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alliance hold on to power stay with al-jazeera and the latest on the spanish elections. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm. coming up in the next sixty minutes. did not investigate thoroughly and carry out the necessary action against these organizations and their members because president says he wasn't given the intelligence reports that may have offered a warning about the easter sunday attacks. african leaders meeting in cairo and to complete his transition to civilian rule within three months.
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on our entire nandan with the top stories from europe including british m.p.'s call on the government to block a state visit by u.s. president donald trump after he's invited to meet the queen. and i'm lee harding back into how with all of the day's sport the boxer on iraq will have action from a crucial night in the n.b.a. playoffs coming up for you later this news hour. but first president has spoken publicly for the first time since the bomb attacks which killed more than three hundred people and wounded five hundred others on easter sunday my three palace city center released a statement declaring intelligence warnings of possible attacks were not shared with him he said. you know what we have been receiving information about trainings the terrorist were having the security department has received so much
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information regarding their activities we did not investigate thoroughly and carry out the necessary action against these organizations and their members unfortunately we have experienced this incident innocent people have been killed due to the horrific incident. he said hill completely restructure the police and security forces in the coming weeks. and he said he is planning to change the heads of the country's defense establishment within the next twenty four hours my free policy he said their promise what he called stern action against officials who didn't share the prior intelligence with him and his statement comes on the day that sri lanka media release security footage of the moment that they say a suspect entered a church in gothenburg that's just outside the capital before blowing himself up let's go live now to colombo our correspondent michele phone and is live for us at
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mineral so we've now heard from the political leadership all sides saying that they weren't to blame they didn't get the intelligence that is even looking abroad for some inspiration as to why these attacks happened. that's right martin we've heard from the leadership as you've mentioned the prime minister on a victim missing earlier in the evening and now a statement from the president might be palace are saying or the underlying basically statement we did not know or we were not told now as much as this fact is being made by both of these leaders one has to question if they didn't know and as the sort of positions of authority they hold warrants. that the be kept informed who actually did who is going to be responsible for this severe and serious security breach that has left three hundred twenty one
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people dead so far and hundreds of people still receiving treatment in hospitals so martin in these sort of vacuum there is talk that there might have been some sort of foreign or international involvement fingers being pointed at an extremist organization in sri lanka but also talk that they had support and basically help from foreign elements so that's where it stands martin i'm with the president i hope with the president that he took place and we agreed. that the parties got a few than four to come out and we discussed this on monday and decided a real emergency for certain purposes only limited purpose. had a meeting of the i mean for also remember that we would crash out on how look we've
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got to get the country out of this problem i don't think because back to give birth and he was in front. right and i think it was the prime minister rather than the president when there was that earlier who gave the suggestion the alarming suggestion that there still could be devices unexploded around the island of sri lanka and that the country is still quite a dangerous place. that certainly was the implication mass in that clip that we heard from the prime minister. to a question as to whether sort of political tensions had exacerbated and allowed this crisis to happen but taking questions quite a wide range of questions from foreign correspondents here in colombo run a victory missing have basically said that there are still elements that are on the run following this incident following wide ranging investigations he said that some
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of these elements might be armed might have explosives with them and the security authorities are trying their darndest to ensure that these people are roped in and brought to book now having said that he did say that they're trying to do their best in as soon a period as possible but obviously that opens the very real possibility that there are people around still at large who might be armed and dangerous men l thank you for that to me now fernandez our correspondent in the capital colombo well another of our correspondents in sri lanka is charles stratford and he's reporting now from. a community in mourning. thousands came to pay their respects and remember the men women and children killed at the san sebastian church accompany the families of
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victims stand for the coffins of their loved ones over the car and grief. at least a hundred and ten people killed when the suicide bomber detonated the explosive burst. police say the device was packed with ball bearings and metal objects so as to kill and maim as many people as possible some people here believe the bomber had lived and often been seen in the vicinity of the church a couple of months before the attack that i know some people had been there i know . so little children. and i. am a school teacher there is so students many students are they in this church. where felt very sorry and i can explain my. very painful. is often referred to by locals the sri
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lanka's row it is the country's catholic heartland now so many people were killed in the suicide attack at this church on easter sunday that there is not enough room in the main cemetery to bury all the dead a priest leads the funeral procession to the grave yard. there will be many more people buried here over the coming days for me to really know what is going on right at reno one day when they killed us so. even though they killed us we need to tell them those who did this before geary were because our lord says' to do so we are we are we are believing. one true god yes. jesus christ of nazareth he is our god he said when he was crucified for you all of them so we do forgive them but those who have done this. and and to be accountable
