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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 130  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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reality do we want our governments involved in that or do we perhaps want to start looking at alternatives where the people would have control where the people would have ownership of their own data and would have freedom of speech because that's what i would favor more than government. intervention in censorship we'll have more news from london coming out for you very shortly now back to funny i am thank you very much for that israeli forces have killed a palestinian protester during week a protests in gaza the demonstrations began in march last year with palestinians demanding the right to return to their ancestral land since then hundreds have been killed and thousands maimed in israeli in the israeli crackdown and does not touch a good name reports on the gaza strip the ones who have lost limbs have new hope. hamas is warning if things escalate here on the border they will respond by firing rockets and egyptian mediator is here observing things since the march return
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protests began last year more than 270 people have been killed more than 17000 have been injured. honeys food you is what you might call a wounded veteran of the march of return protests in gaza. on a friday last august he was shot in the left leg he came one of the growing number of protest amputees i was out there to help while i'm not disabled being disabled is a state of mind i believe if my mind is disabled i'm disabled but if i lose a part of my body i'm not disabled and i'm at the food you is one of 20 people who will soon be fitted for a state of the art prosthetic leg at the newly opened how mad hospital for rehabilitation and artificial limbs there are already 40 people on the waiting list the executive director of the hospital says there are 6500 amputees living in gaza
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since the march of return protests began last year 136 people mostly young men have lost their limbs. patients can now get free treatment at the country funded hospital it's the 1st public rehabilitation facility in the gaza strip. the aim is to provide more advanced prosthetics and treatment programs that are currently available but given the land sea and air blockade it posed by israel and egypt since 2007 there are many obstacles to overcome the deficient and sometimes also a bit to 2 to into goes the 3 because of for some but it's because on some security issues that's why it'll take time for the 100 bed hospital to be fully operational
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clothes but is hoping by the one year anniversary of his amputation he'll have a 2nd leg again well in. my life will change after i get a prosthetic leg and i can walk up and down the stairs to my 4th floor apartment drive a car ride a motorcycle and go outside without crutches. losing his leg hasn't deterred food jews from attending the protests each friday he goes he says all palestinians must make sacrifices in their fight for a return to the land they once called home and for a life better than the one they have now under siege. there are signs israel is abiding by its commitments in this cease fire on friday fuel from qatar was allowed in on route to the gaza power station and the zone in the mediterranean sea where fishermen can catch seafood was expanded hamas is
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calling on people to return to protest on wednesday afternoon in an attempt to keep up the pressure on israel to ease conditions here. rice said ahead on al-jazeera beijing stocks the countdown to the winter olympics tonight peter would have a decent spatial. up. the at.
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the al. qaida. al. we. now welcome back private companies increasingly challenging national agencies in a new space race u.s.
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billionaire jeff bezos has unveiled a new note that he hopes will track will be transporting astronauts to the moon within the next 5 years victoria gates maybe explains. in a few weeks time it'll be 50 years since 3 american astronauts landed on the moon now the united states is in a new space race with russia and china. but whereas in the past u.s. rockets to a nearest neighbor were funded by u.s. taxpayers multi-billion as such as amazon founder jeff bezos are increasingly paying for private benches into space speaking to an audience of nasa scientists as well as invest as he unveiled a lunar lander called believe moon he says it could be used to transport equipment and people to the moon in the next 5 years and then work on the slender for 3 years
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it's a very large lander a soft landing and precise way 3.6 metric tons onto the lunar surface. 2 months ago the u.s. vice president called for a dramatic acceleration in american space exploration mike pence said nasa rockets and other technology could be replaced by alternatives from private companies we have the technology to return to the moan and renew american leadership in human space exploration what we need now. is urgency. his comments follow china landing a spacecraft on the far side of the moon for the 1st time ever in space x. founded by another billionaire musk is due to fly nasa astronauts to the moon later this year and nasa is drawing up plans to establish a future human outpost on the south pole of the moon scientists believe there's
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enough ice there to use its hydrogen for rocket fuel as well as the drinking water entrepreneurs hoping to sell that technology to the u.s. government space exploration as an opportunity to make money as well as history victoria gate to be al-jazeera. peter fully thank you very much para sends a man strike a name or has been banned for 3 matches for last out at an opposition fair at the french cup final the incidents on the right here occurred as the p.s.g. players went to collect their runners up medals after unexpectedly using to rain the brazilian is not having a great run with your forties recently he was also banned for 3 champions league matches of the criticising a match official p.s.g. coach thomas to the club accepts name was ben and won't challenge the decision but he's warned the striker incidents like this will hold him better from being recognised as a great player. in the. neymar is not the same leader as tiago marc
