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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2019 7:00pm-7:35pm +03

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trading with europe. which is also part of the deal so on that never came the reality and this is why iran now trying to basically increase the pressure on europeans to make them finally to decide whether they can implement the political will and find a lounge that mechanism which can help iran to. keep trading keep its economy afloat and as a. consequence to also keep with the deal yeah i understand that but how does it actually impact on russia because obviously russia is watching how the e.u. is reacting and russia is standing by every step of the way how will trading between iran and russia impact all the rhetoric that is coming out of washington d.c. they will obviously be watching moscow very closely. well the first thing which we need to keep in mind is that trades are not big between
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the russia and iran is not that big so keeping trade ties and economy changes between russia and iran won't help iran as much as they keep you know trading with the europeans which. way larger partners trade partners for for iran so in this matter russia is just trying to side with iran and actually agree is i mean repeatedly it's rhetorical or always european partners who can't deliver on their promises to stick to the deal in terms of. the next step forward if everybody is entrenched in their positions is this now a case as we spoke to previous analysts in the last twenty four hours here on al-jazeera that there needs to be some. conversation between very senior levels of government you know president the president president and prime ministers is this something now that vladimir putin has to get involved with to speak to president
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trump about. well that's definitely one of the possible variants but however yesterday during the press. love rough during with mohammed it was a relief he told that there is so far no need for that such high level meeting although in the coming days as you know on may fourteenth talks between love are often sector scheduled in sochi so definitely this issue will be on the agenda and probably the conversations between port in the trump will continue over the phone so that's also quite important because this increasing pressure of us on iran and russia and russia only rubin's draw quite. big. divergent lines between them and that's my risk to come to. some school ation which is what happens for the moment. thanks so much for joining us from moscow.
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is there a new we'll have the latest on the fighting in syria's rebel held province also. take the city. drivers demanding that going on strike in cities around the world. to the next round of the n.b.a. all the details of. people. south korea's military. and identify projectiles the launch took place in the north province south korea says the projectiles were directed towards the east. correspondent monitoring events force from the south korean capital south korea's military what's going to be the launch of these projectiles sketchy information so
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far what more do we know rob. that's right just in the last few minutes i hailed the defense department officials have been issuing more details of what they do know as you mentioned there they have now confirmed that they were two projectiles the first was launched at around four thirty thursday afternoon local time that's just within the past few hours twenty minutes after that the second projectile was launched now this is the important bits the defense officials here are assuming these were short range missiles so they do seem to be confirming that these were missiles the first one is said to have traveled just over four hundred kilometers east of the second one nearly three hundred kilometers we don't know exactly where they landed but that would seem to suggest that as with previous tests these projectiles all recitals if they turn out to be that will have landed in the sea separating the korean peninsula and japan now japan has confirmed that nothing
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landed in its territorial waters so it would assume that we could think it's safe to assume that these are projectiles missiles they could well turn out to be have landed between korea and japan but this does seem to be a further escalation this would be a very serious step a very serious provocation by north korea if this turns out to be true we know that in this part of the north korean peninsula there are located at a couple of bases short and medium range ballistic missiles these are the kind of missiles that north korea is not allowed to test under international treaties that provocatively famously it was testing just over a year ago we don't have any confirmation yet sale if indeed these were ballistic missiles of course that comes within a week several of the missiles being or projectiles being launched as well from north korea which under as you say under normal circumstances would have created global condemnation in one form or another but it's really just been quite new to
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it which is quite an interesting sort of set of scenarios we're having to face at the moment. you know it's interesting how the both south korea and the u.s. have been very careful not to overreact it's almost as though they don't want to scupper the chances of further diplomatic moves in fact is only the past day or so that the pentagon seems to have accepted that these were missiles and rockets being fired south korea is still talking about those tests as missiles where as we have analysts who are saying that this was a short range ballistic missile was involved in saturday's test so this does seem to be if the north career is now launching a second set of missiles this seems to be north korea saying just in case you didn't hear us the first time we do not want to be ignored we do think there is unfinished business here and we want to draw the united states back to the negotiating table with a better offers when it comes to the removal or the releasing of sanctions pressure
