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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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faultlines investigates the long lasting trauma inflicted on communities the aftermath mass shootings in america on al-jazeera. sudan's protest leaders say the military rulers are trying to break up this city. only back to watching al-jazeera live my headquarters in doha also ahead spain's socialist body begins talks to form a new government a day after falling short of a majority in a snap election libya's u.n. recognized government calls in reinforcements as water looks funny for how todd advances on the capital plus. i'm wayne hay reporting from tokyo where japanese are
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preparing for the first imperial abdication in more than two hundred years. thank you for joining us to don's main protest group is accusing the military rulers of trying to break up a sit in outside the army headquarters that's hours after the two sides held talks to form a joint council that will run the country until an election is held the military has been under increasing pressure to give up power to civilians as elitists. some of them at the city and outside the sudanese defense ministry demonstrators worried about an imminent attempt by the army to remove the barricades and disperse the protest the army had to nost agreed with the protest leaders to clear the roadblocks and allow traffic to resume on several roads near the city but the opposition denied of such an agreement to get reached. it came shortly after third
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round of talks that concluded on monday the two sides agreed on writing a constitutional declaration that will organize the work of three transitional government structures a joint civilian military sovereign council a cabinet of technocrats and the transition of power meant. what all the details are still being discussed including the number of seats in the sovereign council how many members from each side and how long the transition should last before a general election can be held. very close to reaching an overall solution that will make everybody happy. to get the country out of this crisis we're still in negotiations to define powers in specialized roles so they can act as a base for us to define the different levels of representation in the government. the proposal will be submitted within the next twenty four hours which will identify the power and relations between the transitional bodies and the different
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transitional institutions our sit in will continue to allow goals of the revolution for a civil transitional authority with all its executive powers is executed nothing will discourage us our peaceful resistance will continue. more than two weeks since the fall of the regime of model bashir the crowd at the sitting in front of the army headquarters only grew larger. the man think a speedy and from transfer of power to a civilian government. the city has turned into an open exposition ground for labor unions social movements comfortable groups professional to stick associations young painters artwork on a colostomy mural that's intended to gain a place on the guinness book of records and figure in mind and i love how. we wanted to create a list of one million signatures of protesters then we decided to decorate it with paintings that represent in fela break the revolution will be three thousand meters long and will go around the army headquarters as that's the space occupied by the
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stated. that the decay sion with which these artists work is matched only by the unabated vigor of this crowd that's been braving the summer heat for weeks refusing to go home until a real change is achieved. there's been heavy fighting in southern tripoli as forces no oil towards. their attack on the libyan capital after his fighters have advance and taken control of areas near the international airport the un recognized government says it's bringing in reinforcements to repel the threat to tripoli. has more from libya's capital. forces loyal to. her have to have advanced towards. neighborhood that's about fifteen kilometers away from tripoli city center and eyewitnesses in al sadr and locals there say that they have seen have to his forces engaging against the
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forces loyal to the you and the recognized government of national accord in the streets and inside densely populated areas namely in a neighborhood on the southern part of the libyan capital we know that during the past two weeks after his forces have been losing ground and a government of national called forces have been pushing have forces back beyond tripoli in active international airport have this force after the last ground the intensified air strikes specially night air strikes this situation remains very tense especially for civilians living in the nearby fighting areas and the government forces say that they are receiving more troops to push have to his forces back to their old locations they also say that the are able to push have to his forces back beyond the administrative borders of the capital tripoli or
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turkey's president is backing libya's u.n. recognized government in its fight against taft are bedouin called his advance on tripoli a proxy against the libyan people according to the world health organization the battle for tripoli has killed at least three hundred forty five people including twenty two civilians. there's been a surge in cholera cases in war torn yemen this year the u.n. has asked for four billion dollars in emergency aid but only a small portion of it has been received the two countries fighting in yemen civil war alongside the government have also played funds but saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have delivered on. part of it on diplomatic editor james bates reports. yemen remains the most difficult humanitarian situation on earth and things are getting worse not better cholera cases are on the rise this year so far about a quarter of a million new cases more than double the number in the same period of twenty