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you know sort of form he's an artist a very creative player he can be a leader with his quality with his creativity because he's always brave he's not afraid he always plays offensive and leads our leadership qualities but i'm very satisfied with marky and thiago as captains and i'm not changing the logistical headaches or beginning as the fans are for english clubs get ready for the 2 major european cup finals chelsea and arsenal supporters face a tricky 4000 kilometer journey to get to baku in azerbaijan for the europa league final whereas liverpool and top and fans have a much shorter journey to madrid for the champions league decider but the bulls german manager with the gets a point out the irony at the success of the english sides in europe is all happening as britain looks to leave the european union. at least the big clubs in england want to stay with all they have in europe. who didn't understand
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that now. because the rest of the government does want to. we don't know what it is you don't leave that story it's my leg which. i really thought at the. liverpool could still clinch the premier league sideline sunday season finale but need manchester city to slip up with their fate in their own hands so the manager. team will get destroyed if they throw it away it's a dream to be to hear i did in this one as a lead in respect a month ago when we were 7 points against liverpool being in the position there were no i didn't expect it as well as a dream come true and we show many many things of course now it's at the moment to say how good we have done to know we have. to do you know to be champion if we win our game that has to do roger federer has run at the madrid open as come to an end in the quarter finals he was beaten in 3 sets by dominant team on friday top seed
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novak djokovic reached the series after a put a man in church withdrew from the match with food poisoning meanwhile women's 3rd seed samantha hallett continues her quest for a 3rd title in madrid the romanian reaching the final with a 3 sets victory over bill and the bench which play either sloane stephens or bosons for the title. but signs of another miss sadie's one to success at this weekend spanish grand prix you are looking good after the opening practice day the 1st session at the circuit de catalunya on friday was cut short after the 1st crash involving lawrence stroll the canadian was unhurt after doing plenty of damage to the racing points car with the barriers the 2nd session saw many drivers struggle to hold things together on the track to me reichen having problems here and even chairmanship lead of l.t. brought us was guilty of a slip up but the mercedes driver would go on to top the timings of teammate lewis hamilton. the philadelphia 76 is the force the toronto raptors to a deciding game 7 of the eastern conference playoff series after their busy tying
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it up 33 over in the west damian lillard was in championship for the portland trailblazers avoided elimination from the n.b.a. playoffs they beat the denver nuggets to force a deciding game in this series that it is simply a stop over at the moment here he scored 32 points as the portland trailblazers bounced back they're now trying to get to their 1st conference final since the year 2000 would you believe final score here 119108. the defending champion golden state warriors have suffered a blow kevin durant's is out for at least the rest of this series against the used in rockets he strained is right cause after landing a jump shot on wednesday golden state at least have a 32 series lead against the rockets but they'll need someone else now to step up big time and fill those shoes of the reds. so the n.h.l.
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playoffs now and the boston bruins came from behind to seal a resoundingly win in game one of the eastern conference final against the carolina hurricanes the bruins were 21 down in the 3rd period before 2 goals in 28 seconds gave them a leader not entirely intentional empty net goal didn't help the hurricanes cause 5 to 8 finish to the bruins who go one step closer to their 1st stanley cup finals since 23 team. beijing a celebrated $1000.00 days until the start of the winter olympics there was a huge turnout in the olympic park on friday as the organizers and special guests start of the countdown clock beijing will make history in 2022 years it becomes the 1st city to have staged both the summer and winter games china is hoping these olympics will get up to 300000000 people involved in winter sports. organizers also offer the glimpse of what the venues will look like including the
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national sliding center which will host events like bobsled and luge it will resemble the shape of a chinese dragon and allow races to reach up to $140.00 kilometers per hour on the downhill sprint section we leave it there for now more sport on the way again later volley peter thank you very much for that save for this news hour on al-jazeera from me fully back to one whole team india hi thank you very much for watching. is live next i'm wondering. people have to weigh your own record on this trial in fact a few years ago there was place only for one state on the land of israel all you do
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not believe in a 2 state solution the official story isn't there and all i'm sure we all see already i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling the world isn't black and white there's lots to graze in here join me mad the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on the big issues here when i'll just. main on al-jazeera. as the world's biggest democracy goes to the polls we focus on the economic challenges facing india and the rise of ultra nationalism a new series if you would win environmental shows that meet some of the people striving to protect the planet. 25 years up to coming to power can be amc maintain its political dominance in south africa. an exclusive exploration of the goes on to move to the nation's behind russia's own policy told by those who influenced the kremlin and with brics it still looming and populism on the rinds across europe
