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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 18  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2019 1:33am-2:01am +03

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the person is not a threat and if they are innocent to a sense of injustice many reports show that injustice and out of your nation are factors in making people susceptible to the appeal from groups like islamic states who have found ways to turn the west's glamorization of violence against itself. grossly a mission impossible type of movie or a homeland type of t.v. series where this is all staged and presented as the logical normal narrative of the new world we live in. the paradox of the imagery as it is literally downloaded on these youth is that it becomes internalized the look at it and process it and they themselves tend to sometimes have to find ways to act in the video game for hours. and then many of those ending say in the military of the united states on forces and in effect replaying those very techniques through the drones that
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they will send to kill a young man. somewhere in pakistan. you'll be a little hollow look at the who sold it to me those are the one of the key innovations of the islamic state was its platform the videos that they have upgraded to a much much more different level of sophistication of quality. that was. in effect a certain entertainment driven hollywoodized video games kind of approach which we hadn't seen. in the pacifically when it comes to the group from the western world i think it was kind of a perfect storm of the manner in which an entity like the islamic state spoke was very fishy it was all over the leaders and they spoke directly to them there's many many videos by isis saying to these community. know what kinds of lives are you
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need there are you happy that wanted to come here why don't you do that. for a call for love enough for me let me clearly see concrete they speak to vulnerabilities they speak to a sense of identities and development they speak to them in connecting it with the realities of discrimination that they're going through. and do i think there are a lot of issues conflated here so so the first is this idea that you know the muslim community is being spied on frankly most of these cases that we've seen the court cases have been young man whether we like it or not they are the majority of people who are being attracted to these you know narratives that are coming out
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many would dispute that maybe but i'm just telling you what i've seen in the research that are done of over three hundred court cases the majority of them have been very young and they've been mayor and they've tended to work in networks so they will tend to know each other as well today a young muslim male around the world particularly in europe north america feels a certain stigmatization this is a fact we've had conversations with educators addressing that and feeling that that's precisely the trigger factor i think it does a great disservice to the same people from the same community to same religion same background who don't use those grievances as a way to then declare war. whenever you see going far away to kind of violence or join causes that seem important to them let's say for instance people leaving france to go to the levant and join islamic state what's interesting we find is that there is constantly. a reflection about the dimension back home to go back to that society
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and punish it. this is a group of people that left grabs went to syria but yet what was seen the mustard lehi on their mind was to pitch an attack where they would ship back that on to that society which is their society where they will with which you have grievances . i think it went beyond their wildest dreams in the sense that it became something of a moment of global it's in that sense that it's important what the kingdom must say or in minneapolis see into that that led them to go and join this it has inevitably
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points about how they consider themselves you need to reject. j how do you know your t.v. says what you read about the persian emotions from the east the west us yourselves . why wouldn't i was a member of the ny nj. was a few. and. if one wants to be honest you have to see the relationship with intervention as influencing that played out and seizing me for the past couple of decades you know these operation that took place in iraq and in syria and the sun held in libya.
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you cannot see that these actors simply come on the basis of this ideology which is apocalyptic and ignore the fact that in many cases they are linked to these conflicts and led to this generation that had basically violence as a way of life. eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat was just. the narrative has been so semantics that this is basically all about religion and islam and these guys are coming from there to attack the western world and these people are totally irrational removing the politics out of that removing the history removing the colonial imprint rewarding the foreign policy the
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interventionism extracting all of that and they think this as a sort of extra terrestrials descending from the sky because if you have a society. whether it's a mule nato or the united nations a need for these top policymakers that are working on the signing these counterterrorism policies and engaging with them. the difficult thing is to have go beyond that which is familiar to them. particularly problematic is the cultural reading to understand western terrorist of the one nine hundred seventy s. such as bottom line off in germany or the italian red brigades one is invited to examine the societal conditions of say post-war germany and italy and their relationship with their rebellious you rightly so to make sense of al qaida and the islamic state one is to read. so clearly what we have right then and there is one yardstick social to understand one type of violence and one yardstick religious to
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understand something else that in fact may not be that different. the paradox in these policy circles is that all these professionals produce detailed reports that identify the causes of extremism as things like poverty lack of opportunity in a sense of alienation and yet the policies that get implemented always emphasized policing surveillance and punishment. racism itself sits and question at the heart of this discussion on isis with the violence being that the european and the american consider exceptional inacceptable not because of what it's doing obviously terroristic and violent but because of the woman there is target. i. like i'm just short i put it in the middle. in a clear. position now. on the t.v.
