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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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i meant. is this necessary human sacrifice for the success of to create. what is soon all this is finished do. i go home to the. books and push through a very bad that this does to frighten. me in the way i wish its way from me they were. the true cost of all this and then come up in my room and be a point. made for saying if you will. we should you. know i don't want to put you to jim. level. when. he has the cottage to do.
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ones there this house is to get it about the scene we see. this. and this and want to get it it's good it's cool and skate. and he put this. song on money. and when you get nobody else. who did it and threw it to. companies you know if. you put them on. this is the only post your first because you know the way to the picture of you is your first visit to an open. oh all of those things are like that you know this is.
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i look forward to being the home builders mayfield country men and women. prove democracy demands nothing less the reality is that brazil is and is in control of the country when you arrive there is a very strong possibility that you will be arrested how do you expect to lead your dialogue if you will jail this is time for me to go back that's not the on yes you know it's as if i think the most important thing for me is the past be that's enough for democracy but what about you but my half. i. just knew all of them from the ira it's the u.n. new service sometimes that full power such as france still wield.
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a long due to strong influence madagascar's is that true it is so important for our health mother got to get up from this crisis because a plea to your. system to she. is concerned about you talk about this but to say. good place just because to something good for the country you don't need to. know that this dot org able to rest i have to be brave we have to have the courage to do it to do so if i why do you think people here i cannot be any more for the put it that's it and so i have to make a choice. about how many years i have to how many years he's made this of my life because it's really the goal to marry you know to hear. but to create.
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a meet and a mother could be would mean. some of the. chief among them really might have. been to montana and yet also. we want to speak sundays with you from home on the market a bit from him yes. aha. different than me to come to my desk i'm visiting the son of a monk but the vision problem for me is to be appointed to feed people because they are.
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i don't come up to the sky oh that dimmock the school does. not see the bottom of my lawn at city hall to the tune. of it's put up to the victim want to see most of what seemed to do good stuff so that's the dream the small simple see my gosh old such a symptom oh not so please don't say. nothing here we need to school we need the school to see the mother has gone. to full sufferer. most joy they i me and.
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it's very difficult for people. all leave falls robin for power no movement can take profi to advantage you'll see situations. places that are safe it's a mistake for people to say you don't pay attention we are here. on the fringe we're definitely. not in this for the fringe of it only of the province's influence in africa is being corroded all the time by the chinese by the americans by south africa and they want to keep many guests french yes and they felt if they had to choose between regina. they would choose roger leader because he's french. to understand the cross was the call that you are so if you just go to another goes can you look at medicare see everything in vegas history from the from
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the cars the language of the people the business and everything where the president of the moment to do it's been explained to me in this is just my discerning of it is that. he then began to open the economy turned on french interest so he would say the creed for example is change the constitution so that america is huge for him she speak english is the food in their age he joined said it he began to open the economy to know just about. all of these were signals to fronts that the top of the policy was. ok and was free have been since the industry knows that the crew is for the jeans buying and we lost two votes in the non-negotiable french position is that rather than not with the tradition and. since the coup the president has been part of the international negotiations mediated acetic the southern african development community.
