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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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that would restart the diplomatic process and washington for its part has not been creative enough or flexible enough to really take advantage of this diplomatic process and get us closer to the deal it has always been the case in both the obama administration and the trump and ministration that with an issue this important and this high profile the white house takes the lead and it's the general policy direction and the state department really implements it it drives diplomacy it comes up with ideas but the direction is at the white house level president and his subordinates have been on completely separate parallel tracks on north korea and it almost seems like they don't consult each other or accord in ate their message and that's a huge difference from past administrations and that i think has a lot to do with the dysfunction we've seen in u.s. north korea diplomacy and it's very concerning syrian government forces and the russian allies are continuing their offensive in the country's rebel held northwest
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for the sixth consecutive day. more than twenty five areas have been targeted in hama province. at least twenty two people have died including women and children since the attacks began. still ahead an old resume. will tell you why protesters in sudan are getting closer to having their demands met. hello the weather is quite mobile over the northern policy of asia at the moment we've got quite a few areas a cloud that are just drifting their way eastwards and some more like a cloud down towards the west this is where we're seeing most of the wet weather is putting itself together as we head through monday i mean to choose day but
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elsewhere is largely looking fine so for us in beijing more about twenty six degrees eighteen in seoul but the temperatures here will be rising as we head into cheese day so we'll get to twenty one degrees for tokyo not quite as well mobi up eighteen for the norm positive pam will clouted the chance of a few outbreaks of rain as well down towards the southeastern parts of asia and the weather's all looking quite unsettled currently lots of cloud lots of rain with us and that rain still with us as we head through chews day so most of us that a lot need to see some wet weather at times towards the east it's where it's looking a little bit joyous so for shanghai it should be falling on maximum temperature getting to around twenty one degrees for taiwan they will showers here in a few showers just as you know away into the northern parts of news on as well so we're all the way for many of us here those showers will say for the western part as well manila therefore is looking pretty wet at times before the south is looking dry and so many of us over borneo it will be largely dry with just one or two heavy showers at times.
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when her fiance behind bars. the engagement becomes a life sentence. zero world hears from three palestinian women whose lives have been dictated by their relationships with men in prison. waiting on hold on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera
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a reminder of our top stories this hour israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is ordering the military to continue its attacks on gaza eight palestinians including a pregnant mother and a fourteen month old baby have been killed in the gaza strip the latest israeli strikes on gaza came after palestinian fighters fired hundreds of walkers into southern israel one israeli died in hospital. the youngest brother of algeria as ousted president is under arrest saeed both of those the country's effective ruler after his brother adam as he's suffered a stroke six years ago he was forced out last month and demonstrators want a complete shake up of the ruling elite. south korea is concerned by the latest weapons tests in north korea have saved media says kim jong un watched rocket launches on saturday u.s. president donald trump tweeted that kim doesn't want to break his promise on denuclearization. taliban fighters have attacked a police headquarters in northern afghanistan
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a suicide bomber blew his vehicle up in the city of political money in buckland province and other fighters opened fire on security forces. to us africa no one an unidentified body has been found in been enough to two french tourists and their guide were reported missing on wednesday the disappeared in the punjab a national park in the north near the border with brooke in a fossil the french government has warned citizens against traveling to the area because of groups linked to iso and al qaida operating in the area meanwhile security forces are out in heavy numbers in billings economic capital cotonou after two days of election protests soldiers broke up demonstrations with gunfire after the opposition called for the an element of last sunday's parliamentary election all of the seats were won by the only two parties allowed to take part both allied to president. nicolas reports. the moment after shots were fired outside former president yeah you going to his home on the ground his mother of six
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prudence i'm assuming she died soon after with us were two of her daughters her eldest grace and her nine month old son the from grace saw a military commander take out a pistol and shoot her mother in the back said. what can i do it all happened so quickly he will never go to jail and will never have a mother back. grace and her five siblings are now orphans the fifteen year old girl is now in charge of the family the military continues to patrol the commercial capital cotonou and they don't want to be filmed we've avoided several military checkpoints and now we're on the streets where young lives he's made no public statements since his press conference where he called the parliamentary election electoral outside bernie's home supporters perform a voodoo ritual for those killed and to protect those still fighting for change
