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i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go by coughing my family need the men who go to the extreme just to make a living not you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise and certainly risking it all vietnam on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm so robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next sixty minutes and i jumped into the air and i saw them i don't. know what the full. day of mourning in sri lanka relatives begin to bury some over three hundred people killed in the east
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today attacks. also sri lankan media release video they say shows one of the alleged suspects plus. i was ashamed of my belly up to questions and when i had the baby i did not want to see her. for another legal challenge to its tough laws against a woman's right to an abortion also. camille in india the same state where almost one million people could lose their right to vote after this general election. and i'm with a leo sport the boxer our own will have action from the crucial light in the n.b.a. playoffs to. welcome to the news are we begin in south asia where it's a day of remembrance in struggling with ceremonies nationwide after sunday's suicide bombings police have confirmed that three hundred twenty one people were
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killed but that number is expected to rise parliament has just held a session in colombo where the state minister of defense says the attack was a response to last month's shootings at two mosques in new zealand throughout sri lanka. funerals are being held earlier people observed three minutes of silence in memory of those killed sri lankan media has also released security footage of the moment they say a suspect entered the church in the gumbo before blowing himself up the easter sunday explosions ripped through several churches in hotels targeting worshipers and tourists police have arrested forty suspects in a moment to all speak to our correspondents charles stratford who's in the gumbo where those funerals have been taking place but first we begin with mel fernandez in colombo now let's just begin with the state minister of defense suggesting that this attack was a reprisal for the mosque attack earlier this year in new zealand. that's
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correct the statement is of defense one video war than telling the house of parliament that information had been uncovered indicating that sunday's attacks wars counterattack or arrest spawns by islamic extremist groups to the attack that had been carried out in christ church in new zealand now it's the first time that we're hearing an official government spokesperson put that officially into words that was every in everybody's mind some in the form of speculation but now the defense minister saying that information has been uncovered and that investigations are continuing along these lines he also said that there will be action taken against such extremist groups to ban extremist groups to
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take legal action against them so possibly a pointer to what might be brought in with the emergency the specific regulations that pertains to the prevention of terrorism so hell of course new ones community from the un about those that were killed several nationalities going into the dozen but a large number of children apparently. it just gets keeps getting worse the hail as the details of this tragedy unfolds the united nations referring to the significant number of children who have lost their lives in this attack now all of the three hundred twenty one talks were killed so far i believe the u.n. has sort of pointed to at least over forty children losing their lives and this does check out with what we are hearing on the ground obviously six locations
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packed with families obviously church services where entire families went to market that sacred easter sunday also the five star hotels family events sunday brunch and a large number of children as is evidenced by the debris by the bashir sort of brutality that we're seeing at the sites of those explosions i have so very difficult to come to terms with as always when it comes to children but this is what we're hearing with the u.n. warning and having marked the significant number of children that have lost their lives in this incident so. minimal possible between the two throughout the day as we get more news lines or let's cross over to charles stross also following the story in the car but that's about forty five minutes from the capital some of those funerals obviously conducted where you are charles in what is described as
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a christian heartland of sri lanka and of course public people are just struggling really to make sense of what's happened. yes the sense of shock is almost indescribable here some people literally to overcome to speak to us as you say this town the syrian ago is known as the christian heartland. some people even refer to it as shoot on because little rose there were at least one hundred ten people killed by that suicide bomb that hit the easter sunday service hey at this church you refer to children that have died you know having spoken to people here today that there were a lot of children involved and were killed in the attack here we spoke to a priest who was saying that the community are trying desperately to begin to forget this incident but he said they will never forget and interesting lee he drew
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parallels with the situation here a jury in a twenty six year war with the tamil tigers in a time of incredible so instability and violence this community never suffered an a saying on this scale during that time. i spoke to a civilian another member of the local community here a schoolteacher who said that a number of children he knew had been killed in the attack he said he'd given up on the government he said that it was time that religious leaders he spoke about christian leaders buddhists leaders hindu leaders and muslim leaders to try and come together to get to the bottom of their sin try and stop these kind of attacks happening interestingly so many people were killed that there is not enough room in the main tree to bury the date so we source service here this morning we saw some of the funerals but now a lot of the the services are having to be held in the private homes before being
