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is this just about bragg's it or are the wider issues in northern ireland as well. with the raw wider issues as a massive bricks it backlash a going on in england but here not so it's a complicated picture i'll explain later on with the help of my guests but the in terms of the issues there is the brics it issued to the prospect of a hard border with the irish republican all of that might entail with checkpoints with a whole range of other security issues which puts a spotlight on security once again something of the past about all of this according to republicans in particular national is concerned about that possibility add to all of this the fact that the two main parties here sometimes it's termed as tribal politics are actually in crisis in terms of the government they have basically had so many disputes two years ago that there is no power sharing
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executive in place right now that is a major factor absent that holds up as well dissident republicans actually shooting dead a young journalist a recently that's caused a backlash from the public and indeed from a catholic priest at the young woman's funeral who called on the politicians who all the leaders were present agreeing the u.k. prime minister of the irish to shook to basically calling them to account why were they together why did they have to come together on a charge occasion such as the the girl's funeral this was the key young journalist shot dead but with me right now to assess all of this is some mcbride who's the political editor of the belfast telegraph first of all the results what are we seeing so far all that any prominent trends really this is a good election it would. thus far for the d.p.
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and chin feel in those of the two dominant parties in northern ireland to me in parties of unionism and of nationalism that would indicate that this is something where those parties have largely been in step with their electorate when it comes to breaks it is very significant on the u.k. stage when it comes to that very very opposed to northern ireland being treated differently to the rest of the u.k. some sort of special status for northern ireland with the shin fein and completely the opposite side of the argument and really that i suppose confirms the polarization of northern ireland's electorate on this issue but also some quite significant gains for the center ground in northern ireland politics before we get to the center ground it's very interesting that's just as a sense this issue of why there isn't any backlash against the parties is not because the parties are very clear on where they stand on bracks yes i think that unlike unlike england where the labor party a tory party are our odds and so we've got we've got two parties which represent a minority of voters in northern ireland the sportswear thirty percent of the electorate in northern ireland about thirty five thirty six percent and so these
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are these are not the majority position in northern ireland north and as a whole voted to remain in the in the european union but the these are parties which are very close to their electorates of course it's very difficult to then get a compromise which satisfies both of those sites where you have opposing positions indorsed very firmly it would seem by the electorate now we have this situation with layer of the young woman who was killed a tragic occasion and the priest calling on all politicians to get together. what do you see if anything at all representing this so cold moment a landmark moment that's the way it's been treated by the media and others could that reflect itself in the vote well i think that we have seen a very significant vote for the center ground in north and out of politics so this is the norm tribal growing neither unionist nor nationalist people who want to largely make north or not and work whatever their constitutional preference for the future of northern ireland and that that potentially has been swollen by
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a reaction against the sort of through back to the troubles which we saw with near mckee's murder whether that translates into a change in stance by the two dominant parties the two parties whose whose differing positions have led us to this position that's a very different question i think some mcbride thank you very much for your analysis the so the counting is still going on it's way behind england and some of the results early stages you heard there the early indications back to you rolled on a thanks very much indeed still ahead in sport the for the death has seventy six hours on this their stand on to take a two one lead over to the wrong tone in the n.b.a. playoffs paul is going to be here with more.
