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tv   The Occupation Of The American Mind  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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well of course the deadlock is a big concern for the protesters some of all them must say that if they lose now and go back and this past home then there would be what they're calling for evolution with those which they say is going to be the is going to spell the death of saddam so for them and living that square outside the military is not an option of all and they're saying they're not short of options that were already intimated that they could call for a general strike that would bring about a shutdown and tie a sit down some of the new leaders of the sudanese provisional suspicion as p.a.a. have also been saying that they are seeing a situation where countries in the middle east are coming in to shore up support for the transitional military council countries such as the united arab emirates and so that every year and they say the next phase of the protests could actually
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be moving the porters the broad and to outside the embassy is these two countries have in the west and in other parts of africa and asia to ensure that the get out of the office of saddam mohammed thanks very much indeed still ahead on the program. whatever they're doing is not out of hate but it out of extreme fear being released from prison near ground in iraq per turned politician bobby why involves to fight on against the government he says is panicking. and the braggs a backlash in local elections but what are the results mean for the prime minister . hello again it's good to have you back here across china we're going to sing some
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good weather here across much of the east coast at least for the beginning of the weekend then things are going to change as we end the weekend there so here in shanghai twenty six with partly cloudy conditions all the way down towards hong kong with plenty of sun in the forecast but it could be quite humid there notice the rain here across the central and western parts of china that really begins to expand as we go towards sunday in some of these locations could be seeing some very heavy rain and localized flooding as well for hong kong we could probably see some rain in your forecast as well down towards manila the it is going to be rain as well with a time to there of thirty four we have been watching a cyclon make landfall here in india it is going to make its way towards the northeast it's going to be weakening but plenty of rain is going to be coming out of the storm over the next few days and there's one thing we will continue to watch expression as makes its way towards the northeast once it hits the himalayas we're very concerned that a lot of that rain will come out we could be seeing some mudslides landslides as well as flash flooding across much of the region here not per it is going to be
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about forty one degrees and it is going to stay quite hot across central areas and here in doha thirty seven degrees is going to be a high on saturday but by the time we get to sunday thirty eight degrees here over towards thirty five and miska thirty two. i want to get down to the nitty gritty here everyone alexy weather online and you have a male chauvinist and that is i think perhaps with. the federation and it is really try to get a piece of that or if you join us on saturday we know they're coming to pick up their mind this is a dialogue everyone has appoints to talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can be straight joining the colonial conversation amount is in.
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gorging on his ear a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. sanctions waiver on major buyers of iranian oil has expired that includes china india and turkey now face the prospect of u.s. sanctions if they continue to buy crude oil from iran. the most powerful cycle for twenty years in india is battering the east coast it has killed at least two people in addition a state. in sudan friday protests again held in cities and towns to further their campaign for civilian rule protest leaders complain army generals are in serious about handing over power following their overthrow old longtime president all of us here. more on iran and foreign ministers others that he has spoken exclusively to al-jazeera he says are very in oil will keep flowing abroad despite
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u.s. sanctions the success or failure of these sanctions is going to be who by their own doyle so we are talking about countries such as china and india who are your major oil importers are they going to continue to buy two point first world countries have declared that they do not recognize u.s. sanctions for. their private companies may because of u.s. cordage and because of the heavy hand that the united states is exercising on these issues may find it just prudent for themselves in the short term and i don't think it's prudent for anybody in the medium and long term to decrease but that doesn't mean that governments agree and the governments have announced that they do not recognize. at least nine civilians including women and children have been killed by ongoing government airstrikes in rebel held northwestern syria dozens were also
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injured in what the un is condemning as the worst battle bombing campaign by the syrian government in over a year in april alone more than thirty two thousand people across aleppo it live in hama have been displaced due to intensified fighting. the united nations is gravely concerned by the continuing reports of a deteriorating humanitarian situation civilian casualties and damage to vital infrastructure and waves of displacement due to intensified hostilities in the northwest part of the country the united nations reminds all parties to the conflict of their obligations under international humanitarian law and human rights law to ensure the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure and calls on all parties to the conflict to exercise restraint the united arab emirates is being accused of using chinese made drones for missile strikes from tripoli in support of wallowed khalifa coughed up in the a month into the fight for control of the libyan capital some military analysts say chinese drones are cheaper than american ones on
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the easier to obtain u.n. monitors have repeatedly accused the gulf state of violating a weapons ban any of this week the interior minister of libya's un recognized government said they have evidence that foreign planes are taking pause in the airstrikes. the president of afghanistan has accepted to several recommendations for peace talks with the taliban on the final day of the law as a assembly of regional elders ghani approved seeking an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of u.s. troops whose ordered the release of one hundred seventy five taliban prisoners shot about us has more from. president danny has agreed to all the recommendations in the loya jirga more than three thousand participants have met for the last five days in the white building behind me coming up with what is important to them as representatives of the afghan people what positions do they want the afghan government to take in future negotiations with the taliban present to all of their
