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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2019 7:00am-7:33am +03

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into a group of salmon now we are scaling up to twelve million people a month to every bit of green that we can get and support is vitally needed at this time more to come for you on the program. our final dance with democracy south africa's president promises more jobs and less corruption it is a last campaign rally before wednesday's general election. and survivors of sexual abuse demand pope francis return to his homeland and confront a growing scandal. however while comes another look at the international forecast weather is largely thought to dry across australia of the bible last sunshine little on the grey side down towards the southeastern corner of it temperatures started to pick up in victoria
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melbourne fourteen degrees celsius or twenty the little further north into sydney in twenty four for prince but generally settled and sunny in the sunshine stretches across a good part of the country turning a little grayer into the southwest perth of twenty degrees on monday going down to around ninety for tuesday but this should be all aussie dry and friday that dry weather continues right across the bites eighteen celsius rattle a chance of wanted to coastal showers just coming in here picking up into melbourne to around eighteen celsius brighter skies just around the east coast for the middle part of the way the brightens up because the cloud is making its way towards new zealand so clouding over across the south thought it was suspected will stay largely dry having said that temperatures getting up to fifteen celsius in christchurch and nineteen for clint go on into tuesday similar temperatures perhaps a little brighter there for oakland with the present sunshine coming through there's not a sunny side to went to japan over the next
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a day or two twenty three celsius there for tokyo see it cooling for tuesday. cleaver. abductions killings and unanswered questions we don't know what happened so we can't. fault lines investigates why native american women are vanishing it is disproportionate numbers in the us the search. for missing and murdered indigenous women. on al-jazeera you're still searching. you still look you.
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all a reminder of our top story this hour egypt and cast are mediating efforts to establish a ceasefire between israel and gaza israeli warplanes have struck some three hundred twenty targets in the gaza strip killing at least twenty four palestinians meanwhile six hundred rockets were launched from the palestinian territory into israel killing at least four people there and our other headline at least forty one people have died after a russian air flight plane caught fire after takeoff was forced to make an emergency landing in moscow what more now on the outbreak of hostilities between israel and gaza an attack you're going to name is in ashkelon near israel's border with gaza and of course you've been hearing about these efforts to mediate a cease fire those efforts are ongoing what have you been seeing and hearing in terms of rocket fire and explosions. well
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a short time ago there was somewhat intense rocket fire we actually dismantled and went for cover you could hear israeli fighter jets and presumably the booms of israel launching airstrikes into gaza as you mentioned however there are furious efforts underway by qatar and egypt to mediate an agreement between hamas and israel sources tell us that they are fairly close to a deal there is an agreement on all but one point and it appears that that sticking point may be this hamas is looking to israel to implement measures that can help alleviate the suffering on the gaza strip after years of a blockade without a free flow of food and medicine with fisherman having the zone in which they can earn their livelihood made smaller and smaller so it appears this may be the sticking point late sunday evening hamas leader did make
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a statement and he said that the response of hamas would quote depend on the aggression of israel but he did talk about a cease fire and says that the commitment of israel to that cease fire would be would dictate what happens next there was a five hour long security cabinet meeting among the israeli cabinet on monday evening at that time the cabinet instructed the israeli army to continue its airstrikes and to prepare for an escalation citing the fact that the security of the state and its residents were a top priority but as you mentioned mediation efforts have been under way and there's a real hope that just as in previous instances that an agreement and a cease fire can be reached there does appear to be very little appetite on both
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sides. it's for an escalation and yet things have already progressed to a point we have not seen since the gaza war the death toll is approaching about thirty at this point on the israeli side four israelis have died and you know critics will say this is a high number for israel and prime minister benjamin netanyahu may be facing pressure from the far right members of his coalition thank you very much from ashkelon and how she's going to name that. we want to go to venezuela now where a vigil is carney being held in the capital caracas for the opposition supporters killed in the failed uprising. there is to raise a bow is there and joins us live now to raise or i can see the people who have gathered behind you to mark this vigil what is the atmosphere like after a dramatic events of the past few days. well people are sad frustrated mostly because many of them the ones we have spoken
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to are telling us that they were hoping that the uprising that started on tuesday when why the appeared in a military base not far away from where we are with around fifty soldiers surrounding him they were hoping that the status quo would change in venezuela that nicole last model would be out of office and that free and fair elections would happen in this country well that didn't happen and that has generated lots of frustration among people that's why they have come here five people lost their lives in this week's protests it brings it up to forty nine says nicole last model was sworn in again in january this year and wrong why though is this it could have declared himself an interim president of venezuela let's not forget what he's saying that nicolas motos rule is illegitimate because he was elected in fraudulent elections what we know also that's being going on is that the supreme court has right now has declared that they has issued eighteen arrest warrants among those