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before god remember there are one of the priests didn't want to be named because he is afraid of being targeted by those who killed so many people here. the man cries for his dead sister. the fernando was forty four years old she tried to go to church every sunday she leaves a husband a son and the daughter behind chance trafford al-jazeera the gumball sri lanka. egypt is hosting two emergency meetings of african leaders to talk about the fighting in libya as well as the political situation in sudan they've urged the military there in sedan to hand over power to civilians within three months mohammed valis our correspondent in the city needs capital khartoum. this is well these protesters told us not just a few minutes ago forty members of the military police came here and try to clear
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these roadblocks they told the protesters to move away from this place and to go closer to the center of the city and protesters told them that they categorically refused to move from that place and they have been telling us that this is a fresh attempt from the military council to clear the protest following statements from the deputy head of the military council in which he said that the military will not allow what he called chaos to reign in sudan and that the litani council is doing what it can to speed up the process of transferring power to civilians but people here are very skeptical about this just ask any doing that they get forty members of the military police came here on foot they said we have half an hour to clear the roadblocks we told them that we have demands as they receive orders from their leaders we also received orders from ours you can't just come and make us go and we are now sure that britain is not a clean man and zenon aberdeen is worse than him either they go or we continue to protest if you like get our help it was all the generals who are in the council now
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were sitting around bashir including samael up at dean who is now the head of the council political committee all of whom are islamize and they have to be removed. as i speak now a number of protesters have organized a counter movement a mobster words where the military police are standing another checkpoint in this direction trying to drive the message home but they are not going to move from this place until the all the demands of the revolution are met they are saying that even if it takes a year to stay here they will stay. the u.n. special envoy for libya has renewed his appeal for all armed groups to stop the fighting around the capital tripoli. call came as forces led by the war in the world have to slow down their advance on tripoli at least two hundred sixty four people have been killed and thousands have been injured since the battle for control of the city began two weeks ago earlier of the year with as i was the task
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i've been charged with despite its difficulty is to return to negotiations i call for a peaceful solution to stop the war or the reunification of the libyans on a unified resolution to save their country whatever the work of the international community it will need a special libyan will to stop the war. we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including me a massive cream court rejects the final appeal by two journalists jailed for reporting on a ranger massacre. a new prime minister takes charge in mali where people are growing impatient with the violence and an economic crisis. in sports and over time gold puts the dallas stars closer to the stanley cup that story is coming up with me here in a little while. now
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some news just coming in from egypt the constitutional the electoral board there has come out with the results of that constitutional referendum the amendments have passed and they pave the way for president up to fattah el-sisi to remain in power for another decade just a short while ago the election authority announced turnout was just over forty four percent with almost ninety percent of voters backing the proposed changes in addition to extending cc's term and increasing his powers over the judiciary the measures which give the military a full role in civilian politics rights groups have said that the referendum was neither free nor fair it's not only the fault of the national election commission met today and handed down resolution number thirty eight of twenty nineteen declaring the outcome of the front i'm stating that. approval of
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the voters a majority of the voters by the electors twenty three million four hundred sixteen thousand seven hundred forty one valid votes representing. eighty eight point eight three percent. out of the total votes as a. result it is resolved that the constitution shall be amended the president trumps son in law and senior adviser says israel and the palestinians will have to make tough compromises to achieve a peace settlement daoud cushion or was speaking at the time one hundred summit in new york also touched on a wide range of other issues including the khashoggi murder and russian meddling in the u.s. election of twenty sixteen alan fischer has more now from washington we don't hear from jerry very often he's a key advisor to donald trump and holds a number of important portfolios in the white house he's been speaking at an event
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in new york and he gives some details about what we can expect about the middle east peace plan he's been working on for the last two years he said he intended to make it public earlier than this but it was delayed because of the general election in israel and says he'll no wait until after ramadan to reveal what he's come up with. our focus is really on the bottom up which is how do you make the lives of the palestinian people better what can you resolve to allow these areas to become more investable we deal with all the core status issues because you have to do it we've also built a robust business plan for the whole region i think that the two together have the opportunity to push forward and then from israel's point of view their biggest concern is just security and i think that what we do is something that allows for israel to maintain security but be tough compromises for both gerry commissioner was also asked about his close relationship with the crown prince mohammed bin solomon and the death of the journalist jamal khashoggi you know he said he
