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tv   Lost Cities of Palestine  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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isn't for me to miller reports now from cape town felt africa's governing african national congress says it's confident it will win it six democratic national election and it's likely to pull that's despite internal splits factionalism the resignation of the president and a swarm of corruption allegations that stayed at the party for their career month. out of this election is to lead up the process of growing our economy on an inclusive basis for that rick and a growth of the by. poor people in our country the money we are getting here is we must have service delivery at auburn so. i don't want any for excuses i just want us to work. almost a third of south africans are unemployed and the economy is in decline the a.n.c. is competing against forty seven other parties to win the election the highest
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number ever while most of them may be too small to challenge the a n c the main opposition the democratic alliance remains us through it having made gains in recent local elections and newcomers the economic freedom fighters led by julius malema who was once loyal to the a.n.c. have attracted voters unhappy with the governing party whatever members will receive from or people will welcome them with both hands it's a monday even one vote counts will accept that those are the results and this is what the people of south africa theme abode day. of the thirty five million south africans eligible to vote nine million did not register observers say growing voter apathy shows how unhappy people are with all political parties voters here say they're looking for change they say they want jobs houses and meets a living conditions while they have been small protests in various areas voting
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hasn't been disrupted he. in the township of kylie chai in cape town people want to basic services like running water and electricity we didn't see any change and then now that's why you stand up for our organization and then we make you know what are there whether you like these things that are in the by the people eyes grew out of the unfolding obviously by his brood five years ago it's way which is not to rise david yeah there's lot of sprawl is the law illiteracy times are sometimes days long or ten while millions of people want their lives to improve it made up result in them abandoning the a n c and that's what the party may be relying on loyalty and belief from its supporters at the a in c. will do better. for me there is live for us in cape town so polling stations have just closed when can we expect results to actually come in.
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those results should start trickling in in the next few hours but based on previous elections barbara we know that at least ninety percent of the votes are counted within the first twenty four hours we do expect a final declaration on the weekend to berger as we've seen the these expectation that the final result will just confirm that the african national congress has won that election but for them essentially is just by how much and how much of a mandate they've been given so in light of that first of all do we have an indication of voter turnout and how might turn out actually have an impact on the final result. well there has been some concern in the later hours of the day around low voter turnout especially in townships and this would be a concern for the a.n.c. specifically given that what we've seen the last elections that people have stayed
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away from the polls are generally people who support the african national congress but they have not been happy with the party given these allegations of corruption and poor performance in terms of delivering much needed services so that's the case again the african national congress could be impacted and perhaps it would mean a great again for opposition parties well it's very important for the a.n.c. and so remop or so the president of that party specifically is getting that mandate not just as president of the country but also within the a.n.c. the a.n.c. has been factionalized in the last few years there's a split those for the former president jacob zuma and those who support. so remote course i would want to unify the party and he would certainly want his place within the party solidified and that can only really come if the voters have turned out to vote for the a.n.c. for minimal or following the developments on that election speaking to us from cape town for me to thank you. and still to come here on al-jazeera the u.s.
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president uses is executive powers to block access to the full investigation of the russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen election and kept our accuses the u.a.e. of a campaign of violence and hatred against its citizens at the international court of justice at the hague. it's a wet and windy for some of us in europe at the moment so a fact of this is larry of low pressure that spinning its way towards the east already lots of rain with us. and the winds are picking up even more for some two it's going to be very very windy over parts of france there on thursday and then on friday this whole system works its way further towards the east so generally for many of us across europe that it's really fairly miserable is looking wet and windy
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the exception really is in the south so forcing greece it should be fine twenty four degrees will be our maximum temperature it should also be warm and sunny for us in rome at twenty three and some of that sunshine will just be sneaking its way into parts of spain and portugal as well but the other side of the mediterranean the temperatures are really east forcing cairo so no higher than around twenty six the thursday that we balancing back after that so by the time we get to friday we'll be up to around twenty eight elsewhere looking quite quiet really for many of us here are about getting to around twenty three degrees which is seventy three in fahrenheit across the central belt of africa far more showers here some particularly heavy ones every part of uganda campout is expecting quite a few here and we're also expecting quite a few showers over parts of the born evil vale there will be getting to around thirty one degrees and force in lagos will be at around thirty two.
