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tv   Super 30 2018 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2019 1:33am-2:01am +03

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how much actually iranian oil supply is going to be removed from the market and then act accordingly to manage in the market and substitute iranian oil but it only takes one event to spook the markets only a week or so ago russia had to tell europeans that the oil pump through a pipeline was contaminated you look at the other unpredictable things that are going on right now in libya and in venezuela is there going to be blowback here for the united states and the president trump it's a very very good question because even if we have some new arabian opec covering for iranian oil again most of the substitution would come from saudi arabia iran and saudi arabia is a country and major opec member that has their highest the serapis spare capacity in a market so if they want to saudi arabia to cover for iranian oil that it's a spare capacity and opec and russia then if there is any other event the market would not have enough spare capacity to cover for that and to and in the event of
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any major incident and then we have a significant impact on the prices also beside that we have iran and that they are constantly traveling the market that if they cannot export any oil they are going to either close the strait of hormuz a retaliate on a global oil flow so all of these also could create potentially a psychology full impact on the prices however as of now looking at the future prices you don't see any psychological impact the future price of oil for the next few months do i must significantly higher so the market hasn't been panicky yet but yes if there is any incident then there's going to be a major effect on the price and with iran's economy the way that it is if it needs to sell oil you talked about iran possibly getting oil covertly to market how how might it do that. well iran has still its own way still. want to call it a smuggler informally sell its oil and they have done it before there is or are as thing that circle estimate is that under the nuclear sanctions that in two thousand
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and twelve until end of two thousand and fifteen iran was able to smuggle about a hundred fifty to two hundred thousand barrels of oil. to market a day and this this is the amount that iran could as still say sell in the black market but is not very significant if you compare the two point seven million barrels of export back in april two thousand and eighteen also what we expect is that still iran might denver oil to china and india as part of that certain depths that it has to do is countries as a death payment so we might have still see some iranian oil shipment to discontinue so we do not expect that iranian oil export would go to an actual zero it might remain somewhere between two hundred to five hundred thousand barrels per day but to what extent in the long term this president trump if playing with fire will
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there be pushback from countries like you mentioned china turkey as as as well just politically is this going to cause trouble for him. well. if there is enough supply in a market the market is gong we expect that these countries would comply with u.s. sanctions particularly china is a very interesting case because historically china never comply with u.s. sanctions again going back to their sanctions during president obama china was at an average importing about six hundred thousand barrels of oil a day which means that it was not been in compliance with u.s. sanctions but these time during the new sets sets of sanctions under president trump china was really in a very full compliance with our u.s. sanctions which was very historic and what is interesting is that china u.s. relation in terms of especially energy trade is going to a new era and all look is on the trade war and trade agreement but it's kind of i
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wouldn't call it a pre-marriage conflict between the two countries they're setting their terms because if you look at it china is now d.c. or the highest is going to be to record that highest an importer of l.n.g. so china has appetite for oil and gas could be supplied by us but also us as a country that china could have invested in the stakes in its oil and gas production would have been observed is that chinese of the fineries and companies that are very hesitant to enter any business or support of iran under the sanctions to come flaked in their interest with the united states dr it's great to talk to you again on counting the cost many thanks indeed for being with us dr sarra buckcherry thank. the young inventor developed technology to make the screen on mobile phones stronger and more scratch resistant he sent his products to a chinese tech giant but the diamond glass returned broken with fragments missing now that raised suspicions and led to an f.b.i.
