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choosier. you ever you. tell me if you have never. made it the police say it was. the prime minister says extra security was sent to a few churches before the easter sunday attacks he warns there could be more attacks. also sri lankan media release video they say shows one of the suspected suicide bombers. but i'm still wrong when you're watching all just i realized my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes supreme court rejects a final appeal by two voices journalists jailed for reporting on the rohingya
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crackdown plus disturbing i was ashamed of my belly after questions and when i had the baby i did not want to see her. argentina prepared for another legal challenge to its tough laws against a woman's right to an abortion. to the programs run because prime minister says those behind sunday's attacks that killed three hundred twenty one people may have links to i sold and real we could have a single some of these suicide bombers may have travelled abroad before the attacks . now i would like to say that they need to get their fat making good progress in regards to i didn't find to be. great but it means that good idea if i like about it and look at what their network is the.
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dad i saw been a community should a new story coming in from iraq that that i say yes has claimed responsibility i that we no idea was that there are fourteen living and that this will not have been done yes look at me they had been training. and acquired a nation which we're not seeing now it's a national day of mourning for the victims of sunday's suicide bombings including forty five children must soon rules have been held throughout the country and people observed three minutes of silence sri lankan media showing security camera footage of the moment a suspect enter the church and gumbo before blowing himself up now the explosions ripped through several churches and hotels targeting worshipers and tourists police have arrested forty suspects flawlessly joins me now from colombo there was a suggestion earlier in the day florence that this attack was reprisal
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for a mosque attack in new zealand earlier in the year the prime minister being very clear about how you felt about that connection. that's right now the earlier claim was made by the defense minister who had said that one of the suspected bombers in postings on social media it had taken his postings had taken a far more radical turn after the attacks in christchurch happened now but the prime minister that had the press conference that just took place a couple of hours ago said that they were still looking into that and also but he cautioned. somewhat that he cautioned making the link so quickly because he said that the attacks that took place in sri lanka on sunday required a level of sophistication and coordination that this country had not seen and really this is along the same lines of what terrorism researchers had said the space between the two attacks and questions sri lanka was only about five weeks it
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would have taken far longer to plan the attacks in st lanka it would have taken time to condition people to become suicide bombers so he was quite careful about making that link and this is something that terrorism researchers have been saying as well but they are looking at how these the bombers who carried out the attacks in sri lanka possibly had training from abroad and help from abroad simply because the sophistication required to carry out the attacks the materials needed to make those bombs would have is an indication that they would have had help from someone and of course so while the investigation continues florence it's been a day of national mourning the start really of some of the many funerals that we're going to see over the next few days a great deal of soul searching not just in colombo but beyond. that's right it was declared a national day of mourning on tuesday the country observed a three minute silence early in the morning and flags across the country have been
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flying at half mast have been mass funerals mass burials not only in the gambo which is the heart of the christian community in sri lanka but also in colombo the the capital of the sri lanka now this is a country that is still in shock and it's a country that is still very tense still on high alert you can see armed soldiers guarding entrances to buildings to religious structures you see them on the corners on street corners we saw an armored vehicle in the streets yesterday in fact bomb disposal units are still being called out just this morning there was a suspicious package found at the railway station turned out to be a false alarm as a package found at kingsbury hotel one of the hotels that was attacked in colombo on sunday but also we're hearing that the colombo port has received intelligence tip off that it may be the target of an attack by two vehicles laden with
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explosives police stations in sri lanka in colombo especially have been put on high alert and police have also advised drivers who are going to leave their vehicles and attend part of the side of streets for a long period of time to leave their mobile phones in a place where they can clearly be seen so really all of this is an indication of how even if the country mourns its dead it is a country that is still on very high alert prepared for any attack that may happen and as you heard the prime minister saying in the press conference earlier that they have received information that they may still be further attacks just briefly florence it's well into the evening where you are now which means that emergency measures are now in place in reality what does that mean. while there is still a curfew in place we're seeing about being slowly thales back and the curfew on tuesday is only starting at nine pm the day before it started at eight at night but the emergency measures really just means that security forces have wide discretion
