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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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no one would be happier than we would if iran were to rejoin the community of nations this build up that we're doing now the show of force is to demonstrate our resolve in the face of escalation by the iranians it's to respond to that it's not to trigger a war a military conflict nobody in our administration wants to do that. but we are we are prepared and our allies will be prepared. the cia has warned friends and colleagues of the mud agenda's to america so gee that the potential targets of the saudi government report by time magazine says three people have been given security briefings in recent weeks they include activists i had died living in norway and. in canada a third person is in the united states but not to be named security services warns that they may be targeted for continuing because g.'s calls for reform in saudi arabia. still ahead here on al-jazeera illegal israeli settlements faced scrutiny
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at the u.n. security council. pope francis issues new rules designed to crack down on sexual abuse within the roman catholic church. and i would like to see the development of a rain system just coming out of africa now you see the cloud forming and then for me a particular shape a little arched back and then something like a pro one that carries on which it will it will produce some rain probably in the borders when iraq iran and the head of it will bring rain up through the caucasus up through georgia and beyond that's a picture that we see on friday following the rain the be a few showers could be a bit dust picked up as well but that's the picture on friday thirty degrees in baghdad in the sunshine would have a might still be on the ground right for gaps in the sky in said iran as by john
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and beyond the clouds the sounds of it might just be that tide i think for a day or so if anything it drifts eastwards and does nothing at all part of an occasional shower popped off possibly even in southern pakistan but at least sunshine behind same sort of temperature regime very little in the way of wind now that same cloud could produce a shower to a northern side by friday i think about the further south and late in the day or find them over the higher ground to the west dart self could be one of these a pall of cloud once more but i think it will stay dry if human is seven degrees similar sort of picture on saturday the showers are more frequent in saudi arabia. al-jazeera world goes on an incredible journey to first hand accounts and extraordinary archive footage to the cities of palestine as they were before nine
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hundred forty eight and the impact the creation of israel had to. witness the vibrant commercial and cultural times of now and pay for up close and the heritage that many of today's town's teams have never known lost cities of palestine and i'll just zero. zero a reminder the top stories steeped in u.s. tariffs on chinese goods have come into effect t.v. news trade talks between the two sides continue china's promise ministry says it will respond with countermeasures but did not offer details. north korean leader
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kim jong un has overseen a second missile test in under a week south korea's president says it's signed the pealing and is unhappy with the stalemate in new talks with the united states. their own foreign minister says the european union should up hold its obligations under the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal and that includes normalizing economic ties with tehran you leaders earlier rejected iran sixty day ultimatum to protect it from us such as. the united states and iran by its important strategic partners for iraq so it's finding itself in an increasingly tough position. reports now from baghdad. iraq's foreign minister mohammad al hakim met u.s. diplomats in baghdad on wednesday night for what the foreign ministry said which talks about promoting bilateral ties resolving regional crises and tackling terrorism but no one in iraq is on the any illusion about what that means the increasing pressure by the u.s. on iraq's neighbor and big east regional ally iran. iraq's politics economy
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military and majority shia population shared deep geo political and religious ties with iran the more pressure that mounts on the iranian government the more difficult it becomes for u.s. ally in iraq u.s. secretary of state mike pompei a came to iraq on an unscheduled visit on tuesday because of what he said were specific threats to americans in iraq the statement was directed towards what the u.s. calls iran's proxy forces officially there are around sixty thousand iraqi fighters with pro iran armed groups in iraq known as a popular mobilization forces ohashi the xabi they were highly effective in the battle against eisel in iraq and syria and were formally incorporated into iraq's military and security apparatus in two thousand and sixteen on wednesday evening one hash it a shabby commander in diyala province said any attack by the u.s.
