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tv   Art Trafficking  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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a coalition government may get that could take weeks and weeks until spaniards know what the new government is going to look like libya's u.n. recognized government has told france stop dealing with the warlord continues to lay siege to tripoli there was an airstrike on sunday by one of his helicopters which killed four and injured at least twenty three france has been accused by the tripoli based government of supporting hafter as his forces advance towards the capital here is more from the wind in tripoli. clashes broke out again on the southern part of tripoli near the diversity of the international in active airport as their forces loyal to the e.u. and their kidneys the government of national called have advanced toward the center of the tripoli international airport it's very strategic because if the government forces recaptured the international airport they can easily cut the supporting law in coming for her those forces from the city of the south of tripoli on another
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front have to his forces that retreated as the government forces took control of a bridge on the southern part of tripoli military sources where the government say that the government warplanes targeted have those locations in several areas on the southern part of the city and meanwhile the interior minister of the government of national called. has blamed france for what he calls supporting the warlords have to overnight a poor have to play in targeted locations near the city center of tripoli killing get four and one twenty over more than twenty fighters with the government of national accord and. interior minister a government of national accord is asking or calling on france to stop dealing with the world. and they go to the fighter jets or the locations at night or
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the interior minister says that there are two countries who are involved in supporting warlord plea for help to with the warplanes and fighter jets we know that the united arab emirates and egypt are the major supporters of the warlord for have says that have to it cannot be part of any peace negotiations and the aim of this operation by the government is not on. a little push have to his forces back out of tripoli but also to chase them beyond their administrative borders of tripoli towards the city of leon and the city of tire hona still ahead for you on al jazeera family home today i'm thinking that if i lend this language i will be able to introduce to russian culture in afghanistan and vice versa a report from kabul as russia expands its influence in afghanistan looking to again play a role in the country's future the security tragedy. sending his son to
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humanity and prayers for pace in sri lanka a week after the easter bomb attacks and catholics celebrate mass vajra televised service. logan a welcome back we are cross china we did see some very heavy rain as we enter the week particular down here across much of the south we're going to get a break as we go towards the beginning of the week particular on monday where we're going to be seeing some partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions across the area but that's only going to last for one day because by the time we get to tuesday much of that rain continues to come down here across much of the south leading up here towards the northeast for joe we're going to expect and thunderstorms in your forecast as well attempted there of about thirty degrees in shanghai it will be a rainy day for us well with
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a temperature of nineteen across india central india particularly we are looking at the central areas seeing temperatures into the forty mid forty's or higher across much of the region nagpur at forty five degrees there kolkata not looking too bad at thirty seven degrees but new delhi forty two degrees as well out towards the bamberg all we are watching a new cycle in developing and that is making its way towards the north not really too much of a factor as we go towards the middle of the week but we will be watching as the tracks up here towards the north. for new delhi it is going to be a day of forty two degree temperatures for you as we go towards tuesday and then very quickly here across the gulf we're looking at temperatures in doha coming up as well a temperature of thirty two degrees here on monday and thirty two degrees on tuesday . but i'm a patient every weekly news anchor brings a silly simple breaking story and that of course is donald trump through the eyes of the clouds channelise that's right out of
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a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the least named post as we turn the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the story so that matter the most to embed is a free palestine listening post on al-jazeera. top stories for you this hour on al-jazeera a breakthrough in sudan after weeks of deadlock between protesters and military leaders opposition groups and the army have agreed to form a joint council to discuss a transition to civilian. voting is underway in spain the third national election
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there in four years the socialist seeking another term but no party is predicted to win an outright majority in libya's un it recognized government as told france stop dealing with police after the war continues to lay siege to tripoli france has been accused by the tripoli based government of supporting half to as his forces advance towards the capital. now detectives in the united states are investigating a suspected hate crime at a synagogue and a gunman killed in early elderly woman and wounded three other people including a rabbi and police have arrested a nineteen year old man suspected of having far right views rob reynolds has more now from the scene in california. almost one hundred people had gathered at the home community center in synagogue in poll a north of san diego to celebrate the last day of passover in the jewish holiday a white one thousand year old male identified by police as jonathan ernest entered the synagogue and began firing
