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university i'm trying i'm just trying to telling us about the impact of what this at. they will lose their visas and try to understand what happened to test it everybody said a test exactly the same time or was it multiple tests and then they were accused of cheating well it's all started when there's a b.b.c. panorama programme in twenty four. short explores that there were some cheating in english and was that the one you mentioned that students the need to do there is up to standards only but remember there are a king up to ninety six difference and saw the way the home office and the government responded to this program was in instead of going to other centers investigate in they are the english language. destinations which is an american issue. which was accused of facilitating that you can be asked then to invest and the government relies on the evidence presented by this
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addressed in company and we discovered later because there were hundreds of cases of their cases students were so desperate to give their names because for them their future and and then we discovered later on how flawed how underlying this is that this is such a hot mess to try and sort of unpack this for us a little bit more and i know he's been doing some reporting on this is robert white a social policy correspondent at the financial times we spoke to him a little bit early adolescence. i have looked in considerable detail the way the u.k. home office and will be cheating claims impression emerges is of a department that initially panicked over the cheating allegations and they might e.t.s. the company that had done a great deal to create the problem mark its own homework it should realize there is a terrible mistake being made in e.t.s.
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came back and said there's a question mark over more than ninety six percent of the tests instead the department trashed the head ignored all evidence to the contrary and tried to revoke the visas of six thousand people on the basis of evidence so thin it's hard to see how anyone could possibly have relied on it now that i'm sorry some of the comments from our online community silliman says here foreign students contra being positive to the u.k. economy so he's saying the value in measures how many students this might actually possibly impact and was able to start a wholesale leave the country as that's what can happen to them that possible. i mean did most of them have already left the country. i mean all the results and were forcibly removed from the country over a thousand were detained and many of the students give up because they couldn't
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against them is not there they couldn't go to court to courts to protest that instance there was nothing they could do and it was threatened i mean many of them begin to see today a lot of friends and charities. they say they were not allowed to work they were not allowed to access health. they're not allowed to drive i mean they were just you know they were built in impossible position situation so many many of them actually give up their countries but there are still a few thousand of those you're still compiling for still campaigning on why the voice is still campaigning other than that we're going to show our audience that's my convoys her voice is of our students whose lives were ruined by the u.k. home office and twenty fourteen finally being heard these are some of the protesting students and i also want you to listen to the. documentary that will be coming out a little bit later look at migrant voice dot org to impact on the students that's on the segment with us have
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a listen i've lost our family those memories that the damage cannot be a compliment my mental health damage oh my god. i can feel that. even know what i can see the darkness if i'm in a. closed environment i'm so scared because i get that. i'm still suffering. thank you for bringing the story to us graham a damn director of migrant forests. now to south africa where millions of people are considering how they will vote in elections in a week's time the ruling african national congress is expected to remain in power but is facing a one of its sternness challenges in the years to the democratic alliance and the economic freedom fighters present serum opposes says that he wants to reform the
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a.n.c. at a wednesday he addressed a labor union rally in dublin. we do have. the challenge. and challenge. al-jazeera southern africa correspondent for me will be covering the election race she's in the eastern portion of durban as i'm gonna smoke we have nicholas bower he's a reporter for television news channel and c a and also seven o two if you listen in south africa you won't know that station very well all right so for me to you actually literally walking on election coverage right now you drag yourself away to talk to us about what you're doing what is the biggest story do
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you feel right now is what's the big headline that we should be paying attention to . and into so much going on and perhaps this is what characterizes and what's different about this election in particular compared to the others but a big issue really for many south africans is corruption so the africans are dealing with a government and a ruling party that's been employed in a number of scandals and i think the issue for many is the spite the a.n.c. saying this is now a time for renewal we are now maybe reinventing ourselves we are promising you a lot more especially with the new president will. jacob zuma resigned the thing is those on every comes on seeing what these investigations and these inquiries into corruption what they're actually resulting in and who's head i suppose is rolling because it really is much of the same months on and heading into another election yeah and also major issues around poverty education employment