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among them. really what he shows us where prudence amas who was killed says look there's blood everywhere he says it was. pete this is our country too if they want to kill us they can come and get us and kill us we're not going anywhere while the military reinforces its presence around the former president's house inside me another former president before so glow in leading members of the opposition meet they're calling for an international mediation but he will not make any more statements his entourage fears for his security after the arrest of their opposition members in the streets. there cannot be democratic elections without an opposition it makes no sense and their people have come out like the people of sudan and algeria we will continue to protest the world is watching us the opposition say they will not give up for the push for a new direction in pinin but for people like greece the fight has already changed
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their future nicholas hoult al-jazeera good to. a key member of the coalition for freedom and change in sudan has opposed the draft constitution put forward by other opposition members oh my party leader said he called lucky says the document fails to outline how the military will hand over power to civilians mohamed atta as more from. the comments from former prime minister leading the position the shows the. crowds within the opposition who are coming to negotiating with the transitional military council on a possible transitional joint council will protect the country through transitional period and then organize elections of course it shows that the civilian wing of the opposition the people who've been organizing those protests outside the military headquarters the sudanese professional association
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probably. sick the constant of the opposition. figures let's have that the one before they hunted over the document and it's also going to vindicate the minute you have been saying that they can move just hung up how i like a lot to an entity that's just come together because of the protests and do not have any sort of unity whatsoever so but the protesters in the square and united this say they have the only option they have is to continue with the process and they say they will continue until they get a certain atlanta symphony number one incident. south africa's ruling african national congress is holding its final rally before wednesday's general election president sitaram aforesaid will lead the county in johannesburg though seen as the
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most crucial since transition to democracy in one thousand nine hundred four malcolm webb has more from johannesburg. so this is the final rally of the ruling african national congress thousands of people are gathered at the stadium. to hear president civil run it was a speech. for the poor president jacob zuma just over a year ago to the time the n.c.a.a.'s popularity was at an sign following a series of corruption scandals deceivers rule. that it was a wave of what is now never in school floria remember that the government out the window was because of rule corruption scandals including was implicated members abramoff family but still the african national congress back to the majority did. not have a say it was credited with ending white minority rule the one hundred ninety four
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but it really was a gentle wind with a lower margin and it was hot divorce. thank you no not about the corruption of the livery of public service is still the main opposition parties which are the democratic alliance and the economic freedom fighters still on. the a.n.c. . divisions over race in south africa still suffer twenty five years after the end of apartheid millions of black south africans say they're still struggling to reap the benefits but some whites national save band the ones facing discrimination on the don't know the reports were northern cape province. it's in this dry dusty and desolate parts of the northern cape province that a group of white south africans say they've found refuge they call this place utica only white afrikaans speaking people are allowed to settle here but they say
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they're not racists orcutt's want to paul and his family moved here three months ago he says to protect and preserve the africana culture language and way of life we were all building on a dream. but i think progress if. it got worse and it got more difficult and with affirmative action. it made it increasingly difficult. for us as white people to get jobs to secure jobs and also job security you would be reassured when you might be retrenched we've not been given permission to film in utica instead we speak to the founder are there any votes at his home nearby the school is on the under foot or. but you don't wish. funny the shoe is no on the other foot and now we are fighting against the racists how can we be racist when it is us who are being forced out of the country they sing against us kill the farmer so everything counts against the white race so who are the racists
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. so far twenty families live here and more homes are being built the local government went to court to stop people here from building any more houses the minister palettes he says these homes were built without permission and contravene bolding regulations the court agreed but judges are also considering whether or not a town that allows only white afrikaner people to live there should be allowed to exist in a democratic south africa one of the smaller and newly formed political parties black first land first has banned white south africans from joining it we have a black. letter of the. accept white people of the party sentiments resonate with some in a country many consider to be one of the most unequal in the world it's been accused of exercising discrimination and taken to court the wrong of this country is. the whole economy system is under the media projection of let problems is on to
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black. we are going to the parliament therefore truly presenting your voice are for people to bring a broad left democracy in a country where the apartheid system and its policies based on race may have been abolished twenty five years ago many here say they have to live with its legacy and come election day the vote of many south africans will be influenced by race and identity. al-jazeera south africa. thailand's king is making his public debut after being crowned on saturday. to mark how much of a long kong has begun a seven. procession from the grand palace towards the capital is main buddhist temples many well wishers having greeting them along the way dressed in yellow a color associated with the king's birthday. they're off election for a new president is underway in the newly renamed republic of north macedonia