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recommendations directly address the taliban in his in his speech in the closing ceremony this morning saying we have fought for far too long sometimes we have won sometimes you have won in the meantime our people have suffered so going forward he said that he will accept that there needs to be interest and tweaks it is now an afghan government position that the u.s. troops should withdraw that they should be a ceasefire as soon as possible that the taliban should open a political office in kabul or a city of their choosing as long as it's in afghanistan and it should be moved from where it currently is that any legal demands of the taliban should be accepted during negotiations and that this should be a person of swap so this started to come out of the committees yesterday that this was something that was important to them and ashraf ghani saying that he did agree that taliban prisoners should be released from afghan government jails and vice versa and he said he's already started that agreeing and ordering the release of one hundred seventy five taliban prisoners from the afghan government jails he said
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i'm willing to do this wherever the taliban would like i just want to hand over their prisoners with honor and dignity he said that it should be a trust building measure and that he hopes that the taliban reciprocate with a similar similar gesture during the muslim holy month of ramadan meanwhile in doha u.s. and the taliban amazing is the sixth round of negotiations the last time they met was about six weeks ago when they discussed the first two steps and what is a have a four point between the two parties the first two steps being that there should be a foreign troop withdrawal and the second state being that the taliban shouldn't allow afghanistan to be. used as a staging ground for attacks on foreign soil now they did get through the majority of those negotiations six weeks ago this is some logistics to sort out which is why the now however we believe that they have a sticking point over the name of the taliban if it's to formalize these first two steps they would not be agreement but the taliban want to be referred to as the
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islamic emirate of afghanistan which was their name when they were in power the u.s. saying we cannot refer to you as that in this agreement because that would mean that we're negotiating with a foreign government and that would undermine the current afghan government in kabul we understand they are meeting again tomorrow in doha where they hope to try to push past the sticking point. bushin foreign minister sergei lavrov was due to discuss venezuela with u.s. secretary of state next week in finland washington strongly backs the opposition while most schools supports president do the early on thursday and little appeared alongside his top generals in the short strokes on the sunday shows i'm p.f.c. has more from couso just over the colombian border. this will be an important meeting a rare face to face encounter between the two rivals who are playing a key a crucial role in me painting the current stalemate the inside as well and of
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course it comes also at a crucial time just a couple of days after one of the biggest at him over trolling president nicolas maduro part of the opposition. that failed but the united states and the opposition believe that they're getting very close to the turning point in. the country to bring about the change they are looking for this meeting will happen next week in finland and it comes after a very tense phone call between lover of. the right during the time of this. well protesters were clashing with the venezuelan security forces during the phone call lover of accused us of interference inside venezuela saying that it was a flagrant violation of international law pale insists that russia's
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role in maintaining. power is the stabilizing venezuela of course but the entire region he said so we're going to have to see what happens there in the meantime the leader of the innisfail an opposition party calling for another demonstration on saturday he said he. you see when they swell and peacefully demonstrate in front of military bases and military style mines to cross the country demanding that more soldiers and their commanders turn their backs on my finally more assistance internationally will come later on a friday as a number of latino make and countries will support. as the lima group will meet in the capital of lima and will announce possibly new actions against the government of president. so the forces in banning have opened far to disperse protesters
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infuriated by sunday's election result two parties loyal to president. now control parliament after the opposition was banned from the vote israel and the reports. security forces face off against crowds of protesters on the streets of course new . the government response to hundreds of people rallying against the results of sunday's elections. two parties loyal to president patrice tell on one complete control of parliament after a recent change intellectual law so the opposition disqualified opposition supporters see the new will as a move by the president to consolidate power and stifle dissent and that it is their family i'm fuming because he has divided us he's going to play the highest price for doing so. what is at stake today goes beyond what's happening all of the people have risen today we have risen to save our democracy
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tolman is done that. there was a record low turnout for the elections with just under twenty three percent of the population casting votes. the internet was cut on the day of the poll amnesty international has criticized the crackdown on peaceful protests and the rest of political activists and journalist. social unrest is rare in this more west african nation of eleven million people seen by democracy watchdogs as an example of stability in the region. as anger grows over what's protests to see as an erosion of the democracy it's uncertain if these scenes of violence will become move common. al-jazeera in uganda bobby wine is back home after three months in prison the pop star turned politician was granted bail after arrest for
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incitement once accused of encouraging an attack on the president's motorcade he says the charges are trumped up to stop him criticizing the government. we have gone to every legal avenue trying to get our freedom are we out the kitchen the court we have gone to parliament and all the real lucian's all the pronouncements of parliament have been disrespected the times of going to court our cases have not been hard and we have resorted to another constitutional means of airing our voices of dissatisfaction and that is protest because it is provided for in our constitution as i tickled twenty nine so whatever we are doing is within the law and even our protest against injustice against police brutality and against impunity is justified by the law however the police and old security organs are continue to break the law and to crack down brutally on the peaceful citizens.