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said it has drawn up a road map to lead medical aska out of the crisis. but the road map fails to mention the president's rights return home. and we are missing mr president have from the from the road map you have an early labor. leader again say i want to do safely the gator it was to send it but we cannot say that if the lad will buy him a better. set exceed negotiator is she santa the former president of mozambique. and a man i want to sign it's ok i'm seeing the right to go home and take part in future. you can get do anything to be with. me as someone people don't know that i know it was what i know if it ever. happened . to but yes i have
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a great to see that will do this because they get to. know. the more. this is a difficult time for everybody. to. play with my teacher said the chief yeah. i think it's easy to be of no use to raise in the discussion above the roadmap not. to fish for president of the earth is his return to madagascar. if we can draw an analogy with the house president and i want to now and that was chased out of his house this is just if there was nobody would have
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solved the problem but be able to tell you not just make the point if you want to dismiss a kid it doesn't work and we are asking the president here to. showed good faith and generosity but i also expect that as well to show good faith and generosity he is living to someone out of his that was ok but he has art do all rule over. which way the toes. he could manipulate them and so on and he's not done no. justice is outside and inside with him but the president yes what i'm saying. is that inside of no use to stop the mob. to stop it this is to me exactly and it's the stuff they don't love videotape they tend to be in the context of this
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is no yes yes this is a big tent from the first vision and the basics of who said it and decided be to tell you saying that that road is not a for any further. discussion on negotiation i'm telling you i set it up did you tell not the solution in modesto but try to impose it on the road map again it's up to you could listen to this in the room with you that he was lazy you're going to see i was not just for the clever idea but i think it is it's how you. use a glass when we were doing my little one like we are we did work to give a little. i'm not so hot on the knot and you know you aren't reaching the solution is not for me myself i can stay here by the ship
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or before appointing me dumping i don't expect you to be happy because you see you out here playing for me don't think any of this that's a famous one. ok. please don't think it's a. the train to battle scenes of alta of the month but. think oh are they crazy is that the mother got sky or. ever done something
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to. improve entry to create a very just if mother gets caught nothing noble be. it sixteen was done was done. i think people feel they have every day been helped in their daily life and day to to. hope for a. better future. to him.
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on. christmas. this is not. not think. i'm hot. gins is in paris to not be the french authorities says. he wants to reopen negotiations on the route in big big deal and every army major city in full force to. see. the students it is. certain see. see the something might and. some see happening. is the
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resistance and it's yeah. you have a clue courses perceptible you know about modeled on all of the wood. afaik with oil although it. was just great. to see. first hand information from the french are saying that the french are economically interested is accepting our direction as the future president of the countries they have to support active what i don't like that is absolutely no. willingness to listen whatsoever and they have closed the case the fight is close to being where you can stay out ok. and then last the minute ask permission ask only one possibility to react to such thing and that is why being on the street and
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you are writing for that and you are why i think for the regime to kill innocent people in order to come down he said yeah yeah this. is new for you people being a christian yes. don't they don't bow down to. lands of the making event it's not necessary but now let me. find a wife peacefully. the most memorable moment of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. to. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover
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news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. sweat tia's and sometimes blot but for them it's what their dreams are made of. just their world tells the story of a young moroccan boxes from humble backgrounds to train for the rights of the lives . under former champion who gives his all for that success casablanca i caught on now to zero. zero. seven. o'clock and world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological objects you're talking about
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a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to walk in houses and private collectors and bang for selling an artifact is worth finances the beheadings and misuse in the middle east don't sell don't that's one quick solution trafficking on al-jazeera. i know i. maryam namazie in london just a quick look at the headlines now shrunken security forces have engaged in a gun battle with suspects linked to the easter sunday attacks a curfew has been imposed after the raid on a property in the eastern city of cullman i more than seventy people have been arrested in connection with the attacks which killed more than two hundred fifty people. saddam's military council has denied reports that foreign ministers and
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members of the ruling party have been freed from jail it comes as thousands of people held friday prayers at site the army headquarters in hard two and the latest show of defiance to military rule they say they won't leave until the army transfers power to a civilian authority united nations has warned of massive flooding over the next ten days in mozambique as a second powerful storm lashes the country cyclon kenneth has destroyed homes and killed at least one person just a month after the deadly cyclone either i tens of thousands of people have already been evacuated the world meteorological organization says it's the strongest cyclon to hit the region in recorded history. protesters in algeria are keeping up the pressure on remnants of the regime there that was led by former president abdul aziz beautifully tens of thousands of people rallied in algiers on the tenth consecutive friday of protests demanding the departure of the ruling elite and
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calling for an end to corruption so fucking up what we did all of them will be gone and they will be judged and the money of the properties will all goes back to the people so that's what we're looking for we don't want them just to lead we want to be judged so that's what we want to learn over there than do the there's this corrupt system is playing a dangerous game my dear brothers algerian people we must remain united i swear to god if we separate because of the risk as i'm a regionalism i swear the system will not only last for years but it will last for centuries and we will go back to marginalization corruption and the abuse of power . and the united nations is saying rockets and mortar shells of hit residential neighborhoods in the libyan capital tripoli is the target of an offensive by highly fafsa who wants to wrestle a city from the un recognized government of libya i'll bring you more on that story and everything else we're covering in the news hour that's coming up in about twenty five minutes time do join me then bye for now.
