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tv   Mohammad Javad Zarif  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2019 10:32pm-11:03pm +03

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but things did not work out as the opposition leader planned some say those negotiations were a trap carefully planned with the assistance of the cuban intelligence services. congressman winston florida says he will continue pressuring the government. to meet that i put on forces are infiltrated by the cubans the russians and by intelligence agencies their relatives are persecuted there's a lot of pressure but we will continue we will take our message to the families of the armed forces and everyone else we need to we are unarmed civilians asking for change. a message that resonates across venezuela mostly because of the enormous economic crisis the country is now and. there is a war. in france antigovernment protesters marched for the twenty fifth consecutive week turnout was down thousands of yellow vests demonstrators gathered in paris and
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other cities proposals from the government to increase tax on the fuel triggered the first protests late last year the measure was never put in place the demonstrations continue. and unidentified body has been found in benyon after two french tourists and their guide were reported missing on wednesday they disappeared in the pen just pen jerrie national park in the north near the border with a fast so the french government had warned citizens against traveling to the area because groups linked to i saw an al qaida operate there. security forces are out in heavy numbers in the city of coke in beni and after two days of protests soldiers broke out demonstrations with gunfire after your position called for last sunday's parliamentary election to be an old all of seats there one by the only two parties allowed to take part both allied to president a place nicolas hawke reports. the moment after shots were fired outside former
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president you know you going to his home on the ground his mother of six prudence i'm assuming she died soon after with us were two of her daughters her eldest grace and her nine month old son the from grays saw a military commander take out a pistol and shoot her mother in the back he said. it all happened so quickly he will never go to jail and will never have a mother. grace and her five siblings are now orphans the fifteen year old girl is now in charge of the family the military continues to patrol the commercial capital cotonou and they don't want to be filmed we've avoided several military checkpoints and now we're on the streets where young lives he's made no public statements since his press conference where he called the parliamentary election an electoral coupe outside bernie's home supporters perform
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a ritual for those killed and to protect those still fighting for change among them . really what he shows us where prudence amas who was killed says look there's blood everywhere he says it would. be this is our country too if they want to kill us they can come and get us and kill us we're not going anywhere while the military reinforces its presence around the former president's house inside another former president lisa for so glowing leading members of the opposition meet there calling for an international mediation. but he will not make any more statements his entourage fears for his security after the arrest of other opposition members in the streets. there cannot be democratic elections without an opposition it makes no sense and the people have come out like the people of sudan and algeria we will continue to protest the world is watching us the opposition say they will not give
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up for the push for a new direction in been but for people like grace the fight has already changed their future. well thailand's king is making his public debut off to being crowned on saturday. looking good are long gone went on a seven kilometer procession from the grand palace to the capital's main buddhist temples many well wishers greeted him along the way dressed in yellow color associated with the king's birthday. all right still ahead on al-jazeera the n.b.a. champions find out why putting james harden in a bad mood is not a good idea. to
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. start. i. am where i'm from.
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now online computer gaming generates billions of dollars around the world and its popularity has also grown in iraq the parliament has now banned several popular online games child straffing explains what. glued to the screen in a virtual reality battle to survive an online gaming is big in iraq. the most popular game is play on the battleground. developed in south korea three years ago it's become a global sensation with players around the world being parachuted on to an island and fighting for survival by any means. but iraq's parliament has voted to ban it saying it's harmful to the health culture and security of a rocky society. student only a place for a couple of hours at least four times
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a week. it is an exceptional game and very realistic it gives you the opportunity to compete with and build new friendships with other players around the world it's ok if they ban it for children but not for adults we're old enough to know how to manage our time. players are known battleground is one of the most popular computer games of all try in two thousand and eighteen there were over four hundred million players around the world now be affected by the computer games on their you must be long debated by psychologists and social commentators and it's an especially heated debate here in iraq because young people have experienced so much violence the ban which is expected to come into effect in the coming days as calls on line protests these iraqi girls dressed as characters from the game posted pictures of themselves online iraq's high commission for human rights says
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a teenager recently committed suicide after he was influenced by the game. they have the definition. when we analyze the iraqi personality we find that consecutive wars and violence have traumatized and shaped iraqi psychology in general to be more receptive and prone to aggression confrontation and trauma due to these harsh variables and dynamic that is why peace games provide a subconscious venting platform. shops of full of the games merchandise small computer business is a doing a roaring trade for many gamers their own line life offers an escape from the challenges of growing up in iraq if. they wish when they play gamers are able to break away from and forget the bad situations they are living in many gamers especially the older ones say the government should be doing more to eradicate the causes of real violence in iraq ali and his friends to say they are old enough to
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know what's right and what's wrong. but that. town office for his poor house thank you very much we start with the n.b.a. playoffs and the houston rockets have fought back against the reigning champion golden state warriors in the western conference semifinals was a game of contrasting fortunes for the team's rival styles james harden and steph curry so how has the option. to the houston rockets lead to that big performance through the dhamma and james harden their saving thicken best car in the golden state warriors with two nothing up in the west and conference semifinals. things got heated early on in game three harden with dotted line i put my warriors veteran drain on the green i could see that however did little to damage the spoke you. had the rocket headed into the great nine ahead houston continued to impress them to chris paul on target from long range twenty three for break i.
