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kurdistan on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. i'm come out santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera sudan's military rulers saying there could be elections within six months if there's no agreement on a transition plan with the opposition also fleeing for their lives thousands of syrians leave it labe as government forces and their russian allies bomb the rebel held province the cia warns an arab or pro-democracy activist living under asylum in norway faces a threat to his life from saudi arabia. it may not be all
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song and dance for south africa's president as he battles to restore the voters trust in the african national congress and in sport a stunning comeback livable beat barcelona four three in the second leg to reach the champions league five. hello everyone there's been a twist in the stalemate in sudan the military role is there a saying they actually may call for an election within six months if they don't reach an agreement with the opposition at a news conference in the capital khartoum army spokesman said the military agreed with part of the opposition's proposal for a transitional government but they added differences remain over the length of the transitional period and who will eventually lead the country the military is under pressure to give up control of sudan almost a month after it ousted the former president ahmed al bashir had been in charge for
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nearly thirty years. well in our estimate there document represents a genuine will towards finding an exit for the country that will lead to democracy stability and freedom and justice. we agree with regard to the general structure of the form of government to lead a transitional period based on the sovereign council will executive under the judiciary in addition to other complementary struck just wanna have a look at what the opposition coalition is proposing as its vision of the transition to civilian rule and it documented submitted to the military it said it wants the four year transitional period it wants a presidential sovereign council made up with a civilian majority which would also include an executive council headed by a prime minister the legislative assembly or parliament would be made of between one hundred twenty one hundred sixty members and they want forty percent of those to be women so that is what the opposition wants finally story an independent jury
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i should say so that's what they want mediation to missteps in there between the two sides after that document was presented in this is what it's proposing a two year transitional period a transitional council with a civilian majority but headed by the military a defense council made up of a military majority and with some civilian representation and finally it in visit is an executive council and legislative assembly or parliament so some stark differences there i'm going to talk in our last minute about that and more is a protester and member of the comeback of smear and which is the movement against violence towards women in sudan joining us on skype from khartoum and we thank you for your time what i just read out there these differing views of the future of sudan doesn't it just show that the military and the opposition are still very far apart even though they are talking and negotiating.
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thank you for your program. east and justice bill government is that the people in this area in front of the military. and it seems like still they are far away from a full agreement but. it seems like they're not the lock there so negotiations that are going to continue on and be brought this is going to stay in front of them but that he kept quiet and they're not moving anywhere and so i mean even even with. that that frankly having not even sorry to interrupt or even with ramadan starting just the early days of ramadan the people are happy to stay out there in protests throughout the day when they're fasting. exactly that process and they had a lot of stronger and better more support that it's bhansali that it t.
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and they are nothing's being changed now except that they out of all our existing who do that you know they are still. waiting there and nothing is being that is not yet it's getting up and i think so they are there. to secure. the other five. but they still they have got. to make it more easier for them but that is think there that much more being. that still. for the the man will be met. generally very there do you worry that some of that a deal one the mess actually i mean i know the protest movement is very strong and it is very resolute but the military seems to be very well it's holding its
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position as well yeah but the stiliyan are minute that it come up and i think when this number all media and people are in this and they say that but by and that we're then. they are more scared of anything and they are ready to meet what they have but. that is happening so just like their story that i'm there and that is not that anyone is saying the same thing you could buy all the important young children we're meant meant they are staying the same thing so you just like it seems like. you're just waiting. for something to happen but i think that by then we're being equal the stupid yet there's a bennies people know what our summer thank you so much for your time thank you for
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joining us. now tens of thousands of people are fleeing syria as the last rebel held province amid a widening government offensive backed by russian air power the u.n. is calling for an urgent deescalation in northwestern syria where strikes have killed at least twenty civilians and the rebels there promising to fight back xenophobia has more from beirut. it's a worsening humanitarian situation in northwest syria there are reports of up to one hundred fifty thousand people on the move heading north towards the border with turkey escaping what has been described as the fiercest bombardment in months. and we only brought what we can we have nothing but syrian and russian planes are continuing to target villages across southern and northern hama it's been more than a week now dozens of civilians have been killed the united nations is calling for an urgent deescalation and
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a recommitment to the cease fire especially after schools and health facilities were targeted the u.n. is closely monitoring the situation in the militarists there are contingency plans in place and. in terms of supply hunting but at the same time we are also reports. of their operations. in the region syrian government troops have for the first time pushed into rebel territory taking some ground in northwest and it's only the beginning of what is expected to be a difficult and costly battle. against political blackmail under military pressure by the russians to enter our pure and they were right to land will be met with fire the next box will be fateful hour and it will be surprised what you see. along with.
