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well we will. bring it. out. tens of thousands flee their homes in northern syria as the military offensive on it intensifies. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up to reuters journalists are released from jail in me and one of the meets his child for the first time last. protest in istanbul as election officials order a rerun of the city's mayoral vote after the opposition won. i'm done. one hundred years off to help the presence of the former first lady eva peron can
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still be found all over argentina. you know tens of thousands of people are fleeing syria's last rebel stronghold as government troops launch a furious advance with the support of russian app power the u.n. is calling for an urgent deescalation in northwestern syria where airstrikes have killed at least twenty civilians the rebels are promising to fight back and say no to has more now from beirut. it's a worsening humanitarian situation in northwest syria there are reports of up to one hundred fifty thousand people on the move heading north towards the border with turkey escaping what has been described as the fiercest bombardment in months. and only brought what we can we have nothing. syrian and russian planes are
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continuing to target villages across southern and northern hama it's been more than a week now dozens of civilians have been killed the united nations is calling for an urgent deescalation and a recommitment to the cease fire especially after schools and health facilities were targeted the u.n. is closely monitoring the situation. militarists there are contingency plans. being revised in terms of supply hunting but at the same time there are also reports. of their operations. in the region syrian government troops have for the first time pushed into rebel territory taking some ground in northwest hama but it's only the beginning of what is expected to be a difficult and costly battle. where you know nothing. is against political blackmail or under military pressure and yet time by the russians to enter your and they were right to land will be met with fire the next bazza will be
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fateful our enemies will be surprised. how. long with. groups are the dominant force in this area they have refused to abide by the ceasefire agreed by turkey and russia last september russia and syria say the military campaign is against those so-called radical groups but those fighters are embedded among the civilian population russia has accused turkey of not fulfilling its commitment to clear a demilitarized zone from the so-called radical groups and open highways that link city. held by the government but turkish officials argue a war with the two to share meant other armed groups would only endanger the lives of civilians has been trying to push for a negotiated solution now the syrian army and its allies are trying to forcibly dislodge them at least from the hammock countryside and a few kilometers into an area that was supposed to be a buffer zone the army hasn't announced the scope of its operations but there is no
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indication it involves recapturing the entire province especially since turkey continues to have a military presence there and still maintain a strong alliance with russia and of. beirut when i can speak to caroline adding she's a syria advocacy director at world vision she joins us live from amman in jordan to give us an idea of the scale of this refugee problem has been created by this intensified bombing in syria where we seen just in the last week one hundred fifty thousand people have fled their homes along that front line area in southern italy moving northward through the governor and a lot of those people will have already been displaced at least once or maybe more their families have been forced to flee from other areas by what's been almost continuous fighting in some of these areas for the last eight years of conflict so now hundred fifty thousand people moving into northern ireland to areas completely overwhelmed to be honest already with families have been displaced so she managed and struggling to provide just basic things like ten's and blankets and food and
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water to those families are arriving more people are coming every day what about what was on the move are they safe any safer kind of moving than they are under the bombardment. i mean you know have people taken their lives in their hands often whether they label whether they stay i think people have made a judgment that intense fighting at the moment and it's so unfortunate off to a period of relative calm after a cease fire that was agreed this huge violence started up again causing civilian casualties attacks on civilian infrastructure so people are picking up with it so they can carry in moving the north is the governor current is is relatively safe but the challenge there as i say is just a complete lack of shelter you'll have people sleeping outdoors people without enough to eat and as more people arrive that just can be more and more of a challenge to those a bit about children as honest and. colleagues i mean seeing lots of children on the move on the road. as he said well vision as is the child for this organization
