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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 123  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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i i could see the water we had signed it with a theme can now quickly concede a point it was truly a truly awarded to. the president appearing full budget only to people want to get a difference is the. key vatican i would do it no more there they're all the only paid people who went about the nine eleven bus supported. him in the uk if they really have all of them sidewalk. gov why live off a million of outside their door i'm on like a bus my dinner that's what it is all the sorts of i've went through hard times so-called power to disturb an implicit inch and celtic opinion one hundred years that they did it. with a second child on the way ingrid has moved back to her parents' house nearby leaving separate to fend for himself with.
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i am at the. personal intimate relationships. i don't know how to do them. and not to be interesting people but it's. difficult for me to be comfortable in an intimate relationship with somebody i don't know how to open up enough to want to get married when you know if you know and. if you want to be if you need to get. it nanny. and then you don't force yourself to want to get married why do not you know that net net or your new relationship no. talk about. it is not. i was a while ago. i learned
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a lot about myself and about. how these things go. said about gravy. for claudia workers the focus i think my parents get quite excited if i tell them i'm going out and then say but i'm generally fear peace with where am. i feel like i have so much on my own plate and i don't have the capacity to also be able to deal. with somebody else because if you're with somebody. then you should be committed enough to want to help them with those things that are difficult for them and to be able to support them with it and if you're not of capacity to do that then what are you doing there so at this point in time i need
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to deal with me. would you like to have firmer things. and beautified about having children be feeding honest. for me. i should want to have a child because you're with somebody that you love and that you really still believe the world is the some amazing place and that there are things to expedients that are worth all that if it and drama that comes with being alive on this planet that you really believe that so much that you want to give to somebody so that they can experience those things that you want to love them with everything that you have inside of you to laugh and. i don't know that i can do that.
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against all the odds we're under moved out of the hospital water struck with his girlfriend and set up her. sequenom enormous time the younger one and he will. go into an eternity everything. going. on talking to him. only for many years we're going to move. then and there. is indeed thing in the one ok million he's taking in. younger had never lived with a girlfriend before into. the hotel and goes on business who is in bondage now so. i see as we move with us to the mostly if you know in the us a good new york way and this sort of menu going in. and out of brighton i'm going when
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i'm in this war when in the am of little i did because i'm in the time of the morning when. we. no doubt we do what. do you ladies doing to learn to move my babies are well visible but empowering more when i was. about to be number one of my club bar was a degree i was oakwood to look good although bass is in the we are the i thought i would loudly so i tried. it was me and i would do if it was i live or just for themselves one day of my his color said. i need one promote partly we. because well come on man that was the night scene and
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so you guys are what i call me i can live play and i want to do over and. i mean here is an ending a bad night about what i do for love or go i will do their thing and so you know. on those when i was there the only way to tell you how ponds. it creates a year by the good world out there that is in use in the hope you get to about two hours ahead because the years will cause the common. one to be crossing the night and you. have to have every way to have a good i still. want to see. i was on this card to know you closely and i think i was in you because it is one is safe and you out of norway goes off a new thing in. my name is the. blonde of the
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future if ever and i was twenty. believe me i was relieved. i have tried to see very you know my normal pain by the way i could unmeet you. you comes as a nice scene from the first day and see the house then i would. play and see one along a ledge or in the woods. and. nina in the time. and. it was just in yourself that will give me. a life or my own life. and i need to you know my.
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having lunch with his father and sister. i mean a part of me because i don't think. both supporting what this is a very good job but academic in the last year. is most of these really i think surprised everybody yeah before that i wasn't much of an academic or student. probably explains why i'm a lot more diligent than my father probably realize i'm not as natural as here are in a relationship. i was up until two weeks ago. seeing good in. sydney moving on a bit not h twenty and it's my kind of focus in x. years is to far nice wife yeah get married have children here and no other projects completed his master's he's planning to leave south africa.
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because it has got to singapore perhaps he'll come home. with an asian beauty asia would be a nice place shipping was massive in hong kong i was in singapore about a month and a half ago. there's so many ships that seem to have dropped and. it's yeah i've actually seen that many ships in my life before so i could be shipping to see if he sounds like. yeah. so it was also a proud father and has plans for his daughter's future by leaving for school looking michelle guided by me. in the tower because it's not good to know petroleum go to school of god look they did that image jacki of us see she's been talking about the way you. know what these people including two possible people.
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would do. this is what you need. to do to do are going to go by the look of it in the school and then according to. what. i was. younger it was just taking each day as a promise. she was taking. even them up in the morning when we read claims of kate is something that you. just feel like he'd be at that moment when this and want to live. but in others on this god when it comes to money people. all end up on lighting i told him it big in that way and it in the end. just
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a wee weed up until the. end after they had food until i need to get the pub was ailing the men who can t. in the morning i would to god you would to god who do son move on your plan. but by the movement when you do social. a called into the wall of. the last twenty one years have seen dramatic changes in the lives of all south africans. but for all the progress that has been made. stuart sees so much more to be done. there's a lot of climbing up and. and. the other aspect of
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a plenty for me a lot this our education system. healthcare system. with the lack of political will to change those things for me any setting but at the same time. such an amazing place all the people i saw amazing the energy. there's so many things that i love about and. but this also. all these other things that just felt for in the picture. coming together throughout.
