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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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syrian government forces and their russian allies have pounded the rebel held northwest of the country with more airstrikes at least twenty two people have died in the last day after an upsurge in violence and it lip and hama provinces last despite an eight month old truce it is the last rebel held province in syria and borders turkey russia and turkey negotiated a cease fire in september which is so full of us is a full government offensive but it is mostly held by the hot area h.t.s. formally known as the nose for front who owns poss deescalation agreements the province is home some more than three million civilians around half of whom were displaced and moved off to the government took aleppo. and other areas from the rebels on the chappelle hostility tells. volunteers worked throughout the day to check for signs of life in buildings bombed by the syrian regime and its
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russian ally and he said. there's an intense campaign on residential areas there are helicopters on this village twice thank god the losses are only material because the village has been targeted before and everyone has evacuated. the white helmet say more than twenty civilians have been killed and dozens more wounded in airstrikes and shelling since friday morning. the u.n. says schools markets and displacement camps have been struck in recent days and barrel bombings have returned with the frequency. not seen in more than a year it live province and surrounding areas were declared a deescalation zone last year under an agreement reached between russia and turkey intended to avert a major offensive on the rebel held area that agreement appears to be under threat activists say syrian and russian government forces launched more than eighty strikes on saturday two hundred fifty thousand people. have already been displaced
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in the latest wave of violence if there is a real offensive if there's a real attack and really i mean attack that is aimed at that penetrating. it is a dense shell or that. the central parts of it leapt like lips town itself out of a mine and others then we going to have an enormous crisis and then we're talking about two hundred thousand but up to a million of people who probably will be on the rules right now i'm still hopeful that is not going to happen i'm still hopeful that this will be contained to dot's final confrontation a cease fire line. as government tanks and troops move towards it live in greater numbers the state media say they're there to target terrorists from a group linked to al qaeda but many fear this could be the start of a bigger operation to take the final rebel held stronghold home to nearly three
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million civilians one million of them children and or chapell al jazeera. well sure landis is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma and he joins me now for more details on what is happening in that late but just how large is what are you hearing about what's happening in the province and that increase in aerial bombings what are your people your contacts on the ground say well in the last few weeks there's been an over one hundred fifty people killed . this is the fallout of what was a bad discussion at a stand. the negotiate on going to go she agency turkey and russia. turkey has been unable to really power out the the jihadist groups that control it russia is saying this is falling apart our agreement is falling apart and they're pressuring turkey at the same time. turkey a turkish backed arab free syrian army groups are attacking kurdish zones north of
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it i'm in a place called one of the five which is a kurdish enclave that have been conquered by turkey so there's two actually one two punch going on here in the north in that province there is a there is a turkish movement against the kurds in the south there is a syrian government movement against the i don't know who did it it looks so many people are saying this is a conspiracy the turks the russians have made a deal to to both go after the people they want to and not to bother to each other about this so so there everybody's trying to figure out exactly what's going on and how its sense of you know this new invasion is going to be what exactly i mean some pro syrian government media happy reporting there's been some sort of a a ministry build up to the south of how likely is it that the regime is planning
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some sort of ground attack on the fly says still in it the lab. you know we have to wait and see how far russia is willing to push this you know so far the syrian government and russia have been really having their eyes on the americans will they be leaving north syria and for a long time with the trump sort of back and forth they thought maybe the americans will be leaving in which case they want to behave well in every other area to try to encourage the trump withdraw today it does not look like the prophet ministration is going to withdraw and you've seen that walk back regime national security people are saying he sees me us national security people and saying that you're going to stay for a long haul you're not going to draw down so and the sanctions are really hurting damascus so there is a sense possible that this could be some form of payback time. because damascus will see no reason to wait any longer and that of course is hugely
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worrying for the many many people still living in adelaide. people the year the u.n. various coordinates is already saying you heading for humanitarian disaster onto if the syrian regime decides to go into these hundreds of thousands of people then have to flee absolutely but at the same time the u.s. is saying don't they respect the agreement but the same time u.s. officials are saying there is the biggest collection of all cried out in their lives since nine eleven so there's very mixed message coming through what will anybody do to protect this region because we've see hired by how do sham this once this group that was once affiliated with al qaida spread its power over the entire region turkey has been helpless to do anything about it so it's a it's a cauldron that's boiling and if it's us i'm sworn he's going to take it back or he says no you're not but it's unclear who's done stuff. really good to get your