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who were involved in the uprising earlier this week that have many of the soldiers that participated in that are in hiding right now and we just heard that the constituent assembly is planning to vote on stripping immunity from the lawmakers the opposition lawmakers that participated in the uprising alongside why they are a long way though could also be among those whose immunity could be stripped down of course is always at the risk of. of being arrested. so he's facing risks to his personal safety meanwhile his strategy of trying to get the military to defect isn't working what might your position do now. well the risk that he has of being arrested are big at this point especially because the government considers that what he carried out right now was a coup or cool or he was trying to get the military to join him in this fight for
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democracy as he calls it in this fight for the constitutional right to get to make a lot mother would go out of office what we know right now is that he's been calling for people to continue protesting on saturday we saw people going and going to headquarters of the military to ask them to switch sides now this vigil is happening he's expected to be arriving here any minute right now but what's in a recent interview he has gone up discarded the possibility of requested the help from foreign powers especially from the united states the possibility of a military intervention so far white door has failed to get in the military to support him especially because of the role that the military plays in venezuela right now they're not the military they're part of government this is the physic military union in which the military controls crucial positions not only the ministry of defense but of economy among others and that's why it's been extremely
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difficult especially for the opposition to convince the military to join them in what they call a fighter for democracy in venezuela all right thank you very much tourism there for us in caracas as that vigil gets underway in venezuela capital well security forces are out on the streets have been in the largest city and economic capital could turn new after two days of election related protests on thursday soldiers broke up demonstrations with gunfire killing at least one protester. the opposition are calling for the an element of last sunday's parliamentary election which only two parties loyal to president patrice talent were allowed to take office and. turn in a warning that you might find these first images disturbing. the moment after shots were fired outside former president you know you going to his home on the ground his mother of six prudence i'm assuming she died soon after with us were two of her daughters her eldest grace and her nine month old son the greys saw
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a military commander take out a pistol and shoot her mother in the back and said. what can i do it all happened so quickly he will never go to jail and will never have a mother back. grace and her five siblings are now orphans the fifteen year old girl is now in charge of the family the military continues to patrol the commercial capital cotonou and they don't want to be filmed we've avoided several military checkpoints and now we're on the streets where young lives he's made no public statements since his press conference where he called the parliamentary election an electoral coupe outside bernie's home supporters perform a voodoo ritual for those killed and to protect those still fighting for change among them. really what he shows us where prudence amas who was killed says look there's blood everywhere he says that this would be this is our country too if
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they want to kill us they can come and get us and kill us we're not going anywhere while the military reinforces its presence around the former president's house inside me another former president mr for so glow in leading members of the opposition meet there calling for an international mediation but he will not make any more statements his entourage fears for his security after the arrest of other opposition members in the tsunami. for. there cannot be democratic elections without an opposition it makes no sense and the people have gone wild like the people of sudan and all jury m we will continue to protest the world is watching us the opposition say they will not give up for the push for a new direction in been but for people like greece the fight has already changed their future because hawke al-jazeera good to. just some news from an unrelated incident a tour guide who went missing in northern been in with two french tourists has been
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found shot dead the trio disappeared last wednesday in the pen jerrie national park close to the border with kenya faso authorities fear the tourist might have been kidnapped the french government had warned citizens against traveling to the border region where groups linked to ice ill and al qaida are known to operate. to south africa now where the ruling party has held its final rally before wednesday's general election which is expected to be its toughest test since the party rose to power president cyril ramaphosa told tens of thousands of supporters in jana's but he would kick start the economy and punish those guilty of stealing public money the african national congress has been damaged by allegations of corruption facing a challenge from the democratic alliance as well as the economic freedom fighters party. more on the final rally. this is the final. south africa's ruling african. sat wednesday's an
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excellent. hour ever since it was credited. to vote in one thousand nine hundred forty one every election but is it your columns that was issued was capitalize on a series of corruption scandals those eyes on russia that was a livery of public that this is the guy over here. and see those officials say. they'll consider keeping the sources we believe the big deal from. as a lead in barges. of. prison to come into the outside of. the opposition economic freedom fighters doesn't it he was pushed out of the a.n.c. about six years ago his posse is rapidly risen have a since the last election five years ago they went to the seats in parliament. to
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disrupt proceedings and change the course of south african politics criticizing the city for corruption promising to nationalize south africa's four. hundred five for this is a silly law sort of alone time but for the first opponents an awful potence what then under the civil servants i don't really know who the just on duty right now we are saying this it would never come back. south africa's largest opposition party the democratic alliance held its final rally on saturday the last fall of unsound just over a piece of the seats. as has been steadily but slowly increasing but in spite of they had a growing criticisms as. see disenfranchisement among many of its supporters are still many more who are strictly loyal and the ability in polls suggest to many south africans believe come wednesday's poll the a.n.c.