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time time for the sport here's paul thank you very much cost to someone who will run what could be her last eight hundred meters rice and cattle in a few hours' time the south african wrote a trained in doha on the eve of the diamond league meeting on wednesday she lost her case against testosterone rules jute to be imposed by athletics governing body the i w f with a new regulations kicking in on the eighth of may the future of someone yeah and others like it is unclear now on the richardson is out. and joins us live on the extremely complex case this how well or badly have the. yeah the world athletics governing body are going to win any awards for
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a case study in diplomacy i don't think sebastian coe the head of world athletics will on thursday here in the day after that ruling only took two questions on the issue an issue that is seismic implications for his sport and he described the outcome a straightforward the court of arbitration for sport as a number of ways of describing that outcome straight forward really isn't one of them was a split decision between three judges and the ruling was sprinkled with caviar outs and concerns what he was keen it's talk about it's was his desire to expand the appeal of track and field globally and he has to say man you have an athlete who goes way beyond the normal practice of a sporting star she's she's a hero to many in the way she stood up to prejudice and discrimination she's a role model for people with different sexual development and of course she's a superstar on the track she's got sealant the gold medals and three world titles as well she's been issuing a series of really cryptic tweets over the last thirty six forty eight hours since
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that judgement some of them hinting at possible retirements and walking away from a distance that she's dominated for the best part of a decade and at the moment well that left six don't appear to be in the mood to try and dissuade her as you mentioned. utterly stellar career what do where does she go from here. well in the short term she's running here in doha potentially her last run in the eight hundred meters before she has to start taking that medication to lower her to start strong levels she is a late entrant into this die hard events in it the hints is that she's going to try and run a really fast time and i that's obvious she's going to try to run a fast time but it's an early part of the season ahead of the world championship year the reality for her is is that after this event if she wants to come back to daryn late september to defend her eight hundred meter title the world championships she will have to start taking hormone suppressants almost immediately
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the world medical association coming out after that ruling imploring physicians around the world saying do not give normally healthy individuals these drugs they say violates medical ethics and it's against human rights and right now so many legal team are poor in over that one hundred sixty five page judgment issued by the court of arbitration for sport and as a possible appeal in the pipeline see another court in switzerland so while they are all i ws may wish to draw a line under this issue it is not going away any time soon or are they thanks very much will come back to you live a bit later and we'll see how someone you gets on there in doha as well. well another development at the diamond league could affect the future of generations of athletes the wants to sideline the five and ten thousand meter events which are dominated by east africans katherine sawyer traveled to the high altitude training camps in kenya as rift valley find out how it could affect a deep rooted culture of long distance running. caroline chip crew
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will defend her three thousand meter title at the dam track and field competition in doha she's one of kenya's top athletes and says her biggest competitors will be two other kenyans who she beat last year she's been training in the ten in the rift valley says she prefers the five thousand meters race but that event along with the ten thousand is being faced out from twenty twenty and in competitions where organizers do decide to include the race it will not be televised the international association of athletics federations wants to make the more marketable and believes longer races slow things down. it's bad what they've done i had specialized in five thousand but i've had to retrain for other disciplines like three thousand i'm worried about upcoming athletes who use this is a springboard for the big road races this is bad news for east africa the five in
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ten thousand races are dominated by kenyans if you peons and ugandans and a majority of young athletes in kenya train for five thousand. is trying to make it big internationally he's working on his stymies and insurance. it's an unfair decision i feel they are trying to get because we've been dominating the competition kenyan athletes are so strong we come back with many medals i don't see any valid reason why they would want to do away with this race. sports analysts are worried the move will badly affect jancis of run is who mostly depend on such races for a leading it then gives the lead. you know different. organizations or companies or they have in those moments we're running companies and you know. energy drinks and so on before but you're not seen on t.v. to buy a global audience is a big blow. for now most of these are clips back in the ten will be cheering on
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those three presenting them in doha while at the same time are going to sports governing body to reverse a decision they see thousands of them catherine saw al-jazeera the ten western kenya. basketball are on the philadelphia seventy six ers one two one up in their n.b.a. playoff series against the toronto raptors thanks to a star performance from joel embiid the raptors quire leonard was the standout for his team with thirty three points but he was struggling on his own as the seventy six took a twenty six point lead and then beat was simply too good for the toronto defense he also had thirty three points and put down a big mark in these playoffs as philly go for their first title since one thousand nine hundred three we have the home court rocking with this play final score one hundred sixteen to ninety five the philadelphia. the cricket world cup gets underway at the end of the month defending champions australia and welcome back steve smith and david warner to their training camp the two players served
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a year long ban for their part in a cheating scandal that rocked the team but coach justin langer says there are only positives in their return. there's no tension honestly i just we were so excited to have the boys but really sick so it sort of that playing cricket has been a big build up to it will draw on their experience on and off the field and we would be absolutely crazy not to the center going to be challenges for both of them know . that you know when you've come from the top position of captain and then you're not well then you know there's going to be a certain degree if you military that comes with that. and they don't show playoffs the boston bruins leveled their series against the columbus blue jackets on thursday columbus have been hoping to go three want to head but ended up taking something of a beating on home ice patrice bergeron got two of the boston goals as they recovered from back to back the fates in this eastern conference semifinal that ended four swans the bruins tied the series up to each avalanche truelove or the
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sharks in the other series. all about solar sports and i will have more lights a rubber ball that is very much indeed and that's it for me rob matheson for this music award all these tours of course the website al jazeera dot com but i'm going to be back in a moment with more of the day's news all see that but for now. radical islam is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's everywhere we're told was supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is huge i think it's only so much we can try before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization of the radicalized youth syrians on al-jazeera people have to weigh your own record on this trial in fact
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a few years ago there is place only for one state on the land of israel i do not believe in a two state solution the official story is that there are no i'm sure we'll show you i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling you now the world isn't black and white there's a lot to graze in here join me near the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here when i'll just hear a. leader and her husband gavin were sleeping when four teenagers broke down the back the teenagers just. i'm just being of african appearance still on the run the full of this happened i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color or. whatever to focus on african gang crime began in march twenty sixth jane when violence broke out at the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne to gird so that african young people coming together and no there was
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a fort bragg and it became my rolling bowl if you log some of that was because the place become involved and we started chasing they just people and that crowd already been in the media at the top a lot of political pressure on this people to commit crime conducing the race holy month gets blamed for the actions of a few. people have to base scythe i have to feel side to side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with this while. the u.s. ramps up its plan to choke off iran's energy exports ending sanction waivers which had allowed some countries to buy its oil. hello again i'm about this and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up.
