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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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stripped of their immunity and three of them have been detained again the government think that they were involved in a coup and that they should be in jail. the us hosts judiciary committee has voted to hold cerny general william barr in contempt of congress it escalates the democrats' legal battle with the trumpet ministration over access to rupert miller's russia reports bar has refused to submit an on redacted version of the special counsel's findings president trump has asserted executive privilege over the reports shielding its from public view well in another developments on the alleged collusion the us senate intelligence panel has subpoenas the president's son donald trump jr he's reportedly being summoned to provide answers about his contacts with russia with senators looking to question him about his twenty seventeen congressional testimony on plans for a trump tower projects in moscow classical hain is following developments in washington. after
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a long and contentious hearing the house judiciary committee has voted along party lines to issue a contempt of congress citation against the william bar the u.s. attorney general this is all over the robert mueller the special counsel's report about potential collusion between the trim campaign in russia and obstruction of justice barr released a redacted version of the report the democrats who controlled the committee said that's not good enough they want to see everything that was blacked out they want to see the evidence underline motors can conclusions they set a timeline did not give them that report so now they have issued this citation now both sides both parties try to paint this as a very different issue democrats say this is about checks and balances republicans say this is about getting the president we have a constitutional responsibility to serve as a check and balance on an out of control executive branch the attorney general is totally out of control he will be held in contempt of congress i think that the
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my democrat colleagues are still in denial that the president was actually elected . so now it goes to the full house for a vote we're at it again likely to pass then it seems likely the democrats will try to get a judge to order bar to release the information or be held in contempt of court which potentially actually means jail time one thing making this even more complicated the president is claiming executive privilege saying that it's confidential and that democrats and congress don't get to see this report again that is something that is likely to be challenged in the courts we're going to weather check for you next then corruption walked into the way. south africa's president promises to turn things around if voters give him and his believe it or see another chance. and the new series treatment plant is changing refugees lights in bangladesh.
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hello there we've seen yet more severe weather over parts of north america recently on the satellite picture you can see this huge area of cloud as it's been working its way eastwards and has been over parts of texas and oklahoma where we've seen the worst of the weather and the majority of the tornadoes that system is slowly edging a stretch as we head through the day on thursday and still with the risk of bringing us some damaging hail or even a few more tornadoes you can also see that is tapping into the moisture from the gulf of mexico so it's giving us plenty of wet weather and that's feeding all the way up towards the great lakes region that system then pushes its way into the eastern parts of canada as we head through friday and still giving some of us some very heavy rain and of course this region has already got a problem with snow melt so they could be some more flooding here towards the west that would also be want to showers beginning to work up over parts of california now for the central america as
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a loss of sunshine here but also some showers during the day as well i think most of those will be over parts of cuba into jamaica and force in his spaniel. and that's where they'll stay as we head through friday as well towards the west a bit of chance of a dry day for some of us in the southern parts of mexico for the northern parts of argentina though here it's been very wet recently more rain still to come ascension in paraguay should get to thirty one but the showers will be with us and the temperatures will ease for friday. becoming a living legend of a young age was simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch into political clout the book peace to the ivory coast. hosted by eric cantona football rebels begins with a look at the life of. the football team succeeded with politicians not. deviate from the ivorian. on opposite.