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and that's one of the biggest concerns for us about half the population of india the children so a huge number of those fleeing kids and their children tell us they tell apart is that that's terrified they've been terrified of being forcibly their hands again they're terrified at the airstrikes in the violence that terrified of losing their family members and we know that they really vulnerable in these difficult conditions on the road as deafening as they're arriving in a crowded displacement camps they're much more vulnerable to the cold it's still quite cold and i hear they're vulnerable to disease that spread that can spread in those camps without proper sanitation so children it really it with care and it's really you know it sounds simple to say but it's really unfair that this is being imposed on children in this area of syria again he's already suffered so much is that this conflict and now being forced to operate their lives free again or to potentially lose their lives and we know the u.n. says that they think children have been killed just over the last week in this moment in time you mention the humanitarian crisis that's ongoing how much help can
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the organizations that are trying to provide assistance give because we hadn't had a whole to report some of the aid and just not able to operate. this is for. some areas along the front lines where it's difficult for humanitarian security but there is a huge aid effort in this area and it's really it's syria and humanitarian workers who are on the ground to bring aid agencies i work vision and support in that effort but it's syrians who are risking their lives to go about it so they still are able to deliver and they're still able to get to people they're moving as people move from frontline areas to displacement camps to other areas they move in with them bringing services with them the biggest challenge really that they're finding at the moment in addition to the insecurity which are so used to having to navigate it's just the sheer numbers of people and the overwhelming needs people are coming with nothing and those aid workers aid agencies on the ground we've already been overwhelmed trying to deal with the crisis in
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a loop so this new displacement and certainly the even more people into space after this is going to be very difficult to deal with so that's why we need more support from the international community in addition to a cease fire to help deal with that carolina ending for world vision thank you very much indeed. thank. you spent sixteen months in the miramar prison for reporting on the military crackdown and atrocities committed against. but the two reuters journalists were alone until some who are now free they returned home to emotional family reunions we wallowed meeting his daughter for the first time when a report on a case that's drawn international condemnation. after almost a year and a half in prison while alone and walked to freedom they left insane prison in yang gone moments after finding out their names were on a list of thousands of inmates to be freed in a presidential amnesty their immediate thoughts were for those closest to them and
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their profession. inside in a freeze in. their own the war is one reason to release says i want to see thank you very much i am really happy and excited to see my family and my colleagues and i can wait a minute right now right out and soon after they were emotional family reunions for the journalists who were arrested in december two thousand and seventeen working for the reuters news agency they were investigating a massacre of rigging you muslims in me and miles west when they were found to be in position of sensitive documents lawyers for the journalists said they were framed despite little evidence presented by the prosecution while alone and who were convicted of violating the official secrets act and sentenced to seven years in prison and they appealed twice unsuccessfully. the case led to an international campaign to have them freed led by their employer we are enormously pleased that
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mean war has released our courageous reporters while on and. since their arrest five hundred eleven days ago they have become symbols of the importance of press freedom around the world we welcome their return much of the international pressure was focused on me and mines leader aung san suu kyi and her party the national league for democracy before forming the government they campaigned for human rights and freedom of speech but throughout the case they refused to speak out in support of the journalists or to amend laws like the official secrets act that critics say are open to abuse we can talk about the n l d you know having very much power over the military they do have power over the laws the have a parliamentary majority if they wanted to they could abolish them and then not the ordeal for a while alone and who has come to an end but it's one that should never have happened to journalists who say they were simply trying to uncover the truth when hey al-jazeera bangkok. sudan's ruling military are expected to publish their plans
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shortly for a proposed transitional period for handing over to civilian rule there in a major public pressure to give up control of the country almost a month after they ousted former president omar bashir he's been in charge for nearly thirty years opposition leaders are waiting for a response after presenting the military with draft documents proposing a way forward. but israel is supreme court has ordered the prosecution of seven opposition politicians who supported last week's failed uprising organized it by one door it comes as going to address the opposition controlled national assembly six days after failing to persuade the military to change sides and turn on president nicolas maduro military police stopped journalists from entering the assembly and reportedly harassed opposition politicians. turkish presidential type bedouin has defended the decision to rerun is temple's merril election as thousands took to the streets in protest this demonstration happened on
