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tv   Didier Drogba and the Ivorian Civil War  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2019 8:33am-9:01am +03

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the u.n. involvement program and he says that the it has substantially increased global awareness about plastic pollution or there's been a grid here is actually quite historic in mcarthur of negotiations because when know we submitted the proposal to amend the convention and also set up a partnership or on plastic waste and that was in september last year in and i think with the with the amount of interest books from governments and also from civil society and consumers who really deal with the problem of rustics which as you know was causing a lot of environmental issues around the world with birds ingesting plastics with animals in the recent research that we've seen that plastics is not found in our foods and is entering into our bodies i think countries where really this week committed who. will give you know a little seasons for them to address the issue of plastics not on me at the country level also at the global level because as you can see the issue of plastics is not
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only one country but what all the countries of the world. now for foreign hostages have been freed by french soldiers and putting a fossil to soldiers were killed during the rescue operation in the northern region with the west african nation the french government says the hostages included 2 french citizens an american and a south korean. the former president of and topola said to face trial for corruption and china men home way was arrested in september while visiting his home country is accused of accepting bribes when he was a government minister before taking the top job at the global police agency his wife says the allegations are politically motivated. it's been a disappointing 1st day on the stock market for popularised hailing app. despite being valued at $82000000000.00 shares fell almost 8 percent on that new york stock exchange debut at is used by millions of people around the world but has
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yet to turn a profit center that founding in 2009 christian salumi has the south take from new york. it was the most highly anticipated i.p.o. of the year but debut disappointed in the end with its stocks closing down some 8 percent over their initial public offering price of $45.00 a share investors seem to have some questions about members' road to profitability the company continues to grow and expand but has yet to make a profit in fact it's lost more than a 1000000000 dollars this year already protests earlier in the week by drivers only raise more questions and concerns about their business model and lift numbers close as competitor went public back in march and its stock has also fallen it has not performed up to expectations either all of that seem to be weighing on investors the i.p.o.
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valuation for was $82400000000.00 it's still one of the highest valuations for a public company ever in the united states but it didn't live up to expectations. still ahead on the news down beijing stop the countdown to the winter olympics for the details in school.
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the world's oldest and most celebrated off event on bins and sunday on saturday the venice of the analogy is an opportunity for countries to present the artistic
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talents and. to respond to the fame and the see it as maybe you have an interesting times of went to venice to say how depicting an era. out of control is how this chinese feels mesmerizing visitors at the venice b. and ali and exhaust berated robotic arm desperately trying to clean up a bloody mess this is the world ought to see themselves in from crisis to crisis. and this is how they respond to set to ship fake news and broken politics complex questioning and reflecting the times we live in is what the show's curator wanted i think the great thing about art is it encourages us to try to understand how different. perspectives different ideas. different emotions coexist. artis christopher has brought the plight of refugees to
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venice with the boat that became a grave for 800 refugees in 25th as they tried to cross into europe now a memorial to the dead. and destruction also featuring the work of new zealand artist dane smith who's created a computer printing lists of things that have vanished from the world fulminations closed radio stations extinct animals lost languages failed banks and dead religions israel has brought a field hospital and immersive experience where visitors focus on films about is radio key patient child disappearances and the story of abuse then entering a soundproof box they're encouraged to scream.