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taken to various symmetries in the local area. everybody here though is very angry seemingly under the surface and is desperate for answers and they are shocked by the fact that their government so they seemingly knew that these attacks could well happen and yet nothing was done to prevent them happening and obviously to great this incredible loss of life and the many hundreds that have been injured also indeed for the moment charles of course we'll leave it there join us throughout the day charles stratfor there in the gumbo sri lanka let's join rodger shanahan he's a research fellow at the lower institute for international policy joins me now from sydney in australia good to have you with us on the program as the investigation continues into the attacks as we've heard a senior defense minister suggesting that the attack there was a reprisal for the mosque attacks in new zealand earlier this year i mean how on what are your observations of this connection. well i think we have
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a bit cautious at the station to know a lot more. now an operation like this coordinated complex attack against multiple targets on both coasts or sri lanka that takes quite some training in ability in planning to do the christchurch attacks running five weeks ago given what we know the organizations of law we put these together this is probably planned quite some time in advance of that we also were aware that one hundred kilograms of explosives and night is the discovered in northwestern sri lanka. in january this year so i'm not sure that there's a causal link between the two. is you know on the face of that this kind of operation would take a walk lot longer to plan and to logistically support and violates ok well in terms of sort of the wider picture the choice of targets can often sort of lead to a suggestion of those who might be behind the attack in terms of sort of the
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ideology or the methodology of those behind this atrocity i mean is it a foregone conclusion when you're looking at issues like this in a scenario like this that we can assume that any one person or group is behind the attack. well you think very deliberately they've chosen a targets well six targets three churches down on a sunday morning services so trying to maximize the casualties in christian services on the holiest one of the holiest isis christian calendar and the other three targets. two or so tills around break this time as well a jury during holidays so they are going to kill. as many westerners and you can also sri lankans will be purely nice text for that sign time by targeting both the churches you have an ideological bent to this attack and
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greatest rotation game by targeting three tourist hotels because it not only kills westerners it also damages his reputation and the tourism sector in sri lanka which has been recovering remarkably out of these last couple years so it's saying today. to try and achieve to. an audi logic line with the attacks on the churches and a more strategic game in a mall or sri lanka focused and by tightening nice hotels which will in turn affect the shouldn't you know how confusing is it in sort of this very complex you might say venn diagram of trying to get all the evidence together that no one has taken responsibility normally when we see attacks like this you get a very quick admission of responsibility. yes and this is one of the puzzling things if it was a local. sri lankan organization inspired or supported by
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a larger external jihadist group you would have expected that there are pressure at that moment that they would have. done all the pretty suicide videos and released responsibility around the same time as the attack at the. if it's a group that has had support from an organization like islamic state for instance that group because it's lost its caliphate though be looking to maintain their relevance and to tell the world that they're still capable of these mass casualty attacks so though be looking to claim responsibility so there is quite a puzzling. group has done it so far just briefly roger find maybe what lessons have to be learnt by the authorities and politicians for their obvious and evident failure to share intelligence information the sri lankan public may hold them to account in the future for the public becoming over the last few months well
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absolutely from what we know there was intelligence from two countries that. roman catholic churches are going to be targeted those two of the six targets if history lankan government had this then they haven't while they might not have a now to prevent the entire party attacks they certainly could have less than they casualties of those attacks on tap the churches if there are in this information they haven't taken all responsible steps the trial and milieu effects of that and certainly the sri lankan public should be angry with its government for the moment rodger shanahan from the lowy institute in sydney thanks so much for joining us on our toes there. pleasure. open to get here on the al-jazeera news hour including emergency summits in egypt as african leaders gather to discuss the political crisis in sudan and libya. also miramar supreme court rejects a final appeal by two reuters journalists jailed for reporting on the wrecking crackdown. and in sport for his favorite footballer gets
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a warm welcome on his return home joe will have those details at. the un special envoy for libya has renewed his appeal for all armed groups to stop a third week of fighting around tripoli. call came as forces led by the ward cleaver have to slow their advance on the capital at least two hundred sixty four people have been killed and thousands injured since the battle for control of the city began two weeks ago earlier in the year with as i was the task i've been charged with despite its difficulty is to return to negotiations i call for a peaceful solution to stop the war for the reunification of the libyans on a unified resolution to save their country whatever the work of the international community it will need a special libyan will to stop the war. well egypt is due to host two emergency