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monday night after turkey's election authority ruled there were irregularities in the march vote the candidate of the main opposition party the c.h.p. became is temple's mayor after the poll before that the city had been run by the president's act party for twenty five years at once as the election was affected by organized crime and serious corruption charges will return to the polls on the twenty third of june. their lives earn it my fellow citizens they try to take away the elections we won on the evening of march there's one they've tried to steal why . i'm calling on those who made that trichuris decision at the supreme election council believe me i will save even the lives of the children and grandchildren through the messages i'm delivering here. carter is pledging four hundred eighty million dollars to support palestinians in gaza and the west bank it comes as a ceasefire between israeli and palestinian groups in the gaza strip appears to be
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holding for a second day twenty five palestinians and four israelis were killed in the cross border fighting and show her name has more from gaza city. you can hear the blaring of car horns instead of airstrikes and fire and you can see gazans are here in the markets children are back in school businesses are open life has resumed in gaza on day two of the ceasefire but if you're a relative of one of the twenty five palestinians who were killed or living in one of the one housing units destroyed life is anything but normal in assist people who have lost everything the government is offering households one thousand dollars in emergency funding qatar has pledged four hundred million dollars to gaza and all of us pay. the be able to see all that. they would be able to for all these this election and they will be rebuilding their
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lives and we will stand by them we are quoting the international community to stand by that be able to because this is one of the apartment buildings destroyed in and israeli airstrike you can see girls pajamas. backpack of bureau pillows sheet strewn throughout the rubble this was the deadliest cycle of violence between hamas and israel since the gaza war in two thousand and fourteen and there's a feeling that this call him as it's referred to is only temporary we spoke to a political analyst here and he feels that israel is biding its time and will respond with greater force later bear in mind that in twenty fourteen five israelis died during this latest cycle of violence that number was for this week israelis are focusing on celebrating memorial and then their national day next
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week tel aviv is hosting the euro vision music competition and so for now here in gaza people are focusing on celebrating the beginning of the muslim month of ramadan very much happy for the temporary pause or however temporary pause this may be in violence ever mindful of the fact that it could be only a matter of time until the seas fire collapses. still ahead this hour our voters go to the polls tomorrow in south africa's general election we'll look at why the ruling a.n.c. is losing support. and the drought in anger that's left more than two million people struggling to get enough food.
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and over a cold day is continuing to push its way across europe it's now past hungary where it's given us a fair amount of snow as well a very wintry scene there in the north north of that cold air is now pushing further eastward or behind this area of cloud here which is giving us in fairly heavy downpours and some strong winds as well towards the west we've got the next weather system that's pushing its way in and this is going to give some fairly heavy rain as we head through the next couple of days so on wednesday some very wet weather through parts of the british isles and down through parts of france just about into the northern parts of spader's well and then that spreads further east towards over parts of scandinavia and down through italy so clearly a lot of wet weather but of a change for us then turning definitely wetter windier not quite as cold as it has been though with paris getting to around fourteen degrees for the other side of the mediterranean the temperatures here have dropped for some of us as well for cairo being pretty hot over the past few days from wednesday all maximum temperature will just be around twenty seven and it will stay that way as we head into thursday
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elsewhere plenty of fine weather to be seen with her bats getting to around twenty two degrees the central belt of africa will see a bit more action in the line of showers bunty of them over parts of uganda and stretching west. zero world goes on an incredible journey through firsthand accounts and extraordinary archive footage to the cities of palestine as they were before nine hundred forty eight and the impact the creation of israel had on the. witness the vibrant commercial and cultural values of black and white fire up close and the heritage that many of today's palestinians have never known lost cities of palestine on al-jazeera.
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amount of the top stories here on jazeera one hundred fifty thousand syrians have been forced from their homes as government planes backed by russia continued to bomb parts of it live province at least twenty civilians have died in a strike. to reuters journalists jailed in man ma have been released after a presidential pardon they'd been serving a seven year prison sentence but our investigation into the rohingya crackdown. turkish prison to one has defended the decision to rerun istanbul's merril election which comes after officials on monday ruled there were irregularities in the earlier march vote which was won by c.h.p. party candidate a crimean member. libya's u.n.
