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he succeeded with politicians for. tens of thousands of civilians escaped parts of. syrian and russian jets continued bombing. this is live from doha coming up to reuters journalists are reunited with their families after being released from jail in myanmar. after the death of a journalist last month a new round of talks gets under way in northern. india maybe home to the third largest number of billionaires but how much of that wealth is making its way to the
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rest of the country. syrian and russian warplanes are bombing targets in north west syria killing at least twenty civilians according to the white helmets rescue group syrian government troops have now advanced into the last opposition territory but rebels are promising to fight back the hostilities are raising concerns for civilians who've been displaced to reports from beirut. it's a worsening humanitarian situation in northwest syria there are reports of up to one hundred fifty thousand people on the move heading north towards the border with turkey escaping what has been described as the fiercest bombardment in months. and we only brought what we can we have not. the syrian and russian planes are continuing to target villages. across southern and northern hama it's been more
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than a week now dozens of civilians have been killed the united nations is calling for an urgent deescalation and a recommitment to the cease fire especially after schools and health facilities were targeted the u.n. is closely monitoring the situation. militarists there are contingency plans. being revised in terms of supplying. the same time we are also reports. of the operation the ongoing violence in the region syrian government troops have for the first time pushed into rebel territory taking some ground in northwest and it's only the beginning of what is expected to be a difficult and costly battle. against political blackmail under military pressure. by the russians to enter our pure and they were right to land will be met with fire the next box will be fateful hour and
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it would be surprised to see how. long with. groups are the dominant force in this area they have refused to abide by the ceasefire agreed by turkey and russia last september russia and syria say the military campaign is against those so-called radical groups but those fighters are embedded among the civilian population russia has accused turkey of not fulfilling its commitment to clear a demilitarized zone from the so-called radical groups and open highways that link cities held by the government but turkish officials argue a war with. other armed groups would only endanger the lives of civilians and has been trying to push for a negotiated solution. now the syrian army and its allies are trying to forcibly dislodge them at least from the countryside and a few kilometers into an area that was supposed to be a buffer zone the army hasn't announced the scope of its operations but there is no
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indication it involves recapturing the entire province especially since turkey continues to have a military presence there and still maintain a strong alliance with russia. qatar has pledged four hundred eighty million dollars to support palestinians in gaza and the west bank a cease fire between israel and palestinian groups there appears to be holding for a second day twenty five palestinians and four israelis have been killed in cross fighting since saturday and has the latest from gaza. you can hear the blaring out of car horns in said air strikes in sirens you can see gazans are here in the markets children are back in school businesses are open life has resumed in gaza on day two of the ceasefire but if you're a relative of one of the twenty five palestinians who were killed or living in one of the one thousand units destroyed life is anything but normal in assist
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people who have lost everything the government is offering households one thousand dollars in emergency funding qatar has pledged four hundred million dollars to gaza and all of us pay. the be able to see all that. they would be able to please all these this election and they will be rebuilding their lives and we will stand by them quoting the international community to stand by that be able to because this is one of the apartment buildings destroyed in an israeli airstrike you can see girls pajamas. backpack bureau pillows sheets strewn throughout the rubble this was the deadliest cycle of violence between hamas and israel since the gaza war in two thousand and fourteen and there's
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a feeling that this call him as it's referred to is only temporary we spoke to a political analyst here and he feels that israel is biding its time and will respond with greater force later bear in mind that in twenty fourteen five israelis died during this latest cycle of violence that number was for this week israelis are focusing on celebrating memorial and then their national day next week tel aviv is hosting the euro vision music competition and so for now here in gaza people are focusing on celebrating the beginning of the muslim month of ramadan very much happy for the temporary pause or however temporary pause this may be in violence ever mindful of the fact that it could be only a matter of time until the seas fire collapses to spend sixteen months
