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and there's something very different where there. is and we don't believe that. this is al jazeera. blogs a whole robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next sixty minutes and the actual day of mourning in sri lanka the president plays his respects to the victims of the easter sunday bomb blasts. also sri lankan media release video they say shows one of the suspects the prime minister says there may have been foreign involvement plus. camille in india the san siro were almost four million people lose the right to vote after this general election. also miramar supreme court rejects
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a final appeal by two reuters journalists jailed for reporting on the rigging a crackdown. and i'm going to tell you a sport the boxer on a roll will have action from a crucial night in the n.b.a. playoffs. welcome to the news our it's a national day of mourning in sri lanka for victims of sunday's suicide bombings three hundred twenty one people are confirmed dead including forty five children parliament has met for the first time since the attacks the state minister of defense says they were in response to last month's shooting at two mosques in new zealand funerals have been held and islanders observed three minutes of silence sri lankan media is showing security camera video of the moment as suspect entered a church in the gumbo before blowing himself up the easter sunday explosions ripped through several churches and hotels targeting worshipers and tourists police have
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arrested forty suspects moments ago prime minister really over christmas single address the nation saying foreign agents had a hand in the attacks on sunday. i would like to say that the mr gates making good progress in regard to identifying to be culprits but it means that we are to identify all the culprits and look at what the network is the dad also being a communique should a news story coming in from cairo that the i.s.i. has claimed responsibility. that there are foreign links and that this could not have been done just locally they had been training un and a party nation which we are not seem. well florence louis joins me now from colombo we heard the prime minister speak very very clear on certain issues and unclear on
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certainly some pertinent facts in focus the number of people that have been arrested who are the suspects are what the government is trying all the authorities are trying to do to track them down. tried now and that's why as we know forty people have been arrested in one of the among them in a syrian national on the number forty is already a big jump compared to just about two dozen yesterday when the syrian man as we understand was reportedly staying in one of the hotels that was attacked and the prime minister saying that they believe that there was a foreign help from abroad that's also consistent with what sri lankan officials have been saying simply because they believe that the local organization and let alone known organization would not have been able to carry out the attacks with such a level of sophistication and coordination without help and without training from
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abroad then the prime minister also said that they are looking at the possibility that some of the suspected bombers may have even traveled to port a brought to get training before coming back into this country and carrying out the attacks in terms of. the day's events we have seen moment of silence but a large volume of funerals both where you are in colombo and further north. that's right down today is a national day of mourning across sri lanka flags across the country have been flying at half mast it's too dark to see now though the flag just over my left shoulder that's been flying at half mast just along this road as well all of the flags flying at half the mass you know rolled in and they're gone both this is a fitting just about full. kilometers north of colombo it's where a church was attacked dozens of people were killed with have also been mass burials
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in colombo itself now of course the the city this is a country that is in mourning they've not seen the scale of attacks on the christian community such as this before i mean the christian community here is really quite a small minority of the only about seven percent of the population and so this is really a part of being such a. shocking thing it is also a very tragic situation and of course as the sun sets where you are in colombo florence we have to focus on these emergency measures which have come into force they were questioned of course in the press conference answer to whether they were focused on minority groups and whether they would be discrimination imparted the prime minister quite robustly rejected any accusations that the individual groups would be targeted but it's still a very sensitive subject at this moment in time. absolutely
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it's to a sensitive subject because there was a long running civil war in this country that ended a decade ago and people still have memories of how security measures were used against minorities and nobody wants to see a repeat of that however having said that what the government has imposed a limited state of emergency and it's very similar to what they did last year when there were an team with them right in the central district of candy now at that time the emergency measures were allowed to lapse off a month so this could very well possibly happen here and we have to remember that this is a country that is still on very high alert just today to date after the attacks took place on easter sunday the bomb disposal unit was called out at least twice to investigate suspicious packages one that the railway station and another that king's great hotel one of the hotels that was attacked in colombo those packages. out to be false alarms but equally worrying is the fact that the columbo port says
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it's received intelligence information from the national intelligence service is that it that they believe that two vehicles laden with explosives that could be trying to make its way into the ports or police stations in colombo have been put on high alert and police have even requested so i bet you are going to leave their cars parked in an attendant for long hours to leave the hand for the numbers on the dashboard so we really have we have to remember that the security measures limited security measures are in place but this is still a country that is on high alert for the moment florence will leave about probably in colombo but rodger shanahan is a research fellow at the lovely institute for international policy he doubts the attacks in sri lanka could be coordinated ninety five weeks after the shootings in christchurch. we'd have to be a bit cautious at the station till we are a lot more. in operation like this holly coordinated complex