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meetings of african leaders to discuss fighting in libya and political unrest in sudan let's go to court to brings us up to date on the political conflict certainly in sudan i mean the masses not really giving up hope of change or a real change is what they want to see. right so that is a statement that was issued yesterday evening by the forces behind the declaration of change and freedom and it was again very strong language the two words the military the approach the military has been taking to deal with this situation they literally said that the a little committee of the military council ease on purpose trying to delay or even prevent the transfer of power to civilians and this as i say is a dangerous turn it makes it clear that the process of change and for lucian as they call it is now passing through
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a very dangerous turn or passage or phase and that all protesters have to once again increase their efforts and activism thousands are still gutting in front of the headquarters of the military and even more are coming from the interior and that's because these forces behind the forces of change and freedom the leaders of the protest say that the negotiation between them and the military is not leading anywhere for now the military particularly the political committee is insisting and trying hard to maintain the presence and participation of members of the ousted regime and that's absolutely unacceptable and it has to change they have to make sure that every member of the former regime is either in jail or out of out of the picture with regard to the future government of sudan. that has galvanized and you know increase the the enthusiasm among the protesters as you can
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see in the package in this following pack. seventies women have been i thought full front of the march for change in recognition of the role of female protesters now the nickname and named after the fabled movie the queen known for her courage the little danny and the lady that was for thirty years sudanese woman have put up the strongest resistance against injustices and violations committed by a despotic racist and aggressive regime they were stripped of basic rights of equality and even the right to live at times they were killed and wounded or sent to jail and crackdowns on anti-government protests that's why we decided to be part of this uprising. and women are only one of the many groups here not to feel united by a common cause. from a distance these masses loop and sound the same on close inspection it's a complete human spectrum of faces and acts on this from the four corners of
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africa's third largest country. believe this man is from one of the most marginalized and oppressed communities in the nuke amount and is reminding his people of the many wrongs they've been subjected to and his calling for a free sudan where all enjoy equality and dignity and the same yearning for a better sudan respond is this man from the southern regions. of the protests gave me a new life and a new spirit after decades of desperation and justice that's why i decided to join . people from darfur and the east where rebel groups for the government for years have suddenly found a more efficient means to achieve their goals. for the first time in the history of this country a movement has brought together all sudanese people if you look at the protest you can say all types of faces from every region and every ethnic group that there are
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old united around the same goal which is to change the regime and create a new sadat and there is no changes have given way to an explosion of public expression aside from the chants and speeches young artists here are using their tools the couple was on the ferments with three things celebrating freedom so weak so that in its color basking in the bliss of this newly found freedom they were going after long suppressed dreams and we were mostly afraid to take photos or paint outdoors so we face tremendous difficulties in that respect especially going protests painting on walls in particular presented a challenge for us i was arrested and harassed because of my support for the app rising but this is. my best way to contribute they tell us uplifting the poor is the goal of these protesters an idea they've represented through
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a portrait of this homeless boy who collects garbage on the streets radiating with happiness mostafa tells us his plan is to study first and within ten years to become the president of sudan. protesters are also concerned in particular about some statements that came overnight from the beauty of the military carson mohammed had that no one here us him when he talked to soldiers and his own soldiers that are support force telling them that the army will not allow for chaos theory in sudan and it has to make sure that the transition to the civilian or becomes small and without problems the signals taken from the from that by the protesters is that probably the army is intending to do something he was not specific about what he wants to do but this comes a day after the army called on the protesters to clear the road blocks and to allow for traffic to take its course so all these are signs of escalation instead of up
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rushmore and appeasement and the mutual understanding between the two sides for the moment mohammed we'll leave it there thanks very much. police in northern ireland have arrested a fifty seven year old woman in connection with the killing of a journalist last week lower in the key were shot in the head during a riot in london during a dissident republican group called the new responsibility for the killing of the twenty nine year old two teenagers arrested earlier this week have been released without charge. to asia where mere miles high school has rejected the final appeal of two reuters journalists jailed while reporting the rohingya ethnic cleansing crisis wallowed and shore so who have spent sixteen months in prison after being convicted of breaking the official secrets law scott hyde has been called. the last appeal for word is journalist. has been rejected by the supreme court's in me and more of that coming down on tuesday now they heard the argument
