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tv   Art Trafficking  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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i meant. is this necessary human sacrifice for the success of to create. one. soon all this is finished do. i go home to the. book to pose for a very bad that this does to frighten. me in the way i wish its way from me say well. that's preposterous. and then come up in my room and be a point. made for saying if you will. we should you. go away for a month for the pigeon. let alone. when. he has the cottage tell you
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where it went there this town's is good to get it about is the sea. and some want to get in it's good it's cool and skate. and be good to see. someone nomani. and when you pass a good nobody else. will do that and threw it on the. company's nose if. the money. is in one of their own post your first because you know who they are the picture of you with your first sit down open.
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through all of those they don't know that. this is for people. i look forward to being home builders mayfield country men and women. true democracy imagines nothing less the reality is that brazil is and is in control of the country when you arrive there is a very strong possibility that you will be arrested how do you expect to lead your dialogue if you will jail this is time for me to pull back that's not the on yes is it starts as a bathroom and most important thing for me is they ask us another democracy but what about you but my half. i. just knew i don't is on all of them from the ira it's the un new service sometimes that form of power such as fronts still wield. a long duty strong influence madagascar's is that
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true it is so important for our health mother got to get up for places because of the plea to your. children to she. is concerned about you talk about this but to say. good place just because it was something good for the country we don't need to. look a stark warning for terrorists have to be brave we have to love to do it to do so if i why do you think people here i cannot do any more for the political budget and so i have to make a choice. about how many years i have to how many years is my vision of my life because to me the goal to marry. this year. but to.
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be a meeting of the b. would mean. some of the sat if. among the truly to have. been the most don't and yet also. want to speak sundays when you're. on the market a bit from him yes. aha. different than based on what i'm visiting the son of a monk but the vision problem for me is to be appointed to feed people because they .
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don't come up in the sky oh that's democracy click on the nazi boots on the lawn at city hall to the tune. of it's put up to the victim want to see most of the pussy that look to do good stuff so that's good to me small simple see gosh all such a symptom oh not so please don't say. nothing here we need these fools we need these fools even mother has gone. to full sufferer. most joy they i me and.
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it's very difficult for people. all leverage falls right into power no movement can take profi to our advantage you'll see situations. places that people say if it's a me speech people say you don't pay attention we are here. for the french would definitely. not in this for the fringe of it only of the province's influence in africa is being corroded all the time by the chinese by the americans by south africa and they want to keep medicare french yes and they felt if they had to choose between regina. they would choose roger leader because he's french. to understand the process was the call that you are so if you just go generic those can you look at beggars everything in vegas history from the from the
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cars the language of the people the business and everything well present drove them all to do it's been explained to me in this is just my discerning of it is that. he then began to open the economy engine on french interest so he would say the creed for example is change the constitution so that america's use for him should be doing is the food language he joined said it only began to open the economy to low voter suppression all of these were signals to from the top of the party was. ok and was for you have been something as you know is that the crew is for the jeans by and we lost to the non-negotiable french position is that rather than not with the tradition try to guess. since the coup the president has been part of the insulation on the mediated acetic the southern african development community. said it has drawn up
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a road map to lead medical aska out of the crisis. but the road map fails to mention the president's rights return home. and we are missing mr president of from the from the road map and here you have an early. leader again say i want to do safely the good to be with hussein but we cannot say if it will allow that will buy him a better. set explicit negotiator is to santa the former president of mozambique. a man i want sounds ok i'm seeing the right to go home and say pat in future. you can get do anything to be with. me as someone people who know that knows what they know if it ever. happened.