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in a me and malta prison for reporting on the military crackdown on would have been free one lone and. was serving a seven year sentence for violating the official secrets act wayne hale reports on a case that strong international reaction. after almost a year and a half in prison while alone and walked to freedom they left insane prison in yang gone moments after finding out their names were on a list of thousands of inmates to be freed in a presidential amnesty their immediate thoughts were for those closest to them and their profession. in the freezing. of their own the. regime to release those so i wanted to see thank you very much i am really happy and excited to see my family and my colleagues and i can wait a minute right now that i can feel and soon after they were emotional family reunions for the journalists who were arrested in december two thousand and seventeen working for the reuters news agency they were investigating
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a massacre. in me and miles west when they were found to be in position of sensitive documents lawyers for the journalists said they were framed despite little evidence presented by the prosecution while loan and who were convicted of violating the official secrets act and sentenced to seven years in prison they appealed twice unsuccessfully. the case led to an international campaign to have them freed led by their employer we are enormously pleased that mean war has released our courageous reporters while on and. since their arrest five hundred eleven days ago they have become symbols of the importance of press freedom around the world we welcome their return much of the international pressure was focused on me and my. party the national league for democracy before forming the government they campaigned for human rights and freedom of speech but throughout the case they
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refused to speak out in support of the journalists or to amend laws like the official secrets act that critics say are open to abuse we can talk about the n l d you know having very much power over the military they do have power over the law was the have a parliamentary majority if they wanted to they could abolish them and they. or not the ordeal for a while lone and who has come to an end but it's one that should never have happened to journalists who say they were simply trying to uncover the truth when hey al jazeera bangkok. a new round of talks aimed at restoring northern ireland's power sharing government has started in belfast they're being held after the new ira admitted killing journalists near a maccie in london derry last month the barber is live for us now from storm want to the seat of normal and government so now dean how urgent are these talks being seen by people in northern are. generally pretty much so there's
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a statement been put out by britain's northern ireland office and it says that in the wake of liberal mckee's killing it's clear that the people of northern ireland want urgent political progress or that started in the last few hours with the leaders of the five main parties meeting here together with the secretary of state for northern ireland karen bradley and simon coakley the irish foreign minister they've now left to the only people who've been working here since january twenty seventh he'd have been the civil servants trying to keep things going but for regular people across northern ireland the political impasse has been having an effect on things like public health services on education and we've been out in belfast to talk to people in the different communities to see exactly why it's so important to vary that the politicians start to work together. the funeral in belfast of lire mccain's young journalist shot dead last month and an urgent
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question from the priest why in god's name does it take the daf of a twenty nine year old woman with her whole life in front of her thank you that reaction was a wake up call for foster leader of the democratic unionist party and mary lou but donald to head republican party should face the key was shot dead by dissident republicans during the rioting in london derry now people's clear frustration with two and a half years of political arm pass in northern ireland has led to new talks involving all the major parties there aimed at getting the devolved administration based at stormont house back up and running here in the catholic adalian area of belfast al-jazeera met the director of an organization providing support and training to vulnerable young people under twenty five shane wheeler hand says the collapse of stormont means he can't get approval for future projects we want to see youth centered communities but we can't do that in the absence of effective executive at
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stormont so. we don't want people to go back and storm it in the way that it was before where there's a whole raft of supremacy lang's to cross in order for us to have some sort of government that needs to change but we do need government do you need some sort of legislative body that can actually bring us from where we are to a better place alfie mccrory's a youth worker in one of belfast's loyalist areas he says the political uncertainty is directly affecting local services yesterday i spent five hours with a lady and her son her son was tentative as own life and we took him to the hospital and he was sent home there was no preparations but then the hospital to help or no money money comes from a budget budget comes from politicians politicians come from government show instead of what happened from the top during we're having to complain from the bottom up. and looking in the background wherever you go the fear that the