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to detain to interrogate people to hold people it essentially makes their jobs easier but it also makes other people an easy because you know street is a country that saw decades of civil war that long running civil war only ended a decade ago so people still have memories of what emergency measures could mean having said that it was only last year that the country imposed a state of emergency when there were religious riots in the central district of candy targeting muslims however that state of emergency was allowed to lapse after a month so this could very well be the case now as well or for that it will even flow and slowly in colombia thank you rodger shanahan is a research fellow at the lowy institute for international policy he doubts the attacks in sri lanka could be called wanted only five weeks after the shootings in christchurch. we'd be a bit cautious at the station till we are
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a lot more. you know at an operation like this holly coordinated complex attack against multiple targets on both coasts of sri lanka that takes quite sun trying inability i'm planning to do the christchurch attacks running five weeks ago and given what we know the organizations of likely put these together this is probably playing quite some time in advance of that we also wear away that one hundred kilograms of explosives and a hundred at night is the discovered in northwestern sri lanka. in january this year and i'm not sure that there's a causal link between the two pieces you know on the face of that this kind of operation would take a look a lot longer to plan and to logistically support the five weights if it was a local. sri lankan organization inspired or supported by a larger external jihadist group you would have expected that neither on pressure
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of the moment that they would have. done all the pretty suicide videos and released responsibility and around the same time as the attack if it's if it's a group that has had support from an organization like islamic state for instance that group because it's lost its caliphate that would be looking to maintain their relevance and to tell the world that they're still capable of these mess casualty attacks so they won't be looking to claim responsibility so far is quite puzzling. group has done it so far. now the un special envoy for libya has renewed his appeal for all armed groups to stop a third week of fighting around tripoli garson salamis call came as forces learned why the ward cleaver have to slow the advance on the capital at least two hundred sixty four people have been killed dozens injured since the battle for control of the city began two weeks ago earlier in the year with as i was the task i've been
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charged with despite its difficulty is to return to negotiations i call for a peaceful solution to stop the war for the reunification of the libyans on a unified resolution to save their country whatever the work of the international community it will need a special libyan will to stop the war. egypt is hosting two emergency meetings of african leaders to discuss fighting in libya and political unrest in sudan things are changing in sudan after months of protests and the president's departure a coalition of political parties are suspended talks with the military council for failing to transfer power to a civilian authority. in khartoum. seventies women have been i thought forefront of the march for change in recognition of the role female protesters now the nickname andraka named after her fabled movie the queen known for her courage and the little guy named lady that you for thirty years sudanese
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women have put up the strongest resistance against injustices and violations committed by a despotic racist and aggressive regime they were stripped of basic rights of equality and even the right to live at times they were killed and wounded or sent to jail and crackdowns on anti-government protests that's why we decided to be part of this uprising. and women are only one of the many groups here that feel united by a common cause from a distance these masses loop and sound the same on close inspection it's a complete human spectrum of faces and acts on this from the four corners of africa's third largest country. believe this man is from one of the most marginalized and oppressed communities in the north of mountains is reminding his people of the many wrongs they've been subjected to and his calling for a free sudan where all enjoy equality and dignity the same yearning for
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a better sudan despise this man from the southern regions. of the protests gave me a new life and a new spirit after decades of desperation and justice that's why i decided to join . people from darfur and the east where rebel groups for the government. for years have suddenly found a more efficient means to achieve their goals. for the first time in the history of this country a movement has brought together all sudanese people if you look at the protest you can say all types of faces from every region and every ethnic group their old united around the same goal which is to change the regime and create a new city. there is no changes have given way to an explosion of public expression . and speeches young artists here are using them for a couple of walls on the ferments with paintings celebrating freedom showing sudan
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in its colors basking in the bliss of this newly found freedom. going after long suppressed dreams we were mostly afraid to take photos or paint outdoors we face tremendous difficulties in that respect especially protests painting on awards in particular presented a challenge for us i was arrested and harassed because of my support for the uprising but this is my best way to contribute they tell us uplifting the poor is the goal of these protesters an idea they've represented through a portrait of this homeless boy who collects garbage on the streets radiating with happiness mustafa tells us his plan is to study first and within ten years to become the president of sudan. or dizzy or a cartoon image of the results of a constitutional referendum which could extend the president's term until twenty thirty years you on saturday if approved the changes would also allow you to