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i can tell you that there isn't a spot isn't in my the ability. but illusion is. on the fringes from the demand concert. all our plans for more affinity for how you hear me on he spat upon see the phenomenon the. dish unusual dream kid on for the. second question bob barr says something awful from the units here. and many young people have reacted with violence as the position of a stereotype in many countries means that they face lives with fewer opportunities than their parents. and. indeed.
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one of the strong narratives in the western world about these faraway places is that they really literally waiting to come in and leisure violence that is already there. in many ways it's actually insulting to these parts of the global south where the youth themselves the largely very normal lives and their frustrations are of a different nature. of the floorboards because of. a lot of.
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it will have been some blokey. of opportunity. and shooting and with. the work of the do that because of the good it was a complete with emotion to do. let me stop the action that nikita the king it was to. be sure that he they had. that appearance of obesity so they had it. all. did all. of what they. did europe. before.
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they lifted men only. for the composition off one off one. with. if restrictions are about developing and by education and by getting good job. what we need to reflect on now is where are we going into this new blade runner ish world of violence what do you do when at the end of the day you have a technique of terrorism of killing ramming a car or a van into a population indiscriminately that is used equally by people on the islamophobia
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side for instance the finsbury park attack equally by people on the western a phobic side as we've seen in these literally the same technique. clearly this is less and less about ideology it is the return to the west of the violence that has shipped the world and the next phase of this is already playing as we see more attacks on the west by westerners themselves. we have to really accept the fact that there's nothing inevitable in all of this the fatalistic disposition that this is it this is the new world you know let's hold back those things that have to do with authority and it's been societies that generate violence in the midst have to be stopped them up for ties and power those things have to do with interventions of foreign policy conflicts have to be addressed stop going there stop doing that.
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the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that it's raby perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it we're not to let you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. the strength of al-jazeera is that because we have such an expansive map for people would come to us and actually shared information
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with the al-jazeera team in chapter. on council because this week trump gambols the world economy shutting down iran's ability to sell oil. in the stock to bill phone screen of chinese tech giants of the f.b.i. state. we'll talk to the inventor who suspects this technology disposed of counting the cost. of. a powerful cycling hits east in india more than a million people have been evacuated from its past. oh and has i'm seeking this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the white
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house confirms a phone call between the u.s. and russian presidents. venezuela was one of the issues trump and putin talked about opposition leader one wideout has been speaking to the media will have a live report. and the u.s. ramps up its plan to choke off iran's energy exports ending sanction waivers which had allowed some countries to buy its oil. well the most powerful cycling for twenty years in india is battering the east coast cycling forney has killed at least two people in our d.c. state one and a quarter million indians have left their homes to look for higher ground scott hyla has more from new delhi. with one hundred eighty kilometer per hour winds cycling funny slammed ashore in the distance state in
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eastern india. twenty first made landfall friday morning near the coastal city of putting a holy place for hindus. the strong side clone is expected to move north through and weaken as it hits west bengal and my colleague states it will then head to bangladesh. a big concern as coastal storm surges and resultant flooding about a million people have been evacuated india's navy air force and disaster response force are on standby for. cost every year so we are really suffering due to this the government offices have advised as not to venture out into the sea since the access to the sea a closed boats and crowds are getting destroyed in this. airports and schools were closed before the storm hit funny is the most serious like loan for the region in twenty years in one nine hundred ninety nine a super cycle and devastated and killed ten thousand people across the state. the
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coast of state is prone to cycle and storm surge and tsunamis in banquets and shelters have been built over the last seven years before he will be the first test of how they stand up to an hour full cycle. got harder al-jazeera new delhi. not i. directed general for the national disaster response force he says they did everything they could to be ready. preparation started to very well in advance of what partially because. the indian metrological department gave us very good lead time and in the predictions we almost got a week by which we knew all of that the place of landing the wind speed at landing and exactly the time of landing so that gave us the scope to prepare weather and i think the preparations were well done in advance and the federal government also
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gave disaster relief funds to the concern states of what is under but this and was being all well in advance so that they can prepare for the relief right after the storm passes so all this preparation was of course in sync with the requirement of the extra forces which goes from the n.t. out of sight of which on the d.g. and we have placed nearly four thousand. armed with stock tical equipment and aborts etc to the states of what is and under petitioned and that's been going of course of the size taken the brunt and there one of the important steps taken was to evacuate more than a million people well in time so that they come out come out of the impact zones and most of these people would have probably been living in mud and touched roof houses and they came out of the danger zone and that probably has saved the day for us the people in mozambique are trying to rebuild their lives off to destruction