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political vacuum is allowing those who advocate violence to influence the generation born after the so-called troubles these days you can find a new kind of role model on murals around here likely sporting figures but many people will tell you the longer the political pass continues the more young people will be tempted down a dark of path many people here hope lire the keys message of dialogue will now be heard by their politicians if it's not the implications for all communities here a deeply worrying sign of the what are the prospects then for a breakthrough nice talks. well it's hard to say clearly lots of hope from the general public but quite a lot of skepticism from seasoned political observers here they're pointing out that on certain issues some of those sensitive issues that have proved a sticking point like equal marriage like the irish language act two of the demands
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of shin fein the d u p have an effective veto and she and fein also can block progress on some of the issues that matter most to them so some of the other parties are saying that that's something that's have going to have to change if they will if there is to be a breakthrough there a european parliament elections coming up later in maze of the timing may not be the best for people hoping to see major policy shift from those major parties centuries parties did make gains in the recent local elections but it's really hard to tell in the coming weeks exactly how far they'll get the leaders are saying that they're going to meet at least once a week in the next few weeks and london and dublin will be reviewing how far they've got so that's all we know for now are on a team thanks for that of the life first installment. when we come back we'll have an update on the investigation in sri lanka to find more suspects linked to the
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easter sunday attacks. however when is this weekend's election in south africa tough each used to be addressed as twenty six million voters dark specter to head to the polls. hello the rain is begin to look familiar again for sudden china this city brought top class in dissolved and running off into the southwest china the holidays attempting to curl in like this that's fairly typical feed the moisture in from the seismic activity happening in the sky for the doors when central china green dark green in north vietnam dark green in southwestern china this area's going to be the wet one this is the potential flooding to be expected this time the year over the next couple of days to the east it looks very dry shanghai even down probably to
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hong kong a dry she'd rather more humid picture at least an hour kong now the first really hard to see remains of what was the tropical soccer the weather across india bangladesh drop some heavy rain in the northeast of india beyond that we might be looking for kabul shock in a moment but nothing in the focus of the big thunderstorms that happened in the northeast india in particular bangladesh this time the hint may be up in towards baton otherwise the dry picture and still a dry picture surprisingly maybe in sri lanka temperatures in raja stan and this part of india been typically around about a forty five mark they'll stay about there for the next day or so as you can see for the rest of india was exceptional the northeast corner it so a dry picture through art. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our lives in taking these votes. saving lives is a dangerous job the vaccine talks on
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a good twenty four hours there are patients waiting for these mothers who must be ok lives are threats and so we could go one of the gang stop somebody calls for the role that they can do with what folks are risking it all guinea at this time on al jazeera. but again you're watching al-jazeera the mind of our top stories this hour in northern syria government forces have advanced into opposition territory more than one hundred fifty thousand syrians have been forced from their homes as government planes backed by russia bomb parts or be delayed prompts. kottaras plates four
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hundred eighty million dollars to support palestinians in gaza and the west bank ceasefire between israel and palestinian groups in the gaza strip appears to be holding for a second day. to reuters journalist jailed in me and mine have been released after a presidential pardon they have been serving a seven year prison sentence over their investigation into the raping a crackdown. libya's u.n. recognized government is accusing the united arab emirates of directly supporting the war khalifa haftar in his offensive to take the capital prime minister fires inside knowledge is now in europe to gather support against military campaign he's met the italian prime minister just seventy kaante in rome and will travel to germany and france. the streets of our derrius capital have filled with the sound of protests led by the city's students crowds march to joining months of demonstrations against the government of former president underlies these
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beautifully he was forced to step down last month and i thought it is have arrested several people for corruption. south africans will vote for a new president on wednesday while the ruling african national congress will most likely when it is expected to lose votes compared to previous elections the party has been accused of corruption and doing a poor job delivering services to millions of people as it is for me to miller has more now from cape town. on prime real estate along cape town's waterfront is a building that was once a medical residence it became fake and when the city moved its nurses out in twenty fifteen two years later people who had nowhere else to live lived in one of them a sixty nine year old sicilian mother bella went to sit in class you can leave it wherever you would like to be. there's no rich or poor people we are all the same and that allowed to stay in the city. in