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attack against multiple targets on both coasts of sri lanka that takes quite sun trying inability i'm planning to do the christchurch attacks running five weeks ago and given what we know of the organizations of likely put these together this is probably playing quite some time in advance of that we also wear away that one hundred kilograms of explosives and a hundred at night is the discovered in northwestern tree lanka. in january this year and i'm not sure that there's a causal link between the two pieces you know on the face of that this kind of operation would take a look lot longer to plan and to logistically support the five weights if it was a local. sri lankan organization inspired or supported by a larger external jihadist group you would have expected that if neither and pressure of the moment that they would have. done all the pretty suicide videos and
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released responsibility around the same time as the attack if it's a if it's a group that has had support from an organization like islamic state for instance that group because it's lost its caliphate that would be looking to maintain their relevance and to tell the world that they're still capable of these mess casualty attacks so they won't be looking to claim responsibility so he's quite puzzling. group has done it so far. well into this year a presidential palace sources french people arrested two weeks ago worked for the intelligence services under not diplomats thirteen suspects were stopped at the us judea crossing between libya and tunisia weapons were seized and all had their diplomatic passports seized the presidential source told french media they'd undermined tunis your sovereignty. well let's get the very latest from our libya correspondent mahmud of the home who's in tripoli obviously various events going on
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in the air and on the ground and we have to focus on have to forces who are losing ground in south tripoli after a counter offensive by the government what seems to be happening. will libya it's relatedly quiet now on the front lines but clashes could. any moment especially today the government forces are as they say that they are preparing for a fresh offensive to recapture the tripoli in active international airport on the southern western part of the city also forces are loyal to the warlords who for have have been recently losing civilian locations and meanwhile the government forces say that they are almost completing the what they call the
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defense called gone around tripoli from the southern eastern the southern and western southern parts to push have to the forces back beyond the administered of borders of the capital city but meanwhile both rival factions on the ground continue receiving military units and detachment from cities overnight forces do it today or under the government. continued shelling have to force locations in the vicinity of the international inactive airport south of tripoli and also they say that the government forces say that they have managed to cut one of the major supporting lines to have to his forces namely the highway linking or a connecting get tripoli to libya and as you know that is has the and has this into a commander of have to his forces operating the. other tripoli but now
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by capturing this highway the government forces there have managed to cut the supporting line coming from the city of the u.n. meanwhile forces loyal to the government coming from the city of in town led by major general. he was under the prime minister sort of managed to take control of the area. and. comes the highway that goes nose to the capital tripoli also in the in the health ministry here in tripoli says that its staff continue trying to help civilians are stuck in and around the fighting areas of the member. in tripoli. egypt is hosting to merge the meetings of african leaders to discuss fighting in libya and the political unrest in sudan things are changing in sudan after months of protests and the ousting of the president
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a coalition of political parties that has suspended talks with the military council for failing to transfer power to a civilian authority. is women have been i thought forefront of the march for change and recognition of their role female protesters now the nickname and back a name after the fabled beauty queen known for her courage. that you put thirty years sudanese women have put up the strongest resistance against injustices and violations committed by a despotic racist and aggressive regime they were stripped of basic rights of equality and even the right to live at times they were killed and wounded or sent to jail and crackdowns on anti-government protests that's why we decided to be part of this uprising. and women are only one of the many groups here not to feel united by a common cause. from a distance these masses loop and sound the same on close inspection it's
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a complete human spectrum of faces and acts on this from the four corners of africa's third largest country. this man is from one of the most marginalized and or pressed communities in the north of mountains is reminding his people of the many wrongs they've been subjected to and his calling for a free sudan where all enjoy equality and dignity and the same yearning for a better sudan is this man from the southern regions. of the protests gave me a new life and a new spirit after decades of desperation and justice that's why i decided to join . people from darfur and the east where rebel groups for the government for years have suddenly found a more efficient means to achieve their goals. for the first time in the history of this country
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a movement has brought together all sudanese people if you look at the protest you can say all types of faces from every region and every ethnic group that there are old united around the same goal which is to change the regime and create a new sadat and there is no changes have given way to an explosion of public expression aside from charts and speeches young artists here are using them for a couple of walls on the ferments with paintings celebrating freedom so weak so that in its color basking in the bliss of this newly found freedom. going after a long suppressed dreams will mostly afraid to take photos or paint outdoors we face tremendous difficulties in that respect especially protests painting on walls in particular presented a challenge for us i was arrested and harassed because of my support for the uprising but this is. my best way to contribute they tell us uplifting the poor is
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the goal of these protesters an idea they've represented through a portrait of this homeless boy who collects garbage on the streets radiating with happiness mustafa tells us his plan is to study first and within ten years to become the president of sudan. or does iraq. police northern ireland have arrested a fifty seven year old woman in connection with the killing of a journalist last week. was shot in the head during a riot in london derry a dissident republican group called the new ira admits responsibility for the killing of the twenty nine year old two teenagers arrested earlier this week have been released without charge still to come here on the arm deserving news are more might be expect in the third largest phase of india's staggered general election. and china's navy celebrates its seventieth anniversary by showing off brand new warships. and why shanghai cycling is in the pink. details in sport.