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from their attorneys just a couple of weeks ago this comes three months after a lower court rejected an appeal they said the sentence would be upheld that also coming down from the supreme court on tuesday and that was their last appeal possibility now what happened since the verdict came down in september sentencing these two gentlemen to seven years behind bars and international outcry over the sentencing and also just the process particularly as myanmar marches its way toward democracy a lot of criticism for that and also just last week the investigation the two gentlemen working on one of pulitzer prize for international reporting and word is news agency their employers coming out almost immediately after this decision by the supreme court saying that they will continue to fight for their journalist behind bars and that they are part of a police set up. well the debate over whether to allow abortions in argentina has long been called traversal legislation in the mainly roman catholic country was narrowly defeated by senators last year. remain determined to
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decriminalize abortion especially since discovering the plight of an eleven year old girl who was raped. cecilio said and her husband. irene bald in a fight to decriminalise have been in argentina they live in money northwest argentina one of the most conservative provinces in the country the fight is a personal one as the doctors are under investigation for carrying out an abortion on an eleven year old girl who had been raised. where i wanted to evaluate what we could do in a case and what i saw horrified me in a live in year old girl playing with toys whose body is not developed to give birth with a belly she still had a baby teeth and a mouth she was being tortured the girl known only as who was allegedly raped by her step grandfather you'll see is eleven years old she was sixteen weeks pregnant
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when her condition with the attack that she was brought to this hospital because according to doctors she requested them to remove from her belly what the older man had put inside her the procedure was delayed for about two months through one rights group denounced that authorities wanted to convince her to keep the baby in spite of her young age with so much time having passed i decided as the salmon section operation was the best way to proceed however when they try to get the operating room ready for the procedure being countered and others said back to us girls mother was there and she was so afraid because all the hospital plus now had left because the object to the procedure those who did not want to participate wanted to film us so they could post it on social media in the air. and the baby was born alive only to die a few days later look c.s. case is not the only one in northern argentina this is
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a country where abortion in cases of rape has be legal for nearly a century. was abused by a relative when she was fourteen she says while law may be on her side the system works against the victims just as i was ashamed of my belly of the questions and when i had the baby i did not want to see her i rejected her so badly my grandmother said she is beautiful and she is nobody will never take the pain away from me. in general the woman impacted are poor and vulnerable. every time a woman denounces something to the police to patch a back and laugh at you they have no heart was last year argentina's congress debated for the first time in history the possibility of decriminalizing abortion in a country where women can still go to jail if found guilty of having had one the law was rejected in the senate. the lawyers in the northern part of the country say
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conservative groups want to ensure the law is never voted again you know but other than this in the uk after the abortion debate they wanted to go back in time and pass a law to prohibit abortion in case of rape but they made it so complicated it's almost impossible to have an abortion once you've been raped abortion remains a contentious issue in argentina and while lawmakers are prepared to vote on legalizing it again later this year human rights groups denounce the hardships women and girls face even when they have the law on their side. to go on i didn't. well in a few moments we'll have the weather with everton folks but still ahead here on the al-jazeera news or are you a us citizen why this question on the census survey has undocumented workers afraid to porters. and scientists have a pollution in the world's largest lake also in sport with. search for
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his return to the ring. hollow where we have another tropical side phone heading towards most you can see the position of the storm that will run up towards. the tanzania border around about friday something won't compare with ada i am pleased to say but we're still looking around the potential for maybe four hundred millimeters of rain as we move on into the weekend further south we've had some very heavy rain flooding rains in fact across that a side a south african sixty five millimeters of rain and been in the space of twenty four hours the april average is seventy three millimeters of rain well over twice the monthly average coming down in that short period of time still
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a few showers through the remainder of shoes day but the showers on the eastern side of the country will begin to ease somewhat as we go through the next couple of days and by thursday this is what we're looking at want to see showers a possibility but not too much to speak of look further north and there we go with that tropical storm just pushing up towards northern mozambique towards northern so southern parts of towns nay with the potential for some flooding rains flooding rains continue to be a theme across central parts of africa we could see heavy showers coming in across the gulf of guinea particular into southern parts of nigeria and also for parts of tokyo and benny. the weather sponsored by catherine. how if you changed since zero seven. charting the lives of the children of apartheid over twenty one years each story
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reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight hours south africa part one on out is there. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told was shouted out right up with the exclusive interview very dangerous for journalists to choose publishers all around the world and in-depth reports. our real beef megan courtin there with al-jazeera has teams on the ground i've been on my world to bring you more award winning documentary and life means.