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so that regard as a wiring unemployment rate at about twenty seven percent so these issues continue to plague this government and also the opposition parties have to come up with policies that address this but the a.n.c. has put itself in a tough position considering what happened in the last few years because i feel that that introduction that we just did about the next election i thought that's the same introduction that we've been doing for the last few years every time we come up to a big election time every important really beautiful here the a.n.c. on twitter the a.n.c. is now a shadow of itself they have lost contact with the electorate but parties like f. f. identifying with people's problems that is it perhaps take but do you feel like we're just saying the same thing about the a.n.c. . well i can discount what melissa d.n.c. is facing massive challenge heading into this election twenty five years after
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democracy but just touching on the opposition i mean in many ways the opposition has failed as well because in the fairness of all of the mc's failures and problems that they've brought on this country in the twenty five years of governance it should be fairly easy for the democratic alliance or the economic freedom fighters to capitalize on that but the fact of the matter is is there's no poll that gives the democratic alliance the largest opposition party anything above twenty two percent and the economic freedom fighters got a million votes last election which was about a six percent of the electorate and they're due to about double that so even in the face of all of these issues the a.n.c. is still going to all intents and purposes all the polls are showing us going to win this election moreover when you look at. performance in the past year or so since he deposed president jacob zuma came to many are nobody actually predicted he would be able to do so it's been slow incremental change and while ms
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miller is correct in saying that there hasn't been enough change for you to do tangibly feel a change in the world's most unequal society you can't discount the small fundamentals that have been put in place and i'm specifically talking about the national prosecuting authority this is a new attorney general in joy and these two deputies that were accused of all sorts of malfeasance and corruption and oncology brain learns quickly that have now been fired as a result of one of these commissions of inquiry. we see about three or four of them going on concurrently at this point in time in south africa all right so let's hear some some voices a sense i think that it is a reaction. this is just far less free at south africa talking about what they want from the election and what they're hoping for what they're voting for have a listen. we see corruption being investigated but no one is being
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arrested if it were me i would have long been in jail that's the painful part. our main problem is that we are starving and we have children as you see this farm isn't working so why is the government not compensating us with some groceries monthly so we can eat it would be better if they at least give us something to live on i'm just looking at some of the campaign posters have on my laptop so everybody is that how. rallies they getting their message out for the media i'm just thinking in terms of what people are expecting what that hoping for what they're voting on are we still looking at these basic inequality issues in south africa all day i think that that's going to parties that who might be. that's a very interesting question i think it also goes back to what nicholas spoke about a few moments ago in that these opposition parties haven't perhaps capitalized on
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the drop in support for the a.n.c. and i think that raises a number of issues one of people staying away from the polls people who would normally vote for the aid see that are happy with the party but they can't bring themselves to vote for anybody else and did these opposition parties also rely heavily on jacob zuma as presidency and once he was out of office what do they go on now to have they managed to grab the interest of south africans and offer something solid because if that were the case we would i think see these oppositions opposition parties perhaps grow at a foster or more significant or they sort of falling apart in terms of their own fight in fighting allegations against other parties and not actually when last a.n.c. voters because those people say well i'm still loyal to the a.n.c. i'm pretty messed up to vote for anybody else i'm happy saul just stand let me just bring this because i found this on your twitter feed here so rama post during
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a panel a conversation with young people i guess for youth a future that works he was very comfortable with the young people their young people's votes is interesting in the last forty five seconds of a show tell us about young people and what will they get as opposed to do they catch. well let me. state that i did it for you in this the fact of the matter is is that there's a sleeping majority in the youth and you started this conversation by saying when we talk about that africa we seem to be saying the exact same thing and yet perhaps why i for one am absolutely bored by this election because it doesn't seem to be anything new coming out of it and the reason there's nothing new coming out of it is because they're not speaking to the youth this six million young south africans that have decided not even to register never mind actually go out and vote that's out of two thousand million young so that we thank thank you for not telling us that you were born until the very end of assayed when they call
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a spouse and me to get out we're covering the south african elections we really appreciate i will see you next time and god. will. will. will. will. will. will.