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on north korea also comes a hail stephen began he is the u.s. special representative on north korean affairs is here in seoul for talks with his counterpart his opposite numbers when they resume for talks here friday they will certainly have plenty to talk about sure they will for the moment to rob we'll leave there come back to you when that situation develops thank you know china says it's kept its promises of the u.s. trade deal after president trump accused beijing of breaking the deal ahead of trade talks not truck problems to more than double terrorists on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods trying to says it's ready to retaliate with similar measures the u.s. president also threatened to impose a new round of cuties of trade negotiators met in washington on thursday the world's two largest economies have been embroiled in a trade war since last year by the way you see the charity because they broke that . they broke the law. so they're flying in the vice premier tomorrow is flying a good man but they're broke they do you know. they can't do that so they'll be
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paying. we don't make the deal nothing wrong with taken in over one hundred billion dollars a year. hundred billion we never did that before we won't back down until china stops cheating our workers and stealing our jobs and that's what's going to happen otherwise we don't have to do business with them we don't have to do business we can make the product right here if we have to like we used to remember like we used to do. a very broad tonsilitis by saying. well a mildly defiant message from china's commerce ministry on thursday a spokesman was pressed several times by foreign journalists for his reaction to a report in the overseas media detailing it seems how china has essentially backtracked on just about everything it had so far agreed to in these ongoing trade talks with the united states talks that began more than ten months ago when the
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official simply said they were in china gives its word it sticks to it but he also repeated that china is prepared to take countermeasures if the united states presses ahead with new tariffs trayvon she what the u.s. has assigned a lot of labels such as backtracking on going back on one's word and so on lots of promises have been foisted on china the chinese side has valued credibility and has kept its promises this has never changed analysts say there is now a grim realisation here in beijing that that is going to happen there is precious little time left for chinese negotiators to avoid that it's possible there could still be a surprise deal if there isn't and the talks break down the question will be will those talks resume or continue if they do it might be enough to stabilize markets if there is a complete rupture then we could see the stock markets here in china plummeting
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again once more as they did earlier this week. now saddam's opposition leaders are threatening to launch a nationwide civil disobedience movement after accusing the military council of delaying the transfer of power to civilian rule the military leaders are warning about holding elections in six months if an agreement can't be reached with the opposition mohammed vile has more from car to. deadlock and threats of escalation marked one is these talks between the opposition and the transitional military council in khartoum along with the forces of the declaration of change the military had invited dozens of other political parties to the talks they have all presented ideas to get sudan out of the crisis. we received one hundred seventy seven proposals we analyzed and research them and that can give indication of a compromise policy solution on the transitional issues of the transitional
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government the meeting with the political committee of the transitional military council in sudan aims to review the visions of the entities of the governing mechanisms in the transitional period. the protest leaders criticize the broadening of participation in talks as a delaying tactic by the m.t.c. designed they say to drag the process out and that evolutionary momentum. with the military council is trying to twist revolutionary choices and use the same old ways to control and maintain power this contradicts what the council said in the beginning when they took power when they said that they don't want to stay in power and that they took the protestors site now we have doubts about this because they have spent their whole months progressed in aiding. the military council says it found holes in a constitutional documents submitted by the forces of freedom and change earlier this week including the omission of sharia law as the source of or legislation the
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f.d.a. says the document wasn't meant to be conclusive and ridiculed those remarks saying there were mere. we intended to derail but the negotiations the t.m.c. said it would call a general election within six months if no agreement is achieved a measure which to the protest leaders means a certain and full return to power by the deposed regime with the help of the deep state which they say is to inform troll. of the fit with the vote we agreed to continue demonstrations and escalate our activism escalation in itself is not the goal the revolution has yet to achieve its demands we have not yet transitioned to a civilian government and we are yet to remove many of the elements from the old regime is just clear that the reappearance of security services and their resumption of their activities just like in the old days means that change has not happened. to address this issue of the protest leaders say they have not only going