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groups are the dominant force in this area they have refused to abide by the ceasefire agreed by turkey and russia last september russia and syria say the military campaign is against those so-called radical groups but those fighters are embedded among the civilian population russia has accused turkey of not fulfilling its commitment to clear a demilitarized zone from the so-called radical groups and open. highways that link cities held by the government but turkish officials argue a war with. other armed groups would only endanger the lives of civilians and has been trying to push for a negotiated solution. now the syrian army and its allies are trying to forcibly dislodge them at least from the hammock countryside and a few kilometers into an area that was supposed to be a buffer zone the army hasn't announced the scope of its operations but there is no indication it involves recapturing the entire province especially since turkey continues to have a military presence there and still maintain
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a strong alliance with russia. beirut. who's the syria advocacy director of world vision and he told us aid agencies are really struggling to provide for the thousands of civilians fleeing syria. we're seeing just in the last week one hundred fifty thousand people have fled their homes along that front line area in southern italy moving north with through the governor and a lot of those people will have already been displaced at least once or maybe more their families have been forced to flee from other areas by what's been almost continuous fighting in some of these areas for the last eight years of conflict so now hundred fifty thousand people moving into northern italy up to areas completely overwhelmed to be honest already with families have been displaced so if you managed care and struggling to provide its just basic things like tents and blankets and food emotions those families are arriving more people are coming every day you know have people taken their lives in their hands often whether they label whether they stay i think people have made
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a judgment that intense fighting at the moment and it's so unfortunate off to a period of relative calm after a cease fire that was agreed this huge violence started up again causing civilian casualties attacks on civilian infrastructure so people are picking up with it so they can carry in moving the north is the governor current is is relatively safe but the challenge there as i say is just a complete lack of shelter you have people sleeping outdoors people without enough to eat and as more people arrive that's just going to be more and more of a challenge about half the population of india the children so a huge number of those fleeing kids and their children and tell us they tell apart is that that's terrified they've been terrified of being forcibly the hands again they're terrified of the strikes in the violence that terrified of losing their family members and we know that they're really vulnerable in these difficult conditions on the road as deafening as they're arriving and i have a crowded displacement camps they're much more vulnerable to the cold it's still
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quite cold and i hear they're vulnerable to diseases spread that can spread in those camps without proper sanitation so children are really at risk aaron it's really you know it sounds simple to say but it's really unfair that this is being imposed on children in this area of syria again who's already suffered so much through the isn't this conflict now being forced to operate their lives fully again or to potentially lose their lives and we know that the un says that they think children have been killed just over the last week in this month. here's what we've got coming up for you on this news hour the united nations calls for an end to foreign interference in the libyan conflict we're looking into why the european union is expressing its support for iran despite the latest u.s. sanctions novak djokovic celebrates his two hundred and fifty a week as the world number one does it in style the details coming up at simon's.
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u.n. secretary general is calling for an end to all foreign interference in libya a security council committee is the stablish that the united arab emirates gave military support to the county for half his forces for years violating and embargo under schapelle has more. look. a series of drone strikes near the libyan capital last month is being investigated by a u.n. panel of experts at least six nighttime raids were carried out striking military camps of forces loyal to the internationally recognized government. photos of fragments from those strikes analyzed by weapons experts point to a chinese weapon system known to be operated by the united arab emirates a key backer of warlord tarr who is currently leading the offensive on tripoli. united nations monitors have repeatedly accused the gulf state of violating the weapons ban in support of have to his forces last week the u.a.e.
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minister of state for foreign affairs anwar garg os said that abu dhabi's priority in libya is to counter extremism and terrorism and support stability he also claim that extremist militias continue to control the capital and are derailing a search for a political solution well libya's foreign minister has responded saying that such remarks are a tool of war and undermine the efforts of building a democratic civilian state indicating the glaring contradiction of the u.a.e. minister's remarks in which on one side he confirms his country's support for stability in libya while at the same time he supports the war on tripoli and ignores that what have tart is doing in tripoli is outright terrorism. the un security council has assessed that have air forces are too old to bomb at night so to carry out nighttime raids someone would have had to violate a longstanding arms embargo. security council experts believe the u.a.e. is flying chinese made drones out of air base in eastern libya a u.s. c.
