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rethinking radicalization into the radicalized future syrians on al-jazeera the only way. rituals have begun in japan for the emperor is abdication the first two hundred years. fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha also ahead sudan's protest leaders say the military rulers are trying to break up this city in. libya's un recognized government calls in reinforcements as warlords highly for have todd vance's on the capital. and anger in argentina against the president's economic policies which people fear will
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take away jobs. rituals leading up to the abdication of japan's emperor akihito have begun at the imperial palace in tokyo he will formally give up the throne later on tuesday the first time this has happened in two hundred years the rituals will take six hours to complete the act of abdication itself will just say ten minutes these are live pictures right now from near the imperial palace in tokyo where as you can see people are gathering to witness the ceremony that the eighty five year olds will be succeeded by his eldest son naruhito who will be crowned on wednesday been a launch the popular emperor who helped steer japan through some difficult times says when he reports. it's been eight years since the earthquake and tsunami which changed the lives of so many people here. i. know as home was destroyed that day
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and while he finds it difficult to put it behind him there's one moment he clings to. the emperor and empress came in you walked over to where i was knelt. must have been difficult for you i will never forget his words. the eighty three year old says meeting the imperial couple in an evacuation center gave him the strength to rebuild his life akihito his compassionate response to the disaster became one of the defining moments of his reign say for those affected by this terrible tragedy i feel deeply pain. akihito succeeded his father in one nine hundred eighty nine and spent much of his reign trying to address the legacy of japan's actions in world war two but the emperor holds no political power and he stepping down as the prime minister wants
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to revise japan's pacifist constitution to allow for a military instead of what it calls a self-defense force it's also believed that the emperor is adults with the government over the very future of his family the imperial family is generally regarded as fairly liberal but it's still a male dominated institution only men from the male line of the family can become emperor and the family has no power to change that it has to come from the government. wants not all he told becomes emperor there are only three men left in line one of them is eighty three. there have only been female emperors from a male line in the past and there has never been a female line emperor we should talk about this it may mean changing tradition but we have to be flexible and reflect modern day society at fifty nine not he too is considered one of the new breed of royals and may relate to a different generation some of whom question the relevance of the imperio. family
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the japanese such as die soon the relevance is very personal from time to time he proudly weighs the same clothing he wore when he met the emperor. i have been treasuring this cardigan and whenever something happens i look at the cardigan to cheer me up akihito retires at a time when the imperial family's popularity is high according to opinion polls but the transition will raise more questions about the family's future and whether more change will come to ensure it survives wayne hay al jazeera tokyo in other words news sudan's main protest group is accusing the military rulers of trying to break up a city not side the army headquarters that's hours after the two sides held talks to form a joint council that will run the country until an election is held the military has been under increasing pressure to give up power to civilians. from conto. southern station at the city an outside the sudanese defense ministry demonstrators
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worried about an imminent attempt by the army to remove the barricades and disperse the protest earlier the army had to nost it had agreed with the protest leaders to clear the roadblocks and allow traffic to resume on several roads near the city but the opposition denied of such an agreement reached. it came shortly after third round of talks that concluded on monday the two sides agreed on writing a constitutional declaration to organize the work of three transitional government structures a joint civilian military sovereign council a cabinet of technocrats and the transition of power meant. what all the details are still being discussed including the number of seats in the sovereign council how many members from each side and how long the transition should last before a general election can be held. very close to reaching an overall solution that will make everybody happy. to get the country out of this crisis we're still in
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negotiations to define powers in specialized roles so they can act as a base for us to define the different levels of representation in the government. that. the proposal will be submitted within the next twenty four hours which will identify the power and relation between the transitional bodies and the different transitional institutions our city and will continue till our goals of the revolution for a civil transitional authority with all its executive powers is executed nothing will discourage us peaceful resistance will continue. more than two weeks since the fall of the regime of model bashir the crowd at the sit in in front of the army headquarters only grew larger their commanding a speedy and from transfer of power to a civilian government. the city has turned into an open exposition ground for labor unions social movements come to the group's professional and artistic associations