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wouldn't talk about u.s. intelligence assessments which suggested that the crown prince was behind the murder but he said his advice to mohammed bin some and was to be fairly transparent and also to make sure there was full accountability jerrod kirschner also deals with the question of immigration in the white house he says he'll have a new plan to present to the president in the coming days and he's also asked about the miller report which he dismissed as an investigation after a few facebook ads placed by the russians it was a lot more than that and jerry is aware of that but he says the investigation caused more division in the u.s. over the last two years than the allegations themselves and he insists that donald trump isn't a strong position to win reelection in twenty twenty now plans for president trump to make an official state visit to britain. ready causing quite
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a bit of controversy let's go to a european news center in london where lauren taylor is standing by lauren. martín dozens of m.p.'s are trying to block a state visit by donald trump accusing him of mis organism racism and xenophobia trunk was invited to the u.k. by britain's queen elizabeth the second hundreds of thousands of people protested against his first visit last year and they say they'll demonstrate again in june ever hayward has more from central london. while donald trump has accepted the offer from the queen to come here to take part in a state visit between that and the fifth of june he'll be here for three days and he will take part accompanying the royal family to commemorate which will take place on the south coast to mark the seventy fifth anniversary of the d.-day landings what makes this visit different to his visit to the u.k. last year though is that this is a state visit and that comes with all the privileges that a state visit entail
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a large banquet of about one hundred fifty people which will be hosted by the queen of course not everybody is happy about trump coming back to britain of course last year when he visited the u.k. there were several hundred thousand people who protested on the streets of london he didn't get anywhere near the protests and of course through with that large balloon which appeared in the sky up of parliament depicting trump as an angry baby we don't know yet whether that will feature in this year's visit teenage environmentalist has been meeting british politicians and climate protesters in london a sixteen year old swedish activist held talks with the leaders of the opposition parties or prime minister to resign may was conspicuous by her absence timberg has inspired tens of thousands of children worldwide to boycott classes to draw attention to climate change a trip to london coincided with a nine stay of climate protest by the extension rebellion group. police in northern
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ireland have arrested a fifty seven year old woman in connection with the killing of a journalist last week he was shot in the head during a riot in londonderry on thursday irish nationalist group a new ira has apologised for the death of a twenty nine year old reporter the group is one of a small number of active organizations which oppose northern ireland one hundred ninety eight peace deal the promise to revitalize france's most famous avenue. each year about twenty million people visit but less than two percent of those operatives local architects say it's in desperate need of renovation and of the twenty twenty four olympics reports from paris often described as the most beautiful avenue in the world the shell's lease a is a symbol of paris its name comes up images of french elegance luxury and flair but the reality is quite different traffic's heavy pavements of crowded and the avenues
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lined with fast food restaurants schools shops and car showrooms parisians tend to stay away so wrists are often disappointed oh is that it's not exactly what i expected and there are too many people everywhere there are so many cars people and noise that i find it hard to see any beauty here. the head of a business and residence committee says the situation's urgent he's launched a project to renovate the famous of new plans include more green spaces more the road around the outer trio of could be transformed into a garden beach or ice rink. the of a new has lost its soul and its identity shows there is a supposed to be a place for walking. on community it's not because it's not your choice enough shows it's because it's noisy and unpleasant and polluted one of the main problems with the show is there is the traffic is nearly always noisy and busy sixty thousand vehicles this appen year each day sometimes the pollution is worse than of
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viruses ring road so that's why architects say one of the solutions could be to reduce the number of lanes. since its construction in the seventeenth century to show has been central to french culture from the allied liberation of paris from german forces in one thousand nine hundred forty four to france's two world cup wins people have celebrated here recently many people were shocked when some yellow vest protesters vandalize shops and monuments the architect behind the renovation project says it's vital to maintain the shells eases a unique place in french history that is of course we could use this to show french excellence in astronomy culture fashion and green technology the shan city says an international symbol a myth and it should reveal where the nation does best the project has yet to be given the green light by a paris a city hall but those behind it say a new look. could be revealed in time for the twenty twenty four paris olympics and
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help restore some of the avenues lost glory and romance natasha butler al-jazeera paris. preparations are underway in the russian city of dread of austro for talks between the north korean leader and russian president vladimir putin will host there on thursday kim's visit is believed to be part of joanne's efforts to build international support following the breakdown of talks with the u.s. in february russia is also keen to play a role in any peace plan on the korean peninsula. if not then bounce back to martin in death there and thanks very much indeed highest court has rejected the final appeal of the two journalists who would jailed for reporting on the record massacre watt loan and kelso who have already spent sixteen months in prison after being convicted of breaking an official secrets law school to hide law has more from bangkok the last appeal for word is journalist wallowing has been rejected by the