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eighteen and despite the un's repeated calls for funding only a small proportion of the four billion dollars for urgent humanitarian aid has been received in previous years the top donors have been the two main members of the coalition that continues to bomb the controlled areas saudi arabia and the united arab emirates they have both pledged money again but this time they're not giving it all at once instead they're paying in installments effectively drip feeding their funds in the past they've given you a big up front payment my understanding now is they're giving you money but in smaller amount well the king of saudi arabia and me. have pledged between one point five billion dollars for us for this year and my message to them and everyone else is it will be really helpful if money could be paid as soon as possible and that's all he wanted to say this remains an extremely sensitive issue
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for the u.n. of course yemen's humanitarian crisis won't be solved until there's a political agreement a shaky cease fire holds in the key port city where data but a deal done at the end of last year to reposition forces there has still not come into effect and the wider political settlement seems a long way off james out as era of the united nations. these a spectator leader of eisel has appeared in a video for the first time in five years in the video diary talks about the battle of but who's in syria which ended in march at the end of it an audio message is added mentioning the attacks in sri lanka al-jazeera cannot confirm the authenticity of the video or where it was film's chance strafford has more from baghdad. certainly according to isis media when this video proves that al baghdadi is still alive and according to analysts that have seen it shows that he is trying
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to take credit for various terror attacks that have happened in the middle east and around the world in recent times analysts also saying that it shows he could well be on some sort of recruitment drive he focuses very much on praising eisel fighters that try to defend what was described as the last on klav on the syrian side of the iraqi border eisel being defeated in march and very interestingly around thirty minutes into the video after it finishes an oreo recording which i saw media wing says is al baghdadi speaking you can hear him taking credit for those attacks as a rickety tax we saw in sri lanka on easter sunday in which two hundred fifty people and hundreds of others two hundred fifty people killed and hundreds of others were injured baghdadi saying that those attacks were in revenge for isis
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defeat in part a good news let's not forget that i saw once control the territory across iraq and syria roughly the size of jordan it's fair to say that they have suffered a huge territorial defeat in their endeavors in this region but certainly this video you could say shows that the ideological battle being led by this man is very much still on and it is fair to say that analysts intelligence services and governments around the world will be looking very closely at this video to try and get some sort of idea where baghdadi is because of course the u.s. has. a reward for his capture dead or alive of twenty five million dollars so if indeed. huge significance considering we haven't seen them for almost five years.
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explains socialist party has begun talks to form a new government a day after falling short of a majority in a snap election building a coalition could take weeks sonia gago has more from madrid. now that the elections are over of course the burrs and now comes upon the socialist try and formulate a way of governing they say they want to go into a minority government they may have to consider going into coalition with various political parties nominally one of them in the center right citizens party or perhaps a coalition of hard left and regional parties that's right the get tricky for them because there will be some pro quo in exchange for this and that may not necessarily be the most popular option however one of the socialist ministers him out on monday saying that they needed to have dialogue seeing as the form of policy the policies of the former government didn't seem to work before and only increase
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the hostility between madrid and barcelona however also there is that presence of the far right folks party now in government they only have twenty four seats out of three hundred fifty however they could be big disruptors and could drive debates along issues of national unity and regional powers still ahead on al-jazeera why argentina's government is freezing the price of essential goods plus confident with that change will be one of the safest airplanes ever to fly points boss assures investors the seven three seven max will be back soon after two crashes within months for say lines to ground it. hello again and welcome back we're here crossing eight states we are looking at
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some flooding going out across much of the central regions that's because we do have back to back storms that are developing and will continue as we go towards mid week here on wednesday plenty of rain anywhere from chicago all the way down across parts of texas even snow across parts of the rockies now as we go towards wednesday the storms continue to make their way up here towards the northeast in the rain continues as well as severe weather across much of the south as well down here towards atlanta it is going to be a hot day for you at twenty eight but up to the north we're still talking about single digits for ontario as well as into québec well plenty of rain is going to be in the forecast here across parts of the bahamas as well as in the turks and caicos even cuba dominican republic will see some rain as well things do improve as we go towards wednesday particular down here towards the south but center domingo it is going to be a nice day at thirty but rain in the forecast for costa rica and panama with a temperature of thirty one degrees and then very quickly across one is that it's going to remain cloudy here on tuesday across the area cool for you at seventeen
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degrees but we are looking at better conditions by the time we get to wednesday at nineteen up towards us and it is going to be a nice day with rain in the afternoon at twenty five and rio de janeiro it is going to be a warm day for you and twenty nine degrees as well. capturing a moment in time. not shots of all the law. inspiring documentaries from impassioned to make an. al-jazeera a university degree to be a doctor or a teacher but without any study or exam this one whether you just investigates the pakistani company at live julie selling fake degrees to the dolls and the police around the world on al-jazeera and.
