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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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there is israel is monitoring what goes in there simply because the thousands hundreds of thousands of tons of cement that have gone in in the past ten years are mostly used for bunkers for the hamas leadership or they're used to dig tunnels instead of using that a whether it's food whether it's cement whether it's of money or other things to take care of the civilian population there which is in dire straits at this point there's no question that there is a humanitarian issues there the question is you know what does come us do with the fifteen million dollars that they get it you know they pay themselves salaries and what are they doing for the people there and why are they taking all of the resources that are coming in and using them to fight israelis meaning you know prime minister netanyahu and israel has tried in a number of occasions both to allow certain aid in allow goods in but oftentimes those those goods are used in order to attack israel so you know it's unfortunate for the palestinian people because there's two million people there that have
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a leadership that they elected many years ago which is defined as a terror organization defined by the united states come out as a terror organization defined by europe as a terror organization and you know so when you have a terror organization running your government that's the kind of relationship and that's the kind of things that are going to happen and that's unfortunate to start this month of ramadan with this kind of attacks on israel which forces israel to defend its citizens going to have to have to leave it there appreciate talking to us mitchell barak joining us there from occupied western. it's the united states all right you know it was really had that little times i got forty eight had been discussion about it but are you sure you have time so and that you can find it so i know what i'm going to move us and you very much for your time we're going to change your time thank you get your facts right you should get your facts right before you interview i just gave you the basic facts but that's the end of the discussion now thank god i know i have to say i know he didn't say no matter what
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is you're saying that's not thank you very much city thank you very much is going to bring an occupy going to bring this i'm not going to i'm not going to spend a whole hour going with you about that. and moving on now pyongyang has released pictures of kim jong un overseeing rocket launches from north korea's east coast the country's leader said he was satisfied with the tests on saturday and called on troops to stay on high alert south korea's president says he is concerned by the developments meanwhile u.s. president donald trump tweeted that kim jong un doesn't want to break the promise he's made to him referring to commitments on denuclearization trump said in a tweet i believe that kim jong un finally realizes the great economic potential of north korea and will do nothing to interfere or endear you also knows that i am with him and does not want to break his promise to me deal will happen the youngest brother of algeria's ousted president is under arrest along with two former
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intelligence chiefs say that was the country's effective ruler after his brother suffered a stroke six years ago the eighty two year old was forced out last month following weeks of mass protests against plans to run for a fifth term demonstrators continue to demand a complete shake up of the ruling elite let's speak now to our in algiers via skype she is a research fellow at the paris based school for advanced studies in the social sciences thanks very much for being with us so i want to ask you first of all do these latest announcement of arrest do anything to address the grievances of protesters in algeria. well we had a few different didn't mix here of course the fish are dead to protest movements had to wonder if the mass forced their resume to be less of back to as a night school is really entire over really making the presidents bank and put it
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that way and that's the army that has to state what's going on its leaders clinic text from the people's demand people have asked for a little little for a spare and transparent trials with a transplant elsewhere is not where the money went like samples so this is not you are. the state of the which you do if you resign think that all the protests look let's demand that you we are the ones it's daft mr curious south and it's iraqis are and who will. be believed in charge of our financial institutions have to do a better transition to not just as a state that's not what the people have been asking for it would say that no real negotiation that hard to do will yet with the twenty army and if we're just little and. people are still prevented to example are going to be a big redemptive publicly when it's all on on the way out earl people are still