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briggs it backlash is being blamed after britain's two main parties suffered significant losses in local elections voters in england had their say for the first time since britain failed to leave the european union and he has the latest from london thank you everybody why did you resign. under pressure like never before to resume his conservative party was braced for a bad result in the local elections but it's fared worse than many predicted and that in large part can be explained by frustrations over bricks it i think there was a simple message from yesterday's elections to both us and the labor party just get it all and to mr bracks it. dozens of people have shared photos of their spoiled ballots on social media most wrote messages demanding breck's it straight away although some ballot box protesters were anti bricks it labor has also struggled losing seats amid confusion
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over the opposition party's bricks at position leader jeremy corbett was putting a positive gloss on the results we always want to do better and that's why we're in politics for that's what weeks and simple we have been a campaign and continue the campaign trying to keep and bring people together in negotiation must be great but also do you hope to have a simple forward can we actually feels will be. the liberal and. if anyone's unambiguously happy it's the liberal democrats as one of the clearly anti bricks at parties along with the greens who also performed well the done better than they could have expected this story across the country. you know the lib dems were it not for one point that we came back very very strongly when the big winners of the night the real litmus test nationally could come when the brics it policy the new party headed by former ukip leader nigel for raj and the anti brics it changed u.k.
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paul. field candidates in this month's european elections the prime minister and her polity are in trouble and it could get worse because the brics it party and it will be out in force for the forthcoming european parliament elections but the labor party could also find itself licking its wounds once again as bricks it continues to cast a shadow over british politics al-jazeera. the king of thailand will finally be crowned on saturday two and a half years after becoming monarch king mark how much of a long kong or ten paid homage to his ancestors as part of the preparations for the combination seventy the sixty six year old succeeded his father who reigned for seventy years. this is all just here of these of the top stories the u.s. sanctions were about an eight major buyers of iranian oil has expired that includes
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china india and turkey who are now face the prospect of u.s. sanctions if they continue to buy crude oil from to iran the most powerful cycling for twenty years in india is battering the east coast siphon forney has killed at least three people in addition a state in sudan friday protests again held in cities and towns to further the campaign for civilian rule protest leaders complain army generals aren't serious about handing over power following their overthrow a long time president or model bashir. at least nine civilians including women and children have been killed by ongoing government airstrikes in rebel held northwestern syria dozens were also injured in what the u.n. is condemning is the worst battle bombing campaign for the syrian government in over a year in april alone more than thirty two thousand people across aleppo it live in hama have been displaced due to intensified fighting the united nations is gravely concerned by the continuing reports of a deteriorating humanitarian situation civilian casualties and damage to vital
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infrastructure and waves of displacement due to intensified hostilities in the northwest part of the country the united nations reminds all parties to the conflict of their obligations under international humanitarian law and human rights law to ensure the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure and calls on all parties to the conflict to exercise restraint russian foreign minister sergey lavrov is due to discuss venezuela with the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh next week in finland washington strongly backs the opposition while moscow supports president nicolas maduro on thursday model appeared alongside his top generals in a show of strength a days after a failed attempt to overthrow him. in uganda bobby wine is back home after three nights in prison the pop star turned politician was granted bail after a rest for incitement minds accused of encouraging an attack on the president's motorcade he says the charges were made up to stop him criticizing the government
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those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream life and. ok in your industry today we look at the challenges faced by thousands of foreign students in the u.k. who are in legal limbo after losing their visa that were examined what's in the minds of voters in south africa's election draws near central thoughts through
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twitter and also you choose but first there is widespread anger among people in hong kong over proposals to allow the territory to extradite people to countries that include mainland china on sunday thousands of people took to the streets organizers say that one hundred and thirty thousand people joined the march it was a the crowd size was about a six of the hot ask the police questioning those figures but the rally came for days off the key figures within the pro-democracy movement were imprisoned for their role in a seventy nine day occupation of hong kong and that was it back in twenty fourteen so what lies ahead for the pro-democracy movement we're joined from hong kong by activist joshua long he was a key leader of the twenty fourteen occupation also in hong kong elaine wu she's a correspondent at the news agency a f.p. so it's good to have you both here good news look at these pictures elaine i haven't seen these pictures for a very long time people here protesting the extradition bill i found this on your
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twitter feed so looking at this what are we seeing here and i mean. there we see protesters dressed out as mayor and police and there are a lot of white rabbit fear in hong kong about whether law enforcement in china can in the future work in hong kong openly so they're really just dressing up to you know about another picture hey josh what do you see when you see this picture recent picture of people out in the streets again what do you think. after. twenty fourteen to fight for free election and democracy hundred thousand people come to the streets again to ask for free election and especially to against the hotline suppression for beijing especially china just try to impose extradition law in hong kong to freely extradite anyone live in hong kong to many men chop china