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a group here the conditions are not great sanitation is poor and space is a cramped despite the government building millions of free homes south africa still has a shortage of two point three million as other africans prepared to vote they are a number of issues that may influence who they vote for land ownership and the redistribution of wealth rising unemployment and a poorly performing economy are just some of the concerns that people want the government to address the governing african national congress has been plagued by one corruption scandal after another it led to the resignation of president jacob zuma. as the party works to renew its image under the leadership of so roma pour some it's also fighting a declining support it's back not only its traditional opposition democratic
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alliance but also a rise in populist voices like that of julius malema of the economic freedom fighters the one six percent of the vote in its first election and poll suggests that support could double a greater number of small parties are emerging good is led by patricia de lowell who form the party after splitting from the democratic alliance a n c one of the old parties they have perfect accord option the d. . they only need the all party to probe take that there really they don't care about the poor and what we need you need an alternative in this country that stand up for the who are there fight for social justice the a.n.c. spent much of the campaign like managing its mistakes and asking its supporters for forgiveness commentators expect the party the hang on to power but it's not clear how comfortable
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a majority it will have. al-jazeera. they've been protests in istanbul over a decision to rerun the city's mayoral election demonstrators took to the streets after turkey's election authority ruled there were irregularities in the vote the candidate of the main opposition party was elected mayor in march a result that's now been scrapped city had been run by president. party for twenty five years the rerun is on the twenty third of. their lives. my fellow citizens they tried to take away the elections we won on the evening of march there's one they've tried to steal why our hard work. i'm calling on those who made that decision at the supreme election council believe me i will save even the lives of their children and grandchildren through the messages i'm delivering here. a president. defended the decision. to lower
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i hope the decision will be good first as well as our country as politicians we see this decision as the right step to strengthen our will to solve our problems within the law and democracy and to leave the duty of the referee to the people it became clear that certain people with dirty hands had become involved starting before the elections and they brought the matter to this point step by step we sincerely believe that there was organized corruption. and irregularity in the stand will mayoral elections. police in sri lanka say they have dismantled a major part of a criminal network linked to the easter sunday bomb attacks officials say nearly all suspects and plotters have either been arrested or are dead but investigators are still tracking down ten people and now fernandez has the story. oh threat time at this mosque in the town of cotton candy more than three hundred kilometers east of the capital colombo it's been two weeks since more than two hundred fifty people were killed in the easter sunday bomb attacks so security is tight but the most is
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up quickly. two years ago several worshippers were injured during a fight with a group led by the alleged mastermind of the bombings muhammad's around had been wanting to do you not to follow the. activities but they are still going on so muslims should be killed i mean it says iran was well known for preaching extremist ideology the alleged mastermind of the easter sunday bombings studied in an arabic school over the far end he got expelled then he moved on later in the later years to a mosque down the road where he was also the road out investigations are under way into how a local man may have grown to mastermind the deadliest attack in sri lanka since the end of the civil war to. years ago one that returned sri lanka to
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a state of alert not seen since its decades of conflict with the tamil tigers stuff at the mosque see they formally complained about ron and his activities. that the petition to officer in charge of all these day obviously in charge of the police distant cartography and the second one divisional secretary and that means the government agent. and bought up to a home except out of it british and other groups are also said to have warned authorities of the rise of rand's national group its links to i sill and its potential for violence but at least three different mostly morgan solutions made representations to the government no one organization hundred in a memorandum to the president in the presence of the defense secretary identifying those in more than expressly saying that they are going to kill the government has admitted it failed to act on warnings of possible attacks but that's little comfort