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prevented some people are still in jail some demonstrators are still in jail and we have not been any answer on one of them a demand from the what the leopardess movement which is the new will of the us editions through the election of a national cause the church has a late does the band has not been heard at all likely i mean yes so if we look then at how how this might play out what. is the army kind of playing for time here i mean trying to wait this out hoping that these protests will will eventually lose momentum. well i have let's say at least trying to stand your courtney. all each in that internal conflict. between the army demand and crucial and debating this issue to measure and approach a class circles who have been trying specially. the brother states that will have
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been trying to gain some in a trance but it's even a little i might have coming to put a stop to that make that clear that it was it must be to not associate that with a little constant pressure on the new army in order to start a real process of legal situation especially in order to not give it the feeling that the transition has started so why absolutely nothing has been done i mean the fact that all these ordinarily to have been hurt by it it just doesn't mean that they have been jam out and doesn't need to have a state that clear response isn't clear on status of dirt their accents ability have been brought to light of the people they did to psystar by the army so what should be. give us give us a sense of the the public anger that your the you're seeing in algiers right now from the from the protesters who has been who are there because as has been said
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many times before this isn't about one man being removed or or the people around him being removed this is about. a way of life and the economic situation that algerians have had to deal with for years now. yeah that hitler and that people are as i say they're trying to grandstand i mean it usually do you have a world map that is elaborate a barrier argy and that leads to the society actions that going to make sense on so it's not a matter of knowing what to do next people know what they are going to do and as i see it in live there i'm not going to comment which is actually of all areas where people. are trying to focus on they're going on and on their understandably fast even though they haven't been with i mean i'm going to add nuns that each state even after prayer not stirred and i've not heard a bill that demonstrate in the streets so it's not about really having movements ready to negotiate just about having the army waiting to preach to negotiate and
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the next that the next step now is that story because just last month to refuse upcoming elections that's what they have been doing for sometimes now so i doubt the army will be able to do that i'll just get nice by force elections it will obviously have to find something else in our church to not have down just because this state but at least answer the real and genuine demands of her new political issues and you political clean political practice you are transparent and not buy tickets. and i will back it could speak with you thanks very much for being with us . are plenty more ahead on this news hour including. why protesters in sudan are getting closer to having their demands met. with a. letter of the key word accept. south africa's racial
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divisions out in the open before wednesday's election. and it's getting to the business and of the season in the football leagues around europe or how flaps later in school. all us that had the first in west africa an unidentified body has been found in benyon after two french tourists there and their guide were reported missing on wednesday they disappeared in the pen jollity national park in the north near the border with french government had one citizens against traveling to the area because of groups linked to iceland al qaida operating in the area nicholas hawk is live for us now in cotonou in benyon so nicholas what more are we hearing about this. well
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a body was found just hours ago or late last night that was in a state of decomposition and that was of the guide that was with these two french tourists now all operations were in place led by the been in force to try to find these two french tourists there was the use of airplanes and soldiers and even drones to try to find these two french nationals that were kidnapped by the border of turkey so no one has claimed responsibility for the attack just yet but there has been an increase in the hostage taking in the region of just the neighboring country brooke enough so a canadian national was killed in january where there are several canadian and western nationals that have been kidnapped and taken hostage in birkenau faso also a french national that has been kidnapped and taken hostage in neighboring mali all
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of these hostages and this kidnapping were claimed by a group called. organization that includes al qaeda in the islamic magreb and they have launched a war against the countries in this one held but what's unprecedented is that it seems that if this attack is led by this group which is not yet which has not yet been confirmed then that means that these attacks is spreading and that's what we've been seeing as a trend in the last couple of months now so had warned the bin in forces just in april to watch out for its borders and as a result had reinforces a border with turkey now faso with a thousand extra soldiers fearing that there might be incursions from rebel groups so far no confirmation of who led this kidnapping but the timing has couldn't time it couldn't come at any worse time because this country has been wronged by.