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supreme court's in me and more that coming down on tuesday now they heard the argument from their attorneys just a couple of weeks ago this comes three months after a lower court rejected an appeal they said the sentence would be upheld that also coming down from the supreme court on tuesday and that was their last appeal possibility now what happened since the verdict came down in september sentencing these two gentlemen to seven years behind bars an international outcry over the sentencing and also just the process particularly as myanmar marches its way toward democracy a lot of criticism for that and also just last week the investigation the two gentlemen working on won a pulitzer prize for international reporting and what is news agency there are players coming out almost immediately after this decision by the supreme court saying that they will continue to fight for their journalist behind bars and that they are part of a police set up well kevin is the editor for reuters news agency he says
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the families of the journalists will keep up their appeal for a pardon. well it's very clear there is no evidence that while on in show so our reporters were guilty of any crime the evidence at trial was very clear however that they were the victims of a police set up intended to silence their reporting their fourteen which was truthful and consequential and so we're determined and will continue to work to secure their release myanmar's legal process would allow for an additional appeal to the supreme court but while interests are themselves to and through their lawyers have indicated. for them they want this to be the end of the legal process and the m.r. and we have made it clear. both at the trial and in the subsequent appeals that there was no evidence of a crime that is instead there is ample evidence of putting testimony from
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a police official that this was a set up so for us this is the end of the legal process in myanmar will be regrouping now and the families will be renewing their appeal for a pardon to the government of myanmar. the new prime minister of mali is under pressure to stop attacks by pfizer is that they're linked to al qaida as well as coming into sectarian armrest full of finance minister abu sisi is forming a new government the previous one quit last week after widespread anger about the recent killings nicholas hub reports now from the capital bamako. twelve year old feels like he's being spun a tale every day adults tell him his school will reopen tomorrow he's heard the same story for almost a year but schools have remained closed with striking teachers demanding to be paid that. it's a sin seriously their words don't really count when things really matter to us this
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is boubacar seach or mr while the last lesson on keeping promises is still on the blackboard mr good day waits to hear from the newly appointed prime minister hoping that he will keep his word and make education a priority because there may be enough funds for the one billion dollars a year u.n. peacekeeping operation in mali but not enough to pay mr two hundred dollars monthly salary a lot of the money. the government doesn't care about schools so this is a setback for the future of young people if we cannot invest in young people then the future of our country of mali is in jeopardy. former finance minister forty one year old. newly appointed prime minister after the government was forced to step down last week following a mass demonstration on the streets of burma co of mostly young people they're unhappy with the state's inability to keep money in safe from attacks the price of basic necessities are shot up by twenty percent strikes affect the education
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justice in transport system crippling the capital bamako is one of the fastest growing cities in africa it's also one of the youngest with half of all mali and under the seat and so the challenge for this new prime minister is to form a government that will be accepted by all and address grievances of this young population. doubling the young municipal councillor on monday. well mostly mean attacked his town killing scores of soldiers it took hours before reinforcements arrived. but it's not that i we feel betrayed by or government the state is absent there is no police. no prisons to reassure them. and make us feel like we are part of mali with a new prime minister these government is at a crossroads waiting for the state to deliver the promises made at stake is the country's future nicholas hawke al jazeera bamako. sales are counting on this news
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. more on what to expect in the third and largest phase of india's started general election. and are you a us citizen my putting this question on the census form assess a political storm in washington. and why chinese cycling is in the pink lear when explained all in sport. how do we should see some improvement in the weather across the middle east over the next couple days the cross northern areas of the middle east still with a fair bit of cloud just around the black sea the caspian sea but for many for much of iraq for much of iran it should be dry and settle something cloud over towards
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afghanistan having said that just full couple over the high ground yet we are looking at some bits and pieces of snow before much of iran as you can see is dry and sunny to run at fourteen degrees celsius baghdad twenty six celsius temperature starting to just rampart now across these northern areas of the region twenty eight in baghdad the day we're getting up into the low to mid twenty's across a good part of the levant by the time we come to thursday even kabul will get up into the twenty's twenty one celsius here the wintry mix making its way away as we go on through the remainder of this week meanwhile across the robin peninsula when it is dry fish as possible around the gulf of aden southern end of the red sea pretty nice celsius in doha quite a brisk wind freshening things up and it'll stay that way as we go on through the next day or two let's get out into southern parts of africa some showers coming into the eastern cape again just watch out for a cycle of their tents and their. sweat
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tears and sometimes blot but for them it's what their dreams are made of. just tells a story of a young moroccan boxes from humble backgrounds for training for the lights of their lives. on the former champion who gives his all that success casablanca by cop on how to zero. the.