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to other countries where we. are works of. the world. one of while the crisis is a reoccurring theme of this there is still room for. joy and playfulness like this piece called a new life. a welcome distraction in interesting times al-jazeera. is forced now. thank you very much for the french open drawing of a close. first claim 3 years. in the quarter finals of the madrid open. the 20 time grand slam winner took the 1st set against germany team on friday but the austrian fall back and saved 2 match points against him to win the back 64 when the decider team now plays novak djokovic in the semi the top seed going through
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after opening night in chile with 2 from the match point i can hurt him with with my strokes especially on his break and. and facing him it always sir requires my absolute best game and also a little bit luck which richard both had in india reels and also here and that's why these 2 majors women's 3rd seed samantha hallett continues her quest for a 3rd title in madrid the romanian reaching the final with a 3 sets victory over bill in the bench which halep will face kiki persons with a title after she defeated sloane stephens in straight. paris sentiment striking neymar has been banned for 3 matches for lashing out at an opposition fair and the french cup final the incident on the right here occurred as the p.s.g. players went to collect their runners up medals after unexpectedly losing to rain the brazilian is not having a great run with the or forties recently he was also banned for 3 champions league matches of criticizing a match official the financial superiority of the english premier league has been
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brought into focus by 4 english clubs lining up in the 2 european finals after guiding liverpool to back to back champions league finals manager you can plop believes this success isn't just bell on to money. if you look at the way. taught them to look to the final with all the difficulties after a short summer break and we're missing a lot of player stuff like that it's not it's not about money it was both we go through because of our desire and told them it's the same so it was difficult and i think i made maybe most people would have expected me involved the tennis the final be maybe man city and bars against barcelona i don't think it will happen a lot of times to be honest but this year it's nice. 4 clubs fighting for. the league and the champions league
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a shoulder to diffuse the premier league when we talk about these the best. league on the war on the most competitive is very clear now and everyone within share the same feeling than us liverpool could still clinch the premier league title in sunday season finale but need manchester city to slip up with their fate in their own hands city manager pep guardiola admits he's team will get destroyed if they throw it away as a dream to the 2 here i did in this one as a lead in respect a month ago when we were 7 points against liverpool being in the position there were no i didn't expect it does raise a dream come true and we show many many things of course knowledge of the moment to say how good we have done to know we have produced chance to you know to be champion and if we win our game in that regard to do. the signs of another miss 81 to success at this weekend's formula one spanish grand prix are looking good after
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the opening practice day the 1st session circuit to pick up on friday was cut short of the verse crash involving long stroll. the canadian was unhurt after being plenty of damage to his racing point car with the barrier is the 2nd session so many drivers struggle to hold things together on the track in the right and having problems and even championship leader voltaire he bought us was guilty of a slip up but them said his driver would go on to top the timings ahead of teammate lewis hamilton. the proposed move of the brazilian grand prix to rio in 2020 is a fantasy according to the governor of sell paolo. said on friday that the into log or circuit has a contract to stage the race in negotiations are continuing with the owners of if one to extend the deal he added that rio isn't ready to stage any. the thing with the site of the proposed new circuit currently baron. now. there
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is no conflict level position from our part to this legitimate will of the rio delegation to try and add to their tourism attraction and promote big events but in this specific case there are 2 aspects of a contract to be fulfilled and a man and a governor that will fight for their state and city to keep the formula one grand prix beijing has celebrated $1000.00 days until the start of the winter olympics it was a huge turnout in the olympic park on friday of the organizers and special guests started the countdown clock beijing will make history in 2022 years it becomes the 1st city to have staged both the summer and winter games china is hoping these olympics will get up to 300000000 people involved in winter sports. organizers also offered a glimpse of what the venues will look like including the national sliding center which will host events like bobsled and lose it will resemble the shape of a chinese dragon and allow races to reach up to $140.00 kilometers per hour on the
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downhill sprint section. and that's why we have more coming up again later thank you very much peter and that does it for the 00s here in news hour but don't stay with us i'm back with another full length news bulletin and just a couple of minutes thank you for watching. the climate is changing and time is running out i've never seen alcan like. this. in a new series earthrise meet some of the people driving the struggle to save the
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environment scientists are telling us that we have just 12 years to make any changes to transform every part of our society. coming soon on al-jazeera. in a 2 part series. observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shaped lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of mean starts with blogs and learned to stories on al-jazeera. the differences. and the similarities of cultures of class that.