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i live i think floods are in mind at the moment and many states in the us it may not look much but this line of cloud here telling us down to west texas is part of an area this sort of hard to shift it's got most just the size and it's got a bit of cool weather to the north as usually represents a line of heavy rain with thunderstorms to the south it does this time as well slowing leaving going eastwards but it's going eastwards over for many of these
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states socking ground so this is why flooding is still possible there has existed to be on to study in detroit recently and you probably know the story in quebec so much of this office pregnant or flooding but as you can see by sunday the sun's back out in texas the ohio valley and most of the east coast should see it you'd think by monday wouldn't you the exception might be florida in fact florida the bahamas in particular will see those potentially heavy thunderstorms maybe return on saturday been through and back again keep it also sees a frequent searing crease a likelihood of showers and this mass of grain is covering. all of hispaniola may well produce one to light show us based it is disappointing skies out salvador seem big showers recently might see a few more on there increasingly likely in mexico. a
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university degree to be a doctor or a teacher but without any study or examples one o one east investigates the pakistani company at legibly selling fake degrades to the thousands of police around the world on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks . down to the jail. crowd payments and the burning to start bringing to the truth detailed coverage of protests must come up to the coffee pot odds let us take a look at them both possible davis from around the last few days and that is where the water is once more rushing down river it's an unwelcome thing for community that has barely begun to live. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our own lives in taking these road splits cadel saving lives is a dangerous job the vaccine talks on a good twenty four hours there are patients waiting for these medicines who must be
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paid life's worth risking their lives a week ago one of the gang stops some because of the role that they can do good work for the state risking it all guinea at this time on al jazeera. al jazeera. where ever you are. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm still robin you're watching me on. zero news our lives my headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next sixty minutes. i was like
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lone slams india's east coast killing at least eight people two million more have been evacuated to safety as the storm approaches bangladesh also the u.s. says it won't punish some countries who keep working on civilian nuclear projects with iran a day after slapping sanctions on its oil trade. also accusations from the u.n. that refugees in and garrion detention centers are being deliberately deprived of food in breach of international law. and preparing to transform him into a living god more than two years after he took charge of thailand about to finally crown the new king. welcome to the news of the most powerful cycling to hit india in twenty years is now on a path towards bangladesh it's already flooded cities towns and dozens of villages
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in eastern india and strong winds have caused serious damage cyclon forney made landfall near the city of poorly in addition state on friday with winds of up to two hundred kilometers an hour major airports have been shut down hundreds of flights and trains have been cancelled the storm has now moved north to the state of west bengal in india and is expected to hit neighboring bangladesh in the coming hours nearly two and a half million people are being moved to shelters scott idler has more on the damage in eastern india. with one hundred eighty kilometer per hour winds so i can finally slammed ashore in the distance state in eastern india. when he first made landfall friday morning near the call. still city of footy a holy place for hindus something that i'm going to listen to the rain has stopped since early morning it's a very strong storm the trees have been uprooted roads are closed there is no
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electricity the rain has caused my house to flood the bus but that because this is worse than the nine hundred ninety nine storm i feel scared to be at home or to go outside i fear we might be blown away if we go out. the strong so i cloud is expected to move north through and weaken as it hits west bengal and my colleague state it will then head to bangladesh a big concern is coastal storm surges and resultant flooding about a million people have been evacuated india's navy air force and disaster response force are on standby. airports and schools were closed before the storm hit funny is the most serious cyclon for the region in twenty years in one nine hundred ninety nine a super cycle and devastated and killed ten thousand people across the state. the coast of a state is prone to cycle and storm surge and tsunamis in banquets and shelters have been built over the last seven years before he will be the first test of how
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they stand up to one powerful cycle. got harder al-jazeera new delhi. south korea says pyongyang has carried out a weapons test off its eastern coast the south korean defense ministry says it has detected the launch of several short range missiles and is our correspondent in the south korean capital seoul a great deal of confusion rob about what's been lost how many have been lost and when they were launched can you clarify what's been going on. that's right so hello and a lot of confusion this saturday morning in seoul the launches were detected just after first light as you mentioned there several projectiles were fired from north korea's east coast out to sea we understand that they travel between seventy and two hundred kilometers initially south korea's defense ministry was describing these as short range missiles now this would be extremely serious escalation there
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hasn't been a ballistic missile test on the korean peninsula since the end of twenty seventeen that was before of all of this period of reconciliation all of these diplomatic initiatives and summits etc this would have been an extremely serious escalation but very soon after that announcement there seem to be some doubt cast on exactly what these projectiles were and they were now being described as projectiles rather than specifically missiles news agency in japan has said specifically that this was not a ballistic missile test so a projectile could mean something such as long range artillery being tested which is still a weapons test but certainly nothing like the escalation to a ballistic missile test of all it does seem that the south koreans are in the hot seat as such in sort of disseminating the information to their ally the united states japan to i'm sure will be analyzing the situation as yet no comment from any