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you're watching observe and use with beads a whole robin a reminder of our top stories a national day of mourning has been held in sri lanka for victims of the easter sunday bomb attacks at churches and tells us funerals are being held for some of the three hundred twenty one victims the u.n. says forty five of them were children. egypt is hosting two emergency meetings of african leaders to discuss fighting in libya and political unrest in sudan. also be a mass highest court has rejected the final appeal of two reuters journalists jailed for reporting on the rohingya crackdown. choice so you have spent sixteen months in prison. so the voting has begun in the third largest phase of india's month long general election prime minister narendra modi voted in his home state
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a good draft movies running for a second term in office and his election is seen as a referendum on his five years in office well more in this verse to me a lot correspondent is following the election he's at a polling station. in assam state and really asylum is a lection hotspot fares because of sort of recent controversial legislation that could affect millions where you are. so hale that's exactly why and why you're seeing that there's a voting booth is pretty much empty but that's a good thing the officials here say they have more than ninety percent of the people showed up in the morning they had long lines here and other parts in the district report something similar they've hit eighty ninety percent in the early morning and one of the reasons for that so hail is because voting itself is a contentious issue here because this may be the last chance for millions of people to be able to vote let's have a look why. john emmet is voting in this election
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maybe for the last time to spite his family living in the region since one thousand nine hundred thirty s. his name is not on the national register of citizens a list created to distinguish between indian citizens and illegal migrants from other countries. a completed draft of the register was released and twenty team and its wife was on the list but he and his daughter weren't. when we found out names weren't on the list we would be ready if we don't find our names on the list we lose all our rights as citizens if we lose our rights we will lose everything that we have. it's a problem facing almost four million people in this region who could face imprisonment even deportation if they're not on the register many ethnic bengali hindus and muslims live in villages and towns like this one in assam generations of
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their families have been here for centuries but more recently new migrants have arrived illegally from bangladesh. that's become a political issue this election with the prime minister saying the government will act against illegal migrants. i want full effort used to make sure that noise. outside the national seat isn't just a. rights groups say the governing party the b j p is targeting people based on real. and ethnicity and turning the citizens register into a political weapon the government is definitely trying to get people because you need to understand that this process isn't wanted by the on the table supreme court but it has been and by the state government and the central government right away that it wasn't this independent candidate has been campaigning to keep the migrants out saying they don't fit in the become a great running to this idea but they just this is from all the common numbers. and
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then they just listen to. them and checked in at the polling station and goes to cast with maybe his last vote is an indian citizen he's appealing to get on the citizens register even details he worries he and his family will lose everything clued in the right to live in their own country. so far as phase three of the election nearly over where should we be sort of focusing our attention to phase full. well for the fourth phase we actually still have to look countrywide and that's because the focus is on the opposition parties they're still trying to work out alliances particularly the main opposition congress with smaller regional parties and several parts of the country so hell these regional parties are would could call would could rather hold the key in determining who gets the majority two hundred seventy two magic marker number of seats in lower house of parliament now there are still discussions going on with the predation most populated state as well as delhi with the aam aadmi party also
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known as the common man party there so really those alliances and continue campaigning is what we have to look out for in face for as well as the coming phases after that well for them but we'll leave it and fell over this for you certainly through the day thanks for us. let's head to north africa where in egypt the results of a constitutional referendum which could extend the president's term until twenty thirty on saturday but if approved the changes would also allow the fact that it's easy to appoint senior judges and expand the role of the armed forces most groups say the referendum was neither free nor fair. jury as wealthy as businessmen this is being detained as part of a corruption investigation bribes the detention of solos the arrest of four other algerian billionaires who appeared in court on monday as part of the investigation the five are all said to be close to former president of the lizzie's beautifully who resigned earlier this month the former prime minister and the current finance
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minister have also been ordered to court. police in uganda have arrested bobby why enough to stopping a concert by the pop star turned politician and firing tear gas at his founds police pulled him from his car in a bar where the politician was due to speak to fans about the council show bobby wine is a well known critic of long time president yarima seventy and police have frequently stopped him from performing. united states is offering a reward of up to ten million dollars for information on how to disrupt funding for hezbollah the u.s. state department named three lebanese businessmen who from the parties armed wing lebanese based hezbollah received support from iran which the u.s. government calls a state sponsor of terrorism in previous years this fall has generated about one billion dollars annually through direct financial support from iran international businesses and investments donor networks and money and moderate activities
