preserve the. asked is under greater scrutiny in the wake of that fire enough for down plus manchester city get revenge for their champions league loss against tottenham by beating them in the premier league paul will have that story and coming up. but first the police in northern ireland have arrested two teenagers in connection with the killing of an investigative journalist and a warning of what they call a new breed of terrorists threatening the area thursday's shooting as either to concerns about the stability of the region's twenty one year old peace deal burnett smith has more now from london barry of course the murder of lyric a has been a shocking reminder here of what life was like during thirty years of violence between irish republican british communities while the signing of the good friday agreement twenty one years ago brought peace there is still
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a lot of frustration in what remains the poorest part of northern ireland where is the music that doesn't going to get us and they were killing more or less some people to get us anywhere. it's just to play senseless there's no reason can justify even if you don't agree with the agreement nason justifies technically or mickey's i say oh it wasn't. riots began in this pro irish estate in london derry on thursday as police raided homes looking they say the pattern bombs and other weapons the might be used in a march planned for easter monday lire was hit by someone who fired a gun apparently randomly towards a crowd of onlookers the twenty nine year old journalist had been named as one of the thirty under thirty in media by forbes magazine and had signed a two book deal to write about the conflict in northern ireland that has shocked people who thought they were on shock about a local politician a man mccown lives in an area with the highest unemployment in the u.k.
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almost half of working age adults in derry don't have a job you know people who are living in poor circumstances and they're not getting any better they can't see any future in which there's a decent job for they are angry at the situation and which they know growing up in this it's understandable and the inevitable that some of them are going to see an outlet for their anger and frustrations and taking up the cause. to find the syria historically and worst of they see it has been abandoned by their elders police officers here say they've noticed a palpable change in the community as people often cooperation following the murder the police also say they're dealing with what they're calling a new breed of terrorist two years ago in northern ireland power sharing of ministration between pro british and pro irish parties broke down and that's left a power vacuum which groups opposed to peace could be trying to take advantage of
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bernard smith al-jazeera dairy. police in paris have detained more than one hundred twenty people after another saturday of yellow vests protests the arrests follow violence between police and demonstrators many of whom are angry at the huge donations pledged to repair the not. so the game has more i. a saturday of fire and fury for the twenty third week in a row yellow vest protesters came out in paris as well as other cities across the country. this was one of the most intense day of confrontations between the crowds and right police in looks it was driven by outrage over the nearly one billion dollars donated by some of france's wealthiest families and corporations to repair the not. days after a blaze nearly destroyed the famous building but the message here france has bigger
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problems to solve. it's about decency all these their nations could help friends people but it's so short sighted. all this money is going to save those pebbles and stones it's not right something's not right i think she just. it's shocking given the current situation whoever is giving to know about may be a good thing to do but perhaps it's not the moment to do this kind of thing the inclusion of an accused group such as black bloc have led authorities to place paris and other major cities on a state of high alert throughout the day protest has lit fires on blocked off streets destroying vehicles parked in the vicinity others attempted to break into buildings the police responded by firing tear gas at the crowds and using water cannon to disperse them. if the government had hoped that protesters would take a break over this holiday weekend it was not the case. the movement that
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began last november originally own. the fuel price hikes and the high cost of living has not gone away to sid spread into a broader movement against president emanuel back home in his attempt to reform the economy michael is expected to announce a series of measures in the coming week that includes tax cuts for poor households the protest is anger at the wealthy has flourished in recent days partly stoked by the not fire but also himself who is seen by them as a president of the rich in a deeply divided society sunny. really is the head of m c b consulting and also teaches political communications he joins us now via skype from in western france or thank you so much for joining us here on. meanwhile i guess could understand some of the sentiments that we heard in that report from
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members of the yellow vest movement you know when hundreds of millions of dollars were pledged to the rebuilding of not about one obviously you know countries like france have social issues as well but do you think that that's really emanuel mccraw fault considering a lot of this money was actually donations. no let's the fault of the political climate we're living in we have it you were in the middle of political depression really we have seeing everything that is done we'll be soon get to leave even though we're building lots with them with the rich by every month i mean every french person. said it's year when you look at our muslim body here and everyone malt wants to be with obviously was asked us money as we can because we don't have much but that's the way the angry so it's so strong in our country nowadays that every had once been that can make it will be soon they get it it will be very violently very archly and we don't see the end of this political fights anymore i
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guess another impact of the not for the fire was that actually men who were in the crowd was meant to address the nation on that evening any postponed that i believe he's doing it on thursday how do you think the president could handle the situation as it is now because we're seeing after twenty three consecutive weekends at the end of us movement days still there. that's a very good question the yet set ups something that we called the big debate that it was really a tour of france made by the president to talk to local elected officials about the political situation and gathering it is answering questions making the. q. and a slight on television so it was like a momentum for him that we see that we are zero back to square one and the look what i mean vince. didn't follow us to reconcile these two bubbles we are now the