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to those who raised all families and friends of the many victims of the easter sunday bombings fernandez al-jazeera could be. a car maker porsche has agreed to pay a fine of nearly six hundred million dollars to the german government for cheating on its diesel emissions tests it is the latest find for porsches owner of volkswagen after admitted to tampering of vehicles to hide their pollution levels the four year legal case has cost the company more than thirty three billion dollars. venezuelan opposition leader one is leading a meeting of the national assembly that's after he failed to get the military to remove nicolas maduro as president last week at least four people were. injured of at least four people killed after two days of street protests and riots the pro-government constituent assembly says it may strip parliamentary immunity from opposition members who backed the recent attempt by soldiers to take power. in
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brazil hundreds of students and teachers have been protesting cuts to public education they gathered outside the military high school in rio de janeiro where president jalal books are not always speaking students say the cuts will be devastating. democrats in the u.s. congress will vote on wednesday on whether to hold the attorney general in contempt william barr has refused a request by congress to turn over an uncensored version of the report that looked into russian interference in the twenty sixth election india is home to the third highest number of billionaires in the world including ages richest person the world's economy expands many people are asking if it's only the wealthy who are benefiting says jimmy reports from new delhi. this sprawling upmarket estate tucked away in new delhi is home for rival coastline
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this family a start up investor who's also runs his own digital consulting and marketing firm he says the government's policies in the past few years have been good for business just in terms of how we deal with the government with the governance it brings to simplicity information's lot easier for us to. understand our clients and other businesses have grown they have they've needed more services from us so with this is a growing our business is growing and that's been a. positive effect. is not the only one who seems business thrive official figures show exports are up eleven percent hitting a new high and you construction projects are underway and all the major cities this is one of new delhi's pasha's neighborhoods with houses here as expensive as in new york or paris many here are benefiting from growing g.d.p. that world bank figures estimate will grow at seven point two percent this twenty eight hundred twenty nine hundred year but the benefits of that growth may not be
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reaching everyone even amongst the wealthy. many construction company owners say while they are still operating orders are actually down for recent years and while the stock market is up it's not stable market is in a very shaky there are lot of investors of getting scared to enter into the market because it has rapidly gone up and very short media people had made enough money in this month that. the gap between rich and poor is easy to see. india is home to some of the world's wealthiest people. bonnie a billionaire many times over is asia's richest person economists say it's people like him in india that are benefiting most of the country's current economic climate one percent used to own fifty six percent of the weight in the country did two and a half years ago now they own seventy six percent of japan so it's
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a huge concentration off of all of the benefits of growth in one. section of people. knows he's also prospering from india's economic growth but says not enough people are he wants to see the situation improve for others so a better standard of living is a joy for people in india says jamil al jazeera you go. alright it's going to round up now of our top stories for the first time since the military offensive began in northern syria weeks ago government forces have advanced into opposition territory more than one hundred fifty thousand syrians were forced from their homes government planes backed by russia still bombing parts of italy. qatar has played four hundred eighty million dollars to support palestinians in gaza and the west bank ceasefire between israel and palestinian
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groups in gaza appears to be holding for a second day twenty five palestinians and four israelis were killed in cross border fighting since saturday two reuters journalists jailed in myanmar were released after a presidential pardon they had been serving a seven year sentence of their investigation into the revenge a crackdown the u.n. called the release good news but says the situation for journalists in myanmar is still bad. we remain concerned about flaws in the judicial process that led to their conviction in the first place and this case is one of many where restrictive legislation has been used to limit freedom of the press meant to silence dissent in the country there have been more recent cases i have quite a few of them here the editor of the arab id news was arrested in april. and prosecuted for having express dissent or criticism of institutions in myanmar libya's u.n. recognize government is accusing the united arab emirates of directly supporting
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the war. in his offensive to take the capital prime minister faiers is now in europe to gather support against hostile he met the italian prime minister in rome and will travel to germany and france venezuelan opposition leader one is leading a meeting of the national assembly the first since trying to get support from the military against the president last week at least four people were killed and hundreds injured after two days of street protests. those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now on al-jazeera it's risking it all for.
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thanks. glenn.


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