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design on al-jazeera. they're really happy and excited to see our families their colleagues meum our friends to reuters journalists imprisoned for reporting on the working your crackdown. on or about this and this is obviously a lie from doha also coming up. protests in istanbul up to turkey's election board cancels the city's mayoral election and orders a new vote. palestinians bury the victims of israeli airstrikes as a tense cease fire holds. money pleading if. we take a look at the major challenge south africa's ruling party faces as it fights to
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hold on to power. after more than sixteen months in prison and miramar to reuters journalists have been freed while on and shore so were convicted of breaking the official secrets act or reporting on the working year crackdown the government says the release was in the country's long term interest when he reports in a case that's drawn international reaction. after almost a year and a half in prison while loan and walked to freedom they left insane prison and yang gone moments after finding out their names were on a list of thousands of inmates to be freed in a presidential amnesty their immediate thoughts were for those closest to them and their profession. in the freezer and also their own people wishing to release says i wanted to say thank you very much. i'm really happy and excited to
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see my family and my colleagues and i can wait a minute right out and soon after they were emotional family reunions for the journalists who were arrested in december two thousand and seventeen working for the reuters news agency they were investigating a massacre of ring you muslims in me and miles west when they were found to be in position of sensitive documents the lawyers for the journalists said they were framed despite little evidence presented by the prosecution while alone and who were convicted of violating the official secrets act and sentenced to seven years in prison they appealed twice unsuccessfully. the case led to an international campaign to have them freed led by their employer we are enormously pleased that mean war has released our courageous reporters while on and. since their arrest five hundred eleven days ago they have become symbols of the importance of press freedom around the world we welcome their return much of the international pressure
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was focused on me and. she and her party the national league for democracy before forming the government they campaigned for human rights and freedom of speech but throughout the case they refused to speak out in support of the journalists or to amend laws like the official secrets act that critics say are open to abuse we can talk about the n.l. do you not having very much power over the military they do have power over the law the have a parliamentary majority if they wanted to they could abolish them and then not the ordeal for a while lone and who has come to an end but it's one that should never have happened to journalists who say they were simply trying to uncover the truth when hey al-jazeera bangkok. turkey's election authority has canceled the results of istanbul's mayoral vote triggering protests hundreds of people marched through the streets in istanbul the candidate of the main opposition party the c.h.p. won the pole in march but president's vision tired out of mind says he's convinced
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there was illegality before that defeat out of ones act party had run the commercial capital for twenty five years voters are now expected to return to the polls on the twenty third of june. my fellow citizens they tried to take away the elections we won on the evening of march the one they've tried to steal why our hard work. i'm calling on those who made the trichuris decision at the supreme election council believe me i will save even the lives of the children and grandchildren through the messages i'm delivering here simcoe say on who has more from istanbul. the higher electoral board sais that the decision behind annulment is that some of the about box officers are not public servants according to turkey's electorial law public ballot box officers should be public servants or they should be employees of four or five banks this is by the government this is
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a system in turkey however the main opposition party and law experts argue that the decision is unlawful because the names of the ballot box officers are over the list the three months prior to elections in turkey and the names go through security background check by the turkish authorities and the names are approved by the strict electoral boards and political parties so why does our party object this now right after the election because they lost with a slight difference this is what's the main opposition party argues and some of the lower experts argue and the ruling party they are confident that they have cleared the doubts about about about the election and they say that whatever the result is going to be on june twenty three during the real round it will be welcomed and respected by their side however the main opposition party's
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candidate they come in a mall seems he's confident he's going to win and now. some people argue that are quite he created a situation for it and i'm a little he's been treated almost full and he's been victimized in their terms that's why he's going to have at least fifty percent of the words but of course time will show what the result is going to be. the international court of justice is hearing qatar's case against the united arab emirates for violating human rights federal government says the u.a.e. targeted its citizens based on their nationality when it expelled all qataris and stopped them from entering the u.a.e. after the twenty seventeen blockade caught. says rights to marriage medical care education property ownership and employment or all restricted rights group was registered more than one thousand one hundred complaints over the last two years the u.a.e. claims qatar is whomping amarok the efforts to improve the situation not something
