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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 114  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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more harsh in their language than most other politicians in the country because the united states has basically. betrayed the international community by leaving the agreement so but i think the united states is also here miscalculating because iran is not a small country iran is not a weak country run has allies across the region from the himalayas to the mediterranean from the red sea to central asia and iran has a very powerful presence in the persian gulf region so if the americans escalate the iranians will have no option but to escalate as well by them and asymmetrical fashion but mohammed what the u.s. is saying is that you may have stood by the letter of the deal but not the spirit that there is much more to be negotiated is there much more to be negotiated in toronto points of you know there's nothing to negotiate because the united states
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is not abiding by its current to commit by its current commitments. how can we negotiate anything else when what we've already negotiated for roughly a decade is to have been thrown out the window well who's to say that in future any agreement hypothetically that is reached will be abided by by the united states if the nuclear deal actually wasn't the americans didn't abide by the nuclear deal either under obama either from day one they began violating it yet the international atomic energy agency has said i think fourteen times now since the deal that the iranians have stuck to the deal. and that they were abided by abided by the deal very carefully and with this is one of the i think advantages of what trump has done. despite the hardship economic hardship that the u.s. has been trying to impose upon ordinary iranians just like the united states is trying to impose hardship on the venezuelans i saw you i saw you shaking your head
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in his show the bill for the i just want to bring you in just reply i haven't learned into iran is saying there's nothing left to negotiate. well there's a lot to negotiate at really don't think we're going to go into the details of what's really going on but the iran is actually in the process of developing its capabilities to actually have nuclear weapons developed and would then probably sixty years they really have the capability of course all is healed it is not as if the nuclear watchdog suggests the lights. well they're not develop them now but they're having the infrastructure and the development of the uranium and so forth to actually be able to do so but here's the key to this and everybody knows this unfortunately this is why this is an acceptable president drop is that all this deal did and it did do one thing is buy time for the west which is a period of time hopefully that there would be regime change or this was the promise here or somehow moderation by iran so all we've done is buy time and we
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know at the end of the time period of this agreement that iran would be in a position to legally and fully develop a nuclear weapons but let me just step back for that's our concern but let me just step back to a couple comments that were made in my shaking my head first is you know iran is a sophisticated country when president obama was negotiating this you had a majority of the senate and senate led by senator cotton united states senator saying they were opposed to this to this deal so two things why this is important first of all and they knew this. president obama was in a hurry at the end of his tenure to negotiate a deal to get a deal for a legacy but the united states isn't president obama it is a country we do not have a treaty we had an agreement but not a treaty and the reason we did not have a treaty to do this is because it requires the congress which represents the
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american people and a bipartisan buy in into the agreement to turn it into a treaty and the. this is why and this was no into iran that this was a a flimsy agreement to begin with and one that ultimately would not be binding and had we had a treaty with iran which would have required then senate approval which means bipartisan approval democratic and republicans well then that would have been a very different story and president trump and then you could use the phrase the united states would be behind the treaty so i think that's important and lastly on this to suggest that iran is not behind hamas in terrorism in their region i had to say this is just laughable to most people outside every ron iran is a state that is dedicated to say to supporting state sponsored terrorism throughout not only the region but throughout the world so it's iran's meddling in syria of course in yemen and in other places the world that is troubling not only the united
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states but to saudi arabia to the regional allies and therefore why they support quietly these sanctions i'm going to bring in dan weighing in beijing in just a moment but i do want to follow up on these two with these questions with you from washington and from tehran firstly. chile this is just about regime change this is about news unlike pump effectively said this is about pushing democracy within iran that's the real reason for this is not. would hope so and i'd be candidly i would hope that we have regime change in venezuela were opposing imposing sanctions as well i would hope that we would have resume change in iran these are these are not democracies these are people these are societies which are oppressing people and are promoting terrorism and i would hope and president i mean secretary. has also said that we should go to the source which which is cuba as well we impose
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sanctions on south africa and the one nine hundred eighty s. what we're i was in the reagan administration i didn't see much opposition to that with that was regime change driven are we going to invade iran no or venezuela i don't believe so as well but we're going to apply all the economic pressure. and stand with the venezuelan iranian people are not the iranian government not having run to your response please. well thank you for finally giving the a moment to respond to a long very long monologue. obviously your guest reminds me of pompei who just recently said when he was the head of the cia we cheated we lied and he stole and that's the american great american experience or something like that which you said just a couple of days ago the united states was lying from the very beginning when it came to the nuclear program even now the i.a.e.a. has never provided any evidence that iran was manufacturing
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a nuclear weapon even back then and the iranians despite much opposition inside the country they negotiated the deal to take that excuse away from the americans to show the international community that the americans are not honest about their dealings with iran and i think that both the fact that trump exited the deal shows that the united states is indeed dishonest and that the united states is not only a bully in our part of the world but it dictates terms to china to russia and the whole of the international community you do you shall not trade with this country or that country because we say so it is a it is an empire the united states supports apartheid in palestine a regime that even the democratic two of the key democratic candidates have admitted is racist and yet iran which supports the people who are constantly being bombed in gaza the iranians are supporting the terrorists the
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united states just like the united states in apartheid south africa they supported apartheid mandela and they in see were terrorists and those and the apartheid regime in south africa was a democratic regime that's how the united states works now iran is a dictatorship according to your guests but the united is allied with saudi arabia this is allied with the united arab emirates with mohamed bin sound man for the united states. is not supporting democracy the united states is opposed to democracy that's why the united states has helped saudi arabia starve the people of yemen let me let us bring in the regional perspective now on our soil a regional regional perspective let's bring in dan wearing from beijing what's china's reactions will this. well so far the public media has been quite calm there's not a widespread widespread opposition to the u.s.