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will. will. from sunrise to sunset cross asia. the pacific explorer i'm told fascinating stories one on one it's on al-jazeera. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just that we all come from different places but it's what that gives us gives us the ability to identify the people who may live the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is
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a strength for al jazeera. i mean every week the news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. builds up the pressure on tehran countries that continue buying iranian oil are now being threatened with sanctions. and michele kerry this is out his her life and also coming up with a most powerful cycling for twenty years in india forces more than a million people to move to higher crowd. demanding an immediate and permanent ceasefire a president says he will act on the recommendations of
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a summit of afghan tribal and religious leaders. at al for the election without opposition parties violent protests and that and all of the president's resignation . ron's economic situation is even more precarious with the expiration of u.s. sanctions waivers on major buyers of its oil that includes china india and turkey who now face the prospect of u.s. sanctions if they continue to buy crude from tehran iranian oil sales have already fallen by half cents washington pulled out of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal samus ravi reports from tehran. hours before more pressure from u.s. sanctions and welcomed an important guest the boss of opec his visit to an oil and gas exhibition a signal that iran remains an important member of at least one very powerful public relations. dissent comes to us. we hope all of that but it has to get
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done what divides us but when the united states reimposed sanctions it granted waivers to some of the iran's biggest customers ending those waivers and iran supply means prices at the pump are likely to rise to address suggestions by u.s. president donald trump that some opec members namely saudi arabia and the united arab emirates might increase production to make up for iranian oil not making it to market it's probably potentially more dangerous to the very existence of the organization not to talk of that but does it with none of that is. the morse to divide this organization to saw its seeds of discord. to the extent that. we are not able to sit down and took decisions
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let alone implemented together needing to meet market demand it has been an important part of how iran has kept selling oil and coped with u.s. sanctions. china turkey and iraq have also said they cannot abide by unilateral american policies and will continue dealing with iran if pushed iran could obstruct shipping lanes in the strait of hormuz pull out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal and restart your brain human richmond none are things iranian leaders say they actually want to do but there is little doubt the country is hurting a crippled economy soaring prices runaway inflation iranians worry it could mean taxes going up and subsidies on fuel electricity and consumer goods going down last year this conference how even more buzz and even bigger exhibits and there was a little more excitement in the air about doing business but that was before the united states pulled out of the nuclear deal and really imposed sanctions but one russian chief executive said u.s.
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sanctions or exactly why russia wants to do even more business with iran that's why they're here. so i guess you know we've you know it's for sure and. it will be educational opportunity for russian companies because surveys in many many years center is speak it very good relationships between iran as a country and russia as a country and so he union in the past and now is there is a good chance to start to mutual cooperation between companies. for the business level under u.s. sanctions he says the kremlin has encouraged companies to seek out iranian business partners characterizing sanctions as temporary complications but many iranians may say u.s. sanctions are not temporary enough and likely to lead to more hardship zain bus ravi old a zero to one aqa trainee you has been following reaction from beijing. china certainly feeling very squeezed in its position at the moment the months it's been
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telling the world and the u.s. that it opposes these unilateral sanctions that its relationship with iran is lawful and that should be respect. by the u.s. on the other hand the timing is critical it's in the middle of some very important trade talks and what china wants more than anything at the moment is a solution and end to these tit for tat tariffs that have been escalating over the past year so it has to really walk a very fine balance now since last year china has really gone closer to iran these two countries have a lot of cooperation iran is a big supporter of china's built and wrote initiative and many chinese energy companies have invested billions into iranian oil fields so it really wants to maintain that relationship it's a key relationship on the other hand iran is not china's biggest trading partner. the u.s. is so it will really want to consider that and not want to do anything to jeopardize a possible trade deal and both of those governments have said that they could be on the homestretch to finding