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report from twenty seventeen also details the ways the u.a.e. has violated the embargo for years the u.n. asking the emirates he's to explain why they transferred attack helicopters and other aircraft capable of dropping laser guided bombs to air bases under have to control along with armored vehicles and hundreds of non armored vehicles that can easily be mounted with machine guns and other heavy weapons you have to fight and i heard of a lot of it was well that we this is a neutral committee that works under the u.n. report clearly shows that the u.a.e. and in particular. not anyone else in the u.s. has violated the embargo and supplied half there with weapons that were delivered on saudi ships we have evidence this is not just talk we seized weapons that were manufactured in twenty. as reports are published and the u.n. writes letters of concern fears are only growing that libya is heading towards a full blown civil war and you should help al jazeera. the cia has warned norway
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that a palestinian activist an asylum seeker living there is facing a threat to his life from saudi arabia but that he has been under the protection of norwegian police since april twenty fifth he is a prominent critic of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon and spoke to us earlier on tuesday. most of my activities in the last two years have been to focus on the human rights violations in saudi arabia this became even more so after the killing of my dear friend. this is when my work became even more focused of course there are a number of issues that could be the reason they are targeting me but i can't reveal these issues until i coordinate with the authorities. let's take you back and look at how saudi arabia has tried to suppress dissenting voices at home and abroad in recent years of course the murder of jamal khashoggi at the saudi consulate in october the cia has reportedly confirmed mohammed bin salman had a hand in the killing and the kingdom has faced a lot of international criticism but the backlash was apparently not enough to
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dissuade the kingdom from more persecution just last month you had the execution of thirty seven men many of whom had taken part in anti-government demonstrations earlier in april eight activists some of them supportive of women's rights were jailed in saudi arabia the campaign of persecution goes back as far as twenty fifteen when three princes who publicly voiced criticism of the kingdom disappeared while abroad evidence shows they may have been abducted and then flown back to the kingdom so let's talk to ali now director of the institute for gulf affairs he's based in washington and joining us. thanks for your time let's talk first of all. about daddy under the protection of norwegian police for a few weeks now what might actually happen here i mean presumably while he's there he's safe but the cia clearly thinks there's enough of a threat. it is thinking of a threat the saudi government has been. thank you bench it tracking its
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critics kidnapping killing them not only daddy in london. don't study. protests saudi arabia was in london is also and have police protection and in those locations. tells you how far out of ten. the saudi government is willing to go to challenge. it no other way because he criticizes them so i imagine the condition of risking. opera the country is like myself. this is. i mean how much of a threat our people like this i think of shoji as well who obviously had a big platform the washington post but essentially he wasn't doing anything other than writing and it seems the same here with a yacht and so many others it seems the words are enough to to to to bring about
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such a severe reactions from the saudis this is absolutely key so yes they do not tolerate words and. the saying goes. don't worry we will not cut your head we will cut your time so you look the way they will they will. track you if you could to says it's enough for. a single. and the personality of a human is and stable and he has a personality that does not like this is why he has been very violent action you make a really good point reminding us that saudi arabia is an absolute monarchy to the point where can anyone actually do anything about it when you've got a country that has its own rules that is somewhat isolated somewhat closed off and operates in this way it's hard to see how any pressure could come from from other
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countries do you think you can i think if there is a will in the us in the u.k. to do it it would happen but let's be honest it was not because the better. the country would have to change it will change you can't maintain this type of system absolute monarchy in extremis it absolute some extent up time because it's a kingdom it's the kingdom silence. you cannot maintain that system whatever it's unsustainable and it will have to collapse. joining us from washington many thanks for your time to appreciate it i think now iran is planning to cut back on some voluntary commitments under the nuclear deal however foreign minister zarif says tehran will remain part of the agreement
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washington reimposed to sanctions on iran since it withdrew from the pact last year our diplomatic editor james bates has all but details now from the u.n. iran is using the anniversary of the u.s. pulling out of the nuclear deal to announce what it says are its own countermeasures now we don't believe that iran will be completely pulling out of the deal itself but it's going to try and ease some of the constraints on it particularly regarding research and development these were the comments over the reining in delegates at a nuclear related meeting here at the u.n. in accordance with its recognized rights in the way we soon dopped appropriate measures to preserve its supreme national interest. iran has never abandoned its in a little better right to nuclear technology and will never do so in the future the u.s. will be responsible for any consequences of its or reckless policies against the
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chase if you weigh the iranian state news agency says the president has done rouhani will be writing to the five remaining signatories of the deal the u.k. france germany china and russia they are bastards of those five countries and to ron will be invited into the foreign ministry to be briefed by the deputy foreign minister and the foreign minister of iran mohammed job it is a relief will be right to get technical note to the e.u.'s foreign policy chief federica mo greenie the one country that won't be briefed by iran of course is the united states it's put more military resources into the persian gulf tensions are unlikely to decrease any time soon well the european union has voiced its criticism of the u.s. decision not to allow some countries to continue buying iranian oil running current sales have already fallen half since the us pulled out of the nuclear deal about reports now from paris since donald trump pulled the u.s. out of the iran deal one year ago european leaders have been battling to save it
