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tv   28 Up South Africa 2013 Ep 3  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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access to president donald trump state tax returns the bill has to be approved by the new york state house to gain is following developments in washington. after a long and contentious hearing the house judiciary committee has voted along party lines to issue a contempt of congress citation against the william bar the u.s. attorney general this is all over the special counsel's report about potential collusion between the trim campaign in russia and obstruction of justice barr released a redacted version of the report the democrats who controlled the committee said that's not good enough they want to see everything that was blacked out they want to see the evidence underlying conclusions they said the timeline did not give them that report so now they have issued this citation now both sides both parties trying to paint this as a very different issue democrats say this is about checks and balances republicans say this is about getting the president we have a constitutional responsibility to serve as
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a check and balance on an out of control executive branch the attorney general is totally out of control he will be held in contempt of congress i think that the my democrat colleagues are still in denial that the president was actually elected so now it goes to the full house for a vote we're at it again likely to pass then it seems likely the democrats will try to get a judge to order bar to release the information or you could be held in contempt of court which potentially actually means jail time one thing making this even more complicated the president is claiming executive privilege saying that it's confidential and that democrats and congress don't get to see this report again that is something that is likely to be challenged in the courts. the weather was next and then the drive to send a message to management walking off the job to demand better wages and riots and venezuelan government tops the pressure on the opposition arresting one of the.
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senior figures. as we said a lot of rain over the southern parts of china recently this is what it looked like in high now and you can see how much rain we've had it's caused a few problems on the roads and i looks like there's plenty more wet weather still to come is a satellite picture showing the bright white areas of cloud that we've seen there over parts of it now but also over the southeastern parts of china and the stretching up towards taiwan as well as we had three thursday so this whole region is looking fairly wet for the north here there's another weather system developing that's spreading its way eastwards but i think the shanghai should be dry fairly warm today with a top temperature of twenty six degrees a bit further towards the south and we thought our developing storm that's over the banda say and that one is expected to drift slowly towards the southwest now it's
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already given us a lot of very heavy rain and they could be some flooding here and also some landslides in some of the tiny islands over indonesia and also in te east timor so a few problems are expected here away from that just a handful of showers i reports the majority of the wet weather on our map is in the north and that's where we're expecting it as we had three friday as well as we head up towards india there's a few showers here at the moment but really for most of us the problem is with the hate it's incredibly hot and it's staying that way over the next few days at least . sponsored town. zero world girls an incredible journey to first hand accounts and the extraordinary are kind to the cities of palestine as they were before nine hundred forty eight and the impact the creation of israel how to. witness the vibrant commercial culture.
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and the heritage that many of today's homes to have. lost some of palestine on al-jazeera. the to have you with us on our dizzier and these raw top stories the united states has issued new sanctions on iran targeting its given mining industries earlier iran said it would roll back some of its commitments on the twenty fifty nuclear deal. the us house foreign affairs committee is pushing for an end to the blockade of qatar to help contain what it describes as the threat posed by iran. and catherine the u.a.e.