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the group uses the sponsor support its more in activities throughout the world which includes the development of militias to syria in the support of assad dictatorship. and to yemen in support of the rare ally who three rebels now in china says the united states is demand for countries to stop buying arabian oil or face sanctions will increase volatility in the middle east washington has given five of the country's until may the second to comply iran has responded by threatening to close the strait of hormuz a crucial shipping route wasn't jordan has more from washington d.c. . the u.s. says its efforts to impose a worldwide embargo on iranian oil is already working in the last eleven months the trumpet ministration says iran has lost about ten billion dollars in oil revenue all this says washington to punish the han for what it calls the government's quote
1:38 pm
aligned ways the trouble administration and our allies are determined to sustain and expand the maximum economic pressure campaign against iran to end the regimes destabilizing activity threatening the united states our partners and allies and security in the middle east these demands are not just coming from the united states government and many of our allies and partners they are similar to what we hear from the iranian people themselves the u.s. imposed oil sanctions on iran in may two thousand and eighteen after it withdrew from what president donald trump called the ineffective iran nuclear deal the u.s. wanted to cut off iran's ability to support hezbollah and who the fighters as well as send aid to governments in syria and venezuela last fall when oil supplies were tight the u.s. gave several countries permission to wrap up their existing iranian oil purchases by no later than may second but now the u.s. says supplies are plentiful and so the five countries still importing iranian crude
1:39 pm
china india turkey japan and south korea no longer have a reason to keep buying from terre han to conduct these transactions one almost always nice to participate in the financial markets and we intend to enforce the sanctions we don't lay out sanctions that we don't have any intention of encouraging countries to cooperate with analysts say it's important to look at the impact sanctions could have on ties between the u.s. and other countries for example how sanctions could derail current chinese american trade talks but analysts say it's just as important to consider why the white house considers saudi arabia in the. arab emirates and not other oil producing nations key to making the iranian embargo work i think that actually feeds into this narrative of this very close relationship that the president trump has a with the saudi royal family and of course the united states is again this is the
1:40 pm
president who looks at issues from a transactional standpoint state department officials won't say just how soon after may third that the u.s. will impose sanctions on countries still buying oil from iran but they are adamant they say the only way to get iran to change its behavior is by imposing an embargo and the only way to make certain that the embargo works is to impose sanctions on other countries even if those countries happen to be the u.s. as friends rosalyn jordan al-jazeera the state department broad has from south korea's capital of reaction to u.s. pressure. as a country which imports one hundred percent of its oil south korea last month was the second biggest importer in asia of iranian oil products in particular specialty products called condensate now the u.s. has said that countries have had sufficient time to find alternative sources other than iran but south korea argues that it has been difficult finding an alternative
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condensate source at the same quality and price south korea has been in continuing talks with the u.s. and the business community here has been lobbying for an extension now of course south korea is already involved with the u.s. in dealing with another country with nuclear ambitions and with sanctions and that is of course north korea south korea has been edging to try to get an easing of those sanctions so it can continue into a korean dialogue but as a faithful u.s. ally south korea finds itself in a difficult position with north korea as with iran and in both cases it does find itself seemingly at the difficult end of u.s. sanctions policy. rights groups in the united states all going to the supreme court to stop changes to the census to say plans to not a question asking whether someone is an american citizen is
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a deliberate attempt to intimidate immigrants gabriel in new york. the question seems straightforward enough are you a u.s. citizen and for the first time ever the u.s. government wants to force everyone to answer that question on the two thousand and twenty u.s. census but yet siri tovar is not a citizen and is worried about answering at the time when the station has showed me not to trust the twenty six year old was brought to the u.s. illegally by her parents when she was just two years old and even though she's lived in new york all of her life since then she's worried aid no answer could make her a target for deportation and it's happened before and in her neighborhood people have put up signs on the doors cautioning immigration officers known as ice agents not to enter without a judicial warrant. so the fear is real the fear in our communities is real i
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fill it out as being undocumented person i can be targeted i can have agent outside of my house because in the census i said i am undocumented and i gave them my apartment number but it a congressional hearing last month republican lawmakers said they supported the idea of asking everybody if they are a citizen on the census i cannot understand what universe our leaders would not want to know who's a citizen or who's not we actually ask whether you're a citizen or not in order to get a firearm in the state of california. should we take the citizenship question off and make it easier for people to get firearms an estimated eight hundred eighty billion dollars a year in federal tax dollars for schools and public services distributed to local communities around the u.s. based off census data immigration advocates have filed lawsuits trying to block the citizenship question from being asked on the census saying it will lead to cuts in