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decision because overall when we think about oil trade with iran iran has been quite important to china it's one of the top five oil suppliers to china in terms of countries but it's not essential so it's all export to china account for about seven percent of china's total oil import it's a very difficult to replace but not impossible but in terms of the overall a broader economic ties i think iran actually take a very important position in china's global strategy because to start with iran is one of the major destinations for chinese products such as consumer goods tronics machinery and especially cars so iran has been a top car importer from china if you go to a major city in iran and you see chinese brands like computer id cherry leaf on they're all over the place even more so than in china and more importantly what i see is that iran has become
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a very important ally for china's belden road initiative which is not particularly well received at this point because there has been this china sentiment rising globally not just from the u.s. to europe but also from the receiving countries of the p.r.i. projects so to get china needs all the support you can get from from the rest of the world and iran is the one most important ally it could get but does this affect the u.s. china relationship or could it affect the u.s. china relationship will the the china simply choose its own political strategic needs over the u.s. as demands. certainly iran is one important ship but it's not the most important factor in the us china relationship at this point as we can also see that in the past few weeks the sentiment between the two country has improved because finally it looks as if a trade deal is finally on the table although i might be limited in nature to
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something will come out and what i think is possibly the u.s. will use iran as a bargaining chip and might offer china some sort of exception over the oil embargo under certain conditions and china a return cut off or too important more crude oil and say soybean or even pork from the u.s. so eventually it became some sort of deal over a third country and that can very likely to happen we already got so i go i do want to washington d.c. and have on both the same question i'll begin with her on what's the next move for iran having miranda is it blocking the straits of hormuz. well there are many alternatives first of all iran is probably sounding substantially more oil than what's being declared just like when obama imposed sanctions it was stated that iran was exporting a million barrels a day but in reality it later turned out to be closer to two million but more
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importantly is that iran has alternatives remember if you look at the map iran's presence and iran's allies presence across the region region is substantial but also iran's presence in the persian gulf is very substantial and one of the options that iran has and is and that is being discussed now is just like during the war with saddam hussein to begin stop and searches in the persian gulf region again and that this would be directed at saudi arabia the united arab emirates but kuwait at-at of iraq iran they can export import but because mohamed bin samana said he's going to take the war to run and because of the terrorist attacks that took place and the iranian intelligence believes that this all. they have determined that the saudis and their ati's are behind it the iranians believe that they are it would be justified to restock start the stop and searches and that would could be directed at cargo ships as well as tankers that coming go through u.a.e. or so the port and that while there would still be exports and imports but there
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could be a decline because of the slowdown of one or two million or three million barrels a day from these two countries iran has its options in the iranians know that the united states is definitely not looking for a military conflict so if the americans want to push hard the iranians have many options to push back and i don't think that anyone is going to blame iran because obviously it is trump and his people along with his allies like mohamed bin saddam on who are increasing this confrontation certainly that ladies and gentlemen we are out of time this will be a topic we will come back to i just want to thank you all and thank you to thoughts and you can see the program again any time by visiting a web site al-jazeera dot com and to further discussion as well facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me and the whole st there life and oh
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my i. refugees heading for a better life in australia to set it and sent to remote island indefinite detention in holistic conditions get a conscience. understand how you can do this to smuggled out footage and eyewitness accounts the main thing you're doing for pain asking themselves to kill themselves witness chasing
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a sign. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . where every. time a fish every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jannah laced that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most embed is a free palestine
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a listening post on al-jazeera. americans are struggling to pay their rent a problem isn't just limited to the city it's. a former governor of the good social back cost jobs front. we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. you want your designs the whole room in doha these are all top news stories new video has emerged reportedly showing two suspects with backpacks entering the shangri-la hotel in sri lanka's capital moments before an explosion it was one of three luxury hotels and three churches targeted on easter sunday and off the land as has more on colombo. it's almost like putting the pieces of the puzzle together and that's the challenge awaiting authorities as you saw this all of these pieces
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of information that the authorities must now match together to actually come up with the correct picture to ensure that they put them all together the footage the c.c.t.v. footage confirming some of the intelligence some of the information gathered from some of those who are in custody that they would nine suicide bombers the authorities are able to have identified eight of the nine suicide bombers that they have said operationalized on easter sunday and there is a host of other material that is being pieced together these are is mr population up in the fog of grieving and are now matched with mounting anger excuse. me you. saw the lady to be quite honest. even more and more of their leaders their representatives who should have been on the clock not