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a semiautomatic rifle bullets struck four people killing an elderly woman and wounding a young girl a man and the rabbi presiding over the service obviously look right now based on my last. conversation was like a hate crime hard to believe as the gunman fled an armed off duty border patrol agent employed to provide security at the synagogue chased him shooting at his vehicle shortly afterward the gunman contacted police and was taken into custody without incident police believe his weapon jammed soon after he began shooting there was a border patrol officer off duty. at the at the synagogue and as the. church was leaving the facility he obtained a weapon and engaged in gunfire and shot at ernest did not hit him but there was a piers that did make. it but some bullet holes in the car that arch was driving
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law enforcement officers say the alleged gunman was under investigation for attempting to set fire to a mosque in a nearby community hate crimes against jews and other minorities in the u.s. have increased in recent years the california attack happened six months to the day after eleven people were killed in a synagogue in pittsburgh one of the worst instances of anti semitic violence in modern u.s. history in the past few weeks three churches where african-americans worship were set alight in louisiana president trump has faced criticism that his record. rick has encouraged white supremacists he denies the accusations on friday the president drew criticism for once again saying there were quote fine people among those taking part in the unite the wright rally in charlottesville virginia in two thousand and seventeen which was billed as
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a racist anti-semitic gathering president trump says there were some there milledge to defend the statue of the confederate pro-slavery general i was talking about feel this way because they felt very strongly about the monument to robert e. lee a great general would like it was one of the great the alleged gunman apparently posted a hate filled anti-semitic screen online on a website popular with the far right just a few moments before the shooting began that document will now be scrutinized by investigators who are also looking for other elements to his motive and the shooting is likely to add to a growing political debate in the weeks ahead rob reynolds al-jazeera hoey california an update now with christensen amy in washington d.c. christian exactly what charges is the government facing. kemal so far
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john ernest a nineteen year old is being charged with homicide but according to the sheriff of san diego county he's also under investigation for possible arson after claiming credit for setting fire to a mosque and the big question now is whether or not he will be charged with a hate crime we have heard from officials from the president on down to the mayor of poway describing the activity as a hate crime john bolton the national security adviser speaking to a u.s. network said at this stage they don't have any evidence that he was linked to known hate groups but again officials far and wide are condemning this is a crime of hate in the words of the mayor of the city any time someone goes into a house of worship and shoots the congregants in my book that is a hate crime so it seems at this stage will likely that more charges will follow
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tell us a little more than kristen about the reaction you know when you told us what how various people have reacted and saying it's a hate crime but hate crimes in the united states now everything goes through the prism of politics and the the language that's being used in the divisions in american society these days. well and officials far and wide are condemning the attack and president trump who as rob noted has been criticized for his rhetoric was quick to condemn anti-semitism and say that the nation is standing with the jewish community at this time and particularly the people at the synagogue we've heard from rap on omar as well she's a muslim representative who's been very outspoken about islamophobia and she says that you know her heart is breaking over this and called for you know a rise in people confronting religious hate that this should be a bit of a call for people to. court these religious minorities but of course the strongest
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reaction we're getting is from the jewish community itself which has been the subject of many attacks an increasing number of attacks in recent years the anti-defamation league put out a statement saying that this attack was it's an attack on the entire jewish community our collective sacred space was shattered with this heinous act of violence the c.e.o. of the organization said you know it was the last day of passover when the attack happened in six months to the day after that synagogue shooting in pittsburgh which as the a.d.l. noted was the deadliest anti-semitic attack in u.s. history that's christian salome with the up at from washington that's kristen roman catholic worshippers in sri lanka have taken the imprisonment a step of celebrating sunday mass by watching a televised service normal services in churches on all suspended indefinitely following last sunday's east to bomb attacks florence reports now from colombo.
