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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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bissonnette he is fresh and delicate and he's shy no less said numbers a cut on my foot that was shouted out there she kind or some more i've been shot in a face on a level or less that you heard a young meter shy deft at. a leading believes it as scarlett i am a public bush departing one poll shows see net god pelikan ueshiba from de mint how early yes fish in bed dish and when dish near him in home on the senate near a boat and dad will be mean a airfare and. a video. and then in the mood to wrought. have been.
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didn't. faze at all that i set off a mustache how to do. that in feet the mugger to motorola to true that suddenly be do me it cool with a live in the do me a when seem cool be. sort of take. an eternity now to into mashi. committee and tell it me oh come s. mean you do know. santa to sow to let being and model free after i was a dad build me an f.m. sot of recession or some sort of he hasn't thought of insufficient a shy and home deal is it i mena. here unadilla see if i'll be just him but billions in been indian. subjected to hoodoo it's a diff. the jedi minty you say be
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a border nurse the and bilbo buddhists at death row been indeed. david on that. measure that in up to a hard night that day at the two zero city said he and benny oedema. fema share the knuckle but. i must say you and. is suing the. maracas. and still newfie philistine.
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if a noisy comedian the fullest familial spatio of medina falls to the front of the into debt yeah neo would do i did though in may now my middle is internet efik and poems from steam can metal not mature shut off of this deal a steel rod wad a chemist incompatible to one for me to hunt with the flies and i. pulls the of it i thought it should be and has in mind a new moon yes i was told i learn what it is. that it. is going to tell you or does it. if. it. had a letter he could be a. well a concluded that so be
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a full in new medical a send off medical as it digital medical is a law that a. letter comes from a steed. in a measure they do not of. well where did they on the. other side full of steam going to a flaw a three or four thing why should a five for y'all conclude oh man. oh man. and all the. innocent not comfy because quite a man dickless until the. by then comfy. he must run out. a million. and a deal. to though but that you have the right of quite
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a man must to halloa hello with quite a man hello it's quite a montana assured me says ellis hello we counted the sun not believe. it i says f.e.m.a. . and shady. chikatilo let me and should get had their. kind of a weather front of my f.l.
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yeah fred i am a fan i know that a dash at the last inch bag to send has sent been. asked out of. a beard award. then sad show to them i cannot. condone sanford should get it i let me and many a fair shot at those men want to chat to bush stuck on her neck. for yabut rude bladder for lusty any the intimate the in them a is this steam and i can feel. them up it up not that of a smelly feeling that cannot fall but. the are you going well that i'm ready enough again up multiple without the can all those. caught on the tongue but the poet at the close of the so i had the talk of the month to put such a close up name at that and. this is sick i could be the.
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kind of sick i need to go and i'm always. a fair. bad day and feel. nobody has said bayle hotline to each one gotta. sit they should just go ahead oh. well i'm mad take on the one who are. in no. be reshot fool now i'm going to. get a. clinic and fish to walk a bit and well so when i did that well son know now that i do.
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is sick they. must see it will breed in my help that they. can or i may is that no one. yes and kind of my son your kind of mad did kind of. send him a kindly bit didn't feed me b.f.s. i. could listen to a new you had dedicated to god i knew in the head it. should get to second listen to ghana to school the true book and then on the second. day they only had their big day big day don next look in my jedi. like dubai nation cut the second
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bid for the steve. had the second a second shit kicked i think the. second button we did it to them but. something awful goody goody just. said good sixty six. feet and were knocked up on look at the atom in their machete i let the technicians seal team edina fema called them out about and i saw a close saltine well economic and far off your list to me and it cannot be as lot of island may have been a sufi philistine she felt that a clinton but i don't suffer a lot this a lot of yamit then was a sort of balance of how feel me you know us where you know i'm as a let any man abit but i know i am how this sort of conduct does not feel full fee hey five. million caldwell in the look at the. credit it did he did as
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inclusion in the you know we yearn for the steam would defend our kind at the bottom highly. in the us but in the honey. zuda they said they can. say no i'll be aimed at gaza but my honey you. know i. decided to let the subtlety do it i admittedly been part of. the philistine a long time and a lot of being has a good theory and it has been a lot of it. has i mean to say anyone has a knee and one of five below has been defy the nashashibi and can one act as i mostly see it when i can and he cannot then as i've been off yes
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a lot of the men have not said on his ballistically. can one act upon a also with the how to walk on it and he gave them seem sure if honestly any good and had a crush eric and that they how are you not. a damn what kind of a not men yeah mcanally i'm mad i let you use it as i'm wired to be at all and a lot of blood on the foot that atlanta dumped on when a y.l.e.m. me out on it all i'm not about the assure you in fear that it can last a lifetime at the moment i'm out alone my lot of it inches and as it is on the my lawn my lot of libby found on helpful cam in the club feet thought of are locked out i'm a lot of us many that they got up by my feet from the stand feet been fucked up and in today i was at the guns a minute and when i said and took only a day he said he done not to be dismayed and. cannot be level in to sort of see
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i feel so alone man why don't fel sultans somebody to us are good at the genome in message they did it did for lost the. the general is elusive. to jeana cinema when. the you know him hears. from a condition that teta t.n.a. very dissimilar. that is almost sort of. in the. do it. limit the douche three hundred and look at the law had it been a shared move it should newness or lead jali in a. furphy mcatee be a thug. who jamaat through and mocked at the value of her accepted good at the jury did to because i had. my.