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negotiations have at last and we're on our way to acetic meeting him but. it's nice to be his son say. the president and the coup leader had to and as for me to push over the ascetic hits of states to discuss the real. world. a. faculty want to speak from this meeting with actually. i know. you don't know.
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dawson or whatever. but there's a seal is quite important right now you know so it's not just another meeting it is my hope so you go you know. that it could go i have lost my you should hear. this. call to just go through which. you. never go. in the north and it was a sunday i'm sure there was a long and other that made me happy don't do more because your mother has got to leave the mobility. and don don man live to an invasion dump a mother got to. see on d.v.d. now tell me what your limbs knew what that he was up. to and they found nothing but a postal need to move us out of the falls a book called insults on the tin in bombay this will move his local solutions i've
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been a couple of months not the most awesome awesome insult them on a fluke and it's not just in the data whether. or not she did not meet them or their doubts about someone but she kept in the form of this which actually just. knew this was deeply norm this feast posted with them this is a feature against muslims nothing must we give them is to keep them hidden for now on the globe and here the again it doesn't it was if you want to see who won the vote of any no nothing but it will be enough to ignore. the law do you know you will find with more of those and again oh thank goodness i'm still here it might be used and i would have nothing to follow you but i believe in that i think you're ok very much because you want to know if she will make the best crude oil on land without a deal yet i trust because of that particular year the metrodome at least got a shot out of this ok big thank you nobody looks like you. i don't get in the way
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your jacket and yeah you get the jacket. jesus. and you put in the trailer thing see this for the city. you have guided us since this morning. long destructors like you do for the better future ask. to see.
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your pretty good here today signal for a vision. for the solution of the problem that people want to. be subjected to can be achieved. only if you place the interest of your. interest. on. the extraordinary sammy did not have those dates and government of the southern african development community side of. the hive unseasonal of god it took my love of. people. for political reasons to be allowed to return
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to the country and condition including my problem and then. that happened because it's a good because they have a means additionally to get us to and this is how we must be. more like africa. and that's really the must find their way through freshly painted . it that's so you know and i also resent this. to think of just how this is great i love to see it from this position. because. i don't no idea if it goes to math is appropriate but then my reality is yes betty's your kid received my vacillations the fifth i was
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anxious for this he's so busy for a first date that we would see the next but i just got up and hopefully we've booked that this week good. fish fish a chance thank you very. well might. be better but he's getting worried if you don't want this process because. it's just sort of the no fish showed the. trend. i would say for people who are deeply angry. and pretend business had to freak out. face to want to have hands free. if this is all you want about the president's. responsibility is to show that he reaches. so what is there a difference is friends give
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a chat room and say well we don't accept that so we'll say the french troops are going to go and support for a drug they probably do that it's game over for the really good is. going to get medigap get back to being a productive country instead of being a busted i don't foresee it as a vice i suppose you can still expect they get is based on music. props is seeing the reality. that the reality is that they came out and said they had to return to my guess kind have to go for the next election process no sex act . that you were with and. seduction but i'm just asking the question mark if it's like why don't they approach us. because felix thing is either not even if there's any doubt of what you just. did up to the
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station simplistic a negative should all stand pretty strong biker man and pretty easy to fake. it a secret keeping the force. extremely good it did me no strength to continue to push on the system i love the center over at a place on think about it. i was immediately. going to sue the good of the. deal easier on you are you a geezer to prove david and the on. disease end of the world you been the eagle this is a long history norm is being kept out of the country because of the interests of the small clique of people on the far side and that is so strong that it has to be wrong. and secure since the people handing it back. don't believe if you don't sack was
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your be can actually if you don't any of that was about who should use. hygene make em up i won't keep it would not succeed because you don't fuck with these would be good if you don't stand. their intention process this floor all this is being achieved or is familiar as you . could at all no i think. i actually moved to be taken into politics and got all you both by since you are secular showed critter tough because you by the nose at first because for so you get. this first term i mean people this is it could go with that you have put in place this is your go to share but true now you just love them trick and i want you to come see and to see some five thought they want to transform something illegitimate into. it was earlier it.