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to but it is yes have great to see the good of us because they get to. know. the more. this is a difficult time for everybody. to. play with my teacher said the chief yeah and. i think it's a tribute of no use to raise in the discussion above the road map not. to fish for president of the earth is his return to madagascar. if we can draw an analogy with the house president and i would have a noun that was chased out of his house this is
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a logic jack if there was nobody would have solved the problem but be able to tell you're not going to just make the point if you just say give it when she doesn't work and we are asking the president here to. showed good faith and generosity but i also expect that as well to show good faith and generosity he is living to someone out of his that was ok but he has art do all rule over us. which way don't hose. you can't believe it can and so and he is not don't know. jethro's is outside and inside with him but the president yes what i'm saying. is that inside of no use to stop the mob not just to be exactly in the field it's just a big a whole lot of video to take can't be in context of this is no yes yes this is
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a big change from the first vision and the basic one who said it decided big budget you saying that that road is not a for any further. discussion on negotiation i'm telling you i said it did you tell not. should start by trying to impose it on the road map again it's up to you because listen to this in the room with him that he was lazy to go to see i was going to snipe with a clever idea but i think it is it's. just it was a lot when we were doing my little one way or we are we didn't work the battlefield . or i'm not so hot on the knot and you know you aren't reaching the solution is not for me myself i can stay here by the ship up before
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appointing me dumping i don't expect you to be happy because you see you out here playing for me don't implement this that's a famous one. of. the please don't think it's a. the train to battle seems of all to have on money but on my feet oh a president or mother gets caught for. ever than something
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to. improve and three to create a very just if mother gets got nothing noble be. it sixty miles done what's done. i think. or feel they have every day been helped in their daily life and day to day. hope for a. better future. to him.
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on. christmas. this is. not. i'm not. sure i'll. gins is in paris to not be the french authorities says. he wants to reopen negotiations on the route in big big deal and that every army major city approved wants to. see. the students it is. certain see. see be something make and. some see having. it's
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a residence and it's a young. fellow course is receptive by you know about modeled on all they would say do. a fake with oil or do away with what just wait. and see. first hand information from the french saying that the french economical interest is accepting our direction as a future president but really as a support active what i don't like that is absolutely no. willingness to listen whatsoever and they have proved the case the fight is close to them being what you can stay out ok. and then as the manifest population has grown one possibility to react to it is
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a slip and that is why being on the streets and you are watching for that and you wonder why i think for the regime to kill innocent people in order to come down he said yeah yeah this. is new for you people being a christian yes. don't they don't bow down to. lands of the making events it's not necessary but now let me. in two thousand and eight zero documented a groundbreaking ski. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the
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students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty. we have a newsgathering team here that is second there all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once we've got to be able to react to all of the changes and i just we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. a clam the stein world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological objects you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war smuggled and sold to walk in houses and private collectors are selling an artifact is worth finances the beheadings
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in the middle east. that's one quick solution trafficking on al-jazeera. to. go. with the headlines on al-jazeera spain's governing socialist party is celebrating victory in the general election but it hasn't won enough seats to get a majority on its own populous groups also made headway with the far right fox party gaining seats in parliament for the first time voter turnout was very high at seventy five percent here's what spain's prime minister said just after the results came in. the. spaniards have sent
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many messages today we have sent a message of what we do not want we did not well. to go back we want to country to look school would into the future we have also sent a message to europe and the world that we have won and rejected all thor tarion ism vox party leader santiago arbor scar says his party will work to deliver on its promises. we will fight even harder it is only the beginning we told you we will start reconquering and we are initiating that conquering with a presence in congress vox is here to stay. and we can bring you some breaking news out of turkey the harbor talk news websites reporting that one of the two men arrested by authorities there for spying on behalf of the u.a.e. has partly killed himself the two suspects were arrested earlier this month and they confessed to spying on out of nationals more than two hundred seventy election
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stuff in indonesia have reportedly died in the days following the world's biggest single day polls held earlier this month the election commission says the workers mostly died of fatigue related illnesses caused by long hours spent counting ballot papers by hand more than one hundred fifty four million people are estimated to have voted on april the seventeenth elections combine the presidential vote with national and regional parliamentary ballots in order to save money a rare meeting of afghan leaders scholars and elders is happening in kabul for us talks with the taliban are likely to top the agenda such meetings are known as the loya jirga they've been held for centuries up to three thousand people are expected to attend talks which are settled for four days. there's been a blaze at a high rise condominium in the philippines these are the latest pictures of the pacific coast plaza in the capital manila the cause of the blaze is unclear those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after a return of
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a president. thank. you and we. thank. you and we. thank. you and we. thank.