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candidates from the governing social democrats and the opposition conservatives failed to win an outright majority in last month's election both parties have argued over the recent name change aimed at ending the long running dispute with greece and its problems of macedonia. thousands of muslims attended the reopening of a historic mosque destroyed in one thousand nine hundred ninety two during the bosnian war the sixteenth century are allowed some loss in the town the fourth judge was one of many mosques blown up by serb forces during the conflict in the former yugoslavia fortune had a muslim population of about twenty thousand today only one thousand remain. online computer gaming generates billions of dollars around the world and its popularity has also grown in iraq but parliament has now banned several popular online games the government says they're harmful to society and a potential national security threat china stratford reports from baghdad. glued to
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the screen in a virtual reality battle to survive an online gaming is big in iraq. the most popular game is play on the battleground. developed in south korea three years ago it's become a global sensation with players around the world being parachuted own to an island and fighting for survival by any means. but iraq's parliament has voted to ban it saying it's harmful to the health culture and security of a rocky society. student only a place for a couple of hours at least four times a week. led to a lot i it is an exceptional game and very realistic it gives you the opportunity to compete with and build new friendships with other players around the world it's ok if they ban it for children but not for adults we're old enough to know how to manage our time. players are known battleground is one of the most popular computer
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games of all time in two thousand and eighteen they were holding four hundred million players around the world now be affected by the computer games on the young as the long debated by psychologists and social commentators and it's an especially heated debate here in iraq because young people have exactly zero must say watch violence the ban which is expected to come into effect in the coming days as calls only line protests these iraqi girls dressed as characters from the game posted pictures of themselves online iraq's high commission for human rights says a teenager recently committed suicide after he was influenced by the game. and you have that definition. when we analyze the iraqi personality we find that consecutive wars and violence have traumatized and shaped iraqi psychology in general to be more receptive and prone to aggression confrontation and trauma due to these harsh variables and dynamic that is why peace games provide
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a subconscious venting platform. shops a full of the games merchandise small computer businesses are doing a roaring trade for many gamers their own line life offers an escape from the challenges of growing up in iraq if there is any way they wish when they play gamers are able to break away from and forget the bad situations they are living in many gamers especially the older ones say the government should be doing more to eradicate the causes of real violence in iraq ali and his friends to say they are old enough to know what's right and what's wrong. but that. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories eight palestinians including a pregnant mother and a fourteen month old baby have been killed in the gaza strip the latest israeli strikes on gaza came after palestinian fighters fired hundreds of rockets into
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southern israel one israeli died in hospital israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu says he has no plans to slow down the bombardment on gaza. this morning i instructed the i.d.f. to continue its massive attack against terrorist elements in the gaza strip and i've also asked to buffer the forces around the gaza strip with armored forces artillery and infantry hamas bears responsibility not only for attacks and actions but also for the activities of the islamic jihad and it pays a very heavy price iran is vowing to use what it calls the grain markets to bypass u.s. sanctions for oil costumers iran's debt. meeting all ministers says all of the country's resources have been mobilized to continue exporting oil a grain markets involves using a legal but unofficial channel to export oil on thursday the u.s. lifted sanctions waivers on eight countries that import really an oil. pyongyang
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has released pictures of kim jong un overseeing rocket launches from north korea's east coast the country's leaders said he was satisfied with the tests on saturday and called on troops to stay on high alert south korea's president says he's concerned by the developments an unidentified bodies being found in been enough to two french tourists and their guide were reported missing on wednesday they disappeared in the pen jati national park in the north near the border with book enough awesome so that africa's ruling african national congress is holding its final rally before wednesday's general election president siddle ramaphosa will lead the campaign in johannesburg the vote seen as the most crucial since transition to democracy in one thousand nine hundred four. thailand's king is making his public debut since being crowned on saturday. along corners began a seven kilometer procession from the grand palace towards the capital's main