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al-jazeera. where every. time just take a look at the top stories here in the al-jazeera news out drunk as president my three policy center has released a statement declaring intelligence warnings about possible attacks was not shared with him he said he'll restructure the police and security forces in the coming weeks african leaders meeting in cairo and eventually dan's military to handle the politics of billions within three months the country's army eva three president bashir earlier. none of the large protests the demonstrations against the new
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military rulers have continued. egypt's constitutional referendum has passed the public vote paving the way for a president. to remain for more than another decade the national election authority has now it's that turnout was just over forty four percent with almost ninety percent of voters backing the proposed changing. let's get more now on our top story that of course the aftermath of the easter sunday attacks in sri lanka colleen rowley is a former f.b.i. special agent in the u.s. she says the scale of these bombings shows that foreign assistance was given to the perpetrators. the knowledge of how to make bombs except drought usually get shared and this is one of the reasons why terrorism has gone up the war zones are the fertile ground of the training and i think there's actually been some ah
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attribution they usually put out a video that shows that there's some proof and in this case it's not surprising at all but when you get this what the united states said they didn't want to do after nine eleven was to have a war on islam you now have that problem because you have radical islamic extremists attacking. christians and whatever and you also have radical christians extremist christians in area and you know groups attacking mosques it's almost like this is going to do nothing but ratchet up the problem and make it worse and worse unless the you know people return to a saner approach to terrorism the united states has been misled to believe that there are computer programs that can somehow filter and glean the relevant info that they are vacuuming up from the non-relevant and and that's that's proven as
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our troop. voting has begun in the further of the largest phase of india's month long general election the prime minister narendra modi voted in his home state a good route he's running for a second term in office and this election is seen as a referendum on his five years as prime minister. well choosing could be the last time that millions of indians in the north east of the country get to vote that's because then names are not on a list which is meant to separate out citizens from undocumented migrants. from. voting the selection maybe for the last time despite his family living in the region since one thousand nine hundred thirty s. his name is not on the national register of citizens a list created to distinguish between indian citizens and illegal migrants from
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other countries. a completed draft of the register was released in twenty team and its wife was on the list but he and his daughter weren't. when we found out names weren't on the list we would be. if we don't find our names on the list we will lose all our rights as citizens if we lose our rights we will lose everything that we have. i think it's a problem facing almost four million people in this region who could face imprisonment even deportation if they're not on the register many hindus and muslims live in villages and towns like this one in assam generations of their families have been here for centuries but more recently new migrants have arrived illegally from bangladesh. that's become a political issue this election with the prime minister saying the government will act against illegal migrants. our full effort is to make sure that.