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court has rejected the final appeal of two reuters journalists jailed while reporting the ethnic cleansing crisis wallen and choice all have spent sixteen months in prison after being convicted of breaking an official secrets law scott hyla has more from bangkok. the last appeal for word is journalist wallowing has been rejected by the supreme court in me and more of that coming down on tuesday now they heard the argument from their attorneys just a couple of weeks ago this comes three months after a lower court in yangon rejected an appeal they said the sentence would be upheld that also coming down from the supreme court on tuesday and that was their last appeal possibility now what happened since the verdict came down in september
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sentencing these two gentlemen to seven years behind bars and international outcry over the sentencing and also just the process particularly as myanmar marches its way toward democracy a lot of criticism for that and also just last week the investigation the two gentlemen working on one a pulitzer prize for international reporting or it is news agency there are players coming out almost immediately after this decision by the supreme court saying that they will continue to fight for their journalist behind bars and that they are part of a police setup. is the asia editor he joins me now live from tokyo good to have you with us on al-jazeera or not you've condemned the case right from the beginning and indeed to the verdict in terms of this timeline as it's unfolding i mean what's your reaction to this appeal that. well it's very clear there is no evidence that while on and show so our reporters were guilty of any crime as the evidence at trial was very clear however that they
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were the victims of a police set up intended to silence their reporting the reporting which was truthful and consequential and so we're determined and will continue to work to secure their release is the end of the road in terms of sort of the legal avenues that you have access to you can help your colleagues in many ways but legally what else can you do and meanwhile to help them. well myanmar's legal process would allow for an additional appeal to the supreme court but wallow in chaucer themselves too and through their lawyers have indicated that for them you know they they want this to be the end of the legal process and then maher and we have we've made it clear. both at the trial and then and the subsequent appeals that there was no evidence of a crime that instead there is ample evidence including testimony from
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a police official that this was a set up so for us this is the end of the legal process in myanmar will be regrouping now and the families will be renewing their appeal for a pardon to the government of myanmar what sort of support do you expect now to receive globally from either media colleagues politicians or civil society now. well you know we know that the attention on the case and the story is is very important for an important source of support for well known and shows who during the time that they've been in prison you know their work in the work of the team in myanmar has has rightly i think been recognized for its importance had it not been for their reporting we the world would not have known about an atrocity in twenty seventeen in which ten range of muslim men and boys were killed by soldiers and and villagers the recognition that work has as i
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think rightly been accorded and where while lone and chose sit today in a prison outside yangon that the gap between those two things i think underscores the the threat to a free press and transparency and the rule of law in myanmar as you say the focus will continue to be on your two reporters that are now in cos rated but in directly they become the fold in the side to all of the regime in naperville and that full if they are if they can if the focus remains that it becomes more and more uncomfortable for the on the international stage it's all about keeping the pressure up isn't it well you know as i say will be ruby regrouping will be presenting again an appeal for a pardon that's very important to the families of wall own and shows who their young families who've been you know who like their colleagues like many watching around the world were were deeply disappointed by the result today of course an
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intensely personal personal for them and unimaginably hard for the government in myanmar has a practice of granting these pardons they granted some ten thousand earlier this month and that's our focus where we should see what does happen and will continue to follow the story with great interest for the moment kevin critically thanks very much for joining us from take you. now the philippines has been hit by a second earthquake this time on the southern island of some are no casualties have been reported further north rescuers continue to pull victims from the rubble following monday's quake the six point three magnitude tremor killed at least sixteen people and injured dozens of the island of dissolved. buckingham palace has confirmed that the u.s. president will make an official state visit to the united kingdom in june donald trump and his wife the lawyer have both accepted an invitation from queen elizabeth the second they made a trip to england last summer but it was not a state visit let's get more on this from
