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tv   Didier Drogba and the Ivorian Civil War  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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money paying its installment i continue to. areas. muslims across the world of fasting from dawn and. too many in yemen still go hungry at night. out of the. in the last of our series a life displaced we look at the plight of lebanon's palestinian refugee population living in exile for more than seven decades they're scattered throughout a number of camps which have now become built up over crowded neighborhoods has this report from beirut. their number has grown over the years but the space allocated to palestinian refugees has not residents have no choice but to build upwards. as one of twelve camps across lebanon they are towns now the tents are long gone. it's been more than seventy years since palestinians who fled
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or were forced from their homes in one nine hundred forty eight after the creation of israel arrived in lebanon mohamad was sixteen years old at the time at eighty six he still remembers how his grandmother told him that their days in exile would be temporary he never imagined he would be a refugee for so long. and provided. for shelter then primitive blocks structures with. more permanent concrete structures. those concrete structures however are poorly built construction is not controlled many homes don't enjoy sunlight and have little ventilation in the united nations which run services and the camps considers them among the most crowded urban areas in the world palestinians are not just denied the right to adequate housing by property strict labor laws are in place that
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prevent them from working in many professions they're also denied access to public schools and healthcare the lebanese state says the restrictions are aimed at discouraging their permanent settlement in the country of course. of keeping them where they are we know that. keeping this voting is where they are and not letting them come back this is something that we know already through the. peace process negotiations that happened. palestinians say they will never give up their right to return to their land and for them the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital is part of a larger plan that we are hoping to return when the arab nations and their armies don't liberate palestine then maybe we will stay here for seventy or maybe two hundred more years for palestine is ours it's for our children many palestinians share that sentiment but few are under the illusion that peace with israel was ever
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a possibility there is a sense of permanence within this camp it was never the intention but it has become the reality that of. beirut. still ahead on the program how clean water is changing lives in this place being is living in. and the world number one. sport. business updates by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates by qatar airways going places together.
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hundreds of thousands of refugees now have access to clean water and sanitation the largest waste treatment facility ever constructed a refugee settlement has opened in bangladesh close to a million living there after fleeing violence in two thousand and seventeen saddle height it has more. from a distance it might not look like much but this treatment plant is changing lives in the world's largest refugee camp in cox's bizarre human waste is often dumped in the open becoming a breeding ground for diseases as well as contaminating water supplies. close to a quarter of a million cases of acute diarrhea were recorded last year in the overcrowded range of camps in bangladesh where spiritual infections and skin diseases were rife to or related to poor sanitation and hygiene the potential problems in the camps are huge this is an area which is endemic to cholera and other water board and fecal borne
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disease so this was a major investment with our partner and it is we hope to be a major solution to stop the transmission of disease and outbreak. as the hot sun beams down on the refugees its energy powers pumps providing clean water to a quarter of a million in the camp was drinking water especially in the dry season is scarce in the thirty six areas were hidden just have settled in bangladesh it's expensive to supply the camps but with the help of solar panels the united nations humanitarian agency aims to provide twenty liters of water daily to every refugee in cox's bizarre i was. in my a begum is one of many getting clean water for drinking cooking and even washing only. we used to get diarrhea called and allergies frequently but thanks to
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god it doesn't happen to us anymore we're now using water that is safe we're much happier the challenge now though is not the gating the labyrinth of tents the terrain and the weather to provide clean water and sanitation to the entire population of more than a million range refugees in bangladesh saw the height of al-jazeera. arcade's time to get the sports news now from peter in doha. barbara thank you very much another stunning semifinal comeback has taken tottenham hotspur through to the champions league final for the first time in their history they trailed i-x. amsterdam one mil from the first leg and found themselves three nil down on aggregate as the dutch side scored through my taste a little and hakeem z.h. the spurs fight back came in the second half with two quick goals from lucas mora and with i.x. so close to taking it more complete unease hattrick in the sixth minute of injury time to make it three two on the night three three on aggregate and spurs go
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through on the away gold rule so spurs will now face liverpool in the final in madrid the mood at the club is vibrant after their full demolition of barcelona completed one of the most stunning comebacks in european cup history it's given little hope the chance to win europe's top competition for a sixth time one of the club's all time great players and managers believes that night will be remembered for a long time. this will be what it is there's no just a few but most of both clubs. to conflate the egos of the evening is one of the best teams in about an unbeaten for. a school to be one of the best night through. video that we can. get our brain back and it's under chelsea will take their transfer ban case to the court of arbitration for sport after fifo rejected their appeal the punishment affecting the next two windows was for breaking rules on signing under eighteen foreign players as the club prepare for their europa league