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debit of the coffee. mug done for this to me oh let's see. if i'll call it saw it on a in an assault of a. gun is it a full on i'm a lot of weak. not that i. could be that i'm until i'm clean through warm. hearted men and have let alone i felt that their little until and i mean it didn't last a whole lot of a dose of flu could be. done i let my hands like honest the medea now many who can heal hoofy has had many men clearly liberal my. ob who consume had them now thought some calcutta shot political tool. while he can behave alamosa ha
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ha and do it i said i'm not out of the head of a flower pot of emotional fall out of be going to cinema rashid jumba subtle you. cinema photo jumba cinema cinema. cinema to be a. model . for the. cinema for the stinney. cinema a lot of. modern be. thought about the short we see in them. or day men ness you know sheen as for. it is.
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the. true feud. and. i had. our boss. we. had the film he met. but how tough to see. it was said it as a bit of window when i bid i'll bid mitchell a big win of it by then a must. read of the saying i don't but then. when could. eliot and i led the american middle adolescent then and dessert at a new higher covers and then in f. level in your. lesson a little. short
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of breath or to. the finish. bush i. was sitting with the moment bush. said. the lebanese singer appeared in nearly one hundred movies and is still fresh in its main shahad his memory. palestine cinemas and theaters were alive. but the impact of one thousand nine hundred forty eight on both would be crushing. russia has jeopardized the united states' security interests we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside. the box the
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picture from the inside. stuff i think russia's foreign policy is too soft to keep us russian goals have been achieved not peace and. russia coming soon on all just. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers and the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove it. witness on al-jazeera once welcome now fear. dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing
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immigrants from the arab world i feel more gentle and syrian. money does a richer get those people to put up things from deutsche one german and american the new germans on al-jazeera. and all because of a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera they had i had states has issued new sanctions on iran targeting at steel and mining industries earlier iran said it would roll back some of its commitments of the twenty fifty nuclear deal she had baton thing has more from washington. riser like the oil star drills were recently strengthened by the but rubber bullets straight shouldn't these sanctions or the
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arms deal. of the iranian. economy target not just those within iran who deal in these metals but also those around the world who want to do business with iran their revenues are potentially going to be frozen by the u.s. the u.s. house foreign affairs committee is pushing for gulf countries to work together to contain what it describes as the threat posed by iran the chairman alyea to engels says this can't happen while saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt maintain their nearly two year blockade on cutters and catherine the u.a.e. are facing off of the international court of justice cut that was accusing the emirates of discrimination after it expelled all qatari citizens from its territory on the basis of national origin the u.s. house judiciary committee has voted to hold attorney general william barr in contempt of congress that escalates the democrats' legal battle with
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a troubling ministration of access to robert miller's russia report barr has refused to submit an unproductive version of the special counsel's findings president trump has a to as has asserted executive privilege of the reporter shielding it from public view voters in south africa are waiting to hear the outcome of presidential and parliamentary elections the governing african national congress is expected to when but by a smaller margin afghan taliban says its fighters were responsible for an attack on an international aid organization in kabul four civilians were killed and twenty four others injured after explosions and gunfire that lasted more than six hours the taliban says its target was a u.s. based aid agency the vice president of venezuela's opposition controlled national assembly has been arrested and doesn't brando's being prosecuted for high treason along with six other national assembly members following last week's attempt to remove president nicolas maduro from power well those are the headlines on
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al-jazeera al-jazeera world lost cities of palestine continues next thank you for watching. thank you. nineteen thirty s. and early forty's life in the cities of palestine was full and active. typified by jaffa with its busy port and commercial center. the
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cultural scene was also strong with movie production theater going and a variety of writing. and i will now go. through felicity into method. and if you will for your farmer to put up a year for this to me are not going to get the item in an order in for the. gun for . a start on. the inch and allowed the world. and the old heard of it's own up to another sort of joy and whatever theater on. earth to be just in the early. but as they are are. at the three foot or so. the world is to leave me and they are lost or stop the loss of their head down the stairwell and every
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few are good the good few short of a. lot of men whom. the smiths not a new to bush he couldn't be on the cd which is seated. a c. there with the name and how the amount of on. air i lament the most and how much a lot of coffee and when it will never finish what are a full coffee let the shade to to illuminate the and i've been it off a thing you know they can win at godman and could run from this to mean a living a cat that will anyway i want to shout out to mention him at the united philistine e.-m. and i'll shut all metal on and as this will be most safe a d. and it on e one i could double what he left and when i'm home and have me get on well like and how. i love but us feel. it anyway yeah he could have at it a way philistine e.-m. of the land dead as she and kenneth more i think les b.