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this week britain germany france and the e.u. foreign ministers criticize washington's decision to end sanctions waivers for some iranian oil exports to countries including china and india in a joint statement they said the lifting of nuclear related sanctions aims at having a positive impact not only on trade and economic relations with iran but most importantly on the lives of the of iranian people in february the e.u. launched a new payment mechanism called instax to allow e.u. companies to continue trading with iran and bypass u.s. sanctions by avoiding transfers in dollars the east foreign policy chief told the un security council that ensuring regional security was the block's priority our collective security requires a solid. multilateral architecture for nonproliferation and disarmament this is why the european union has worked and will continue to work to preserve the nuclear
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deal with iran the e.u. says in states will it first be used for trade in humanitarian items including food and medicine managed by germany and overseen by a board in the u.k. the system is headquartered in france's finance ministry the prime minister is unlikely to persuade multinationals like french oil giant sotto how to resume trade with iran and risk u.s. penalties but some analysts say that in stakes is still very important because it sends the message to the u.s. and to iran that the e.u. still wants to maintain the twenty fifteen accord i don't also enable the european union to find new ways of misnaming the u.s. is great on international trade for six cutters a growing what's important is the e.u. strategy because today there's a problem with u.s. sanctions on iran but tomorrow it could be cuba russia or venezuela so the europeans are building tools to allow the e.u. to overcome what they see as an acceptable u.s. dominance in the global marketplace that they can acknowledge that your plus as
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tensions escalate between the u.s. and iran european leaders are caught in the middle washington has sent an aircraft carrier group to the gulf and accused iran of threatening american troops iran's reported to be reconsidering its commitment to parts of the accord on tuesday french presidential sources indicated that if tehran violates the deal the e.u. would be forced to reimpose sanctions the deal they fought so hard to save looks increasingly fragile natasha buckler al-jazeera paris let's look at south africa now which will be voting for a new parliament on wednesday and what we want to do is take you through the three main parties to look out for we start with the governing african national congress the a.n.c. led by president ford he is promising to tackle corruption and deal with revitalizing that. stagnant economy the opposition democratic alliance party it has its first black leader his name is mostly man the polls suggest it may be losing
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ground amongst the wealthy a base which it usually has and then finally you've got the economic freedom fighters party led by julius malema won six percent of the vote in twenty fourteen third largest party in parliament it has policies including mine nationalization and taking land without compensation to give it to the poor by minimal has more on all of this now from typed up. on prime real estate along cape town's waterfront is a building that was once a medical residence it became vacant when the city moved its nurses out in twenty fifteen two years later people who had nowhere else to live moved in one of them a sixty nine year old sicilian mother bella went to sit in class you can leave a wherever you like to be. there's no rich or poor people we are all the same and to stay in the city. in
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a group here the conditions are not great sanitation is poor and space is a cramped despite the government building millions of free homes south africa still has a shortage of two point three million as of africans prepared to vote they are a number of issues that may influence who they vote for land ownership and the redistribution of wealth rising unemployment and a poorly performing economy or just some of the concerns that people want the government to address the governing african national congress has been plagued by one corruption scandal after another it led to the resignation of president jacob zuma. as the party works to renew its image under the leadership of so roma pour some it's also fighting a declining support it's back not only its traditional opposition democratic alliance but also a rise in populist voices like that of julius malema of the economic freedom
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fighters the one six percent of the vote in its first election and poll suggests that support could double a greater number of small parties are emerging good is led by patricia dillo who form the party after splitting from the democratic alliance a n c one of the old parties they have perfect accord option the d. . they only need the all party to probe take that really they don't care about the poor and what we need you need an alternative in this country that stand up for the poor in their fight for social justice the a.n.c. spent much of the campaign like managing its mistakes and asking its supporters for forgiveness commentators expect the party the hang on to power but it's not clear how comfortable a majority it will have. al-jazeera caped on. still ahead for you on this news hour
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. cultures on the streets but turkey's president defends the decision to hold a rerun to elect istanbul's mayor after the death of a journalist last month a new round of talks begin. again in northern ireland and in sport australia's biggest rugby star learns his fate at a disciplinary hearing santa will have a story like. hello there we're expecting more severe storms over parts of north america over the next few days so thanks to this weather system here it's already given us a few tornadoes some damaging winds and some very large hail stones as well and the system is only slowly edging its way eastwards and as it does so it's going to continue to feed us with some severe weather so most at risk then is texas over
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houma and into kansas that's where we're most likely of seeing the old tornado over the next couple of days that system is tapping into the moisture from the gulf of mexico so for many of us here we're going to see a lot of rain over the next day or so and the ground for some of us is already waterlogged so the rain won't be needed towards the west it is coming here to san francisco will be getting to around twenty seven degrees for the central americas a good deal of cloud in the southern half of our map but here there will also be a little bit of sunshine coming through in between further north where it looks clara there will be more in the way of sunshine but i think for some of us particularly in cuba there's a chance of say want to call the shop showers later on during the day and talking of heavy showers there's been plenty of them over parts of parable i am the northern parts of argentina recently yet more wet weather is expected here as we head through wednesday and it sticks around for thursday as well.