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to continue the sit in but also they may soon call for civil disobedience across the country until their demands are met by a desire. or staying on the african continent early results in south africa's general elections suggest that the ruling a.n.c. party will retain power but its share of the vote could fall below sixty percent for the first time since the end of apartheid voters have expressed frustration about corruption unemployment and racial inequality let's speak to mark where he's following events force from pretoria the vote count has been underway for some time . trends are we seeing. where the national results and those numbers are coming in on the big screen here the national results in the center and then results for provincial elections in the blue columns to the side here we have fish bowls from the electoral commission who are compiling these results before they come up on the screen and so far they've counted just over
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a third of the votes and the numbers that we're seeing at the moment could change quite a bit but so far with just a. the votes counted no major surprises ever on this side we have a desk for each of the political parties they have their agents here watching those results come in as you said the ruling african national congress has got so far with a third of votes counted below sixty percent of the vote they've got just over fifty five percent of the vote the opposition democratic alliance has got twenty five percent of those votes counted so far in third place the economic freedom fighters their desk you see here you can see the red clothing of their agents their most radical sounding party their leaders were former a.n.c. politicians who were pushed out about six years ago and they've ever since since the last election used the ham for the seats they had in parliament to disrupt this call of the a.n.c. for corruption and for. we
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seem to have lost the sound from malcolm knows who's trying to explain what's going on we will be obviously going back to the vote count through the day here when i was there and following who does win and is declared the winner of the south african general election but earlier we spoke to grant masterson who is a political analyst at the electoral institute for sustainable democracy south africa he says the apartheid regime engineered a split in society and that still causes massive inequality. we've had two presidents during the current term had the very unpopular former president jacob zuma who was so unpopular that even his own party didn't believe they could carry him to the election and since then we've had president graham opposed to come in and really try to steady the ship for the a.n.c. this seems to be a referendum on the that the future of the a.n.c. as government and you know people have expressed as you said their dissatisfaction with the state of the economy the state of the country in general the trajectory of
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past eight institutions just generally there is there's a lot of frustration amongst the voters the apartheid regime engineer a two tier economy in south africa one for white south africans and the other for everyone else and even though we are twenty five years in the market see that that is hundred percent accurate south africa remains an incredibly unequal society if you are white and so the africa then life is exceptional your expected quality of living is middle class by any affluent country standard but if you're a black south african really it's a very very different picture and so we have a massive inequality problem in the country and of course after twenty five years this government was meant to have made more progress in liberating the people who are its core voter constituency which is black people who supported through the liberation struggle they expected more economic dividends by this time. whether with everything but still ahead here on. we are now in a constitutional crisis the us democrats put pressure on the attorney general in an
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escalating showdown over the special counsel's report. in venezuela to examine the obstacles transplant. the line up for the conference finals is set for all of the sports news coming straight up. well we have mixed fortunes in the weather across africa at the moment a lot of showers pulling away from south africa brighter skies coming back in behind you look further north and a little clutch of storms there on northern parts of mozambique into the south of tanzania and that's going to bring some rather lively showers here as we go on through the next day or so through the remainder of
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a few coastal to the far north of mozambique the west whether the long rains they continue across tanzania as one would expect that on shore breeze feeding the showers in by are more widespread for that northeastern corner of mozambique as we go on into friday elsewhere across southern africa it is largely dry you might catch. in southern parts of mozambique of the south africa they settled in sunny temperatures getting into the low twenty's really quite widely that will be the case as we go on interests and stay as well the showers continue meanwhile into tans and then those showers run up the rift valley some wetter weather some lovely storms pushing right up into the highlands big down pools around the gulf of guinea some really heavy rain around cameroon pushing into southern parts of nigeria ghana also seeing some lively showers at the moment to the north of that it is generally dry as what is speights have this time of the year and it's now in the prices of warming up for kyra. the weather sponsored by catherine.
