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this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us and i live here to chat and you too can be in history join the conversation on out is in. our aim is not war. the u.s. secretary of state plays the talk of war with iran as washington sends more military power to the middle east. you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here and also coming up voters in the philippines cast their ballots in the midterm elections expected to strengthen the president's grip on power. sri lanka bank several social media platforms as concerns grow of a possible anti muslim attack. reporting from the protein island in arctic norway
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or an area rich in biodiversity and author and of course the big oil companies. the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is done playing talk of any military conflict with iran now last week the white house announced the deployment of warships to the gulf region the commander of iran's revolutionary guard described the move as psychological warfare mr pompei o says washington does not want war with tehran. but i'm going to miscalculate our aim is not war our aim is a change in the behavior of the iranian leadership we hope the iranian people will get what they finally want what they did so richly deserve the forces that we're putting in place of course as we've had in the region before you know we often have carriers in the persian gulf but the president wanted to make sure that in the event that something took place we were prepared to respond to an appropriate way
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and as the secretary of state i want to make sure that we have all the political diplomatic tools in the right place and we want to make sure that we can provide the president with an option set in the in the event that the iranians make a bad decision mr pump is due to meet the e.u. policy chief and several other european foreign ministers in brussels later to discuss the situation in iran for the record supporting the iran nuclear deal is key to maintaining security across the region we continue to support it as much as we can with on our instruments and all our political will this is very well known i think both in washington and in tehran and we. obviously also discuss on the basis of that. work with iran the regional developments on some of the issues we have very serious differences and they're going to insist we also always believe that dialogue is the only and best way to address differences
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and avoid escalation in the region which is already tense enough and the escalation should be avoided ok let's get more now live to tehran and my colleagues in. how will they digest those comments where you are from mr pompei o. well certainly here into her own iranian leaders will be watching his comments and the meeting in brussels very carefully. the iranians ever since the united states pulled out of the nuclear deal last year and started its maximum pressure campaign on iran it could be said that iran has carried out a pressure campaign on europe to do something to to help iran still get big benefits out of the nuclear deal to make up for the u.s. pull out and to make sure that it abides by its agreements in the nuclear deal which iranian leaders have criticized europe for being unable to do so or unwilling to do so lately that has become the case iranian leaders have said that the united
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states or europe is likely to side with the united states some members of parliament even accusing the e.u. of playing good cop of the united states plays bad cop and so there's a great deal of distrust between iran and e.u. leaders now there's a great deal of disappointment iranian leaders say in europe's handling of american pressure on it of europe's inability to help iran navigate the american sanctions that have been placed since it pulled out of the nuclear deal so what they'll be looking to is probably one of the most stalwart supporters of the nuclear deal in europe policy chief fredricka mongery any and she is likely to be the harshest critic she's been the harshest critic of the u.s. pullout she's been the most strong supporter in europe of the nuclear deal so when pompei o arrives in europe she's likely to be the person to give him the most pushback you've seen from any european leader to date and that's really what iranian leaders are likely to be watching for but make no mistake here into her own iranian leaders are very disappointed in europe and they don't expect a lot to come out of this they'll probably be seeing that the pompei
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a visit is less about shaking hands and more about twisting wrist but as far as mr pompei is concerned i guess the undertow to what he says seems to be an ass chewed which is look talk to us talking to the iran and sees what are the chances that he will get a positive response that it would appear virtually 0 chance. it is a nice idea for the united states to now sort of create a platform of dialogue but what iranian leaders here have said and will continue to say is that we've already done that the 2050 nuclear deal was the culmination of years of dialogue and we've already arrived at the agreement that we could that the united states and iran could agree to to honor and iranian leaders will likely be critical we've even heard the supreme leader himself say that the united states did not honor a deal that it signed up for and so there will be no negotiations there will be no talk the supreme leader is that as far as the trump administration is concerned there will be no dialogue with this current government he said that in the past
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many months and even military leaders have said that talking now under these current circumstances with american pressure both military and economic so close to run stores would be the same as a surrender so it's not going to happen zain thank you. iran's describing reports of attacks on saudi and the u.a.e. ships as alarming it's called for an investigation claims to have its oil tankers suffered significant damage in the attack of the u.a.e. eastern coast the iraqi government says 4 commercial ships were subject to sabotage quotes close to the port of gyra early on sunday so far there's been no independent confirmation of any incidents georgia as a fellow with gulf states analytics he says the incident does raise the stakes in an already tense region. as the white house is intensifying its so-called a maximum pressure campaign on the islamic republic officials in tehran are also
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considering what options they have to put pressure on iran as adversaries for a long time people have speculated about as soon ario whereby eat romney and his close the strait of hormuz located right next to this incident and this is certainly something that raises the stakes for all players internationally given how much oil transits this artery separating the arabian peninsula from iran but i think there's no doubt that you're going to see. many voices not only in formal media but also in social media trying to spin this episode to further their own narratives in their own interests during this very sensitive period of time one of us president donald trump's top economic advisors has admitted american businesses will suffer from tariffs on chinese goods comments contradict them from saying that only china will feel the effects the u.s.