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are facing off with the international court of justice other accuses the emirates all discrimination after it expelled or kothari citizens. let's get more now on our top story and a closer look at exactly what e.u. nations committed to in the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal iranian banks were allowed to open new broad as an e.u. member states funds could be transferred between e.u. and iranian people and organizations without authorization and e.u. member states to provide financial support for trade with iran e.u. nations agreed to import and transport iranian crude oil and petroleum products and provide equipment and training for the sector they also committed to allowing iranian cargo flights access to e.u. airports and to stopping the inspection and seizure of cargo that was no longer banned under the deal wholesale scott is the iran professor of international business and international affairs at george washington university and he explains why the nuclear deal may have been a bad move for iran. i think the united states is basically trying to bully iran
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into submission as iran cannot go down that road because this agreement was very unpopular in the first place amongst the hard liners in iran and mr romney and his associates were making crusade to improve the iranian economy because of course is very important but the hardliners were saying we should get a nuclear reset further down the road so that we are able to break out within six months and then people will respect that and i think work through that before we're on the deal that they made was a bad one named the iran agree to certain thing that it cannot recover it exports it ninety percent of it that your am it pour concrete into a heavy water reactor and all the others did it is said ok we'll help you economically and they have not done that so i thought to south africa now where
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people are voting in the next should have expressed frustration about corruption unemployment and racial inequality step process twenty five years after the end of apartheid is fond of the men of opponents from cape town these polls are the toughest test yet for the party of late president nelson mandela. south africa's governing african national congress says it's confident it will win its six democratic national election and it's likely to pull that's despite internal splits factionalism the resignation of a president and a swarm of corruption allegations that stayed at the party for the career month we're going to get out of this election is to lead up the process of growing our economy on an inclusive basis so that we can address the plight of the needs of poor people in our country the monday we are getting here is we must have service delivery and are going to say that i don't want any further excuses i just
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want us to work almost a third of south africans are unemployed and the economy is in decline the a.n.c. is competing against forty seven other parties to win the election the highest number ever while most of them may be too small to challenge the a n c the main opposition the democratic alliance remains us through it having made gains in recent local elections and newcomers the economic freedom fighters led by julius malema who was once loyal to the a.n.c. have attracted vote is unhappy with the governing party whatever numbers will receive from our people will welcome them with both hands it's a monday even one vote counts will accept that those are the results and this is what the people of south africa feel abodh day. of the thirty five million south africans eligible to vote nine million did not register observers say growing voter
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apathy shows how one happy people are with all political parties voters here say they're looking for change they say they want jobs houses and it's a living conditions while they have been small protests in various areas voting hasn't been disrupted here in the township of quietly check in cape town people want to basic services like running water and electricity we didn't see any change there now that's why you will. i was going to say sure and then we can all watch out there whether you like this is there any by the people i was. surprised to five years ago it's way which is low to rise data yet there's a lot of sprawl is there is no illiteracy times are sometimes days long while millions of people want their lives to improve it made up result in them abandoning the sea and that's what the party may be relying on loyalty and belief from its
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supporters at the a in c. will do better for me to mellow al-jazeera cape town south africa turkey now with the main opposition party is calling for last year's general and presidential elections to be a no they appeared comes two days after the election board decided to rerun istanbul's mayoral election so then corsi on reports from istanbul. turkey his main opposition republican party c.h.p. or submitted a request to the supreme electorial boards to cancel last series general and prisoner elections as well as the march third two one votes a course stumbled the streets and the main opposition said even present add ons meant mandates should be a nod following the ousting of c.h.p. mayor in istanbul supreme alexion. board canceled istanbul may overall result space
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based on the grounds that there were illegalities and irregularities in the appointments of the ballot box officers and now the major position argues that the ballot box officials were appointed as in the same way as they were in last year's general and close for his then election following a revision in turkey is election rules in march two thousand and eighteen. in their request they had there is another issue that the main opposition raises into a queue during local elections in want you have for. that's you elect to your local administrators mayors. local councils and local municipal councils and local officials so the decision of the supreme court to council. may overall result is not welcomed by the main opposition saying that it is totally unlawful that all district results should be annulled as well so now the main
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opposition argues even the legitimacy of lawsuits presidential and general election is compromised by the decision of the supreme elect or the board. the vice president of venezuela's opposition controlled national assembly. has been arrested that's according to a tweet by opposition leader why they all had earlier said on twitter that he was being taken to the headquarters of venezuela's intelligence agency the supreme court that seven other national assembly members will be prosecuted for high treason following last week's attempt to remove president nicolas maduro from power now activists are refusing to leave the venezuelan embassy in washington d.c. which they have been occupying since president of the models diplomats were expelled last month the protesters say the u.s. is trying to engineer a coup against the little castro has more. none of the people living inside washington's venezuelan embassy since april are venezuelan officials or even
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that is whalen they're members of an american leftist group called code pink and they moved in after the diplomats of president nicolas maduro moved out for about four weeks now we have been living inside the venezuelan embassy as guests of the legitimate venezuelan government the only legitimate government of venezuela the material administration code pink says the rise of opposition leader. who has declared himself interim president is the result of a u.s. led. that's an accusation these programs on his way list strongly reject they same two thousand and eighteen election victory is in dispute and why do as leader of the national assembly is the rightful president i would love for them to read eventually. and. this is definitely not
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a jewish. ok to emphasize that point the venezuelan counter protesters have surrounded the embassy trying to pressure those barricaded inside to leave. at times the tension has escalated into strewn issues i need to get up having their way through a letter which they don't even know where venezuela is because none of them have this this is my venezuelan id i'm venezuelan and that tony bennett hold that the united states recognizes. as venezuela's president the state department says anyone inside the embassy without authorization is a trespasser but the vienna convention bars us police forces from entering to physically remove anyone and thus the standoff the protesters locked inside why dove's newly dispatched diplomats blocked out. why don't we appointed ambassador to the u.s.