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how have you changed since he was seven. charting the lives of the children of apartheid over twenty one. each story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight up south africa three are now does iraq. russia has jeopardized the united states' security interests we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking. good what's the picture from the inside. still i think russia's foreign policy is too soft to us russian goals have be achieved not listen to the full russian coming soon on all jersey.
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on the news on here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories today military rules are saying they may call an election within six months if they don't reach an agreement with the opposition at a news conference in khartoum they admitted differences remain over who will eventually lead the country tens of thousands of people are fleeing syria's last rebel held province of it lately made a widening government offensive backed by russia the u.n. is calling for an urgent deescalation northwestern syria where strikes have killed at least twenty civilians and the cia's means no way that a palestinian activists activist who is seeking asylum is facing
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a threat to his life from saudi arabia as he has been under police process protection since april twenty fifth is a critic of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sultan. venezuela's supreme court has ordered the prosecution of seven politicians who supported last week's call for an uprising by the opposition they don't want on tuesday he addressed the opposition controlled national assembly six days after failing to persuade the military to change sides and to turn on president nicolas maduro in a tree police stopped journalists from entering the assembly also the u.s. is lifting sanctions on venezuela's former chief of intelligence after he broke ranks with president a us vice president my parents made that announcement at the annual washington conference on the americas it is time for the supreme court in venezuela to return to its founding purpose. if the supreme court of venezuela does not return
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to its constitutional mandate to uphold the rule of law the united states of america will hold all twenty five of its magistrates accountable for their actions so i came today to be very clear united states of america will continue to exert all diplomatic and economic pressure to bring about a peaceful transition of democracy in venezuela but to those who continue to oppress the good people of venezuela know this all options are on the table too i suppose in caracas not to talk us through some of this i guess what we see from my pants there is the tough line which he in the white house is holding but also in the case of the former chief of intelligence saying hey will lift sanctions you you do the right thing what we believe to be the right thing and we'll help you out. well most definitely what's happening in
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venezuela after what happened a week ago when and why though appeared in a military base not far away from where we are surrounded by members of the military initially believed to be an uprising even one way though said by the government of motherhood it was over well he had the knowledge to recently that they failed to convince members of the military to rise against mother were the leadership remains loyal to one of the widow and of what we're seeing from the united states it's also an attempt to going to give benefits to members of the military to show that if they're on the right side. there who have benefits and in this case it sanctions since two thousand and fourteen dozens of members of the government of the mother were to have been sanctioned by the united states and what happened today is mike pence announcing by high ranking members an intelligence officer that rebel against my the widow who is in hiding right now the sanctions against him have been lifted so most definitely shows that you know the united
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states continues to support why the locals are peering at the natural assembly this tuesday who continues to challenge the government of nikolai's model but has not yet but what the it's not yet very clear what the opposition is going to do from now on. he talks a lot about the supreme court there and this has been an interesting development the supreme court ordering the prosecution of seven opposition politicians can you take us through those. well very early today the supreme court announced that they were initiating criminal actions against some members of the national assembly let's not forget that the national assembly in this country that's controlled by the opposition is considered to be in contempt of by the administration of. both lawmakers were accused of rebellion and of treason and later on the constituent assembly that's another legislative body that was created by me and controlled by me mother wouldn't voted to strip from immunity
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those same lawmakers this doesn't mean that they're going to be detained immediately munity was removed last months and the government has been extremely curve full when dealing with opposition lawmakers especially when dealing with one while mike pence was very clear again today that the united states is responsible for why those physical integrity but in spite of this what happened at the constituent assembly today is very meaningful because it removes in a way any type of impediments if the government wanted to detain either while you go off or this lawmakers that were mentioned today so this definitely shows what's happening in venezuela we have seen since that in two thousand and fourteen when the first of violent protests happened here we've seen dozens of political opponents from the administration of my wood or i they're being persecuted detained or many of them were forced to leave the country interesting president is in