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minutes to struction and despair a group of friends resist. rescuing books from the rubble they've built a refuge for freedom and democracy. a secret library of hope from which they endeavor to rewrite their story and that of their country. to witness. bombs on al-jazeera. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has impose new sanctions on the rainy and steel and mining
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industries and he's threatened further action if in his words tehran does not change its behavior the measures follow iran announcing its rolling back on some restrictions to its nuclear program the move stops short of violating the landmark two thousand and fifteen deal. and polls have closed in south africa with a ruling a.n.c. is expected to win a majority in the nation national assembly if it does its leader cyril ramaphosa will remain president. the us president donald trump has used executive privilege to keep the democrats and the public from accessing the full report into russian meddling during the two thousand and sixteen election meanwhile the house judiciary committee is about to vote on whether it will hold the attorney general william barr in contempt over that report but released the censored version of special counsel robert miller's investigation last month his refusal to submit the on on
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edited version at the accusations that he was lying to congress about holder's concerns for patrick lane joins us live now from washington d.c. and of course robert mueller himself has hinted that perhaps what he wrote was and fully represented so tell us what's happening right now and now that the committee is meeting again. quick quick break barbara but they are back and they are still talking and i think we're going on our fourth hour now republicans basically saying the democrats are angry because the millers didn't find anything but the mall report did find something and we need to know what was redacted so we need to see all of those blank pages the words that are underneath and we also need to see the underlying evidence so they are still going back and forth each member getting his allotted time his or her a lot of time to talk making the same arguments over and over again when this is eventually done we do expect they'll vote basically along party lines democrats have the majority here they will likely vote to hold the attorney general william
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far in contempt of congress it's not done then it has to go to the full house of representatives but again democrats are in charge and it seems likely that that will in fact pass the question then is one of they do while they take a couple of different options what seems most likely is they will take a civil action go before a judge say you decide if he has to hand over this report judge will look at the information hear the arguments and then either decide whether or not congress gets to see this or they don't get to see. if he or she the judge says you don't get to see it it's pretty much done if they say turn it over the bar has to turn it over or being in contempt of court contempt of court in this country is a pretty serious thing in fact the judge can basically send you to jail until they want to give you a big fine as well so it's the process is just beginning we think eventually we think they're probably going to take a vote. and meanwhile the president has used executive privilege to effectively keep this from the public just talk us through how that is possible and
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also the reaction that he do in the sense provoked in washington and beyond. what you know i don't think we know if this is possible the president like many things he did it he said i'm doing it now whether or not he can do it well that's again going to be up to a court to decide. so executive privilege is an actual thing presidents can say to this person see this paper because i need to keep that confidential because i need to be able to good advice from people without worrying about congress not about it we've never seen a president say this sort of product is covered by executive privilege i mean this is a justice department president has a couple of issues here one here privilege when it came to the investigation allowed people to talk and secondly privilege isn't a kind of thing you can turn on and off like a light switch. on and it's not clear that it applies to a report partially been made public so
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a lot of legal experts are saying. be able to get away with this over the long term but if you look at what it's done is it gives him more time it gets him time to run up the clock because again this is something the judiciary is going to have to take up so the president has made it clear when it comes to investigating him his administration his family his finances his cabinet he is going to say basically no you can't do that and challenge the democrats to be. there from washington for the moment thank you. so dance protest leaders are certain to launch a nationwide civil disobedience after accusing military leaders of the laying the transfer of power to civilian rule some members of the opposition coalition got into a fist fight during a meeting with the military council earlier military leaders had said that they could hold elections in six months if an agreement cannot be reached with the opposition the two sides are all over who will lead sudan until new elections are