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for trial we sort of explained a little better the very top of the segment about what we're talking about tempers this actually just about what it might mean if you travel outside of hong kong and go to mainland china we also spoke to some of the young people about how they could explain what their season concerns might be have a listen. to you know like this law has been passed and won't matter if you're an average person or a foreigner coming from hong kong there will be a real possibility you'll be taken and sent off to the mainland well you know he's a come to the extradition law will affect everyone especially young people as they frequently join activities on the mainland or go shopping there and once this extradition law has been passed these activities will carry the risk of being misused to extradite iraqis out there to do it over. there is this happening now. so it has a long story there is a murder case in taiwan where they are hong kong or it's your fault but after the
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murder it was between a couple of the men had fled back to hong kong and because there is no extradition agreement between taiwan and hong kong the man cannot be tried for murder in taiwan and could only be tried for another rod case in hong kong so people are saying the government is taking advantage of the murder to push for a deal that did not have to include me and when china but now has so people are a lot of critics than opponents of the bill are questioning the motive behind that and why it's even necessary to include china the deal joshua there's some real him on twitter he says beijing will crackdown without any regard to international reaction there are protests right now what is the idea of the protests what are they trying to actually do in terms of this extradition bill so the bill not
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a law. to government to withdraw its solution. that you wrote on the hand comes upon me especially we i will add that is strongly you wrote also falling on the principle of one country two system that's the promise of the jean rest of the sheet was hong kong but now already turned to be one country one in a hop system and is specially we have fully aware and right of went into one leaf or place in hong kong at all and it was in hong kong might be extradited to mainland china that's the place out for an open trial. of course we remember you from the twenty fourteen occupy movement movement and hong kong i'm looking here at a headline in a story that you wrote quite recently. and it says hong kong democracy leaders jailed over the umbrella of the csma protest that is going back some years but this
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is just happened it's not a coincidence that these proud to mock a see movement activists should be jailed just at the same time as an extradition bail was been unveiled and saying it's only leading to a moment where people are feeling there's so much going on the same time i think at any moment in hong kong or last two years or so it feels like there has been multiple crackdown on trade and an arm to stand happening so it definitely would but the culmination of all these events it has. contributed to what we saw them day which is you know the biggest protests but it was the wrong movement by any count so it has helped galvanize people in that way just for the last time the world was really paying attention to hong kong in terms of protesting was around twenty fourteen what has he been doing in that interim period has the umbrella movement
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died down to you changing the tactics what's going on. a political system in hong kong remain unchanged especially under the hot line policy of emperor she was received but i would like to emphasize that in a previous dissident activist might not be joe it might be the situation only happen in mainland china but in the recent years it seems that being locked up in prison or political prosecution because of common norm in hong kong but we have never give up that's why hundred thousand people come to the street again and through against hotlines suppression from beijing and then i'm just wondering how many people might be caught up in the extradition bill this is a set a lot of people. well it's not immediately certain it can. business people the business community have the new expression equal to and about this but people are saying by principle if in fact that independent judiciary is not protected. and can be exposed to the lack of creature. fair trial and china
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then it can happen to. anyone because the law is not very clear in china or what we're going to want or equal and the uncertainty that really struck a lot of people just show was that was the plan was the next move. is the us british and piling government along with the european union already expressed their opposition to the extradition of a man but i believe more and more people will come to st again and i urge the international communities to keep the ice in hong kong because large scale massive mobilization will happen again you know the next few months in hong kong i want to say thank you very much to our activists josh along i'd also joining us and you will continue to follow the story coming out of hong kong and now on students in the u.k. who have had their visas consuls awaiting
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a final ruling on whether they can stay illegally in the country in twenty fourteen the home office acted against thousands of people and made allegations of cheating on language tests the phone individuals must pass for a visa those affected say that they have been on saturday treated by the government . the worst nightmare anybody could have in their life and i don't want any human being to go through. the pain and the acne that i had in my life i don't have anything left. i don't have any money. and i don't know what will my walking be my next next day. for more on this we're joined from glasgow scotland by a second i'm a dan cheese director of migrant forests which is campaigning on behalf of those who've lost their visa their seculars impossible to look at those young people who