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a. caracas thank you. to turkey where the president reject typer one has defended the decision to rerun istanbul's mayoral election even as thousands hit the streets in protest the candidate from the main opposition party the c.h.p. did become the mayor after the march vote but then the election with already ruled there were irregularities in the same cause the early reports from istanbul. if you want to take the pulse of national politics and turkey barbershops are the best places yes in college was the shop in a conservative neighborhood of a stumble called a he says his support at the ruling of parties may your candidate been. in the local elections in march now he's happy with the supreme election council's decision to hold the rerun of that election. one hundred percent i am sure we will win as long as there isn't any wriggle fights as they recounted the votes in two districts the gap narrowed down to half already or i believe been early you'll do
2:39 am
win this time during the may oral campaign istanbul was a battleground for the opposition and the governing party which has ruled the city for twenty five years drowned pull out is a jeweller in istanbul secular district he says the decision to end all the results and remove the opposition's mayor. who won that election is politically much awaited. i think they should have stuck with what was out of the ballot box the ak party claims there are legalities about the ballot box officers the names were assigned earlier where has the higher electoral board been back then we will keep supporting the mayor and when the way out. is stumble is a mosaic of sixteen million citizens diverse in ethnicity insects the city generates at least thirty one percent of the national income earning its reputation as turkey's economy and cultural capital that makes it an attractive target for
2:40 am
political parties and the fact that the margin of victory in the original vote was just. zero point two mental challenge to the result was likely western allies including the e.u. how want turkey's government over its decision to hold a rerun warning the will of the people must be respected the opposition has also objected saying holding another vote is and to democracy but president treasurer paper john insists a repeat quote is the only way to overcome problems in a democracy. they need to convince people with his decision is political or judicial and it can only be done through proper political communication i don't think it will happen but if the opposition wins with a way to get it next time there might be early elections tsunami for now it stumbles citizens will have to the polls on june twenty three it seems the rerun of the stumbles mayoral election will be treated as a general election president down and his supporters claim the loss results are
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illegal and part of a plot against them their positions says it's earned the position through hard work what size believe our win is a stumble well when turkey is next general election in two thousand and twenty three seen ampicillin al-jazeera stumble. the british government's confirmed it will be taking part in the european elections on may twenty third prime minister theresa may was hoping a compromise on her brigs a deal would allow her to call off the u.k.'s participation in the vote tuesday her government also held more talks with the main opposition labor party the two sides still didn't reach an agreement and those talks will continue on wednesday also the president of the e.u. commission says he made a big mistake by staying silent during the u.k.'s brags that referendum in twenty six seconds. mistakenly it was to listen too carefully to the british government can move. because the prime minister asked me not to interfere
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not to intervene in the window or for a nuke of the it was a mistake not to intervene and not to interfere because rian would have been the only ones to destroy the lice which were circulated throughout i was wrong to be silent but an important move. now a british student who was jailed for spying in the u.a.e. has made a formal complaint to the u.k. foreign office over its handling of his case that the head has always denied the allegations against him in advance of clear his name he was pardoned following a campaign by his wife she says the foreign office urged her to keep quiet the british government says it intervened at the right moments to get the academic home hedges was in solitary confinement and all suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder talks aimed at restoring northern ireland's power sharing government have restarted in belfast that's after the new ira
2:43 am
a dissident republican faction admitted to killing the journalist leader mckee in london derry last month and has raised fears of a return to sectarian violence is not in baghban are reports. a smile from the woman who was first minister of northern ireland until the power sharing arrangement fell apart after the first day of tentative talks involving the five major parties arlene foster said her d u p was taking part with a good heart i hope everybody is coming to this process not just the democratic unionist party i hope everybody's coming to this process with a willingness to look forward instead of looking backwards because i think if we look forward then we have a chance to build something again here for the people of northern ireland that's what i want to say how playing on i hope it's what up the other parties want to see happening as well. the stormont assembly arose from the good friday agreement which ended the violence in northern ireland but the assembly has been suspended since january twenty seventh teen the trigger was a scandal over a green energy project when foster refused to step down the late martin mcguinness
2:44 am