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al-jazeera the subject of more than half a dozen investigation. of dawn stone from the major sovereign wealth. east investigate how the nation's coffers grew up on al-jazeera. the u.n. says yemen's hope the rebels will pull their fighters out of 3 k. ports but the government says the offer is an accurate and misleading. hello and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with the problem also ahead trade talks between china and the us come to an abrupt end as donald
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trump prepares to pile on more towels on all the remaining imports from beijing. alleging intimidation why several opposition politicians and venezuela are seeking sanctuary in embassies or neighboring countries and a global deal to reduce plastic waste but the $186.00 countries involved don't include the biggest polluter the united states. the rebels in yemen have agreed to withdraw their forces from 3 key ports over the next 4 days that is according to the u.n. u.n. negotiators say the withdrawal. as needed to pave the way for political negotiations to end the 4 year war the rebels are due to start withdrawing on saturday from her day there as well as lief and that's 90 kilometers further north
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the whole thing is inside the u.a.e. backed government forces had initially agreed to withdraw from her there by january the 7th but that never happened the un says the move would be the 1st practical step on the ground since the stockholm agreement last december and stressed however that the rebels must now follow through with the redeployment well the yemeni information minister. has reacted on twitter saying the hold the offer to redeploy from the ports of what they the us the leaf and east there to begin on saturday is inaccurate misleading and will be a repeat of the handing over of the portable day there to members of their own militias any unilateral deployment that doesn't allow for the principle of joint monitoring and verification of the implementation of the terms of the sweden agreement as elusive and acceptable well our diplomatic editor james bays has this update from the united nations. it's too early to say whether this is actually a breakthrough the stockholm deal in december that's almost 6 months ago said the
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who things should do this and 6 months on they haven't done it yet they now say they're going to do it in the coming hours from the 11th just a few hours from now to start redeploying going on until the 14th it's no coincidence that the next meeting of the u.n. security council is jew on the 15th the security council putting a great deal of pressure on the who thies i think losing some patience with the who thiis of course i think this is a time when the process is at some risk because having made this big announcement the un there is a big problem of course of the who these don't do it this time it could collapse the whole process there are also some problems of what happens next in who data who is going to govern the territory that who these withdraw forth from according to the stockholm deal it's going to be local security forces that is somewhat problematic i can tell you there are members of the security council discussing the
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idea of some of those u.n. monitors perhaps going in as advisors to some of those local security forces to take command of the situation that at this stage is not just annoyed dia it's not in any way agreed by anyone at this stage remember too that of course we're talking only about the deal for who date or the other ports near it not a wider political solution for yemen. now without the ship has sailed from france without its planned cargo of weapons human rights protests that a shipment would have breached an international arms treaty linked to military intelligence reports show that french weapons sultan yob have been used by the saudi antarctic coalition against him really as that in yemen paul brennan reports . the ship at the center of the latest saudi arms. the sea had spent thursday at anchor on the edge of french territorial waters the 225 meter party young who
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waited to enter port and load up its cargo french weapons destined for the saudi military. in paris though to separate human rights groups had lodged legal challenges to try to have the shipment declared illegal and on the key side around 100 demonstrators assembled determined to take direct action to prevent the ship docking again or human since it's a junior to proceed the war in yemen is a difficult war we are turned into support of saudi arabia and if we the french citizens do not act we don't try to stop ourselves we will end accessories to this business we don't want this we don't want to be in this situation on. the 4 year long war in yemen has displaced more than 3000000 people and their strikes by the saudi led coalition forces have killed tens of thousands of civilians several european countries now refuse to sell arms to saudi because of that but france the world's 3rd biggest arms exporter says it's received guarantees from the saudis
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it's not it is uncommitted on your computer the majority of the arms that have been sold a used within the territory or at the border nevertheless i would like to say here the what we reiterated was the guarantee for them not to be used against civilian populations it's a position that human rights groups say is untenable or will you get off that secure your people we can't trust those words why because the story keeps changing we were told the arms were only used for defensive purposes and all of a sudden we're being told we never said there weren't any french weapons being used in yemen we said we didn't have proof that french weapons were used to kill civilians so france is where it is jibberish we cannot trust what they say then without warning the bar a young blue departed without its controversial cargo ship tracking websites show the vessel got under way just before 10 am. on friday heading not for but for the spanish port of suntanned the question now has the shipment been cancelled or is
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the french government simply going to send it via another route paul brennan al-jazeera. with an on to our other big story of the day donald trump has escalated america's trade war with china by preparing to add new tariffs on all products that aren't over the face of import taxes the move comes after the u.s. president imposed other new levies and the latest round of trade talks failed to deliver alan fischer sent us this report from washington d.c. . says a deal was close until the chinese broke it so in commuters he believes will lead to a better deal i happen to think that tariffs for a country. a very powerful you know with a piggy bank that everybody steals from including china the white house issued a statement from the president saying hiking tide of some 10 to 25 percent on 250000000000 dollars worth of goods means china piece a lot more money directly into the u.s.