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can only stand outside the embassy door. sill to clear government in waiting has been shut out of the united nations as well along with russia and china the u.n. continues to recognize as venezuela's president meanwhile sixty five countries support why don't know he should be able to do what is stop what he's been doing as oppression and he's being recognized by the major democrats in the world but while there's disagreement in venezuela there will continue to be disagreement abroad the standoff at the washington embassy a proxy for that battle. castro al-jazeera washington now drivers for the ride sharing ride hailing app have switched off their apps an unprecedented strike action protesting against what they say on fair wages and working conditions where later this week we're going to set to begin selling shares to the public a move that will reap billions of dollars but little more trickle down to the men
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and women in the streets rob reynolds reports from los angeles oh oh oh oh oh oh oh apps off the rallying cry as ride share drivers stage will one day strike in over a dozen cities in the u.s. u.k. australia and south america how could you have a card just you should be ashamed of yourself if you're drivers yelling out the company during the strike comes days in advance of the expected initial public offering of shares on wall street it could be the richest tech company i.p.o. ever expected to reap ninety billion dollars or more these workers rallying outside los angeles international airport won't be sharing that wealth they say has been cutting their share of fears plunging many into poverty i've been driving fulltime . for about a year now i live in a really small room in a house with eight other people so i pretty much have what i kind of think is this
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pretty much the lowest cost of living that you could have in l.a. in this day but now i've just been having to work longer and longer hours steadily longer and longer hours every week to make the same amount of income striker's one an hourly wage of twenty eight dollars which they say is needed to cover the cost of fuel and car maintenance they also want benefits like health care and more transparency about what they earn and how much overtakes for me trying it's just the wild wild west with these apps they say they're going to pay you so much and then they take maybe eighty percent of what the pay is over has more than three million drivers worldwide but they are classified as independent operators not employees who are in its chief rival live to have never made a profit and are racing to develop autonomous computer controlled cars to cut out drivers altogether over executives and major investors stand to make hundreds of
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millions of dollars each when the company goes public it's a conundrum of the new so-called gig economy that while the workers control the means of production they lay their cars and do all the work they get little profit give us a little bit we're not asking for the millions of billions you're going to get to make it fair i think that's the bottom line for me just make it sound demanding some new rules of the right sharing road rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. and i'm of a prominent on hollywood the headlines on. the united states has issued new sanctions on iran targeting at stake in the mining industries iran said it would roll back some of its commitments one of the twenty fifteen nuclear dan she had bhutanese has more from washington. right like the oil sanctions that were recently
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strengthened by the the trump of ministration these sanctions on the steel aluminum and copper sections of the iranian or of our audience economy not just those within iran who deal in these metals but also those around the world who want to do business with iran their revenues are potentially going to be frozen by the us. that you know as us house foreign affairs committee is pushing for gulf countries to work together to contain what it describes as the threat posed by iran eliot engel says this can't happen while saudi arabia the u.a.e. rein in egypt maintain there needed to be a blockade on cough it. and catherine the u.a.e. are facing off of the international court of justice cutters accusing the emirates of discrimination after it expelled all qatari citizens from its territory on the basis of national origin the u.s. house judiciary committee has voted to hold attorney general william bar in
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contempt of congress that escalates the democrats' legal battle with the troubled illustration of access to robert mahler's russia report bar has refused to submit and under debt to the version of the special counsel's findings president trump has asserted executive privilege of the report shielding it from public view voters in south africa waiting to hear the outcome of presidential and parliamentary elections the governing african national congress is expected to win but i a smaller margin afghan taliban says its fighters were responsible for an attack on international aid organization in kabul four civilians were killed and twenty four others injured after explosions and gunfire that lasted more than six hours the taliban says its target was a u.s. based aid agency and the vice president of venezuela's opposition controlled national assembly has been arrested because i'm brown had earlier said on twitter that he was being taken to the headquarters of venezuela's intelligence agency well