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you. negotiations have at last and who were on our way to acetic meeting in person. it's nice to be say. the president and the coup leader had to it as for me to push over the ascetic hits of states to discuss the real. work of. a. faculty want to speak from this meeting with actually. you don't know.
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dogs know what ok. there's a seal is quite important right now you know so it's not just another meeting it is my hope so you go you know. it is cuckoo myself last night you should hear. this song. called to just. switch. over. in the north and it was usually a movie should be able to not let out of the darkness but they don't do well because your mother didn't leave the mobility. john manning live to invision dump another guys can see out the deal now tell me which image you want to do my job. to and they found out by a poster on the bus like two friends of accountants are lots of them been done
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business so movies lots of our solutions out there go through one flock to mock us asking if octomom a food looking to sneak in the didn't know where. their next meeting. they don't some time bomb but keep the lid on this was actually. new the steam the norm this feast was given the moment this is a movie to give to those lips nothing nothing we give them is even if you know by now that the love of any thought and it was you want to won the vote of any no nothing good enough to. look at the other you think you know oh you're all fine with the morning shows him again oh thank goodness i'm still here it might be used and i would have nothing to follow you and i believe in that i think you're looking very much whether you want to know if she will make the best crude oil on land without a deal yeah i just figured that but you know the metrodome at least you have shot of this ok big guy think about what you think you know i'm getting late your jacket
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and yeah you get your jacket. jesus. and your blood in the trailer being seen this for the city. you have guided us since this morning. going to struggle just like you do for the better if you ask . nothing. if the things you know didn't see. anything but anything but.
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your really good. day sitting in for a visit all of. them. the approach that people wanted to. use objective can be achieved in. the if you will place the interest of your. interest. next organise a meeting of heads of states and government of the southern african development community such. as the high seas and i'll put it took i love. people in exile for political reasons to be allowed to return to the country
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and condition including my problem and then. what happens to sufficient good because they mean additionally. it is sick and they say. we must be feeling awful. and that's really the must find their way through freshly painted. it. let's say you know now to resume this. question think and push these straight that i love this position. because of prisoners i no idea if it goes to a match is appropriate but then my feeling is that yes betty's received my vaccinations to come for if i'm going to go for him because he's so
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busy for a first date and that we would see the next but i just got up and hopefully we've booked that this week good. fish thing he had thank you. from. the management team. maybe you don't want these process because. you know it's just sort of the no fish showed the. trend. i would say i hope people who are deeply angry. have three cabbies news had to freak out. in face to want to have hands free. if this is all you want about the president. it's so this responsibility is show that you just say yeah so what is this difference is friends
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give a chat room and so we don't accept that so we'll say the french troops are going to go and support for a drug problem i think it's game over for the really good is. going to get medigap get back to being a productive country instead of being a bus ticket so i don't foresee it as a vice i suppose you can still expect they've got his base on music. if progress is seen here yet. no the reality is that they came up and said they had to return to my guess kind of to go for the next election the frost no six sexy . that you were with the next addiction no i'm just asking the question mark if it's like why don't they approach us. because the real thing is either not me but there's certainly doubt in my uterus and i can get
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up to the station simplistic a day to put on stamp respond by a clever man i'm crazy to feed. it a secret keeping the force. extremely good it mean extra. conflicts which i need to step out of the seven over to get a piece on because i wish. i was immediately. going to sue the drug of that. you'll be easier on your value is to prove david and the bone. disease end of the world when he goes. completely normal. he's being kept out of the country because of the interests of the small tweak of people in the farm house and that is just wrong that has to be wrong. it gives you an escape centipede woman again jack. don't believe if you don't stack
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was you know be classy if you got any who was not losers. as we make em up i won't keep it will not feed because you don't fuck with these would be good if you don't stand. their intention prose this just floored all this as being achieved or just going to go as you. could it all new i think good. i actually moved to be taken into politics it got all imposed by scientists who are secular shared. because even by the nuns at but it was for a surrogate. it's very deriving people this is a crew that you have put in place this is your go to share and i just love them trick and i want you to come see if they see something i thought they were doing transform something illegitimate into. me was an alien or issue.