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called the nines seventy deca has more from the hague. it is the second time in the history of the international court of justice that a respondent is coming up with a case requesting provisional measures what does that mean well. one initial let's say step of the international court saying that the u.a.e. needed to allow the students back into the country needed to allow the renewed cation of families because of course when the blockade started the emirates gave cup to the citizens fourteen days to leave the country it's become a very personal issue of what is a political spot well we are now expecting the emirates to present what they want to see going forward which are things that include they allege that qatar is blocking a web site that allows called the citizens to apply for amorality visas and also a clampdown on the al-jazeera news channel so will be hearing from the emirates will be hearing from caught and then the court will go away and think about it the bottom line is this it is now almost two years since the blockade in countries
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closed air land and sea access to qatar also expelling its citizens has become a very personal issue qatar says that what the court suggested still hasn't been implemented and this is the top court in the world when it comes to resolving disputes between states both sides of employed the top lawyers trying to resolve this in a legal framework but certainly at the moment there seems to be no sign that the blockade is going to end anytime soon. libya's u.n. bad governments accusing the u.a.e. of directly supporting the war a lot of company for coughed up its offensive to take the capital it's the first time it's named the united arab emirates as a backup of huffed and his forces the world health organization says more than four hundred people have been killed and thousands have been injured in his month long campaign to control tripoli the fighting has continued during ramadan despite u.n. calls for a cease fire. in line with the position that was taken by the peace
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and security council of the african union we strongly appeal for this assertion of a stupid us for a ceasefire. at least we have now an initiative as you know for a truce getting ramadan but what we need is a ceasefire secession or stupidities and. foreign interference is to allow libyans to be able to once again come together and discuss seriously politically a way. mom or dad or heads joining me now live from tripoli. find a standard correctly the u.n. was over a year ago suggesting in one report that the u.n. he had been involved or was involved in the situation in libya what's the significance of this latest announcement. definitely rob this confidential report by the united nations suggests that the united arab
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emirates is possibly involved in supporting the world perhaps of providing him with missiles we know that libya is under arms embargo since twenty eleven and the united arab emirates has been supporting the warlords really for have to do with air force we also know that the united arab emirates has a and b. has established an air base in the east of libya called a base and many people here say that this. base has been supporting have to his forces and their battle is all over libya and they also say many people here are angry they say that this is not only of a relation of international law of the arms embargo imposed on libya but also a violation of libya's sovereignty and this recent report reveals that the united arab emirates has possibly provided have to do with that blue air
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to surface missile which killed many people in tripoli and this recent attack including get women and children up much more at the same time as i understand it libya's prime minister. is visiting various european countries it's being reported that he's carrying a message warning that there could be an influx of refugees if the fighting in libya continues what is he intending to achieve with his meetings in europe. well this is the first visit by. libya's you could now used a prime minister face of age to europe or out of libya generally to international powers after the beginning of the clashes on april fourth the beginning of have to be offensive on tripoli we understand that could be trying to gain international
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support to his forces defending the capital tripoli especially after the united nations condemned it several times the attack on the capital and demanded the protection of civilians as you know rob that is also due to meet the french president. and we know that france is a major supporter of the war lord the free for have to despite the fact that the french foreign minister recently has. to some extent to retreated in his statement in regard to supporting the warlords have their up but were thanks very much indeed . still ahead an al-jazeera. account and everybody else did that it would be considered a crime. by the u.s. attorney general is facing a contempt vote over the special counsel's report on russia plus. i'm daniel swine rim what are cyrus one hundred years after her birth the presence of the former