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perspective on a worrying story joshua landis joining us there from oklahoma thanks so much. or still ahead on this news hour from london. cycling funny moves on to bangladesh after leaving a trail of devastation along india's eastern coast. venezuela's president sound the man who wants to replace him openly court the armed forces in that ongoing our struggle. will tell you how one of the world's richest and most famous horse race is being overshadowed by a drugs. north korea's state news agency says kim jong un oversaw drills to test large caliber long range multiple rocket launchers on saturday the announcement comes off the
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pyongyang five what is being described as several unidentified short range projectiles into the sea off its east coast south korea initially described it as a missile launch before downgrading description of the suspected weapons test follows the failure of the denuclearization summit between kim jong un and donald trump in vietnam in february right has the latest reaction from the south korean capital seoul. this is turning out to be potentially one of the most provocative military gestures by north korea in more than a year and certainly not in keeping with the spirit of current moves at reconciliation between north korea and the us and north korea and south korea in the south korean government has said as much there has been a top level meeting of the security and military officials at which they've issued a statement saying that this test was inconsistent with the military agreement
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reached between north korea and south korea at the summit in pyongyang last september and calling on the north koreans to make every effort to actively participate and restart dialogue towards denuclearization so this very much seems to be placing at least some of the blame for the current stalemate on north korea's position the it has started a flurry of diplomatic activity. the foreign minister of south korea has been in conversation with mike pompei o of the united states and also the japanese foreign minister trying to coordinate a response on the watchword seems to be one of caution saying that they will respond but prudently everybody conscious and being wary not to escalate tensions any further well u.s. president will trump responded via twitter saying i believe that kim jong un fully realizes the great economic potential of north korea nothing to interfere or and if
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he also knows that i am with him and does not want to break his promise to me. well i'm joined in the studio now by john everett who's a former british ambassador to north korea welcome thanks for joining us on the program why do you think it was chosen right now to do this test of a certain projectiles ones that he's been describing as a test of a long range rocket launches he says about putting pressure on the u.s. president to come up with a more favorable deal i think it's about making sure that the united states doesn't forget north korea he said that donald trump has until the end of this year to change his stance so it's not about putting pressure on him as such but i suspect we'll see several more kind of low level provocations of this kind by the north koreans just to make sure they stay in the headlines there is also the idea floated by some analysts that is not just about a message to the world it's also almost a distraction for the north koreans we've seen that report out so i think in that also for us saying something like ten million people in north korea might be on the
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verge of starvation he's got huge economic problems hasn't he's got huge economic problems yes the latest report just confirms what already suspected something like forty percent of the entire population in what the united nations calls severe food insecurity or the verge of famine perhaps but they are living on just three hundred grams of grain a day at the moment which is well below normal nutritional thresholds and this is a long time before the harvest sometimes the regime cuts the russians just before the harvest has previous toss run out this is very early and will be worse to come so yes kim jong un is very worried about his economy warded not just for humanitarian reasons or does he really care anyway but because the very first thing he told the north korean people when he assumed power was that it would be no return to what he called the arduous march which is the difficult for the famine of the nine hundred ninety s. now if he fails to make good on that promise if i mean does return to north korea humanitarian considerations apart it looks very bad for him what about the fact
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that the kim looks like he was some sort of a deal we've seen him go. around he's been to south korea it's not trouble to stay in vietnam he's been to russia to president putin he wants some sort of deal the latest negotiations with trying to obviously end it in say is it a massive that the trumpet ministration is not being creative enough in what he's offering kit does he want more than just the sort of you know the decrease of the reduction in those sanctions to be honest no i think the united states has shown great flexibility over this that they put pretty much everything on the table and indicated to the north koreans that if the right package could be arranged there was nothing they were going to hold back including long term goals of the north koreans like a peace treaty to formally end the korean war massive economic systems and so on the sclerosis was on the north korean side you said the kim jong un wants a deal who doesn't want a deal he wants the deal and the deal is complete removal of all the economic sanctions and everything that the security council is passing twenty sixteen in