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a behavior to use outside of buckingham palace in london so it seems a state visit will go ahead. i'm sure to a great deal of controversy. here controversy already from people simply saying that they don't want him here of course he was here as you said last july thousands of people hundreds of thousands of people out on the street but this will be a different visit altogether and that is because it is a state visit the invitation has come directly from the queen and it will be filled with firemen a he will be inspected guard of honor he will also probably be offered a carriage procession in this area around buckingham palace he will also with the queen attend the commemorations to mark the seventy fifth anniversary of the d.-day landings down. and he will meet to raise them a foot talk she is hoping of course that the meeting will garner perhaps a trade deal because of course britain at the moment is going through some kind of
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crisis so she may be hoping that. can offer her some kind of olive branch to see what does happen for the moment thanks very much. well it's time for the weapon or is over to do with the strange weather in north america yeah i'm afraid so flooding concerns both sides of the border so we've got i think it should improve for each in canada having said that but i fear. it make it worse for eastern texas take the satellite picture you can see this long line of cloud right around the lakes there out of eastern canada with that particular runs all the way down into the desert southwest and we've had this nasty weather just spilling out of the desert southwest moving across texas to areas of low pressure associated with that and these are the ones of the causing problems and will cause further problems as we go through the next couple of days in the case of quebec as i said things are starting to improve you can see at least the sun's out we've had something of a rapid thaw here so we've got the ice melt the snow melt along with what has been
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a spell of some very heavy rain recently around a thousand homes have been affected by the flooding here lots of people displaced as a result of that still some disturbed weather just north of the border there in the round quick back and that's all making its way further east was when you got this little clutch of storms which will continue to just drive their way further east which as we go through the next twenty four hours as we go on into wednesday things start to improve at least inside of canada but you can see the rain does come down across kentucky tennessee running down into oklahoma and arkansas is a big down posted in place across a good part of texas and that weather only slowly making its way further east so. thanks very much of its own well still ahead here on al-jazeera the arguments over abortion in argentina the risks women are forced to take. on overtime goal put these stalls closer to the stanley cup constantly a future in sport. to
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. talk to. the bartender. examining the headlines a collapsed economy means that many people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people having to wait i don't think you can live that way anymore sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to
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inform the media's motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching officer would be to hold a reminder of our top stories because prime minister is warning that all more explosives and fighters out the following the deadly suicide bombings were deal with from a. singer went on to accuse foreign agents of having a hand in sunday's attacks mass field rules have begun for some of the three hundred twenty one people that were killed by. a source from two business presidential palaces thirteen people arrested two weeks ago along the libyan border
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were members of a french intelligence services and they were diplomats they were stopped crossing from libya into tunisia along the raster they're crossing. now in egypt the results of a constitutional referendum which could extend the president's term until twenty thirty a day on saturday if approved the changes would also allow sisi to appoint senior judges and expand the role of armed forces rights groups say the referendum was neither free nor there. well for more on this referendum just taken place let's bring in of the he's an associate professor of history at georgetown university in qatar has been a student good to have you with us let's just begin with this vote in terms of how it consolidates really at the end of the day president cc's power but it also brings huge question marks into areas such as civil liberties the right to sort of dissent and criticism and politics as a whole in egypt yes so on one level these are actually not quite new practices
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because we've seen this very much as part of the kind of six decades of dictatorship in egypt where multiple presidents have kind of take it upon themselves to circumvent constitutional and legal processes in terms of appointing judicial heads in terms of the military is constant intervention what's really dangerous about this and what's different from the past is the fact that this is actually now a shrine in it in law and ensuring that these kinds of practices cannot continue without any sort of legal challenge in terms of the president's authority to be able to appoint judicial heads as well as in training the military's role and being able to legally intervene in politics whenever it pleases well while we wait for those results of the egypt also hosting this a human agency meeting both sudan and libya's let's turn our attention to sudan for example. one worries there that civil society is worrying that nothing can be achieved from this meeting because they sort of pulled out of any talks with the the military this in charge at the moment one wonders how the e.u.
