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al jazeera. every. national day of mourning and mass funerals in sri lanka as the number killed in sunday's suicide attacks rises to three hundred twenty one. sri lankan media releases video they claim shows one of the alleged suspects. hello and welcome watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up emergency summits in egypt african leaders discuss the crises in sudan and libya. are supreme court rejects a final appeal by two reuters journalists jailed for their reporting on the rocking the crisis.
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is a national day of mourning in sri lanka for sunday's suicide bomb victims the police have confirmed three hundred twenty one people were killed total is expected to rise mass funerals are being held today and more than five hundred people remain injured ranging from critical to being in a serious condition. i heard about that he was points and i jumped into the terry and i saw them i don't. know what the flow. i don't know what to do. and i was. just almost total on the floor. and not only a tight lipped soul is. exactly the same next time they're.
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both throwing coons observed three minutes of silence in memory of the day that the easter sunday explosions devastated several churches and tells targeting worshippers and tourists the police have arrested forty suspects the government's accused of failing to act on intelligence reports that muslim fighters possibly with foreign help or planning attacks across the easter holiday let's get more now from my colleague nell fernandez joining us live out of colombo and al first of all what's your reading of these claims that this is a reprisal act off the back of what happened to the mosques in christ church in new zealand. we heard from the state to minister of defense through on which it was the no who were dressed the parliament during that emergency session a short while ago for the first time coming out of fishery to say that information had been uncovered that sunday's carnage and mayhem was a response to that attack conducted in christchurch new zealand by an extremist as
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he called it on the mosque that this was slavic extremists that had launched this attack as sort of a call as a response as a counterattack attack to thought incident in new zealand this was the first time we've had the government saying this that this information has been uncovered now minister ruan going to what we're going to war than are saying that information has been uncovered formally formally telling the house of parliament that the national towel he jamal has worked and had close links with other organizations he did propose that immediate steps are taken to ban such extremist organizations to bring their members before the law to prosecute them and take necessary action and the action peter is what is allowed during the
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newly promoted emergency state of emergency obviously allowing the police law enforcement authorities to crack down on suspects and such individuals pizza and we've also just got that c.c.t.v. footage of one of the alleged suspects so where does that take the investigation. the footage that we are talking about is c.c.t.v. footage of the bombers one of the suicide bombers of the church you see him enter the church premises i believe this footage from the outside it moves it tracks him through from the various angles of the close even circuit television obviously young male one key thing is that he's sporting a backpack now this is something we're hearing consistent with morse of those sixty attacks or explosions on the sunday morning that morse of them sported backpacks
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one church the one in the gumball i would miss as saying somebody walked through tried the main entrance couldn't get through walked through a side entrance and walked right to the center of the congregation and they say it was seen adjusting the backpack i mean that's the kind of description they have before there was this almighty blast consistent with the government analyst report that we heard recently to say that all of these explosions were carried out by suicide bombers so the authorities now looking down all avenues of investigation obviously looking to international support we're hearing that the f.b.i. and into a ball had to support right on sunday itself after these incidents we're hearing that teams from these two organizations might actually be in the country so all avenues having to be explored with the authorities even starting late to try and get a handle on this situation just for
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a second militant special sitting of the parliament that was happening a few hours ago. the politicians and also the security services thickly cognizant of the way the people are beginning to say look you had warnings you knew that something was potentially going to happen and yet you maybe didn't react properly to that information. that's correct peter as we've been hearing different lines different angles don from the prime minister the cabinet spokesperson yes the warnings had come in no precautions were not taken yes we need to see why these precautions were taken some people weren't informed everyone necessary wasn't kept in the loop these are all the different kinds of chatter we're hearing about it the military apparent also coming in the army commander commenting saying that the security services hadn't been kept informed of
