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being killed and injured since the battle for control of the capital began. in the biggest phase of india's seven phase general election the prime minister narendra modi voted in his home state. mr modi is aiming for a second term in office election is seen as a referendum on modi's five years of rule the philippines has been hit by a second quake this time on the southern island no casualties have been reported further north rescuers continue. monday the six point three killed at least sixteen people injured on the island. those are your headlines the news continues after life. has become. one hundred years. one of. the secrets to a long line on al-jazeera. i
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. it's a mobile world. which calls texts and apps to help make our lives easier. but not everyone's benefiting. yet. can mobile phone apps be designed to help make a better world. this series challenges app developers from around the world to visit communities who are missing out and then come up with an app that could help me in. life. this week life apps business south africa and to meet young people who are creating their own apps for
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social good and looks back across the series to see what's been achieved. caped out the beautiful city on the southern tip of africa. south africa is a rapidly emerging economy it relies on mobile phones and wireless technology far more than on expensive to. young company designs mobile phone apps not just for entertainment but to help people in poorer communities. keep mobile phones are revolutionized every day life. generation never have access to music they access to live on so little time to sing and they tend to be back to back always keep them they come in they can have
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a good time but they can also get our nations on. i'm anxious not because of not just the suit but come. on the best. to get some of my sex. sexual health is a huge issue for young people in south africa and because i believe apps can help. so the challenge for design is to come up with a life out for sexual health. nun's a grew up in the townships now she's a key member of creative team who has given me big. she collects inspiration that's. pretty good. i don't connect with negative and then she be a caring creative make a difference so i am a caring creative because i have a story that mirror my society is the relates to the stories that i write therefore
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i was. going to have. so creative nancy come up with a sexual health. the sets off on a research trip. she's heading northeast towards johannesburg a city where it's been estimated that about one hundred. posts here. and then so and so despite the poverty ninety nine one hundred households have access to a mobile phone. she wants to find out if a life up could help with issues like aids teenage pregnancy and other sexual health issues. it won't prove easy. so i'm trying to find out you know by now what are some of the things that a bank would run to and says from the phone sabo that's house who needs it why why you have to sleep me with the three weeks out of the month that lead to good
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things up with the big assembly. i meant that you guys were taught the point of words and what you did to the man when you when you can't do it not that i did that the next lesson that i did is that you you're getting to know the person you're getting to know maybe it's not even a conscious decision what the our actual decision indaba the women he meets researching up a little more helpful a lot of it all somehow infected or affected by serious viruses that comes through social. engagement on the stand so with that said so from a chair car especially with young pupils and nobody to age pregnancy is high beside clearly people don't don't protect or don't use protection or don't see the need to use protection why is that like it's not like us until you say see right now because if things like teenage pregnancy were to be educational that simmers
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frequences be i say show yeah maybe really do you like to help my son see need guidance of a career have. a life i could offer guidance on sexual health the question is how many you have you know and for inspiration the steps in my local internet cafes to say how can i help you tune in and surrounded by computer literate kids about nuns in knows they now access the internet through smart phones as well as laptops and internet cafes many young people still use s.m.s. or text messaging nun's he wants to know what's the best way of building a sexual health crisis how can one actually build the application that would best meets your requirements is the way you see a tweet it comes to you six when it comes to health when it comes to excess of information in that regard traditionally you know and there's some as you took the
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train to to get is nancy's got lucky. the cafe owner is trying to develop an app that collects text messages about sexual health and lets people share them it. goes to people so you can create. a mobile application for the whole community sure you know so that showing it can be able to manage its own health issues you know it can see how many. people who have went through this i mean if you prefer to conclude you know people are getting better show they're one of those kind of thing . by the whole community to not only. call blown away scientists it was idea is to help spread health information by a kind of extra nic word of mouth how do you see things his idea could form the basis of our own life communicating sexual health messages but there's a long way to go so let's connect with skype and then we can take this conversation
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and then just let's elaborate more on the word like the awful bow and access to information and around i've been bastardized how we can actually empower them using a form from what i was at and watching presently doing with that whole house and you have all the future of this is. thank you so much that i know none of these life up he's clearly going to need much more way. it's a mission she's still working on. nuns is convinced technology can empower young people not just in the developing countries but the world over. london a twenty first century world city close to the skyscrapers of its financial elites lies shoreditch london's creative digital. and digital incubates up and design a heaven. it's all about young people developing new ideas making money