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exchange for the dismantling of the yongbyon nuclear facility now his team were told long before annoyed that that just wasn't going to fly but he either they didn't tell him or he thought he could nevertheless persuade president trump to accept his deal and when president trump after several hours of talks and it wasn't a snap decision maker that story this just wasn't good enough kim jong un was actually quite surprised people say the blood drained from his face he had never thought that the americans would turn it down really interesting to talk to you john or at joining us in studio right now thank you so much thank you thank you. now it's like i'm forty has hit by the dash killing at least twelve people on friday and battered eastern india killing twelve people in all dishes states where a massive cleanup is now underway. has more details. a trail of destruction along india's eastern coast. with winds around two hundred kilometers per hour cycling fernie ripped apart homes in addition state. toppled
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power lines and left uprooted trees covering the streets. are made of one quarter i was really afraid when the storm hit us we were lucky that we were all downstairs if my children were up stairs they wouldn't have survived all our belongings our money everything is gone. the storm has weakened since making landfall on friday the extent of the flooding in the city of gori is clear to see with damage crops and infrastructure india's navy air force and disaster response teams aren't standby. but there are teams go to each and every site we get reports from we've been working since morning our teams have been out there since the cycle calmed down. despite the destruction and the number of people killed the indian government says the situation in the could have been worse. about one million people or evacuated airports and schools were closed before the storm hit. a different
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outcome from nine to ninety nine when a super sidetone killed more than ten thousand people across the state. now emergency crews are trying to clear wreckage but many roads are blocked and some communities completely cut off. the coast of additional state is vulnerable to cyclons and tsunamis over the embankments and shelters were built but for now the focus is on how to recover from this storm barbara and get her out of syria. that is whalers opposition leader is making another effort to win over the armed forces as he tries to oust president nicolas maduro has told his supporters to protest outside military bases and handouts honesty leaflets to persuade soldiers to turn against media right earlier this week he urged the military to rise up against the president but military commanders have so far remained loyal the call prompted two
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days of process in which four people were killed and hundreds injured to raise a bow has more from the capital caracas. we're here in what it's known as washington plasterwork a small group of venezuelans have arrived today to protest against the government of nicolas maduro but also responding to the call made by opposition leader one white door asking them and asking venezuelans in general that this saturday they should go peacefully to military installations to the headquarters of the police of the environ national guard among others and ask members of the military of the police to join in what they called the fight for freedom in venezuela this fight to restore democracy they've been handing out a small leaflets like the one you can see here that talks about and refers to what done by the has been talking for the past few months which is known as an amnesty law that would exempt members of the military police officers among others to join
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in this fight for democracy in venezuela of course the only exception made in this amnesty no are those involved in war crimes or human rights abuses it's mean extremely tense this past few days here in venezuela we were able to see in several parts of the city hundreds of police officers of members of the bolivarian national guard and the armed forces deployed in a way warning people not to get close to those military installations we were all were also able to see president nicola he was being part of military exercises happening in the state of the heaviest very he was speaking to the troops telling them how important loyalty is at this time and he was also saying that a bunch of traders referring to those joined in one way those are core to rebel against the president but a bunch of traitors couldn't taint the prestigious of the armed forces in venezuela what we have seen so far very small groups within the armed forces that have rebelled against mulatto some have left the country others thousands of them have
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been detained by so far the holder of the fifth the ministry of defense and the whole of the most important people within the. other men that are part of the military have remained loyal to me while i would go there is plenty still to come on this news hour we're going to speak to the gans and pop star turned politician bobby wine defiant despite three days in jail this week. thailand holds a three day coronation ceremony to crown the successor to the world's longest serving monarch. talent eighteen women line up on the grid os the new you know just cool series gets on the way joe will have a say in the sports coming. we got some rather lively showers into central parts if you're over them i'm
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a lot so cloud showing up here just around greece italy and the balkans deep area of low pressure swirling away so we've got some foundry down poles coming through here further north this weather system on the boundary between the two say the warmer and the rather cold cold northerly winds blasting in across the mall say a scattering of snow showers in fact into parts of scotland recently and what some snow there coming down across the alps as this cold air digs right in six celsius there to zero but just about getting up to double figures for london and paris on sunday and holiday back in the u.k. for monday twelve celsius the cold ones that it doesn't compare to last year getting up into the mid twenty's is the mid twenty's there from madrid fun and dry his and i problems that heavy showers will continue across central parts of the med southern areas of italy into the balkans to integrate pushing up towards the black sea into ukraine and some of the wet weather just around that western side of rochelle on the other side of the med