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first lady eva peron can still be found all over argentina. it's been raining for what two or three days around the circulation of cloud in the eastern side of indonesia is right near to your screen there but it's been significant rain two hundred fifty millimeters or there abouts in the last three days so this guy. some flooding here a lot reserve of the water admittedly bickley this site is not and then look beyond that and satellite pictures pics nothing up of rest of indonesia or malaysia something over the philippines and middle but most the most true is now moving north and bringing rain to laos cambodia and thailand less so. less of a common term but still circulation exists. so that's where the heavy rain is going
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to be in the next couple of days but with more showing itself in the philippines and a good part of the landmass of southeast asia so with the hope that some light rain will fall in northern territory and it. has been a dry wet season the rest of australia is looking fairly ok this is a front of it with a bite that usually brings rain a change in temperature so sixteen degrees in adelaide and this is for wednesday the frontal system hasn't done much to change things and it's quite warm in perth at twenty two despite that southerly drift that doesn't change much on thursday but you do find another front bringing rain into adelaide the miserable day looking ahead. in two thousand and. documented a groundbreaking. pairing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the
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students and the scheme helping change the face of india. ga ga does it or are bond over the top stories this hour two reuters journalists jailed in me and mark have been released under a presidential pardon they've been serving a seven year prison sentence over their investigation into me and was working the crackdown. took his election authority has canceled the results of istanbul's metal vote after claims by the president that the election was in the galley manipulated
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and sparked protests in istanbul voters are expected to return to the polls in june . international court of justice is here in qatar as case against the united arab emirates qatar government says the u.a.e. has discriminated against its citizens based on their national origin one of the expelled all parties often the twenty seventeen but paid. out of his pledge four hundred eighty million dollars to support palestinians in gaza and the west bank the qatari government to broker the cease fire deal along with egypt twenty five palestinians and four israelis were killed in the cross border fighting the house or car name has more. palestinian and israeli families continue to bury their dead as the ceasefire took a fact on monday morning. almost thirty people were killed during the worst cycle of violence between hamas and israel since the gaza war in two thousand and
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fourteen. of those killed include a four month old baby a man running for cover at a senior hamas commander in london. you just read about on the scene was a horror. dust was everywhere and it was so dark you couldn't see your own hands i was shocked to see a woman laying on the ground and her limbs were everywhere fighters in gaza launched more than six hundred rockets into israel for its part israel launched air strikes hitting three hundred fifty targets in heavily populated areas of gaza a targeted strike killed a hamas commander in his car to get hamas and israel seemed eager to deescalate the situation quickly. monday was the start of the a sonic fasting month of ramadan this week israeli celebrate their national day and next week people from around the world will travel to tel aviv to see the euro vision music competition. some israelis living near the gaza fence and opposition
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leaders criticize prime minister benjamin netanyahu for agreeing to the cease fire if you look at this illegal i think that a cease fire at this moment is a terrible mistake i think that when we have the upper hand we need once and for all finish the terror because this will repeat itself and will not stop. gazans returning to the rubble of their homes hit by israeli airstrikes were relieved there was a pause in the violence however temporary the laskar mission between hamas and israel was an april. moment have been killed and will we hope the war ends because enough destruction enough people are losing their lives in these wars israelis don't distinguish between the civilians and not civilians in the last several years there has been a periodic cycle of violets followed by egyptian mediators negotiating a cease fire and then what's called
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a return to call how long this call will last will likely depend on israel's willingness to ease the humanitarian situation in gaza and whether hamas abides by its commitment to see these attacks natasha going to aim. along the israel gaza border. democrats in the u.s. congress say they'll vote on wednesday on whether to hold the attorney general in contempt for not providing the full special counsel report william barr has refused a request by congress to turn over an uncensored version of the report that looked into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election committee hogwood has more from washington d.c. . u.s. president donald trump has said he believes he won the debate over whether his campaign worked with moscow during the twenty sixth election and it's time to move on their television delusion is over. his democratic opponents in
