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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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willing to do something such as increased tariffs from 10 to 25 percent what else is the u.s. willing to do in order to protect its industry and why should the chinese do the same in response that's a real problem thank you very much with the latest on that story from washington roslyn jordan or we want to get the view from china now because adrian brown has been looking at the story from the capital chain on the reaction that these new higher tariffs imposed by president trump. it was just after midday beijing time the china and the united states move closer to a full blown trade war not that many people seem to notice in this busy beijing market shoppers we spoke to say the trade war hasn't so far affected what they find but it has affected the way some now think about the united states and nationalist sentiment is building it in vegas it isn't going to it is the america's normal practice to bully others how to money countries always do this but and but what can
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tell you when we get strong enough america will not even think about reforming us he's referring to what happened 20 years ago this week when u.s. missiles struck china's belgrade embassy during nato's bombardment of yugoslavia killing 3 chinese journalists nato called it an accident china called it an act of war and still does here in china it's a year of political and emotionally charged anniversaries the most important one falls in october when people mark 70 years since the foundation of the people's republic a year in which china's leader has to appear strong especially over trade if you don't agree. we work china knows what it's like to be on the losing side in a real trade wall in the mid 19th century it lost 2 to britain which was trying to force china to. by o.p.m.
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a humiliating episode of chinese history and one to which president xi jinping often refers to today the trade war with the united states is one more concern in a critical year at the economic expectational is that the economy is going to be very weak there's financial risks a friend of her risks are rising and the housing market is not particular straw either so what we're looking at is a fragile economy and a very difficult situation from the outside they've been dismantling the old u.s. embassy in beijing it's diplomats moved to a vast complex on the other side of the city years ago but this week of all weeks chinese workman began knocking down the old building the fitting metaphor perhaps for the state of sinaloa u.s. relations adrian brown al jazeera beijing. well in other developments the united states has sent an additional ship as well as
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a surface to air missile battery to join an aircraft carrier strike group near iran in a statement that the department of defense said the u.s.s. arlington was part of its response to the iranian threat washington has repeatedly claimed there are indications of iranian mobilization against u.s. interests in the middle east. on wednesday president trump announced further sanctions against iran and with al jazeera live from london there is water come on the program slow off the rank why is business publicized flirtation isn't exactly going to plan also. i'm charlie handler at the venice biennale lympics of the art world find out how artists around the globe are responding to the world's crises.
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we've got some quasi weather coming into southeastern parts of australia over the next couple of days we've had some rather blustery storms recently this little area of cloud here that's an area of low pressure which brought some very strong winds some hail flooding rains for a time across parts of victoria just to the west of melbourne this is melbourne's south bank where we saw some really heavy rain recently there has been some flash flooding to the west of melbourne and even some snow over the mountains for good measure quotes weather comes back in as we go through saturday lossy settled and sunny. the wind that's still going to be there just around the east coast of toria into new south wales elsewhere across australia is fine and dry for the a sunshine coming through a more sunshine as we go on into sunday i think squatting down into the southeast and cold as a 16 or 17 celsius for adelaide and for melbourne the cloud on the right that's making its way towards new zealand doesn't it so you get here over the next couple of days lots of cloud piling into the south ali and i'll make its way further race
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with sas day heading increasingly west as we go on through the day it will cloud over 19 celsius for oakland on saturday afternoon make the most of it this was sunday looks like lots of fright and driving wins. on counting the cost from union leader to business magnate can still ram opposed to turn around the troubled south african economy as india's economy churns out a new breed of tech savvy old for burnett as we find out why the benefits of growth are not reaching everyone counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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just a quick reminder of the headlines this hour now the u.n. is saying that yemen's toothy rebels have agreed to draw their forces from 3 key ports over the next 4 days a move needed to pave the way for political negotiations to possibly end the war. a saudi ship has sailed from france without picking up its cargo of weapons for yemen after protesters tried to have its cargo declared illegal and talks to end a full blown trade will between the u.s. and china have come to an abrupt end in washington with no breakthrough president trump called the talks candid and constructive and there are now reports that china or the u.s. have agreed to hold more trade talks in beijing. the u.s. saying that at least 65 migrants have drowned while trying to reach europe from