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these warnings so everyone jumping in on this sort of claim and counterclaim of water it happened who knew who didn't but at the end of the day more than three hundred people are dead here in sri lanka and people want to know why peter will stay close thanks for. following developments from where those mass funerals are taking place today. there are at least one hundred ten people killed here at the san sebastian church in a gone bow a town that is often referred to as sri lanka's rome because of the sheer number of catholics and christians that live here it's known as the catholic heartland of the country now this morning we saw a service held and some of the dates come in to be years to be buried so many people were killed at this church that there is not enough room to bury all of them at the main cemetery they're having to find space at other cemeteries in the area
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the mood as you can imagine is one of incredible sorrow and shock that this has happened people here will tell you that throughout the twenty six years of the civil war they never experienced an attack as devastating and as brutal as this one priest told me that the community were trying to forgive the perpetrators of these attacks but say it obviously as you can expect that they will never forget and they are desperate for answers it would be wrong to say people are angry here because they are literally to shocks to express that at the moment but their will say that they want answers and they want answers fast from a government that it seems did not act to prevent these attacks having had an indication that they were going to happen. the u.n. special envoy to libya has renewed his appeal for all armed groups to stop a third week of fighting around the capital city tripoli it's called came as the libyan national army led by
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a leaf i have to slow down its advance on tripoli at least two hundred sixty four people have been killed and thousands were injured since the battle to control the capital began. yeah with those i was the task i've been charged with despite its difficulty is to return to negotiations i call for a peaceful solution to stop the war or the reunification of the libyans on a unified resolution to save their country whatever the work of the international community it will need a special libyan will to stop the war. correspondent live for us the in tripoli mom an oil hof those forces losing ground south of tripoli. we'll apparently have to the forces most of them coming from the east of libya they're not very well acquainted with the capital outskirts specially the southern outskirts way on the other hand the tripoli forces which is allied with the government financial called it's the area they know were very well also supported
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by forces from the city of misrata remember peter misrata the forces from the city of misrata they have been here in tripoli since twenty eleven that sense of the toppled the former leader moammar gadhafi so the have they have they have gone through wars in these areas several times before the very well this is first second of all one of the major supporting the lines of have to his forces has been cut off the supporting line from the city over the end of a member of the government forces have taken control of the area north of the u.n. between the u.n. and tripoli and it's only one remaining supporting them for have to the forces coming from the city of god who now which the government says now are trying to push have to his forces back from where they will be area to. and then push them back all the way through to horner city meanwhile. have to the forces have been losing the momentum also especially after they were accused of targeting civilian
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areas with heavy weapons and airstrikes meanwhile the government forces are adopting a strategy of building or establishing what they call a defense could've gone to a defense called on the southern so the eastern and southern the west of outskirts of the capital starting for the tripoli international airport on the southern western outskirts of tripoli moving all the way and going through where that would be and gets a bit of shade and they're reaching gains are which is on the southern eastern outskirts of libya. the capital tripoli sorry now so far the government forces have managed to achieve around seventy percent of this defense called. only the remaining part lies and the international airport would have to are positioned there in the airport and in divinity of the airport they continue to receive support from the city of is in turn remember peter that the city was in is divided
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. it has armed with groups supporting the government of national accord while it also has other arm of the groups supporting the warlord twenty four have that their government forces are planning to take control of the tripoli international airport i remember this is the in active airport military commanders that tell us that they are only seven kilometers away from the airport and they continue shelling have to his forces in or around the airport with heavy weapons peter there are also these claims that for half term is literally being supported by foreign fighters foreign forces who are they and why would they do that. well the prime minister told bloomberg those foreign supporters of how he did not name them but apparently we know that egypt the united arab emirates. and saudi arabia of the major supporters of have to this forces remember that egypt has been all who
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is supporting have to have all these battles in the east and the cells and here in tripoli too and the united arab emirates has has been paying the bills has been paying the russian companies providing have to live with weapons in fact the united arab emirates has a military base an air base actually south of america city it's called heard in air base and it has several fighter jets there that have been operating in the since have that launch of his military campaign into a new fourteen known as operation dignity also russia has been supporting have little's weapons the crimean knows very well we have been told by sources from informal sources from russia that the kremlin has given the green light to private russian private arms companies to sell weapons to have to but the criminal the kremlin has has has knowledge of this has given green light but they can live does