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watching al-jazeera live from doha recount plot top stories sudan's main protest group has accused the military rulers of trying to break up a sit in outside the army headquarters in the capital that's where protesters have been gathering to demand an immediate handover to civilian rule. this is spec to the either of ice or has appeared in a video for the first time in five years in it i will because he talks about the battle of but who's in syria which ended in march with the defeat of i still find his and libya's un recognized government is sending in reinforcements to southern tripoli to stop the advance of forces loyal to wallace before have talked towards the capital fighters have taken control of areas near the international airports.
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now the u.s. has been stepping up what it calls its maximum pressure campaign on iran in an effort to make tehran abandon its nuclear ambitions and change its foreign policy but washington is efforts to target iran's oil industry and. economy is not welcomed by all al-jazeera state department correspondent rozen jordan reports a few days before the u.s. says it will sanction everyone who buys oil from iran to han's foreign minister is accusing the white house of trying to destroy his country but it will show to the iranian people that the united states is not worthy of being a negotiating partner. present the u.s. is response is trying to avoid being held accountable for its pursuit of nuclear weapons and its role as a state supporter of terrorism and by iran's own estimates the end of these waivers will have an even more significant effect i'm touched that the reef is worried that
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our allies are sometimes impatient with us on this point but as i say we've made clear our objective is the elimination of iran's nuclear program making sure its ballistic missile program is under control the u.s. says that since it quit the iran nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions a year ago terror on has lost some ten billion dollars in revenues. that's money the white house says it had to be spent on groups including has will walk among us and who the fighters in yemen u.s. officials argue saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are prepared to replace the estimated one million barrels per day that iran provides to the global market the saudis say not so fast inventories actually are continuing to rise despite what's happening in venezuela despite the tightening sanctions. on iran so i don't see the need to do anything. anything immediately what's more
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china which is currently iran's biggest oil customer is likely to undercut washington's plans to enforce a global boycott and they have set up a mechanisms through which they can buy chinese oil without going to the u.s. banking system and they could perhaps do this to some chinese banks that are already under sanctions anyway so how much bad is it how much force is a kind of get the u.s. government says it will do all it can to limit what it calls iran's malign influence in global affairs but analysts say the oil economy is a global one and that even a country as powerful as the u.s. can't manipulate it for its own foreign policy goals rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. a nationwide strike is planned in argentina on tuesday to protest against president crazy economic policies a call has been supported by all major labor unions so say the jobs of thousands of workers are at risk terry said paul met with families struggling to get by.