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a week off to easter sunday same time police shrine remains closed and sunday mosques across the nation suspended because of security threats despite the bomb and the and intense security the faithful get as close to the church as they can and don't want to ice the head of the catholic church in sri lanka the archbishop of colombo celebrated mass in the church in his official rest of his message of peace broadcast live on t.v. and radio on. to kill someone in the name of god go on do is the all merciful god who is the all love god who has reared my brother and mine. who vanished while we value. of service at home with her family a sister. was at same time to church last sunday and hasn't been seen since
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she holds out hope her sister is still alive but is struggling we can pray did that only end with now i don't like church anymore i don't want called my sister went to church with belief in god she had strong faith she often sets an absence will help really good to know life i've lost faith in the church. the family haven't stopped searching but say they're ready to accept any outcome this is our neighborhood multi-faith like a family as a mosque a few steps away and in front of that a catholic shrine at this time of the year this street and the surrounding ones should be decorated with festive lights to celebrate easter a week ago instead they've been replaced by black and white streaming us. every father jude jones have joined. us holding mass at st anthony's when the bomb exploded he survived because the bomb us at the back of the church away from the altar he says he's struggling to come to terms with the attack why encyclopedias
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would please such things to happen. usually before the mas i talk to the people. and then. as you say like to some of them. they were full of all. they were full of hope. and all of them with new dresses. i hope some families came specially in pension. who asked for. me to guard. everything. outside st anthony's survivors held a prayer vigil and lit candles in memory of the dead and prayed for peace florence italy al-jazeera colombo. afghanistan is marking the anniversary of the overthrow of its backed government in one thousand nine hundred two after occupation by the soviet union in the one nine hundred eighty s. what is called victory day signifies the end of russian involvement in afghanistan
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but now thirty years on some actually believe moscow's influence is returning charlotte bellus looks at that now from kabul. it's not feasible or has been learning russian for six months and kabul university that i was at first i chose this language as a hobby but after learning it i found it is very rich it gives me broader ideas and connects me with the world which can improve my life. the course was started in one nine hundred seventy nine as the soviets invaded afghanistan they were in afghanistan for a decade fighting the mujahideen when the military retreated so did coach times not good. when nato forces came to afghanistan we only had one russian class now we have four classes because there is no sensitivities around learning russian six thousand five hundred afghans are studying russian and three hundred sixty can apply for paid scholarships into russian university. i want to learn russian
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because it's an international language if i learn this language i will be able to introduce the russian culture in afghanistan and vice versa russia has turned towards afghanistan as the u.s. has turned away after eighteen years at war america is looking for a way out u.s. taliban talks are progressing seem to be around a foreign troop withdrawal without being asked moscow held parallel talks in march upstaging the us by getting afghan leaders and the taliban in the same or agreed with on many fronts and the fall date in future can be succeeded nude photos and on thursday moscow hosted a trilateral meeting with china and the u.s. would be agreed to work together to bring peace to afghanistan russia's rebranding afghanistan extends to a new cultural seem to hair in western kabul in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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this was the site for the sort of a hard science and culture that was destroyed during the civil war the ruins became a refuge for carbo's drug addicts now they teach russian language hold arctic submissions and movie nights they have soccer tournament's with players from former soviet states this except mission showcases one hundred years of diplomacy between kabul and moscow an hour for afghan people to have an opportunity to compare it is yes and. you know. some colleagues. spent for afghanistan several deviance of draws. now russia is hoping for a fresh start in afghanistan one without u.s. interference. or kabul. with al jazeera and these are the headlines a breakthrough has been made in sudan after weeks of deadlock between protesters
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and military leaders of position groups and the army have agreed to form a joint council to discuss a transition to civilian rule. voting underway in spain the third national election in four years socialists are seeking another term but no party is predicted to win an outright majority libya's un recognized government as told france stop dealing with khalifa haftar the warlord continues to lay siege to tripoli and france has been accused by the tripoli based government of supporting hafter. floods have been reported in northern mozambique following the most powerful cyclon ever recorded their cycle in canada dissipated after killing at least five people and flattening entire villages two days ago but more severe thunderstorms are expected in the government's warning people to move to higher ground. these villages have been entirely wiped out they look like they've been run over by a bulldozer and the people are asking for time then they need water purification
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and they need food so we are going to work closely with the government we are here in support of i n g c who are coordinating this response to mobilize the supplies needed to get these people assistance as quickly as possible the weather is still bad it is still raining but thankfully the winds have died down so we will be doing everything we can in the next twenty four hours to get people the supplies that they need and to continue to move out to assess areas and make sure that we know the full situation on the ground detectives in the united states are investigating a suspected hate crime in a synagogue a gunman killed an elderly woman and wounded three other people including a rabbi police in california arrested a nineteen year old man suspected of having far right views and of setting fire to a mosque and roman catholic worshippers in sri lanka have taken the on president and step of celebrating sunday mass by watching a televised service the archbishop of colombo led the prayers from his official residence and there is actually a vigil happening in colombia right now as well normal services have been suspended indefinitely nationwide following last sunday's easter bomb attacks which killed