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a powerful cycle hits eastern india after more than a million people were moved from its path. the testers are back in big numbers in sudan as a standoff with the military continues or what how to bring in a civilian rule. on the ground console convened by afghanistan's president ends with a resigning call for peace with the taliban. the u.s. government's put an end to waivers which is allowed eight countries to purchase iranian oil they include india turkey and china which is the biggest single importer of katrina you will have more on that from beijing in a moment but first a sum of binge of aid crunches the numbers to explain what's at stake for iran's already faltering economy. iran is
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a top contributor to the oil producing bloc of nations called opec its all production has fallen from two and a half billion barrels a day in twenty seventeen to just under one and a half billion barrels today iran's economy relies on oil and gas and roughly eighty percent of its exports are from the hydrocarbon sector the international monetary fund says inflation in iran could hit forty percent this year as u.s. sanctions have already had an impact on the economy i could get the iran oil down to zero immediately but it would cause a shock to the market i don't want to lift oil prices or if you notice or oil prices are going down very substantially despite the fact they're already half of their capacity is gone so can the united states bring down iranian oil production to zero iran doesn't seem to think so i don't think you mean just trying to think you can drive iran's oil exports to zero by plane such games this is impossible around the oil exports would not be zero will sell our oil through various methods
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the success of u.s. sanctions will depend on how the major buyers of in oil which are india china south korea japan and turkey react to u.s. pressure there's already been an impact on global oil prices which of peaks in the last few months two were seventy dollars a barrel the u.s. wants to keep oil prices low but that does not favor oil exporting countries economies rely on oil the white house will be looking at allies in the gulf region to pump out an extra million or more barrels of oil a day once the sanctions kick in countries including saudi arabia have been hit hard during a period of nor oil prices and it's unclear if and how quickly they will increase their production the i.m.f. says iran's recession is already spilling over to the broader region iranian generals have warned that if the iran is prevented from selling its oil abroad it would close the strait of hormuz which handles a fifth of the world's oil shipments. in delhi and one of china's most important ports some twenty million barrels of oil are reportedly stranded waiting to clear chinese customs. with the united states ending waivers on
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a rainy and oil purchases this week the future of the shipment is unclear the u.s. has tightened sanctions on all countries that continue to buy iranian oil after the first of may that includes china iran's biggest customer beijing says there's no justification for the u.s. policy. firmly opposed to unilateral sanctions and the so-called jurisdictions imposed by the u.s. . roughly a quarter of iran's exported oil is sold to china about half a million barrels a day the two countries have grown closer in recent years president xi jinping mediterranean counterpart in beijing last june just one month after the u.s. me imposed sanctions on iran iran is a key supporter of china's built in road infrastructure initiative designed to ease chinese global trade but analysts say china may have no option but to bow to u.s.