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young painters artwork on a colostomy mural that's intended to gain a place on the guinness book of records and figure in mind and how. we wanted to create a list of one million signatures of protesters then we decided to decorate it with paintings that represent in fela break the revolution we will be three thousand meters long and will go around the army headquarters as that's the space occupied by the stated. that the decay sion with which these artists work is matched only by the unabated vigor of this crowd that's been braving the summer heat for weeks refusing to go home until a real change is achieved. there's been heavy fighting in southern tripoli as forces loyal to warlord highly for have to keep up their attack on the libyan capital have to fight as advance and taking control of areas near the international air force the un recognized government says it's bringing in reinforcements to prepare the threat to tripoli. and has more from
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libya's capital forces loyal to. have to have advanced toward the. neighborhood that's about fifteen kilometers away from tripoli city center and eyewitnesses in al sadr and locals there say that they have seen have to his forces engaging against the forces loyal to the you and the recognized government of national accord in the streets and inside the densely populated areas namely in a neighborhood on the southern part of the libyan capital we know that during the past two weeks after his forces have been losing ground and a government of national called forces have been pushing have forces back beyond tripoli in active international airport have his forces after the last ground the intensified air strikes specially night air strike this situation remains very
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tense especially for civilians living in the nearby fighting areas and the government forces say that they are receiving more troops to push have to as forces back to the old locations they also say that the are able to push have to his forces back beyond the administrative borders of the capital tripoli. the u.s. insists it will defeat isaw and hunt down its leader abu dhabi hours after the armed group release a video it says is of by a diety in what will be his first appearance in five years in a video about danny talks about the bottle of booze i sold last stronghold in syria which ended in defeat for the group's fighters in march at the end of it an audio message is added to mentioning the attacks in sri lanka al-jazeera cannot confirm the authenticity of the video or where it was filmed it make bend bed is
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a former u.s. senior defense official in iraq he says intelligence agencies around the world will be analyzing the video very closely. i've been asked many times already today since the emergence of this video do i think it is authentic certainly not only international intelligence agencies and our own intelligence capability here in the united states are looking at this very very closely clearly there is a lot to be said that this is an authentic video. in the likeness since july of two thousand and fourteen in the mosque in mosul where he took the pulpit if you will and proclaimed his self-appointed caliphate at that time i would highlight that in dieties case in this video assuming it is authentic he's obviously sedentary must have gained at least forty to fifty pounds which means he
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of the injuries sustained in either prior attacks air strikes or others he has not done heck of a lot since that and certainly over the past several years it's clearly directly tied to recruiting but also not only the recruiting of future islamic state members but more specifically on financing let's be honest it needs requires a hell of a lot of money to sustain this effort but the bottom line up front is. he's a loser he lost his final stand of the of the territory in the self-proclaimed caliphate there and. to afghanistan now where it's day two of a rare meeting in the capital kabul to discuss the war and u.s. efforts for peace deal with the taliban by the neuer. seems unknown have been boycotted by the group and some senior politicians shallot bennett joins us now
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live from charlotte so what is on the agenda for day too. well this is where the real work really begins today so in the white building behind me that's the loya jirgah taint inside there are more than three thousand people and they have just broken into fifty committee swear they will discuss amongst themselves for anywhere between three and seven days about what pace should look like for afghanistan should the government get to negotiate peace with the taliban what will be arrayed lines what were they priorities the way that they're going to do that is they going to try to answer for questions those full questions are what needs to be done to achieve long lasting peace what values should be safeguarded in talks with the taliban what type of personality should represent the government in these talks and lastly what should the afghan government's foreign policy be for those countries that support the taliban what should the government's attitude be towards them the people inside that they are of various ages they come from various tribes they come
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from a different province in afghanistan different religions they mean to truly represents the afghan population there is some criticism that that is not one hundred percent true because the taliban is not in support of this loya jirgah what so with and forty six percent of the country as either contested or even controlled by the taliban so people from those areas cannot attain to this safely they would face real repercussions from the taliban if they did so or the work around as we understand it is that the government has pulled people in originally from those areas who may now live in kabul to represent the home districts with their own not they do truly represent those places if they live ten or fifteen years ago that is up for debate thank you for that charlotte bellis life force in kabul. still ahead on. three hundred.