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recognized government is accusing the united arab emirates of directly supporting warlord holly for hafta prime minister. is in europe seeking support against have to as military campaign to take the capital tripoli has met italian prime minister the contrary in rome and will travel to germany and france. the international court of justice is here in qatar as case against the united arab emirates for violating human rights because government says the u.a.e. targeted its citizens when they expelled all categories and stopped them from entering the u.a.e. after the twenty seven thousand blockade u.a.e. claims qatar is hampering amorality efforts trim prove the situation something qatar denies stephanie decker has more from the hague. it is the second time in the history of the international court of justice that a respondent is coming up with a case requesting provisional measures what does that mean while. one initial let's say step of the international court saying that the u.a.e. needed to allow the students back into the country needed to allow the renewed
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cation of families because of course when the blockade started the emirates gave cup to the citizens fourteen days to leave the country it's become a very personal issue of what is a political spot well we are now expecting the emirates to present what they want to see going forward which are things that include they allege that qatar is blocking a website that allows called the citizens to apply for visas and also a clampdown on the all jazeera news channel seoul be hearing from the emirates will be hearing from caught and then the court will go away and think about it the bottom line is this it is now almost two years since the blockade in countries closed air land and sea access to qatar also expelling its citizens has become a very personal issue qatar says that what the court suggested still hasn't been implemented and this is the top court in the world when it comes to resolving disputes between states both sides of employed the top lawyers trying to resolve this in a legal framework but certainly at the moment there seems to be no sign that the
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blockade is going to end anytime soon. member states of the arctic council have failed to agree on a final declaration for the first time in more than twenty years because the u.s. refused to include the term climate change delegate said there would be no joint statement after two days of talks in finland instead u.s. secretary of state might pump a welcome to the melting of arctic sea ice telling way for me to put it opens new passageways and opportunities for trade meeting of eight nations was expected to frame a two year agenda to balance the challenge of global warming with sustainable development of mineral wealth. german luxury car make a porsche has been fined almost six hundred million dollars the cheating on diesel emissions testing is the latest penalty for his owner the folks group after he admitted to tampering with vehicles to hide pollution levels the four year legal case has cost the company move thirty three billion dollars. a lack of rainfall in
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angola has plunged more than two million people into a food security crisis with thousands of children being treated for malnutrition global oil prices of hit the economy hard leaving less money for relief efforts i mean john durham reports. for maria and her family this is a daily task here in angola southern couldn't province they're taking what they need for cleaning cooking and drinking if they can find water finally they come across some rainwater collected in a hole dug by road builders despite it being unclean they are overtaken by first. we drink this water safety gates cows ducks and pay nice along with all the animals we also consume this water even though animals deficit in urine and head to the united nations agency for children unicef says recent rainfall in angola has been
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erratic and below what's expected. and that's worsening an already severe drought two point three million people are now struggling to get enough food in the southern province of crude in which borders namibia unicef says the approximate number of people in need has tripled from two hundred fifty thousand in january to eight hundred fifty thousand in march maria and her family are among them but. as of today they've even found enough water to wash their clothes. angola's president declared a state of emergency in january and acknowledges people need help. this year we are concerned with the upcoming months especially the next four to five months until october which is the time the rains begin we believe that until then the situation we saw in namibia and k'naan will get worse therefore the emergency program should be expanded so that we no longer lose cattle and human lives in this region. the oil producing country has suffered an economic crisis
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since oil prices fell five years ago and unicef says the government led response isn't getting the funds it needs leaving maria and her family and many others facing a struggle that's only getting worse mohammed al jazeera. has just one day to go until south africa holds its general election the african national congress the party of nelson mandela has won all previous five votes current president is expected to win again for the a.n.c. but a series of public scandals has dented its popularity from tim miller as more from cape town. on prime real estate along cape town's waterfront is a bolding that was once a medical residence it became vacant when the city moved its nurses out in twenty fifteen two years later people who had nowhere else to live moved in one of them is sixty nine year olds to see their mother bella or to sit in
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a question you can give a wherever you would like to be. there's no rich or poor people we are all the same and made it out to stay in the city. in a group here the conditions are not great sanitation is poor and space is a cramped despite the government building millions of free homes south africa still has a shortage of two point three million as other africans prepared to vote they are a number of issues that may influence who they vote for land ownership and the redistribution of wealth rising unemployment and a poorly performing economy are just some of the concerns that people want the government to address the governing african national congress has been plagued by one corruption scandal after another it led to the resignation of president jacob zuma. as the party works to renew its image under the leadership of so roma