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two hundred sixty people in churches and hotels both president and prime minister were at that special mass that's my lot for today daryn's a long and a half an hour that is right after the listening post. one of the richest philanthropists in the world renowned for financing endeavors to eradicate some of the worst diseases bill gates talks to al-jazeera about his foundation's goals and on says those who are critical. on al-jazeera. people killed. when the bomb blast happened the government shut. down. but at the heart of the. shock government. shutdown not so much at best at. hello i'm richard gere's burden you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week sri
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lanka after the attacks the authorities pull the plug on social media but sri lankans almost immediately find a way around the block of france's yellow vests and the hostility they have for the news media the way their story is being reported a film star and a prime minister have a chat in front of the cameras what would you call that because apparently it wasn't political and thank you for joining us noam a british rapper manufactures some online dissent with the help of an animated noam chomsky it was carnage the worst violence in sri lanka since the end of the civil war ten years ago multiple church and hotel bombings on easter sunday that killed more than two hundred people in the immediate aftermath the government shut off access to social media facebook whatsapp instagram and fiber the rationale to stem the spread of hate speech and misinformation however there's a complex debate to be had here on the benefits of
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a social media shutdown versus the costs millions of people could not contact their friends and family because in sri lanka social media platforms are the internet itself such as the online reliance on sites. facebook and whatsapp moreover the evidence suggests that shutting off social media does little to check the spread of misinformation circumvention is all too easy and the blocks cut off authentic sources of information as well and in a country where politicians and the mainstream media have been known to deal in misinformation themselves an internet shutdown makes it harder to get to the truth or starting point this week is the sri lankan capital colombo. so the first explosions occurred around eight forty five one easter sunday morning
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. we didn't mean it's the first e-mail started snowing through social media and some of the first photos clearly from members of the congregation or graphic we started getting you know dozens of. various groups. trying to figure out what happened and lots of speculation that didn't end up being trim around the one by a run what stopped functioning. was not loading. and also. phones were not working anymore. within six hours of the coordinated explosions across sri lanka allegedly by a group that had pledged allegiance to isis the social media shutdown came into effect the online information vacuum was in place there was no official warning and
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the justification was slow in coming still the measures came as no surprise to outsiders social media observers and commentators around the world with misinformation and hate speech spreading across online platforms. the blocks seem to make sense just not to those actually affected sri lankans i see these some western media what i see is someone going well you know just because of its speech means to get its act together in reality these are not democratic decisions what happens is the government just block someone's mean jerk reaction and you know people just have this way of information you have to sort of weigh the risks that come with social media and how it can be used to sort of incite violence and further violence which are like i seen in the past however in sri lanka you know most folks actually communicate through like what's up and viber
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and when you block those makes it very hard to access information about what's going on and the fact that the news is being broken and through social media rather than through official media channels first and you know without any government statements right away i think cause people to really sort of panic. beyond the question of whether a social media blockage is in the societal interest is the question of how effective blockages are particularly in the tech savvy country like. where the use of v.p.n. virtual private networks has grown widespread. just over a year ago in march of two thousand and eighteen the government attempted its first social media block after anti muslim violence erupted in central and eastern sri lanka more than a million social media users reportedly downloaded d.p.'s which circumvent blockages by masking users location allowing them to go online from what appears to
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be another country so when this blockage occurred many sri lankans were ready everybody has b.p.'s in the country most everybody that i know has a v.p.n. installed in this spot for no devices and computers. and so the first thing that people talk about when they get a hint that the go try to block social media is the one you should download and that you don't get so much about the fact of the soviet block you know context to. broaden the debate to discuss. but the day after the attack tunnel bear one of the most popular v.p.n. in sri lanka was no longer accessible sri lankans who circumvent the social media blockage do not deny that online discourse can be problematic or even dangerous the fabrications misinformation and the hate speech are there for all to see however ethnic and religious divides have always existed in the country social media just
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gives them a prominence across multiple platforms they've never had before we started seeing fabrications of pretty much everything the water hoax in particular. people started receiving going to say just what. was poison but within an hour. when he copes going up and down the roads of these areas telling citizens not to drink the water that this had actually been poisoned there were freak. look at lester so you can imagine the kind of shock that must have people social media while a tool that was used and has been to incite hatred and violence in sri lanka is by no means the cause of such hatred and violence if you look at the history of since independence we've had cycles of violence and cycles of riots events and while i can see the. like facebook and even what's happened vibert have been used by