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appoint senior judges and expand the role of the armed forces rights groups say the referendum was neither free nor fair. still ahead here on al-jazeera scientists sound the alarm of the pollution levels in the world's largest lake. follow is set barack ross southern parts of china over the next couple of days the some rather lively shall is just pushing over towards those central areas i think shanghai just on the northern fringe of those showers should stay settled and sunny twenty five celsius here but you see some wetter weather starting to show its hand it'll sink a little further south which as we go through thursday south of that hong kong in the sunshine getting up to around thirty degrees celsius and that sunshine
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stretches right across southern china and all the parts of vietnam across much of and china actually temperatures in the huddle around thirty four degrees a good deal warmer than that into much of in the slushy hot and dry once again temperatures are picking up not just a few showers still in place there just around the fos out of the country to tama not doing to carola they want to shout creeping up the east coast as well of the temperature is. getting back up into the forty's said that prey monsoon hate kicking me and once again little more cloud to the far northwest of india and all the possible to start sliding out of afghanistan all making its way the case was and we keep in those temperatures into the forty's not poor could touch or t three degrees on thursday so the name dia should be largely dry by this stage but a chance of one of two shasta eastern and southern pass through like.
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fly cattle airways and experience economy class like never before cattle are always going places together. welcome back to others i'm still rather wide of our top stories for one because prime minister really all because of a single some of the suicide bombers may have travelled abroad before attacks now
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must funerals have been hell for some of the three hundred twenty one people killed in colombo the un says forty five of them were children. now the united nations special envoy for libya has renewed his appeal for all armed groups to stop a third week of fighting around the capital tripoli at least two hundred sixty four people are being killed. egypt is also hosting two emergency meetings of african leaders to discuss fighting in libya political unrest in sudan. britain's royal household has confirmed the us president will travel to the united kingdom for a state visit in june but his wife bill oddie have accepted an invitation from queen elizabeth the second this will be trump's first state visit to britain as part of a longer trip that will take him to france for d.-day commemorations that. more this hayward is outside buckingham palace i'm sure they'll be a great deal of debate about mr trouble president trump's visit but i suppose it
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comes at the right time for him because he's also got to think about campaigning for his presidential reelection. yes exactly although many people as you say have already expressed their disgust if you like that britain is going to host yet again but what makes this different than last year's visit is that this is in fact a state visit he is coming on the invitation of the queen and it will really see rolling out the red carpet for donald trump we could see him coming along here outside buckingham palace in a carriage a carriage procession and he could also address parliament although that has not been. as yet but already a number of m.p.'s have said that they really would like to see to resume a rescind the invitation but the invitation has not come from her it has come from the queen and it is unlikely that any political party could block donald trump's business it's obviously as you say going to be a scenario where the red carpet is rolled out turned in terms of donald trump he
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too have to mind his p's and q's as other dignitaries are sometimes made a few simple so pass with what a state visit means and how to deal with the royal household. exactly i know exactly so last time he was accused of keeping the queen waiting several minutes of course he denied that but going to the war household he will have to be briefed exactly what his behavior should be like he will be given a state banquet with one hundred fifty people i say he will probably be given a carriage procession he may get the royal treatment out there but it's unlikely that he will be given a great reception from many members of the public the last time he came here back in july last year there were an estimated two hundred fifty thousand people on the streets protesting his visit or of course we thought that for me to high in plate a ball from baby we don't know whether that'll be up again in the sky above london
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and we'll have to wait until early june to say that it will get there for now be introduced see what reaction we get both from the u.s. and the u.k. in the coming days over this particular visit for the moment emma thank you more police in northern ireland have arrested a fifty seven year old woman in connection with the killing of a journalist last week. was shot in the head during a riot in london derry the republican group called the new ira admits responsibility for the killing of the twenty nine year old two teenagers arrested earlier this week have been released without charge. the man's highest court has rejected the final appeal of two reuters journalists jailed for reporting the rangar ethnic cleansing crisis choice to have spent sixteen months in prison after being convicted of breaking an official secrets law scott heiler bangkok. the last appeal for word is journalist while low and has been rejected by the supreme court in me and more of that coming down on tuesday now they heard the argument from
