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by the talents that donald trump has employed now the u.s. thought they were very close to a deal in fact they thought it would be wrapped up during the next round of talks starting in a few hours here in washington but last week we were told the chinese have problems because they thought some of the things that were in the agreement could actually breach chinese law and therefore they were willing to push ahead with there is some suggestion that the chinese thought that they could perhaps get a better deal one because they think donald trump is desperate to do a deal and keeps talking about how he's friends with the chinese president and the other thing is he keeps pushing the federal reserve here in the united states to drop interest rates the chinese think that that is a sign that the economy isn't as strong as donald trump would like it to be there for from a position where we were a week ago where we thought it was a deal almost certainly a boat to be agreed we're now in a position where that is all up in the year and certainly the markets in the united states have been pretty calm waiting to see what comes out of these talks but they
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are beginning to get a bit concerned it's reflected in the markets in the far east that you have been done in and here there are many people saying look if there is a trade war between the united states and china then that could be a big problem for the markets it's important to note as well that u.s. imports from china no at their lowest level in almost five years ok allan thank you very much for that alan fischer live for us in washington d.c. . ahead on the program vote counting continues in south africa's national elections in what is being seen as a major test for the governing body and out of crisis in venezuela is hurting the country's health care system and putting transplant patients at risk.
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welcome to another look at the international forecast without more rain into southwestern parts of china to the southeast this generally set there was a clear skies into hong kong pushing over towards taiwan a little bit of wet weather just around the gulf of tonkin but it's further north where we are going to see wes's weather over the next day or two in china twenty six celsius for shanghai and rising will get up around twenty eight as we go on into saturday that eastern side of the country just like five northeasterly winds pushing in quite nicely here still a few showers a set them towards the southwest easing there is a northern parts of vietnam concealable weather here over the next day or search as a somewhat weather to just about northern areas of india just spilling out of more pakistan that's going to help to break the heat slightly as we go through the next day or so but the he really is the main story right now new delhi forty one celsius forty three the four not poor one of the northern parts of bangladesh four times that in place as we go on into saturday thirty nine in new delhi by saturday so we
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are going to see the heat just easing down my pool still gets up to forty two degrees south western parts of india could still see one of two showers but it's largely fine and dry the sri lanka. in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking school. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme and helping change the face of india. super thirty announces iraq.
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you're watching al jazeera live from doha a recap of our top stories european union leaders have rejected the iran sixty day ultimatum to protect it from u.s. sanctions and save the twenty fifty nuclear deal from collapse but they say they are fully committed to the agreement and have cautioned the u.s. against taking any action that would harm their ethics libya's u.n. recognize government has suspended the operations of forty four and for strange oil firm to todd and german company siemens are among them the decision comes a day after libyan prime minister fayyad is also visited paris to discuss the recent fighting for control of the capital. and global markets have fallen ahead of key trade talks between the u.s. and china the two nations have been locked in a trade war for the past year with
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a new round of u.s. tires due to go into effect on friday. pope francis says issued a new law making it compulsory for all clergy in the catholic church to report cases all cover ups of child sex abuse the requires priests and nuns to report sex crimes to their superiors but not to civilian authorities all of a crimes heard during confession are excluded it also requires all churches to have abused reporting systems and a way to deal with victims in place by june two thousand and twenty this month campaign is criticize the pope for failing to promise is zero tolerance approach to paedophile priests who cover up their crimes michael walsh is a papal historian he says it's a step in the right direction. the one criticism you might make of this document is it doesn't actually say what the penalties are. for clergy or any of the hundred nor bishops. who would commit to abuse or attempt to cover it up it doesn't say how
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they should be punished but they could remove them from this. from their office. they have done recently have the bishop or or a priest i think there are issues still remaining which in a sense are outside the pope's remit first of all obviously there will be opposite i imagine there will be opposition to this from some some people will be foot dragging because of one of the things the bishops will now have to do is to set up protocols where they don't already exist which they do or of the many countries since the united states and the united kingdom for dealing with these situations within the within the church but there are places where they don't exist and the may be people who has the bishops who who are slow to slow to implement these reforms that the pope has is asking for not asking for requiring. south africa is rolling out again national congress is on course to win the general election but where that snow is share a vote since the end of apartheid twenty five years ago results suggest the a.n.c.