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of sort of the regional capitals but it is going to raise concern in terms of the way that talks have and have not been ongoing for both last korea with the countries that it thinks are important to it. i think it is probably another turning of the screw by north korea ratcheting up the pressure you remember of just a few weeks ago kim jong un the leader of north korea attended what was described as a new weapon being tested this was probably some sort of battlefield weapon possibly an anti-tank weapon a strategic weapon was rather than anything but a list stick but certainly that was seen the once more just a reminder to the outside world as north korea. after they had always summit failure has warned on a number of occasions now that unless there is some sort of concession on sanctions and north korea has given a deadline of the end of this year specifically they have said that they could
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return to maybe a different path which is taken as meaning weapons testing it seems as though we are not back to anything like the kind of missile testing that we had just over a year ago but it is a reminder of just the way things might go oh well it's good to get a steer on what we think is happening rob for the moment of course we'll come back to you through the day as we get more clarity thank you rob in south korea. well staying with north korea four out of ten people are going hungry and it's set to get even worse after the country's worst harvest in a decade and that's according to a u.n. report which says more than ten million people are facing severe food shortages and the government is cutting food rations on which many people rely to its lowest level for the time of the year a combination of dry spells heat waves and flooding are being blamed for the crisis . now day after tightening sanctions on iranian oil exports the u.s. government is giving iran's civilian nuclear program some breathing room china the
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u.k. france and russia won't face any repercussions if they continue to work with iran the countries are involved with its civilian nuclear program three facilities the waivers were first introduced under the twenty fifteen nuclear accord signed by the european union china russia and the us or president dolled up with truth from that deal a year ago so it's up r.c. is a professor of middle east politics at georgetown university he thinks washington's actions are counterproductive and it may push iran to withdraw from the twenty fifty nuclear deal it's a temporary position at the end of the day are all signs are that the trumpet ministration is going to withdraw those waivers as well as well as going after other forms of trade whatever is left in order to just completely isolate iran and the bizarre situation that iran is facing is that it is now under more sanctions now when it is actually abiding by an international agreement then it was
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when it was accused of having violated international agreements now it seems like the plan of the trumpet mr asian is to essentially force the iranians to get out of the nuclear deal and once they're out other options open ups opens up for. bolton. group within the white house and the option they seem to be gearing towards is a military option. thailand is holding ancient ceremonies to crown a new king for the first time in seventy years the coronation ceremonies for king and roger long call also known as a ten will commence within an hour or two and a half years after he ascended the throne the coronation comes against a backdrop of a decade of political strife or way they joins me now from bangkok when you do seem to be the head of al jazeera sort of royal coronation watch earlier this week it was the japanese emperor and now the thai king is it going to be quite a busy day for him how's the friday going to unfold.
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yes that's right i have to say it's there were more in the bank called when it was you know tokyo but yes this is going to be a historic occasion for thais most thais of course have never seen a royal coronation ceremony certainly never lived through one because what your own parents father the late king jr that is ranged from more than seventy years as you mentioned which are a long form has to do including for the past couple of years following the death of his father but it's only now that we're having a coronation ceremony so this will unfold over the next three days it's really a great long ceremony saturday really is the main day there are several ceremonies happening within the next couple of hours inside the grand palace in the capital bangkok and that is when we see at the end of those ceremonies simply changed with royal regalia which includes a corral and he said that there were suitable eyes that he has become the truth of
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thailand what you're along on the tenth in this day and it's the only check really didn't as you said also known as things that changed so certainly a very symbolic day one that thais had been talking about a lot for the last couple of years but of course his father the late king who was highly revered brought the country together after a very difficult time certainly after world war two so one wonders what sort of rain this king is going to present and give to his country and what thailand expects from him. well i think undoubtedly it's going to be different for a number of reasons you write screenings will need more to do new day as we said before running for more than seventy years ascended the throne where he was just seen as harnish and ceremony was when he was twenty two years of age showed he had the best pop of his life for you to be able to deal dots legacy and not on who just
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in their careers but those around the palace including some military as well it's going to a lot of time building up the reputation of the king and the reputation of the palace and sell it into its wind which is wouldst face time is not on the side all the current going here sixty six years of age as we say he's coronation ceremony so he doesn't have the benefit of time to be able to build up his legacy so i think we're going to see him begin to stamp his mock failure really into a large extent we've already seen that over the past couple of years since he ascended the throne in two thousand and sixteen for example he made changes to the constitution that was dropped by the military that seized control in a coup in two thousand and fourteen that that constitution was put through a public referendum that cost that public river and the referendum will be on doesn't fairly dubious circumstances still it and after that he made some changes to that constitution to give the.


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