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a solution to that so moving forward we don't know exactly how china will move it could possibly be used as a bargaining chip in these trade talks if china does want to consider does want to continue to import iranian oil it could choose to do so through back doors or want to barter if it may be with other goods for example consumer goods or cars or education initiatives in order to maintain that relationship to perhaps compensate iran but we should have a clearer idea next week when these create talks to finish this coast of india is being battered by the most powerful cycle in there and twenty years cycle and finally has killed at least two people in addition states one and a quarter million indians have left their homes to seek higher ground scott hardliner as more from new delhi. with a hundred eighty kilometer per hour winds cycled forty slammed ashore in the distance state in eastern india. twenty first made landfall friday
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morning near the coastal city of putting a holy place for hindus. the strong side clone is expected to move north through and weaken as it hits west bengal and my colleague states it will then head to bangladesh. a big concern as coastal storm surges and resultant flooding about a million people have been evacuated india's navy air force and disaster response force are on standby. the only so coast every year so we are really suffering due to this the government offices have advised as not to venture out into the sea since the access to the sea a closed boats and crowds are getting destroyed in this. airports and schools were closed before the storm hit funny is the most serious like loan for the region in twenty years in one nine hundred ninety nine a super cycle and devastated and killed ten thousand people across the state thank
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the coast of obese a state is prone to cycle and storm surge and tsunamis in banquets and shelters have been built over the last seven years before he will be the first test of how they stand up to a powerful cycling. it's got harder al-jazeera new delhi. as a journalist based in addition he joins us on the phone from there right now so johnny what is it that you are what's happening exactly where you are right now. what i am i mean both make sure the capital city of orissa the bad news is that. it struck the man from. woody sharkey after me this morning but now that ios thomas pogge single right through the capital city open issue and these are not happened. it is a qinghai booking omission of because it is a highly populated city more than one million people his idea and as i can see in front of me not all the damage is already taken but the extent of damage is yet not
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known that have been at least three guys or just one person has died in maggot and woody and child has died englisher already but this is what i thought that i was getting more information but the damage is for sure brady lad extensive. bus ride to the capital city a policeman and we are told that i was just on is now as i think with that ending district but the impact is still pending litigation one of the. office of the government already has guns on me that the calling the start but there was a pokey was. that dr doom has been blown away by. in fact both cycle on the phone and so you can imagine how how hard on house reveal this i can please i just exactly have worked in the campus if you will make sure that i'm. ok so i'm you're right we don't quite yet know how significant the the damage will be but it does
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seem because of the mass evacuation hopefully the loss of life will be minimal talk about the preparations that went into getting that many people away from the direct path of this. well the good part of. it is i don't mind wasn't. the cause also the supercycle in ninety ninety nine thousand people lost their lives no disagreement along listens and. thirty five men called the. management a autocracy one. which deals with calamities they have set up or drop to the production line and such as you mentioned before the cycle strike and. then how. likely it will strike so according to the state government the best body . stand yesterday more than one million people have been equally. but still lives were definitely
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a loss of life will be different even minimum. damage to the properties and infrastructure that cannot be anything because nature has its own fealty absolutely johnny can ron thank you for your reporting from there on in the storm and please they say thank you out here meteorologist kevin corriveau has more on the impact as cycling funny. now this was a very very powerful storm it still is a powerful storm but right before landfall it did come down slightly in speed that is one of the reasons we didn't lose the audio on that at landfall though two hundred forty kilometer per hour winds gusting up to about two hundred ninety five that is equivalent to a category four hurricane if it was in the atlantic and that's a very high category four now what is happening now and i want to show you the bigger detail of the storm i want to go to windy dot com show what's happening right now with the storm the storm is actually just to the north the pretty and we are looking at still and circulation with very heavy rain mostly over here towards the western part but where the rain is going to be very intense over the next
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several days is going to be to the north and also to the northeast the other big factor even though that the storm has made landfall is going to be the storm surge and the reason i'm very concerned about this is if you look up the coast as you get to kolkata and then into bangladesh you have a lot of these river deltas the wind is still pushing the water up towards north it is going to be pushing this water up into these river deltas and that means we're going to be seeing with the tide flooding inland with this storm for the next couple of days in terms of the amount of rain we expect to see of the next couple days let's take a look at the bigger picture here we are going to be seeing rain in terms of two hundred fifty to possibly even five hundred more millibar millimeters in the next three to four days we'll keep an eye on that and we'll bring you more details coming up afghan president musharraf's dani.


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