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on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera news with me still robin a reminder of our top stories the european union has rejected the sixty day ultimatum iran gave while passed a filler commitments to the twenty fifty nuclear deal that comes after tighter on rollback nuclear restrictions but stopped short of violating its twenty fifteen deal with world powers meanwhile the u.s. announced new sanctions targeting iran's metal and mining industries. also south korea's military says north korea has fired two unidentified. tiles which took
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place and who song in the north province in south korea says the project downs were directed towards the east. and early results in south africa's general election do suggest that the ruling a.n.c. party will retain power but it's share of the vote could fall below sixty percent for the first time since the end of apartheid. there's a long list of sanctions on iran which industrial metals are just the latest not some of the u.s. demand that all countries stop buying uranium oil iran's largest customers are china india south korea and turkey no longer qualify for an exemption any dealings with iran central bank another state owned financial institutions is considered a violation by the u.s. government there are restrictions on firms selling commercial airplanes and cars to iran iranians can no longer buy u.s. dollars or trade in precious metals imports of iranian food and carpets are also burned the u.s. government says any country company or individual who violates the sanctions could
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themselves face sanctions or criminal charges in the united states one of those countries where those american sanctions are most problematic is iraq which shares a long border with iran for tells us how the government in baghdad is coping. iraqi foreign minister mohammad al hakim met with u.s. diplomats here in baghdad last night for talks what the foreign minister described were focused on promoting bilateral tie and efforts towards solving regional crises and up routing terrorism but nobody here is under any illusions as to the focus of those talks and that namely is the increasing pressure by washington on neighboring iran that meeting came after we saw the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or come on an unscheduled visit because of what he described as increasing stret against americans here in iraq specific threats he said though he declined to give more details we know there are around
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five thousand two hundred american troops still inside iraq and it's believed the pompei was directing that statement towards the officially at least around sixty thousand members of the shabby those of the iranian backed armed groups that were so highly effective in the battle against eisel of course a battle that was led by the the u.s. coalition interestingly last night there was a statement by a single hash commander in the province of yala saying that any attack by washington on iran would be met by attacks on u.s. interests here in iraq so yet again these kind of statements highlighting just how difficult this crisis is becoming for iraq when iran is its by far the largest regional ally. the syrian government has become to determine the northwest from
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opposition forces. with the kids the second time to fall in the past week the nearby town of coffee. was captured on wednesday government forces are pushing ahead with the offensive which is now in its second week saying the hotel has moved from beirut. syrian government troops have pushed into rebel controlled territory it is the first time they've taken ground since launching an offensive in the northwestern corner of syria they've captured the town of far no good one of the biggest towns in northern how it has a strategic location because the government can now cut rebel supply lines from northern northern how much and southern the area really of military operations the past ten days has really witnessed relentless bombardment syrian and russian planes carrying out dozens of air strikes according to the united nations fifty villages have come under fire it has caused massive displacement one hundred fifty thousand
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people are on the move they've moved further north away from the fighting civilians continue to be killed now the scope of the operations it is not believed to be about this this military operation is not believed to be about recapturing the entire province of idlib before it started the russian president vladimir putin said that it would be unpractical for a full scale assault for the time being because in his words the militants are among the civilian population and on wednesday russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov for the first time commented on the ongoing operation he said that the russian military is carrying out the memorandum the cease fire deal that was agreed between russia and turkey last september in his words this memorandum is so supposed to root out terrorists and not protect them so right. i'm making it clear
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that they're unhappy that turkey did not fulfill its commitments according to this deal to clear a demilitarized zone around the province but at the same time it is believed that these two stakeholders are not going to rupture their relationship and are going to find some common ground that common ground could involve the government just pushing the north just to recapture the main international highways and not take the entire province of. the international court of justice is hearing cut holes case against the united arab emirates for violating human rights but also the u.a.e. targeted its citizens and expel them after an economic blockade was imposed in twenty seventeen stephanie decker has more on the hearing from the hague. it is the final day of a three day public hearing brought at the request of the united arab emirates they are all skiing for provisional measures this basically means an injunction saying that qatar is stopping it from implementing the provisions made by this court last
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year and that is to allow the return of custody citizen students and families to the united arab emirates it all has to do with the website that it alleges qatar is blocking qatar is saying that it is concerned about malware that's just one of the items that's being debated here by top lawyers on either side of the company team and morality team the bigger picture of course is that qatar has brought the emirates to the international court of justice why because it says its citizens are discriminated against in the context of that blockade by four countries of the most two years into the making it says it's become personal and this is why is trying to highlight the issue through this court it's going to take quite some time before we have a ruling from the court either on the application of the emirates and also on the bigger case when it comes to whatever the ruling does it have any power to change the facts on the ground i think many people will tell you no and certainly at the