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can intervene when they've never really been able to intervene in other problems across africa i mean the african union has has never really had that kind of a role i think especially given its current leadership it's it's being chaired by egypt which not that long ago just a few years ago its own membership was actually suspended because of course the sisi regime came to power by virtue of a coup as well and so i think in that sense there is a danger that this could actually be an intervention that's that's not supportive of the ass. for asians of the people in sudan i mean the a a you have taken this line the lines that are dropping now that the it's giving the military more time in this transition but at the public can see don certainly the pictures we've been seeing are not willing to give the military one more minute rights i think that the idea that this regime continues to be complicit with the former president who was who was ousted but there are a number of external actors of course the governments of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have now pledged three billion dollars to prop up the military government they you
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chaired by egypt right now is trying to do the same thing and of course you've got the e.u. also the a you accusing the do apologize the a you also being involved in the issue of libya the conflict there on one side you've got two goldfarb states supporting a rebel a renegade general of the other side you've got the u.n. supporting a u.n. recognized government the african union isn't there a tall so one wonders how they're going to intervene get involved or try to find a solution to what's going on in libya right now it seems it's pretty serious around tripoli right and i think that this is another question of really foreign intervention in conflict with the kind of domestic aspirations of the population and in this case of course we see that there is yet another attempt at first we saw to the south of egypt now to the west of egypt to try to forge yet another military backed regime and i think it's being supported by a number of international powers not just the gulf states also we see that support coming from france and more recently even the united states
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a signaled that support for the military operations that are trying to oust an internationally recognized government and of course the role of the african union will be very significant in terms of seeing whether it's going to kind of stand by its traditional position which is that it's recognized the government in tripoli is recognize of course that this aggression coming from a military operation by this this military leader is not legitimate or credible even as he's trying to kind of consolidate his control in summary committee really be achieved full suit all. the next two days are probably not i mean this is this is a story that's going to really carry on for many more weeks and i think we're going to see this this tension between what people are aspiring toward versus what these kind of external players are getting at you know sort of extending beyond this period we see what happens from georgetown university here in canton thanks for your time again. the new prime minister of mali is under pressure to stop attacks by fighters linked to al qaida as well as coming into ethnic unrest former finance
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minister say it's forming a new government now the previous one resigned last week after widespread anger about recent ethnic based killings nicholas hank reports now from the capital bamako a twelve year old who feels like he's being spun a tale every day adults tell him his school will reopen tomorrow he's here at the same story for almost a year but schools have remained closed with striking teachers demanding to be paid . it's just seriously their words don't really count when things really matter to us this. year mr while the last lesson on keeping promises is still on the blackboard mr good day waits to hear from the newly appointed prime minister hoping that he will keep his word and make education a priority because there may be enough funds for the one billion dollars a year u.n. peacekeeping operation in mali but not enough to pay mr two hundred dollars monthly salary but. the minute. the government doesn't care about schools
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this is a setback for the future of young people if we cannot invest in young people then the future of our country of mali is in jeopardy. former finance minister forty one year old. newly appointed prime minister after the government was forced to step down last week following a mass demonstration on the streets of by mco of mostly young people they're unhappy with the state's inability to keep money in safe from attacks the price of basic necessities are shot up by twenty percent strikes affect the education justice in transport system crippling the capital while bomb i go is one of the fastest growing cities in africa it's also one of the youngest with half of all mali and under the seat and so the challenge for this new prime minister is to form a government that will be accepted by all and address remittances of this young population. doubling the young municipal councillor on monday. well
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mostly mean attacked his town killing scores of soldiers it took hours before reinforcements arrived. but it's not that i we feel betrayed by government the state is there is no police. no prisons to reassure. and make us feel like we are part of mali with a new prime minister these government is at a crossroads waiting for the state to deliver the promises made at stake is the country's future nicholas hawke al-jazeera about micro. could be the last time millions of people in india get to vote. and that. meant to separate citizens from illegal migrants they could be stripped of their citizenship.