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and also doing good including with the mobile phone. often is a very powerful tool i can empower people around the world and using mobile phone technology to solve problems in one's local community can be a great way to create change difference rather than one leading charity showing how mobiles can be used for good is c.d.i. the center for digital inclusion based in brazil but with a branch here in shortage these years of the program is called out and it's about inspiring young people to become problem solvers for getting them to think through person what is their problem and they look community and how can they so they're losing money for all technology. absolute good are now working with fifty thousand young people across britain creating mobile social and web apps. so we're trying to
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create generation problem solvers and that young people can get the skills they need to actually understand what the technology is not just consuming technology that's a definitely not about money games are about solving a problem and here sounds huge commercial and she out there tearing it up but the main thing that we advocate. is that getting young people interested in the fast pace and being part of my pop kind of me is really important. job so good sats once an hour and a walking on a stop and satch app people from ethnic minorities are two times more likely to be stopped by the police than white people the app documents and uploads a user's experiences when they're stopped by the police. so i have been sourcing such before obviously coming hours telesales just next to brixton i supply a lot of people in the databases and always for the right reason as well to me so
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a lot of times when i was stopped and still used to kind of fix myself is direct proceed to the caribbean not on my even allowed to be stopped today so tonight i mean so. not having that knowledge just kind of put me in a position where i despair a bit disempowered in that situation so the stuff i said shout was a trade in two thousand and ten going to help people know what they're right so we need to stop he said but it put a piece in a quick and easy way once you've downloaded that. you click into it tells you what you can do and say or why you might be stopped and searched when you can down the road or when you're in a vehicle and you've got a section for the top of the sea as well because a lot of reporters and stuff like the issues are in the film and stuff yourself and so if you all stuck to what you have to do just upload your experience and that consists of basically putting your age in. your six and then
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just like you to put in the offices by two number you stopped and searched you in this stuff and such that number if you get one or so after that you just basically break how you feel you were treated by the offices and there's like a set criteria of questions here such as how badly do you think the reason was for the stop and search and how much respect do you feel. we're showing the stuff he said. and what are you doing with this and to talk to your notation like using the g.p.s. . so that you still don't assume just know that one hundred percent in the city so the database and sure experience that. ops for good are now working with four hundred schools across the u.k. . one of the first to enroll was east london central foundation girls school.
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peoples are shown how designing mobile phone apps can help young people to identify and solve everyday problems. and is. something only phone that does one thing and one thing only really really well why is it good to be able to solve problems because you're going to face the everyday an obstacle teaches you how to think of a problem in a creative way and not take it as an oh my god this going to go could be wrong if you don't know this has all but. creativity and imagination absolutely has no limits serves zero zero zero zero ideas or pig you can do anything with. knowledge is like get d.f.d. use it for the good of every movie a bunch of us what's the point of having if you want to be selfish. by those who buzz about is it's available under the market its own cook with interest if you time and day as usual and they all see why it's your choice recall your reasons why
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you need to wake up. some young people find it hard to wake up in the morning so the girls here have designed the buzz of bodies and said this is a step by step process to set up a possibility. say say a time you can choose to repeat it on a on a date so maybe on weekdays and weekends you can label the alarm. and then you set a recording so anything that you'd like to do your reason to wake up after that you can choose your puzzle this is anyone from your contact list. and you write a message. you are happy with the message you pressed say and it is a real long and you waited up. for the course organizes the pupils enthusiasm and success show how mobile phone apps can help solve problems not just in london but across the world. micro technology is
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a great way to empower young people for the world and all is actually about to. become the problem solvers and they can do that. so let's look back at what the life of designers from across the series have achieved. in africa life said kenya i met a farmer in rural uganda. and . because. we seem to guess. the challenge was to see if a life could help william far more efficiently. it seemed life ops invited to help william live three hundred kilometers east in nairobi kenya as capital.
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new startup company has been going for just over a year kenyan film director tony who helped come up with a life outside filmed new developing his life. and mobile application for small scale farmers like window. we slowly. william didn't know how much he speciality vegetables could fetch at the biggest local markets. a minimum of. thirty two she. in the south suburbs has a loophole that could be part of the questioning to tunnel. in. our city.