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thought it was golden state that played the better basketball in the second half in particular kevin durant katie's efforts helping golden state get back into the game which couldn't be settled in regulation time he scored a game high forty six points i was showing just why he's been the best offensive player of the postseason thank. god and scored five points less but was on target when it mattered the most. if three opening up a six point lead the warriors would need to fight back again but the usually reliable deaf couldn't deliver. hard and grabbing the crucial rebound to help us and clinch a vital win final score one twenty six to one twenty one rockets you've got to be aggressive you can't if you're determined or you're not aggressive good news when down to one houston we need more big performances from harden that turned the theories around so he'll malik al-jazeera. titles are still up for grabs
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football leagues across europe approach their final fixtures f.c. porto recovered from losing top spot to benfica last week with a big win of a disappointing four aves in portugal well some getting the third hair in a four nil victory stay two points behind by a fake in the race for the title with two games to plight. the english premier league title race will go to the final day of the season after liverpool pulled off a late victory at newcastle liverpool led twice at st james's park but new castle second put their title hopes on the line with six minutes to go a re got the crucial goal to clinch a story to win liverpool two points clear of manchester city who play at leicester monday. we do everything absolutely everything the boys throw whatever they have on the beach so that means. we'll be jim you know is this the new it's like is
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it in a.z. or in danger of dropping out of the italian syria for the first time in twenty four years they got a glimmer of hope against inter milan but they nail meldrew means is amazing haven't won a match in nearly a month they're one place above the relegation zone with three games left. naomi osaka will be looking to win her third grand slam in a row at the french open later this month she's building up perform on clay at the madrid open the japanese top seed beating dominika civil kovar sixty seven six on sunday to reach the second round of soccer is the world number one after winning the u.s. and australian opens back to back. triumph turned to despair outs one of the biggest horse races in the world on saturday as the winner was disqualified for the first time ever they can sucky derby maximum security the horse lewis size the rider there in the paint romping home at the finish at churchill downs. i. got in jackson was raised horse and rider accused of varying into the path of
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another runner on the home turn so runner up country house took the prize instead as hundred forty fifth kentucky derby. the boston bruins are gone to the brink of the eastern conference finals in the n.h.l. playoffs with a four three win over columbus the blue jackets out for back to tie this up through dean kuiken first playoff goal but they did pass the night got his second of the game to win it for boston then now frito up. mexican boxer canelo alvarez is at it another championship to his collection he beat american box daniel jacobs in las vegas on saturday increases his tally of major world middleweight straps to three. now retirement can be tough for sports stars hooked on the high adrenaline of competition but footballer rafael van de vos has found something to replace the thrill he's taken up darts of the form and real madrid player made his competitive debut at the denmark open on saturday and on sunday at the denmark masters he didn't make it through sadly not quite as heartbreaking though as his world cup
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final defeat in two thousand and ten. has great stuff thanks for that that is it for this news hour but we'll be back in a couple of minutes with more of the day's news to stay with us for the. the latest news as it breaks. out of north. carolina. and the burning to start bringing to the truth detailed coverage of protesters pumped up the coffee pot odds that president clinton thought of those docile days this place from around the world last night there isn't doubt it was the water is once more rushing down river it's an all welcome the opportunity barely begun filling up. by major dish every weekly news cycle brings
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a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel but that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine the listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera to cover just as any feelings watching i think or reports see africa as it is. saying. we take our time getting to know the people we meet the soldiers aren't forcing a convoy of vehicles the road is unsafe you see in the cars funnels houses there has written about telling stories ultimately it's not just about al jazeera it's about the people who tell the stories about. how have you changed since he was
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seven. charting the lives of the children of apartheid over twenty one. each story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight up south africa three on al-jazeera. israel's prime minister orders no letup in the military offensive on gaza. families in gaza begin burying those killed the death toll on both sides of the border rises to thirteen.