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semi final home lay with are in fact frankfurt their manager merits your side east says they deserve a trophy this season chelsea have already secured a champions league place it will reach the target of the club. and so we are really very happy with this. you know we have to play in a little competition in. the target is to reach the final the first bit and the final target is to win the competition of course because our feeling is that we deserve to win a trophy the chances of another all english premier league european final in baku are strong awesome lauren valencia for the second leg of their semifinal holding a three one lead manager emery is hoping to win the europa league for a fourth time after three successes during his time at sevilla. two russian
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international footballers have been jailed for more than a year after assaulting people in moscow last october alexander kokoda in of zenit st petersburg and kurds know that ours. were sentenced to eighteen months and seventeen months respectively in a moscow court on wednesday they were convicted on hooliganism charges after being caught on video on a violent spree in the russian capital kokoda in had been due to play in last summer's world cup before injury kept him out seventeen time grand slam champion rafael nadal is one of several of the planet's top tennis players in madrid this week as they continue their preparations for the year's second grand slam the french open later this month adele was up against canada's felix seam in the second round on wednesday the canadian teenager has been in impressive form in the last few months but found the going to off against nadal the world number two winning this one six three and six three. there was an upset featuring seventh seed juan
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martin del potro he was beaten in three sets by laszlo gerry potro was playing only his second term and since suffering a fractured new camp back in october plays number nine seed met in chile each in the food ground. and the top women's players are making light work of things in madrid world number one the soccer eased to past alexander assessment which to reach the quarter final she got just five games illustrated victory. thirty to matter how it cruised into the quarter finals needing just forty four minutes to beat victoria could move us six love six love hallett faces actually barty in the last eight. europe's ryder cup captain public harrington has requested a reduction to only have three wildcard picks for the next tournament in twenty twenty eight it means nine of the same on are qualified automatically via the points system the irishman said it is a more comfortable arrangement for the players europe will defend the trophy against the united states at whistling straits in wisconsin next year from today
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athletes with differences in sexual development like caster semenya will have to curb levels of testosterone with drugs all switch events the double eight hundred metre limbic champion mark the date by posting this picture on her twitter account signaling she won't comply so many lost her case against the international athletics federations rule last week which has been criticized by the world medical association. in the n.b.a. the toronto raptors are just one win away from a trip to the eastern conference final for just the second time in franchise history the raptors got their claws into the philadelphia seventy six is in game five cameron's pascal c. a come return from injury and school twenty five points including this dunk which brought fans to their feet both inside and out on the streets of toronto. twenty one points and thirteen rebels in a one hundred twenty five eighty nine when which sees the raptors take a three two lead in the best of seven syrians. in the n.h.l.
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the st louis blues or into the western conference playoff finals hometown hero patty murray scored five minutes and fifty seconds into the second overtime in game seven against the dallas stars the goal lifted the blues to a two one win if they clinched a semi final series the next day i was colorado. i now to a milestone in major league baseball for oakland athletics pitcher mike fires on tuesday he pitched the second no hitter obvious career to help oakland to a two nothing win over the cincinnati rays in twenty fifteen when he was playing for the euston astra's he also pitched a no hitter against the los angeles dodgers this makes him only the thirty fourth pitcher in l.b. history to achieve this feat more than once it's also the three hundred no hitter ever in the major leagues. ok we'll leave it there for now more sport on the way again later but i'll have you back to barbara in london now peter thank you
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very much for that and that's almost it for the songs our remember that you can find out more on everything that we have been covering on our website on your screens right now our top story there iran question part of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal going to have more analysis of that coming out of washington in just a few minutes stay with us. people have to weigh your own record on this trial in fact a few years ago there is place only for one state on the land of israel i do not believe in a two state solution the official story is unfair and on purely optional ari i
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don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling the world isn't watching why there's lots of graves in here join me mad the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on the big issues here on al-jazeera. examining the headlines a collapsed economy babies that many people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have looked away i don't think you can look that way anymore sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform of the media's motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. subzero temperatures stream altitudes deadly drugs. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish to tajikistan braved the ordinary jointness of those orders were to high up
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though there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all in the car to stop on al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump issues e.u. sanctions on iranian steel and mining industries and that's after a iran's threaten to suspend part of its commitments to the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal. hello i'm barbara several you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming