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was what most nearly or. a. medical issue is if you. put it in will. do any security. but still it's crazy. if you can phone a face you get my phone. i should miss you it is due to food that i should soon see if you. smoke but. a president thank you.
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shift. he is saying i'm seeing him to give. anybody who's going to be a security going student who can get a future it is a multitude of money donated to secure a new idea to you know the people who can give it a good but it should. not have enough on them votes on all things that the sneers out of not the mother say. i mean they in the back of the brain. that is it is not going to play the best. people going to. the girl who can live with us. come home from work and the.
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expect to be able to take up to expect to be able to take up. a twenty seven a boarding school will be a part of us not to leave. to speak with him in the midst. of people. being too small.
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just. to. see some small. live close to the customer i. think most of the festivities. is. on. the. edge. of it. caught on. and off. they want to. see. the most
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realistic surface yet not. be. i think absolutely. real. locate it. feel me. i have a forty five. little. mushroom got. to clean. the people. of all of. the problem mother has got.
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to smoke to smoke yes do you smoke know. that incest situation but back when you do think we'll get back within a few things just sound perspective. of what my opinion here so my up in just my opinion such opinion of the president no political party no the . i think that. if we just trust the promise. and. he got purses we can never. never. never let. why. because.
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france has many just thinks. enough to prevent us to call. in and i was expecting her to. meet all things all this is what is in this. country that the station agent in that situation. in. the air traffic control board will take. the answer and. the boss of the boss' boss to a station. to fulfill. about. the activities not. you must for instance say. i did you two people to react
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strongly. to refuse the things. is they always say remain quiet remain while you remain peaceful. initiative is in shatters. i don't think that they will be a democratic. affluent and term creation of a of a properly. elected new regime
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and. so i think it will be a disaster. in the meantime elections have taken place medic aska. neither have elemental or know how to or were allowed to run they made too many community community but no action. issue story of my. country my life. thank you.
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a little i didn't offend fish hell i didn't know. that you are there last night.
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the. move. soon as they think please don't is there they think so they think so and they tend to like these sixteen military some easier around. there and after that they ship to my door bit and the giftes so what to do not only don't to nineteen of you stay like this and they come and but it doesn't i'm here and there's a gun. it's with risk to do there's no risk is not not that it is nothing for us noticed because if you are scared for risk it's mean the you accept what they do for you.
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the president sr has died mrs cabell a man in a hoax the regime would allow the president to attend the funeral. for and i'm sure even. find that opinion. i found one just saw a. gift on funds again the end of the. it's my money and i go on the run you can feel it because. you say with. so much advice you have to cut tom's. live live. live. live live.
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live live. live. live. live. let me see. the note on our you. just to see if you saw people. still you know the way. to do what he she said that's from him say. thank. you. please please looking up but it was
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a muslim i didn't find it but i finally did see you got to. leave. it is to destroy has spoken to that they decided to keep in infancy killing five this. poor little princess with the same thing. and. christensen to translate. this into cooling off by the magic poppy own problem i into a new city coming to me and see behavior in poor countries. couldn't.