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hello i'm sick of this is live from doha also coming up. north korea releases new photos showing kim jong un overseeing weapons tests. i final rally by supporters of south africa's ruling a.n.c. before wednesday's election. following israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is all in the military to continue its attacks on gaza day and night israeli airstrikes and palestinian rocket attacks have left thirteen people dead israeli warplanes attacked several areas with more than two hundred airstrikes on saturday evening nine palestinians were killed in gaza including a pregnant mother and a fourteen month old baby the israeli attacks coincided with palestinian fighters
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firing hundreds of rockets into southern israel four people in israel were killed. all in the israeli prime minister says he has no plans to slow down the bombardment of gaza. and leave. this morning i instructed the idea to continue its massive attack against terrorist elements in the gaza strip and i've also asked to buffer the forces around the gaza strip with armored forces artillery and infantry hamas bears responsibility not only ports attacks and actions but also the activities of the islamic jihad and it pays a very heavy price. but the reality inside gaza shows the impact. after prayer someone called me and said he is from the occupying israeli army he asked if any members of the media were in my building i told him yes he then told me to document the building within half an hour then they came and hit the building
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with five rockets exactly half an hour later. area is safe and away from the borders and the military locations so we didn't expect to be told that it in fact during people from everywhere lived their places and came to us what happened proves that all of gaza is not safe there is not a single safe area they used rockets and destroyed everything that. the palestinians have started burying those who were killed in this latest flare up of violence israel has denied responsibility for the death of the pregnant woman and the fourteen month old child does it as it has been inside gaza and sent this report. if you also. this residential building destroyed yesterday by an israeli raid within the district in gaza the building was in the most well known and famous commercial areas near a big mall and one of the red cross headquarters in gaza the building itself had
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many shops whose owners began to come here to know the size of losses because they were ready with huge quantities of goods and commodities prior to the holy month of ramadan that will be followed by two main muslim feasts some shops have been completely destroyed most of the goods have also been destroyed there was also shelling to some buildings to host press and media offices. forcing joins us live now from the israel gaza border so harry what is the latest that you're getting there on the current state of things on the ground. well it's certainly an extremely dangerous escalation it seems like the most dangerous one of the many we've seen in recent months and that's because the kinds of killings that we're seeing on both sides as you reported these release have announced that they have targeted and killed an israel hamas commander a man named howard. he is said to have been linked quite closely to the
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leader in gaza yassin was and the chief facilitator of iranian money coming into gaza to then dole out to the various factions within gaza and on the israeli side we've now seen four israelis or at least four people killed on the israeli side so far we're not confident yet that all four are definitely israeli citizens but we do know that there was one israeli casualty in ashkelon overnight a factory was struck in ashkelon during the course of the day two people were killed in the course of that attack and also a vehicle was struck and a woman who was inside that vehicle killed some brigades the fighting faction for the the military wing of hamas says that it fired an anti-tank missile at a vehicle during today's military x. changes as well and so this is. of all of the escalation that we've seen in recent
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months and which have been deescalated after a certain period the stakes on both sides do seem to be bigger and that may means that both sides have reasons to spur them on towards further attacks as well as reasons to step back. now we see any sort of restraint change in strategy here hereon these attacks. well certainly in recent months israel has been relatively careful not to go directly after. fighters in large numbers inside gaza at least a lot of the attacks have been targeted on bases in training camps and storage sites which they could have expected to have been evacuated and which indeed in most cases were of course there have been many photos of several fatalities during that course of events as well but this time they are specifically saying they are targeting fighters especially when they're in the midst of
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a rocket launching activities and now they're saying that they have specifically targeted this car inside gaza city taking out the car and killing this relatively senior commander inside. charged with with these financial transactions from iran as well as that they've been targeting the homes of mid-level commanders as well and so this while it might not yet be a return to the targeted assassinations of very senior leadership figures that we saw several years ago it does represent a step up in the in the israeli tactics and potentially likely to elicit a more heavy response from orisa be calls for that from hamas in turn harry for said thank you. now iran is vying to bypass u.s. sanctions on its major oil customers by using the so-called gray market illegal but