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political instability since last sunday's parliamentary election where there was a historic low turnout and the opposition boycotted the vote there's been protest on the streets of the commercial capital call to know where i stand here and the opposition has called for the mediation of international actor has called for the clergy to come in to try to too few defuse the situation but president hello hello seems to be determined to push through his agenda and this has this is having devastating consequences for the people of bin then take a look at our report. the moments after shots were fired outside former president yeah you going to his home on the ground his mother of six prudence i'm assuming she died soon after with us were two of her daughters her eldest grace and their nine month old son the from grace saw a military commander take out a pistol and shoot her mother in the back said. it
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all happened so quickly he will never go to jail and will never have a mother. grace and her five siblings are now orphans the fifteen year old girl is now in charge of the family the military continues to patrol the commercial capital cotonou and they don't want to be filmed we've avoided several military checkpoints and now we're on the streets where young lives he's made no public statements since his press conference where he called the parliamentary election an electoral coupe outside bernie's home supporters perform a ritual for those killed and to protect those still fighting for change among them . he shows us where prudence amas who was killed says look there's blood everywhere he says it would. be this is our country too if they want to kill us they can come and get us and kill us we're not going anywhere while the military
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reinforces its presence around the former president's house inside me another former president missing for so glow in leading members of the opposition meet there calling for an international mediation but he will not make any more statements his entourage fears for his security after the arrest of other opposition members in the tsunami. there cannot be democratic elections without an opposition it makes no sense and our people have come out like the people of sudan and algeria we will continue to protest the world is watching us the opposition says. they will not give up for the push for a new direction in pinin but for people like greece the fight has already changed their future. the life of greece has been irreversibly cultured not only how she lost her mother but she's now in charge of her siblings she will no longer be able to go to school her dreams as she told
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me to go to become a nurse have been shattered she is another casualty of this deepening crisis here in been with president tyler who had come into power in two thousand and sixteen with a promise for change really pushing through his agenda no matter what the consequences for lack of a better comparison has them is like the donald trump in bin he's a multimillionaire a rich man has used his business tactics to put through his agenda and his policy no matter what the cost and this is having devastating consequences for people in bin and especially for grace and her family. nicholas stock in cotton a thanks very much in sudan a leading member of the opposition is opposing the draft constitution put forward by others in the coalition for freedom and change party leader in mad he says the draft is not all outlined how military leaders will hand over power to civilians
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a confidence appears to be growing among protesters demanding change as mohamed atta reports from hard to. i. there's no letup in poll trust in saddam public on god as the transitional military council is in no way cooling down even as a full storm mulk an impasse between the military council and the discontinued the protesters say they have no confidence in their actions and of a process but it also. you know i know is that the regulation not here that's why we are pushing no faith in the you do not discriminate against anyone we will win the wolf from right. these a festive mood to hear some of his health come hoping to be part of history all sting the military council is exhausting work for some of the big companies out here for weeks they're angry and timing. in their almost
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endless chanting the military council does it have got it as close as that is former president bush. had them seen the military have ruled us for all these years and we have nothing to show for it except in justice that a civilian government is what we urgently. this is the proper ones before place that they want to help remove from our present moment i don't know but they say they have a long past the point of free will be modified and nothing they find will hold them back a deadline issued by the military for the removal of buddy kids from roads bridges and roadways. but is kind of removing them the protest doesn't reinforce the body kate's. on the soon on the head with i mean we will never remove the barricades because they're here for our security checkpoints we have not people with weapons and drugs wishing to cause people harm we can't take chances. the daily demonstrations in the square how much they did in the bridge to poultice leaders in
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their talks with the mage that is why saddam's younger evolution of these i'm not thinking of and. ahmed joins us live now from hard to somehow met how how big a blow is this apparent rift within the opposition to the unity. of their forces and their negotiations with the military. it is a huge blow on a small just side that a lot of talking is a former prime minister e's mommas of discordant and also been raised by the communist pertti which also issued a statement this is all in the document of the sudanese professionals as nation one hundred over to the military is saying that one consultant and we can now officially say that the ease us with in sudan's opposition forces which in these days and current circumstances has been and large and to include