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day at the end of the way a lot of me. and then in medina. any can at the. thought that he had met the name in a bell in a store so you know any of them a store or an element enough to shock and hope that on. your side he won a bit almighty what do they gang up out of
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a loss or something allen medina on the stand he had a bunch of he said in the play again. so i'll sign it off and it has a mile of. another man up there but if he well come out that had a car so you only have it there is a well done it for the stinney let the. she have in a truck that a little while to let the in believe me i'm in a soak up for the stinney and. surely you haven't met me. if you haven't. done that before and what's next for. those farmer image for him while we were with him he had to have. that film edina in the. in america is now a trough with the howard. back to. him at the. well.
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we haven't made enough for the studio but had a. visit done. to the community so you thought. yes i will. literally be. counted from a standing room if he had seen him at the unit in. it
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has a coffee and a half of the. early that needle. google the it's a must in with someone you're in here but on this is. a no brainer. and if the child want to know how that could go one to call on libya up on the balcony if you want i want to go into my d.n.a. and saying i love to spend when i can fish fish and stuff. at the national. numbers are going to tell me. what about numbers are going to tell me. what i've. been. in here.
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that way a bit. let me have coffee quickly many f. in love with a lot i love milk for this the new year. fee hard to get will you get a lot of beef get through a lot of the few i found if you had to pay for what in the can of quote even if he had. been dead for demian large i mean that he. had the little book if he had bought it. for the sunny for the early home. users would be him. dumb you don't have. a selection how would how it. should be says. how to farm why any. stone at medina follows the need to. behave
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from a. saddleback been to to dust bin a you beat. them i'm not a brain and it does have been a u b o m a not a brain and when that happened had to stop. about that i descended but. i confess to meanie. forget i will have a bookie had a reset them and them and lend me air then the lord will but that that last i had death there. philistine tattle in them specifically dormant how can be maddening and then how clomid ini had a kid i was a little bit to bob and to scully come on foot in the dam it is to marry italy in the can use him in and do a lot of b. they can use him in blue in they can use him in the mosque can you. tell if you had that if he said man hunt but hey isn't met any good lovable of the lost in the stuff or. because they live they can either show. off
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stuff or. well it was a cold we have been doing we're doing well it was admission we have to do on. a typical stock the foot at the bottom with stuff up at the waca let it cannot. say now. though he had the letter alarms as well mana and what the more meant. to be i would do it in. a huff stuff up demand a lot more difficulty stuff i'll call that out of the stock but no ability to stop the run to. the fed.
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at the knesset. your mother. and son i love most of the new who are you to. this one. who. bought a few have managed to is do you know where i do. a your mother fishermen know krishi me ya name bitch mosher would say your. i nak and if it be eighty but shut it down a matamata and read. melody. why do you feel.
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the. trend. we have a hazy. so if we should be. the elysium to who ought to. fish. fish. to authority
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sort of. truth why does still exist had the fish. had to be no more would be. done. at all the. cat on the key element how. hot for you my god how to feel guilty. about that awful of methyl i will be a. little out of the liquor in a chair. but it looked on the just walking with our game of anyhow deity he had. said just let me even call the lawyer how faith then yeah feck i'm a demon nephew fairly clearly.


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