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pour some it's also fighting a declining support it's battling not only its traditional opposition to the democratic alliance but also a rise in populist voices like that of julius malema of the economic freedom fighters the one six percent of the vote in its first election and polls suggest that support could double a greater number of small parties are emerging good is led by patricia dillo who form the party after splitting from the democratic alliance a n c one of the old parties they have perfect accord option the d. . they only need the all party to prove take out that there really they don't care about the poor and what we need you need an alternative in this country that stand up for the who are there fight for social justice the a.n.c. spent much of the campaign like managing its mistakes and asking its supporters for
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forgiveness commentators expect the party the hang on to power but it's not clear how comfortable a majority it will have. al-jazeera caped on. argentinians a marking one hundred years since the birth of iconic former first lady eva peron properly known as if he took a champion of women's rights she died at the height of her fame at the age of just thirty three and as daniel shawn the reports from the capital one is aries it is legacy shows no sign of fading. everyone she once said her greatest fear in life was to be forgotten one hundred years after her birth one hundred of eaters marched to the center of one osiris to ensure that they have it better on is remembered. as a core whole lopez a young beautiful woman an actress she was an example of what a woman can be. the name in the image of the former first lady still shine in all
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corners of argentina books a store written about schools hospitals and restaurants are named after this dessert concocted in her honor that i had there were incorporating the image the figure of the values she represented the sensibility her main value was her sensibility which is necessary to overcome the difficult times are facing now david walker he was born in the seventh of may one thousand nine hundred in the argentine countryside a wealthy father abandoned the family to poverty aged fifteen she sought and found fame and fortune as an actress in one osiris there she met the rising politician then labor minister. at a function to raise money for earthquake victims the rest as they say is history instead of being a woman fighting for social justice for equality she was taken into the hearts of the argentine people and aspired to the universal story and today everyone here in argentina remembers her the couple married in one thousand nine hundred five and
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the following year he became president of argentina a plane skinny girl with prominent teeth transformed herself into a glamour icon both revere and despised she was something of an enigma while she was alive a champion of the poor wearing fur was a fighter for women's rights in a man's world a showbiz superstar ahead of a time sixty seven years after her death that attraction that influence remains just as strong. former president improbable candidate in this year's elections. christina for the ndis the kitchener describes there is an inspiration in a way i think that inspires the new struggles and today you can see that many of those movements many of these stretched into streets you have young people with addition we did. a sign we did and i still think about it. still emulated sometimes denigrated however envy to put on one hundred years after her
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birth has very clearly not been forgotten. the show on the road is era one of cyrus. and quick mind you can catch up anytime with all our stories on our website out zero dot com. from one of the top stories on our syria more than one hundred fifty thousand syrians have been forced from their homes as government planes backed by russia continued to bomb parts of it live province at least twenty civilians have died in air strikes the u.n. has called for an urgent the escalation in violence to reuters journalists jailed in myanmar have been released after a presidential pardon. and torso who spent sixteen months in prison for reporting on the military crackdown and atrocities committed against rangar they returned home to emotional family reunions with one of the meeting his daughter for the
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first time the u.n. called the release good news but says the situation for journalists in myanmar is still dire. we remain concerned about flaws in the judicial process that led to their conviction in the first place and this case is one of many where restrictive legislation has been used to limit freedom of the press and to silence dissent in the country there have been more recent cases i have quite a few of them here the editor of the irrawaddy news was arrested in april. and prosecuted for having express dissent or criticism of institutions in myanmar libya's un recognized government is accusing the united arab emirates of directly supporting warlord holly for have to organise to fire sarah is in europe seeking support against have to as military campaign to take the capital tripoli he met the italian prime minister two separate country in rome and will travel to germany and
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france the world health organization says recent fighting in libya has killed more than four hundred people and israel is supreme court has ordered the prosecution of seven opposition politicians who supported last week's failed uprising organized by one door which comes as a quarter or dress the opposition controlled national assembly six days after failing to persuade the military to change sides and turn on president nicolas maduro military police stopped journalists from entering the assembly and reportedly harassed opposition politicians. what more news in just under thirty minutes time the stream is up next to stay with us here now to their place for a short you see a bit. i
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mean ok and i'm really could be could bring violence back to ireland today we're discussing how an armed group is using britain's exit from europe to recruit disaffected youth join the conversation tweet us stream or leave your comments in our live you tube chat and you will be in the stream. last month the island marks the twenty first anniversary of the belfast agreement the a cool water also known as the good friday agreement is widely credited with bringing peace to northern ireland after thirty years of violence but could practice it undo it all an armed group known as the new ira responsible.


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