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will these elections become a referendum on the use of so many on al-jazeera. the subject of more than hawk a dozen investigations. goons of dom's stone from the nation some. one on peace to investigate how the nation's coffers were wrong on al-jazeera. to run amuck. trade talks between china and the us and early on the president trying says he's in no hurry to sign a deal and hikes tariffs on chinese goods. hello
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i'm maryam namazie and london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program the arrest of one by jos deputies fox fears of a crackdown on venezuela's opposition. a saudi ship leaves france without the arms it was june to collect after protesters seek to stop the weapons being loaded. and almost all the world's countries agree on a deal that aims to reduce the amount of plastic washed into the ocean. 2 days of talks to end a full blown trade war between the u.s. and china have come to an end in washington was no breakthrough chinese negotiators left friday's meeting much sooner than expected a few hours ago this after president donald trump hiked tariffs on chinese imports and said he was in no hurry for a deal alan fischer reports from washington. says the deal was clueless until the
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chinese broke it so in terms he believes will lead to a better deal i happen to think that tariffs were a country. a very powerful you know with a piggy bank that everybody steals from including china the white house issued a statement from the president saying hiking tide of some 10 to 25 percent on 250000000000 dollars worth of goods means china piece a lot more money directly into the u.s. treasury but that's not how tired of sworn they will drive up prices on their own 6 those and i through means america imports from china from washing machines to steal from food where to fish importers pay the tab of the costs almost always passed on to the customer. gets parts for a south carolina bike shop from china he's already added $20.00 to the cost of a new machine we don't know how we perceive that china is paying for this we're
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paying for it and it's been passed on to our customers one tree group says for a family of 4 they'll be paying $767.00 more a year because the increased costs kind of spring it's just frustrating because you just know that most politicians aren't familiar with what it's like to live every day you know in the middle class you had to juggle what you can afford and which you can't afford and a lot of people can't even do that donald trump says a tough negotiation brings a better deal in american manufacturing might benefit as companies turn away from high priced chinese goods. to chinese the retaliating of one sector being hit is u.s. farming both sides are under pressure to do a deal on the world's 2 biggest economies have a problem with each other and the potential is there for the rest of the world to feel the pain alan fischer al-jazeera washington. well our white house correspondent joins us live now how quickly things change can we thought
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a deal might be closed now the talks have completely broken down is there any hope for a resolution. yeah there still is optimism but there is less optimism that there was say 4 or 5 hours ago the feeling was that there was still a window of opportunity but as we are reporting those talks seemed to end abruptly ending just before lunchtime local time here in washington when they had been expected to go all day even into the night now the treasury secretary steve minucci and he left the meeting telling reporters that in fact he thought the talks were constructive but given no firm date for when to go she may or may not resume we've since learned from the china global times editor it's a tabloid that is published by the communist ruling party in china that in fact there is a tentative plan perhaps to try and pick up negotiations again in beijing but that is still not clear in terms of the timeline so there is a little bit of optimism but i can tell you it is
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a lot less than it was early this morning but of course president trump has been saying that tariffs will actually benefit the u.s. economy what has been the general reaction that to this not just among politicians and congress there in washington but among business owners. well the feeling is that couple of things number one this is kind of a complex issue in the ordinary consumer doesn't necessarily understand how this is going to affect them they just know that it will because that's what's being reported alan fischer did a good job of explaining how that happens that there is a bit of a window of opportunity before the pain gets really bad in terms of the fact that rate now the higher tariffs only apply to goods that are now about to or are leaving china as of today to head to the united states that means those goods that have already started in this direction towards the shores of the united states of america they will not be subject to this tariff so there's still
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a little bit of time but it's not much time and the president needs this to be resolved to because this is a real political gamble for him this is going to affect farmers this is going to affect the manufacturing sector these are all trump supporters so he doesn't want to make them unhappy there's incentive for the president and his team to try and resolve this and also to reassure financial markets thank you very much with the latest from the white house can believe it. well just there is a dream brown now reports from china's capital beijing on the reaction that to the new high attacking us. it was just after midday beijing time that china and the united states moved closer to a full blown trade war not that many people seem to notice in this busy beijing market shoppers we spoke to say the trade war hasn't so far affected what they've buy but it has affected the way some now think about the united states and