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buddhist temples celebrations will last for three days and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story life into. it all began with a diplomatic breakdown with north korean and u.s. leaders met in hanoi now a frustrated pyongyang has resumed firing this up so what message is it sending can diplomacy still reduce tension on the korean peninsula this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan once again kim jong un has put the u.s. and its neighbors on high alert it happened after japanese and south korean defense systems detected projectiles being launched from north korea critics say that kim is using his military complex to send a political message just a week after he traveled to beat president bush to be a putin in russia that actions adding to already mounting tension after trump and kim's failure to reach an agreement at the summit in hanoi in february but south korea's quickly asked pyongyang to restrain itself a spokeswoman for the presidential palace said that it urged the north to stop action that intensifies military tension on the korean peninsula she also said the launches go against an intercom rian military agreement and north korea is expected to actively join efforts towards the fast resumption of denuclearization talks where in less than two years president trump and kim jong un's relationship went
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from name calling to holding two historic summits it all began when trump accepted an invitation from kim while holding talks with seoul. all here as secretary of state mike pompei of visited pyongyang soon after to set the ground rules for a trump kim meeting a month later south and north korean leaders held a historic meeting which ended in an agreement to denuclearize the peninsula in may that year pompei i visited kim again returning to the us with three americans who've been detained in north korea trump then announced that they'd meet in singapore off the brusque exchanges between the leaders the first historic summit was finally held on june twelfth and both men signed a denuclearization commitment agreement kim began to dismantle rocket launching sites although he was no blige to disarm in february both leaders met again it will became known as the hanoi summit kim's nuclear weapons were top of the agenda however that event was cut short ending without
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a deal. joining us for today's discussion our guests via skype from tucson robert kelly professor of international relations at national university and from beijing china political analyst gentlemen welcome to you both robert let's start with you professor what is north korea up to here i think this is probably a signal to the united states to come back to the table negotiate it's pretty unique in north korea's experienced and go shooter donald trump and sort of just get up and walk out of the room the north koreans are accustomed to that kind of behavior and they usually get deference are hijacked or stunned and i think when trump kind of sent a message in the north koreans are sort of pushing back the way they normally do i do think kim jong un wants a deal you think they are genuinely open to something with the americans and this is a way to sort of needle the americans a little bit come back and renegotiate. do you agree with that this was essentially
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about concentrating minds in washington. well it might be about concentrating minds and trying to get some attention but there's a number of other things that are in play kim is desperate for a security. agreement a cover that will guarantee his his rule and his country and that means either the u.s. or and or a combination of russia and china but at this point we're in a very very difficult position because quite frankly trump has painted himself into a corner where he says he's not going to give any money or make any concessions until there's complete the nuclear is ation and it's impossible for kim to give up his nukes was it's the only thing that he has as a bargaining chip so while it may gain attention it's not necessarily going to be very productive it's surely going to ratchet things up obviously south korea is in between and that's the unfortunate part about this so i know it was was there any significance in the timing of saturday's projectile mortgage
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yes i mean no i don't think it's a coincidence that a few hours prior to that there was an announcement that ten million north koreans were in essence starving and that this had been the worst crop harvest in quite some time so you know this is a good way of changing the narrative for kim he's both sending a message at least to a lot of commentators out there they believe that he's sending a message but i think you can also interpret it he's just trying to change the narrative instead of talking about ten million people being hungry now the headlines read projectiles thrown into the sea. you say that the north once a deal of sorts to what extent is trump missing this up is that is there a certain arrogance play here. yeah i do think the north koreans want to do right i've actually argued this in my writing i think kim jong un is different than this
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father his father really did run the economy in the country into the ground and sort of had very mixed feelings at best about dealing with the outside world in the sun grants on the third kim now seems generally more interested right he went to singapore which is sort of extraordinary he wears bankers' suits and stuff like that i mean that kim this came has sent a bunch of signals to us in the west broadly speaking that he wants some kind of deal right i mean he's trying to talk the chinese the russians the south koreans and so on so i think there's some space now i agree the north koreans are going to go to zero they're not going to completely denuclearize right they spent fifty years developing these weapons to have several dozen warheads now they're not going to give them all up but they might be willing to give up some right and the real question here is will the americans come for the deal that the north koreans find acceptable to maybe give up i don't know ten or twenty or thirty or something like that and this is where i think the trump administration is really sort of dropped the balls of the trump ministration just hasn't come up with a package the north koreans find very attractive and that they see demand everything complete denuclearization ops front in exchange for these sort of vague