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libya after that boat capsized in the mediterranean the boat sank only on friday after in countering strong waves off the tunisian coast near the town of the facts another 16 people rescued by the tunisian navy it's the deadliest sinking since january. meanwhile italian authorities have seized a charity boat which rescued 30 refugees and migrants off the libyan coast the ship was a school today into the port of lampedusa by police after picking up the migrants from a sinking. italy says the boat was seized for aiding and abetting human trafficking . the u.s. has imposed sanctions on 2 shipping companies involved in trade with venezuela the us treasury department says the restrictions are in direct response to the arrest of an opposition member the vice president of venezuela's national assembly ed garza has been put in a military prison on treason charges is accused of supporting an alleged coup attempt by opposition leader last week. well now south africa where the
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ruling african national congress is on course to stay in power again but with a smaller majority than ever before also been allegations of voting irregularities in wednesday's general election outcome webb reports from the national results center in pretoria. since the 1st results were displayed the ruling african national congress has had more than 50 percent of the vote it's one every election since apartheid ended and democracy began in 1904 but this time has a smaller majority than ever before they are more political by does now than we had what what a story that this is telling is that there are democracy is being consolidated we now have got what over 40 parties the political parties that are participating in these elections the a.n.c. is declining popularity followed a series of corruption scandals especially under former president jacob zuma an ongoing protests over poor delivery of public services president several run
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opposer has been credited with halting the party's decline since he took over just over a year ago he's been promising to tackle corruption the largest opposition party the democratic alliance has just over a 5th of the vote as it did in the last election as one of a number of opposition parties who have complained to the electoral commission that some people voted more than once the parties and the electoral commission of agreed to all the result before they were officially announced it was rotten we do not know is the extent of the problem and we hoping that that all that will show the extent of the problem if we have a nationwide phenomenon or whether it's just localized in 3rd place is the economic freedom fighters whose leaders promise radical economic reforms exposure has increased to about 10 percent it's also complained about double voting but observers say it's not on a scale that could affect the national election result agents from all of the
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political parties in. sitting here at desks monitoring the results as they've come in they're waiting for the official results to be announced and on this side of the room officials from the electoral commission to be processing some of the data one of the most interesting things that they've reported is a lower voter turnout than ever before the amount 2 thirds of registered voters voted in wednesday's poll about a quarter of eligible voters didn't even register for i think there's a general present wisdom about the political system or about political parties. the robert nature of corruption and so it cuts through really saying we haven't heard a message this is the electorate is a rabbit out of a message that convinces us to go out and vote south africans are waiting for the official announcement of results expected on saturday so far there are no great surprises but signs of a steadily shifting political landscape malcolm webb al-jazeera pretoria south africa. to algeria now where tens of thousands return to the streets for
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a 12th consecutive week of protest against what they call the ruling elite they want key figures connected to our surprise and abdul-aziz that if we could to cede power presidential elections are expected in july but protesters are unrelenting in their demands for complete regime change pressure from demonstrators and military force the president to step down last month and has led to multiple arrests. well over in sudan pro-democracy protesters there are defying $45.00 degree heat in the fasting month of ramadan to continue their 5 week long session outside the army headquarters protest leaders are threatening a civil disobedience campaign are growing increasingly frustrated with the military's delay in handing over power more than a month after it ousted president tomorrow bashir military rule is a promising elections in 6 months if an agreement can't be reached but the opposition. french president emanuel nakhon has held talks with the facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg in paris amid threats of sweeping new regulations
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a report commissioned by the french government concluded it should have more access to the tech giants algorithms it also wants to audit the company's policy against hate speech facebook has been heavily criticized to failing to quickly remove footage of the christ church mosque attacks earlier this year will shares in the ride hailing company suffered a rocky start after being floated on the stock market for the 1st time fell by almost 9 percent off their initial public offering the most high profile flirtation in the u.s. since facebook i.p.o. 7 years ago the company has yet to turn a profit 10 years after it was formed by is the world's most popular right hailing app but is facing regulatory hurdles in many countries christensen he sent us this update from neil it was the most highly anticipated i.p.o. of the year but debut disappointed in the end with its stocks closing down some 8