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not want to be involved in this just in order to avoid international international accountability but it but in all cases have to has several backers on top of them egypt. and saudi arabia remember before he launches this offensive on tripoli he was in saudi arabia in riyadh and he met with saudi officials and according to american media has been promised tens of millions of dollars from saudi arabia to support his offensive on tripoli peter thank you so much. egypt is hosting two emergency meetings of african leaders to discuss fighting in libya and political unrest in sudan a coalition of political parties that has suspended talks with the military council for failing to transfer power to a civilian authority. from khartoum. signees women have been i thought the forefront of the march for change in recognition of the role
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female protesters now the nickname andraka named after her fabled movie the queen known for her courage the little guy named lady that you for thirty years sudanese women have put up the strongest resistance against injustices and violations committed by a despotic racist and aggressive regime they were stripped of basic rights of equality and even the right to live at times they were killed and wounded or sent to jail and crackdowns on anti-government protests that's why we decided to be part of this uprising. and women are only one of the many groups here that feel united by a common cause from a distance these masses loop and sound the same on close inspection it's a complete human spectrum of faces and acts on this from the four corners of africa's third largest country. this man is from one of the most marginalized and oppressed communities in the north of mountains is
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reminding his people of the many wrongs they've been subjected to and his calling for a free sudan where all enjoy equality and dignity the same yearning for a better sudan despise this man from the southern regions. of the protests gave me a new life and a new spirit after decades of disparate justice that's why i decided to join. people from darfur and the east where rebel groups for the government for years have suddenly found a more efficient means. to achieve their goals. for the first time in the history of this country a movement has brought together all sudanese people if you look at the protest you can say all types of faces from every region and every ethnic group there are old united around the same goal which is to change the regime and create a new city where there is no changes have given way to an explosion of public
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expression aside from speeches young artists here are using them for a couple of walls on pavement with three things celebrating freedom so weak so down in its colors basking in the bliss of this and you would have found freedom. going after long suppressed dreams we were mostly afraid to take photos or paint outdoors we face tremendous difficulties in that respect especially protests painting on the walls in particular presented a challenge for us i was arrested and harassed because of my support for the uprising but this is my best way to contribute they tell us uplifting the poor is the goal of these protesters an idea they've represented through a portrait of this homeless boy who collects garbage on the streets radiating with happiness mustafa tells us his plan is to study first and within ten years to become the president of sudan. or does iraq. the top story in
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europe today the police in northern ireland have arrested a fifty seven year old woman in connection with the killing of a journalist last week lyra mickey was shot in the head during a riot in londonderry a dissident republican group called the new ira admitted responsibility for the killing of the twenty nine year old award winning reporter two teenagers also arrested were released without charge. still to come for you here on al jazeera more on what to expect in the third and biggest raise of india's staggered general election. hello welcome to the village to the international full council got the usual shall is a fight scene much of southeast asia call up to say fifty one millimeters of rain in
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twenty four hours not unusual less but it is still around twenty percent of the april average rainfall in a day showers coming to a course across the region the be more of those around the potential to some. usual showers there course a good part self malaysia not quite so well wets across a good part of indonesia dry and fine here over the coming days want to see showers will create their way towards the philippines in the heat today but lots of sunshine if the truth be known lots of sunshine see into australia we say so welcome rainfall rates in the western areas of queensland still western parts of new south wales we need the cloud in the rain that we certainly have seen some of that recently high pressure dominates the weather for many will see temperatures getting up to what twenty twenty one there for melbourne and for adelaide twenty six in perth some warm sunshine here summer temperatures to see out a steady fall that darwin again a lousy dry and fog in the states dry across a good parts of australia as we go on into thursday little bit of cloud and
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shallows inland but last dying out. technology. leading the way in the digital revolution. making a difference in the ninety s. to places. this week tackling sexual health things that africa and then engineering social change in london inspiring young people to come to school this way so there anything wrong. take. the final episode of life it's world of laughs on al-jazeera .