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are not be touched by their emotion how upset they are it's not usual for migrants always to take on cases with students or young people why did you take this one on what was the motivation behind that. yes you're rad because international students . in many countries are not seen as migrants because they're seen as people who comes when she is in the country in the turn back to the country or asian we've taken this issue because of the level of injustice that those students faced and because the students were also caught in a hostile environment. for migrants to newquay that the related our products in the past the few years we just could not ignore the scale. of this injustice and the number of people are affected we are talking about it tens of thousands of additional students. coming in so many tens of thousands of
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students absolutely adding up to fifty six thousand students were caught into this scandal. fifty maybe thirty six thousand of them nearly where had it is over walked and they were told that to get out of our city and they were told to leave the country go back to the country with a criminal allegations and then offer them. twenty two thousand words all your best is in question of a much needed i mean this is is that he used number of young men and women who lost their future were wrongly accused of cheating without them being presented with the evidence against them and most of them had not but unity will prove the innocence to chelate to china. yet this allegation is going to legation is hanging over them and for them for the rest of their lives if they do not get the names it
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means that they cannot go and continue their studies at other universities nor allow them they cannot get a shot because they have legation that enough to get a visa to travel in the us in the world. when i say and remember those students. they came in good faith they came to the fore it's a good. university and i'm trying i'm just trying to do a good telling us about the impact of what this that. they will lose their visas and try to understand what happened to tested everybody sort of test exactly the same time or was it multiple tests and then they were accused of cheating well it's all started when there's a b.b.c. panorama programme in twenty four thirteen short explores that there were some cheating in english and was that the one you mentioned the students they need to. adjust and there's only but remember you can't there are a thing up to ninety six difference and
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a saw the way the home office and the government responded to this program was in instead of going to other centers investigate in they are the english language. destinations which is an american issue yes. well the agency which was accused of facilitating the cheating they asked them to invest and the government rely on the evidence presented by this just in company and we discovered later because there were hundreds of cases of their cases students were so desperate to give their names because for them the future and and then we discovered later on how flawed how underlying this is that this is such a hot mess to try and sort of unpack this for us a little bit more and i know he's been doing some reporting on this is robert wright his social policy correspondent at the financial times we spoke to him a little bit early adolescence. i have looked in considerable detail the way their
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u.k. home office angled piece cheatin cranes impression emerges is of a department that initially panicked over the cheating allegations in the same light each year as the company that had done a great deal to create the problem mark its own homework we should realise there is a terrible mistake being made in e.t.s. came back and said there's a question mark over more than ninety six percent of the tests instead the department trashed the head ignored all evidence to the contrary and tried to revoke the visas of six thousand people on the basis of evidence so thin it's hard to see how anyone could possibly have relied on it as i mean so he's some of the comments from our online community celeb and says here foreign students contra being positively to the u.k. economy so he's saying the value in medicine how many students this might actually possibly own path and was able to start
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a wholesale leave the country as that's what can happen to them is that possible. i mean did most of them have already left the country. i mean all the results and were forcibly removed from the country stars and were detained and many of the students give up because they couldn't against them is not there they couldn't go to court to courts to protest that instance there was nothing they could do and it was threatened i mean many of them began this you today have a lot of friends and charities. they said they were not allowed to work they were not allowed to access health. they're not allowed to drive i mean they were just you know they were put in impossible position situation so many many of them actually give up their countries but there are still a few thousand of those. still campaigning on why the voice is still campaigning others let me show our audience this michael voice her voice is of the students
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whose lives were ruined by the u.k. home office and twenty fourteen finally being heard these are some of the protesting students and i also want you to listen to the. documentary that will be coming out a little bit later look at migrant voice dot org to impact on the students that's on the segment with their voices have a listen i've lost everything actually those memories that the damage cannot be a compliment my mental health damage oh my god. i can feel that. even know what i can see the darkness if i'm in a. closed environment i'm so scared because i get that. i'm still suffering. thank you for bringing this story to us and said graham
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a damn director of migrant forests. now to south africa where millions of people are considering how they will vote in elections in a week's time the ruling african national congress is expected to remain in power but is facing a one of its sternness challenges in the years to the democratic alliance and the economic freedom fighters present serum opposes says that he wants to reform the a.n.c. at a wednesday he addressed a labor union rally in dublin. and we do have. a challenge. challenge. al-jazeera southern africa correspondent for media will be covering the election race she's in the eastern portion of durban as from