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bubble that includes the west the yellow jackets and they're communicating all the facebook groups there are a censored themselves they are taking a permission mainly from facebook and they don't have real leaders they're creating leaders and the other bubble would be you know every year marcus who boards the guys that talk to him during the big debates and the they will see us once and the elderly to a lot of the elderly and these two bubbles don't communicate with each other anymore and we cannot hoped not with them we can solve these two bubbles are at least be able to breach between these two model and it did nothing and a traditionally the only person that can we can solve such opposites is the presidents you know country enough where doing things the president as this response ability to build bridges between communities and it doesn't seem to be able to do it in a more a million mark or so we don't know really what to expect now maybe it heats up the
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next to open election. because the next year in elections will be a battle of about a million or against him or for him i was about to ask you do you and that i mean how do you think that the european elections now roughly a month away and how do you think that the yellow vests moving for example might impact the results. it's difficult to say but on the on the side of the elites we think that's all should gather supporters and expect them to hold for him for the rest will a population of its very divided people will be starting on the why this particular president can't reconcile these two sides why he can't build that bridge of us talking about why he doesn't seem to be able to impose on the population a ceasefire so to speak and that's a very good question so we asked people are starting to wonder whether we did make
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a good choice by choosing this president on uk. that's very good question and the next election should be all about it it will be of all you are. fully chevrolet head of m c b consulting said thank you so much for speaking to us thank you. while the fire at national cathedral has raised questions about the safety of renovation projects another major cultural center is the bowl is home to countless architectural treasures and his knees barker now reports there are fears that some of those projects could be putting historic buildings at risk. turkey's cultural capital is built on the lehrer pull their history. istanbul is a modern city that in some places literally weaves through the foundations of the past. the balance aqueduct was built by the romans of the fourth century to bring water to the city is one of many ages bollywood's here for restoration
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a large number of projects are undertaken expert levi highly trained craftsman but many people are concerned that some repairs are below standard such as the restoration of the two thousand year old the jack the castle is what it used to look like here it is now a complete rebuild rather than a sensitive restoration the finished projects be compared in the turkish media to the cartoon character sponge bob square pants. to stumbles historic skylines in georgia for centuries preservationists a calling from prove to renovation standards so that it in jewels for centuries more five zero. restoration works have been conducted over and over but they're often not based on any understanding of the heritage of the building or its preservation but are imitation are the replica. that received some attempts to restore all buildings have led to their near destruction in twenty ten a massive fire broke out of the nineteenth century hide
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a passion railway station as it was being renovated there were quite simply so many old buildings here in istanbul that the ancient of the new jostle for space this is to quell the main protest through an avenue that runs through the heart of istanbul . well eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings are obscured by fast food restaurants and shop fronts if the world was one country is stamboul would be its capital words attributed to french emperor on the podium bonaparte today's sprawling metropolis needs room to grow but striking a delicate balance between the past and the present is clearly proving no easy task leave park al-jazeera is stumble. still to come in this news hour kenyans urged their government to act fast to secure the return of two cuban doctors abducted by gunmen last week. people in iran's lauriston province who've lost everything in
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severe flooding and there's more rain forecast for the region plus why this champion runner is in serious trouble with the governing body of all the flesh it's all well have all the details coming up in sports. how it'll be maybe a surprisingly warm weekend for many people if europe does not watch clouds in the sky and despite the fact is close to the north there for a northerly breeze it's not that cold in fact it's positively warm for germany to cross to the british isles down through france were in the low twenty's this stands out as not being the same you told madrid at sixteen not green is rain in the south and southeast of spain where it's even colder that's certainly wet and this rain developing here a bit of a techie if slightly colder air for better parts of ukraine and look at ankara is
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even snow in turkey so in the extremes of the south it's nothing like it should be but in the middle in the north it's surprisingly will not last rather a whole weekend and probably into monday as well assert as the circulation around space and that's are going to be pretty stormy. in the body our ego i don't see this rain in some form or other just into words austria an anchor ceases sunshine but it's still twenty five in paris and twenty two in london and the sun is out so you know what's happening in spain in the barracks is clearly going to have an effect in the northwest of africa particularly in morocco twenty degrees in robot virgo bit further to the east towards our gerry and border and it's raining and now here in tunisia it will be raining and windy i suspect. in syria citizens are collecting evidence i know more but i did feel that shock of crimes committed against civilians we've moved out of syria and about six hundred
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thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the assad regime to justice it puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human tricks syria witnesses for the prosecution on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks while this is a training exercise the dangers are real because the thick you a hint it's slowly deteriorating with detailed coverage and how bad is it don't know tough to raise them a makes it clear that the current political impasse simply can't go on from around the world while aid agencies are warning people of the dangers of cholera and distributing vaccines many are still using levels for thing and caning.