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held and for how. the from the from we agreed to continue demonstrations and escalate our activism this collision itself is not the goal the revolution has yet to achieve its demands we have not yet transition to a civilian government and we are yet to remove my. from the old regime disc ear that the reappearance of security services under resumption of their activities just like in the old days means the change has not happened yet and that we still have lots to do for all those who lost their lives that's why we will continue to march on till we achieve our demands. kept out has accused the united arab emirates of a campaign of violence and hatred against its citizens at the international court of justice the gulf states are locked in a bass hole at the un's top court over a blockade imposed on qatar almost two years ago stephanie that car has the latest from the hague the court is hearing a specific application by the united arab emirates who are claiming that qatar is
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basically how bring their efforts to implement suggestions by the court which has to do with a lot of countries citizens particularly families that are intermarried and students to return to the emirates it all boils down to a website that the company citizens can use to apply for an m.r.i. t.v.'s are they're saying qatar is blocking that website and the guitar's is saying that they're doing that for their own security juta issues the same with malware this is what is being heard here countries presenting their response and then on thursday you will have both sides giving their final statements the court will then go and deliberate it can take weeks we're told until it may gree or not whether to implement some of the emirates once implemented the bigger picture is this it is a case that qatar has brought here because it says that politics has turned personal discrimination against its citizens really wanting something to change but if you look at the bigger picture when it comes to the political situation with the blockade almost two years on when it comes to the summer june of this year it
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doesn't seem to be going in the direction that is going to end anytime soon. at least nine people have been killed in fighting between the army and local armed groups in the bullet hit city of broken bow in the democratic republic of congo the violence broke out when the armed groups attacks on ebola treatment centers but then bo is one of the worst affected regions of the b.r.c. in this latest outbreak of the virus drivers of the ride sharing app have staged a global strike demanding better pay and working conditions employees in major cities across the united states u.k. brazil and australia shut down the app and protests during peak daytime hours demonstrations come just days before the company lists its shares on the new york stock exchange. hundreds of thousands of rohingya refugees now have access to clean water and sanitation the largest waste treatment facility ever constructed
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a refugee settlement has opened in bangladesh close to a million living there have to fleeing violence in myanmar in two thousand and seventeen saddle height at has more. from a distance it might not look like much but this treatment plant is changing lives in the world's largest refugee camp in cox's bizarre human waste is often dumped in the open becoming a breeding ground for diseases as well as contaminating water supply. close to a quarter of a million cases of acute diarrhea were recorded last year in the overcrowded range of camps in bangladesh where spiritual infections and skin diseases were rife to or related to poor sanitation and hygiene the potential outbreak problems in the camps are huge this is an area which is endemic to cholera and other water board and fecal borne disease so this was a major investment with our partner and it is we hope to be
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a major solution to stop the transmission of disease outbreak. as the hot sun beams down on the refugees its energy powers pumps providing clean water to a quarter of a million in the camp was drinking water especially in the dry season is scarce in the thirty six areas were hidden just have settled in bangladesh it's expensive to supply the camps but with the help of solar panels the united nations humanitarian agency aims to provide twenty liters of water daily to every refugee in cox's bizarre i was. in my a begum is one of many getting clean water for drinking cooking and even washing only. we used to get diarrhea called and allergies frequently but thanks to god it doesn't happen to us anymore we're now using water that is safe we're much happier the challenge now though is not the gating the labyrinth of tents the