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was fired from a bottling company two months ago he says he has been working there for twelve years he's now trying to find other jobs that will help his family get by. i was fired in february and they said it's because of the amount of time i've been working there and the course i represented for the company. is not the only one we met with a group of workers that went through a similar situation and are fighting to get their jobs back. the company has a plan to increase the use of machines for more production but for that they have to reduce the people that work in the plant finding work these days is extremely difficult you know this people say that what is happening to them is part of the crisis argentina is struggling with in the past year. last year argentina received the largest emergency loan in the history of the
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international monetary fund but in spite of it the government of mali has not been able to control the situation they play saw lost around eighty percent of its value in the past year and now there are fears that the government is not going to be able to pay the interest of the following day was the possibility of a comeback of former president cristina kirchner in october's presidential election is one of the issues that worries investors at home and abroad the concerns are far . as he believes maybe christine and kiran change policies can come back you know but also for how it's going to. the. power of the new term used recently released or another government is to follow those reforms and we implement those reforms. in the congress recession
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a rise in poverty and unemployment have had an impact on markets popularity in the past year the biggest challenge most bargain towns are facing this days is a double digit inflation rate that keeps on pushing the prices of basic food items and that's why the government have a special program that includes sixty products which prices are going to be frozen for about six months but for many the sorry temporary measures that the government hopes will help be reelected. people leg was so nasty that what people need are jobs and stability something that the government has not been able to provide. sri lanka has a new defense minister the appointment is part of a government overhaul of the intelligence and security services the president has also appointed a new acting police chief but the current chief is refusing to step down here's been accused of failing to act on warnings that suicide bombers would target
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churches now sri lankans try and get their lives back to normal following the easter sunday bombings they're having to adjust to living under an increased security presence now fernandez has our report from colombo. waiting for business these vegetable sellers in a columbus suburb are hoping things will return to normal soon lot of any of them but i love it when they mean that there's no one on the road we're usually here to late night and finish our goods but today we have only brought less than one tenth of our usual stock. security remains tight after last week's coordinated bombing attacks and it's not just the police and security forces this shopping mall has started checking all visitors but for sri lankans who lived through a civil war that lasted twenty six years the new measures while inconvenient are necessary i'm not scared at all this is a kind of a bond we are not scared. we'll be good for the security forces them into the lead
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for there's something in our hearts you know of what happened last week but then yeah we have to step we have to make a living we have to survive. schools and universities have been disrupted closed for two weeks but these kids don't seem too concerned. a recent government ban on any form of face covering that he knows the identification of individuals so a number of muslim women step up without their veils as sri lankans adjust to the security situation many are getting angry at what led to it more still be resources and the personnel were used by people to walk to their political enemies and ask you nor the government of the two governments one is run by a president and the other one done by prime minister be promising so. much more than the mickey that both of them have towards really. good result he says is
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a debilitated and demoralized security system and now sri lankans must deal with increased security spot searchers and greater restrictions on monday though they dealt with traffic jams for the first time in over a week meanwhile back at the market traders are hoping for better days in a fernandez jazeera colomba. boeing has held its first annual shareholders meeting since two of its seven three seven max aircraft crash within five months killing nearly three hundred fifty people the company hopes to reintroduce a model with improvements next month it insists a plane will be one of the safest ever to fly john hendren reports. after two fatal crashes boeing is embattled chief executive is focused on correcting the company's trajectory at the first shareholder meeting since those ill fated flights dennis miller lindbergh offered the latest in a series of apologies all of us at boeing are deeply sorry for the loss of life and
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we feel the immense gravity of these events and we recognize the devastation to the families and friends the loved loved ones who have perished boeing is struggling to recover its reputation for safety after two of the company's bestselling new seven thirty seven max planes went down killing three hundred forty six people injured. that has led to some critical questions have you considered resigning. the company says the grounding of that model will cost boeing one billion dollars this year and that doesn't include the nearly three dozen lawsuits from lion air and the families of those who were killed. problems is the fact that it. was not activated in those two planes the. pilot if two different sensors disagree about the plane's angle of attack that was considered optional and was not activated in those two planes boeing says it will be considered standard equipment