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on iran would be met with attacks on u.s. interests in iraq. and he walk on why should i think all the has to shabby is considered part of the military establishment and there are still on groups that are difficult to control and the government suffers because these groups have so many weapons that there are around five thousand two hundred u.s. service men and women in iraq president trump said in february u.s. forces should stay in iraq to keep an eye on iran. iraqi prime minister under heavy says iraq will continue a balanced policy that builds bridges of cooperation and friendship with all neighbors including iran. iraq a mom of a hop iraq is facing a dangerous situation and is under both u.s. and iranian pressure but iraq could play a negotiating role between the u.s. and iran and between saudi arabia and iran i believe there is an acceptance for
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that role to be played iraqi politicians and influential religious leaders who have repeatedly said they will not tolerate any threat to iraq's sovereignty by any nation including iran after decades of conflict and political instability here the u.s. iran crisis is presenting the baghdad government with a delicate diplomatic challenge where any mistake by washington tehran or indeed pro iran armed groups here could mean the iraqi people being the victims of violence again charles strafford al jazeera baghdad. the un security council is held and inform me on the growth of illegal israeli settlements various members states reiterated that building on palestinian land isn't only unlawful litte also violates un resolutions palestinian foreign minister maliki added that current u.s. policies are not helping the stalled peace process is diplomatic editor james bays . the meeting was organized by indonesia the current president of the security
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council but because it was a controversial subject israeli settlements in the west bank this wasn't a formal meeting of the council instead an informal meeting to which all security council members were invited surprising then that the u.s. special representative jason green blatt one of the architects of the trump peace plan due to be presented soon came here in person to the meeting he presented a case that was very supportive of israel. we hope to prevent our vision soon and in the meantime we will continue to speak the truth even when it is not welcome the truth is that israel just days ago came under a vicious cynical unprovoked attack that was intended to terrify kill and maim israelis the truth is that there has been no effort in the halls of the united nations to hold the terrorists who perpetrated that attack accountable also the meeting the palestinian foreign minister riyadh. he said the forthcoming plan
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looked to him more like a surrender plan for the palestinians at the end of the meeting i asked him whether he was any more upbeat about the forthcoming proposals having heard him again speak today mr foreign minister does it give you any hope for this quote absolutely not i'm really disappointed with that to be know it does heal what to expect if at any time in the in the future they will they would release. a plan but you know it's very clear that you know it's. his thinking you know his his mind is set to be exclusively and the palestinian peace and the logic as he left the meeting special representative green blatt was taking no questions from reporters he would give no more details about the timing of the release of the peace plan
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something that president trump has called the deal of the century other than to say it would come soon. pope francis has issued a new law requiring all catholic priests and nuns around the world to report sexual abuse and cover ups abuse survivors say it is a step forward but questioning by a crime still don't have to be reported to police so it has its report. as head of the catholic church pope francis is a guide for one point two billion people and institutions that governs among many things the reality. but how to lead in an age where the moral compass of the church appears to have been broken by the torrent of sex abuse scandals perpetrated by clerics in positions of power it has caused devastating shadow over the papacy and with the church in deep crisis the latest lord to create by francis shined more light on how cleric should deal with cases of sexual abuse but the vatican's top sexual crimes investigator gave little indication on the penalties that could be
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faced i think a universal law has to factoring diversity of cultures. you know give to strict because otherwise it will be inoperative you need something. flexible enough to work. there are one million priests and nuns in the roman catholic church all of the must now report any cases of sexual abuse to church to paris and any coverups even in countries where the law does not oblige them to do so it follows this year's summit on the issue as well as several high profile scandals such as the conviction of george pell the straight years highest ranking catholic now serving a six year sentence for sexually abusing two quiet boys in a melbourne cathedral with a chilling cardinals accused and discreet as they covered up reports of child sexual abuse going back decades to victims of abuse vatican justice still has
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a long way to go it's the church once again saying that they are going to investigate these allegations and these crimes that they are going to investigate themselves and i'm afraid that isn't good enough that's what i was and victims have been shouting for for years is that we cannot trust the church we cannot trust the officials to police themselves and even with a new system in place there is still no requirement to report these crimes to civil authorities a gaping hole in the system that has already failed so many victims of clerical sex abuse. al-jazeera. the venezuelan opposition politician has sought refuge in argentina's embassy in caracas richard blanco was one of several opposition figures stripped of their parliamentary immunity last week another was arrested on wednesday supporters of it goes on who is vice president of the national assembly changed police guards outside party headquarters as he was detained is