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has won fifty six percent of the votes counted it's a huge setback for president cyril ramaphosa who replaced jacob zuma after a series of corruption scandals stretton to erode support for his party the main opposition democratic alliance currently has twenty five percent of the vote official results are expected on saturday malcolm webb has the latest from a counting center in pretoria. was in the day to come in on these big screens up here in the blue panels we can see the results of the provincial elections people voted provincial governments at the same time in the sense that we see the results of the national results so that tells us when it's finished that will dictate which party is how many seats in parliament and any party with a majority its leader will be the president there are officials from the electoral commission here processing some of the data so far just over half of all of the
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votes are being counted so that means that things could in the hours ahead could change quite a lot still fifty percent of the votes yet to be counted but the results that we're seeing so far are pretty much exactly what was expected what the opinion polls showed as you said we have the ruling african national congress keeping its majority but so far with a smaller margin levels for the moment it's nearly fifty seven percent and the a.n.c. and all the other parties have their desks and their agents here they're monitoring the results as they come in the democratic alliance which is the largest opposition party at the moment is about twenty three or nearly twenty three percent of the votes counted and the fast economic freedom fighters as agents assisting just over here there are nearly a ten percent vote share in. ten percent of the votes have gone to the other smaller parties of which there are about forty but south korea's military says
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north korea has fired two and identified rockets or missiles to launch happened in khost song in the north province south korea says a projectiles were directed towards the east rob mcbride has more from seoul south korean defense officials confirming that two projectiles were fired within half an hour of each other on thursday afternoon local time and assuming that these were short range missiles one of them travel just over four hundred kilometers the other just under three hundred kilometers landing in the sea separating the korean peninsula with japan it comes as the u.s. special representative on north korea stephen began is here in seoul meeting with his counterpart looking at ways of trying to restart the dialogue between north korea and the united states this obviously makes that a lot harder the south korean government has said it's very concerned saying that this does nothing to help ease tensions on the korean peninsula when it comes of
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course five days after similar provocative firing of rockets and a missile off north korea's east coast taken together this does look as though it's a ratcheting up of the pressure and seems to indicate the growing frustration of north korea the way that negotiations between itself and the u.s. have stalled but as observers will point out if it continues with these tests then it risks derailing that process altogether. the international court of justice is here in qatar scase against the united arab emirates for violating human rights says he were targeted its citizens and expel them after an economic blockade was imposed in twenty seventeen stephanie decker has more on the hearing in the hague. it is the final day of a three day public hearing brought at the request of the united arab emirates they are all skiing for provisional measures this basically means an injunction saying
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that qatar is stopping it from implementing the provisions made by this court last year and that is to allow the return of custody citizen students and families to the united arab emirates it all has to do with the website that it alleges qatar is blocking qatar is saying that it is concerned about malware that's just one of the items that's being debated here by top lawyers on either side of the custody team and morality team the bigger picture of course is that qatar has brought the emirates to the international court of justice why because it says its citizens are discriminated against in the context of that blockade by four countries of qatar and now almost two years into the making it says it's become personal and this is why is trying to highlight the issue through this court it's going to take quite some time before we have a ruling from the court either on the application of the emirates and also on the bigger case when it comes to whatever the ruling does it have any power to change
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the facts on the ground i think many people will tell you no and certainly at the moment if you look at the political situation the blockade certainly doesn't seem like it's going to end anytime soon. yemen's u.n. recognized government has accused the united arab emirates of sending nearly one hundred separatist fighters to a remote island so is a unesco world heritage site in the arabian sea the u.a.e. which is fighting with the rebels along with saudi arabia has denied the accusations they have been reports that the u.a.e. has been competing to take over the island by carrying out humanitarian relief activities is accused of seizing the island when it sent tanks sent troops am. a sixth round of talks between the u.s. and taliban aimed at ending the war in afghanistan has ended here in qatar negotiators say some progress was made on a drive to agree. for when foreign to us might withdraw the u.s. has been pushing the taliban to agree to a cease fire and talk with the afghan government sudan's president salva kiir has