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was what most native origin is a push a serial put in power. a . medical research. gives people paying a place in. put it and put it in room. to recreate any security. but still it's crazy. if you can phone people they say you get my phone. i should miss you it is due to food that i should soon see if you. are such. a president thank you
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kelly shift. she is saying i'm sick you give. anybody who's going to be sick you stupid stupid get confused it's a multitude of evidence most of you don't need to go to know you but your new idea to you know people would be to give it a few good would be sure to. not have enough on them votes on off the sneers out of not the mother say. i mean they in the back of the bed. that is it is not going to play the bad people going to live. as. much as a girl who can live with a tough world of the. effect
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to be able to take up to expect to be able to take up. a twenty seven aborting so i will be at a loss not to leave. to speak listening to this. many people. being too small
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to us to. see some small. live close to the customer i. think most of us getting. is that. if you. want to. make. change. to. keep on going on and off. the want to. see. the most
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musical it is not. a. couple of. real. locate it. feeling me. i had a forty five. some of. it done to clean. up the program and others got.
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to smoke it to smoke do you smoke. that to suit your shit but back when you do think we'll get back within a few things time perspective. of. my opinion here so my up in just such opinion of the president no political party no the. i think that. if we just trust the promise. and. he got purses we can never. never. never let.
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why. because. france has many things. enough to prevent us to call. him on the stand he returned. meanwhile thousands of miles. in the. country that the station agent and their decision. not. to air traffic control brick walls. and sit on. the bus with the boss a stick a station. a full fledged. about . the activities. you must for instance say. to people to react
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strongly. to refuse this thing. is always this remain quiet remain while you remain peaceful. initiative is in shatters. i don't think that there will be a democratic. affluent and them creation of a of a properly. elected new regime
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and. so i think it'll be a disaster. in the meantime elections have taken place medic aska. neither have elemental or know how to rule were allowed to run they made too many community community but no action. story of my. country where i. think you are.
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and it has since the family fish held it in. the yard there last night.
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the. move. soon as they think it is done says that they think so they think so and they tend to like these sixty military some easy around. there and after that they shipped to my door this and the giftes so what to do normal we don't do nothin of you stay like this and they come and but it doesn't i'm here and there's a gun. it's listened to to there's no risk it's not not that it is nothing for us noticed because if you are scared for risk it's mean the you accept what they do for you.
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the president's sister has died. mrs cabell men and i hopes the regime will allow the president to it's him to feel. for my i.q. even among the funky a fine opinion. i found one just saw a. gift on funds again the end of the. it's my mother and i go on the run you can feel it was. the same with. so much hypothetical thomas. to. live live. live. live live live
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under. the. lid. of. the mystique of. the not know or you. just to see if you saw people. still you know really what. to do what he she said that's something. you think. is. nothing to. do. with. the police were going up but it was
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a muslim i didn't find it but by sunday look see you got you. believe. the key is to destroy the spoken to that they decided to keep it inside killing five kids. who played the piece this week in something. christensen to france. to pull off by the monte poppy only problem. into some community behavior in poor countries. couldn't.