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unofficial way to export goods iran's deputy oil minister says all resources are being mobilized to keep up the exports after the u.s. lifted sanctions waivers on iranian oil importers including china and india iran is dismissing the american accusations of using oil revenues to destabilize the region on a chair attack in an international oil and energy consultant and a former research offset opec in vienna he explains some of the methods iran can use to bypass the u.s. sanctions i think. within the us the sea trade there are hundreds of tankers moving around here and there and the tankers go to different ports load and unload and so on so it is tracking all these seeings which may not be one hundred percent definite and accurate as united states ones and also there are ways and means that we have read in the newspapers that the tankers when they get off
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into the open sea they may switch off some of their signals and so on so they would not be tracked and then changed name change papers i am no expert but these have happened before in the last few years iran has been on the sanctions and iran has been exporting its oil but of course there would be less than it would have been otherwise what the united states is doing is either legal to get out of it iran wants to do the best it can so reaching the signal navigation signal would be of course against the safety of the of the tanker which is doing it it is not illegal our legal expert but when you are put in a corner you try to do the best you can. the youngest brother of algeria's ousted president is under arrest say the deflate car was the country's effective ruler after his brother suffered a stroke six years ago katty are not as whole diane reports another well known face
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civil jury is elite under arrest sign beautifully go was detained on saturday after a police investigation he's the youngest brother an advisor of former president of the law says beautifully who was ousted last month sixty one year old site has effectively been the country's leader for the past six years since his brother suffered a stroke the main architect of quote option of the part of the financial problems that has been yeah having seen it for the twenty the last twenty years you know the guy is that he's six and that custody. of her as you do though the head of the army up may kind khalid has vowed to arrest and prosecute corruption suspects the police have recently detained several prominent algerian businessmen linked to beautifully ghost inner circle oh. the latest mass protests demanding change were held in the capital on friday for the eleven successive week and. the arrest of sign would a fleet that has been
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a long running demand of the demonstrators. these protests and pressure from the military force beautifully cut to end this twenty year rule was high ranking officials a link to his regime have also been ousted the demonstrators say that's not enough we are very skeptical and we are very cynical toward the situation because it doesn't really satisfy or you or he doesn't really respond to people demands which is the the complete dismantlement of the former regime. algeria's presidential election is scheduled for july fourth but critics say the electoral framework is tainted with corruption and nepotism a complete overhaul is needed they say for fair and democratic elections. the opposition hasn't publicly announced its support for alternative candidates but most agree anyone connected to the ousted president including the interim president
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and prime minister should not be in power cuts here lopez with a young al-jazeera a taliban fighters have attacked a police headquarters in northern afghanistan a suicide bomber blew his vehicle up in the city of poorly homebody. province other fighters then opened fire on security forces. a rebel held areas in northwest syria being attacked for a sixth successive day by government forces and russian warplanes. at least one civilian was killed in the bombardment on sunday this raises the number of people killed so far in the offensive to twenty three people activists say around twenty five areas were targeted and how many provinces. are still ahead on al jazeera will it be him or her the runoff election for president is underway in a new leader named republic. saw firsthand the misery the duras created with the russians
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in cuba. a mixed messages from the u.s. off to president donald trump downplays russia's involvement in venezuela. and we're seeing some very heavy downpours over the southeastern parts of china at the moment the satellite picture is showing the latest area of cloud that's working its way eastwards but it's just being replenished by yet more wet weather say for many of us as we head through the next couple of days that is the risk of seeing some heavy rains two or three days there's about a chance of seeing some dry bright weather here shanghai should be sitting pretty at around twenty degrees the just about everywhere else it's looking miserable with some very heavy showers making their way through parts of vietnam as well and of course across to india here's the remains of working its way out towards the northeast and dying as it does say we're going to go to a few residual showers left there as we head through monday or tuesday but don't be
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fooled they don't look too impressive on these charts they all going to be giving us some very heavy downpours that could be giving some localized flooding and maybe triggering the old landslide as well away from there looking following and drawing just pretty hot now new delhi up at forty two pool all the way up to forty three to . it's the west also here in doha it's all pretty hot now it is not completely sunny there is more in the way of cloud around and that cloud sticking with us as we head through the day on monday it does break up as we head through tuesday into wednesday the winds are we so winning down from the northwest and so at least the winds will be slightly fresher. i really want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality whether online the hobbit male chauvinism that is implanted with in our global federation it is really hard to get a piece of that.


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