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said the formation of a unity government should be delayed by at least a year despite a may twelfth deadline in the peace agreement that ended the civil war president salva kiir says he dollar support various armed forces will be able to implement all the agreed security arrangements in the coming months. thirteen people including two russian secret service agents have been jailed for prodding to overthrow montenegro's government in an effort to stop it joining nato russian's edwards. and were jailed between twelve and fifteen years to serbian opposition politicians received five years sentences. melissa. has more from a montenegro's capital. two russian secret service agents. in the middle of are sentenced to fifteen and twelve years of prison for creating criminal organization and attempt of terrorism in montenegro in two thousand and
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sixteen from the montenegrin prosecutor of de pointed out as main organizers and finance service of a group of serbia and montenegro citizens two of them leaders of opposition democratic front strongest opposition qualification in montenegro parliament which mainly represents ethnic serbs in this country according to a very direct they were planning to arctic montenegrin parliament. elections with weapons take to building capture and kill prime minister immunological courage and install proration and antenatal leadership in order to prevent point an integral from joining nato even though these were strong accusations against russia moscow denied any involvement in these events. in venezuela the vice president of the opposition controlled national assembly edguy zambrano has been a rest said opposition leader who revealed the news on social media zambrano had
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earlier said on twitter that he was being taken to the headquarters of venezuela's intelligence agency is the first politician arrested since tried to spark a military uprising against president nicolas maduro government last week now as the political crisis continues in venezuela many children with long term illnesses left fighting for their lives the government says it can't provide vital treatment because of u.s. sanctions but the opposition blames inefficiency and a lack of resources meanwhile hope is fading for children with cancer who are desperate for bone marrow transplants traceable reports. was six years old he died two days ago he was suffering from leukemia. he's father says finding medicines to treat him had become a daily struggle but i have no words we were trying to find the things he needed the medicines trying to keep him happy i have no words. minutes will i had signed
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an agreement with it that allowed children like to receive a bone marrow transplant abroad by johnny never made it johnny was part of a group of iran thirty children who were awaiting a bone marrow transplant that whole program depended from venezuela stable company with a week's other problem experienced as currently being affected by sanctions imposed by the united states and that's why the venezuelan government is saying that the united states is to blame for any staff. who went to giovanni's funeral with some of the mothers whose children are also waiting for a transplant. they say the public health system has been failing long before the sanctions were imposed. in a status as daughter elaina the seven years old she also needs a bone marrow transplant she has a twin sister that could be compatible with her. but he missed canada for the tests that look at your name any gum in the health system has deteriorated there's no
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medicine the tests are too expensive and we depend on private foundations to help us i want to hospitals to get what we need because nothing is working venezuela has a free health care system that expanded during the government of which have this but with a drop in oil prices and a failed economic policy the system has collapsed so i want to know the lawyer that if a state can't guarantee the life of all these children then it can't guarantee the life of the country the system was already failing before the u.s. sanctions they suspended the transplant program a year ago but full scale sanctions against a resa were imposed in january this year from now on. u.s. policy is certainly going to have a huge impact on people's lives for some amounts of solar government officials say minutes when there is a victim of donald trump's foreign policy in the sense that there are so entrenched trouble us very much because most companies do not want to risk angering the united
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states the world is a globalized economy and the company has links with the united states and what we're seeing is that there are many companies who simply do not want to deal with us because they don't want to be punished by the united states. children are particularly vulnerable in this crisis in venezuela giovanni was not able to survive but there are many others who are hoping they will have the chance to receive the treatment that will save their lives. i will just see us. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera european union leaders have rejected iran sixty they are to meet him to protect it from u.s. sanctions and save the twenty fifty nuclear deal from collapse but they say they are fully committed to the agreement and have cautioned the u.s.