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voting in this election maybe for the last time despite his family living in the region since one thousand nine hundred thirty s. his name is not on the national register of citizens a list created to distinguish between indian citizens and illegal migrants from other countries. a completed draft of the register was released in twenty team and its wife was on the list but he and his daughter weren't. on the list. if you don't find our names on the list we will lose all our rights as citizens if we lose our rights we will lose everything that we have. but it's a problem facing almost four million people in this region who could face imprisonment even deportation if they're not on the register. hindus and muslims live in villages and towns like this one in assam generations of their families have been
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here for centuries but more recently new migrants have arrived illegally from bangladesh. that's become a political issue this election with the prime minister saying the government will act against illegal migrants. full effort is to make sure. the national. rights groups say the governing party the b j p is targeting people based on religion and ethnicity and turning the citizens register into a political weapon. understand that this process isn't wanted. but it is. the central government right without. this independent candidate has been campaigning to keep the migrants out saying they don't fit in the become a playground indigenous idea that the dismissal from all the common numbers. and
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the dismissal. hemet checked in at the polling station and goes to cast what may be his last vote is an indian citizen he's appealing to get on the citizen's register even fails he worries he and his family will lose everything clued in the right to live in their own country. better sam. more than fifty people are feared to have died after a huge landslide hit a major jade mining area in northern be about the accident took place in kitchen stays where filter palms in an old mining site collapsed the ministry of information says the area was being mined by two private companies. china's navy is celebrating its seventieth anniversary by showing off the first of a new generation of guided missile destroyers president xi jinping says the navy is improving its ability to defend chinese waters but taiwan and others are worried about territorial claims far from the chinese mainland katrina you have beijing.
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thirty two warships and thirty nine aircraft including a raft of new nuclear submarines and destroy is difficult to see through the hazy air china's navy was out in force in the port city of qingdao celebrating seventy years since the founding of the people's liberation army president xi jinping presided over the parade since coming to power and twenty twelve has made modernizing the military one of his main priorities china says a stronger navy means a more peaceful region. the chinese navy has always been a peaceful force and will not pose a threat to any country. chinese offices referred to past foreign invasions the source of deep wounds as motivation for improving their military china's defense spending has scaled new heights in recent years the soviet board leonnig its first aircraft carrier was launched two years ago a second domestically produced aircraft carrier is reportedly being tested china's
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navy was joined by warships from thirteen countries including india and australia notably absent though was the united states the u.s. sees china's growing naval power as a threat to regional security and says it's overstepping its territorial claims by building and militarizing artificial islands in the south china sea which is contested by several countries including vietnam in the philippines. u.s. naval exercises in what it says are international waters have resulted in tense confrontations and near collisions u.s. ally taiwan is also watching the chinese naval buildup closely china because it is the self who broke trying to use territory has been conducting what it pulls in so full that patrols in the taiwan strait leading some analysts say the conflict is in recent. because unworn the war. you worth aircraft u.s.
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warships and charge the word incoming and encounters together in a start on earth a thought on earth is more and more crowded but who says any skirmish is likely to remain small in scale despite making great strides in recent years the power of chinese navy still trails far behind the united states katrina you al-jazeera building a large scale trial of the world's first malaria vaccine targeting young children has been launched in malawi that's according to the world health organization which says malaria killed more than four hundred forty thousand people in twenty sixteen and around two hundred ninety million people are affected ninety percent of the cases were in africa children are particularly vulnerable one in every ten child deaths is from the mosquito borne infectious disease the w.h.o. says the r t s dash s vaccine offered almost forty percent protection in five to
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seventeen month old children based on smaller trials the challenges that the immune response needed to protect against the malaria parasite is far higher than with a bacteria or virus vaccine the trial begins in malawi and will be rolled out in kenya and ghana in the coming weeks authorities plan to combine vaccination with other precautions such as nets sirius is a biologist at northumbria university in newcastle in the u.k. joins me now from there good to have you with a search on al-jazeera sir trials for drugs take place all over the world get this one is exclusively exclusively being held in southern africa why. hello mr michel's can you hear me in new castle mr moscow's can you hear me in newcastle. that we seem to have lost our communication with mr