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and activated in all future seven thirty seven max planes boeing hopes to have the seven thirty seven max ri approved by the us federal aviation administration by late may many carriers including southwest an american airlines have postponed all flights to. what was boeing's best selling jet that leaves passengers to rearrange trips during the busy summer travel season in terms of the ability of the company to weather the storm i don't really think that's in question this might cost billions of dollars but at the end of the day the company had. here they'll be able to survive shareholders meeting near the company's headquarters in chicago might be ready to move on but the open question is whether passengers will be willing to climb back on a plane with such a troubled history. rachel three leading up to the abdication of japan's emperor akihito have begun at the imperial palace in tokyo he'll
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formally give up the throne later on tuesday the first sign this has happened in two hundred years the rituals will take six hours to complete and the eighty five year old will be succeeded by his eldest son naruhito who will be crowned on wednesday. a largely popular emperor who helped steer japan through some difficult times as wayne hale reports. it's been eight years since the earthquake and tsunami which changed the lives of so many people here. know as home was destroyed that day and while he finds it difficult to put it behind him there's one moment he clings to. the emperor and empress came in you walked over to where i was. must have been difficult for you i will never forget his words. the eighty three year old says meeting the imperial couple in an evacuation center gave him the strength to rebuild his life akihito his
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compassionate response to the disaster became one of the defining moments of his reign say not for those affected by this terrible tragedy i feel deeply pain. akihito succeeded his father in one nine hundred eighty nine and spent much of his reign trying to address the legacy of japan's actions in world war two but the emperor holds no political power and he stepping down as the prime minister wants to revise japan's pacifist constitution to allow for a military instead of what it calls a self-defense force it's also believed that the emperor is it all is with the government over the very future of his family the imperial family is generally regarded as fairly liberal but it's still a male dominated institution only men from the male line of the family can become emperor and the family has no power to change. that it has to come from the government. once not all he told becomes emperor there are only three men left in
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line one of them is eighty three. american donkey there have only been female emperors from a male line in the past and there has never been a female lion emperor we should talk about this it may mean changing tradition but we have to be flexible and reflect modern day society at fifty nine not he too is considered one of a new breed of royals and may relate to a different generation some of whom question the relevance of the imperial family the japanese such as die soon the relevance is very personal from time to time he proudly weighs the same clothing he wore when he met the emperor. i have been treasuring this cardigan whenever something happens i look at the cardigan. akihito retires at a time when the imperial family's popularity is high according to opinion polls but the transition will raise more questions about the family's future and whether more change will come to ensure it survives wayne hay al jazeera tokyo. the first
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african-american and the youngest to earn an oscar nomination for best director has died john singleton was fifty one the hollywood pioneers suffered a stroke earlier this month his debut film boys in the hood earned oscar nominations for racial screenplay and direction in one nine hundred ninety one when singleton was twenty four a film portrayed african-american youth in communities torn apart by drunks and violence. again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera sudan's main protest group has accused the military rulers of trying to break up a sit in outside the army headquarters in the capital that's where protesters have been gathering to demand an immediate handover to civilian rule the military toppled longtime president omar al bashir three weeks ago over the weekend protest leaders and the military agreed to form
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a joint council that will run the country until an election can be held here but morgan has more from car too. after process organizers said that the military tried to break the sit in and remove the barricades that guard the way to decide to and we went and spoke to some of the protesters and they said that what happened was a military truck with soldiers came and tried to move some of the steel routes that make up by the barricades they said that they stood their ground and that they forced the military to root to return those back and they said that they enhance their barricades those barricades are very significant people are saying that it is what stops security forces from trying to break the thetan that is now in its fourth week. libya's u.n. recognized government is sending in reinforcements to southern tripoli to stop the advance of forces loyal to warlord heidi for halftime towards the capital after his fighters have taken control of areas near the international airport these are suspected leader of isis or has appeared in a video for the first time in five years in a car baghdadi talks about the battle of drug use in syria which ended in march
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with a defeat of ice or fighters al jazeera cannot confirm the authenticity of the video or where it was filmed boeing has around its first annual shareholders meeting since two of his seven three seven max s. crash within five months killing nearly three hundred fifty people the company hopes to reintroduce the model with improvements next month it says the pain will be one of the safest to fry forty sensor readings have been blamed for both the crashes and rituals leading up to the abdication of japan's emperor akihito have begun at the imperial palace in tokyo for me give up the throne major on tuesday the first time this has happened in two hundred years the rituals will take six hours to complete those are the headlines on al-jazeera witnesses next. on counting the call says the u.s. slams the brakes on iran's oil exports the spillover effects also have
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a secret world of high risk lending impacts the poor and a sting operation to catch a spy what's a play for control of the next generation of my bob counting the cost on al-jazeera . in the us will make you have it if you.


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