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the name of. the national register. rights groups say the governing party the b j p is targeting people based on religion and ethnicity and turning the citizens register into a political weapon government is definitely trying to get people to understand that this process isn't one hundred. but it is going by the state government and the central government right without. this independent candidate has been campaigning to keep the migrants out saying they don't fit in you become a prick like in the genocide but they just piss off from all the common numbers. and then they just visit. them it checks in at the polling station and goes to cast what maybe his last vote is an indian citizen he's appealing to get on the citizen's register even fails he worries he and his family will lose everything clued in the right to live in their own country. sam now it's
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thirty five years since the coals of aids the hiv virus was recognized since two thousand and four when almost two million people died from the disease aids related deaths have dropped by more than fifty percent and medicines are helping millions of people live healthier lives it. reports. living with hiv is the reality for almost thirty seven million people the use of multiple drugs in a motel to control the infection has helped those with the virus live as long as those without it but two out of every five people with hiv forty one percent have no access to life saving medication left untreated hiv can destroy so many cells that the body is unable to fight off infections and disease and that can lead to aids drugs help keep the level of hiv in the body low is that allows the immune
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system to recover and stays strong and also helps to prevent the virus being passed on in two thousand and five only two million people were using the necessary drugs to control hiv by two thousand and seventeen that number had risen to more than twenty one million africans seen the biggest increase in treatment and today most pregnant women with hiv have access to medicines to prevent the virus being passed on to their babies but worldwide almost two million children under fifteen have the virus infected by their mothers during pregnancy birth or breastfeeding is estimated around nine million people don't even know they have hiv for those that do access to treatment and support still largely depends on where they live. right now i can speak to neil. associate professor of law at georgetown university law
9:39 pm
center who's joining us from washington d.c. thanks for talking to us so this is a good news story isn't it deaths are down by fifty percent since the peak days. that certainly is and thank you for having me on it's certainly great that we have so many good hiv drugs now in the market the problem is many times there on affordable for people even in developed countries right so that will account for the rather unlevel playing field if you like i mean it's a bit of a lottery wherever you are is it a postcode lottery if you're in zambia perhaps you going to have less access to these vital antiretroviral drugs then if you're in the u.k. for instance yeah i mean so you know in more developed countries right we have advanced insurance systems in place to help with the costs of these drugs but
9:40 pm
as a practical matter a lot of these drugs are so expensive that the cost is borne somehow either through tax payers or through higher insurance premiums and as a sort of flows downstream that deters the take up of drugs we even see this in the united states we should be doing better than we are in terms of the number of people who are receiving drugs that could prevent the infection of hiv in the first place these drugs exist but because of their high cost many people are not taking them and i mean the thing is it was originally thought that this was the exclusive demain of homosexual men and intravenous drug users but the has the profile of the disease changed over the years. oh yeah i think it certainly has i mean i think that it's a chevy something it could strike anyone obviously and i think we've come a long way as a society and recognizing it doesn't really matter what your lifestyle is you know
9:41 pm
this is a deadly disease that needs to be treated and that that that deserving of our our full support and our of our health our for health systems and to make sure that drugs are affordable for all but in the united states at least there's complications in terms of how pricing occurs that often make the drugs difficult for people to afford so why is that then in the united states so part of the reason is that in the united states we pay more for health care in general we pay more for doctor salaries be more for specialists we pay more for drugs part of it these drugs are very good and generally speaking when something is good a drug company can charge more to get a reasonable return on their investment the problem is we're talking about tens of thousands of dollars for a year of treatment and as someone in the end is going to pay for that and even if that ends up being insurers that's passed on to folks in terms of higher premiums
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if it's medicaid or medicare which are the state insurance programs the federal insurance programs in the united states then those are going to be passed on to taxpayers yet but and this is a long complicated list i'm not so i'm not entirely clear what you're saying though you say you suggesting that this is a bad thing or just a fact of life a reflection of of life in the united states that they are you suggesting that the price of these vital drugs should be brought down by one means or another in order to people access to them. absolutely yeah the price should be brought down but you know it's a complicated balance on the one hand these drug companies have invested large sums of money in developing these drugs they need to be able to get a reasonable return on the other hand the returns that they're getting right now you know what i spent i read was two hundred billion dollars in profits for the top six hiv manufacturers from two thousand and twelve to twenty sixteen that's far outpacing what research and development costs are and the problem is we don't