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moss we'll try and obviously come back to him shortly as and when we can let's move over to the debate now whether to allow abortions in argentina that's been very controversial over the years the legislation in the maybe roman catholic country was narrowly defeated by senators last year stories of reports from province activist remain determined to decriminalize abortion especially since discovering the plight of an eleven year old girl who was raped some of you may find elements of this report disturbing. cecilio said and her husband. irene balled in a fight to decriminalise have been in argentina they live in money northwest argentina one of the most conservative provinces in the country the fight is a personal one as the doctors are under investigation for carrying out an abortion on an eleven year old girl who had been raped at the time was when i know i wanted to evaluate what we could do in a case and what i saw horrified me in
4:44 pm
a live in year old girl playing with toys whose body is not developed to give birth with the belly she still had a baby teeth and a mouth she was being tortured the girl known only as who was allegedly raped by her step grandfather you see is eleven years old and she was sixteen weeks pregnant when her condition was detected she was brought to this hospital because according to doctors she requested them to remove from her belly what if the old man had put inside of her the procedure was delayed for about two months through one writes quote denounce that or thought it is wanted to convince her to keep the baby in spite of her young age with so much time having passed hoarsely he decided as he sat in section operation was the best way to proceed however when they try to get the operating room ready for the procedure being countered and others said back to two hours girl's mother was. there and she was so afraid because all the hospital
4:45 pm
post now had left because the object to the procedure those who did not want to participate wanted to film us so they could post it on social media in the end the baby was born alive only to die a few days later look c.s. case is not the only one in northern argentina this is a country where abortion in cases of rape has be legal for nearly a century it. was abused by a relative when she was fourteen she says why law may be on her side the system works against the victims just as i was ashamed of my belly of the questions and when i had the baby i did not want to see her i rejected her so badly my grandmother said she is beautiful and she is nobody will never take the pain away from me. in general they were all men impacted poor and vulnerable. every time a woman denounces something to the police to patch a back and laugh at you they have no heart. last year argentina's congress debated
4:46 pm
for the first time in history the possibility of decriminalizing abortion in a country where women can still go to jail if found guilty of having had one the law was rejected in the senate. the lawyers in the northern part of the country say conservative groups want to ensure the law is never voided again. after the abortion debate they wanted to go back in time and pass a law to prohibit abortion in case of rape but they made it so complicated it's almost impossible to have an abortion once you've been raped abortion remains a contentious issue in argentina and why lawmakers are prepared to vote on legalizing it again later this year human rights groups denounce the hardships women and girls face even when they have the law on their side. one i didn't tina let's return to our malaria story new drug being trialled in malawi let's
4:47 pm
bring in some biologist bringing diversity in newcastle joins me from. the trials the drugs like this sort of take place all over the world get this one which is exclusively exclusively being held in southern africa does that surprise you. not at all. i do apologize if we having any luck with that story at all at the moment and we will hopefully try and come back to it later. so let's start and go over to russia where scientists there are logged on the russian government plans to allow increased levels of pollution in the world's largest lake lake baikal contains twenty percent of the planet's freshwater step bassam reports russian government leaders say they can better protect the lake by increasing committed levels of
4:48 pm
waste. the fragile line between water and ice marks the entrance to the world's largest and deepest lake and the ice melts the water is so clear that fish and freshwater seals can be spotted with oxygen one and a half kilometers down near the bottom made by karl has a unique ecosystem found nowhere else on the planet but human activity on it six hundred thirty six kilometers long show us has increased and so has pollution every year more than one and a half million tourists visit a baikal natural park which lacks a proper sewage system to deal with their waste or like the old man has lived here for nineteen years he recalls how not long ago he would drink water from the lake without boiling or filtering it. before i would go to another village and i would see one or two birds now i can see twenty or thirty if not more if there are tourists on every vote who need to go to the toilet i don't think they're disposing
4:49 pm
of it in the right way it all goes into the lake therefore it's not recommended drink water an area. water treatment plants around the lake are outdated or broken the ministry for natural resources sas it wants to build twenty one new ones but to make the plan feasible the amount of harmful waste discharge into the lake needs to be increased greenpeace's among environmental groups concerned at the potential harm to the lake so are some russian scientists. we sorry the norms they are proposing are acceptable and they should review them according to the latest technologies there is only one why do you still need to build clean them for cities but better ones researchers are trying to find out why spawn just unique to baikal are dying at an alarming rate and if a large amount of value and wheat are changing the fragile ecosystem russia's government didn't respond to our request for comment but the website of the ministry of natural resources says the new wastewater standard is based on
4:50 pm
scientific research and by callous better protected than any other lake in the world mabel were drinking this water straight from the lake just a few years ago but drinking this now would definitely make you sick scientists fear that what is known as the world's cleanest lake and its largest freshwater reserve is rapidly losing its value for humankind scientists say it's not too late to turn the tide they say while water by the shores is polluted water deep into the lake remains as pure as it was millions of years ago they're urging the government to invest in better technology so the levels of harmful substances don't need to be raised not only for russia's future but to preserve one of the planet's important sources of water stop fastened al-jazeera led by cal russia.