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congress disagree with a monday deadline for u.s. attorney general william barr to turn over an unproductive copy of special counsel robert muller's report came and went democrats and now as their next step resident travis told congress wednesday the house judiciary committee will vote on whether to hold bar in contempt of congress a criminal offense he lied to congress and anybody else did that would be considered a crime a blacked out muller report was released last month it concluded no one from the trunk campaign committed a crime when they met with russians during the two thousand and sixteen election campaign however muller wrote well this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him. democrats want to see the whole report something bar has refused even skipping a hearing last week democrats believe barr is protecting trumped by covering up
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evidence of misconduct they argue they have a constitutional obligation to investigate the president for alleged corruption and obstruction of justice republicans are accusing democrats of political theater designed to hurt trump's reelection in two thousand and twenty the vote will when republicans can. told the house of representatives in twenty twelve they did the same thing holding democratic attorney general eric holder in contempt for also refusing to turn over documents to congress if on wednesday democrats vote to hold the attorney general in contempt it still must go to the broader house of representatives for a vote democrats could also choose to take the issue to the courts where the matter could take years to resolve kimberley hellcat al jazeera the white house the u.s. is accusing beijing of backtracking on its promises a day off to president donald trump said he'd impose new tariffs on chinese goods
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on friday the u.s. plans to raise taxes on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products to twenty five percent representatives from both countries are scheduled to resume trade talks this week get others on to has more from washington d.c. . the trade talks between the u.s. and china of the world's two biggest economies seem to be reaching a big a snag at this was a time that many people were thinking that after successful talks last week in china and the talks this week in the u.s. could be concluding with a successful trade deal but something apparently went very wrong over the weekend and now there is a real risk that these trade talks could be derailed completely according to u.s. trade representative robert lighthouse or in u.s. treasury secretary steve minutiae in the two men that are leading the u.s. side of the trade delegations they said something went terribly wrong over the weekend they said that the chinese our every need every nigga on trade talk
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commitments that have been made the u.s. would not give any specifics on exactly where the problems apparently have come up but they did say that they are substantive and substantial now this is important to point out that these are just not tariff. the threats that the us certain is now making these are real because according to light hauser in the u.s. side they're going to start filing the paperwork on tuesday that would increase the tariffs from ten to twenty five percent on more than two hundred billion dollars in chinese goods imported to the u.s. and those tariffs would go into effect at midnight friday morning u.s. time here on the east coast of the u.s. and this means that thursday is going to be a critical day because that's when lew he the vice premier of china and their lead trade representative will be in washington with dozens of chinese trade negotiators
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and on thursday they're planning to sit down with the american side to try to hammer out some sort of agreement but if they don't these tariffs could kick in on friday between the world's two biggest economies south africa's president is promising to fight corruption as he seeks reelection on wednesday a series of scandals in recent years have dented the popularity of the ruling african national congress marco my reports from johannesburg. elizabeth says her brother christopher didn't have to die he had epilepsy and lived in a mental health care facility the then that's for trying to cope in three years ago she says health officials moved him to an unregistered unlicensed and ill equipped building he was among more than a thousand patients taken out of care at the time weeks later he was dead it's money. so. i get in don't
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really. want to have to. along with christopher more than a hundred and forty patients died nearly sixty are still missing campaigners say the officials responsible were stealing public health care funds that the officials deny it but it's just one of dozens of corruption scandals here in south africa that lighted the ruling african national congress specially in the last ten years it's made it increasingly difficult for the a.n.c. to retain. the worst scandals surfaced on the former president jacob zuma treasury says billions of dollars of public money was stolen presidency will run opposer took over just over a year ago has launched a number of inquiries into the corruption scandals referred to some are still running there's a complete national prosecuting authority hasn't yet sent anyone to jail. i asked
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the a.n.c. spokesman why so far those justices of the great fault not the m.p.'s as especially not just follow up on issues which are based on commissions to ensure that where possible they can investigate those a trial in the proper sanctions given to those who are in conflict with the law. really in series expected to win wednesday's general election the polls suggest it will have the smallest majority it's ever had since he came to power in one thousand nine hundred four the end of white minority party. from opposed to stays in office south africans are waiting to see how far his fight against corruption will go i hope that it won't just be that none of that this isn't just about the politics of survival the appetite to send the correct signals to the public to the international community and to potential voters to potential investors i would hope that this is a much deeper. undertaking than that but i'm not sure an inquiry into the health