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terrain and the weather to provide clean water and sanitation to the entire population of more than a million range refugees in bangladesh saw the height of al-jazeera. a pakistani christian woman who spent eight years on death row during a blasphemy case has left the country bibi's lawyer says she's in canada six months ago she was acquitted by pakistan's supreme court the verdict led to protests in parts of the country. more on that and everything else we've been covering on our website al-jazeera dot com. and a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has impose new sanctions on the reigning in steel and the mining industries and he's threatened further action if in his words iran does not change its behavior and this follows
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a rather announcing it would roll back some restrictions to its nuclear program the move stops short of violating the landmark two thousand and fifteen deal but president hassan rouhani is threatening more action of countries to not shield it from u.s. sanctions kimberly halkett has more from washington on this latest round of sanctions seems to be targeting is the sort of export of industrial meant metals and why this is important is this is an important source of revenue for iran because it accounts according to the white house at least we haven't had time to fact check these numbers but roughly ten percent of its export economy the white house has gone even further the president putting other nations on notice in other words. issuing a warning to other nations that they also should not in any way allow these metals to come into their ports there's no announcement of what those consequences might be but certainly the united states is sending a message perhaps to some of its allies and even others that it may have less
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friendly relations with. polls have closed in south africa where the ruling a.n.c. is expected to win another majority in the national assembly if it does its leaders cyrille ramaphosa will remain president but opposition parties are expected to make some gains in the four hundred member of parliament they accuse the a.n.c. of failing to grow the economy us president trump is use the executive privilege to keep the democrats and the public from accessing the full report into russian meddling during the two thousand and sixteen election meanwhile the house judiciary committee is to vote on whether it will hold attorney general william barr in contempt over the report released the censored version of special counsel robert mueller is investigation last month so that this protest leaders are threatening to launch a nationwide civil disobedience movement after accusing the military leaders of delaying the transfer of power to civilian rule some members of the opposition coalition got into a fistfight during a meeting with the military council there's
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a top stories coming up next this free. ok and you are in the stream it has been a record setting tropical cycle and season for parts of india and hundred five countries in southern africa a cio of deadly storms range land fall within weeks of each other this is tropical cycle and about a month ago many scientists now are reminding us about the devastating impact of climate change on the developing world. today we explore how extreme weather is
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potentially saddling people in poor nations with the debt of climate change what do you think leave your comments in the chat and we'll do our best to get them into the conversation. i'm sure answers these gentlemen and neighbor council. cyclons idea and kenya swept through the indian ocean just six weeks apart leaving devastation behind a mozambique the hardys hit the storm's destroyed homes and crops killed hundreds and left thousands without food and shelter cholera has also become widespread due to contaminated water sources and a lack of function health facilities just over a week later another cycle and slammed into the indian state of odisha cycle and finally the worst storm to hit in twenty years killed nearly fifty people across the state and in neighboring bangladesh though early warning systems helped
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millions to evacuate developing nations bear the brunt of global warming climate activists say despite contributing the least to climate change and the frequency of these disasters can complicate relief efforts with us to talk about this in new delhi india the vendor a sitting duck is the head of communications for the charity save the children in mozambique attended is a journalist who's been reporting on the storms. so as the head of program policy a partnership for action aid was a week and in nairobi kenya abu bakar back because it is a meteorologist for the intergovernmental authority on developments climate protection and application center or so known as a pack hello everybody it's good to have you here with us tendai it is tropical cyclone season for most i'm for southern africa what is different this year from previous years i think what this early with.