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera on peter dhabi here in doha these are your headlines so far national day of mourning is being held in sri lanka for the victims of easter sunday bomb attacks churches and hotels mass funeral is being held for some of the three hundred twenty one people confirmed dead. sri lankan media has released c.c.t.v. footage of the moment they say a suspect tent church on easter sunday and gumbo before blowing himself up. one of the story egypt is hosting two emergency meetings about fricken leaders to discuss fighting in libya and political unrest in sudan. now the debate over whether to allow abortion in argentina has been controversial for a long time legalisation in the mainly roman catholic country was narrowly defeated by senators last year as to reason reports activists remain determined to criminalize abortion especially since discovering the plights of an eleven year old
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girl who was raped you may find some elements of this report disturbing. cecilio said and her husband will say he can now irene vald in a fight to decriminalise have been in argentina they leaving money northwest argentina one of the most conservative provinces in the country the fight is a personal one as it doctors are under investigation for carrying out an abortion on an eleven year old girl who had been raped at the time was when i went out i wanted to evaluate what we could do in a case and what i saw horrified me and. livin year old girl playing with toys whose body is not developed to give birth with a belly she still had a baby teeth and a mouth she was being tortured the girl known only as who was allegedly raped by her step grandfather lucy is eleven years old she was sixteen weeks pregnant when her condition detected she was brought to this hospital because according to doctors she requested them to remove from her belly what would be all the man had
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put inside her the procedure was delayed for about two months through one rights group to announce that authorities wanted to convince her to keep the baby in spite of her young age with so much time having passed i decided as the siren section operation was the best way to proceed however when they try to get the operating room ready for the procedure being countered and others said back see to us your girl's mother was there and she was so afraid because all the hospital plus now had left because the object to the procedure those who did not want to participate wanted to film us so they could post it on social media in the end the baby was born alive only to die a few days later look c.s. case is not the only one in northern argentina this is a country where abortion in cases of rape has been illegal for nearly a century. now i was abused by
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a relative when she was fourteen she says why law may be on her side the system works against the victims just as i was ashamed of my belly of the questions and when i had the baby i did not want to see her i rejected her so badly my grandmother said she is beautiful and she is nobody will never take the pain away from me. in general the woman impacted are poor and vulnerable. every time a woman denounces something to the police to patch a back and laugh at you they have no heart was last year argentina's congress debated for the first time in history the possibility of decriminalizing abortion in a country where women can still go to jail if found guilty of having had one the law was rejected in the senate. the lawyers in the northern part of the country say conservative groups want to ensure the law is never voided again. after the
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abortion debate they wanted to go back in time and pass a law to prohibit abortion in case of rape but they made it so complicated it's almost impossible to have an abortion once you've been rapes abortion remains a contentious issue in argentina and while lawmakers are prepared to vote on legalizing it again later this year human rights groups denounce the hardships women and girls face even when they have the law on their side. one i didn't. with our country's highest court has rejected the final appeal of two reuters journalists jailed while reporting the ethnic cleansing crisis wall. who spent sixteen months in prison after being convicted of breaking the official secrets law scott. from neighboring thailand. the last appeal for word is journalist. has been rejected by the supreme court's in me and more of that coming down on tuesday now they heard the argument from their attorneys just
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a couple of weeks ago this comes three months after a lower court rejected an appeal they said the sentence would be upheld that also coming down from the supreme court on tuesday and that was their last appeal possibility now what happened since the verdict came down in september sentencing these two gentlemen to seven years behind bars and international outcry over the sentencing and also just the process particularly as myanmar marches its way toward democracy a lot of criticism for that and also just last week the investigation the two gentlemen working on won a pulitzer prize for international reporting or it is news agency their employers coming out almost immediately after this decision by the supreme court saying that they will continue to fight for their journalist behind bars and that they are part of a police setup benjamin's well as a former researcher of amnesty he says the plight of the journalists is infuriating . so i mean when you look at the bare facts of this case even absent of context you