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federal funding for communities with a large number of immigrants if many of them do not fill out the census we could have a reality where places like new york city do not get their fair share of resources for things like roads for hospitals and political representation. tovar she isn't backing down she says it's not about one question but one more attack against immigrants from a hostile white house one she is determined to fight. al-jazeera new york. the new prime minister of mali is under pressure to stop attacks by fighters linked to al qaida. into ethnic come rust former finance minister. forming a new government the previous one resigned last week after widespread anger about recent ethnic based killings nicholas hacks reports from the capital. twelve year old feels like he's being spun a tale every day adults tell him his school will reopen tomorrow he's here at the
1:45 pm
same story for almost a year but schools have remained closed for the striking teachers demanding to be paid. but it's it seriously their words don't really count when things really matter to us this is boubacar seach or mr while the last lesson on keeping promises is still on the blackboard mr good day waits to hear from the newly appointed prime minister hoping that he will keep his word and make education a priority because there may be enough funds for the one billion dollars a year u.n. peacekeeping operation in. but not enough to pay mr two hundred dollars monthly salary along with even when you will the government doesn't care about schools so this is a setback for the future of young people if we cannot invest on young people then the future of our country of mali is in jeopardy. former finance minister forty one year old. newly appointed prime minister after the government was forced
1:46 pm
to step down last week following a mass demonstration on the streets of of mostly young people they're unhappy with the state's inability to keep money in safe from attacks the price of basic necessities are shot up by twenty percent strikes affect the education justice in transport system crippling the capital while bomb i go is one of the fastest growing cities in africa it's also one of the youngest with half of all mali and under the seat and so the challenge for this new prime minister is to form a government that will be accepted by all and address grievances of this young population. doubling the young municipal councillor on monday. mostly mean attacked his town killing scores of soldiers it took hours before reinforcements arrived. but it's not that i we feel betrayed by government the state is there is no police. no prisons to reassure.
1:47 pm
and make us feel like we are part of mali with a new prime minister these government is at a crossroads waiting for the state to deliver the promises made at stake is the country's future nicholas hawke al-jazeera about micro. ground do the job luxembourg has died at the age of ninety eight he was known for his role in transforming his country into an international financial center he had recently been admitted to hospital suffering from the pulmo dream faction and pastorius surrounded by his family the sense that by his oldest son on re became his successor he stepped down over a decade. a space rocket engine explosion is expected to delay mass as mission to send astronauts into orbit in an american council space x. suffered a setback when its dragon crew capsule was engulfed in smoke on saturday the private company is due to fly a strolls to the international space station in july the u.s.
1:48 pm
mission is expected to be the first since in space shuttle fleet retired in two years ago. a russian scientists are alarmed at a russian government's plans to allow increased levels of pollution in the world's largest lake lake and by carl contains twenty percent of the planet's fresh water and a step busting reports russian government leaders say they can better protect the lake by increasing permitted levels of waste the fragile line between water and ice marks the entrance to the world's largest and deepest lake and the ice melts the water is so clear that fish and freshwater seals can be spotted with oxygen one and a half kilometers down near the bottom made by karl has a unique ecosystem found nowhere else on the planet but human activity on it six hundred thirty six kilometers long shore us has increased and so has pollution every year more than one and a half million tourists visit the baikal natural park which lacks a proper sewage system to deal with their waste or lead to i mean has lived here
1:49 pm
for nineteen years he recalls how not long ago he would drink water from the lake without boiling of filtering it. before i would go to another village and i would see one or two birds now i can see twenty or thirty if not more if there are tourists on every bird who need to go to the toilet i don't think disposing of it in the right way it all goes into the lake therefore it's not recommended to drink water an area water treatment plants around the lake are outdated or broken the ministry for natural resource assassin plans to build twenty one new ones but to make the plan feasible the amount of harmful waste discharge into the lake needs to be increased greenpeace's among environmental groups concerned at the potential harm to the lake so are some russian scientists. we sorry the norms they are proposing are unacceptable and they should review them according to the latest technologies there is only one way you still need to build clean her cities but
1:50 pm
better ones researchers are trying to find out why sponges unique to baikal are dying at an alarming rate and if a large amount of elderly and wheat are changing the fragile ecosystem russia's government didn't respond to our request for comment but the website of the ministry of natural resources says the new waste water standard is based on scientific research and by callous better protected than any other lake in the world. people were drinking this water straight from the lake just a few years ago but drinking this now would definitely make you sick scientists fear that what is known as the world cleanest lake and its largest freshwater reserve is rapidly losing its value for humankind. scientists say it's not.