then deputy first minister quit his post and power sharing ended now his should faine party the largest nationalist party says a return to devolved government is long overdue we are here to to do the business obviously the current stalemate is now six sceptical and it's not sustainable. there are outstanding issues that need to be resolved we believe they can be resolved but other issues of course in the way of a breakthrough in fein wants a law to protect the irish language and marriage equality for the community something the assembly actually voted for in twenty fifteen for the d u p those are red lines they're not prepared to cross and they like shin fein can veto legislation on such sensitive issues still some observers see signs shifting public opinion could lead to compromise in the current talks clearly people have stated the lack of action in relation to the politicians and we could see that by the
2:45 am
disciplined selections for the middle crime for the first time in northern ireland making him we always think that our politics is for a great annoying self the sceptic right to be and is paid by destroy but nobody's talking about a quick resolution of all the issues which divide the biggest parties here at stormont with european elections coming up later this month any real shift in policy could be a way down the line nadine barber al-jazeera belfast the international court of justice is hearing cutter's case against the united arab emirates for violating human rights his government says the u.a.e. targeted its citizens when it expelled all companies and stopped them from entering the u.a.e. after the twenty seven thousand blockade the u.a.e. claims qatar is hampering amorality efforts to improve the situation which counter denies and stephanie deca has more now from the hague. it is the second time in the history of the international court of justice that a respondent is coming up with a case requesting provisional measures what does that mean well qatada one initial
2:46 am
let's say step of the international court saying that the u.a.e. needed to allow the students back into the country needed to allow the renewed cation of families because of course when the blockade started the emirates gave the citizens fourteen days to leave the country it's become a very personal issue of what is a political spot well we are now expecting the emirates to present what they want to see going forward which are things that include they allege that qatar is blocking a website that allows companies citizens to apply for visas and also a clampdown on the all jazeera news channel seoul be hearing from the emirates will be hearing from caught and then the court will go away and think about it the bottom line is this it is now almost two years since the blockade in countries closed air land and sea access to qatar to also expelling its citizens has become a very personal issue qatar says that what the court suggested still hasn't been implemented and this is the top court in the world when it comes to resolving
2:47 am
disputes between states both sides of employed the top lawyers trying to resolve this in a legal framework but certainly at the moment there seems to be no sign that the blockade is going to end anytime soon. talks aimed at ending the seventeen year conflict in afghanistan have resumed here in qatar after a short break to take in the start of ramadan representatives from the united states government and the taliban have been meeting in doha and jamal shales been following the latest developments there are still two major issues that the taliban and the americans haven't been able to agree upon the in these talks namely how the taliban would be referred to in any final peace treaty that would be signed the movements want to be referred to as the islamic emirates of afghanistan obviously that's something the americans and also some afghan parties do not agree upon also the taliban our insistence on a swift there was draw of american forces whereas the u.s. was talking of something up to maybe two to three years however having said that
2:48 am
there are some positive messages that have been coming out that the sides have been able to reach an agreement or almost reached an agreement on namely for example the americans coming through and ensuring that there will be support from the international community financial support to an afghan government for at least five years after a cease fire agreements or peace treaty is signed the part that he is have committed to hosting a wider meeting that's with includes larger stakeholders including the russians and the chinese for into afghan talks here in doha that would give more legitimacy and supports to an interim or post peace treaty i've got governments would look like as well there's talk of possibly another meeting taking place in turkey in istanbul hosted by the turkish government there to try and encourage financial and foreign investments from muslim majority countries as well so those signs would appear to
2:49 am
show that there have been progress there has been progress made on several years and that there is agreement on several issues however those two main sticking points namely the referee. of the taliban as well as the timeline of withdrawal of american troops they bill don't seem to be closer to finding the agreement on that however the talks continue here in doha. the u.s. state of georgia is banning abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected which could be as early as six weeks into a pregnancy similar restrictions have already been passed in four states this year and are being considered in several others this new one in georgia will go into effect on january first next year but it is likely to be challenged in court when one thousand nine hundred three u.s. supreme court ruling legalized abortion nationwide until a fetus is developed enough to live outside a woman's uterus. the car maker porsche has agreed to pay
2:50 am
a fine of almost six hundred million dollars to the german government for cheating on its diesel emissions tests this is the latest find for porsches owner volkswagen after its admitted to tampering vehicles to hide their pollution levels the four year legal cases cost the company more than thirty three billion dollars. sport is coming up.