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those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next thank you for watching. busy iran nuclear deal dead a year after the u.s. abandoned the agreement teheran suspends parts of it and gives those countries which signed up to it an ultimatum to meet their commitments including protection from u.s. sanctions can the deal be renegotiated this is inside story. hello
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and welcome to the program on im wrong on donald trump called it the way steel evah the u.s. president decided a year ago to pull out of the iran nuclear agreement which imposed limits on tehran's nuclear activities then reimpose sanctions against iran and recently extended them to threaten those countries still party to the deal iran's now reacted warning the u.k. france germany china and russia it will step up your reign in production unless they meet their commitments within sixty days britain says the decision is an unwelcome step while francaise more sanctions could be reimposed. has more from terror. exactly one year after the united states pulled out of the twenty fifth two nuclear deal iran says it will suspend cooperation with some of the commitments under the agreement president hassan rouhani let world powers know his country will not abide by stockpile limits on enriched uranium and heavy water but he said it
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was a reciprocal move after the united states introduced new sanctions earlier this week designed to target the framework of the nuclear deal itself iranian experts say that the latest u.s. sanctions effectively forced iran to take some sort of action hammy him out of the main mall that john bid on routes. and people around the world should know that today is not the end of the nuclear deal today it's a new step for the j c.p.o. way and it's within the framework of the j c.p.o. way the deal has given us this right if the other party violates its commitments we can raise it in the joint commission in a scheduled time and that time was passed we had meetings at the level of deputy ministers and foreign ministers and europeans and our friends several times emphasized that they would compensate it somehow but practically they didn't meet their commitments. iranian leaders maintained that limiting their level of cooperation with the joint comprehensive plan of action is still in keeping with
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the wording of the deal if in the next two months remaining signatories to the deal can do something to help mitigate the economic pressure on iran from u.s. oil and banking sanctions rouhani said his country would gladly return to abiding by its side of the bargain but as tensions escalate between tehran and washington president hassan rouhani is latest comments put more pressure on his own partners the remaining signatories to the nuclear deal to do something to salvage an agreement that's been in jeopardy since u.s. president donald trump took office same for inside story. we'll get to our discussion in just a moment but first let's take a look at some key developments since the u.s. withdrawal in january iran's european allies began looking. for alternative channels to keep trade going despite u.s. sanctions but the trump and ministration continued putting pressure on terror on last month the u.s. impose strict sanctions on iran in all exports and put iran's revolutionary guard on a list of terrorist organizations and recently the american aircraft carrier group
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the u.s.s. abraham lincoln was deployed to the strait of hormuz seventeen million barrels of oil are taken through the sea routes in the gulf every day iran has threatened to close it multiple times. let's bring in our guests in tehran mohammad marandi professor of north american studies at the university of tehran on skype from reston virginia rhenish a republican strategist and consultant and in berlin. this thing fellow brookings doha center a welcome to you all like to begin with you mohammad marandi in teheran this has been a very aggressive policy by this administration this u.s. administration to iran we are all is always expecting iran to react in your opinion is this a fair reaction the events of the day. i think it's
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a rather mild reaction but president rouhani has said that there will be further acts on behalf of iran if the european union does not change its policy iranians have shown strategic patience for the last year at least actually far more than that in my opinion when the americans exited the dream and the europeans promised that they would abide by their commitments and iran has for a year now been waiting for the europeans to doing to do something and they've done nothing that they've said all the nice things that need to be said in a word to not enough and to so far the europeans have not linked to run to the global financial sector which is what they have promised and they have not purchased any iranian oil which is also part of their commitment to them there are other things that they should be doing and they haven't so the iranians are giving the europeans sixty days to decide whether they're going to abide by the
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commandments of trump or are they going to protect their citizens their businesses their banks and abide by their commitments well ahem it's a we talk about this sixty day deal but the reaction almost immediately from said let's say. from britain britain said it was unwelcome step and then france said well more sanctions may be expected i don't know if that's encouraging for iran i don't know whether the europeans are going to play ball. well the iranians don't have any expectations it is rather extraordinary that the french and the british who have not been abiding by their commitments whatsoever that they have made all sorts of promises but have not delivered on any of them at all for them to say that this is unwelcome or that or to threaten iran. i think that only angers ordinary iranians but it's expected by iranian policymakers iranians really have no option