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a deputy to opposition leader want to go to who tried and failed to overthrow the president because government weak. i reports now from caracas. he's going to every public office he got access to try to locate her father ever got a somewhat i know the vice president of the opposition controlled national assembly at the time. we don't know where he is he was kidnapped by this government and taken illegally he's innocent they talk about treason he has been defending democracy in venezuela because the national assembly is the only democratic institution left in venezuela. some but i know what's taken on wednesday night he did not want to leave his vehicle so intelligence officers used a told truck to take him at this point nobody really knows where it ever got some but i know he's being held his lawyers that he's being detained in this prison it's known as the. it's where political opponents and students for example that
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participated in protests are being detained someone write scripts say that prisoners here are tortured and abused by beating them in. the government controlled constituent assembly voted to strip of immunity to several opposition lawmakers somebody i know is one of them to arteries had to seek refuge at the italian embassy and another one is hiding at the argentine embassy. the government is accusing them of treason and rebellion but has provided no proof here . but it's not just lawmakers the government is going after this is a video from april thirtieth and involved members of the volley varian national guard that the government believes sided with the opposition leader attempted insurrection. can be seen in the video he doesn't know where his son niece. was i don't even know what he was doing there i
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was told he was detained i know there is an investigation going on but i don't know where they have been or where he is. why you don't is demanding the government releases those detained he says the government is the one who is not respecting the rule of law in venezuela. the government wants to talk about a coup but the real coup is here to dismantle of the rule of law with the constant attacks against the only legitimate body in burns' weyler the national assembly. why there is a crisis and they can't show the people results that will improve their lives. human rights groups say that with the current situation in the country it is difficult any of those detained will stand a fair trial i mean what. we know there are reports of planned or stein detention centers they are not in regular prisons and prosecutors are not demanding that those imprisoned charge within forty eight hours of being detained people are being abandoned with nowhere to turn. and say there are almost eight
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hundred political prisoners in venezuela today prisoners whose future is uncertain so long as the institutions are controlled by the government. and. a co-founder of facebook who worked with c.e.o. mark zuckerberg in the social media john thirty days has become the latest person to call for the platform to be broken up and regulated in a piece in the new york times chris hughes says dr burke has too much power he points to facebook's acquisition of whatsapp and instagram to show the whole to social media monopoly took a closer look at what chris hughes wrote he says the u.s. is a nation with a tradition of reigning in monopolies no matter how well intentioned the leaders of these companies may be most power is unprecedented and un-american cues that the governments must hold mark accountable and accuses politicians of marveling at facebook's explosive growth in overlooking their responsibility to ensure that
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americans are protected in markets are competitive and he gets even more personal saying quote smart is a good person but i'm angry that his focus on growth led him to sacrifice security and civility for clicks. or facebook's vice president of global affairs in communications as nick clegg responded by saying facebook accepts that with success comes accountability but you don't enforce accountability by calling for the breakup of a successful american company. well mitch stoltz is an attorney at the digital rights group the electronic frontier foundation he says breaking up monopolies can rein in some abuses by increasing competition among tech giants we do need to get back to competition and forcing facebook to spin off instagram and what's happened to separate companies is one way to do that and probably one of the ingredients that has to be in the mix here another would be to simply leave room for other
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competitors to arise and take on facebook in its various functions that it provides whether that ends up being the snap chat or linked in or company based in another country that can come in and fulfill some of those functions what they need is the build for people to migrate off of facebook onto other platforms bring their data with them keep their social graph and their connections to two friends and family with them when they move and then you have competition that will reign in some of these abuses. so this is out there these are the top stories u.s. terms on chinese goods have come into effect even as trade talks between the two sides continue in washington d.c. beijing has expressed regret over the decision a brief statement from china's commerce ministry says it will respond with