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far right extremist groups to kind of propaganda narrative around the muslim community they've i know means are the sort of cause of violence. and i think blocking of those arts is not going to result in an end to violence against the muslim community. lankans would be less dependent on social media if they had more faith in their mainstream news outlets but they do not call it the rajapaksa fact in the hindu roger packs of was the country's president from two thousand and five to two thousand and fifty under his watch journalists faced heavy government pressure and some paid for their work with their lives in two thousand and nine reporters without borders directly blamed the president and state owned media for inciting hatred and violence against journalists rajapaksa was voted out of office in two thousand and fifteen providing news outlets with some breathing space
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however late last year his successor tried to bring him back as prime minister. that led to a legal standoff lasting fifty one days over what came to be known as sri lanka's soft coup most mainstream news outlets supported the return of rajapakse. with. a look. at a venture only the courts overturned rajapaksa appointment rulings that it was unconstitutional that made us realize that our media is no longer serving the public interest. vested interests. to leave this in with a few honorable exceptions are all corrupt there is much that is not right here but the. the last left for us to verify
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to find out and ask to express social media also played an important role again in trying to be very critical of how the coup is being conducted and exposing the kind . bribery and hands that were being made by the sort of new forms of government social media is really important in all of that i shudder to think what would have happened if there was north. block building that fifty one because of that crisis the coup could have succeeded and that's the problem media is compromised media is kept and they have abdicated their public interest rate this is sad but realistic assessment of traditional mainstream media. sri lanka social media blockage was supposed to have ended by now but on friday president my three pala siddhis santa said there is still too much misinformation
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out there and if the platforms fail to control it they may be banned permanently under the declared state of emergency the government also has the power to censor mainstream news outlets far from seeing the end of misinformation sri lankans have been left with a lack of information. discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers in auction ravi mena india is now halfway through its general election process which lasts for a month and there is this strange story about a nonpolitical interaction with the country's leading politician prime minister narendra modi so what was that about this was clearly an attempt by the to get a boost from bollywood through an interview conducted by the phone star much. only the questions it was broadcast online by asian news international and i it's
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a private news agency that benefits from close access to not in the movie and his party b j p of course many mainstream channels then picked up the interview and run into this entirety. the tone was beyond informal it was phoning and this interview has been physician quite carefully to avoid falling afoul of election commission rules now conventional broadcast interviews are banned while voting is under way and so this interview was labeled a nonpolitical interaction so this is mostly in the b j p spotting a loophole in the election rules and just taking advantage of it absolutely me using the bollywood card to do that you see there are many mainstream outlets that are openly aligned with the b.g.p. but the prime minister is not taking any chances bollywood actors have posed for selfies with him they've tweeted in support of him in fact there was even a film a bio pic that was slated for release just as voting began with the election
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commission then intervened and said it would have to wait until after results are announced ok going back to social media now for a minute the meeting this week between the c.e.o. of twitter and one of the platforms best known users donald trump what were they talking. well reportedly one of their discussions was about something that trumpet tweeted just hours before the meeting took place he said twitter was constantly taking people off the list that's his way of saying that they were fiddling with his follower numbers now dorsey explained that as part of twitter's efforts to clean up the site a lot of fake accounts and bots have been killed and so follower numbers are being affected for people across twitter but this plays into donald trump's suspicion which exists amongst other conservatives that somehow these big tech companies are out to get the american right correct yeah this is an ongoing conversation happening on the american right that twitter google facebook they're all out to suppress their presence now have to see given the number of pick and changing
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algorithms there is a case to be made for more clarity in how online platforms function which way to really get into trouble however is when it fails to take action in cases where the rules are clearly being violated take trying for example he regularly treats tweets sexist racist and insightful messages jack dorsey however has clarified that twitter does hold public and prominent leaders in to a different standard earlier this year he said we believe it's important that the world sees how global leaders think and how they act there is a new policy however in the works for twitter where they will leave an offensive tweets and explain why they made up on the site now that will be interesting to see ok thanks mia. turning to france now where president emmanuel mccraw has just announced a tax cut of five billion euros it was one of several new reforms and a victory of sorts for all the yellow vest protesters who first hit the streets
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almost six months ago demonstrating over the price of fuel the cost of living and tax fairness macro initially tried to appease the movement by boosting the minimum wage but it didn't work and when that fire consumed part of paris's not a damn cathedral and macro led the fight. raising efforts for the reconstruction he played right into the protesters hands those multimillion dollar donations from billionaires which happen to be tax deductible underlined the issues of tax inequality and the government's priorities the media are more than just a subplot in this protesters complain about the underreporting of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstrations and reporters have been restricted manhandled by police and subjected to arrest so the yellow vests are producing their own coverage live streaming across social networks listening posts are now on the tussle between the media the state and.