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nationalist sentiment is building it in which it isn't going to it is the america's normal practice to bully others how to money countries always do this but but what can tell you when we get strong enough america we're not even think about bombing us he's referring to what happened 20 years ago this week when u.s. missiles struck china's belgrade embassy during nato's bombardment of yugoslavia killing 3 chinese journalists nato called it an accident china called it an act of war and still does here in china it's a year of political and emotionally charged anniversaries the most important one falls in october when people mark 70 years since the foundation of the people's republic a year in which china's leader has to appear strong especially over trade if you don't agree. with what you were china knows what it's like to be on the losing side in a real trade war in the mid 19th century it lost 2 to britain which was trying to force
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china to buy opium a humiliating episode of chinese history and one to which president xi jinping often refers to today the trade war with the united states is one more concern in a critical year of the economic expectational is that the con is going to be very weak there's financial risks from her risks are rising and the housing market is not particular strong either so what we're looking at is a fragile economy and a very difficult situation from the outside. they've been dismantling the old u.s. embassy in beijing it's diplomats moved to a vast complex on the other side of the city years ago but this week of all weeks chinese workman began knocking down the old building befitting metaphor perhaps for the state of sinaloa u.s. relations adrian brown al jazeera beijing.
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the un says at least 65 migrants have drowned while trying to reach europe from libya after their boat capsized in the mediterranean sea a boat sank early on friday after in countering strong waves off the tunisian coast near the town of syphax another 16 people rescued by the tunisian navy is the deadliest migrant sinking since january meanwhile italian authorities have seized a charity boat which rescued 30 refugees and migrants off the libyan coast it was a scorcher in support of lampedusa by police after picking up the migrants from a sinking rabbit donkey italy says the boat was seized for aiding and abetting human trafficking. well now to venezuela the u.s. has imposed sanctions all 2 shipping companies involved in trade with venezuela the u.s. treasury department says the restrictions are in direct response to the arrest of
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an opposition member the vice president of venezuela's national assembly a guy has been put in a military prison on treason charges he's accused of supporting an alleged coup attempt by opposition to one last week. as one of 12 politicians stripped of their parliamentary immunity why those failed bid to topple president nicolas maduro in the last 2 days 3 others have taken refuge in foreign embassies richard blanco is in argentina's embassy in caracas whilst my governess and a medic are in the italian embassy and a former national assembly vice president freddy also from why those policy has been inside the chilean embassy since november 2017 when he was stripped of his immunity well to raise a bow is in the venezuelan capital and joins us live now 1st of all these sanctions to raise or how big of an impact they likely to have.
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more sanctions for venezuela i mean what the united states announced is that they're implementing another executive order that so will likely have an impact on intelligence services here security forces among others and they also announce that they were targeting 2 venezuelan companies and 2 vessels that are in charge of sending oil from venezuela to cuba let's not forget that venezuela is a crucial provider of oil to the caribbean island and also i mean the united states evidence potion sanctions in venezuela since back in 2015 after violent protests happened in this country initially the sanctions were targeted towards members of evidence will end government to evolve to human rights abuses but later on earlier this year the united states announced some very serious sanctions that top. i get paid a base having a swell estate all company that for example targets also of the subsidiary in the united states citgo which represents billions of dollars for the venezuelan
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government this last sanctions will certainly have an impact but not so much of venezuela but probably in cuba that is very dependent on venezuelan oil but still the sanctions already implemented earlier this year are likely to have an enormous impact in venezuela this country's economy has already started to deteriorate back in 2014 this year there is hyperinflation around a 1000000 percent inflation rate that has generated lots of shortages of food of medicines and when there is either food or medicine people cannot simply afford it because many of those who are dependent in a way they gain a minimum wage and they cannot simply buy many of the basic items in this country some of the analysts we have spoken to say that the united states is making a huge mistake when implementing sanctions yes the target is to it we have an effect and choke the venezuelan government forcing them to try to negotiate but they're saying that the sanctions are being implemented in the long run they're not
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supposed to force the venezuelan government. and so in the end those who are going to be affected are the venezuelan people who are already suffering a lot because of the economic situation here. and we've seen a number of opposition politicians facing pressure they've been stripped of their parliamentary immunity how were.


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