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the americans are trying to strangle the iranian people and the iranian see how the american government is trying to brutalize ordinary people in venezuela how the americans are start helping the saudis starve the people in yemen how the americans destroyed libya what they've done to syria iraq afghanistan and the iranians know quite well that appeasing the regime in washington is not going to get the country anywhere so i think what this rowhani administration has done is that he's shown the international community that it is iran that is abiding by its commitments that it is iran that is trying to ease tensions and that it is the united states that is pushing for escalation along with its friends in the region like netanyahu and b.s. in. mohamed bin ziad and i think that itself is a big plus and so from here on i think many or most if not all fair minded people in the international community will recognize that iran has every right to push
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back. rena shaw in reston virginia iran has every right to push back now that doesn't seem to be a unified policy from this administration toward iran on the one hand you have the u.s. president donald trump who says. rouhani is a good man he would like them to come back to the negotiating table then you have who seems to take a more middle ground suggesting that all actions all options are on the table and then you have john bolton who is sending the u.s. lincoln carrier group to the strait of hormuz so it doesn't seem to be unified but much mall not is that a unified strategy here or is the republican party really just making up as it goes along. i think that's an interesting assessment there and the making it up as you go along because it does seem that this administration tends to do that in many ways and now in foreign policy in which we've been unified for a very long time whether you look at whichever party is in power the united states
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likes to show a very composed organized deliberate front when when confronting regimes like the one in iran so this is unusual but i have to say as you heard me talk about on your program before here i am i'm not exactly the biggest fan of this president's strategy his approach the way in which he speaks about certain leaders in the world who i don't find to be leaders however i think that we would have been best served by donald trump continuing to go about it in a way which he wanted however when he surat decided to surat in south with war hawks people like john bolton there was no other strategy of john bolton's mind he wants war and i think it's a very scary proposition at this moment in time where we have so many things we're juggling on the world stage and to think of this is another issue that came in and blow up really you know right now it's in and it's in a point where i think this relationship is certainly strained the the reaction from
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iran i'm not surprised but i don't know how the trumpet ministration really moves forward without letting pompei you know and bolton take the front seat and that's what president trump has decided to do you know he has listened to them they have said this iran deal was non functional and it's been flawed from the get go it's a remnant of obama's era and as we as many people know the international community president trump doesn't like anything that that president obama left behind so let's see where we go from here if this is this is a moment it's a pivotal moment and i think there's a lot of uncertainty i had no doubt they felt all the as in. berlin we are at a pivotal moment there is a carrier group steaming toward the strait of hormuz as we speak europe has been given notice of sixty days to come to their commitments that they agreed before do
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you think europe is going to be the peace broker here or do you think europe is going to have to choose a side. well things are getting more complicated for the europeans obviously now with this kind of iranian deadline and. it is hard to see how the europeans would be able to transform the special purpose vehicle instax into something that the iranian side would economically benefit from and be happy with because so the fact remains that we have the dominance of the u.s. sanctions regime globally on the banking and financial sectors and this is not going to change is a strong compliance regime when it comes to u.s. sanctions so it's really hard to see how the europeans could encourage their companies to engage in trade with iran something that they have been reluctant to do so up until now as we see from different reactions in europe europe of course
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remains committed to the nuclear deal it doesn't want to see it on rival. and on the other hand there is obviously more skepticism in paris talking about the potential reimposition of sanctions on iran while in berlin we've heard from the foreign ministry that while they remain committed to the nuclear deal they're also warned to get iran against. aggressive steps this might be something kind of an escalation in the persian gulf region or in the wider west asian you know theater where you might see some kind of confrontation between iran and allied forces and u.s. forces. for an hour at the hinted at this as you said that this president doesn't like anything that president obama did maybe the quickest way out of this is simply to go back to the renegotiating table negotiate