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johannesburg we have nicholas bower he's a reporter for television news channel a and also seven o two if you listen in south africa you know that station very well all right so for me to you actually literally walking on election coverage right now you drag yourself away to talk to us about what you're doing what is the biggest story do you feel right now is what's the big headline that we should be paying attention to . and into so much going on and perhaps this is what characterizes and what's different about this election in particular compared to the others but a big issue really for many south africans is corruption so the africans are dealing with a government and a ruling party that's been employed in a number of scandals and i think the issue for many is the spite the a.n.c. saying this is now a time for renewal we are now maybe reinventing ourselves we are promising you a lot more especially with the new president will. jacob zuma resigned
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the thing is those on every comes on seeing what these investigations and these inquiries into corruption what they're actually resulting in and who's head i suppose is rolling because it really is much of the same months on and heading into another election yeah and also major issues around poverty education employment so that every guy has a wiring unemployment rate at about twenty seven percent so these issues continue to plague this government and also the opposition parties have to come up with policies that address this but the a.n.c. has put itself in a tough position considering what happened in the last few years because i feel that that introduction that we just did about the next election i thought that's the same introduction that we've been doing for the last few years every time we come up to a big reaction time every important really peaceful here the a.n.c. on twitter the a.n.c.
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is now a shadow of itself they have lost contact with the electorate but parties like identifying with people's problems that is it perhaps take but do you feel like we're just saying the same thing about the a.n.c. . well i can discount what melissa d.n.c. is facing massive challenge heading into this election twenty five years after democracy but just touching on the opposition i mean in many ways the opposition has failed as well because in the fairness of all of the mcs failures and problems that they've brought on this country in the twenty five years of governance it should be fairly easy for the democratic alliance or the economic freedom fighters to capitalize on that but the fact of the matter is is there's no poll that gives the democratic alliance the largest opposition party anything above twenty two percent and the economic freedom fighters got a million votes last election which was about a six percent of the electorate and they're due to about double that so even in the
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face of all of these issues the a.n.c. is still going to all intents and purposes all the polls are showing us going to win this election moreover when you look at the pauses performance in the past year or so since he deposed president jacob zuma came to many are nobody actually predicted he would be able to do so it's been slow incremental change and while ms miller is correct in saying that there hasn't been enough change for you to do tangibly feel a change in the world's most unequal society you can't discount the small fundamentals that have been put in place and i'm specifically talking about the national prosecuting authority this is a new attorney general in joy and these two deputies that were accused of all sorts of malfeasance and corruption and oncology brain learns quickly that have now been fired as a result of one of these commissions of inquiry which we see about three or four of them going on concurrently at this point in time in south africa all right so let's
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hear some some voices as a senator i think that it is there that is and. this is just ominous for south africa talking about what they want from the election and what the whole thing for what they're voting for have a listen. we see corruption being investigated but no one is being arrested if it were me i would have long been in jail that's the painful part. our main problem is that we are starving and we have children as you see this farm isn't working so why is the government not compensating us with some groceries monthly so we can eat it would be better if they at least give us something to live on i'm just looking at some of the campaign posters have on my laptop so everybody is that how to. getting their message out for the media i'm just thinking in terms of what people are expecting what that hoping for what they're voting on
11:44 pm
are we still looking at these basic inequality issues in south africa all they are they thinking that that's going to party that might be. that's a very interesting question and i think it also goes back to what nicholas spoke about a few moments ago in that these opposition parties haven't perhaps capitalized on the drop in support for the a.n.c. and i think that raises a number of issues one of people staying away from the polls people who would normally vote for the aid see that are happy with the party but they can't bring themselves to vote for anybody else and did these opposition parties also rely heavily on jacob zuma as presidency and once he was out of office what do they go on now to have they managed to grab the interest of south africans and offer something solid because if that were the case we would i think see these oppositions opposition parties perhaps grow at
11:45 pm
a foster or more significant or they sort of falling apart in terms of their own fight in fighting allegations against other parties and not actually ruining lost a.n.c. voters because those people say well i'm still loyal to the a.n.c. i'm pretty messed up to vote for anybody else i'm happy saul just stand let me just bring this because i found this on your twitter feed here. during a panel a conversation with young people i guess for youth a future that works he was very comfortable with the young people their young people's votes is interesting in the last forty five seconds of a show tell us about young people and what will they get as opposed to do they catch. well let me. state that i guess for you in this the fact of the matter is is that there's a sleeping majority in the youth and you started this conversation by saying when we talk about the doctor we seem to be saying the exact same thing and yet perhaps why i for one am absolutely bored by this election because it doesn't seem to be
11:46 pm
anything new coming out of it and the reason there's nothing new coming out of it is because they're not speaking to the youth this six million young south africans that have decided not even to register never mind actually go out and vote that's out of town a million young so that we thank thank you for not telling us that you were born until the very end of asked say when they call a spouse and me to get out we're covering the south african elections with. i will see you next time i'll go out. will. will.