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security guarantees and certain economic aid packages and stuff like that and that's just that's just not enough and the analyst community has been flagging this for a year and a half now and the trump people don't listen to us i suppose but i think a lot of people don't actually think the north koreans are going to come around until trump gives more and he seems loath to do so but when you talk about moral robot i mean with what is it what what would a deal look like. should the deed nuclearization process go both ways as far as the north is concerned i talked about that arrogance is this sort of arrogance of the us in the us has this assumption that north korea should just borrow suit to the us is to months without offering at least some sort of military concessions in return . yeah and i think that's really the problem right i mean the trauma administration's approach to this is ben basically you know our way or the highway right would sort of see what the what the trump people and before them called c.v. id complete verifiable your reversible discernment which is to say that north koreans would give up everything not just the nuclear weapons and the warheads but
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the physical facilities the human capital the whole bit i mean maybe even the uranium mines i mean it's just that it's asking for everything for the whole show on the north koreans are pretty smart right there can be they did they're not going to give something for nothing and the more you ask the more they're going to demand in return and the trauma going to stray she needs to be sort of imaginative here the north koreans are going to want a lot obviously they're going to want sanctions relief they're probably going to want to huge aid package they'd probably like to see a restructuring of the force posture of the u.s. and south korea of the south korean military i mean they want to peace treaty there are lots and lots of things north koreans want and then the moon administration to its credit has at least flirted with some of this but the south korean president but the drum administration is really only offered sanctions relief and that's just not enough for the regime security value of nuclear weapons it's just it's just not enough to trump you will got to come up with more or we're going to have to learn to live with north korea as a nuclear weapon state by what sort of deal would china what to say what would be acceptable preferable as far as china is concerned. china takes
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a slightly longer view they're looking at this as a you know over years that you go from phase one two and three and that eventually that north korea north korea feels comfortable enough of giving up its nuclear arms i don't know if that's possible i mean let's not put all of the arrogance on one side i'm no fan of trump but on the other hand you have young kim who is who state is in fact under u.n. sanctions who has successfully met with three of the world's top leaders in the last year and it's you know the idea that somehow north korea will dictate that the u.s. will drop its nuclear weapons and umbrella over the eastern asia is a bit much so basically you have two individuals here who are very stubborn they believe that they should have their own way and they're in positions where it is almost impossible to strike
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a deal now enter entering in with china and russia it is possible that china and russia could go ahead by offering a security guarantee either one or both of them and thereby start the process without the u.s. there would have to be some triangulation in the sense that the u.s. would have to declare peace and then i think quite frankly donald trump would be relieved if this was off his plate and he can say he successfully got us i mean russia and china to do his dirty work for him ross a wry smile for me there oh but i see. yeah i think that's the thing that's be that kind of cynicism about which i'm quite honestly is well earned i think the president has proven himself at best and erratic counterparty throughout this entire thing i think the president's primary interest is domestic political which is to say he wants a win you want the perception of a victory on something that's important so we can use that at home to change the subject mueller investigation he can sort of manipulated as
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a tool in the presidential election last year we know that he's strong arm the japanese prime minister shinzo hobby into nominating him for a nobel prize right i mean and this is i think one of the reasons why this things has really worked very well is that balance from just isn't really that personally committed to it right he's doing it for opportunistic reasons because he doesn't like barack obama for example and things like that i mean it's it's really sort of shallow and that's why the president didn't write very very well for the two summits that's why he didn't really have anything in his back pocket ready to go and can reject and cv id as everybody thought he would at hanoi i mean the americans have just been just just haven't really brought their full game to this thing in the last year does it matter do you think either way to trump voters whether whether the president manages to negotiate a deal or not whether he succeeds or fails i mean it's still a win win situation for him isn't it. yeah and the president's voters of some almost like a cult like attachment to him right i mean he said he could shoot someone in fifth avenue and it would make any difference i mean so maybe it doesn't make any difference and if that's true then i would imagine the president will drop this
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pretty soon right but what's i mean the point is that he's just not going to put the work into this that's necessary to bring this deal over the line if you think about sort of like big things like big major presidential initiatives in the united states for big foreign policy changes like. jimmy carter in camp david in the seventy's or none george w. bush sold the iraq war the american public it took a really long time and it took a lot of presidential effort and commitment and bureaucratic coalition building and stuff like that and that just hasn't done any of that for the reversal of the relationship with an orwellian tyranny right i mean if tom is going to change the relationship we have in north korea to sort of turn it upside down he's got to build a coalition for he's got to make an argument for it to the bureaucracy to the defense department congress the analysts the public and he just hasn't done that and that's one of the reasons why this thing seems so so flimsy because trump just hasn't put in the effort quite honestly i know i will question to you if we've got a third guest to bring in just a moment but i just want to ask you going back to what you were saying a few moments ago about president.


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