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raise tariffs on $200000000000.00 worth of chinese products 25 percent on friday now that's coincides with the failure on both sides to reach a deal in the latest round of talks aimed at resulting in the trade dispute. sizable pay and these things and of course it's a tariff on goods coming into the country the chinese are no but the chinese will suffer g.d.p. losses and so forth with respect to a diminishing export market and goods that they may need for their own. president says china doesn't china it pays the terrace they may suffer consequences but u.s. businesses and u.s. consumers correct and yes to some extent i don't disagree with that again both sides both sides will suffer on this from adrian brown. well larry kudlow scum and in a sense bear out what chinese leaders have been saying again and again namely it
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will be the u.s. consumer that will be hardest hit by this increase in tariffs larry kudlow also indicating it'll be at least another 3 months before all these tariffs actually start to take effect because there has to be a 60 day consultation period for the levies that president trump says he now wants to put on some $300000000000.00 worth of chinese goods that's the balance of the goods that china of course exports to the united states the language we're getting from chinese leaders continues to be fairly restrained very moderate i think that's because they want to be seen to be very much the adults in the room right now but state controlled media is not holding back in particular the global times newspaper which has a very sort of nationalistic leaning it has a very belligerent editorial on monday warning that the u.s. strategy right now was useless and also saying that china is prepared for
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a worst case scenario but the central thrust of the editorial was essentially this the chinese people have a far higher pain threshold than people in the united states. voting is underway in the philippines for mid-term elections which could see the president wrote ricotta to strengthening his grip on power filipinos are deciding who filled $80000.00 positions including half the seats in the upper house or senate mr is aiming to have more allies elected to the senate so that he can push through some of his controversial policies including his crackdown on illegal drugs has the details from manila. when polls opened early this morning there was a strong sense of excitement millions of filipinos were eager to cast their vote and make their voices heard but as hours dragged on there had been some frustrations we've spoken to some voters who say they have been waiting for as long as 5 hours just waiting to vote and poll watchers also saying that several
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electoral machines have broken down at an earlier press conference it was reported that around $400.00 machines broke down across the country with many pretty scenes resulting to manual voting and the election commission there also said that there is a widespread vote buying across the country so as you know when the campaign started the president was eager to basically make sure that elections are going to be peaceful and safe but now it becomes more than just that it is also about the results and the credibility of these elections or whatever the result is it's something that is acceptable to the public a lot is at stake here the next 3 years would determine the continuation of the policy of the president his so-called war on drugs and of course he's going ties with china still to come here on al-jazeera. and go. to the house. will be in mozambique where people are struggling to pick up the
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pieces off to to cyclists. will also reports on the lengths the growing the refugees have to go to to get something approaching a balanced diet. it seems to be raining particularly heavy in this time of year but south of the scattering of the shares which is shown on the satellite picture presents more green than white so the chances are that might well feel he would be of a cost to some of the time there are many showers around well to run singapore is a definite possibility jakarta some parts of borneo soloway see all these familiar areas where daily showers are almost year round but they're not as heavy as they were then as widespread as they were in the philippines apart from northern luzon looks fairly dry and again most of sumatra has been dry but i think increasingly
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and whens is a case in point you could get shows during the day showing particularly in the evening in the west australians main feature i think is this oncoming traffic more or less for in a partner may well make some landfall in the form of heavy showers in traffic or queensland to the south if you get the word tropical completely it's been cold it is warming up there with a lighter breeze up to 17 even 19 from melbourne to adelaide sydney's better off to curse 24 in the warm sunshine hangs on for a couple of days mind you in adelaide you've also reached 20.
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fly cattle are airways and experience economy class like never before cattle are always going places together. you're watching al-jazeera welcome if you're just joining us let's just recap the top stories the u.s. secretary of state is downplaying talk about a military conflict with iran by pompei or says washington does not want war with tehran last week the white house announced the deployment of extra warships to the gulf region. iran's describing reports of attacks on saudi arabian and u.a.e.
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ships alarming and it's called for an investigation and said to have happened close the portal for jiah that's just south of the straits of hormuz which is a key maritime passage. voting is underway in the philippines for midterm elections which could see president bush we go to turn strengthening his grip on power mr tertius wants more allies elected to the senate so that he can push through his more controversial policy. breaking developing news for you this coming to us from sweden there the chief prosecutor has now decided just in the past few minutes we're learning to reopen the rape case again. julian r. sones the wiki leaks founder is serving a 15 week prison sentence in the u.k. for skipping bail in a separate case he was arrested last month just outside the ecuadorian embassy in london after 7 years that he spent there in diplomatic sanctuary he denies the swedish rape allegations from 9 years ago the u.s.