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percent over their initial public offering price of $45.00 a share investors seem to have some questions about numbers road to profitability the company continues to grow and expand but has yet to make a profit in fact it's lost more than a 1000000000 dollars this year already protests earlier in the week by drivers only raise more questions and concerns about their business model and lift members close as competitor went public back in march and its stock has also fallen it has not performed up to expectations either all of that seem to be weighing on investors the i.p.o. valuation for was $82400000000.00 it's still one of the highest valuations for a public company ever in the united states but it didn't live up to expectations. after 11 days of negotiation in geneva around $180.00 countries have reached
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a deal which aims to regulate the trade in plastic waste and limit exports of waste to countries that are unable to dispose of it properly one country which did not approve the deal was the united states environmentalist saying only 9 percent of waste sent from industrialized countries to emerging nations is actually recycled much of the plastic ends up in the sea and there's already an estimated $100000000.00 tons in the world's oceans with $8000000.00 more added every year. well earlier we spoke to rolf piety executive secretary of the rotterdam and stockholm conventions at united nations environment program he has welcomed the deal. order has been agreed here is actually quite historic in march that there are negotiations because one know we submitted the proposal to amend the convention and also to set up a partnership on on plastic waste and that was in september last year and i think with the with the amount of interest both from the government and also consumer
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society and consumers to really deal with the problem of plastics which as you know was causing a lot of environmental issues around the world with birds ingesting plastics animals in the recent research that we've seen that plastics is now found in our foods and is entering into our bodies i think countries where really this week committed to to give you know the decisions for them to to address the issue of plastics not only at the country level most other global level because as you can see the use of plastics is not only one country but all the countries of the world . all the world's oldest and most celebrated art event is opening a flea on saturday venice biennale 8 an opportunity for countries to present their artistic talents and for some 80 artists to respond to a theme on this year that title is may you live in interesting times. al-jazeera charlie angelo went along to venice to see how depicting out air.
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out of control is how this chinese art work feels mesmerizing visitors at the venice be an early an exasperated robotic arm desperately trying to clean up a bloody mess this is the world are to see themselves in lurching from crisis to crisis. and this is how they respond to censorship poverty fake news and broken politics complex questioning and reflecting the times we live in is what the show's curator wanted i think the great thing about art. to try. different. perspectives different ideas. different emotions coexist. artis christopher has brought the plight of refugees to venice with the boat that became a grave 800 refugees in 25th as they tried to cross into europe now
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a memorial to the dead. and destruction also featuring the work of new zealand artist dane smith who's created a computer printing vost lists of things that have vanished from the world fulminations closed radio stations extinct animals languages failed banks and dead religions israel has brought a field hospital and immersive experience of a visit his focus on films about his radio key patient child disappearances and the story of abuse then entering a soundproof box they're encouraged to scream. about . the future because the. 2 other countries where we. are works of. different places in the world.
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one of while the crisis is a reoccurring theme of this there is still room for the inspires with cholera joy and playfulness like this piece pulled a new line. a welcome distraction in these interesting times charlie and the al-jazeera. have more on that event as it takes place tomorrow and then of course there is also our web site al-jazeera. just a brief look at the top stories this hour for you now the united nations is saying yemen's hoofy rebels have agreed to withdraw their forces from 3 key ports over the next 4 days a move needed to pave the way for political negotiations to end the war the iran backed rebels would start withdrawing on saturday from the key port city of data as well as the ports inside an arrest is set at 90 kilometers further north our
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diplomatic editor james bays has more from the u.n. they've seemed to reach them understanding but it's too early to say whether this is actually a breakthrough the stockholm deal in december that's almost 6 months ago so the who things should do this and 6 months saw him they haven't done it yet they now say they're going to do it in the coming hours from the 11th just a few hours from now to start redeploying going on and to the 14th it's no coincidence that the next meeting of the u.n. security council is jew on the 15th the security council putting a great deal of pressure on the who thies i think losing some patience with the who thiis or china or the united states have agreed to hold more trade talks in beijing after negotiations came to an end in washington with no breakthrough there sparking fears of an escalation in the trade war it came after u.s. president ultron talked of adding even more tariffs on chinese imports. the un says