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with the. thank you very much liverpool have produced one of the greatest comebacks in champions league history they erased a three goal deficit to beat barcelona in the foster the final in the thrilling second leg at anfield deval corey gand or genial wilton scored two goals each to make it four nil on the night of four three on aggregate it's the first time a team has overturned a three goal deficit in the champions league semifinal all this is liverpool's ninth champions league final of the five time champions will face either i.x. or talking them in madrid on june the first all spurs will be aiming to overturn a one goal deficit when they visit i x. in the second leg of their semifinal tie on wednesday tottenham have never reached the champions league final while four time winners i aks who only need a draw to progress are hoping for the first appearance at the final since one thousand nine hundred ninety six and i used to think a premier league when you play
2:53 am
a premier league team with their team that had city is different with experienced it before with you ventus and the rail in the first match against tottenham you set up my team has got the ability to adapt and plan at a high level. i think he said the moment for us to be in the semifinal and i think we need to show you we need to show you in a few more freedom to play to start again how we started to approach was was really really poor for our so i. i think we need to feel more more freedom to play to more room nothing to lose from the beginning we know that we need to we know and dry. now about a joke of it celebrated his two hundred fiftieth week as world number one with a straight sets win at the madrid open the two time champion beating taylor fritz for the last of just six games joke of it is building up to the french open which starts later this month he has the chance to hold all four grand slam titles at the same time for the second time in his career. and roger federer had an easy second
2:54 am
round match against just gave the thirty seven year old swiss who was playing in his first clay court match since two thousand and sixteen needed a less than an hour to edge out the frenchman in straight sets six two six three. and women's world number one now we all soccer had a tougher time in her maj against a side. of spain japanese star needed two hours and thirty seven minutes to beat her wildcard opponent love six six three six seven advance to the ground. australia's biggest rugby star israel folau has been found guilty of breaching the players' code of conduct over the homophobic so social media post his contract was terminated by a rugby australia in april after he tweeted hill hell awaits gay people but he requested a hearing which finishes early on choose day after four days as three person panel still has to decide his punishment donald trump described tiger was as
2:55 am
a true legend as he presented him with the presidential medal of freedom at the white house with victory at the masters last month capped one of the greatest career comebacks in sports but it is a business associate of trump the forty three year old is the fourth and youngest golfer to receive the medal of freedom. not all athletes have been so keen to accept invitations to the white house with visits to collect awards all celebrate championships becoming more controversial since trump took office an official reports it's wonderful to have you will hear it's been a tradition at the white house for years when u.s. sports teams top off their celebrations with a visit to the president but like many other things it's different under trump the patriots are an incredible organization of the twenty teams that have won major titles only ten have gone to the white house the rest have either not been invited or more unusually have declined the invite our current president is
2:56 am
a very divisive and you know individual he's someone who you know people don't unite around and even in these things that are not supposed to be political or partisan he's such a divisive figure such a polarizing figure that it causes people to make a political choice donald trump has often said athletes should stay out of politics but he doesn't mind winning in one sports he was hugely critical of black american football stars who knelt during the playing of the national anthem in protest at police violence and he's picked fights on twitter with african-american athletes like basketball stars steph curry and le bron james. the philadelphia eagles won the super bowl last year american food bowls told trophy they were invited to the white house but when a number of top stars said they wouldn't be going because of the president the invitation was quickly rescinded one of the biggest things about dolphins politics is he supports who supports donald trump it's not necessarily about an ideological
2:57 am
position i don't even think i think it's he loves who loves donald trump just in the last few days the manager of baseball's title winning boston red sox says he won't be joining his team in washington in protest at the u.s. government's failure to do more to help his native puerto rico after being hammered by a hurricane. since it's very tough you know to go celebrate when and where and where we have you know i'm a no go sport stars turning down a presidential invite isn't new but it's become more common with donald trump in the white house it used to be about respecting the office even if you didn't respect the man no more athletes me will stage their own boycotts no matter who is in the white house alan fischer i'll just go to washington and that's a useful for me we'll have more. sport in the next news hour but we have got another hour of news coming up in just around two minutes time say then.
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it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tiger's nest ball astri seems to defy gravity every beauty's is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness what it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it many birds are nice happiness is what we ensure it if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy time has done what no other country has. rewind returns with updates on the best of out is here is documentaries. the moving story of two young tuchman girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after the news of progress in taliban occupation. but what has become
3:00 am
of their dreams. rewind pencils and bullets. on al-jazeera. saddam's military rule so they could call elections within six months if there's no agreement on a transition plan with the opposition. hello once again from doha everyone on to mall santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera might pompei as made an unannounced visit to iraq as tensions between the u.s. and iran ratchets up. the cia wants a prominent arab activist about the threat against his life from saudi arabia. and its voters.


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