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a civil society members such as the sudanese professionals whose mission. behind and have been organizing the rest of course this sentence the hon'ble the military council in the negotiations over this published meant of a joint transitional council which would they have agreed to be members from both the military and the civil society and this will also weaken the voices of the protesters mohammed thank you mohammed our live for us in hard to. in a few moments we'll have the weather with steph but still ahead. will it be him or her the runoff election for president is on the way in a newly named republican. bad news for iraq he's looking for why the government switching off
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a hugely popular video game. for the first time in history the fos this force of the kentucky derby doesn't win the race. hello there it's may. we must be thinking of whether our and with some of just around the corner the weather must be really heating up. or not it's really quite chilly for many of us at the moment it's really quite cold in fact over parts of germany it's cold enough to see quite a bit of snow you can see the snow really has settled a couple of centimeters deep at least and it's not only in germany don't think oh germany's got some hills no no no this is what's happening in france clearly rather wintery there and in switzerland it's not much different either
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a dusting of snow there too so what is going on well the winds are coming down from the north and they're dragging in plenty of cold air you see the speckled clouds there there is the cold showers that are coming down from the north or following this great big lawing of white cloud that is the leading edge of the cold weather and it's all rushing down pretty quickly we've got winds gusting nearly one hundred kilometers per hour must say at the moment and those are all firing down towards parts of italy and in the north of italy there is some very heavy downpours at the moment so some snow in the northern edge of that whole system and lots of lightning in the northeastern parts of italy too all of that is working its way eastwards and it's just going to stay cold for the northwestern parts of europe over the next few days whereas the southeast where it has been warm is all turning very very messy now lots of wet windy weather to come. spawns you tony. when your fiance lives behind bars. the engagement also
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becomes a life sentence. zero world hears from three palestinian women whose lives have been dictated by their relationships with men in prison. wedding on hold on al-jazeera. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we had al jazeera fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing. and cover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera .
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again you're watching i just see a reminder of our top stories this hour israel's prime minister has ordered israeli military forces to continue their attacks on gaza a day and night of more than two hundred israeli airstrikes on gaza and palestinian rocket attacks in southern israel have left seven people dead. the youngest brother of algeria's ousted president is under arrest sable to flee club was the country's effective lula after his brother underlies he's suffered a stroke six years ago he was forced out last month and demonstrators want to complete shake up of the ruling elite. south korea is concerned about the latest weapons tests by north korea state media says kim jong un watched rocket launches
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on saturday u.s. president donald trump tweeted that kim doesn't want to break his promise on denuclearization. let's get more now on our top story allie is the co-founder of electronic intifada an independent news publication focusing on palestine he says israel is to blame for the latest while. these ready government thinks it's a fantastic idea to keep more than two million people half of them children living in a cage to get cut off from the outside world with very little ability to travel even for medical care to cut off trade to them to destroy the industry to destroy their agriculture to destroy the means of civilized life and to murder them with snipers if they even protest peacefully
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against this at the ghetto fence as long as israel think that that's a really great way to treat two million people in the gaza strip then this will keep happening because people in gaza have to get the message out that they are human and that israel cannot continue to terrorize and besiege and kill them and this way and have a lovely your official song contest where it falsely presents itself to the world as this lovely peaceful holiday destination which is just being terrorized by these awful people in the gaza strip that's the script that's the reality israel has imposed on south africa's ruling party's whole holding its final rally before wednesday's election president cyril ramaphosa is ending the campaign in johannesburg the african national congress has been marred by allegations of
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corruption facing a major challenge from the democratic alliance as well as the economic freedom fighters party malcolm webb has more from johannesburg. so this is the final rally of the ruling african national congress thousands of people are gathered at a stadium in johannesburg to hear president civil runaways this was a crowd from former president jacob zuma just over a year ago to the time and space popularity was at a sign following a series of corruption scandals on this leader's rule. that it was a wave of whatsoever in school run a warrior remember that the guy that window. because of more corruption scandals including was implicated members of ramaphosa family but still the african national congress is back to the jersey as it has had ever since
