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tv   China Secrets Of A Long Life  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2019 6:33am-7:01am +03

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the only party that opposes the divisions created by regional autonomy and the only party that confronts the ideology of the left it was only last december that fox emerge from political obscurity winning a surprise twelve seats in the regional parliament under fear here in seville and becoming kingmaker in a three way coalition of the political right in regional government well many people wonder whether vox can do it again only this time at the national level. spain everything for spain comes the cry from the podium. the. journal al-jazeera survey of thousands of trade union members have rallied outside the european union headquarters in brussels demanding better working conditions demonstrators from across europe say the current e.u. rulebook gives too much power to businesses and employers and not enough to ordinary workers peaceful protests comes
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a month before european parliament elections where the u.k. be playing an unscheduled part following the delight of bracks it warrants me reports. european elections are close battle lines are being drawn on friday the centrist liberal democrats launched their campaign inviting voters squarely to reject bricks it's against them the new brics it party which demands leaving the e.u. as soon as possible whichever side gets the biggest share of the votes will claim it has a mandate to force the british government to back its position but the two million british citizens living on the continent very many like this group in portugal want to vote to stay in the e.u. but now it appears the option may not be open to them many have received identical letters from local authorities like this one advising that ballot papers won't even get sent out before may the tenth at the earliest people may not be able to return the ballots in time due to the very short notice that we've been given to arrange
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these elections it will not be possible with the timetable and the roll lions on our printers to provide supplies for the postal packs for them to be mailed earlier than this date. i think given the enormity. of this won't change. the potential of how people perceive citizens actually feel in u.k. tools for accents and if we are not. it's devastating assuming the majority of british ex-pats supported you membership not being able to vote in time would hurt the parties that don't like rex's the reason why this matters is because in the u.k. the european elections are being seen effectively as a sort of mini second referendum on whether the country should leave the european union pitting nigel farage is progress a party against the gaggle of others including the liberal democrats who want to stop bricks it at all costs and the polling is sufficiently toit's that the
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inability of british citizens on the consonance of votes could make a major difference yes i am very very worried about this it's very clear that u.k. citizens in the e.u. want to take part in this election many of them were not allowed to take part in the referendum three years ago this is their opportunity to have their say on whether they think that we should stop bricks something the lib dems want to achieve if they're going to miss out simply because it takes too long to issue the ballot papers or the postal system in their in their respective countries in the e.u. doesn't work very effectively or because they can't secure a proxy here in the united kingdom that could skew the results probably in part is already accused of being slow off the blocks in preparing their pitches for the elections of an remainders may already have made their minds up who they want to vote for but if people living abroad cannot exercise their choice it would be hugely controversial lawrence leigh others here in london. the british and irish governments are terms ian talks over restoring northern ireland's devolved
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government which has been in political limbo for more than two years the move was spurred by the death of journalist larry mckee shot during writing in the city of london derry last week u.k. prime minister terry's in may and her irish counterpart leo heraclea attended her funeral on wednesday they put out a joint statement saying northern ireland needs a new momentum for political progress and calling for action from political leaders . police have released pictures of the gunman suspected of killing larry mckay they say it's likely to be a teenager and a once again urging the local community to identify him separatist group the new ira says it shot mickey by accident while opening fire on police. well so i have for you on the program. as a set and millions off the n.f.l. draft american football remains a game of survival for many others will have that story and more.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get the. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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as promised his the sport with nia. thank you so much liverpool got the result they needed to keep their hopes alive in the english premier league title race they went top of the table by beating huddersfield five nil liverpool scored after just ten seconds following a miss. stake in the hunters field defense guinea midfielder with the goal it proved to be an all african score sheet senegal's. to egypt's mohamed salah liverpool chasing their first league title since one nine hundred ninety. so