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really know actually what those costs exactly are because the drug companies keep that information very private so it's not clear how much of the money of this is being spent on this is going to were developing new drugs and how much is actually going toward marketing and other costs that aren't really directly benefiting patients all right neal may thank you very much indeed for joining us live from washington. thank you so much that rights groups in the u.s. going to the supremes to try to stop changes to the census they say that plans to add a question asking whether someone is an american citizen is a deliberate attempt to intimidate immigrants gabriel that is. has the story from new york the question seems straightforward enough are you a u.s. citizen and for the first time ever the u.s. government wants to force everyone to answer that question on the two thousand and
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twenty u.s. census but yet siri tovar is not a citizen and is worried about answering it the time ministration has showed me not to trust them the twenty six year old was brought to the u.s. illegally by her parents when she was just two years old and even though she's lived in new york all of her life since then she's worried a no answer could make her a target for deportation. it's happened before and in her neighborhood people have put up signs on the doors cautioning immigration officers known as ice agents not to enter without a judicial warrant. so the fear is real the fear and i can manage this is real i for that out as being undocumented person i can be targeted i can have agents outside of my house because in the census i said i am undocumented and i gave them my apartment number but it a congressional hearing last month republican lawmakers said they supported the idea of asking everybody if they are
9:45 pm
a citizen on the census i cannot understand what universe our leaders would not want to know who's a citizen or who's not we actually ask whether you're a citizen or not in order to get a firearm in the state of california should we take the citizenship question off and make it easier for people to get firearms an estimated eight hundred eighty billion dollars a year in federal tax dollars for schools and public services distributed to local communities around the u.s. based off census data immigration advocates have filed lawsuits trying to block the citizenship question from being asked on the census saying it will lead to cuts in federal funding for communities with a large number of immigrants if many of them do not fill out the census we could have a reality where places like new york city do not get their fair share of resources for things like roads for hospitals and political representation at siri tovar she
9:46 pm
isn't backing down she says it's not about one question but one more attack against immigrants from a hostile white house one she is determined to fight gabriel's onto al-jazeera new york. the debate over whether to allow abortion in argentina has long been controversial legalisation in this way in the catholic country was narrowly defeated by senators last year and as our correspondent today's a bow reports from took a month province activists remain determined to decriminalize abortion this specially since discovering the case of an eleven year old girl who was raped some of you may find elements of this report disturbing. cecilio said and her husband. irene balled in a fight to decriminalise have been in argentina they live in money northwest argentina one of the most conservative provinces in the country the fight is
9:47 pm
a personal one as it doctors are under investigation for carrying out an abortion on an eleven year old girl who had been raised. where i know i wanted to evaluate what we could do in a case and what i saw horrified me in a live in year old girl playing with toys whose body is not developed to give birth with the belly she still had a baby teeth and a mouth she was being tortured the girl known only as you see here was allegedly received by her step grandfather lucy is eleven years old and she was sixteen weeks pregnant when her condition was detected she was brought to this hospital because according to doctors she requested them to remove from her belly what are the older man had put inside of her the procedure was delayed for about two months human rights group denounced that authorities wanted to convince her to keep the baby in spite of her young age with so much time having passed hoarsely he decided as he
9:48 pm
sat in section operation was the best way to proceed however when they try to get the operating room ready for the procedure being countered and others said back to to us the girl's mother was there and she was so afraid because all the hospital plus now. had left because the object to do the procedure those who did not want to participate wanted to film us so they could post it on social media in the end the baby was born alive only to die a few days later look c.s. case is not the only one in northern argentina this is a country where abortion in cases of rape has be legal for nearly a century. now was abused by a relative when she was fourteen she says why law may be on her side the system works against the victims raised as i was ashamed of my belly of the questions and when i had the baby i did not want to see her i rejected her so badly my grandmother said she is beautiful and she is nobody will never take the pain away
9:49 pm
from me. in general the woman impacted are poor and vulnerable. every time a woman denounces something to the police to patch a back and laugh at you they have no heart was last year argentina's congress debated for the first time in history the possibility of decriminalizing abortion in a country where women can still go to jail if found guilty of having had one the law was rejected in the senate. the lawyers in the northern part of the country say conservative groups want to ensure the law is never voided again. after the abortion debate they wanted to go back in time and pass a law to prohibit abortion in case of rape but they made it so complicated it's almost impossible to have an abortion once you've been raped abortion remains a contentious issue in argentina and while lawmakers are prepared to vote on
9:50 pm
legalizing it again later this year human rights groups denounce the hardships women and girls face even when they have the law on their side. to go one i didn't . now an engine explosion is expected to delay nasa as mission descend into orbit using a cap fuel from the private company space x. the company suffered a setback when its dragon crew capsule. today the u.s. manned mission is expected to be the first since the space shuttle. will be here with that. ten is better and keeps the good times roll.