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you're watching all this here the minds of the top stories this hour the united states says issued new sanctions on iran targeting its steel and mining industries earlier iran said it would roll back some of its commitments sounds of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal. the u.s. house foreign affairs committee is pushing for an end to the blockade on qatar to help contain what it describes as the threats posed by iran. the vice presidents of venezuela's opposition controlled national assembly has been arrested after some bronco is being prosecuted for high treason along with six other national assembly
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members opened last week's attempts to remove president nicolas maduro from power. sudan's opposition leaders are threatening to launch a a nationwide civil disobedience movements after accusing the military council of delaying the transfer of power to civilians the military leaders saw a warning about holding elections in. six months if an agreement can't be reached with the opposition. the latest from khartoum. deadlock and threats of escalation marked one is these talks between the opposition and the transitional military council in khartoum along with the forces of the declaration of change the military had invited dozens of other political parties to the talks they have all presented ideas to get sudan out of the crisis. we received one hundred seventy seven proposals we analyzed and research them and
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that can give indication of a compromise policy solution on the transitional issues of the transitional government the meeting with the political committee of the transitional military council in sudan aims to review the visions of the entities of the governing mechanisms in the transitional period. the protest leaders criticize the broadening of participation in talks as a delaying tactic by the m.t.c. designed they say to drag the process out and break the revolutionary momentum lacking the how will the military council is trying to twist revolutionary choices and use the same old ways to control and maintain power this contradicts what the council said in the beginning when they took power when they said that they don't want to stay in power and that they took to protest their site now we have doubts about this because they have spent their whole months progressed in eighteen. the military council says it found holes in a constitutional documents submitted by the forces of freedom and change earlier
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this week including the omission of sharia law as the source of for legislation the f d f c says the document wasn't meant to be conclusive and ridiculed those remarks saying there were merely intended to derail the negotiations the t.m.c. said it would call a general election within six months if no agreement is achieved a measure which to the protest leaders means a certain and full return to power by the deposed regime with the help of the deep state which they say is to inform troll. of the of it with the vote we agreed to continue demonstrations and escalate our activism escalation in itself is not the goal the revolution has yet to achieve its demands we have not yet transitioned to a civilian government and we are yet to remove many of the elements from the old regime it is clear that the reappearance of security services and their resumption of their activities just like in the old days means that change has not happened
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was to address this issue the protest leaders say they have not only going to continue the sit in but also they may soon call for civil disobedience across the country until their demands are met by a desire cotton. south africans forcing in elections have expressed frustration about corruption unemployment and racial inequalities that persists twenty five years after the end of apartheid as for me the miller reports from cape sign these polls are the toughest test yet for the party of late president nelson mandela. south africa's governing african national congress says it's confident it will when it seeks democratic national election and it's likely to pull that's despite internal splits factionalism the resignation of the president and a swarm of corruption allegations that stayed to the party for their clear mandate we're going to get out of this election is to speed up the process of growing our
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economy on an inclusive basis so that we can address the plight and the needs of poor people in our country the monday we're getting here is we must have service delivery and i've been saying that i don't want any further excuses i just want us to work. almost a third of south africans are unemployed and the economy is in decline the a.n.c. is competing against forty seven other parties to win the election the highest number ever while most of them may be too small to challenge the a n c the main opposition the democratic alliance remains us through it having made gains in recent local elections and newcomers the economic freedom fighters led by julius malema who was once loyal to the a.n.c. have attracted voters unhappy with the governing party whatever members will receive from or people would welcome them with both hands it's
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a monday even one vote counts will accept that those are the results and this is what the people of south africa female abode day the year. of the thirty five million south africans eligible to vote nine million did not register observers say growing voter apathy shows how unhappy people are with all political parties voters here say they're looking for change they say they want jobs houses and with the living conditions while they have been small protests in various areas voting hasn't been disrupted here in the township of kylie chai in cape town people want to basic services like running water and electricity we didn't see any change and they're now that's why you will stand up for our organization and then we needed to know what are they whether you like this is there any by the people as going out and in order to support his group five years ago it's way which is low to rise day
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yeah there's a lot of sprawl is there is no illiteracy times are sometimes days long or ten while millions of people want their lives to improve it made up result in them abandoning the a.n.c. and that's what the party may be relying on loyalty and belief from its supporters at the a in c. will do better for me tamala al-jazeera cape town south africa. prime minister has had back as an australian politician he's suggested fijians moved to higher grains to get away from rising seas and he john alexander made the remarks after frank by tomorrow asides a stray or she'd stop burning so much coal speaking as an emissions reduction summits in melbourne said the impacts of global warming on his country is heartbreaking in fiji we have already moved three communities and have