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against taking any action that would harm their efforts libya's un recognized government has suspended the operations of forty four and firms the french oil giant atol and german company siemens are among them the decision comes a day after libyan prime minister pfizer raj visited paris to discuss the recent fighting for control of the capital. global markets are falling ahead of a key trade talks between the u.s. and china the two nations have been locked in a trade war for the past year with a new round of us to go into effect on friday in south africa the governing national congress party is on course to win the general election but with its lowest share of votes since the end of apartheid twenty five years ago early results suggest the a.n.c. has won fifty six percent of the votes counted so far it's a huge setback for president. of zuma after a series of corruption scandals stretton to erode support for his party the main opposition democratic alliance currently has twenty five percent of the vote
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official results are expected on saturday. south korea's military says north korea has fired two unidentified rockets or missiles or launch happened in khutsong in the north province south korea says the projectiles were directed towards. yemen's un recognized government has accused the united arab emirates of sending nearly one hundred separatist fighters to every more many islands. is a unesco world heritage site in the arabian sea the u.a.e. which is fighting with the rebels along with saudi arabia has denied the accusations last year it was accused of seizing the island when its centimes central upstair and a sixth round of talks between the u.s. sent taliban aimed at ending the war in afghanistan has ended here in qatar negotiators say some progress was made on a draft agreement for when foreign troops might withdraw the u.s. has been pushing the taliban to agree to a cease fire and talk with the afghan government coming up next on al-jazeera its
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super thirty stay with us.
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this soup now moves at hosley through the course. like it's hard going but you know how planning on taking place that i gave of my bus if my hundred was there once was a way in somewhat of a phone call to me by going to prolong me until right i was going to. reality going on and on the arab or the libertarian kick on the stack on our fun though. i mean i think a number. of years from now. i think i can. and in fact i think i can make. a family.
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living together in one room luckily they get on well and it's the middle part. thank you because the money you've got because we can't speak on the comment there you get them on libya tomorrow. on the others because they can make a modern man or a child. the best any cubical. but it's on the river ganges it's an ancient city and can seem very far from the thrusting world of modern india. across the river is this move down called haji. comes from his father has a clue there. was a way to. do that out that was the brother. government going to.
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redouble their probable then the bubble of how much how kind of following all morning would contain a power that for your winnings i'm going to be providing the argument. is valid. but i'm not. but i. did experience. so they got everything we got to become a family. friend. who they. were but i can prove. helpful a oppa. but i like. the much feared not. for how the loud. you are.
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about mcconnell. so. tell the. how major. minor part of the. down post could be. but now with the close then having an afternoon out super thirty style. unknown kamala's good news for them the already feel some workload is set to increase still further. because of. the job for what he said only in politics mark appeared. here to modify. the last blast but harwood not only would there be nor expand it may not pull and.
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of course the self to noon is the only time life with the super could ever be called a picnic in any triangle that is a by a b. policy. here by b. policy to be buying feeble of policy by b. is greater than i are working every hour that they're not sleeping and it's not in a very formal process that they work every day. anything that you do. and then talking while you're even coming to the classroom you are thinking thinking about the problem. so there always thinking. so much thinking about the future like. for the moment he's the star of this year's super thirty he's come in almost every exam he's ever sat.
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for going go anywhere you like. you know you like yeah mike scientist we're not. going to hear from an attorney first and go out of madison because i mean. this lady. on this. program yes i'm like yeah. that's a good man that. you know before ghosts. are made out. to be made by. this guy did not and i thought oh but i. mean discovery or. maybe it's the only thing it is the hard. look discus subject matter i used to. get some of the school to cuddle flushed away take on the first thing.
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that i'm not although you might ask you first. you know how do the women who. are dalai which is. what the book. could. get. for me was that the. books think they are going to love all the books i'm going to call it all i want though as i go to want to make a. your. problem. is that i. have a gas well take to get those cell phone is to get less service is. prince's
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an outstanding student so he's also competing for the physics olympiad god. but. the olympiad is in addition to all the other exams he's sitting. just. been doing it for so. long. and. is having a rare day. he's visiting his ancestral village deal. he's paying for another school for about two hundred young children it's run by his uncle who's
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retired from his government job and come back home to teach along with. the. if. you go. to school to be out there. but. it's. a non-issue was born in but spent much of his childhood here in the village. yes side all of your mark on her. but love it up there. is really a colleague paula. how many there were there at that place.
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with barack at a gate the home of a paper that the. members of a nonstandard family still land around the village some of the vegetables will end up feeding the super thirty but the landscape has a darker aspect divisions here. than in the towns specially for people from the lower backward. backwards. here out of. here. but you have. heard. from us.
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all. here and there are. they here.


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