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i want to. put something you know something. more. than a story. not just a quick guess just. like . stymie can. look into a. sure shot that. it is really nice on a few. of the. things
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that they knew. it could even just as you're supposed. to you know this cool it at twenty three the twenty third consecutive week of protests across france the numbers on this. streets were boosted in the aftermath of the not fire and the billions of dollars that flooded in for reconstruction. the demonstrators who first took to the streets and roundabouts over the rising price of fuel before raising other economic issues and now targeting institutions they say of protecting the rich and powerful at the expense of the people they reserve a special place in their placards for the police and their sometimes brutal response as well as the journalists some of whom have been attacked by protesters. the protesters anger towards the media is understandable but it cannot justify violence or hatred of all media because this ends up being
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a hatred of democracy democracy is about respecting the media even when they don't like what the media says of course there was a strong grievance when the yellow vest movement began that the media was not reporting their side of the story most notably with regard to police violence. today journalism is a profession that stands discredited by the yellow vests and wider french society at france and we are lucky enough to have great proximity to the parts of france that accuse journalists of only covering paris and middle and upper classes and of forgetting those sections of society that feel discerned and invisible. and yet that said don't use the labor you know what i found when the protests began we covered it like all the social movements that have come before it why are they angry what is the response from politicians the protesters clearly showed that as long as they weren't being heard they wouldn't stop the main message was nobody is
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listening to us nobody ever has we all the voices you've been deaf to for the past ten twenty thirty years and this completely changes the way we have to cover things i. do think initially. the twenty four hour news channel and so had you were reports for bear fem is the most widely watched in france it's also the journalistic but you are of the yellow vests movement among the complaints over better mistreatment of their story other has been sensationalized the protesters have been criminalized and the instances of protest of violence have been overstated. david i'm all set loose so mum didn't pull his immediate cheek. to. disappoint you exist. if you saw. it look at the mall. although she shouldn't have been shows
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electrically but also. secondly the. limits just don't have to all the sister to dispense with their full t.v. journalists have faced aggression from demonstrators they were even attacked live on air once. and the yellow vests also taken to protesting outside bevan tv's offices however the french media's credibility problems go beyond the yellow vest story and their quantifiable this past january one month into the protests. a national catholic newspaper published a poll when asked whether their journalists were independent able to resist pressure brought by political parties sixty nine percent of respondents said no that's more than two thirds of french news consumers. french journalists
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just like american ones when donald trump came to power they live in a bubble they're oblivious to a whole fraction of french through friday through third century parts of a small menu that huddle in on itself they are only three and on and. knowledge factor of french public opinion leaving the rest out the hatred of the media is not something that's particularly unique to the g.l.a. john this universal within french society. for all i want to be clear the journalists are doing their jobs but i need to be told how to do it we don't have to criticism after all we're a community riddled with self-doubt always reassessing ourselves more than other professions what is happening now is that the polemic on the media have reached a degree of intensity seldom seen before. and. so the yellow vests of turns to alternative forms of media the demonstrations are
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reaching me live streams by the best themselves as well as by video publishers like terrence news who wrecked up millions of viewers it's an approach that's put them at odds with the police. clones the founder of tiny steers was arrested at last saturday's protest sensibly for an obscene gesture at the police and is banned from attending further protests until his hearing in october extremely curious so much we did it. on t.v. the france a news channel bankrolled by the russian government has reportedly quadrupled its french audience through its coverage of the universe protests policy has been dedicated to the story providing the kinds of comprehensive coverage its backers of the kremlin would be unlikely to tolerate if the protests were happening in moscow or st petersburg. unfortunately we've seen
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a lot of criticism on our france even before the channel was launched in fact r.t. france is a french channel with french journalist and they're doing their job every saturday we basically go into the streets and we have life transmissions and we give the floor to people who come over and when the other media even. headlines in the beginning of the movement were more like this usually are either extreme right extreme left now i think the situation is changing because the media is trying to catch up but i think the moment was lost that's why they turn into a media like ours which. russia today represents russian state power even if french journalists were make no mistake it's a channel controlled by the russian government so it certainly has its own ideological and political agenda and that's their right but it's our job as journalists to provide people with useful information not just feed them what they want to hear.
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when it comes to social movements few combats the impact of france's yellow vests. just weeks after the protests began president mike can pledge to increase the minimum wage this week he went further a raft of concessions including five billion euros in tax cuts. they were the result of this in kandahar and national policy debates and a direct response to the yellow vests the other debate the protesters have provoked is about the media establishment questions about media ownership how journalists cover protests why the levels of trust in french media so low questions that because of the universe a movie is born now ever before whether on the streets. or in the studio. the media finally we have known chomsky media theorist
11:46 pm
political scientist as you have never seen him before we produced a special episode last year on the fortieth anniversary of the publication of his book manufacturing consent which changed the way a lot of people see the news media but we've never seen. in an animated version of chomsky in a rap song this one called soundtrack to the struggle to was put together by the british iraqi rapper loki and his collaborator sand hill and the guy bust it features chomsky on one of the most underreported new stories out there capitalist institutions and their indifference to the future of the planet will leave you now with an excerpt and we'll see you next time here at the listening post. sure to. record we're going to put. the real group hundred thirty years. couldn't you.