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demands but it is the way. the united states is serious and forcing china to pick a side the chinese government has to be very careful the timing is critical this week top negotiators from washington arrived in beijing for a new round of trade talks both sides are working to finalize a deal to end escalating tit for tat tariffs which began last year experts say china may give up iranian oil which makes up about seven percent of china's total oil imports to avoid jeopardising discussions on trade for china now and the most important relation is still it's not with iran it's within us and there are other battles china need to fight in terms of for example a transformative technology like five three on chinese desperate some some sort of cutting slack from the u.s. should china stop buying iranian oil it could compensate tehran by boosting trade in other areas if it continues it could do so via
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a back door. bhatia for it without a good spot china has so far given no indication it intends to stop buying uranium oil leading some to believe it may be used as a bargaining chip in trade negotiations with the u.s. washington officials however say any wind down period or additional waiver is out of the question for china between e.u. al-jazeera aging. white house correspondent kelly halakhah tells us more about president donald trump strategy. well the ending of the waivers is just the latest in a long campaign by the trusted ministration to exert what it calls maximum pressure on iran donald trump very clear that his desire is to get iran's oil exports to zero why because the united states believes that this is how iran funds what it calls a sort of broader destabilizing activities in the wider middle east now this is a concern for many in washington as well as around the world because there is the
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fear that some of the more hardline or hawkish members of the trunk administration like secretary of state like peo national security advisor john bolton appear to be pushing for regime change in iran something that this administration denies it says is simply standing with the people of iran but we know that this could put a severe shock on the iranian economy potentially getting people to spill into the streets and potentially turning on their government that appears to be perhaps one of the goals of the united states but at the same time there is a fear of another impact and that is that iran could lash out militarily the united states then claiming that it had to in some way assist in some sort of retaliation campaign it appears that some of the again the more hawkish members of the trumpet ministration may be winning over in terms of an aggressive strategy and perhaps even militant foreign policy towards iran. the east coast of india is being
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battered by the most powerful cycle there in twenty years for me has killed at least three people in addition a state one and a quarter million indians have left their homes to seek higher ground it's called hard luck has moved to new delhi. with a hundred eighty kilometer per hour winds cycled funny slammed ashore in the distance states yesterday. when he first made landfall friday morning. the coastal city of footy a holy place for hindus. when the rain has stopped since early morning it's a very strong storm the trees have been uprooted roads are closed there is no electricity the rain has caused my house to flood. this is worse than the one thousand nine hundred ninety storm i feel scared to be at home or to go outside i fear we might be blown away if we go out. the strong so i cloud is expected to move north through and weaken as it hits west bengal and my colleague state it will then
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head to bangladesh. a big concern is coastal storm surges and resultant flooding about a million people have been evacuated india's navy air force and disaster response force are on standby. airports and schools were closed before the storm hit funny is the most serious cyclon for the region in twenty years in one nine hundred ninety nine a super cycle devastated and killed ten thousand people across the state. the coast of state is prone to cycle and storm surge and tsunamis embankments and shelters have been built over the last seven years before he will be the first test of how they stand up to empower people cycling. got harder al-jazeera new delhi in sudan friday protests have again been held in cities and towns to further the campaign for civilian rule protest leaders complain. the serious about handing over power following the overthrow of longtime president bashar al assad the two sides
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can't agree on who should be on a joint civilian military council to run the country. live from khartoum so the military is saying that it's patience is running out the demonstrators a saying they're not going to budge what's being done to try and break this deadlock. all of the list to holland initiatives that are going on right now try and break the deadlock between the transitional military council and the opposition which is largely the civil society organization the sudanese professional association which has been behind the protests now the first initiative is being led by prominent personalities people who are moon and respected. in sudan formed into a committee to try and mediate between the two sides on the other hand of nikken
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union has dispatched a special envoy ma'am but the world has an labatt he's a former minister from mauritania and he is in the country talking to both sides to try and bring them a schools are a sport the main board of contention being who is going to get a majority in that transitional joint transitional council that were supposed to all formed and which will take the country through a period of transition of them organize the elections so efforts going on right now in the united nations is lending its full support to the african union which has already given the transitional many military council sixty days with which to hunt over power to a civilian administration mohammed of the given any indication the protesters that is about what they plan to do in the event that the talks fail. well of course the deadlock is
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a big concern for the protesters the sum of all the must saying that if they lose now and go back and this past. then there would be what they're calling an evolution which they say is going to be the is going to spell the death of saddam so for them a living that square outside the military is not an option after all and they're saying they're not short of options that were already intimated that they could call for a general strike that would bring about a shutdown and tie a sit down some of the negus of the sudanese provisional suspicion as p.a.a. have also been saying that they are seeing a situation where countries in the middle east are coming in to shore up support for the transitional military council countries such as the united arab emirates and so that every year and they say the next phase of the protests could actually
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be moving the waters the broad and to outside the embassy is these two countries have in the west and in other parts of africa and asia to ensure that the get out of the office of saddam hama thanks very much indeed still ahead on the program. whatever they're doing is not out of hate but he doubts of extreme be released from prison ugandan rapper turned politician bobby why involves to fight on against the government he says is panicking. and the braggs a backlash in local elections but what are the results mean for the prime minister .


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