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countermeasures but does not offer details chinese vice premier li and u.s. treasury secretary steven richard will meet again on friday. we're trying as top negotiators said it doesn't serve the interests of either nation or. i've come here in good faith given the current particular circumstances i want to reasonably and frankly exchange opinions with the u.s. side but china believes given the current circumstances adding further tariffs is not a good way to solve any problems it's not favorable for china nor is it favorable for the us nor is it favorable for the world so our way out of this whole thing is a principled solution to realistic problems which finally points in the direction of the only result of cooperation north korean state media has released pictures of a missile test after south korea detected a weapons launch on thursday can john oversaw the test that took place in the country's western region it is the second missile test in under
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a week the launches come just over two months after the hanoi summit between kim and donald trump ended in failure south korean president enjoy in has commented on the recent escalation he said the weapons tests north korea's way of sending a message to the united states. north korea seem to be considerably discontented it could not reach a deal at the second north korea u.s. summit in hanoi north korea fired missiles that do not directly threaten the united states japan or south korea so they appear to be careful not to break down the dialogue but they express their opinion at the same time iran's foreign minister says the european union should uphold its obligations under the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal and that includes normalizing economic ties with iran this comes after european union leaders rejected iran's sixty day ultimatum to protect it from u.s. sanctions. with the headlines here and got more news after super thirty.
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but it's on the really ganges it's an ancient city and can seem very far from the thrusting world of modern india. across the river is this move down called haji we wrote you comes from his father as a clue to the. couple of the money they were. doing it out that was the brother. government but. i think they've been made out there probable that the bubble of tag how much are going to have all money we're going to get a coward for the winnings i'm going to get on your part of the crime in the argument. he will either. but i'm not.
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but now with the close then having an afternoon out super thirty style. unknown kumar's good news for them the already feel some workload is set to increase still further. because of. the job for a very simple and politic march to appear. in a commodity. the last blast but harald i don't live there and nor except it may not paul and i live alone and. of course with the self to noon is the only time life for the super could ever be called a picnic in any triangle prove that by you be policy. here by the policy to be buying feeblest policy by b.
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is greater than i are working every hour that they're not sleeping and it's not in a very formal process that they work every day. anything that you do. where you are now talking while you are even coming to the classroom you are thinking thinking about the problem. so there are always thinking. someone thinking about the future like one of prince for the moment he's the star of this year's super thirty he's come top in almost every exam he's ever sat. for going go anywhere you like. you know you like yeah make scientist one of the. attorneys first and go out of madison
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because i mean. this lady. on this. program yes i'm like you. are made out. there's got to go i did not then i thought of what i. discovered. you. know because the heart of. my book disk is subject matter i used to. be to cuddle flushed away take on the first thing. that i'm not although you might ask you first. of all do the women who. are. the book. could.
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you give. us the. books think they're going to say i love all the books i'm going to call it all i want as i go to one i don't. you know what the fate of problems. is that i. have no gas to get those so is today less of this is. prince's an outstanding student so he's also competing for the physics. god. but. the olympiad is in addition to all the other exams he's sitting. just.
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being a. problem. and . is having a rare day. he's visiting his ancestral village deal. he's paying for another school for about two hundred young children it's run by his uncle who's retired from his government job and come back home to teach along with. the. if. you go. through school without the.
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war but. it's. a nanda was born in but spent much of his childhood here in the village. yes. but love it out there. is really a colleague paula. how many there were there at that place. with barack and a great. members of a nonstandard family still and around the village some of the vegetables will end up feeding the super thirty but the landscape has
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a darker aspect divisions here. than in the towns specially for people from the lower backward. backwards. new york out of. here. but you have. heard. all.
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day here. the sun set long ago on british rule in india today the old colonial buildings of patna a home to the police dog brass including the deputy chief of a on and on monday afternoon he opens his office to anyone with a grievance a kick a computer today. there are certain issues which can be resolved only in this limited. macaire.


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