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that we've had in a sense i don't need to i have been quite intense and because i do a lot of destruction as compared to previous ones that we've seen over there you know i think the most damaging storm that was seen in the most recent part from two thousand which was. so you know i think the intensity of the air look like long as you noted over the years as routinely introduction i pointed out topical i've done going to try and get you to have a look at it in the moment just over there the reason i want you to look at it is so that you understand that a tropical cycle own a typhoon and a hurricane exactly the same things they just have different names depending on where in the world they happen must see what was it like experiencing a tropical cyclone in mozambique can you describe it. yes
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try to describe according to what here from it was scary because. it was the first time that we have saw heavy we. in a sense well so people moved from one house to our mad why their roof getting so that was very scary skillfull and some mothers also talking to us that the it was good that this happened during the evening because their children were away with sleepy so it were easier for them to carry them from one house to another and then to a mad because if it was during the probably to be difficult to control the children because they will be running away screaming except us so it was very scary scary even the cabs were moving. that when she was so
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i understand and i covered so many tropical cycles and her you can see you were running away people running away from the storm as it was literally ripping the roofs of the house is trying to find some shelter melitta to those those those roofs that were ripped off explain this to me here this is from the u.n. the u.n. humanitarian twitter account the office for the coronation of humanitarian affairs and they tell a story of just one person we have nine hundred houses here it's all gone our community need shelter water and food that's why i'm preparing this these lists to make sure the government knows what we need here and this is a fact he's a community leader and they write all around incredible person can see him preparing those lists right there but tendai you were there you were in several locations you went to pen by you went to bear our talk to us about what it was like when the storm hit what were people telling you. from what. they said at first
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you know it was just raining continuous me you know and then you know when that rain then came the wind you know and the wind is what the roof of a lot of houses and many in mozambique and the water never thought of the rice climbed up on the roof of their holiday i also spoke to. churches and people would walk into the church was a district and they would you know you could rejoin you on the roof because you know we have nowhere else to go so i think you know that this variation that people have had in this time has has been really bad ok so that was most on baek earlier on this year i want to go to india and talk about my time funny how the look on my laptop defender who is with us he post says this no cycling ever had such a long generation april may it's being set aside kind of funny he's a view from the hotel was safe for children is kept out i want you to listen to
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this sound. to ventura can you explain what we're saying i have. read i mean this is the capital city state which was just like you and this is going to be sure. it's about forty five degrees of the from the coast so what you're seeing is a wind speeds of one seventy kilometers per hour but the second image landfall near . the speed was in excess of eighty five. seeing the devastation there and what those wind speeds look like in that video and then juxtapose that with this we got to see this tweet it's circulating online this is a who writes that happiness when you get electricity and water supply after. gaffe
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of seven days in a little gift as they're about how happy residents are but then behind that depends of course there is preparedness and there's a lot that goes into having power come back on to talk to us about what made this storm different than other storms. oh the good news is that of course one million people or more than one million people were greater to see if shows there was before the social media than phone and this ones of you know we're going to you know we're going to be here where the government and society organizations and the government is really understood you will see the globe's so there and then was very clear that people really need to see if show does and that's what was done and i think that really worked wonders in this because i don't defend it we're talking about over a million people that were made to me it wasn't would you like to leave the storm
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is coming they were forcibly removed how did that happen. i think they're going to feel some of the beating and moving out because you know the government also was in the government to do so to save the children and i tell you that even our children my children's groups were getting the job out of the early warning campaign to go house to house and urge people to move to safety so they didn't get conviction and know that people will save their lives post and that is going through through rigorous trainings were related to go shops. ok the news of understanding so you can check and know the right of you are going to say yes people don't move easily but they're going to go and show them what in terms of a lot. both and was asked to google complicity i love that picture that you shot again on twitter of those kids just going from the streets telling everybody that they were the site i warning telling people that they have to get ready to take out a party and says the government's response was proactive and effective in recent