4:51 pm
protest with a difference. it's
4:52 pm
a gemini with sport actually dying to know about the easter egg story but how long will have to wait just a two and a half minutes same time it takes to boil an egg genesis at the cobra has inspired his milwaukee side to the second round of the n.b.a. playoffs for the first time in eighteen years the bucs forward scored forty one points as they completed a four nil series what washed over detroit on monday night a walkie pulling play in the final courses to take game four hundred twenty seven
4:53 pm
two hundred full the pistons setting an unwanted n.b.a. record of fourteen consecutive playoff defeats in a row but the bucs they're getting set for a second round clash with the boston celtics. i mean it's a lot you know been six years in the league. and just to when i first played seriously this group right here. lou i think we played that great basketball star together the whole. series there was every time drama in the n.h.l. playoffs for the dallas stars they clinched their first round series against nashville in game six on monday seventeen seconds into the extra period junk langberg fight in the crucial goal for two one victory to spark scenes of celebration amongst the players and home fans in the dallas arena the stalls who were chasing their first stanley cup since one thousand nine hundred nine now move on to a second round clash with st louis. elsewhere carolina and washington are set for
4:54 pm
a series decider after the hearkens won game six on monday jordan staal with a crucial score in a five two victory the capitals will have home advantage for wednesday to decide the new york islanders awaiting the winners in round table. now english premier league champions manchester city can retake top spot from liverpool on wednesday as both teams close in on the title city play local rivals munch's united who were thumped four nil by everton at the weekend but city's manager pep guardiola is more focused on winning the title than beating an out of form united in the darby. so the question is i mean in the premier league when the title to the in the series i took a there is no the most important thing it's sure the three seasons we see them here . we did better than them but this year is when the totals in the b. to united. the response has to be there if you try to provoke
4:55 pm
a reaction provoke or inspire reaction and we. we haven't had time to work on the pitch. with the players that play because you need recovery at this stage of the season as well so it's about. changing mindset and making sure our heads are ready because anyone's heads will drop when you lose like that one of liverpool's former stars robbie fowler is returning to the australian league as a coach the striker is taking over at brisbane role it's his first major coaching position after a brief spell as a player coach in thailand brisbane is nine out of ten in the league with just four wins from twenty six games despite his lack of experience fowler is confident he has the skills to do a good job. r.c.i. a good career in terms of playing football but now this is really the start of my managerial career look you know there's not going to be any stone left unturned you
4:56 pm
are going to do having bright is going to be plenty of plenty of hours on the training pitch to bring that to bring the for the team up to speed so muscly looking forward. for a game football apolo guerrero has been mocked on his return to lima the striker was swamped by fans and media as he landed with his club side internacional at the capital's airport and he returned to competition for international just over two weeks ago after serving a doping ban his team play allianz lima where guerrero started his career as a youth player in a couple of bucks daughters on thursday now taste on names in cycling of launched a new event in shanghai sure to tell you in as well but contador and even basso were promoting the tolls ride like a pro series event which starts on the thirtieth of november will be the first to take place outside italy. if you are doing the reading this saying that out
4:57 pm
knowing a long while really does. leave one of the most rare really . well when football fans get angry you'll find a few bad eggs amongst them pots when supporters in germany objected to playing a match on monday they made their feelings clear by throwing easter eggs on the pitch the game between wolfsburg and i'm trying frankfurt was delayed as groundsman and players scrambled to pick them up don't worry though eventually they cracked on mckay. i'm here all week that is the sport for now back to say oh i know it's really sad i didn't get any chocolate eggs. no yolk honestly i didn't target. they can think of fast here i'll just we'll have small service news on the other side of the break for them to learn from joe what i'm from being in the news our team thanks very much for your time and your company.
4:58 pm
i really want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality where on line when you have a male chauvinist and that is in plans with in our global federation it is really hard to get a piece of that pilot or if you join us on sunday. they're going to beef up their mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us and i live you to chat and you too can be in the street join the global conversation on out is iraq we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations the police are out there blowing anti-riot north. we are challenging the voices we're challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is
4:59 pm
going. in the heart of the amazon the believe in family is clan lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts. which can sing the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. to. risk a new tool in the libya. on al-jazeera . al-jazeera. you have for your.
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time made you have that what. i made at the police way it was. the prime minister says extra security was said to a few churches before the easter sunday attacks he warns there could be more attacks. also sri lankan media release video they say shows one of the suspected suicide bombers. hello i'm still wrong when you're watching i'll just over lunch my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes we have supreme court rejects a final appeal by two voices journalists jailed for reporting on the road.


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