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was credited with ending white minority rule the one hundred ninety four but it really was a gentle win with a lower margin than it's ever had before it's taken a lot for the corruption because of delivery of public services and still the main opposition parties which are the democratic alliance and the economic freedom fighters still on the. scene. of the visions of a race in south africa are still surfacing twenty five years after the end of apartheid millions of black south africans say they're struggling to reap the benefits but some white nationalists say they're now the ones facing discrimination for me to miller reports from the northern cape province. it's in this dry dusty and desolate parts of the northern cape province that a group of white south africans say they've found refuge they call this place utica only white afrikaans speaking people are allowed to settle here but they say
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they're not racists orcutt's want to paul and his family moved here three months ago he says to protect and preserve the afrikan a culture language and way of life we were all building on a dream. but i think for greece if. it got worse and it got more difficult. and with affirmative action. it made it increasingly difficult. for us as white people to get jobs the security jobs and also job security when it was sure when you might need a cringed we've not been given permission to film in utica instead we speak to the founder our brand new voter at his home nearby the school is only under a foot or fifteen your assessment you know less. funny the shoe is no on the other foot and now we are fighting against the racists how can we be racist when it is us who are being forced out of the country they sing against us kill the farmer
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so everything counts against the white race so who are the racists. so far twenty families live here and more homes are being built the local government went to court to stop people here from building any more houses the minister palettes he says these homes were built without permission and contravene bolding regulations the court agreed but judges are also considering whether or not a town that allows only white afrikaner people to live there should be allowed to exist in a democratic south africa one of the smaller and newly formed political parties black first land first has banned white south africans from joining it we have a blacks organization let us be clear accept white people the party sentiments resonate with some in a country many consider to be one of the most unequal in the world it's been accused of exercising discrimination and taken to court the wrong of this country
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is. the whole economy system is. the media projection of let problems is on to black. we are going to the parliament therefore truly presenting your voice or for people to bring a broad left democracy in a flat country while the apartheid system and its policies based on race may have been abolished twenty five years ago many here say they have to live with its legacy and come election day the vote of many south africans will be influenced by race and identity from al-jazeera south africa. the syrian government forces and their russian allies are continuing their air offensive on the rebel held north west for six trade day activists say more than twenty five areas have been targeted in italy about how my province is on sunday alone at least twenty two people have died since the attacks began the u.n. says it is the worst the barrel bombing campaign by the syrian government in over a year. the taliban fighters have attacked
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a police headquarters in northern afghanistan a suicide bomber blew his vehicle up in the city of poorly homebody in a battle and province other fighters then opened fire on security forces and more talks aimed at ending the seventeen year war in afghanistan are under way here in qatar representatives from the taliban and the united states are at the second day of resumed negotiations jamila show you the talks venue in doha for such a these talks seemed to face some problems over the last round of discussions on thursday was the situation today. on thursday it seemed the taliban were extremely agitated at this unexpected request by the germans who are also participating in these talks representing nato allies and the europeans who have said that the talks should include some sort of program or plan for the movements are meant. something that is
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a no go area for the taliban it seems that since then there has been reassurances provided that this will not be discussed at least for the time being done that the clear agenda that was initially agreed upon when these talks started some this is the sixth round so many rounds of call will be pursued the namely what's being looked at is withdrawal of u.s. troops some sort of not necessarily immediate one hundred percent suspicion of hostilities but at least a reduction in violence that will take place as well as some sort of national consensus for unity government looking at how the governance of itself will move forward something that is particular importance to the current government in kabul and something that has been put as a condition by some of the western forces participating in these talks that there
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shouldn't be some sort of powerful state between the taliban as a movement as well as the government taking place but there are sticking points here for example the taliban are adamant that u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan should happen within a six month period the americans have been talking about something between eighteen to up to eighteen months up to three years the taliban are not happy with how they would be referred to or haven't reached to an agreement on how they would be referred to in whatever peace treaty is actually signed currently the u.s. and others are referring to them as the taliban movement they want to be referred to as the islamic states of. these are so many. to some extent for the outsiders but for them it is something very important so there are still sticking points but the fact that this is continuing is important it is showing that there is a political traction to bring an end to this eighteen year war or occupation as some would see it's inside of kind of that and that's why it's.


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