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sting al jazeera as john hendren reports. this is a story about a small american technology startup a giant chinese conglomerate and industrial espionage it starts here in illinois where adam kahn formed a company a con semiconductor where they make a kind of glass for cell phones that is said to be six times stronger than the industry standard so you can drop it and it won't break and it looks something like that he was looking for a manufacturer to make it and among the companies he talked to were hallway of china they had a facility in california so he sent them a sample with two provisions first they could not damage it that's standard protection against industrial espionage and second they couldn't take it out of the country because it's made with a kind of industrial diamond like material that has military properties and is illegal to export from the united states nevertheless it was returned months later and broken that was when the company thought perhaps they were being ripped off by
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the chinese so they spoke to the f.b.i. you examined this sample and determined that it had been cut by a military strength industrial laser and there were pieces missing which suggested the chinese had held on to them to examine it but it's part of a wide ranging probe into huawei by companies and the u.s. government in fact the c.f.o. of qual way faces charges in brooklyn the company just settled a suit in washington state where it is alleged to have stolen part of a robot owned by t. mobile the robot was called tapi by the way and the trumpet ministration is urging american companies not to use while weighs five g. technology that's because they're afraid that the company is installing a backdoor that would allow them to listen to americans and possibly engage in cyber warfare as for the a con technology you see here you might look for it one day soon on a cell phone near you. adam cohen of a consummate conductor thank you for being with counting the cost thank you having
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me first off you've got nearly breakable smartphone technology what is it and how did you come up with it so our mirage diamond glass technology is actually a lab grown men or crystal and diamond it has all of the material properties that you'd find in bulk diamond it's exceptional hardness it's exceedingly high thermal conductivity it's an exceptionally robust material it's chemically inert biologically inert as well as having the optics that you'd require from a display glass so we've married a very thin layer of nano diamond with display glass creating the world's first display technology for cell phone smartphone and consumer facing technologies how could it revolution is the smartphone industry and what other applications does it have so right now the glass that majority of smartphones use this chemically hardened alumina silicate glass was actually pioneered of the one nine hundred sixty s. not a lot has been done in terms of innovating that glass which is why every time we drop our phone we see the spiderweb cracks the brake lines dining being
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exceptionally hard and being scratch resistant not only helps with that break strength but also when you're tearing around your cell phone in your bag. alongside with you keys things that would normally break the material no longer do so you will no longer need this protective top coat to protect the surface it will also be a stronger display for drop protection and as we move to technologies like foldable smartphone this will be even more important because we already see cracks and creases being formed in those glass types so you're looking for a partner to manufacture the phone and one of the companies you talked to was huawei of china what happened so at the time was the third largest now they're the second largest smartphone manufacturer old wide they have actually reached out to us seeing some of these breakthrough announcements in a white paper conference proceedings that we had pursued the were very interested in the technology for their flagship smartphone as well as for their smart watch. and we began the engagement with them in two thousand and sixteen around twenty
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seventeen we started shipping samples for their evaluation the samples taken back damaged and in the last instance we actually saw that they retained a portion of the sample which prompted the events that followed and what exactly did follow after that sample was broken the last one you wanted up talking to the f.b.i. we did so we noticed that the sample when it was returned to this facility here in gurney illinois that a good portion of it was missing from these pieces this is not something that could be done in shipping again this is exceptionally hard material and it was also packed rather airtight so that way it could be insensitive to things like vibrational and handling so we knew right away that there was an issue we had contacted our contacts at the f.b.i. chicago field office with whom we were previously acquainted from some technology executive briefings and we've asked for their help to do some analysis on this and sure enough they're finding was that the sample was intentionally cleaved using
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a high intensity laser and that's when this becomes a kind of james bond story your company contacts the f.b.i. the f.b.i. asks your company to become essentially industrial spies for the government. i look at it more so that we're looking to protect our technology in f.b.i. recognizing the breakthrough of the technology platform not necessarily a concept about the importance of diamond technology readily stepped up to help us protect and reclaim its technology tell me about that meeting with huawei officials in las vegas where you had people who were miked up. it didn't go entirely as planned what happened well i guess they usually say that anything that can happen will happen during these sort of instances but yes we met with huawei at the consumer electronics show again to get on record that they had willfully exported this technology and willfully infringed attempted to reverse engineer our
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technology from their perspective they were doing the meeting still attempting to be the exclusive licensee of our technology asking things like when we were going to ramp when we were going to bring this technology to market and where they have able to still pursue the exclusive so from their perspective i think they were doing a little bit more digging tunder stand now the scaling in operation side having some material in hand from our perspective we wanted to document beyond any reasonable doubt what they had attempted to do which was steal our technology so you had a conversation it was recorded as i understand it means admitted that they did send this sample for testing in china which as you understand it is a violation of u.s. law and they asked whether the u.s. government was listening to that conversation they actually won the step beyond that they had said we looked into it and we said they thought that they could willfully or they could legally export the technology so it did even though our paperwork it explicitly stated you know state side only did not export they admitted that they looked into it and believe that they could do so i pointed out
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during that meeting diamond is part of the e.a. are the expert in arms restricted materials which has heavy criminal heavy criminal jail time as well as actual fines associated with it so where are we now where is that investigation. and why and where do things lie between your company and huawei so the department of justice is still pursuing the case against huawei semiconductor plans to file civil litigation in tandem with those charges we are not privy to the department of justice is time till the time table nor do we believe we ought to be that we sit patiently waiting to play our poor our part in that proceeding with huawei directly i was actually at the san diego facility yesterday just before this again to ask for sample materials i noticed that particular location that changed their name to a future way and again i was given the runaround that they would get back to us with respect to the sample status so again from their perspective i think they're denying or playing in the dark with respect to where the samples lie it's our
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belief that these materials are still in china which is exceptionally problematic for us adam cohen of a concept he conductor thank you for talking to us that counting the cost thank you fascinating well that's our show for this week if you'd like to comment on anything that you've seen you can tweet me. on twitter please use the hash tag a j c t c when you do or drop us a line of the cost of al-jazeera dot that is our e-mail address as always there's more for you online at al-jazeera dot com slash c.t.c. takes you straight to our page and there you'll find individual ports links even entire episodes for you to catch up on. but that's it for this edition of counting the cost in doha i'm adrian figure for the whole team here thanks for being with us the news on al-jazeera is next.