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and there were more showers they were the middle east at the moment if you look at the satellite picture we can see the clouds here making its way over saudi arabia through kuwait and up into iran still giving a great deal of what weather at the moment but it's intensify and as it works its way up towards afghanistan and monday we're going to see some heavy rain and some snow still over the high ground and then that will gradually pull away as we head
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into choose day towards the west it should be a bit calmer force here twenty four the maximum temperature in beirut i mean further towards the south and here we've had a lot of cloud and quite a bit of rain really in doha are over the past a few days all of that is now clearing though and the temperatures will be rising that way back up as they should be at this time of year more to thirty four thirty five degrees for the south of muscat thirty one will be our maximum temperature and it will still be rather humid down towards the southern parts of africa of course we've got what's left of our site claimed kenneth just as massive thundery downpours in the northern parts of mozambique and this is what it looks like at the moment that very heavy downpours already a lot of water on the ground and plenty more wet weather still to come those very heavy thunderstorms are likely to just push their way northwards as we head through monday and into chews day bringing further flooding for some of us here further south more in the way of dry weather here it will be hot to end with a maximum of twenty seven degrees.
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the official story is apparent on the we'll show you i don't care about the official story what has the media been telling join me very often on the front of my guest from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the top stories are big issues here now is it. the socialists come out on top in spain's election but will. coalition. on the far right wins its first parliamentary seats. this is a lie from also coming out one of two men held in suspicion of spying for the
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u.a.e. is reported to have taken his own life in prison. also talks between the ruling sudanese military and opposition groups that use a restart for a transition to a civilian government. meeting of afghan elders begins in kabul discuss the war and u.s. efforts for a peace deal with the taliban. two hundred seventy days you know elections have fatigue from overwork and long as counting millions of votes. spain's governing socialists have picked up the most seats in sunday's election but with nearly all of it's counted now it looks like they won't have enough for an outright majority and for the first time a far right. let's go to stephanie who is in the spanish capital so with the left stephanie but the result rather complicated but it seems.
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absolutely now is when the hard work is going to begin this spain was really on tenterhooks it was impossible to call the election anything could happen because a forty percent of an undecided voter base they had to decide yesterday they did decide interesting figures two million more people voted for the left than they did in the last election so that does give an indication that there was a lot of concern even though yes that far right wing party has made it into part of it spain overwhelmingly voted left it was an extraordinary day really now with five parties in the running the political landscape has really changed in this country let's get the d. . tells from my colleagues. they won the race but there's no certainty of forming a government yet the socialists triumphant in their win lacking an outright majority was if i did it was spaniards have sent many messages today
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we have sent a message of what we do not want we do not want to go back we want to country to look forward into the future we have also sent a message to europe and the world that we have won and rejected all thord tarion ism. the way it is they may be but now they have a duty to form a coalition one possibility the left wing anti austerity together we can party its leader public less yes has already said that he is willing to support the socialists as they say on us in the senate and is fine for several years elections in spain have not been about winning but about convincing people about making up the numbers that we are an essential political force for the formation of a left wing government is not sustainable. but the numbers still do not add up to a majority they would need support from regional parties in particular the catalan pro independence groups the alternative
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a deal with the center right citizens party but comfortably form a coalition in terms of numbers they have been one of the surprises of the election they come a west neck and neck with the people's party the p.p. the traditional opponents of the socialists in general elections were to pass the race but this election has brought the worst results in p.p.s. history. after a corruption scandal punished by some of its followers over its course of action when confronting catalan pro independent tests this is a party now in deep crisis a grand reckoning sealing their fate for now. ok ok i know now we will fight even harder this is only the beginning we told you we will start reconquering and we are initiating that conquering with a presence in congress books is here to stay but the latest player in this race folks struck out and claim that stake in the game. one of the votes is that's
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extremely happy with the results of an i go to supporters right. now behind me listening to the leaders. as well as they could have it dissipates and they often use force in the lower house of parliament. and with boxers games nationalism is back. ally now opposing this politics in europe. al-jazeera madrid. what it's now a numbers game about who is going to enter into that coalition and whether the sanctions can actually form that coalition you heard and saw in his report there a key issue is the catalan independence parties if they form a coalition with sanchez what kind of a compromise is going to be made it is an issue that is not going to go away you