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says something to him. says a good to her said as it is a. news team came up with an app that would help share information and costs like transports. it was well received. in the smiles on those days since. the smile on the other hand is what gives you the belief that. his company bt on is still looking for an investor to help take his life forward. still in africa life apps also travel to namibia. local software design adult and sets off on a voyage of discovery in his own home life. is a challenge was to design a life app to help to him by people sharing my story did you ever. hear it was our.
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last dalton and his colleague mick plenty off tax to work out how a life might be able to help these highly independence nomads. illumine from the book you need to go to school. to him a familiar with technology but most condrey or rights and then get down on the on the one on the we get on the one idea and among. the long ago when i when you're dealing yeti. thing. is the truth we. have been the whole life basically then a brainwave if literacy was a problem how about an app that translates text into speech. using simple software downloaded from the incidents in the. initial. i love my voice. so i think this simple very useful effort. going out.
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to get you know. oh. my god oh. yeah i don't want the other well the nobody ever that i want to. you know if they don't. know. what we're going to want to know one thing that i'm going to get. back to the book i wish i hope. take some time and this is good to meet you thank. you. dalton is now working on developing his app with him accents and will return to the
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north in the future. in asia life to india by the challenge to design an op was taken up by a software hot shot such. based in the capital delhi such as goal is to use apps to help the less fortunate. my quest is to find on so to help people one living at the bottom of the economic freedom. it's such a long held ambition to help india's millions of beleaguered small scale farmers. so he undertook a two thousand kilometer journey to see for himself how he could help farmers like . it thinking in virtually my london little by little did he go into the. opening where the day was then and they were down in
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a monday and. the statement is it's stories like this that make such indeterminacy use these technological skills to help small scale farmers. if you want to do something for them you want to find something for them can i come to again yeah and sure what i can with out son out of going to foster i will stop watch it so he's done me good thank you thank you. back in delhi sachin and his team came up with a life which would allow farmers to spread their ideas by simply making a voice recording and uploading it's using the app so they could share it with the whole community. yes. could you. keep. saying turn it. from here i want to develop this obligation make it more robust and they get through the pilots those
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trials and make it something you know which can be adopted nationwide. so long way to go it's just the beginning of the project. and. from rural india to the dramatic setting or brazil's rio de janeiro. here the life apps challenge was eagerly accepted by software design a petrol. elephant is a match i just wish those of. the players out the game room to move into sod all the little schools and. the single. pedro's challenge was to come up with a life that could help the millions who live in the real favelas or shantytowns. i
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suppose. because intervene. has intervened and there still seems to be all guys equal but is it. for me to see that you can imagine it's a good thing the millions of fans have. had realised that choosing a single life was going to be tough. it was just lovely it's a loss but a chance in a life yes. they simply do that she is and being the team on the key is no one is really. together with these colleagues pedre finally settled on one daring idea. this is washington family thing is perfect so i just got a blockbuster they can go but you can bullshit us like over the country geoffrey coverage of it even if you come i think that you this. is a smartphone game that's allows players to plant seeds in
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a virtual garden and watch the virtual plants grow for every virtual plants is a real one planted in the favelas community vegetable garden. so because it's of interest to the. singleton. they will see that they form a. pedro believes his life could change how people think about technology and life in the favelas the entire bush trash farmers are partially dodging use of carry some weight back on them or someone with us to push good. us always in from would cause each you see sick you how it should be this here you go. yes nasty make money yes oh nice to play games but that's not the i mean he said this young people have a lot of talent and given the right they can help solve the problems that
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are happening they're not always given the option to say it's important. to believe in their ideas they do believe that they can actually be their proposals as to solve their own problems and to create something which will actually help them and their community. or the life of designers in. brazil south africa india. and kenya researching the need for a life has revealed new realities in their own countries. designers led about the lives of those who are missing out on development. made some new friends. and shared some inspiring moment. noni and when you can offer us a. clue no is an intellect in a movie
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a be kissed. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. to. talk to local. law for. the final touches. on the stairs navigating dangerous rapids from the time we departed through the time we finish are scared to the fish and dicing with death the come afraid of hauling the farm afraid of dying breed if i don't go accompanied my family to meet the men who go to the extreme just to make a living in the fog you have to be a strong swimmer and otherwise the surf and risking it all vietnam on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. poems the whole robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next sixty minutes and i jump into the here and i saw them i don't. know what the full. day of mourning in sri lanka relatives begin to bury some of over three hundred people killed in the east today attacks. also sri lankan media release video they say shows one of the alleged suspects plus. disturbing.


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