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dropping the ball and ensuring that the people of this country are safe to hear from those people that these attacks could have been prevented if the proper procedures had been adopted is not a good feeling for the people of this country so the authority is very conscious that to respond to this mounting a motion in the population and trying to catch up with where the let's lapses that allowed this tragedy on sunday. the coalition of freedom and change in sudan says they've ended talks with the transitional military council after it refused to immediately transfer power to civilian rule thousands of demonstrators are conducting a sit in the army headquarters in khartoum they're angry after african union leaders gave the military council three months to hand over power train where the north korean leader board has rived in russia for thursday's meeting with vladimir
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putin russia shares a short seventeen kilometer long border with north korea kim jong un is in the major port city of light of all stopped two months after the breakdown of the second denuclearization summit with donald trump in vietnam the north korean leader told reporters thirty's king to discuss the international standoff over the korean peninsula with president putin. if your missile i came to russia with a warm feeling of our people i hope that this visit will be successful and rewarding and that during the talks with esteemed president putin i will be able to specifically discuss issues of resolving the situation on the korean peninsula and development of our bilateral relationship in hong kong leaders of the occupy democracy movement of being jailed on public nuisance charges supporters of the two thousand and fourteen protests which also became known as the umbrella revolution gathered outside the court where the sentences were handed out two of the nine
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activists were jailed for sixteen months each two for eight months and the others received suspended sentences. at least fifty one people have died in floods and mudslides and in south africa the heavy rain started on monday night president sarong opposer has arrived in the area to assess the damage military personnel are helping to search for survivors. dozens of workers are feared buried under thirty meters of mud and me and now three bodies have been recovered after a mudslide of the jade mine in catchin state a local politicians as rescuers don't have proper pumping equipment to reach fifty four people missing since monday night and the u.n. says afghan government and u.s. forces have killed more civilians this year than the taliban and i saw more than three hundred civilians lost their lives in the first three months to air and ground strikes the u.n. says taliban eisel another fighters killed two hundred twenty seven people were
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headlines more news in half an hour stay with us. casa blanca morocco's biggest city. its economic capital and one of the busiest financial centers on the african continent leading moroccan and international
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companies have their headquarters and industrial facilities here. so cost the blank has an affluent middle class. but its three point six million population doesn't all live in smart areas like this. this is that because i live a modest neighborhood right in the center of the city life here is about survival rather than wealth. and young people have the same preoccupations as they do anywhere in the world. but one thing you need to know about moroccan youth culture is that forts are huge . martial arts kickboxing and boxing. bruce lee and john claude van damme are folk heroes
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a dutch moroccan kickboxer called by that heidi is a big star and muhammad r.b.a. is revered for winning world super welterweight gold in doha and olympic bronze in rio. this is salah had a man by day a parking attendant but after hours he has another life. on the roar of the sun it is a former moroccan national featherweight champion and in the evenings he runs his own boxing club for kids and that a live. so just in a snowstorm and then it is right out and then it's and so for now and then it's in the feel. the rhythm of physically months and then somehow that should go to the moon shot it to jubal was shifted to to win illinois on the skin or dash danish can by just kind of a lot of six months of which he said listen you know and it's ended in my pleasure
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i'm sure i'm sure i did. club is called but. he's always on the lookout for talented boxers from outside but his core membership is local from database i live and nearby areas of the city. or. rather. he's very much the boss but he does get help from other adult coaches. in the third quarter. the. middle. son and his coaches give up a lot of their free time to run the club and mentor young talents. to share i know it's all part of the song list of a lot of. the opening of the film and it's not. so i.
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left. and just a few weeks the regional stages of the moroccan amateur youth boxing championships take place and saw the history preparing his young fighters for this major event the troops have attended the still unsure turn. now to reopen until eleven pm the shari'a were going to follow five students. and it does in red is twenty six a former us champion and wants to turn professional. or c.m.o. is a promising twenty four year old. fifteen year old model ones that who's never had a competitive fight and two young women called my mom. one more experience then the other. night because where did hundred thirty. but how was actually the first club and cost the blanket to admit female boxers. who spoke on the net as consented to any shadow of the nature of football bob dole
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is probably the first obama by real votes. crime in three miserable for. a man. caught up in. the work of the rabble. gentry and i tend to. differ from your to. try to sell or see a deal. with your. very good shop i still have what. it costs to euros to join but ha. sata has almost two hundred young members. as part of
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a government used association scheme he doesn't have to pay rent or electricity. but he does have to maintain the consequent make from his own income is the parking attendant. of. the. los thing. we should. know about. who would be here as well we're not. normally consider him a good idea what to do this little town called don't got. mad. i mean it's. come back on the computer didn't do a good omen are. committed but the road you. remember would be a lot of fun. i'm. here walk. me here in the well first what have you been to the match and
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do some of. you know to. continue to dinner and if you. desire. the magic magic. sure sure. could. be. share more save i didn't have it could get up. here. way to. sesame. who walks. on our fortune ok.


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