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treasury but that's not how tired of swak they will drive up prices on their own $6000.00 i tunes america imports from china from washing machines to steal from food to fish importers pay the tariffs the costs almost always passed on to the customer and all kimmer gets parts for a south carolina bike shop from china he's already added $20.00 to the cost of a new machine we don't know how he perceived that china is paying for this we're paying for it and it's been passed on to our customers $1.00 tree group says for a family of 4 they'll be paying $767.00 more a year because the increased costs kind of spring it's just frustrating because you just know that most politicians aren't familiar with what it's like to live every day you know in the middle class you had to juggle what you can afford and which you can't afford and a lot of people can't even do that donald trump says a tough negotiation brings a better deal than american manufacturing might benefit as companies turn away from
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high priced chinese goods. the chinese are retaliating and one sector being hit is u.s. farming both sides are under pressure to do a deal when the world's 2 biggest economies have a problem with each other and the potential is there for the rest of the world to feel the pain alan fischer al-jazeera washington. joshua dong is a senior research fellow at the china and international studies and beijing and he says both the u.s. and china have a lot to lose if the trade war continues i guess that china will resume its. higher tariffs. u.s. products of agriculture products which account for a larger part of the u.s. trade with china and a lot of u.s. farmers accurately paired our chinese market and also chinese the chinese side may take measures against imports. in terms of its automobile and the part
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that is also a big part of u.s. trade or with china we know all know that the chinese export to the u.s. is much bigger than u.s. exports to china in terms of sheer trade volume and china of course cannot. match. the u.s. hired her for chinese. goods hiver china is china is a huge market for us for united states not only in terms of goods but also a good and export of technology so also china has a growing market for us that is a huge kind of leverage and saw a lot of the u.s. businesses are actually very much concerned with a looming you resume trade war a major trade war between the 2 sides. the united states has imposed sanctions on 2
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shipping companies involved in trade with venezuela the u.s. treasury department says the restrictions are in direct response to the arrest of a senior opposition politician the vice president of venezuela's opposition controlled national assembly at because i'm brown has been put in a military presence a court says he's suspected of supporting an alleged coup attempt by opposition leader on why the last month traceable has moved from caracas. earlier in january the u.s. announced a very harsh sanctions on venezuela that affect of venezuela steidl company with a reset its subsidy area in the united states citgo which involves billions of dollars so most definitely this strategic the strategy here by the united states is to choke the government of nicola many say that over the fear is that it will affect even more the venezuelan people who are already struggling with a crisis an economic crisis here and not get out of office nicolas maduro responded
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to the united states saying that he trusts completely trusts he's for it he's defense minister and the president of the supreme court and he's also spoke about what happened on april the 30 years during what the government calls appalled by the opposition that's been led by the united states he referred to an intelligence chief who's currently in hiding who's been very very critical of the governmental nicolas maduro and he called him a traitor we also know that one way though is asking venezuelans to take to the streets this saturday in spite of what's been happening here which is basically the government going after some deputies from the national assembly their vice president was imprisoned 2 others in has sick refuge of the italian embassy another one in the argentinean embassy in spite of this while the law is remaining it continues to challenge the government of. asking people to take to the streets the big question is how many will actually respond to his call because people here are
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getting tired many are suffering from enormous for an enormous economic crisis and many have lost interest.


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