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a comeback is a reminder of the top. as protesters in sudan continue to demand the civilian reports that several top members of the former ruling party have been arrested egyptians vote in a three day referendum that could allow president's. power until twenty thirty and the role of the military fighting has intensified or of the libyan capital tripoli the best told in the battle for the city has now risen to two hundred and twenty. four civilians and three soldiers have been killed in an attack on the communications ministry in the afghan capital kabul a suicide bomber targeted the building before gunmen opened fire on it and tried to get inside it took the security forces several hours to bring the situation under
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control the taliban which has been holding talks with the u.s. has denied responsibility for the attack. on the scene a little earlier. this began around the living thirty am local time a loud explosion was heard reverberated across central. following that there was three to four minutes of heavy gunfire. that it was inside the ministry of communications building ministry of interior came out they said we understand this is a complex attack it was a suicide bomber and then gunmen into the premises it took about five hours to security forces to get in and get control of the situation and they have just they've managed to secure the scene and we've seen security forces go in as intelligence people come in and try to assess what happened here the whole central kabul was on lockdown could not come and go cordons are still in place a lot of these people here are very frustrated that they haven't been able to get
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inside central kabul and congestion. very high was very difficult to move around the heart was under lockdown during this attack intelligence. on the serena hotel. and neighboring government buildings still the serena hotel is right next to where this attack happened and that intelligence may be some type of explosive used by anti-government elements on the screen or neighboring government buildings and that people can stay clear they didn't at the time but they said that there were three with all those threats were related to what we're seeing today. but it did something like this could happen now security has been very high a government building because this spring offensive last friday so there was heightened security and we are in the ring of steel where there are a lot of checkpoints if you go into government buildings you get searched. this blast walls there's a lot of security in place there will be questions now as to how this could happen
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how could. get inside the street and stage an attack of this nature. saturday is the twentieth anniversary of the columbine high school shooting in the united states and the remembrance ceremony is currently being held twelve students and one teacher were killed when two teenagers carried out their planned attack in colorado there's been many other school shootings since then but little change to the gun laws as alan fischer now reports. it was until then the watched school shooting in american history a nation watched twenty years ago as terrified students run for their lives the lucky ones could hug their parents but twelve students and one teacher never would they died when two students took their guns and their reads into the corridors of the high school and columbine became new in the world over among the community it's among the american people there really was at the time
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a sense that ok maybe maybe this will be a change maybe change will will come from this and there was quite a popular appetite to see it happen but the colorado shooting brought copycats and contagion it wasn't the first mass school shooting but somehow it became a fresh starting point and a heart breaking list that grew every year. for junior tech where thirty two people were killed. sandy hook in connecticut where twenty children were shot dead and moved the president to tears the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of five and ten years old. roseburg in oregon parklane florida and many places in between eleven more mass school shootings eleven places that said enough eleven places changed forever. but not in the we many hoped in australia after
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a mass shooting where thirty five died they changed the laws in scotland where children were gunned down in a school in dunblane the change the laws and the recent attack on two mosques in new zealand brought an almost immediate change in gun laws so this new generation to really are the ones that are going to be the ones to bring change because they've grown up knowing nothing but the fear of school shootings their entire life columbine was twenty years ago. people who were born after columbine are now voting and that matters because they don't want this fear for the next generation they had a memorial service for columbine this week they wanted to send a message of hope and strength to the community which has lived with the tragedy every day for twenty years and the other places that know must also live with the same pain the same scars alan fischer. o'brian multi is the executive director of the hope and he'll fund that he joins us now via skype from sacramento in california sir thank you so much for joining us here on
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al-jazeera now with the twentieth anniversary of the columbine shooting you've actually been part of the gun violence prevention movement for more than that twenty three years i suppose having just watched that report by our correspondent fisher it would be easy to be a little bit pessimistic and to say that actually nothing has changed since columbine when it comes to. how do you see it do you see any any positive change to avoid future school shootings and mass shootings. you know thank you for having me and first my profits go up to the combine. to get them survivors but to your point. there has been enormous change i think that's the good news here nights it's enormous change in a citizen led prevention movement which really started with columbine and as we saw from the rear were young people across the united states are saying enough and no
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more gun violence but you know really what happened it's not only has the gun miles prevention movement gotten bigger stronger and in all fifty states in this country but what columbine also get was say well i'm not going to point the finger somebody else needs to solve this problem i need to get involved i need to solve this problem so what you have is a more empower a more intense movement than we've ever had before and we do see lots of changes in the conservative states and more progressive states. ending communities across the country and the one thing i would say which is really really important to understand for viewers in the united states one hundred people die every day from gun violence about two percent of those are mass shootings there are horrible there are tragic as we've seen but two thirds of those are higher in suicides many more are black and brown communities who have felt the scourge of every day gun violence for a long time so what we're doing in the united states is there's no one solution to