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years disaster management in india has improved quite a lot and india being a tropical country will always be vulnerable to such events and additional burden will be high population density on coastal regions but i will back there i'll direct this one to you because i i want to get your take on what you think india did right in this case. thank you. but as i would like to congratulate them actually this is a specific state in india which is among the poorest states in india as i say that i need has a population of like size of spain. but they. have a lower income for example compared with spain but they have really done a very great job. over the past twenty years they seem to have been preparing very well and they tighten up their contingency planning i think there i couldn't say that there are many to implement
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a framework for this us that risk reduction even before it is inception because and i was signed in two thousand and fifteen but they have been working there was seen that they have been working in tightening in understanding their risk in misstating sending the government governance and management of disaster risk and the they seem also to understand the value or few vesting on yes because i was and i for them were reporting that. one dollar is spent on building resilience it can save more than seven dollars into a more free kodi planning so they have seen to provide a very good example that could be followed so it is not always about money but it's about the will about the preparedness about how you can use the resources available to you to do a job yeah this is this is a just saddest of here on my laptop new york times how do you say the million
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people from a cycle and ask a poor state in india that poor state is addition we've just been talking about it so now at this possum is a brick and exactly the same situation they are in there covering the i saw you smiling when billy crystal about the lectures the comes back on that correlate what is it that you have to wait for to come back on and have your life then goes forward after the storm as long as it has now. yeah i actually was sincere sensation of. and happiness because when they electricity came and the communication the cell phone networks mobile networks came it was good because people called at least inform their family about their situation people could find their families and know how to help them and even those who are in
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a difficult situation called at least inform that they need help and support of course they did the same thing they same. preparation in mozambique where not where not the same has it was in india and i think it's a good lesson also for us and for example here in mozambique in beta they start doing this alert i think two days before the second games but people were not aware of the level of the damage so they didn't listen so and the government didn't where did that course if a question for the people because i think even they government people they were not aware about the level of the impact it was yeah it was too strong the wind went up to two hundred twenty kilometers. but when they cycle
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on can it happen there. so they listen with really led that they have made really. people in that was helpful because they they really. voiced last off life and mercy and i think in the story that you're telling in the absence of government officials knowing about what this impact is going to look like and the absence of warning systems that we saw in india we see people pulling together in ways that look like this this is an instagram account of someone who sent us a video comment he is a photojournalist documentary photographer and he writes there is nothing left to eat now we fear that there could be carcasses a livestock or human bodies in the well so we don't have anything left it's all gone and there are quotes from people that he's talked to he sent us a video comment he says zimbabwean who went to mozambique and this is what he told the story. mozambique in the. zillion people that's one thing that i've
4:36 am
discovered in covering of the cycles. because diva station. because they have everything they would need. support in terms of food is basically anything that can help also building material. to give what they can is there were already started to. move to their homes especially in these areas because they have. to do. fishing to do and may never things to get. their normal lives after this big difference titian. so today did you see examples of this of people having to help each other out especially in the absence of being able to get back to their normal lives as he says. there's going to be there was a lot of that you would see neighbors helping people to rebuild their houses like.
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michael i'm like oh man this is me at them but just off the size don't connect that people were neighbors were helping each other to reach both to rebuild the simply shelters that people could move into with the f.m. and these you know situations with some people didn't go to the emergency centers that was set up but instead they went to minutes is that satan as the places that were on higher ground you know so i think the funded there you see that being that seeing a lot of communities in mozambique and i've also witnessed that in zimbabwe as well when i can eat i. and one of one of the towns was cut off concrete need for more than a week and you know people just to get that and with the little that they had you would just try and make it through but in terms of recovery i think you know the communities will definitely have to concede to censor that but they still need a lot of a lot of support and talk about a lot of support defender let me just go to the safe the children's page where
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there's a cyclon signing just to show an update let me scroll down here you all skin for films what is the reality of even with the bad apple ration was topical sika the fruit once a people then goes back what next it's like. well as he has seen that the state governments of three coastal states of india are past the first test of evacuating people and saving lives but there are four people who have to go back to their her broken homes and to their shops and other businesses which are demolished totally are damaged and fishermen who may go back to the ridges where there are no boats are going to run so you know people even have boots on the phone and you know like the hand to get back to where they were and that's what we forget and even the media probably goes away after the big news or a day or two but does that really what begins not and then the government and everybody has their job cut out and doubles up and shutting down or shadows