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will keep its majority with a smaller margin than ever before the pope francis is being urged to return to his homeland to deal with revelations of child sex abuse committed by roman catholic clergy there to international campaign organizations or in argentina to meet survivors. brings us one out for one as ira's. these are victims of abuse by catholic church clergy those who have found the strength to speak out to demand justice they say there are many many more who are still too traumatized still summoning up the courage to talk. for ten years i could not speak about what had happened to me throughout my adolescence i could not put it into words i couldn't ask anyone for help. thirteen years old when he was sexually assaulted by a priest at his school he did finally manage to name his abuser who are venture he was tried and jailed richard fifty more new method of our testimonies our voices
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and stories in public stimulation energize other victims to lose the shame to feel that they can share and take a step forward but the tide he says is turning in argentina in the around the world activists from the united states are in argentina to meet victims to share experiences of a global scandal if we can cite several cases where bishops recently have refused to disclose information to prosecutors about crimes by their priests. and they can get away with it here because they operate with legal impunity. that has to change if the church here is going to become lawful and if it's ever going to become safe for kids ninety six priests. i've been accused of sexual abuse but it's estimated there are hundreds more just a ham for the been prosecuted and thrown out of the church only now is the full extent of abuse in the catholic church coming into the open as more and more of
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these victims speak out so why they're asking is the vatican not listening to them not doing more to tackle the child abuse. the head of the roman catholic church pope francis has called the abuses ravenous wolves who must prepare for divine justice zero tolerance and frank this needs to get back here early two zero tolerance. that is assaulted a child. and i think. that's probably a little problem than others but the bill of. their message is that if he can't tackle the issue of his own country which he's not visited since he became pope in two thousand and thirteen he would be able to deal with the sky blue and the rest of the world in the meantime the voices of the abused only growing louder.
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there are two zero one zero cyrus just one of the stories to bring you from brunei brunei's announce that it will not enforce the death penalty for gay sex adultery or rape in a significant reversal of laws introduced last month but nice elton has now bulkier announce the move in a speech out of the start of ramadan the small southeast asian country sponsor international outrage when it rolled out its interpretation of laws punishing those crimes with death. just a brief roundup of the headlines this hour egypt and casts are on mediating efforts to establish a ceasefire between israel and gaza after a barrier of attacks from both sides threaten to escalate into all out war around six hundred rockets were launched from the palestinian territory into israel killing at least four people and israeli warplanes have hit some three hundred twenty targets in gaza killing twenty four people including two pregnant women and
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two babies israel says it also has killed a senior hamas official and sasha going to him has more from the israeli border town of ashkelon. well a short time ago there was somewhat intense rocket fire we actually dismantled and went for cover you could hear israeli fighter jets and presumably the booms of israel launching airstrikes into gaza as you mentioned however there are furious efforts underway by qatar and egypt to mediate an agreement between hamas and israel sources tell us that they are fairly close to a deal there is an agreement on all but one point at least forty one people have died in russia after an airplane made an emergency landing in flames the air flight jet had just taken off from sheremetyevo airport north of moscow and was bound for more months when a fire broke out on board the pilots had to turn around and make an emergency
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landing after the plane was engulfed in flames at least twenty members of the security forces have been killed and dozens wounded in a car bombing in northern afghanistan officials say armed fighters belonging to the taliban and to the police headquarters after the blast and opened fire on security forces in the city of polygamy. at least nineteen people including three children have been killed in rebel held northwest syria which continues to be bombed by government forces and russian warplanes a volunteer with the white helmets rescue is also died this weekend in as strike on a village an adlib which has now been under attack for six days coming up next the moroccan family with eleven blind members trying to keep their dreams alive as yet another child begins to lose his sight that story coming up next in witness. thank you
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