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
it's time for this well she's now with lia thank you martine we'll start some basketball yes and to go balls inspired his milwaukee side to the second round of the n.b.a. player playoffs for the first time in eighteen years the bucs forward scored forty one points as they completed a four nil series white out whitewash over detroit on monday night milwaukee pulling clear in the final quarter to take game four one twenty seven to one zero for the pistons setting an unwanted n.b.a. record of fourteen consecutive playoff defeats in a row but for the bucs they're getting set for a second round clash with the boston celtics. been six years in the league. and just when i first blew it seriously these group right here.
9:53 pm
think they're great basketball stuck together the whole. series two of the stanley cup playoffs that first round series will be decided in a seventh game later on tuesday the tronto blue jackets will be in boston to take on the bruins while the san jose sharks are on home ice against the vegas golden knights. so there was some overtime drama in the n.h.l. playoffs for the dallas stars they clinched their first round series against nashville in game six on monday but seventeen minutes into the extra period john kling bird fired in the crucial goal for a two one victory the home crowd obviously went wild the stars were chasing their first stanley cup since one thousand nine hundred nine now move on to a second round clash with st louis. elsewhere carolina and washington are set for a series decider after the hurricanes one game six on monday joran sall with the crucial score in
9:54 pm
a five two victory the capitals will have home advantage for wednesday's decider with the new york islanders awaiting the winners in round two. english premier league champions manchester city can retake top spot from liverpool on wednesday as both teams close in on the title city play local rivals manchester united who were thumped four nailed by everton over the weekend but city's manager pep guardiola is more focused on winning the title than beating out and out of form united in the derby. the question is them in the premier league win the title. in the series i took a but it is not the most important thing it should the three seasons we see them here. we did better than them but it is when the title to be to unite. the response has to be there you try to provoke a reaction provoke we're inspired reaction and we've. we haven't had time to work
9:55 pm
on the pitch. with the players that play because you need recovery at this stage of the. season as well so it's about. changing mindset the making sure our heads are ready because anyone's heads will drop when you lose like that moving over to tennis now world number one naomi osaka she starts her clay court season in stuttgart this week she says though that she has some high hopes for herself coming up out on top i don't really feel pressure any more. i think the first tournament after one horse trailer was like one of the biggest pressure moments for me and it sort of wore off so honestly now i just i want to win french and wimbledon and i'm kind of making those my biggest goals. anastasia stover is through to the second round at the open after beating fellow latvian. sorry austin thank all
9:56 pm
of us stover broke us of thank go twice winning the match six two four six six japan's world number seven tennis player corey has progressed to the third round of the barcelona open he was up against american taylor fritz on tuesday he would have beaten it's been expected to win comfortably against the world number fifty eight but he came into this match on a run of three straight defeats against lowering to opponent the twenty nine year old turn that streak around here seven five and six two. there was good news for the home fans in barcelona spain david ferrer cruise into the second round at the thirty seven year old soft vera of germany six three and six one fair has already announced that he will retire after next month's madrid open. former middleweight boxing champion a good idea. says he's excited about his return to the ring at madison square garden in june because that fighter known to his fans as triple g.
9:57 pm
will face canada's steve rolls as he looks to bounce back from his first career defeat so canelo alvarez love can is looking to reestablish himself at the top of the middleweight division two star names in cycling of launched a new event in shanghai. winners alberto contador and ivan basso were promoting the tours ride like a pro series the event which starts on the thirtieth of november will be the first to take place outside italy. easy open to the goofy to say that oh you want. the. most for. the. sport for now but we'll have more for you later back to you martin thank you so much. and thank you for being with us for this outage their news hour stay with us here at out as there are there you go to learn take the next.
9:58 pm
i really want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality whether on line when you have a male chauvinism that is in clashed with in our global federation it is really hard to get a piece of that high or if you join us on saturday. to be help their mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can be an history and join the conversation on out is iraq. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to
9:59 pm
a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough. stock available. overthrow exiled they appoint. say if you'll. let me i mean to my film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know the truth. and we. think it. will be interesting the return of
10:00 pm
a president on al-jazeera. should not because president promises to sack defense force chiefs who didn't share key intelligence about the easter sunday attacks this is the first funerals get underway on a day of mourning in sri lanka. this is live from london also coming up. more protests as arrive in sudan's capital to add bad voices to the thousands demanding a swift transit.


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