11:47 pm
will. will. will. will. will. but i am a patient every new cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the clouds generally that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most to
11:48 pm
him better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. to just look at. the border to support the war supported the toddler who is now into feuding in libya who is now interfering in this with look. underground is it the iranian foreign minister mohammad javid zarif talks to al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. has i'm sick of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. for cyclon hits east in
11:49 pm
india more than a million people have been evacuated from its parts. the u.s. ramps up plans to choke off iran's energy exports ending sanction waivers which had allowed some countries to buy its oil. the american and russian foreign minister is prepared to meet with venezuela on the agenda. about peace summit with all the day's sport after losing her testosterone case cost to so many a prepares for what could be her final eight hundred metres in doha. but of the most powerful cycling for twenty years in india is battering the east coast cycling funny has killed at least three people in auditions state one and a quarter million indians have left their homes to seek higher ground scott hyla has more from new delhi thing with one hundred eighty kilometer
11:50 pm
per hour winds cycling funny slammed ashore in the distance state in eastern india . thanks tony first made landfall friday morning near the coastal city of putting a holy place for hindus the strong side clone is expected to move north through audi's and weaken as it hits west bengal and my colleague states it will then head to bangladesh. a big concern as coastal storm surges and resultant flooding about a million people have been evacuated india's navy air force and disaster response force are on standby. cyclons hit that will do so cost every year so we are really suffering due to this the government offices have advised as not to venture out into the sea since the access to the sea a closed boats and crowds are getting destroyed in this cycle. airports and schools were closed before the storm hit funny is the most serious cyclon for the region in twenty years in one nine hundred ninety nine
11:51 pm
a super cycle and devastated and killed ten thousand people across the state. the coast of state is prone to cycle and storm surge and tsunamis embankments and shelters have been built over the last seven years before he will be the first test of how they stand up to a powerful cycle. got harder al-jazeera new delhi. well not i and probably on his director general for national disaster response force india a joins us live now from new delhi via skype thanks very much for being with us. millions of indians are going to be facing this so are currently facing this how how well prepared. is the indian government for nice. weather a little bit earlier doubt said that the disaster management is a state subject it's not a federal subject but how it works is that the state regulations the federal forces
11:52 pm
and the federal system goes to hand-hold in the crisis and that this is what has happened and in the in the case of phony the preparations start at the very well in advance of what partially because of the indian metrological department gave us a very good lead time and in the predictions we almost got a week by which we knew all of that the place of landing the wind speed at landing and exactly the time of landing so that gave us the scope to prepare well and i think the preparations were well done in advance and the federal government also gave disaster relief funds to the sun stage of what is under provision was being all well in advance so that they can prepare for the relief right after the storm passes so all this preparation was of course in sync with the requirement of the extra forces which was from the n.t. out of sight of which on the d.g.