11:47 pm
is it the system ecosystem how are we going to win the series of prison camp when the state commission ground rather than the people listen to talks of the sky feet to greet the source of the power cool the power to the nations of a sophisticated like this in the finishing line that you just might get for me this is humanity's terrorist deceptions you know she. was praising his ascent to the craziness do you think the same is true predictors subject to propaganda that the phrase the somebody be protesting the repeal and it just the numbers look to. your mind the stuff i like.
11:48 pm
china's a problem has become famous for its large number of elderly many age one hundred years or older one i want to investigate see if the raid you hold for the secrets to a long and healthy life on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . and. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan is the on a zero news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes protesters in
11:49 pm
sudan had a breakthrough deal with the army to form a joint transitional council but promised to keep demonstrators. voters in spain cast that ballot in an election which could see the far right and to parliament for the first time in decades. christians in sri lanka celebrate mass through a televised broadcast as churches remain closed after the thesis on the attacks that we could at. least forcefully condemn evil of it services are. on a shooting in a synagogue police in california question a suspected far right sympathizer. welcome to the program a breakthrough has been made in saddam following weeks of deadlock between protesters and military leaders about the political future of the country there reached a preliminary agreement to form a joint council to discuss a peaceful transition to civilian rule out as it was here but morgan reports. a
11:50 pm
breakthrough in the very first night of talks between the committee of sudan's ruling military council and the coalition of opposition parties they've been trying to find a way to rule the country until a deal can be reached on elections on saturday night the two sides reached a partial agreement to form a joint civilian military council that will supervise a transitional period so. the talks started with high spirits and great transparency and we've reiterated our joint regard for the country talks will continue and we are optimistic on reaching a final result that we can announce to the sudanese people as soon as possible. the coalition made up of opposition parties and the sudanese professionals association has been leading anti-government protests which began at the end of last year. sparked by a rise in fuel and bread prices but they quickly widened into demands for bashir to step down and earlier this month a sit in outside the army headquarters in harpoon prompted the army to stage a coup. since bashir was ousted the military and the coalition have been in talks
11:51 pm
on a future government over the usual continues until i give you a rare over syria's government are certain sisters are we seeing the military council is sensible enough drugs that it stands out among some to. the sit in in her is now in its fourth week as people wait for a new government the two sides will meet on sunday to try to work out how to deliver that as negotiations continue on the formation of a transitional government protesters continue to keep pressure on the military council over the past three weeks more people have been arriving from different states to go on the sets and they say they want the billions and not the military to be there want to have the ultimate say it's a dance teacher protesters are now also focusing on foreign governments they accuse of interfering in sudan's affairs hundreds demonstrated in front of the egyptian embassy in her tomb on saturday egypt saudi arabia and the united arab emirates want to see the military retain control of the country but. foreign interference is
11:52 pm
the only aim. to keep the military in power we want aid to come to the sudanese people and keep relations soley between the people and not the military. foreign interference impacts the decisions of the military council which we don't accept because we want a civilian government and this is the will of the people. to dance revolution for change started more than four months ago and these protesters say they will not give up until they achieve their goal a civilian government and he joins us now from khartoum breakthrough between the military and the protesters with the formation of this joint transitional council how people been reacting that. while there and people are still in front of the army headquarters by the thousands they're saying that despite any d.n.a. breakthrough they want to hear the final deal from the talks between the coalition and the military council of course deciding on the fact that they will have a joint military civilian council is not the end of it they still have to decide who has more seats in this coalition or in this transitional council that will be
11:53 pm
formed they also have to decide how long the transitional period would be and who will have control of the most one of the one of the issues of contention between the two sides was will the transitional council be independent because the military council had said that it wanted to retain sovereign authority which would give it the right to decide what happens during the transitional period something the coalition of the political parties were not ok with and that's something they're still talking a little discussing and talking about so there's still a lot of issues to discuss this still a lot of issues to try to iron out between the two sides but both sides seem to be very optimistic they're saying that the they seem to understand each other's point of views they will try to iron out their differences for the sake of the people they're trying to end the sit in as soon as possible so that people can return home and so that they can have a functioning transitional government and he reports that the military council is trying to dissuade an islamist party from having
11:54 pm