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hello ghana welcome back well across china we are looking at some very rainy conditions over the next few days particularly across the east and also into the south well things are going to get better by wednesday but until then we're going to be seeing quite a bit of active weather and that could lead to some localized flooding so for joe rainy conditions there thunderstorms also a potential hong kong the rain is going to continue not only for tuesday but also into wednesday the north does get better and cooler temperatures we do expect for shanghai with winds coming north at twenty four degrees while across the macho we did see some very heavy flooding that led to deadly conditions across much of the area the conditions are now improving you can see some drying that's going on over the next few days the forecast map does look like this clearing across much of the region a little bit wetter up here towards singapore as well as kuala lumpur temps are
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there of thirty two degrees in the ring rainy few days it will be quite cloudy with a temperature called poor rising to about thirty four degrees and here in the bay but all we are going to be watching a cycle of developing and that's cyclon is making its way towards the northwest we are seeing clouds already for sri lanka in the clouds will also develop as we go towards tuesday and into wednesday along the coastal areas of india up towards the north though it is going to be quite warm for net per attempt to there of forty four with a temper of thirty six. sweat ts and sometimes block but for them it's what that dreams are made of. just zero one tells the story of a young moroccan boxes from her background her training for the license of the law . and the former champion who gives
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his all back since casablanca i caught on to sierra. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories rituals leading up to the abdication of japan's emperor akihito have begun at the imperial palace until he will formally give up the throne later on tuesday the first time this has happened in two hundred years is a live pictures right now from near the imperial palace where people as you can see a gathering to witness a ceremony. sudan's main protest group has accused the military rulers of trying to break up a sit in outside the army headquarters in the capital that's where protesters have
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been gathering to demand any immediate handover to civilian rule and libya's u.n. recognized government is sending reinforcements to seven tripoli to stop the advance of forces loyal to all out before have talked to wards the capital after fighters have taken control of areas near the international airports. now there's been a surge in cholera cases in war torn yemen this year the u.n. has asked for four billion dollars in emergency aid but only a small portion of it has been received the two countries fighting in yemen civil war alongside the government have also played funds but saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have delivered only part of it diplomatic editor james frey's reports human remains the most difficult humanitarian situation on earth and things are getting worse not better cholera cases are on the rise this year so far about a quarter of a million new cases more than double the number in the same period of twenty eighteen and despite the u.s. are preach it calls for funding only
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a small proportion of the four billion dollars for urgent humanitarian aid has been received in previous years the top donors have been the two main members of the coalition that continues to bomb controlled areas saudi arabia. in the united arab emirates they have both pledged money again but this time they're not giving it all at once instead they're paying in installments effectively drip feeding their funds in the postie can you be upfront payments my understanding now is they giving you money but in smaller amount well the king of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have pledged between one point five billion dollars for us for this year and my message to them and terry one else is it would be really helpful if money could be paid as soon as possible james and that's all he wanted to say this remains an extremely sensitive issue for the u.n. of course yemen's humanitarian crisis won't be solved until there's
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a political agreement a shaky cease fire holds in the key port city where data but a deal done at the end of last year to reposition forces still won't come into effect and the wider political settlement seems a long way off james out of the united nations asylum seekers in the us will not be charged fees under tougher rules set to be introduced by president donald trump they'll be charges for filing a work permit application and those who enter illegally will be barred from even applying for such permits until their case is heard and there are cleared by immigration officials the changes could come within three months from stake in a tough stance on immigration since come into office. meanwhile the u.s. president's deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has resigned wasn't steen had appointed special counsel robert miller to investigate links between russia and the
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presidential campaign he sent his resignation letter to the president and will leave his post by may eleventh. the u.s. government is facing renewed criticism that it's not doing enough to stamp out white nationalism it follows a suspected hate crime at a synagogue in california on saturday. has more from washington. it's a growing problem in the u.s. white nationalist attacks against religious and racial minorities are surging the deadly shooting at a jewish synagogue near san diego over the weekend was only the latest. and the administration of u.s. president donald trump is facing renewed criticism it's not doing enough to confront it to pretend that the president is anything. outraged or heartbroken over these incidents is a total mischaracterization the anti-defamation league reports that twenty eighteen was the fourth deadliest year for extremist murders in the u.s.