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a bit of cloud just making its way out of northern parts of libya pushing across to those northern areas of egypt elsewhere it's fine dry sunny and warm. in a two part series. observes the lives of two. twenty years. insights into circumstances that shape lives. in a rapidly changing. twenty years of me starts with blood and land story on how to see you around. the latest news as it breaks. out of the times. payment and then the burnings going to start raining to the press of teach health coverage of
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protests on fox the cost was obvious but example of those last days from around the world last few days and that is where the water is once more rushing down it's on the welcome to live forever barely begun to live from. the top stories on al-jazeera israeli warplanes have continued to hit targets on the gaza strip off the palestinian fighters thought around two hundred rockets into southern israel and the palestinians have been killed including a fourteen month old girl and her pregnant mother. at least twenty people have died
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in rebel held areas of northwest syria in just twenty four hours as government forces and their russian allies pound the region with more estimates. on the youngest brother of the former algerian president absolutely flicka has been arrested along with two of his former intelligence chiefs. first tests are continuing in the sudanese capital khartoum why demonstrators all venting their anger at the transitional military council some people have spent weeks on the streets having ousted president a mile but share that determine saddam will get a civilian government mamma today reports from. there's no letup in protest in saddam public on god as the transitional military council is in no way calling even us a full storm mulk an impasse between the military council and the discontinued the protesters say they have no confidence in their actions and of
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a process but it also got you know the regulation not that's why we have no faith in the name we cannot discriminate against anyone i wish i was able when the wool from right up out of these a festive mood to hear some of his health come hoping to be part of history thing the military council is exhausting work force on. the big companies out here for weeks they are angry and tired i'm tied up in their almost endless chanting the military council does it got it as close as that it will form a president a lot of bullshit. to help them see the military have ruled us for all these years and we have nothing to show for it except in justice that a civilian government is what. this couple up was before place that they want to help remove from our present moment i don't know but they say they have a long process until free will be modified and nothing they fight will hold them
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back a deadline issued by the military for the removal of buddy kids from roads bridges i'm going ways. but instead of removing them the protesters are enforced the body cade's. on the street and on the head with i mean we will never remove the barricades because they're here for our security at checkpoints we have not people with weapons and drugs wishing to cause people harm we can't take chances. the daily demonstrations in the square offered much they didn't divulge the poultice he doesn't talk with admitted. that is why saddam's younger evolution of these i'm ok . thank you no and the i would argue well does it occur to. the ugandan pop star turned politician bobby wine has told al jazeera he is willing to sit down for talks with president yoweri museveni that's despite continuing attempts to silence him by most of his government to crack down on press coverage of his arrest this week the opposition m.p.
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was released on thursday after three days in custody for taking the pulse of what the authorities called on more full process catherine so it has been to meet up with wine in the capital kampala. this was the moment body while returning home on thursday after three days in cassidy for leading protests against a social media tax many of his supporters like young john to his music and political views most have grown up with president yoweri in the seventies in charge has been in power for more than three decades and solve the parliament that wind told al-jazeera his supporters relate to him because of his fight against social injustice we are lucky that we are living in a generation where our mouths can not be shut we shall speak the truth and we shall continue using the law as it does do stand for our rights and has a president ever reached out to you mean to talk about you know political issues to
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talk about how to move the country forward and things like that. no he has not reached out to me and would you be willing to sit down with him to talk about what's ailing the country and what perhaps can be done better because he is the head of state i would be very glad and very honored to sit with the president and tell him exactly what i am saying now. honorably telling that mr president we need to respect the law was in another neighborhood eyes a quote we restore expresses his political stand on a good day he'll make about five dollars selling the street food but after expenses and home bills he's left with very little to save his business in gun would you say more than usual they should reduce the price of wheat the city council should also treat us well stop harassing and overtaxing. like war weary a majority of ugandans are young those we talked to said they don't have to jobs