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up democrats vote on hold the u.s. attorney general in contempt of congress over the retracted mulder report and polls close in south africa with the ruling a.n.c. is expected to get a majority in parliament. u.s. president donald trump has issued new sanctions on iran and said it can expect further action unless the country alters its conduct this comes after iran said it would roll back some restrictions to its nuclear program the move stops short of violating the landmark two thousand and fifteen deal but president hassan rouhani is threatening more action of countries that are shielded from u.s. sanctions saying bus driver has more now from tehran thank you very much exactly one year after the united states pulled out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal iran says it will suspend some of its commitments under the landmark agreement. after
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the u.s. introduced new sanctions earlier this week designed to target the framework of the deal itself effectively forcing iran's hand president hassan rouhani led world powers know his country will not abide by stockpile limits on enriched uranium and heavy water he said iran could also resume the production of uranium enriched to a higher level than it currently manufactures and rebuild a heavy water reactor without the oversight of its partners in the nuclear deal in rose more namely call him as the united states wanted to pull out of the way to make iran withdraw the day after so they could refer the case to the un security council in order to redouble pressure on iran however iran did not fall into this trap and did not play in the united states course in practical terms it is a first step by iran in response to more than a year of mounting u.s. pressure and in moscow iran found support from a strong friend at a critical time russia blamed the united states for single handedly undermining the
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twenty fifty nuclear deal and said u.s. sanctions against iran are unacceptable and illegitimate and looking into. all of this has been lamentable behavior by the u.s. we have break u.s. statements from the u.s. to stop any iranian influence not just in syria but across the region it's unrealistic to terminate this imprints and it has no charts as a serious policy iran may be economically isolated but the message from russia is that iran is not alone. together the foreign ministers of both countries put european signatories to the iran deal on notice. because i had. been made a decision to implement that. not to stop its implementation not to work against it not like the americans will withdraw from it in a letter to a basters of the u.k. france germany china and russia president rouhani said those countries have sixty days to implement their promises to protect iran's oil and banking sectors from
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u.s. sanctions he said steps iran is taking remain in line with the wording of the nuclear deal iran remains committed to it and to maintaining peace in the region but experts into herat say the country is also preparing for things to get worse before they get better iran's announcement comes as american forces have been deployed to the region in response to what the u.s. says is a threat posed by iran. the leaders of both the united states and iran have said they want to avoid a conflict but both sides continue to send strong signals they are ready for one and as tensions heighten between iran and washington the latest announcement from president hassan rouhani puts even more pressure on european countries and remaining signatories to the nuclear deal to do something to salvage an agreement that's been in jeopardy since u.s. president donald trump took office saying. well france meanwhile says it's concerned by tehran's actions and has called on iran to respect all of its
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commitments to the nuclear deal meanwhile russia and china have blamed washington for forcing tehran's hand by kana has the global reactions. the u.s. secretary of state arrives at ten downing street for talks with the british prime minister the store's u.s. ally deeply alarmed by the iranian announcement and making clear it continues to oppose the u.s. decision to pull out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal iran must never be able to acquire a nuclear weapon it's no secret that we have a different approach on how best to achieve that u.k. has continued to support the nuclear deal which is a key achievement of the global nonproliferation architecture because we believe it's in our shared security interests might pump a oh interesting differences over the iran agreement would not impact on the transatlantic relationship we're on the same side we're on the side of values driven democracy we're on the side of freedom we're on the side of creating
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a nation for the iranian people where they can have religious freedom and they can have a democracy but other signatories to the nuclear agreement are adamant the u.s. must be held accountable should iran follow through on its threat so let's say i'm at nepean war for a few months now the deal that was signed in vienna to keep iran's nuclear activities in check has been undermined because exactly a year ago the u.s. decided to pull out from the deal and not respect hooven's own you china approves of the way that iran has carried out its duty to comprehensively fulfill the agreement and we oppose the unilateral sanctions implemented by the u.s. and its so-called long jurisdiction. and this was the reaction from israel. iran we will not allow iran to achieve nuclear weaponry we will continue to fight those who would kill us. the u.s. signaling that it too would resort to force deploying an aircraft carrier strike group in what the administration describes as
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a clear and unmistakable message to what it calls the iranian regime mike hanna al-jazeera washington. well let's take a look at the key d.t. . sales of the iran nuclear agreement called at the joint comprehensive plan of action the landmark deal was signed in two thousand and fifteen by iran's the five permanent members of the un security council germany and the e.u. it severely limits tehran's nuclear enrichment activities and allows for far more intrusive inspections it also requires iran to export excess uranium and heavy water to keep its stockpiles below maximum thresholds in return international sanctions on iran were lifted ending the country's economic isolation but u.s. sanctions were reintroduced after washington withdrew from the accord last year president don trump has accused iran of violating the spirit of the agreement despite it passing u.n. inspections was he ever can see joins us live now from washington d.c.