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their attorneys just a couple of weeks ago this comes three months after a lower court in yangon rejected an appeal they said the sentence would be upheld that also coming down from the supreme court on tuesday and that was their last appeal possibility now what happened since the verdict came down in september sentencing these two gentlemen to seven years behind bars an international outcry over the sentencing and also just the process particularly as myanmar marches its way toward democracy a lot of criticism for that and also just last week the investigation the two gentlemen working on one of pulitzer prize for international reporting and word is news agency their employers coming out almost immediately after this decision by the supreme court saying that they will continue to fight for their journalist behind bars and that they are part of a police set up around two thousand students have protested all jews capital to pay tribute to the five victims who died on monday after a building collapsed residents say the building of the units listed the district
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should have been renovated or destroyed protesters also continued to demand change because of the interim government's legs to. we marjorie's wealthiest businessman bob is being detained as part of a corruption investigation bribes detention follows the arrest of four the algerian billionaires who appeared in court on monday the five are all said to be close to the former president abilities beautifully. the debate over whether to allow abortions in argentina has long been called. legislation in the may the roman catholic country was now only defeated by senators last year as reports from among province activists remain determined to decriminalize abortion especially since discovering the plight of an eleven year old girl who was raped you may find some of the elements in this report disturbing. cecilio said and her husband. are involved in
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a fight to decriminalize have been in argentina they live in northwest argentina one of the most conservative provinces in the country the fight is a personal one as doctors are under investigation for carrying out an abortion on nine eleven year old girl who had been raised. with i know i wanted to evaluate what we could do in a case and what i saw horrified me and eleven year old girl playing with toys whose body is not developed to give birth with a belly she still had a baby teeth and a mouth she was being tortured the girl known only as who was allegedly raped by her step grandfather you'll see is eleven years old when she was sixteen weeks pregnant when her condition was detected she was brought to this hospital because according to doctors she requested them to remove from her belly what would be all the man had put inside of her the procedure was delayed for about two months through one writes quote denounce that thought is wanted to convince her to keep
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the baby in spite of her young age with so much time having passed decided section operation was the best way to put. however when they try to get the operating room ready for the procedure being countered and others said back to us girl's mother was there and she was so afraid because all the hospital post now had left because the object to the procedure those who did not want to participate wanted to film us so they could post it on social media in the end the baby was born alive only to die a few days later look c.s. case is not the only one in northern argentina this is a country where abortion in cases of rape has be legal for nearly a century. was abused by a relative when she was fourteen she says while law may be on her side the system works against the victims just as i was ashamed of my belly of the questions and
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when i had the baby i did not want to see her i rejected her so badly my grandmother said she is beautiful and she is nobody will never take the pain away from me. in general they were all men impacted poor and vulnerable. every time a woman denounces something to the police to patch a back and laugh at you they have no heart was last year i didn't ask congress debated for the first time in history the possibility of decriminalizing abortion in a country where women can still go to jail if found guilty of having had one the law was rejected in the senate. and the lawyers in the northern part of the country say conservative groups want to ensure the law is never voted again. after the abortion debate they want to go back in time and pass a law to prohibit abortion in case of rape but they made it so complicated it's almost impossible to have an abortion once you've been raped abortion remains
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a contentious issue in argentina and while lawmakers are prepared to vote on legalizing it again later this year human rights groups denounce the hardships women and girls face even when they have the law on their side. one i didn't. spacex rocket engine explosion is expected to delay his mission to send us into orbit an american capsule spacex. dragon drew capsule was involved in smoke on saturday rather private companies due to fly astronauts to the international space station in july the u.s. mission is expected to be the first since the space shuttle fleet retired eight years ago. the philippines has been hit by a second earthquake this time on the southern island of some casualties being reported further north rescuers continue to pull victims from the rubble following monday's quake a six point three magnitude tremor killed at least sixteen people and injured dozens on the island of. scientists are long the russian government's plans to