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since one thousand nine hundred seventy nearly all of them by white supremacists. other groups points to the record number of hate groups across the u.s. fueled by social media these groups are becoming bolder and more vocal. over the weekend a white supremacist group called the american identity movement chanted racist slogans at a washington d.c. bookstore recently a new york man was arrested after he allegedly threatened to kill muslim congresswoman omar. from has these heavy criticism ever since a twenty seventeen white nationalist protest in charlottesville virginia during which a woman was murdered but you also had people that were. very five people on both sides his administration has cut back on initiatives to fight white extremism and trump himself has downplayed the threat i think it's
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a small group of people that have very very serious problems i guess many analysts disagree when you. law enforcement officials. who will do who the greediest threats terrorist threats to american arms today. tell you that. domestic rights and promises recent u.s. presidents have condemned racism and hate crimes unequivocally president trump rejects claims that he tolerates bigotry but his lukewarm responses have left many baffled why the lack of moral leadership from the white house castro al-jazeera washington a nationwide strike is planned in argentina on tuesday to protest against president mauricio mockeries economic policies the call has been supported by all major labor unions who say the jobs of thousands of workers are risk traceable met with families struggling to get by in buenos eyes. who. was
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fired from a bottling company two months ago he says he has been working there for twelve years he's now trying to find other jobs that will help his family get by. i was fired in february and they said it's because of the amount of time i've been working there and the costs i represented for the company. is not the only one we met with a group of workers that went through a similar situation and are fighting to get their jobs back. the company has a plan to increase the use of machines for more production but for that they have to reduce the people that work in the plant finding work these days is extremely difficult you know this people say that what is happening to them is part of the crises argentine. is struggling with in the past year. last year argentina received the largest emergency loan in the history of the
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international monetary fund but in spite of it the government of mali has not been able to control the situation the peace or lost around eighty percent of its value in the past year and now there are fears that the government is not going to be able to pay the interest of the following day. the possibility of a comeback of former president cristina kirchner in october is presidential election is one of the issues that worries investors at home and abroad the concerns of the earth are crowing. not only believe maybe chrissy mckeown around the change big change in policies can come back in october but also for how it's going to be. our world and they tell me straight frankly is my greece or another government is to follow those reforms and to implement those reforms the big support in the congress recession i rise in poverty and unemployment have had
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an impact on maggie's popularity in the past year the biggest challenge most bargain towns are facing this days is a double digit inflation rate that keeps on pushing the prices of basic food items up and that's why the government have a special program that includes sixty products which price is about to be frozen for about six months but for many these are temporary measures that the government hopes will help makea be reelected. people. say that what people need are jobs and stability something that the government has not been able to provide. kosovo's president says a permanent agreement on his country's relations with serbia would not be possible without the involvement of the united states touch he made the comments out of both can summits organized by germany and france he went on to say that the e.u. was too weak to see any go see
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a sions between the two rival nations kosovo declared independence from serbia in two thousand and eight after years of conflicts but belgrade has never recognized possible sovereignty. about three hundred thousand been gali and refugees living in pakistan are hoping that some of them could soon get pakistani citizenship after a statement by prime minister imran khan many of them have been living in the country for forty years the majority are languishing in makeshift shelters in the second to last series on the plight of refugees kemal hyder reports from karachi we . gave come from amman and bungalow d. we're not doing it here big clued. some are looking to escape persecution in their homeland and now those extreme. they've set up temporary homes by the a.b. and c. some have been here for about four decades and for them unplanned urban sprawl is now up to me finding
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a job or is different though they're not going our country where the high unemployment and economy but if you're darned have basic identity. it makes it even more difficult. sixty one years or his life as a fisherman is hard uncertain brame headed home and workplace and today he's wearing your french crab others are preparing their nets before the height they may be away from their families up to ten days working from dilapidated. but these people have few options on what to buy so it's a little more you know my kids of forty years old twenty twenty five and eighteen my children are not reduced in have no documentation if we don't have proper documents than hell we get access to basic human rights like education employment and access to hospitals and even to travel abroad who look at me people who. are