a march tomorrow perhaps for fear of clashes but what more can you tell us. well there are people at the sit in do not want anything to do with islamist movements they're saying that the popular congress party which is or calling for a rally tomorrow is part and remnants of the former government because it was an ally of the former government and they are saying that they do not want that rally to happen so they are concerns from the military council that if the rally that is called for by the popular congress party takes place it will be bloody and that there will be violence so the they called members of the political of the political of the of the popular congress party and are currently in talks with them they're going to try to dissuade them from having that already of course yesterday they had a sure a council meeting and protesters attacked members of the popular congress party some of them were injured and they had to be evacuated out of there with the help from the military so there are concerns from the security forces and from the military council that if they really know if the rally of the popular congress both
11:55 pm
parties does happen there will be violence and that's one thing they're trying to avoid as they're trying to talk and for in forming a transitional government or road to hear more when they're in khartoum bieber thank you will have his mohammed is a civil society activists and director of justice africa that's a human rights advocacy group. shouldn't rush to hold elections. i think the main reason why democracy fell from oct nineteenth is four and. five because there is not enough time for anything we don't actually put the right to be spent for our democratic process to start if we just dump two election that means we have the remnants of the region the still have the money and they can use their money too and also they are actually on all the government institution that is still that we need actually to clean them on there and to ensure that we have people who are really to actually run the election and us to do what the government supposed to do and that is need time if we don't do that then they will
11:56 pm
jump again or they will find a way to actually come again. and that that will happen in in in in may one thousand. nine and also in one thousand nine because the claim is the sudanese are not mature for democracy and then military join to jump into government and slam the afghanis to form a new if that's what has been. planned a big independent force three years. fifty three years on this independent years are governed by military and and that it was absolutely to done as a political social and economic people. now third time in four years people in spain are voting in a general election the country's politics are more divided than at any time in
11:57 pm
recent history and no single party is predicted to win an outright majority after a campaign dominated by the rise of the far right on the issue of catalonia has independence well journalist following the election from the catalan capital barcelona will be speaking to jennifer short but first let's go to sana gaggle she's in madrid sunny. this election campaign as you were saying has been dominated by the rise of the far right so how's the voting gone so far despite the deep divisions that. well it's been a calm day and really and also what's interesting to note is that there's been high participation already in this interesting to note also that it is the second highest turnout since democracy began in spain we're just outside a polling office here and there's been a steady flow of people going in and coming out so really there is a lot of of intentions of the people to go and vote there an indication perhaps that people are quite motivated as well because there are more runners in this race
11:58 pm
there are five main political parties has broadened out what used to be a two horse race and that really is going to have implications for the results when they come in later in the day. the final cool to mobilize the party faithful spain socialist prime minister pedro sanchez surrounded by a sea of supporters urges them to go to the ballot box the country deserves to turn the page in the last seven years and look to the future with hope and excitement which is precisely what we are offering our citizens to the young what is that you vote for your future and therefore vote for the socialist party. voters have a wide choice decades of dominance by two political parties has given way to a multi-party system the largest players are still the socialist party and the people's party but their influence is gradually ebbing away. in the socialists
11:59 pm
maybe to head in the polls in the lead up to the election but the reality is that even if either side does when the most votes he will still have to go into coalition with the far left regional parties in bale's do that not but it falls on to the people's marty and they were have to do a deal with the far right either way it is a big compromise for both parties. the main spoiler in this unpredictable election box capitalizing on the populist wave spreading through europe the anti immigration policies have resonated amongst voters angered at the status quo the constitutional crisis caused by catalonia as attempt to secede has also dominated this campaign it's the first time a far right party has entered mainstream politics since the dictatorship of general franco so what does it mean sovereignty won't be broken in catalonia it won't be surrendered in brussels we're not going to kneel down in front of those who don't
12:00 am
respect the anti austerity together we can and center right citizens' parties have a chance of being part of a national government. previous coalitions have struggled in spain disagreeing factions have failed to pass national budgets the makeup of the next government is far from clear polling ahead of sunday's vote suggested forty percent of voters were struggling to make up their minds there are some people in between p.p.o. there are some people that if they pay in between p.p.i. involved and then some of them between. so we can see that debate is not a cure but on all four you know one part. whatever the. results forming a coalition is likely to take time and in a reflection of what's happening across europe the only certainty is that politics in spain has become more fractured more polarized a sign of the times when an increasing combative political stage. the
12:01 am
uncertainty that has been dominating means that it's going to be really important to count all those rural votes and those in the province.


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