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around $65.00 migrants have drowned while trying to reach europe from libya after their boat capsized in the mediterranean it comes as italian authorities have seized a charity boat which rescued 30 refugees and migrants off the libyan coast. the united states has imposed sanctions on 2 shipping companies involved in trade with venezuela in direct response to the arrest of them ran a vice president of venezuela's national assembly has been put in a military prison on treason charges. and pro-democracy protesters in sudan are defying $45.00 degree heat in the fasting month of ramadan to continue their 5 week long sit in outside army headquarters straighted with the military's delay in handing over power more than a month after it ousted president a model bashir. you're up to date with all of our top stories this hour that's it for myself and the team here in london coming up next it's counting the cost looking at a potential savior for the south african economy. as
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u.s. sanctions and levied against iran we lost one of them to like this one on iraq's relations with its key trading partner will not be part of 3 were new alatas against another of the iraq's deputy prime minister and the oil minister. 0. hello and has i'm sick of this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week the poor kid who became a business magnate we find out if he can turn around south africa's economic mess. as india's economic expansion churns out a new breed of tech savvy entrepreneurs we find out why the benefits of growth are not reaching everyone. i'm the cloth reporting from leaving
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a photo of an arctic norway on the threats faced by one of the most important fisheries the world. when the end south africa's cyril ramaphosa was reelected the spite the failure of his ruling a.n.c. party to get a grip on the economy and corruption the former union leader turned business magnate has promised to create jobs and continue to fight corruption he needed a resoundingly victory to unite a party that has been deeply divided since the ousting of scandal plagued jacob zuma a year ago unemployment is at a 15 year high of 27 point one percent but youth unemployment is at the highest level in the world the economy grew just 0.8 percent in 2018 after recovering from a recession run a poster hopes to create 275000 jobs a year but the economy hasn't grown more than 2 percent over the last 5 years. and
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all this against the backdrop of inequality electricity and water shortages now does it is for me to miller has more now on the challenges facing the country during its election campaign the african national congress promised to clean up corruption now it's in areas like this where the impact of the corruption is most felt the government says that it loses at least 2000000000 dollars every year as well as $76000.00 jobs due to corruption critics say that money could be spent on providing free houses as well as service and the like water and electricity many areas in kylie tried to develop after $9094.00 after the 1st democratic elections that's due to the number of migrants removed from other provinces often poorer provinces looking for work many of them often have to live in conditions just like this south africa's economy is stalling the international monetary fund has lowered
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the projected g.d.p. growth rate to 1.2 percent and that puts south africa among the worst performers in sub-saharan africa and conditions for businesses especially small ones have been made more difficult as the state owned electricity provider eskom isn't trouble now it's also riddled with corruption and to make up for the missing billions is increasing the cost of electricity above inflation eskom is also experiencing massive operational problems south africans have to live through rolling blackouts now continued blackouts will further hamper south africa's economic growth economists warn that power cuts could shave 0.5 percent off the g.d.p. joining me now from london is reza current chief economist for africa at standard chartered. good to have you with us sir ramaphosa has got some big challenges ahead
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of him doesn't he the biggest of which is unemployment the chronic khana me is growing at less than 2 percent that's far short of what it should be doing to create $275000.00 jobs a year. yes this is the case this south african economy has really struggled to achieve lasting momentum and if any of the high frequency data releases from the 1st quarter of this year are anything to go by there is even the risk of another economic contraction quarter and quarter at the beginning of this year the question though is does this election result change anything will we now see the institutionalize ation of reforms will we see a surge in consumer and business confidence could we see household spending and investment taking off. and when you look at that 27 percent unemployment number you ask yourself how the economy is able to to support that. it's clear that the
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south african economy needs to be growing a lot faster there have been a number of measures put in place to try to reduce the overall impact of inequality not least the provision of social grants an extensive social grant system but ultimately the best way to reduce poverty would be to achieve an accelerated growth rate over time and it's this issue that south african policy must really focus on and south africa's debt rating is currently at a junk status does it have the space capacity to expand further to to bail out the power operator to improve the water supply and reduce unemployment there is one last investment grade rating currently assigned to south africa by moody's but there are increasingly concerns not least around the indebtedness of the state owned electricity it'll it there has already been the pledge of significant government support and south africa has in