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care scandal that killed christopher hasn't led to any prosecutions yet elizabeth and her mother say they won't find peace until they know what happened and who was responsible malcolm webb al-jazeera johannesburg south africa argentina celebrating the memory of its former first lady eve apart on sixty seven years after her death as she was popularly known was a champion of women's rights she died in one nine hundred fifty two but as daniel swallow reports image that song. she once said her greatest fear in life was to be forgotten one hundred years after her birth one hundred of eaters marched to the center with osiris to ensure that they played on is remembered last week that said her whole life as a young beautiful woman and actress she was an example of what a woman can be. the name in the image of the former first lady still shine in all
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corners of argentina. books a story written about schools hospitals and restaurants are named after this desert concocted in her own a rare we're incorporating the image the figure of the values she represented the sensibility her main value was her sensibility which is necessary to overcome the difficult times are facing now david walker he was born in the seventh of may one thousand nine hundred nineteen in the argentine countryside a wealthy father abandoned the family to poverty aged fifteen she sought and found fame and fortune as an actress in one osiris there she met the rising politician then labor minister. at a function to raise money for earthquake victims the rest as they say is history instead of being a woman fighting for social justice for equality she was taken into the hearts of the argentine people and aspired to the universal story and today everyone here in argentina remembers her the couple married in one thousand nine hundred five and
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the following year he became president of argentina a plane skinny girl with prominent teeth transformed herself into a glamour icon both revered and despised she was something of an enigma while she was alive a champion of the poor wearing fur was a fighter for women's rights in a man's world a showpiece superstar ahead of a time sixty seven years after her death that attraction that influence remains just as strong. former president improbable candidate in this year's elections cristina fernandez. describes her as an inspiration in a way i think that inspires the new struggles and today you can see that many of those movements many of these stretched industry you have young people with addition we did. a sign with a veto on you still think about it every school emulated sometimes denigrated
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however to put on. one hundred years after the birth has very clearly not been forgotten. when osiris. this is all jazeera these are the top stories to reuters journalists have been freed from a jail in me in march while on unsure of so who were serving a seven year sentence for violating memos official secrets act they were released under a presidential amnesty the men were arrested in twenty seventeen while reporting on a crackdown on refugees in the state when he has more from bangkok and then early tuesday morning we had notification from the president's office that there would be a good and misty coming up involving more than six and a half thousand inmates and moments literally moments after that statement came from the presidential office it was confirmed that while lone and sure so would be
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on that list and then we saw those amazing images of them walking out of insane prison with huge smiles on their faces and speaking to that crowd of media outside the prison gates turkey's election authority has canceled the results of istanbul's mayoral vote after claims by the president that the elections were in the early and manipulated it sparked protests in istanbul the candidate of the main opposition party the c.h.p. won the poll in march before that defeat to one exact party had run the commercial capital for twenty five years voters are now expected to return to the polls on june twenty third. my fellow citizens they tried to take away the elections we won on the evening of march thirty first they have tried to steal away our hard work. the international court of justice is here in qatar his case against the united out of benefits government says the u.a.e. discriminate discriminated against its citizens based on their national origin when
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it expelled all caught it is off to the twenty seven thousand located. the u.s. is accusing china of backtracking on its promises a day after president donald trump said he'd impose new tower of on chinese goods on friday the u.s. plans to raise taxes and two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products to twenty five percent representatives from both countries to resume trade talks this week details of u.s. president donald trump's tax payment still will be released as treasury secretary has rejected a demand for the house of representatives to turn over six years' worth of tom's business and personal tax returns those are the headlines coming up next super thirty.
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this soup now moves that halfway through the course. like it's hard going but you know how planning on taking bets that i gave of my bosses my hundreds of the ones i wear and some of the job we've. got them going to prolong me until right i was going to. reality going on and on the arab or the libertarian kick.


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