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in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our own lives in taking the throats let's gather saving lives is a dangerous job the vaccine talks on a good twenty four hours there are patients waiting for these medicines who must be in pain lifestar threats once a week ago one of the gang stop some because on the road at that kind of good luck for them risking it all guinea at this time on al jazeera. says. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we
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stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the kind of this closure on the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. a cease fire zone place between palestinian groups and israel off the days of violence. down in jordan this is out there on live from dell also coming up a looming showdown between the u.s. attorney general and. democrats want him to release the full on sense of mulla
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report on russian meddling. the u.s. sends a naval battle group to the gulf region ramping up the trumpet ministrations aggressive stance against iran. by the verse is important fishermen will be in and we shoot millions destroying it and a warning that millions of species are at risk of extinction which could lead to serious consequences for humankind. a ceasefire between israel and palestinian groups appears to be holding off the days of cross border and strikes on the rocket attacks in egypt brokered the deal after hours of mediation twenty five palestinians were killed in the gaza strip and four israelis died in southern israel but reports from the israel gaza border. the . palestinian and israeli families continue to bury their dead as the cease fire
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took effect on monday morning. almost thirty people were killed during the worst cycle of violence between hamas and israel since the gaza war in two thousand and fourteen. those killed include a four month old baby a man running for cover at a senior hamas commander in london. headed on the scene was a horrible dust was everywhere it was so dark you couldn't see your own hands i was shocked to see a woman laying on the ground and her limbs were everywhere fighters in gaza launched more than six hundred rockets into israel for its part israel launched air strikes hitting three hundred fifty targets in heavily populated areas of gaza a targeted strike killed a hamas commander in his car. get hamas and israel seemed eager to deescalate the situation quickly. monday was the start of the a sonic fasting month of ramadan this week israeli celebrate their national day and
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next week people from around the world will travel to tel aviv to see the euro vision music competition. some israelis living near the gaza fence and opposition leaders criticize prime minister benjamin netanyahu for agreeing to the cease fire if you look at this illegal i think that a cease fire at this moment is a terrible mistake i think that when we have the upper hand we need once and for all finish the terror because this will repeat itself and will not stop. gazans returning to the rubble of their homes hit by israeli airstrikes were relieved there was a pause in the violence however temporary the laskar mission between hamas and israel was an april. we hope the war ends because enough destruction enough people are losing their lives in these wars israelis don't distinguish between the civilians and not civilians in the last several years there
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has been a periodic cycle of violence followed by egyptian mediators negotiating a ceasefire and then what's called a return to call how long this call will last will likely depend on israel's willingness to ease the humanitarian situation in gaza and whether hamas abides by its commitment to see attacks natasha going to. along the israel gaza border. turkey's election authority has counseled the results of istanbul's my own election following weeks of pressure by the ruling party state media is reporting that election officials have been a rerun of the vote which saw opposition c.h.p. counted a crime in a minute installed as the city's mayor in the poll at the end of march president party had controlled the commercial capital for fifteen years the c.h.p. says the rerun is not a democratic knowledge isn't it calling it plain dictatorship the votes to take
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place on the twenty third of june. so bans military council is expected to unveil a transition plan as protesters continue their demands for civilian rule the military and protest leaders are deadlocked over who will control the government the two sides agreed to form a joint military civilian council last week but they failed to agree on the members of that council a coalition of opposition parties have submitted draft opposed rules for a way forward well he joins us live now from khartoum he will so what more do we know about this transition plan that the military is hoping to unveil well it's not clear yet daryn what plans the military council has for a transitional period what we do know however is that they said that they're not going to accept a civilian majority there either want an equal share over the transition period or that they want the military to have the upper hand now so that's something the opposition coalition does not want they've presented a blueprint over for you transition period as they envision it which should have a presidential council and executive body headed by
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a prime minister and legislative assembly with at least one hundred twenty members forty percent of those should be female now the military council is expected to respond to to respond to that plan that new print which was offered by the opposition council but it's not clear yet if they will respond to it or not they've already said that they want to talk to the military to the opposition coalition but they were very keen to form a transitional government as soon as possible and that they're very optimistic that would happen but as of now it's not clear yet if a transitional government will be formed by the end of the day or by the end of the week really there in south sudan is not any closer to having a transitional government than it was on the eleventh of april when bashir was ousted so here how is this likely to go down then with the opposition on the protesters on the streets or keeping up the pressure on the military. well the opposition coalition said that it is going to accept a mediation tentatively accept a mediation between it and the military council there's a body of mediation that has been set up and that body has offered to have two transitional council one of them a civilian one with
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a military representation and the other should be called the defense and security council which has a military majority with civilian representation now the opposition coalition is it to respond to that but meanwhile we have tens of thousands of people in front of the army headquarters continuing to keep pressuring the military council they're saying that they've been protesting for the past four months to have a civilian transitional government in place not a government that's been ruled by the military so they're saying that they'll be there until it's handed over to civilian rule and today marks the one month since the sit in front of the army headquarters started and doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon thank you meanwhile the international criminal court has ruled not to refer to jordan to the u.n. security council for failing to arrest the former submenus president omar al bashir two years ago he is wanted by the i.c.c. the crimes committed in darfur by militias are lying to his government the court says jordan should have arrested basheer opponents request when he visited a man in march twenty seventh teen who was there to attend the arab league summit.