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from cycling kenneth's some towns are dealing with a cholera outbreak now off to several cases were recorded in hard hit areas a delivery has been slow to get to many because of the bad weather how do as more from a cold meal. cyc lone candidate was so powerful that in some places entire communities were destroyed rooftops were blown off walls from houses were toppled to the ground is live thousands of people homeless some people are sleeping in schools teens and community holes until they can rebuild their homes others say they really have nowhere else to go right now to this have these makeshift shelters call for anything they could find something to keep them going and till they can rebuild their homes aid workers say the biggest challenge they face the moment is trying to access people who are still in remote areas like this place it took us about five hours to get here by boat on really rough waters and by the time we got there was
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so much devastation in many parts of this town a lot of people are sleeping in a makeshift hall because they say their homes have been destroyed now for aid workers of course it's not just access in places like this sometimes roads are impossible because trees are for them blocked the roads or bridges have been destroyed and some places only be accessed by air and that means of course all depends on the weather is not been raining as hard as it used to last week but it is still raining and that does have relief efforts aid workers are also concerned about the outbreak spread of diseases like cholera and malaria the government has warned that there is a cholera outbreak and people should be careful the biggest concern now is that it's a race against time for aid workers and government officials to help people who are stranded to mention people who need food and urgent help get it as quickly as they can. other white house says u.s. president donald trump and russia's vladimir putin have talked on the phone about
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a number of issues topics included the possibility of a new nuclear deal north korean denuclearization and the political crisis in venezuela a special counsel investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election campaign was also mentioned more on this now from white house correspondent kimberly how kids in washington so kimberly last to talk about their between the two leaders. yeah we know the issues that they discussed but we don't know many of the details white house press secretary sara sander said a readout is forthcoming we've still not received it but donald trump and vladimir putin have spoken at least more than a half dozen times we know this particular call the took place and differing accounts of how long the call was the russian press release seems to indicate it was about ninety minutes long the white house saying it was more than an hour but what there seems to be a lot of interest in is the topic of in this way because of course high tensions
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there this week between the united states and russia given their warnings to one another not to intervene in the situation that has been unfolding there in recent days as you know the united states is supporting the interim leader one why dole well russia is supporting president nicolas maduro in venezuela and we have heard from the russian foreign minister that those positions are not compatible but that russia is willing to talk to the united states about that so we expect that the u.s. secretary of state will speak next week with his counterpart about those issues but there is a lot of concern about the tensions that have been escalating there given the fact that the united states has said repeatedly that it is not ruling out any sort of u.s. military intervention in venice with the exact quote from the national security advisor john bolton was in fact that not only are all options on the table but when it comes to russia it should back off because that as well isn't what he called our
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hemisphere so there have been warnings from russia that any intervention by the united states militarily could result in quote grave consequences you can see from the language that there's a lot of interest because of this escalation of what took place in that phone call between the u.s. president and glad we are putin so we're waiting that readout we tried to get some clarity from the national security adviser he avoided the cameras in the driveway behind me in the last hour as we attempted to get some clarity so that readout forthcoming will be watching for those details carefully. thanks for that for the moment given how he lost one. most commonly said there venezuela one of the issues discussed by the u.s. and russian leaders opposition leader one who i don't know has been talking to reporters in the venezuelan capital caracas. on long the venezuela colombia border for us so. asunder what what have we been hearing from the opposition leader one of one. time.
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yes he's been speaking now for almost an hour with reporters and what he's saying essentially is that he is renu ing calls for more rallies more demonstrations on the streets of venezuela as a way to continuing putting pressure on the government of president nicolas maduro and on the growing according to him number of in this one on the soldiers and members of security forces that are also tired of my tutor it g.-man are willing to turn to decide they have in this one constitution that's the way why you go puts it he says that what he's asking for the military to do is not to turn to his side but to recognize that the my daughter's election has been the legitimate and that it's time for venezuelans to open
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a transition period and have the opportunity to vote in free elections and to do that he's called for an action tomorrow on saturday morning at ten am local time in. for his supporters to demonstrate peacefully he said the insisted on dish in front of military bases in military installations in the capital caracas and in different parts of the country he said that his people will announce their concentration points for side of this action later during the day there's no doubt. though that we've seen that the protests have somewhat lost steam after the latest attempt on the opposition on tuesday and wednesday to start an uprising in many ways inside the venice where left and since only a few dozen mispronounce soldiers have so far decided to participate
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in these protests together with this reporter's the opposition also insisted that he's organizing a series of rolling strikes that should start next week inside the country with the idea of reaching a general national strike in of in its wake so the opposition we see continues to consider that their only option is on the streets of the country to continue insisting with putting pressure so it will be very important to see after their failed. in the past few days to see how many people will in the this show up and if they will manage this time through. to have a peaceful demonstrations and also to convince more soldiers to to turn to their side and with all of this going on how significant the u.s. russian contacts right now one.


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