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a treaty which is almost exactly the same as the one you have already and be done with it. that's impossible because if the iranians begin to appease the regime in washington then this will be the first step of many the americans will conclude that every time you bully another country every time you strangle ordinary people every time you make ordinary people suffer every time you impose hunger like they do in in yemen then you get results and that is a very dangerous move in would push iran in a very dangerous direction the iranians have already made significant concessions in fact in the nuclear deal was controversial as you know from the very start many people in iran were opposed to it from day one and they said it wouldn't work but the iranians negotiated for over a decade they gave significant concessions they were flexible and ultimately they signed the nuclear deal and they ended certain parts of the nuclear program and
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they toned down other parts even though there was never any real evidence to show that iran's nuclear program was anything but peaceful but iran wanted to brings stability to the region to show the international community that despite the narrative from washington the new iran wasn't the trouble maker and now after making giving those concessions this is how the united states behaves and worse than and i think even what's even more ugly is that is how the europeans are behaving because on the one hand they're they expect iran to commit itself to the nuclear deal yet they're not committing themselves at all to what they promise to do and i think that this is this is this creates a more dangerous situation because iran will have to begin to push back countries like saudi arabia and the emirates should expect the road ahead to get more bumpy there is serious talk in iran of beginning stop and searches again with or in towards saudi and morality ships coming from into saudi an emirate or its
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weather there. go or oil. they are pushing and they are pushing the region toward a very dangerous situation the iranians believe that the american that the president us president doesn't want war and he did us the cia or the the military because they know that if there is a war in the region everything in the the persian gulf will be destroyed the the shutting of the strait of hormuz would be a sideshow all the oil facilities the tankers in the gulf of oman and in the persian gulf they'll be will be destroyed that's the real that's what how war will end and it will lead to a global economic catastrophe and trump knows that so whether the military and the and those who are more sane in washington can push back against bolton and pompei oh that's an open question but the europeans in besides their commitments they should also be putting pressure on so you arabia and the emirates
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otherwise i think people in these two countries should start pulling out their money from the suits regimes minissha it's clear that the europeans and now key players once again in this goal it has been throwing down the bowls and they can use all the cliches that you want but it's down to the europeans in the sixty day deadline now what is america thinking when it comes the europeans they think that they've got allies there that they will eventually side of the america well the republicans thinking republicans think that when american leads europe will follow and i think that's sort of rock in this moment and my conventional wisdom tells me that things are really changed and she and some in my party are unwilling to accept that so i think it's time for something you know i don't know what that something new i think that we've got too far down the road to have president shot sort of pull back it's
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a let's come back to the table and be go she something that i keep on it i think that's his first preference. but we're too far gone from that but if you know again about your guest in toronto i know i disagree with some points but the larger picture is true this is about america's relationship with saudi arabia in this very moment and as many know that the president's son in law gerry question has been tasked with creating peace in the middle east and he's been wildly unsuccessful at it if you ask me. so when you have the naive body that sort of prevails in this administration what you're going to find over and over is a lack of unity as we talked about earlier and a lack of an approach that is going to be thoughtful and going to be fair rather to our allies and in this very moment our allies that we used to have are really no longer allies so everything is very very fractured on the world stage at this moment and certainly these cliques that are prevailing in this moment are not
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helping the many people that are suffering but i don't i take great issue with the united states constantly being blamed for all of it i mean there are bad leaders in these countries and iran being one of them that that have caused people to suffer for a very long time this is elementary what i'm talking about i mean this is the p. iranian people not suffered entirely because of america's decisions and so to to continue forward and say that everything that happens from this moment forward that america is continuing to make iranian people suffer i think is a bit is disingenuous when you are sending a carrier going to the strait of hormuz the iranian people are going to feel uncomfortable about that. correct but they had a lot of options as well as you come to the table and there yet different way i think but i did come to tell you what it is i think i did wait a while and i negotiated in good faith let me bring in ali. they should in that there was an agreement it was negotiated in good faith i mean europe must be