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asked by the local police and then it is in the us can that but it will it's not a good there's no mercy from the police here they harass you for not having identity papers whenever your confronted by them or they put you in prison declaring you're a terrorist or collect bribes the poor are suffering. and many children hair scavenge for recyclables ways to help their families said why. you can see all these kids around me they should be in school rather than in the streets but they can't get access to education as they don't have any identity papers. but now prime minister cameron hawn has declared the plight of people here a humanitarian shame children born here should have a right to citizenship and the united nation negri he sure is of course the documentation and i think this is something that as you know the prime minister himself has mentioned the fact that afghan children and think about his children
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born and brought up in pakistan should have access to citizenship but in terms of the ranger i think the primary issue is really documentation we applaud the prime minister's proposal and we stand ready to assist the government of pakistan in any way for these people permanent citizenship had long been just a dream now many are daring to hope it could finally become a reality. and in the next one of us here is we talk to refugees who have fled from the book in nigeria. the first african-american and the youngest and an oscar nomination for best director has died john singleton was fifty one years old the hollywood pioneer suffered a stroke or earlier this month his debut film boys in the hood and oscar nominations for original screenplay and direction in one nine hundred ninety one the film portrayed african-american youth in communities torn apart by drugs and
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violence. the syrian civil defense volunteers known as the white helmets have been honored by the u.s. holocaust memorial museum they received the institutes top award for saving lives during syria's civil war it's estimated that the white helmets have saved more than one hundred fourteen thousand people want two hundred four of its fallen tears have been killed during the conflict. with close again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera rituals leading up to the abdication of japan's emperor akihito have begun at the imperial palace in tokyo he will formally give up the throne later on tuesday the first time this has happened in two hundred years these are live pictures right now from near the imperial palace where people are gathering to witness the ceremony sudan's main protest group has accused the military rulers of trying to break up a city not sign army headquarters in the capital that's where protesters have been
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gathering to demand an immediate handover to civilian rule the military toppled longtime president omar bashir three weeks ago over the weekend protest leaders and the military agreed to form a joint council that will run the country until an election is held her morgan has more from the tomb. after process organizers said that the military tried to break the city in and remove the barricades that guard the way to the city and we went and spoke to some of the protesters and they said that what happened was a military truck with soldiers came and tried to move some of the the roads that make up by the barricades they said that they stood their ground and that therefore is the military to route to return those still back and they said the enhance their barricades now those very kids are very significant people are saying that it is what stops security forces from trying to break the thetan that is now in its fourth week the u.s. has insisted it will defeat isel in one downey's leader abu dhabi hours after the group release a video it says is of blood daddy in what would be his first appearance in find the
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is in the video of baghdad he talks about the battle of buy booze in syria which ended in march with a defeat of ice or fighters al-jazeera cannot confirm the authenticity of the video or where it was filmed libya's u.n. recognized government is sending reinforcements in southern tripoli to stop the advance of forces loyal to warlord honey for have to out towards the capital after fighters have taken control of areas near the international airports. u.s. president donald trump deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has resigned rosenstein had appointed special counsel robert mueller to investigate links between russia and the presidential campaign those are the headlines on al-jazeera the news will continue here right after counting the costs to stay with this. talk to al jazeera. you're just back from yemen what was the glimpse of the country that you go we listen that children
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are deeply affected because of war we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter now does iraq. hello i'm come on santa maria and this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week boiled united states has declared zero tolerance over anyone buying iranian oil so as the u.s. slams the brakes on oil exports from the islamic republic we'll look at the spillover effect for the global economy also this week the secret world of high risk money lending there's been a boom in loans to poor countries in the past decade we'll see how the people there could be at risk in our case study from mozambique plus unbreakable glass mysteriously shattered and a sting operation to catch a spy.


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