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provided very quickly medicines or food are also provided and i'll simply walk up and then we'll come down to like the lords and ensuring that families bounce back and that there were to get back to where they're wanted and remembered that i was. yes i want to say. you know i think rebuilding lives and you know saucing over again it's a long process even though you may have been evacuated you know coming back to the law and you know sort of trying to get over that it's going to take a long time particularly if you know somebody who doesn't have much money and have an employed or you're a rule from a or you're a single mother with you know lots of children still cost one of those things can be concerning you know even for new new mothers that have given during the post cycle and period that i've made here mozambique they don't know which is thought you know because even just having the simple basics like having a code for
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a baby or having you know a comfortable shelter in which to live with this new child some people don't even have that and it's going to take them time to be able to be investigation with the once again comfortable with their lives. back i was just looking at one of the graphics that your organization shed and it is looking at this tropical cycle and season have a look. and you don't even need to be a meteorologist to see how active it is in the seasons not the yet they say any doubt in your mind that all these tropical cycles the amount the stresses and directly connected to climate change. no i don't i don't have a truck because cycling so usually they're with it or whether a few minutes we don't directly connect the way that it together like climate because the climate is a little bit longer but. in the past few years we have been seen some
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sort of better end in which because i could on they became more frequent especially over the indian ocean and they became more stronger for example in me last year in two thousand and eighteen because i couldn't so i got it developed over the northern part of the indian ocean and made a landfall over over. as the strongest in the record in the same year in. better because they colognes develop also over the indian ocean and made landfall over it up in peninsula and india and that was also a case the indian which really can department describe it as that rarest of the rare and in the southern part of the indian ocean we ourselves have been seeing is very strong because i can on that heat mozambique in just a span of six weeks as you said and because i couldn't eat i didn't impact only
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mozambique which is across the country but the impact went into malawi and zimbabwe and that was also the great arnica stream so the throat because cycling is actually very tight to the the. ocean surface that is why they develop over the top because ocean because that is where you have the warm water that. provide the environment that helps the development of because. there are variations in the past. year or so we have seen actually documented and published research that the indian. use it has been warming it up at least for. the past hundred years and it has been. the most rapid warming. or part of the three because ocean so if you don't think those fears are and it is
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that a clear lake the warming of the ocean it data clearly related to that and sort of beginning impact so you future link all the series of. reasoning you would have no doubt would to link up because i mention here you're connected i just mentioned that like to the be a big god has a particularly long war does and is that it going to be a simple psychonauts so as to go the dentist over seas rise with climate change you know that i read somewhere that there's going to be probably twenty percent increase and want to go on natural disasters by the end of the century and about under these are the good side on phone he was the site over the summer safety on the top cycling the summer that i read the last hundred fifty of us so we could see more of the signs of so you know rising up and you did not get it but also i'm going to mention that out there that i think sea levels the storm surge could be a real threat so that's one thing to look out for the water comes in and then dance
4:44 am
areas that can lead to many more catastrophes just like even second funny you don't see much also in additional water and not the owners but i don't get that but these migration that paired up when i was asian there are more complications now to ensuring that people are stay safe and but even the safety on order for a large part of the break up you know is has a good heartbeat get people to go you know be healthy and to be safe and to get back to their lives so the jotting down of that anybody with climate change and the yes and see that you really believe that an intense part of the because it's a day for the children of tomorrow and i think. and the people online i mean that you're right i want to get this coming in from you tube danielle says this looks devastating best wishes from florida where we've also been devastated by many of these kinds of storms but before we end i want to give the last word from our community to someone who sent us a video camera and she talks about who is culpable and that is rich countries have
4:45 am
a listen people may not realize that the u.n. framework on climate change has actually has never agreed a finance mechanism to help countries to pick up the pieces after climate disasters like this in that's largely because rich countries have been refusing to discuss the issue and they're really blocking any agreement on the way forward so it means that rich countries like mozambique a subtlety with huge extra costs for problems they have never caused and in fact mozambique now needs to take on yet more loans from the i.m.f. when in fact they should be qualifying for debt relief and they shouldn't be receiving grants from the rich polluting countries that have actually caused the climate crisis. and advice from a climate policy analyst and the start of a whole new debate that will pick up another day on the strange thank you to gas heads event i tand i must see an abba baca you can keep a tab on out as