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moment if you look at the political situation the blockade certainly doesn't seem like it's going to end anytime soon. leading us democrats voted to hold attorney general william in contempt of congress demanding he release a. report into suspected russian interference in the twenty sixth election by the house judiciary committee now goes to the full of the house of representatives has been following developments from washington d.c. . after a long and contentious hearing the house judiciary committee has voted along party lines to issue a contempt of congress citation against the william bar the u.s. attorney general this is all over the special counsel's report about potential collusion between the trim campaign in russia and obstruction of justice barr released a redacted version of the report the democrats who control the committee said that's not good enough they want to see everything that was blacked out they want to see the evidence underline the conclusions they said the timeline did not give
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them that report so now they have issued this citation now both sides both parties try to paint this as a very different issue democrats say this is about checks and balances republicans say this is about getting the president we have a constitutional responsibility to serve as a check and balance on an out of control executive branch the attorney general is totally out of control he will be held in contempt of congress i think that my democrat colleagues are still in denial that the president was actually elected . so now it goes to the full house for a vote we're at it again likely to pass then it seems likely the democrats will try to get a judge to order bar to release the information or be held in contempt of court which potentially actually means jail time one thing making this even more complicated the president is claiming executive privilege saying that it's confidential and that democrats and congress don't get to see this report again
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that is something that is likely to be challenged in the courts. the u.s. senate intelligence committee has more questions for one of president sons summers has reportedly wanted to ask donald trump jr about claims that the oceans for trump tower project in moscow continued until june twenty sixth team that's after the start of the twenty sixth election campaign and democrats in the new york state senate have approved a bill to give congress easy access to president trump state tax returns the bill must be approved by the new york legislature or. the vice president of venezuela opposition controlled national assembly brando has been arrested opposition leader made the announcement on social media earlier some brando said on twitter that he was being taken to the headquarters of the intelligence agency he was the first politician arrested since why they tried to spark a military uprising last week against president maduro discover that.
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replacing bone marrow contribute to the growth of healthy cells and fight cancer for many children a transplant is their only hope but a fading one for venezuelans the government says it can't pay for treatment because of u.s. sanctions the opposition blames inefficiency and lack of resources to resupply reports. giovanni was six years old he died two days ago he was suffering from leukemia. he's father says finding medicines to treat him had become a daily struggle. i have no words we were trying to find the things he needed the medicines trying to keep him happy i have no words. minutes will i had signed an agreement with it that allowed children like to receive a bone marrow transplant abroad but johnny never made it giovani was part of a group of iran thirty children who were awaiting a bone marrow transplant that whole program depended from venezuela state all
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company with a week's other problem experienced as currently being affected by sanctions imposed by the united states and that's why the venezuelan government is saying that the united states is to blame for any staff. who went to giuliani's funeral with some of the mothers whose children are also waiting for a transplant. they see the public health system has been failing long before the sanctions were imposed. in a status as daughter elaina the seven years old she also needs a bone marrow transplant she has a twin sister that could be compatible with her. but he missed canada for the tests that look at your name any gum in the health system has deteriorated there's no medicine the tests are too expensive and we depend on private foundations to help us i want to hospitals to get what we need because nothing is working very sweetly has
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a free health care system that expanded during the government of which i have this but with a drop in oil prices and a failed economic policy the system has collapsed so once you are no lawyer that is if a state can't guarantee the life of all these children then it can't guarantee the life of the country the system was already failing before the u.s. sanctions they suspended the transplant program a year ago but full scale sanctions against perry said were imposed in january this year. from now on u.s. policy is certainly going to have a huge impact on people's lives some as have thought of the government officials say menace will is a victim of donald trump's foreign policy they say so that. so anxious trouble us very much because most companies do not want to risk angering the united states the world is a globalized economy and the company has links with the united states and what we're seeing is that there are many companies who simply do not want to deal with
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us because they don't want to be punished by the united states. children are particularly vulnerable in this crisis in venezuela johnny was not able to survive but there are many others who are hoping they will have the chance to receive the treatment that will save their lives. as. fiji's prime minister has said back at the australian politician who suggested that the jeans move to higher ground to get away from rising seas and be john alexander made the remarks after franken binah marama australia should stop burning so much coal speaking at an emissions reduction summit in melbourne by a man the rama said the impact of global warming on his country is heartbreaking. in fiji we have already moved three communities and therefore broke e.q. . some pull you up as we do to be the looking to.


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