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a product. of about some bully others with to be relocated. the decision to leave again the fijian community may seem like an easy one but the button in your home is in some gold and gold plated business decision. for those affected it to a degree emotional loss. and elderly fijian you know now weeks up in the morning to find notion of the doorstep slowly wedding away of home sure enough there are no more generally. the largest serious treatment facility ever constructed as a refugee sassaman says providing a safer and cleaner environment for residential refugees also a million fled violence in man maher and are living in bangladesh syria hideouts reports. from a distance it might not look like much but this treatment plant is changing lives in the world's largest refugee camp in cox's bizarre human waste is often dumped in
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the open becoming a breeding ground for diseases as well as contaminating water supplies. close to a quarter of a million cases of acute diarrhea were recorded last year in the overcrowded range of camps in bangladesh or spiritual infections and skin diseases were rife to all related to poor sanitation and hygiene the potential problems in the camps are huge this is an area which is endemic to cholera and other water board and fecal borne disease so this was a major investment with our park and it is we hope to be a major solution to stop the transmission of disease outbreak. as the hot sun beams down on the refugees its energy powers pumps providing clean water to a quarter of a million in the camp was drinking water especially in the dry season is scarce in the thirty six areas were hidden just have settled in
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bangladesh it's expensive to supply the camps but with the help of solar panels the united nations humanitarian agency aims to provide twenty liters of water daily to every refugee in cox's bizarre i was. in my a begum is one of many getting clean water for drinking cooking and even washing. people used to get diarrhea called and allergies frequently but thanks to god it doesn't happen to us anymore we're now using water that is safe we're much happier the challenge now though is not the gating the labyrinth of tents the terrain and the weather to provide clean water and sanitation to the entire population of more than a million range refugees in bangladesh saw the height of al-jazeera. drivers with the right hailing up her have gone on strike saying they're being exploited by
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company bosses who are rolling in terms of the stage the war just before makes its stock market well grenell support from the sun jealous. apps off the rallying cry as ride share driver stage will one day strike in over a dozen cities in the u.s. u.k. australia and south america how could you have a conscience you should be ashamed of yourself if you drivers yelling out accountability for. the strike comes days in advance of goobers expected initial public offering of shares on wall street it could be the richest tech company i.p.o. ever expected to reap ninety billion dollars or more these workers rallying outside los angeles international airport won't be sharing that wealth they say goober has been cutting their share of fares plunging many into poverty i've been driving fulltime for about a year now i live in a really small room in
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a house with eight other people so i pretty much have what i kind of think is this pretty much the lowest cost of living that you could have in l.a. in this day but now i've just been having to work longer and longer hours steadily longer and longer hours every week to make the same amount of income striker's one an hourly wage of twenty eight dollars which they say is needed to cover the cost of fuel and car maintenance they also want benefits like health care and more transparency about what they earn and how much overtakes for me trine it's just the wild wild west with these apps they say they're going to pay you so much and then they take maybe eighty percent of what the pay is hoover has more than three million drivers worldwide but they are classified as independent operators not employees who. and its chief rival lift have never made a profit and are racing to develop autonomous computer controlled cars to cut out
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drivers altogether were executives in major investors stand to make hundreds of millions of dollars each when the company goes public it's a conundrum of the new so-called gig economy that while the workers control the means of production they lay their cars and do all the work they get a little profit give us a little bit we're not asking for the millions of billions you're going to get to make it fair i think that's the bottom line for me just make it sound demanding some new rules of the right sharing road rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the united states has issued these sanctions on iran targeting its steel and mining industries earlier iran said it would roll back some of its commitments on to the twenty fifteen clear she have
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response he has more from washington. right like the oil sanctions that were recently strengthened by the trumpet ministration be signed on the island steel aluminum and called sections of the iranian or of iranians economy talking not just those within iran who deal in these metals but also those around the world who want to do business with iran that revenues are potentially going to be frozen by the u.s. . u.s. house foreign affairs committee is pushing for gulf countries to work together to contain what he describes as the threats posed by iran eliot engel says this can't happen while saudi arabia the u.a.e. by her own and egypt's maintain their almost two year blockade on qatar. the u.s. house judiciary committee has votes it's a hold attorney general william barr in contempt of congress it escalates the democrats' legal battle with the trumpet ministration over access to robert who is
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russia reports bar has refused to submit in on the dax version of the special kind of council's findings president trump has asserted executive privilege over the reports shielding it from public view. voters in south africa are waiting to hear the outcome of presidential and parliamentary elections the governing african national congress is expected to win but by a small a margin the afghan taliban says its fighters were responsible for an attack on an international aid organization in kabul four civilians were killed and twenty four others injured after explosions and gunfire that lasted more than six hours the taliban says its target was a u.s. based agency the vice presidents of venezuela's opposition controlled national assembly has been arrested at a prison brown who is being prosecuted for high treason along with six other national assembly members for in last week's attempt to remove president nicolas maduro well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after
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