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this problem is that it takes a real public health approach to look at the data where it's happening what's happening to inform solutions around it but from communities from baltimore to oakland to chicago people are rising up and saying enough so the good news is there is a lot happening in the gun violence prevention ribbon in the united states but i guess again as we heard earlier you know when australia had a mass shooting they changed the law in scotland at dunblane the laws were changed just recently we saw the mass shooting in two mosques in new zealand and on. straight away the laws were changed i guess in the u.s. we all know that there is enormous resistance to that so do you think that it is going to be the young generation the kids and we've seen them after the shooting in florida the kids that themselves have grown up and lived through this constant threat that are going to be part of the change are you i mean do you think that that is a realistic option yes absolutely there is general is growing up and
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saying no more i think one difference that a citizen let movement that has happened over the last twenty eight years we're seeing that young people get involved for a march for our lives and others around the country which is really serving as a tipping point which i think well really you know great for staying open i really get a lot of the solutions but i remind folks that there have been enormous changes at the state level and conservative and liberal state legislatures and communities so it's not like there hasn't been change i think what a lot of people do is look at the bar as congress but congress that so can't solve this problem it has to be solved you know he's in states across the country and we see that happening and with the young people taking the lead now we know in this jet next generation we're going to even more change. twenty years since columbine and since then of course has seen a lot of school shootings and mass shooting some terrible i mean sandy hook obviously with the little children it really strikes at the heart do you think that
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in a way people and i'm trying to phrase a sensitively but have almost got used to the school shootings that they don't have the shock factor that columbine had twenty years ago. i do believe you're i think there are people that i've met throughout rights when the three years plus in this movement that especially those who have gotten involved after sandy hook after part went after the borderlines shootings there is that great intensity and anger and chant or anger to make change so the media may report on something different but if you talk to the advocates across the country we're talking states of oklahoma alaska wyoming florida who are now saying you're not if you get out on the ground you find it's a different story than the one that is purport to be reported in your media and i think the future is very bright for a lot of success to stop the gun violence secretary your united states in the next
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generation well brian malte executive director of the hope and heal fund sir thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us thank you because some thirteen people have been shot dead at a family party in the mexican city of will plan in the event across state seven men five women and the child were killed in the attack the motive for the killings is unknown but the gunmen are said to have asked to see the owner of a local bar before opening fire it's one of the worst attacks in mexico since and the best man when the play is over the lot of became president. cuba's president says he's working with the authorities in kenya and somalia to secure the return of two cuban doctors there were abducted by gunmen last week on their way to a hospital where they've been working police have arrested their driver has more now from under. it was on this street in the town of monday with two cuban
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doctors were abducted last week the sergeant and his ition had been heading to a government hospital where they'd been working for close to a year teaching patients from kenya somalia and ethiopia. they were kidnapped right outside muhammad ahmed's shop the security guard was shot that. i heard a load of bunk and gunshots after i opened the shop. in shock. and landis' rodriguez are part of an exchange program between kenya and cuba that started last year. the doctors are being held in somalia and government forces from that country and kenya are working with us from both sides of the border to try and secure their release security has been beefed up in monday at this checkpoint for example wasn't there before that friday when you check in for
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proper documentation and just trying to make sure the bills were getting into town and not carrying anything that a lot of people think they want the government to. and make sure that the doctors get back to. the it's in everybody's interest especially that of people here like. two days before the incident she died on friday something her family says might not have happened if her doctors had still been there. when the doctors were taken she was not a did it again and was badly infected. from the hospital. the local health minister has told al jazeera that zainab got proper medical care but died from a blood clot in an artery no one has claimed responsibility for the kidnappings but the driver of the government vehicle carrying the doctors is in cassidy police are investigating with a hate communicated with people in somalia the armed group in that country has
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often been blamed for carrying out attacks in kenya this is just the britain because of the proximity to the border if you know if we could get. hold of this issue. or monday or a town hasn't been attacked in the last few years but several other border areas farther north hov some of these people are heading there and they're being escorted by police a sign of how dangerous many believe life is becoming in parts of this region catherine saudi al jazeera northeastern kenya for balls in the democratic republic of congo have attacked the hospital in the town of catwalk in north kivu province it's the latest in a series of attacks on ebola treatment centers in the region one of the rebels was killed and four others arrested on friday the world health organization.


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