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liverpool go two points clear of manchester city but their rivals have a game in hand against burnley on sunday with two matches left in the season after that liverpool need city to drop points if they're to have a chance of taking home the trophy now the montenegro football association has been ordered to play its next competitive match between closed doors following racists abused by fans against england players tottenham's danny rose and manchester city's raheem sterling were among the england players targeted by the abuse on march twenty fifth has also ordered montenegro to pay a fine of twenty two thousand dollars and display a banner with the hash tag equal game when they next play at home. to formula one in a bizarre incident at the azerbaijan grand prix that caused the cancellation of the first practice session this is british driver george russell of the williams team checking under his car after pulling over that's after it hit a louche drain cover causing some serious damage as you can see here to add to the
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chaos a recovery truck later took a chunk out of a bridge race organizers decided to abandon the session after just ten minutes to check the safety of the rest of the venue and bako the second session did go ahead with chas look clerk fastest ahead of ferrari teammate sebastian vettel. rafael nadal is into the barcelona open semifinals as he tries to win the twelfth title and catalonia but the spaniard struggled against germany's young leonard straw for the first set seven five on friday this is the first time these two have ever played together and it proved to be a memorable debut the doll taking the second as well by the same score to set up a semi final against dominic. for many american football players the journey to turning pro starts in high school one coach in new orleans has his hands full managing young talented athletes trying to keep them on the field and out of the streets john hendren has the story. the winningest coach in louisiana says
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football is not his color. then it's just a job. he's real vocation coach bryce brown says is to get his players out of new orleans alive so that's good about you know basic survival you know and we're talking about gun violence you know about the kind of stuff that we try to keep our kids away from. is it working. just ask ronnie action jackson. the team's star running back it was a photo program own the while what i view are not. being a one not. jackson grew up on the gritty streets of the city they call the big easy breaking into homes eight two cousins were fatally shot his uncle wounded i don't think the program could rise for what he did. as he saved my life in assistant coach once rescued him from a drug den guns and narcotics lying on the table he tried to quit football more
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than twenty five times with the man they call coach bryce refuses to give up on his players off the field but he's a great mentor he teaches about life as always a lesson on life how to build a great person a very for you know a future for the. new orleans is one of the most dangerous cities in the u.s. some months the deadliest on a per capita basis. a lot of football teams pride themselves on leaving it all on the field but that's not how they do it here here the coach says it's what they do you off the field that matters most putting football second putting for both or putting putting academics first we go to study hall every day before we hit the feel. after practice coach price and his staff call every player every day to make sure they're safe and still alive what happens if you don't answer is ever going to your house where you go. you know follow you go follow me show you may show
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everything on. with this victory in december edna karr high school became louisiana's state champions for the third year straight they've played in the championship game seven of the past nine seasons we could do that well but always say the ball we touched in the souls so this isn't just about football no. no sir i think if we get consumed in the football then we'll stop this fall ronnie jackson will play first string on the team at the university of texas at san antonio on a full scholarship. for. coach price got another one out john hendren al jazeera new orleans. love that will five time n.b.a. champion san antonio have stayed alive in the playoffs forcing game seven against the denver nuggets so how has a story that led to the scout when you have a forty three point game you can usually expect to be on the winning side nicholas
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was on fire in game six with the denver needing just one more win to progress but despite his impressive form he's been finding out there's no quit in five time n.b.a. championship winning coach gregg popovich and his son tony. and while pop doesn't have the likes of tim duncan and tony parker and even i he does have the marcus aldridge and the moderates and for us for that matter. both play showing they've got the hunger to win made it n.b.a. titles respectively but of jock itch in fine form game six of the tied to for the most part. you know the spurs did however benchley put away their. heroes and scored twelve of his twenty five points in the panelled mccoy i would say went into the fourth five points ahead kept them from there they didn't look back the spurs went on to see a one twenty two one zero three when i forced a decisive game seven their hopes of bringing home championship number six to san
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antonio remain very much alive so hale malik al-jazeera that's from a back to maryam thank you very much that wraps up the news hour but i'll be back in a moment with much more of the day's news for you soon. yard . by mail edition every week lee new cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of the on march script that calls for the annihilation of israel but that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how
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they were caught on the stories that matter the mouse to embed is a free palestine are they listening post on al-jazeera. the shortest lived administration in spain in modern history has been forced to call a snap election on april the twenty eight with the polls suggesting a fragmented vote and the rise of the far right populist movement caught can the socialist alliance hold on to power stay with al-jazeera for the latest on the spanish election. in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking school. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty announces iraq.