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have two journalists who had accurately reported on an incident that the government had found embarrassing to itself who were handed sensitive classified documents by two police officers for the sole purpose of then framing those reporters and again sort of punishing them for the for the accurate reporting they had done that's going enough and then when you insert the context namely that the reporters were investigating the massacre of ten range of civilians by security forces who themselves are only given ten year prison sentences for their crimes the case becomes truly infuriating these journalists are now coming up behind bars for seven years only three years less than the the security officers that killed ten civilians appealing to the supreme court was a smart move if for no other reason that it kept the case in the public eye the attention of the international community in the media etc but at this point the most they could hope for some sort of pardon those are not unprecedented in myanmar
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and again on song suchi herself was the beneficiary at times of pardons she doesn't concede that there are any political prisoners in the country despite having been one herself and yet potentially they would receive a pardon in the coming years one can only hope because that really is their last hope by sheer. voting has started in the third and biggest phase of india's seven phase general election the prime minister not under modi voted in his home state of gujarat smoke he is aiming for a second term in office the election is seen as a referendum on his five year rule five camille has more now from the northeastern state of assam. these are just a few of the tens of millions of people voting in several parts of india on tuesday including prime minister narendra modi in this third phase of india's seven phase election now here in assam though it may be the last time almost four million people. cast their vote that's because their names don't appear on the national
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register of citizens it's a list created to distinguish between indian citizens and illegal migrants from other countries now much of the focus has been on ethnic bengalis they've been in this region for centuries they and their families but in recent decades illegal migrants have also come from bangladesh now the government is cracking down rights groups say issues such as typos on documents and missing papers it's qualifying a large number of actual citizens they accuse the government of targeting bengalis in order to get votes from local assamese groups but those same groups accuse both the government and opposition of playing politics with the issue they say the land and resources of this region are meant for now anyone whose name is not on the register can appeal to a legal tribunals but if they fail they face possible imprisonment and even eventual deportation the philippines a second earthquake this time on the southern island of samara no casualties have been reported further north rescuers continue to pull. in the quake on monday the
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six point three. sixteen people and injured dozens on the island of luzon. welcome if you're just joining us you're watching live from peter told me here today a national day of mourning is being held in sri lanka for the victims of the bomb attacks at churches and hotels. are being held for some of the three hundred twenty one people killed forty arrests have been made in connection with the attacks in the last. release this c.c.t.v. video footage of the moment they say a suspect entered the church on easter sunday in a you then blew himself up. in the capital colombo where the parliament has been sitting in an extraordinary session. we had the prime minister.
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starting with. the prime minister saying that they would not let this country go through a. conflict saying that. had had conducted this. attack. that there had been reports that the parliament was going to be saying that there was strong measures put into place toward any possible attack. has rejected the final appeal of journalist reporting the ethnic cleansing crisis. shore so who spent sixteen months in prison after being convicted of breaking the official secrets law egypt is hosting two emergency meetings of african leaders to discuss fighting in libya political unrest in sudan. the u.n. special envoy to libya has renewed his appeal for groups to stop fighting around the capital tripoli at least two hundred sixty four people have been. injured since
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the battle for control of the capital began. in the biggest phase of india's general election the prime minister narendra modi voted in his home state. mr modi is aiming for a second term in office election is seen as a referendum on modi is five years rule the philippines has been hit by a second quake this time on the southern island no casualties have been reported further north rescuers continue. the six point three. sixteen people injured. those are your headlines the news continues after life. china's. has become famous for its number of elderly many age one hundred. one i want to investigate if the raging home the secrets to a long and healthy life on al-jazeera.
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