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color although mostly the weather in australia settle down to the seasonal norm of his pokey showers recently in queens of the soul that line just goes through there in the time of seven hundred seventy ninety nine millimeters in the last twenty for a huge amount of rain for such a small place i think you might see worse or more what not that many and it's the same to the science look at the temperatures now would act as teens the high teens if you're lucky but teens all the same which is really colder than the to be even from now perced is better person to twenty six degrees in the sunshine that breeze of the interior and hangs on to the for a couple of days no change elsewhere if you're in tasmania expect the western windy weather and fifteen degrees which is on its way towards new zealand's this how circulation here has been affecting tasmania will be affecting the south island first of all by rain of course after that it will get colder so eighteen degrees ahead of that rain in wellington twenty in sunny weather in oakland run itself
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isn't followed by showers and a cold wind sixteen still in wellington but if you further south don't expect that sort of largess rain and surprisingly cool weather still the or the day throughout most of thought or of japan thirteen in turkey. the latest news as it breaks out of not had time to eat you can learn a new trial payment ultimately under burning to started raining to the brutal detail coverage of protesters pumped up to the cost was meant as an example of those possible dangerous places from around the last few days and that is where the water is once more rushing down the river it's an unwelcome thing for to minute hundreds barely begun to live. on counting the costs as the u.s. slams the brakes on iran's oil exports will try to spillover effect also have
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a secret world of high risk lending impacts the poor and a sting operation to catch a spy what's a play for control of the next generation of my bob counting the cost on al-jazeera . this is al-jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up as your nine companies search for more suspects in the easter sunday bombings fear of more attacks grapes the island nation. sudan's protests is a keeping up by calls for civilian rule minutes three denies reports meanwhile that
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foreign ministers have been released from prison. warnings of massive flooding over the next ten days as a second powerful cyclon hits mozambique. and all i. he's on spain's far right ahead of an election on sunday where the book's party could emerge as it can make in the next coalition. and i'm lee a hearty live in doha with all of your sport a comedy of errors forces the practice session to be cancelled at the azerbaijan ground free. the fear of more attacks continues to plague sri lanka where muslims were to stay at home for friday prize and sunday masses have been cancelled indefinitely so far more than seventy people have been arrested over the easter sunday attacks which
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killed more than two hundred fifty people earlier a gun battle broke out as the security forces raided a property in the eastern city of. a curfew has been imposed across the area. from colombo. security authorities basically having a raid conducted in sign the mother who in the eastern flank about three hundred fifty kilometers from the capital colombo where there was an explosion when they came upon a certain group they were closing in on there was a gun battle that ensured where hearing from the police spokespersons office that this explosion and shootout didn't sue for certain amount of time and then just about thirty kilometers from in just before this there has also been detection house which had had a number of things including
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a uniform very similar to that worn by the alleged suicide bombers that released a video claiming responsibility for the easter sunday attacks also a banner with the ice of flag that was displayed in the background of that particular video over one hundred fifty sticks of gelug ninety explosives more than one hundred thousand metal ball bearings notoriously used in suicide kit so all of these things coming together and reflecting that the authorities are closing in on these assailants that are on the run now earlier today we had several people talking on the latest the head of the catholic church here in sri lanka but also we heard from president might a policy center let's take a look. bombed but not broken the two hundred year old son anthony shrine called the church of miracles in ruins cameras allowed in for the first time since the easter sunday attacks to see the extent of the damage the head of the catholic
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church in sri lanka is struggling to comprehend the loss of life many people whose lives have been shattered m.b. i have personally felt relieved loss for me personally because i have to buy community he says survivors of the blasts and relatives of victims are heavily traumatized and in need of psychological and spiritual strength rebuilding the churches will be a different challenge but there has been an offer of help for worshippers in the meantime we're overcoming the graffiti and then get very poor want to out there mark my markers or point but then. if you're over about i mean where you are the parent serving their water who are directly are prepared to protect their part of them and do that it would be what our. religious leaders have worked hard to keep their communities calm and united politicians have accepted some blame and
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apologized prison mine to pile a serious ina says he won't shy away from responsibility but was quick to point to what he said contributed to the intelligence lapse and the lack of response to warnings of attacks if i did bargain now what about the civil society figures who weakened the intelligence sector should take note the intelligence services have been undermined i fought to protect them against being jailed and we couldn't. for the families who lost loved ones in sunday's carnage woods or little comfort and security personnel hunt for dozens of remaining operatives still at large fears of further attacks are foremost in people's minds it could be some time before samantha news church reopens its doors for families of victims it will never be quite the same again. colombo. well the easter
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sunday attacks have left many muslims in sri lanka fairing reprisals and worried for the future despite religious leaders called for unity and calm on community of muslim refugees have already been forced from their homes florence louis reports now from. they fled persecution in pakistan and thought they had found refuge in sri lanka some of these are the most limbs have been here for seven years or more but they're once again looking for a place to accept them they say they no longer feel safe in the gumbo after the easter sunday bombings some people here blame them for the attacks my house or car my alters are trying to my door and. their windows all damaged by going to florida and there is turn them in on the police come by going or coming up with a station hundreds of them are sheltering in a community center in a nearby town but they'll have to move again because the locals here don't want
5:55 am
them either and moving back to new gone both isn't an option for now. emotions are still running high after sunday's suicide bomb attack on st sebastian church. the white flags lined the streets a symbol of mourning banners hang as a sign of remembrance for those who died. on the streets are remind us that security remains tight. worried about reprisal attacks the government has advised muslims not to gather for friday press at mosques were the heart of negaunee town which is normally busy and bustling instead many businesses are shut people choosing to remain at home because of the fear of more attacks. is a mostly christian town in buddhist majority street. for generations muslims have lived here without incident and many here want it to remain that way.