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where ever you. can police search for more suspects in the easter sunday bombings as the fear of more attacks grips the island nation. you know i maryam namazie in london you are with al jazeera also coming up on the program while sudan's protesters keep up their calls for civilian rule the military denies reports that former ministers have been released from prison warnings of
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massive flooding over the next ten days as a second powerful cyclon hits mozambique and all eyes on spain's far right ahead of the election on sunday where the surge in support for the box party could see it emerge as it can make. fear of more attacks continues to stalk frank are off the easter sunday attacks which killed more than two hundred fifty people muslims were to stay at home for friday prayers and sunday masses have been cancelled indefinitely so far more than seventy people have been arrested over these bombings and earlier a gun battle broke out as the security forces raided a property in the eastern city of. a curfew has now been imposed across the area in elfin and as has more from colombo. security authorities basically having
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a raid conducted in sign the mother who in calmly in the eastern flank about three hundred fifty kilometers from the capital colombo where there was an explosion when they came upon a certain group they were closing in on there was a gun battle that ensured away hearing from the police spokespersons office that this explosion and shootout didn't sue for a certain amount of time and then just about thirty kilometers from in just before this there has also been detection house which had had a number of things including a uniform very similar to that worn by the alleged suicide bombers that released a video claiming responsibility for the easter sunday attacks also a banner with the ice of flag that was displayed in the background of that particular video over one hundred fifty sticks of gelug ninety explosives more than one hundred thousand metal ball bearings notoriously used in suicide kits so all of
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these things coming together and reflecting that the authorities are closing in on these assailants that are on the run now earlier today we had several people talking on the latest head of the catholic church here in sri lanka but also we heard from president might of allah serious in a let's take a look. but not broken the two hundred year old son anthony shrine called the church of miracles in ruins cameras allowed in for the first time since the easter sunday attacks to see the extent of the damage the head of the catholic church in sri lanka is struggling to comprehend the loss of life many people whose lives are being shared. i have personally feel a great loss for me personally because they are. by community he says survivors of the blasts and relatives of victims are heavily traumatized and in
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need of psychological and spiritual strength rebuilding the churches will be a different challenge but there has been an offer of help for worshippers in the meantime we're overcoming the christians. who are want to have their mosque my market open but then. you have on their power i mean where do you already. know if they're in their water who are directly are prepared to protect their part of them and do that it would be what our. religious leaders have worked hard to keep their communities calm and united politicians have accepted some blame and apologized prison mine to pile a serious ina says he won't shy away from responsibility but was quick to point to what he said contributed to the intelligence lapse and the lack of response to warnings of attacks if i did bargain what about the civil society figures who
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weakened the intelligence sector should take note the intelligence services have been undermined are fought to protect them against being jailed and we cannot for the families who lost loved ones in sunday's carnage woods are of little comfort and our security personnel hunt for dozens of remaining operatives still at large fears of further attacks of foremost in people's minds it could be sometime before samantha needs church reopens its doors for families of victims it will never be quite the same again in a financial jazeera colombo. well the easter sunday attacks have left many muslims in sri lanka fairing reprisals and worried for the future despite the calls from religious leaders for unity and calm one community of muslim refugees have already been forced from their homes florence louis reports on that now from the gone. they fled persecution in pakistan and thought they had found refuge in sri lanka
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some of these limbs have been here for seven years or more but they're once again looking for a place to accept them they say they no longer feel safe in the gumbo after the easter sunday bombings some people here blame them for the attacks my house or my old geezer to bring to my door and. their windows all damaged by going to florida and there is turning on a minor in the breeze on by going or cannot be stationed hundreds of them are sheltering in a community center in a nearby town but they'll have to move again because the locals here don't want them either and moving back to new gone both isn't an option for now. emotions are still running high after sunday's suicide bomb attack on st sebastian church. the white flags lined the streets a symbol of mourning banners hang as