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looking at this and thinking to themselves how we go. well absolutely there was an agreement and obviously the u.s. administration with its withdrawal last year violated the agreement and because of the predominance of the u.s. in the financial and banking sectors as i said earlier it's very difficult for europe to provide for the economic benefits but i think what is happening right now is also what the europeans understand is that what iran is trying to do it's to re-establish the real leverage they had visa v. the west was all but also the united states by trying to you know to reenergize the nuclear program tune extends where they would be able to reach a nuclear threshold at some point in time so by raise the abolition it's leverage. a decade ago was the precondition for getting us concessions back then it was the u.s.
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dropping the zero enrichment demand on iran so this is what the iranians are trying to do to regain leverage for any future kind of engagement or negotiation with the united states as we've seen for iranian foreign ministers that eve's recent visit to the united states was trying to actually appeal to the u.s. president trump and to potentially open channels of communication because the iranian these number public knows that because of its acute economic crisis at home it has to you know look for a solution when it comes to sanctions with the united states on the other hand despite this iranian overture if he's of the president sean. there is still some controversy in iran there are some hard line elements who argue that iran cannot now enter into negotiations with the united states because it's it is in a position of weakness in order to remedy this iran is now you know
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going into phases of a potential gradual retrieve from the jason a that would raise the abolitionists leverage for any future negotiations with the united states what do you think of the iranians actually negotiating by stealth going back to what it was doing a decade ago thinking they can polly this into a new deal is that what's happening do you think. no i actually spoke with doctors adie yesterday he is very much against negotiations with the united states the united states has to go back to the nuclear deal in order to begin negotiations with iran as they were a negotiating the iranians and the americans alongside other members of the p five plus one they were all negotiating for years and even at the beginning of the of the trump presidency teller's and was at the table it was the united states that that so the only way forward really for iran is to show that the united states that
9:43 am
they cannot believe the country in iran does not accept the claim that the europeans don't have leverage the europeans if the if they don't have leverage if they can't protect their citizens if they can't protect protect their businesses and their dignity then they have no right to be sitting at any negotiating table and i think other countries across the world should take note of that if the europeans on the other hand a want to be respected and to take be taken seriously then they have to use that leverage their economy is larger than that of the united states and they have the opportunity to cooperate with countries like russia and china to make sure that they abide by the nuclear deal it's not a one sided relationship between the united states and europe so from the iranian perspective that excuses is completely unacceptable but what i think is is going to happen is that yes iran will continue to use its strengths and iran is strong iran's allies in iraq are strong in afghanistan and across the region and the
9:44 am
americans know that if there is any confrontation and remember that's not what he ran once that's why iran signed the nuclear deal there that we already had to talk about do want to get as many other guests as well i can very very good points we know want to bring you in here iran isn't iraq in two thousand and three it's not afghanistan in two thousand and one this is a country that is military. really strong and has friends in the region well don't forget that there are a number of people in washington today who believe that the former points you made archer they do see iran to be something relic of the past and they're trying to deal with that as such like i said the mentality of the neo conservatives the establishment here still prevails despite the president the current president desires to really do things differently so when the when that mentality is what sort of rules the day you're not going to convince people otherwise there's there is the idea that american military strength and
9:45 am
a power move like sending the tanker we have that this is this is what's going to work and again there is no creativity here so what i think is we are we are headed down a really bad road no doubt but but i know that this is a prevailing mentality and there's no way to change it right now what we have sixty days the deadline is in place and europe has to react and i'm sure we'll be talking about this subject again i want to thank all our guests but haven't more on the rhenish l. and on the football and i said and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting a website al-jazeera adult com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me imran khan and the whole team here like you know.