1:51 pm
a goal. to government to invest in technology so they. don't need to be raced. but the. importance of. russia. will.
1:52 pm
looking back it's
1:53 pm
a tough spot on this trip thank you yes that has inspired his milwaukee side to the second round of the n.b.a. playoffs for the first time in eighteen years the bucs forward scored forty one points as they completed a four nil series whitewash over detroit on monday night milwaukee pulling player in the final quarter to take game four with one hundred twenty seven to one hundred and for the pistons setting an unwanted n.b.a. record of fourteen consecutive playoff defeats in a row of the box they're getting set for a second round clash with the boston celtics. it's. been six years in the league. just to when i first seriously these group break here. i think we. will start together. well there was overtime drama in the n.h.l. playoffs the dallas stars they clinched their first round series against nashville in game six on monday seventeen seconds into the extra period john king back fired
1:54 pm
in the crucial goal for a two one victory to spark scenes of celebration amongst the players and home fans in the dallas arena the stars who are chasing their first on the cup since one thousand nine hundred nine malmuth on to a second round clash with st mary's elsewhere carolina and washington a set first series decider after the hurricane one game six on monday jordan style one with the crucial score in a five two victory the capitals will have home advantage for wednesday's decider with the new york islanders awaiting the winners in round two. thousand ever will aim to clinch their first in the premier league title in twenty nine years one of their former stalls robbie fowler is returning to the australian league as a coach the extra is taking over at brisbane role it's his first major coaching position after a brief spell as a player coach in thailand has been his nights out of ten in the league with just four wins from twenty six games despite his lack of experience fowler is confident
1:55 pm
he has the skills to do a good job. i had a good career in terms of playing football but now this is really the start of my managerial career look you know there's not going to be any stone left unturned you are going to do having bright is going to be plenty of plenty of hours on the training pitch to bring to bring the four team up to speed so muscly looking forward to. well another former player who has hinted at a future in management is australia's tim cahill the former everton strikers and cats are checking out the country's preparations for the twenty twenty two world cup cahill says he hopes to be back for the tournament in three years' time as a fan pundit or even as a coach and he's impressed by how compact the tournament will be. i was in germany south africa brazil also russia got to play in all those torments and when you see . how it's going to be quite close and the travel to the
1:56 pm
stadiums from the facilities and the bases that the teams you know have if that happens it will be a massive loss for the teams but also for the fans you know being potentially say two games in and day for review football apolo get it or has been moved on his return to lima the striker was swamped by fans and media as he landed with this club side internacional at the cup to capitals airport the only return to competition for international just over two weeks ago after serving a total ban his team played allianz lima started his career as a youth player in a couple of days of posting. but seeing legend get out it will often says he's excited about his return to the ring at madison square garden in june because it fights endos to known to his fans his trip would she will face canada's steve rolls as he looks to bounce back from his first career defeat to canelo alvarez can is looking to re-establish himself at the top of the middleweight division but roles
1:57 pm
as hoping to upset those plans. been doing a lot of reading lately and a couple things i keep coming across is with this guy this isn't a tuneup i'm coming to fight and with everybody just getting to know me now up to june eighth you won't forget me i've got much respect for you not a glove game but i'm coming to shock the world. well when football fans get angry you'll find a few bad eggs amongst them bots when supporters in germany objected to playing a match on monday they made their feelings clear by throwing easter eggs on the pitch the game between wolfsburg and i'm track frankfurt was delayed as groundsman and players scrambled to pick them up but at least we can see this on the site. all right that is all useful for now so i hope you got a good job because that was an allergy legs should
1:58 pm
a story want to. be stopped is up next with some more serious news so do stay with us we'll see the few moments. talk to local.
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conservation is helping to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a time camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards is the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected and the latest evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but this snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international least of threatened species. refugees heading for a better night in australia descendants and sent to remote islands indefinite detention in holistic conditions get
2:00 pm
a conscience. understand how you can do this to smuggled out for each and eyewitness accounts the main thing in doing for people in asking is they don't want to kill themselves witness a scene a sign and. on al-jazeera. can i jump into the tears and i saw them i don't. know what the full. day of mourning in sri lanka has relatives begin to bury more than the three hundred killed in the easter day massacre. sri lankan media releases video they claim shows one of the alleged suspects. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from our
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headquarters here in doha also coming up emergency summits in egypt african leaders discuss the political crises in sudan and libya plus.


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