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allow increased levels of pollution into the world's largest lake lake baikal contains twenty percent of the planet's freshwater a step bassam reports russian government leaders say they can better protect the lake by increasing permitted levels of waste. the fragile line between water and ice marks the entrance to the world's largest and deepest lake and the ice melts the water is so clear that fish and freshwater seals can be spotted with oxygen one and a half kilometers down near the bottom there by carl has a unique ecosystem found nowhere else on the planet but human activity on its six hundred thirty six kilometers long shore us has increased and so has pollution every year more than one and a half million tourists visit the baikal natural park which lacks a proper sewage system to deal with their waste or lead to i mean has lived here for nineteen years he recalls how not long ago he would drink water from the lake
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without boiling or filtering it. before i would go to another village and i would see one or two birds now i can see twenty or thirty if not more if there are tourists on every boat who need to go to the toilet i don't think the disposing of it in the right way it all goes into the lake therefore it's not recommended to drink water an area. water treatment plants around the lake are outdated or broken the ministry for natural resources sas it wants to build twenty one new ones but to make the plan feasible the amount of harmful waste discharge into the lake needs to be increased greenpeace's among environmental groups concerned at the potential harm to the lake so are some russian scientists. we sorry the norms they are proposing are acceptable and they should review them according to the latest technologies there is only one why do you still need to build clean her cities but better ones researchers are trying to find out why sponges unique to buy are dying
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at an alarming rate and if a large amount of value and wheat are changing the fragile ecosystem rushes government didn't respond to our request for comment but the website of the ministry of natural resources says the new wastewater standard is based on scientific research and by colors better protected than any other lake in the world . mable were drinking this water straight from the lake just a few years ago but drinking this now would definitely make you sick scientists fear that what is known as the world's cleanest lake and its largest freshwater reserve is rapidly losing its value for humankind. scientists say it's not too late to turn to tight they say while water by the shore says polluted water deep into the lake remains as pure as it was millions of years ago they're urging the government to invest in better technology so the levels of harmful substances don't
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need to be raised not only for russia's future but to preserve one of the planet's important sources of water stop mass and al-jazeera lake baikal russia. you're watching officer holmes the whole rob this is the reminder of our top stories strike as prime minister says those behind sunday's attacks that killed three hundred twenty one people may have links to i saw the deal with some of these suicide bombers have travelled abroad before those attacks i would like to say that the investigators are making good progress in regard to identifying to be culprit. but it means that i did find all the culprits and look at what the network is d. dad also being a communication would i knew
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a story coming in from cairo that the i.s.i. has claimed responsibility i recreate new idea was that there were fourteen links and that this could not have been done just locally they had been training us and according nation which we have not seen. the u.n. special envoy for libya has renewed his appeal for armed groups to stop a third week of fighting around tripoli garson salamis call came as forces led by the ward cleaver have to slow to the advance on the capital at least two hundred sixty four people have been killed so far egypt is hosting two emergency meetings of african leaders to discuss the fighting in libya and the political unrest in sudan members of the africans union are urging sudan's military to conduct a civilian handover within three months britain's royal household has confirmed the us president donald trump will travel to the u.k. for a state visit in june this will be trump's first state visit to the u.k.
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it's part of a longer trip that will take him to france for d.-day commemorations. police in northern ireland have arrested a fifty seven year old woman in connection with the killing of a journalist last week he was shot in the head during a riot in london during a dissident republican group called the new ira admits responsibility for the killing of the twenty nine year old. highest court has rejected the final appeal of two reuters journalists jailed while reporting the rigging the ethnic cleansing crisis while owner joyce or who have spent sixteen months in prison after being convicted of breaking an official secrets law those were the headlines we have the news hour in half an hour do stay with us the stream is next. we understand the difference. in the similarities of cultures across the world. no matter how you take it. to bring you the news and current of the matter to.
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me ok and i really could be what does it mean to be an arab american today comedian remy yousif joins the string to discuss his new food and series about family and identity and will be sharing your comments and questions with rami so tweet us or leave a comment in our live chat and you too could be in the stream. there is a growing cultural shift in america muslim identity being forged by many of these first generation twenty's and thirty's muslims grew up in the wake of the september eleventh twin towers attacks feeling as if their entire identity focused on being good muslims so comedian robin use of explores this power died in his new streaming t.v. show romney.


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