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poor and frustrated the compiler is considered an opposition stronghold and bobby wine is very popular here but some analysts say if you go to areas president yoweri in the seventies still family in control this was not a bad no people say they're struggling to make plans maids and just want a better life government ministers say their colonies performing well but not growing as fast as the population we have one of the highest rates of population growth so in terms of absolute figures we are. because of this high rate of growth it did musk's some of the achievements which were just. back at the food store where we are safe he wants to move to a much bigger one and maybe one day a proper restaurant but he tells us if things remain the same politically he does not say he's a constant is changing catherine saw al-jazeera kampala. antigovernment protests as
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of march for the twenty fifth straight weekend in france but turnout was notably down following violence at the annual may day march dozens of yellow vests demonstrators gathered in paris on saturday just days after tens of thousands took to the streets wednesday's violence we saw hundreds arrested was fueled by discontent over french president to manual micron's response to months of street protests. thousands of muslims have attended the reopening of a historic mosque that was flattened at the beginning of the bosnian war the sixteenth century allowed some more screws one of the most prominent masterpieces of classical autumn an architecture in the balkans it was destroyed in the war by both me and serve forces trying to carve out what they saw as an ethnically pure states the reopening ceremony was aimed at encouraging religious tolerance between deeply divided communities police in sri lanka asking members of the public to hand over saws or other large knives at the nearest police station the
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request came after hundreds of weapons were discovered in mosques and homes following searches during searches following the easter sunday attacks sunday mass has been cancelled again for catholics while officers continue to carry out searches in el fernandez as more from the eastern town of cats including. detections like what has been found here in qatar near batticaloa are becoming commonplace as the police the military and all the law enforcement branches bringing in their resources to conduct searches on a house to house basis as you can see this collection from hand grenades to micro pistols to walkie talkies and other weaponry have been detected in areas close by now the two hand grenades were found basically thrown in this cemetery which is just behind us obviously somebody had detected it houses used by the parent and the sister of the alleged mastermind was searched here in qatar and
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could be searches were also carried out in a number of locations in town leading to the discovery of a sort of weaponry and according to what we're hearing from those involved in the reads this is becoming commonplace as the net closes in and people realize that there are more and more searchers and their dress being discovered science king know how long court has been crowned the nation's more like two years after he succeeded his father the elaborate coronation ceremony last for three days mixing both buddhist and hindu traditions out as it was white hey reports from bangkok. after more than two years on the throne. corn was crowned king of thailand by wearing the great crown of victory the sixty six year old formally became the tenth king in the czech read in a city. where you will continue preserve and build upon the rule legacy
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and shall reign with righteousness for the benefit of the happiness of the people forever. he was crowned at the start of a three day ceremony steeped in buddhist and hindu rituals which were long called became king in two thousand and sixteen after the death of his father king a do new day he reigned for seventy years meaning this was the first royal coronation most thais have known large screens were wrecked around the city but few showed up to watch the ceremony which was held inside the grand palace no official reason was given for the two year wait for the coronation but during that time the new king has been consolidating his position before this coronation the king began to make his mark he took full control of the palace fortune making him one of the richest monarchs in the world and to give them greater power he changed a military draft constitution after it had passed a public referendum. but there are strict laws designed to protect the monarchy and
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its reputation and breaking them can lead to a long jail sentence many critics have fled thailand particularly since a two thousand and fourteen coup by the military which is charged with protecting the palace among them was syria chuy's said dan an opponent of the monarchy who disappeared from neighboring laos his wife believes he's dead i dand in my house but i wanted to see it grew ethar democracy because everyone would get their share of resources and go through and it's far too met with us look at their fair share what is wrong for both in power to get out a benefit ignore people suffering that during the coronation thailand's new queen also received her royal title queen. the palace had only announced two days earlier that the king had married the former flight attendant and deputy head of his body guard unit his fourth marriage on sunday march which you are long gone will be
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paraded around the old part of the capital giving thais their first chance to see their newly crowned king when hey al-jazeera bangkok japan's new emperor has greeted the public for the first time since he replaced his father three days ago. now he so assumed the role on wednesday off his eighty five year old father abdicated citing health reasons the first to do so in japan in two hundred years from a balcony overlooking the palace grounds the site the throngs of well wishes for congratulating him an airliner carrying u.s. marines as crash landed in a river in florida the boeing seven three seven charter flight slid off the runway as it landed in jacksonville all one hundred forty three passengers and crew managed to scramble to safety from the shallow water twenty one of them suffered minor injuries the jet was flying military personnel home from the.


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