11:53 pm
and we have placed nearly four thousand of stock tickle equipment and aborts etc to the states of what is and under positioned and it's been going of course of the size taken the brunt and there one of the important steps taken was to work with it more than a million people well in time so that the. they come out come out of the impact zones and most of these people would have probably been living in mud and touched roof houses and they came out of the danger zone and that probably has saved the day for us what about the storm surges in in the coastal region and the flooding that could come from that because that is a big concern the people have there how well prepared are you for that well this is this is a different kind of a cycle normally the cycle on does not hit or is. in the summer it comes to the east coast mostly in the in the month of october or september later but not in
11:54 pm
summer so this is this is been an unusual phenomenon the sign and. sort of since it's middle of summer here the inundation or the actual flooding i would say that has taken place has led to waterlogging certainly but i think i would i would make a guess that probably forty eight hours to seventy to laws from now the what will it up rate because of the sun because it will it's the summer middle of summer in that part of the country and apart from that i think the i think the preparation the preparation for the rescue and relief is what is the going to be the major steps now that the storm the major major part of the storm has passed and that is where i think the whole system will be tested including the indiana and we are priming for that right now in the city of the nation which is the i've been sort of capital of. that a lot of trees on the roads and they have to be got to and cleared and
11:55 pm
a lot of. lot of lines which have been snapped they have to be restored telephone lines have snapped they have to be restored and all that is going on and we'll be working pretty for seven just to do that. good to speak with you sir. joining us there from new delhi thanks for being with us. mckelway has the latest forecast now for this region hello updater unfunny who's obviously made landfall now not far from poor now is the thing developed over the bay of bengal you saw an eye that almost made the highest category possible country five hurricane equivalent and it took a long time to cool down so while saving over land it was a quick intercountry two or three other words the winds were still strong now the winds aren't normally the biggest problem in this case it's that it's done a lot of damage but as you can see from the wind circulation the whole thing goes up towards bangladesh over the next twenty four hours it takes you into the middle
11:56 pm
of saturday but that's only part one of the problem the amount of water that came over land is still to be determined the amount of rain that comes out the sky that at least we can forecast for some accuracy this is the track over the next two or three days anything from two hundred to five hundred millimeters of rain still to come out in any one place that will happen in twenty four hours is already shown as two hundred millimeters in places like but one issue are now on the other side of the indian ocean people in mozambique are trying to rebuild their lives after destruction from cyclon kenneth some towns are dealing with a cholera outbreak of the several cases were recorded in the hard hit areas aid delivery has been slow to get to many people because of the continuing bad weather cycle and kenneth was the second major storm to hit southeast africa in six weeks and has killed at least forty people. now the u.s. government's deadline for countries to stop buying iranian oil has passed trade
11:57 pm
sanctions or wait for any of the countries that ignore this threat the u.s. gave sanctions waivers last year to eight of iran's major trading partners including china india and turkey iran exports around one million barrels of oil a day mostly to china india south korea and japan china and turkey have said they want to continue buying iranian oil while the others have signaled they will bow to u.s. pressure zain bus ravi reports from tehran on what's next for iranian oil. hours before more pressure from u.s. sanctions and to her own wealth of an important guest the boss of opec his visit to an oil and gas exhibition a signal that iran remains an important member of at least one very powerful club of nations no matter the circumstances we hope all of that but it has to get done what divides us but when the united states reimposed sections it granted waivers to some of iran's biggest customers ending those waivers and iran supply
11:58 pm
means prices at the pump are likely to rise to address suggestions by u.s. president donald trump that some opec members namely saudi arabia and the united arab emirates might increase production to make up for iranian oil not making it to market it's probably potentially more dangerous to the very existence of the organization not to talk of that but does it with all of that is. the morphs to divide this organization to saw is seeds of discord. to the extent that. we are not able to sit down and took decisions let alone implemented together meeting to meet market demand has been an important part of how iran has kept selling oil and coped with us sanctions china turkey and
11:59 pm
iraq have also said they cannot abide by unilateral american policies and will continue dealing with iran if pushed iran could obstruct shipping lanes in the strait of hormuz pull out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal and restart your brain human richmond none are things iranian leaders say they actually want to do but there is little doubt the country is hurting a crippled economy soaring prices runaway inflation iranians worry it could mean taxes going up and subsidies on fuel electricity and consumer goods going down last year this conference how do you even more buzz and even bigger exhibits and there was a little more excitement in the air about doing business but that was before the united states pulled out of the nuclear deal and really imposed sanctions but one russian chief executive said u.s. sanctions are exactly why russia wants to do even more business with iran but that's why we're here at the circus you know we've you know it's for sure. it will be additional opportunity for russian companies because surveys in many many years
12:00 am
since there is fear get very good relationships between iran as a country and russia as a country and so he union in vice and now is there is a good chance to start mutual cooperation between companies. for the business level under u.s. sanctions he says the kremlin has encouraged companies to seek out iranian business partners characterizing sanction. as temporary complications but many iranians may say u.s. sanctions are not temporary enough and likely to be to more hardship. zero to her own. iranian foreign minister jevons that he for spoken exclusive exclusively to exit a he says iranian oil will keep flying abroad despite u.s. sanctions first world these countries have declared that they do not recognize u.s. sanctions that has put.


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