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well since a the u.s. reinstated sanctions obviously iran has suffered the economically and the reaction that we've seen from the u.s. a few hours after iran took its move is to actually implement or at least announce even more sanctions. right and like the oil sanctions that were recently strengthened by the the trump of ministration these sanctions on the steel aluminum and copper sections of the iranian or of her audience economy target not just those within iran who deal in these metals but also those around the world who want to do business with iran their revenues are potentially going to be frozen by the u.s. if they're found to be doing business with with iranian entities that the work and in the metals but donald trump in a statement says in fact nations are on notice that allowing iranian steel and other metals into your ports will no longer be tolerated so clear threat again to
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international powers not to trade with iran even though as part off the internet internationally ratified un deal you have sanctions economic benefits all supposed to flow towards towards iran don't talk does give iran a way out that he continues what he's always said he just says he wants just a new deal they don't last deal was the worst deal ever. he just wants a new deal he cites the twelve demands that were made about a year ago by the administration and says he hopes he would have negotiations with iranian leaders the problem is those twelve demands are seeders almost impossible for any nation to acquiesce to because among other things they do mom's a surrendering of territorial sovereignty to weapons inspectors anyway and inspectors want to go in iraq they should be allowed to go through that might have echoes of course of the run up to the iraqi war and it also basically says iran can't have any sort of foreign policy to do to protect what it thinks are its interests in the region it basically says you can't do anything unless we approve of it so it doesn't seem very likely that iran will use that as
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a basis for some sort of new deal so there's always the question as to where exactly this is only going and i guess maybe the message from iran was that effectively the status quo as it is is on sustainable for them what reaction have we seen from the united states beyond of course the trumpet ministration. i think this is what's been so striking just in the last few days since john bolton made that announcement a national security advisor that an aircraft carrier force was moving towards the region and that it transpired almost immediately from the pentagon and other sources of this was actually moving there anyway and then in response to repeated questions about what this imminent iranian threat was we're getting the most vague off of responses saying it's the media group had a story saying this is based on some analysis from from israeli analysts about what iran could possibly do if it so one to then we had information about perhaps missiles being moved short range missiles being moved in gulf waters but but no
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actual imminent threat might but bear was asked about why you went to iraq so suddenly is this because there is some threat to iraq from iran he said no not really it's just actually you know part of of a long running strategy so there's an amazing lot of skepticism being being expressed from members of congress here i mean the reporters and journalists who normally just buy any old thing from the pentagon or the administration when it comes to making bellicose statements about iran even they are saying wait a second you know this doesn't seem sound right and i think part of that is because clearly john bolton has been talking about bombing iran for decades might compare is talking about regime change so there is that suspicion that even if donald trump sincerely just wants a new deal if just you do your best president obama those around him and looking at this is an opportunity to get to somewhere get to some some conflict that they've actually long long wanted. with the latest from washington she had thank you.
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a u.s. house panel has voted to hold the attorney general william barr in contempt of congress for refusing to hand over an andree back that copy of the report on russian election interference are released the censored version of the report last month his refusal to submit the an edited version to accusations that he was lying to congress about special counsel robert miller's concerns earlier president trump used executive privilege over the report shielding it from public you patrick elaine is following developments from washington after a long and contentious hearing the house judiciary committee has voted along party lines to issue a contempt of congress ideation against the william bar the u.s. attorney general this is all over the robert moore the special counsel's report about potential collusion between the trim campaign in russia and obstruction of justice barr released.


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