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a sign of remembrance for those who died. on the streets are remind us that security remains tight. worried about reprisal attacks the government has advised muslims not to gather for friday press at mosques were the heart of negaunee town which is normally busy and bustling instead many businesses are shut people choosing to remain at home because of the fear of more attacks. is a mostly christian town in buddhist majority st lanka for generations muslims have lived here without incident and many here want it to remain that way. you don't want to blame anybody. in peace and harmony all religions and. i think the government will have to ensure security and peace so that the relationship between the different communities don't deter really. no one can say
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for sure how badly the easter sunday bombings may have damaged ties between the mix of communities here lawrence lee al jazeera both. the transitional military council and saddam is denying reports that former ministers and members of the ruling party have been freed from jail and he would anger the thousands of protesters who held friday president side army headquarters in hard to maria and the latest show of opposition to military rule mamata doe reports from heart him. and other scorching sun. outside the sudanese army headquarters in khartoum for friday prayers. the someone is heavily laden with political messages condemning the of the polls to former president bush messages to the demonstrations continue until the. just as achieve
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their goal a return to civilian rule in sudan. soon as the prayer over the now familiar chance filled the road it will not then we need a civilian government to set up a foundation for a modern sudan followed by elections that have integrity and represent the will of the people. and there's not a seven hundred of the former regime divided the people through segregation and racism and today we are united as one nation without tribe creed or color we are ready to develop a progressive sudan the protesters wacom outside the military forces even before bush it will soon move from this although the transitional military council has given in to some of them to be amongst the protesters are still digging in for a fight and refusing to discuss the feeling here is that the council is simply bite i'm hoping the protesters won't be disappointed and then go home despite
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international support for the protesters the ten member military council has so far resisted calls for transition to a civilian administration they argue any small vacuum could propel sudan into a civil war three council members submitted their resignations on wednesday under pressure from protest leaders who say they have presented the interest of all bashir to aldridge and the trigger jubilation among the protesters who mosque in that tens of thousands for what organizers hoped would be a million strong march in the past few days the numbers have been bolstered with many people arriving from other parts of sudan to join the sit in. her tome sudan. well protesters in algeria keeping up the pressure of their own remnants of the political regime that was led by the former president idolizes beautifully tens of thousands of people rallied in algiers on the tenth consecutive
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friday of protests demanding the departure of the ruling elite and an end to corruption several figures closer to the former president of already been sacked or arrested over alleged corruption so fucking up what we did have all of them will be gone and they will be judged and the money of the properties will all goes back to the people so that's what we're looking foolish we don't want them just to lead we want to be judged so that's what we want to learn over the there's this corrupt system is playing a dangerous game my dear brothers algerian people we must remain united i swear to god if we separate because of various ism originalism i swear the system will not only last for years but it will last for centuries and we will go back to marginalize the corruption of the abuse of power. elsewhere the united nations is saying rockets and mortar shells have hit residential neighborhoods in the libyan capital tripoli is now the target of an offensive by general khalifa haftar who wants to wrestle the city from the un recognized government of libya almost three
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hundred people have been killed and around thirty nine thousand have fled on thursday the international committee of the red cross describes some residential areas as battlefields. this as doctors about order has released a video of a raid on the us that have been a series detention center half does forces they're accused of storming the facility south of tripoli on tuesday and beating migrants and refugees who were protesting about the conditions there at least two people were killed and twenty injured. thousands of libyans have take to the streets in tripoli and misrata to condemn the offensive by forces loyal to after mahmud up to why it has more on this now from tripoli. here in the main square in the libyan capital libyans have come out to condemn what they call the military aggression by have the forces on the capital tripoli also in other cities on the west of libya including the city of misrata libyans have taken to the streets.


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