3:54 pm
have twelve leaders on trial here in madrid caton independence leaders on trial it is a hugely divisive issue you also have the economy that needs to be dealt with a lot of people we spoke to said that the high cost of living unemployment was one of the main issues so he has huge challenges ahead first of all forming that government and then secondly second tackling those issues but this is a man who has had hardship before he was ousted from his own party had twenty fifteen he then decided to get into this persian drive across spain talking to his people to try and get back into the party mansion oust the former president the former prime minister and he has now finally been given the mandate of the people his test really begins now. going to have to wait and see first of all whether you could call that government and that could take weeks thanks indeed i was there stephanie decker reporting live from madrid some breaking news out of turkey a suspected united arab emirates spy who was detained in turkey ten days ago is reported to take his own life in prison according to the government the suspect was
3:55 pm
found dead in syllabi prison on the outskirts of istanbul two men were arrested earlier this month and had reportedly confessed to spying on the line now is not a serious so then called blue. who was this man why was he in prison what more do we know. well i dreamed two suspects were detained. by the kurdish authorities claim and they claimed that those two people who were policy nationalities have admitted that they have been working to be helpful you know i could go robin wright intelligence and at that time the turkish authorities a have the belief that turkey took its relations with saudi arabia united and great and egypt the military coup in egypt to two thousand and thirteen has been strained and those countries they've been trying to build up. a new system of intelligence
3:56 pm
gathering information gathering because their access has been limited after their relations have been trained this is about the cook who can work you may need to correct this intelligence had a suspect that back then and those two colors he did mention those who have been. who have been claimed to be buying on behalf of united arab emirates have been live their careers and they have been in solitary confinement and. one of them committed suicide he hanged himself as far as we have confirmed from what could occur and it was a curator is also it which has been tried. and now the prosecutor is heading to the crime. and how this person committed suicide because it is it is important for them to figure this out because he was in a town alone and so it is important to know how he managed to kill himself this is what they are working away right now i think that's
3:57 pm
a sort of many thanks indeed. talks between sudanese opposition groups in the military and you to resume on monday the two sides will be tougher announcing the formation of a joint council on saturday night it will lead the country until elections are held that's come live out to. sudanese capital khartoum serious mohammed is there what are we expecting to happen today about it. well that area and more talks that they have agreed in principle to establish a transitional joint council that's going to take the country through a period of transition and then organize elections is by itself being hailed as a big victory for sudan and the people of sudan of course this is the navy test concession the transitional ministry council has given to the protest leaders who have been adamant and had presented so many demands and of course they
3:58 pm
will be walking on the nitty gritty of. the transitional. ministration but the protesters who provided much needed leverage to the protest leaders and also going to negotiating with the transitional military council say they're committed to stay outside in the square outside the military headquarters until some sort of. transition to civilian rule in sudan is achieved. a country will mood of the scene or pull to the sudanese military headquarters in the two they are reacting to news of progress in negotiations between the transitional military council and protest leaders every hope is fun and into the square. it's better for us to remain here than return to anything similar to what we had in the past we have suffered for thirty years we need
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a swift and final solution and. a joint transitional council which would include military representation is on the negotiations have not yet does publish the personalities who would leave the country and transition to a full democracy but all sites all hopeful that they will eventually. reach an agreement on but. there's been a discussion on the points in which there were differences of view points and i think the discussion is continuing in a positive and for a true way and that has encouraged us. some of the issues that dealing with include the period of transition would be two or four years and whether the military will retain control of security and defense ministers many people is a done credit the problem with the progress the chips fall for their clamor for a peaceful democratic dispensation may be far from over but they say the struggle they started here could potentially shape
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a new era on the african continent. encouraged by progress so far now a string of concessions by the transitional military council the mood within the protesters is one of defiance. today doesn't stop them gathered outside a building where the opposition popular congress party was holding a meeting chanting no place for islamists at least sixty four party members were wounded in the ensuing violence something that's been condemned by both the military and protest organizers. we've passed through along for the last thirty years every kind of crime has been committed against injustices corruption the killings all are done in the name of religion and why we want a secular government. protesters are also quick to point out that they are against a well and trenched deep state that wants to see a continuation of the policies of the past.


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