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democrats in the u.s. say they'll vote on wednesday to hold the country's top law enforcement officer in contempt for not providing the full moller report william barr was given until monday to turn over an uncensored version of the report and underlying evidence to congress but barr who was appointed by a so far refused the request it has more from washington. this is a major escalation in the are ongoing and escalating showdown between donald trump's white house the department of justice and the attorney general that donald trump appointed and the democrats who control the house of representatives specifically the house judiciary committee demanding the redacted copy of the moeller report that looked into whether there was collusion between russia and donald trump's twenty sixteen presidential campaign and whether the president instructed justice or democrats say they have a constitutional obligation to conduct oversight republicans say this matter has
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been decided and this is nothing more than political theater still because that deadline has come and gone for the attorney general to turn over that redacted copy of the moeller report this now moves to a vote on wednesday in the house judiciary committee they will decide whether or not to move this to the house of representatives for a broader vote to hold the attorney general william barr in contempt of congress this has serious consequences not only this could this result in a civil court case but this could even result in jail time what we do know though is the process will be long and lengthy in will almost guarantee that there will be negative headlines that this white house will not be happy with. the u.s. is deploying on an aircraft carrier group to the middle east to send what it calls a clear message to iran the u.s.s. abraham lincoln and support ships have been deployed national security advisor john bolton says listen to what he calls troubling developments in the region so in
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basra via has more from tire off. they've certainly taken their time and that in the past has been seen as a signal of trying to lessen the significance of u.s. moves being taken against them now that we do have a statement it seems to be a personal attack on john bolton the spokesman for the supreme national security council cave on costars he issued a statement now we should keep in mind that the iranian president hassan rouhani is the head of this council and so it is very much a statement being made under his administration in this statement it reads that bolton lacks military and security understanding his comments are mostly for show based on the accurate monitoring of iran's armed forces the aircraft carrier abraham lincoln entered the mediterranean sea twenty one days ago and his statement is just for psychological war it goes on to say that it is unlikely the commanders of the u.s. armed forces want to test the capabilities of iran's armed forces now there's a couple of things happening here the iranians see this move as purely
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psychological not an actual military decision to make some sort of action against iran and they're calling the united states out on it saying this is psychological warfare and they're sending a message to the iranian people in this statement suggesting at the end of it that not even american commanders have faith in the u.s. national security adviser so ron young people don't have to worry about what is simply a move for symbolic purposes and this pure psychological warfare bahrain's top court has upheld death sentences but activists and jail terms for dozens of others in a final ruling the men were convicted of belonging to a terrorist cell with links to iran's revolutionary guards and lebanon's hezbollah . launched a crackdown off the street protests in twenty eleven and demanding an elected prime minister. break here now to zero when we come back investigators in russia get closer to finding out the cause of this craft. what's on the water in pakistan is not just like into
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a health hazard or not stay with us. hello there we've got yet another weather system that's making its way across turkey at the moment take a look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud is coming up from the northeastern parts of africa and then making its way a few showers across lebanon and then up towards parts of turkey where we're seeing the majority of those showers the whole system is working its way eastwards we'll see more showers over parts of georgia there as we head into wednesday yet more wet weather for us particularly northern parts of taking as we head through the day for the south it is hot now in baghdad will see a temperature of around thirty three and as we head through towards terror on the temperatures are also on the rise here will be up to twenty eight here in doha of course with the heart of the neither of those places around thirty eight at the moment i think that tuesday will see the winds.


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