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a sense run out of fiscal space to do anything more with spending there have been so many years of weak growth persistently weak growth revenue disappoint means that it's very difficult for south africa to reassure investors that it is putting the macro economy right that it is able to bring down debt levels while still doing a great deal more to boost growth ultimately what needs to happen is with the public sector not really having the space for investment the private sector needs to step up what south africa needs is for private sector confidence to be reinvigorated for investors to start investing again in order to boost growth or south africa's been through 2 recessions. in the last decade as we've talked about before corruption is still a major problem but the one functioning institution is the central bank in south
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africa it's increased reserves have done a decent job of keeping inflation in check what do you make of that well there are many functioning institutions in south africa is still a country that is considered to be investment grade but at least one rating agency the south african reserve bank though has been a very credible institution it has been very clear around its price stability mandate even in the face of occasional political pressure the south african reserve bank has really stood its ground and that is starting to have an impact south africa is currently enjoying a lower rate of inflation than had been the case for many years and this is important that kind of macroeconomic stability the ongoing low rate of inflation will be important in order to boost growth going forward and just finally while
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hesitate to lump african nations together we have a similar set of issues don't we with nigeria muhammadu buhari one a 2nd term but i guess the biggest challenge there is insecurity isn't it. nigeria like south africa one of the big economies in the region and it's been experiencing a number of years of weak growth partly this was the consequence of the weakness in the oil price from the end of 2014 but a great deal of it has to do with the very slow adjustments and some of the policies put in place that perhaps we can start adjustment to softer oil prices now nigeria is in sight of recovery or oil production is back while prices are better supported but the challenge for the authorities will be to ensure that there is growth in the rest. the economy is well there is a great deal that does need attention the health of the banking sector why it is that banks haven't been quick to start lending again monetary policy has recently
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been subject to different influences and maybe in a less tight environment we will see some of that growth momentum returning but given that my geria has very low median levels of per capita income weak growth is not a luxury that that economy can afford so nigeria absolutely needs excel aerated growth if it's to make a meaningful impact and reducing poverty you can get to talk to you thank you well as we mentioned there nigeria's president mohamed will hardy has promised to diversify the economy away from oil and that's easier said than done nigeria is even struggling to grow its own food i don't want us to report from a good state. 1st the cause is cleaned the machine also peels off the skin removing any soil live from the plant. in its ground into a sticky pulp the water is squeezed out after a few more processes that becomes
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a flower a staple food for nigerians the government's trying to increase food production for local consumption as well as to celebrate what it says agriculture could help reduce nigeria's dependence on crude oil to flood. exports imports. exports in. nigeria is a largest producer of casaba in the world to encourage more farmers to grow the crop commercially the government says it will improve access to finance and will try to attract more private investment in the sector nigeria imports a lot of its read which is the 4th using money earned from selling its oil now farmers will be encouraged to grow. and i'd rather have some progress if there are not enough to feed the country. cooking with a has been
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a way of life for generations but much of it is of systems farming not commercial these women grow just enough for their families the little left over is sold for a few dollars. sarah does everything by hand she can afford machines to grind into flour she says she makes enough to feed her 6 children. this month you know sir and i didn't even know. how we can all sleep because children are so doubt they need our children need to mourn the life you have to know around and there are money can be. moved. so the work is not that unusual. economists say diversify nigeria's economy after decades of relying mainly an oil won't be easy it needs more political will and more input from locals but they all signed some people are starting to see farming as a viable business one delivery at
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a time. ogun state nigeria. now india is home to the 3rd highest number of billionaires in the world including asia's richest person but while its economy expands many people are asking if it is only the wealthy who are benefiting from as jimmy reports now. this sprawling upmarket estate tucked away in new delhi is home for rival coastline this family a start up investor who's also runs his own digital consulting and marketing firm he says the government's policies in the past few years have been good for business just in terms of how we deal with the government with the governance it brings to simplicity informations lot easier for us to. understand our clients and other businesses have grown they've they've needed more services from us so with our services are growing our business is growing and that's been a high.


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