5:56 am
you don't want to blame anybody. peace and harmony religions and. i think the government will have to ensure security and peace so that the relationship between the different communities. no one can say for sure how badly the easter sunday bombings may have damaged ties between the mix of communities here florence al jazeera. we go to sudan now where the transitional military council is denying reports that former ministers and members of the ruling party have been freed from jail any such release would anger the thousands of protesters who held friday prayers outside army headquarters and are to malia and the latest opposition to military rule mohammed a doe reports from him. under the scorching sun falls i'm so focused as governor
5:57 am
outside the sudanese army headquarters in ca to look for friday prayers. the someone is haven laden with political messages condemning the rejean of deposed former president omar al bashir messages to the demonstrations continue until the protesters achieve their goal at a time to civilian rule in sudan. soon as the press over the now familiar chance filled the road it will help or not then we need a civilian government to set up a foundation for a modern sudan followed by elections that have integrity and represent the will of the people. and there's not a seven hundred of the former regime divided the people through segregation and racism and today we are united as one nation without trying creed or color we are ready to develop a progressive sudan the protesters wacom outside the military forces even before bush will soon move from this old older transitional military council was given to
5:58 am
some of them to be amongst the protesters are still digging in for a fight and refusing to discuss the feeling here is that the council is simply invites i'm hoping the protesters won't be disappointed and then go home despite international support for the protest as the ten member minutes chik council has so far resisted calls for transition to a civilian administration they argue any small vacuum could propel sudan into a civil war three council members submitted their resignations on wednesday under pressure from protest leaders who say they have presented the interest of all bashir to aldridge in the three good jubilation among the protesters who mosque in that tens of thousands for what organizers hoped would be a million strong march in the past few days the numbers have been bolstered with many people arriving from other parts of sudan to join the sit in.
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her tom sudan. well mohammed vile is live for us and we speaking earlier about the military's denials that they have released any members of the former government what is behind this confusion over who has or has not been released. because there were a list of names in the rumors today and yesterday. according to those rumors those people senior members of the former regime the former ruling party were released the statement that came through a tweet from the military council later this evening. did not give much many details but mentioned some of those names in the earlier in the earlier on and confirmed that they are still under house arrest or in jail but there was another list that came this evening five people. confirmed to our desire both by sources
6:00 am
and or sought by the families of these people five members of the ruling former and counsel who are not on the outs formalise that i mentioned that was denied by the military council these people have been released except one of them who has been moved from prison to house arrest and that is as good as it hasn't who are secretary general of the islamic movement that has been ruling in so than the others include brought him up by here former head of parliament two ministers and one businessman the four of them were close to him out of the chute and were senior members of the former regime and the former ruling party so there were two lists one of them has been denied by the by the military council and one has not been mentioned the names in the second list have not been mentioned have not been included in the denial and their families confirm that they are still the have been.


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