4:46 am
a dot com for the latest on the aftermath of the tropical cyclones in the southern hemisphere lake and i will see you always on the i as a watching take. russia has jeopardized the united states security interests we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking. into the picture from
4:47 am
the inside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft. russian girls have beatrice not. russia coming soon on all juicing. in a two part series. zero observes the lives of two children. over twenty years. where insights into circumstances that shaped lives. in a rapidly changing world. twenty years of me starts with blogs and land do stories on al-jazeera. yes. an incredible journey
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to first hand accounts and the extraordinary archive footage to the cities of palestine as they were before nine hundred forty eight and the impact the creation of israel. witnessed the vibrant congressional and control of the. us and the heritage that many of today's towns to have never. lost city of palestine on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london with the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has issued new sanctions on iran and says it can expect further action unless the country alters its conduct the measures target tehran's steel and mining industries its largest export revenue after all it's in response to iran rolling back on some restrictions to its nuclear program but how could has
4:49 am
the latest from the white house. what this latest round of sanctions seems to be targeting is that the sort of export of industrial meant metals and why this is important is this is an important source of revenue for iran because it accounts according to the white house at least we haven't had time to fact check these numbers but roughly ten percent of its export economy the white house has gone even further the president putting other nations on notice in other words. issuing a warning to other nations that they also should not in any way allow these metals to come into their ports there's no announcement of what those consequences might be but certainly the united states is sending a message perhaps to some of its allies and even others that it may have less friendly relations with what the united states is basically once again doing and we've seen this escalation in recent weeks is it maintains it's trying to get iran to alter its so-called conduct if you will its point forward according to the
4:50 am
statement twelve conditions that it believes are necessary to put in place a replacement agreement after the united states pulled out of the j c p a way or that agreement that was negotiated to limit or runs nuclear powers this is something that the united states has long complained about and since then has been incrementally barbara kind of ratcheting up the pressure on iran now the statement also goes on to say from donald trump that he looks forward to meeting with the leaders of iran to give the people of iran the future that they deserve but once again it seems hard to understand how such a meeting could take place given the actions of the united states in recent weeks and months. or france says it's concerned by tehran's action and has called on iran to respect all of its commitments to the nuclear deal russia and china however have blamed washington for forcing tehran's hand on the guitar in your skull that's the intention of the u.s. to send its air carriers to the persian gulf to strengthen its military presence
4:51 am
there hinting at the use of force all of this has been lamentable behavior by the u.s. we hear regular statements from the u.s. to stop and cease any iranian influence not just in syria but across the region that it's unrealistic to terminate this influence and it has no chance as a serious policy. polls have closed in south africa where the ruling a.n.c. is expected to win another majority in the national assembly if it does its leader cyril ramaphosa will remain president but opposition parties are expected to make some gains in the four hundred member of parliament they accuse the a.n.c. of failing to grow the economy or provide jobs u.s. president on trump has used executive privilege to keep the democrats from accessing the full report into russian meddling during the two thousand and sixteen election meanwhile the house judiciary committee is expected to vote on whether it will hold the attorney general william barr in contempt over that report released
4:52 am
the censored version of special counsel robert miller's investigation last month his refusal to submit the edited version to accusations that he was lying to congress about who will lose concerns. a pakistani christian woman who spent eighteen years on death row during a blasphemy case has left the country bibi's lawyer says she's now in canada six months ago she was acquitted by pakistan's supreme court the verdict that led to protests in parts of the country bibi was originally convicted back in two thousand and ten after being accused of insulting the prophet muhammad during a fight with her neighbors. at least nine people have been killed in fighting between the army and local armed groups in the valar hit city of bhutan both in the democratic republic of congo the violence broke out when the armed groups a group attacked an ebola treatment center for ten boys one of the worst affected regions of the d. or c. in this latest outbreak of the virus that's it more news in half an hour witness is
4:53 am
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of them in the senate would. that have done other things for money from party. to goodwill. i thin or nothing there for us all militia show up into when the people seem to matter. as much good to it how no one could be on minimum paul studying. and. maybe they asked if you could get it he would be among. the pheno because he could. you know that any new clues in question. melissa for critics but kind i mean i just above insult the theme he said ok how must be someone could to. tell that you're not here for all that you know they will get it mixed up. to this and put on the phone for them. kind of you could become
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