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becoming a living legend to the young age was simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch into political clout the piece to the ivory coast. hosted by eric cantona. rebels begins with a look at the life of did you talk about the folks who succeeded with politicians not. in the eye for you in simple. how to zero.
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zero. where every. had all of the problem in the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has impose new sanctions on iran targeting the country's second biggest money maker metals meanwhile iran's leaders a problem back nuclear restrictions stopped short of violating their deal with world powers they invest ravi reports. exactly one year after the united states
9:49 am
pulled out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal iran says it will suspend some of its commitments under the landmark agreement. after the u.s. introduced new sanctions earlier this week designed to target the framework of the deal itself effectively forcing iran's hand president hassan rouhani led world powers know his country will not abide by stockpile limits on enriched uranium and heavy water he said iran could also resume the production of uranium enriched to a higher level than it currently manufactures and rebuild a heavy water reactor without the oversight of its partners in the nuclear deal more namely call him as the united states wanted to pull out of the way to make iran withdraw the day after so they could refer the case to the un security council in order to redouble pressure on iran however iran did not fall into this trap and did not play in the united states course in practical terms it is a first step by iran in response to more than a year of mounting u.s. pressure. and in moscow iran found support from a strong friend at
9:50 am
a critical time russia blamed the united states for single handedly undermining the twenty fifty nuclear deal and said u.s. sanctions against iran are unacceptable and illegitimate. all of this has been lamentable behavior by the u.s. we hear of regular statements from the u.s. to stop any iranian influence not just in syria but across the region it's unrealistic to terminate this in clint's and it has no chance as a serious policy iran may be economically isolated but the message from russia is that iran is not alone. together the foreign ministers of both countries put european signatories to the iran deal on notice. because i hadn't he. made a decision to implement that. not to stop its implementation not to work against it not like the americans will withdraw from it in a letter to him basters of the u.k. france germany china and russia president rouhani said those countries have sixty
9:51 am
days to implement their promises to protect iran's oil and banking sectors from u.s. sanctions he said steps iran is taking remain in line with the wording of the nuclear deal iran remains committed to it and to maintaining peace in the region but experts into herat say the country is also preparing for things to get worse before they get better. iran's announcement comes as american forces have been deployed to the region in response to what the u.s. says is a threat posed by iran. the leaders of both the united states and iran have said they want to avoid a conflict but both sides continue to send strong signals they are ready for one and there's tensions heighten between tehran and washington the latest announcement from president hassan rouhani puts even more pressure on european countries and remaining signatories to the nuclear deal to do something to salvage an agreement that's been in jeopardy since u.s. president donald trump took office. the u.s.
9:52 am
house judiciary committee has voted to hold attorney general william barr in contempt of congress that escalates the democrats' legal battle for the trumpet ministration of access to robert miller's russian report has refused to submit and under the active version of the special counsel's findings president trump has a certain executive privilege over the support shielding it from public view the chair of the u.s. house foreign affairs committee is pushing for gulf countries to work together to contain what he describes as the threat posed by iran elliot angles as this can happen while saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt maintain their almost two year blockade on gaza. launches in south africa waiting to hear the outcome of presidential and parliamentary elections the governing african national congress is expected to win that opposition parties look set to increase their share of the voters well those are the headlines on al-jazeera al-jazeera world lost the taste of palestine is coming
9:53 am
up next thank you for watching. ull. see. us. alice to me in cities in the nineteenth twenty's and thirty's were much like egyptian lebanese and other middle eastern cities at the time. agriculture and trade thrived. urban life prosperity
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