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also wants to extradite mr archons after we can leaks released thousands of secret documents more on that developing story for you just as soon as we can. can government has blocked popular social media apps following attacks on several mosques and muslim owned businesses an overnight curfew was imposed in several areas sectarian tension is high between the majority buddhist sinhalese and muslim minority communities following the killing of 250 people in the easter sunday attacks on churches and hotels men elfin and as has more now from killing in northern sri lanka. social media networks once again under restriction by the sri lankan government i spoke to the information department direct short while ago and he said that one of the main reasons was to clamp down on tensions on incidents that have been erupting over the last 48 hours we did see yesterday in chill out of
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the northwest of the country there was an incident where someone had posted on social media some comments which was seen as offensive there was a crowd that gathered outside his place of business obviously there was an exchange there was weiland and this continued later on in the evening where we saw at least 3 places in the country where there was a police schofield imposed in the police administrative area so the government basically using this as this is not as a long term measure but. basically a tactic to clamp down to dampen any tensions that might erupt obviously a time where there are a lot of fears a lot of sort of concern regarding the whole specter of 4 other attacks i mean just this morning on my phone i got at least 3 messages you know warning of potential attacks all in the backdrop of assurance from the government from the army command
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that they have got a handle on the situation but for people that taking no chances as you can see the school behind me here in the one of the biggest government schools there's a heavy security presence as their reason schools throughout the country catholic schools yet to reopen after the easter sunday bombing so people not willing to take chances ok let's talk now. she's the south asia director for human rights watch she's been following the situation closely she joins us on skype from mumbai. was this the right thing to do to shut down all social media in this way they are now open but they were closed just a lot. well we often say that if the state has to take steps to contain to restore order they can take some steps the 1st student correct knows under emergency is in a state of emergency so it's going to stick with a lot of partners and not the totally do freedom of expression as
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a shock to measure if it is required within reasonable limits these kind of measures can be taken but in the long term then to have. a bad effect because you must read anyway what are you thinking will be seen here is a situation where the people of sri lanka are still not completely confident about the state of security so any kind of humor any remark on facebook can be construed as a warning all of that and it tends to exacerbate it because it is so much attention this is the authorities have not been able to complete it yes but we live in a time where people can go on to social media messaging services from the 1st person to the 2nd person or to a group of people those messages can be encrypted so the best way to make everyone feel safe yes or no is to make sure that those people can't talk to each other. certainly but i think when they are looking at right now and because we've seen
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these kind of attacks in the past in sudan cannot just link these to sunday bombings but even earlier when that was that they were series of attacks on our religious minorities that a lot of it had spread through social media through whatsapp through rumors and people get to get to effected by this now even in this particular case it was facebook forced that set off. and it led to the kind of violence if we saw the one thing that we would always urge the syrian going to talk is to do is therefore to to restore the rule of law to inch to do was sleep people that they did this kind of cool. defined end of muslims is not going to be what hast what and that can only happen if the perpetrators are brought to justice and people are convinced that all those responsibly for these terrible terrible attacks have been brought to justice ok talking specifically about sri lanka just shutting down social media actually generate tensions because if you get outside of colombo if
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you go to the towns in the villages up and down the coastline say because those the areas we were reporting on when this happened across that bank holiday easter weekend does it make people look at former neighbors former friends and reassess my of risk because of the person i'm looking at somebody that i've known for many years perhaps. yes that but that has been the unfortunate outcome of this i mean you know immediately after the attacks we saw that of muslims from pakistan and afghanistan refugees and asylum seekers who have traditionally received support is freedom got a 70 targeted and in fact one group of people who end with these who had escaped from pakistan because they are not considered muslims will now come in under 10 because they're muslims in pakistan now this kind of buy into action by by upset communities can only be brought under control by stupid pluckiest whole not only in
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force in the rule of law to make sure that we don't actually is just but also to do to do the more responsible public campaigning to public messaging to ensure that people do not stop suspecting each other a group of people are responsible for these attacks that look at people has to be punished but not the entire muslim community so are certainly not refugees and asylum seekers because that that is collective punishment and that needs to end unfortunately one of the things that we have seen from the she going leadership is things like a call for a ban on face coverings of muslim women now that again at this point is therefore pointing fingers at a community that does not have been or this over and over again we know this from new zealand recently blaming an entire community for the at source of a certain group is just not when it divides people and it makes as you said neighbor suspected child ok it will have to look at the minute she's going to thank
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you so much for joining us from mumbai and just to give you the very latest on that we understand from our correspondent in eltham and those of the curfew that was imposed in the aftermath of what happened across that easter weekend has now been extended hours of tomorrow covering 4 cities and towns in sri lanka that's the very latest on the aftermath of what happened there. government leaders invoking a fast so are condemning what they're calling a barbaric and cowardly. catholic church worshippers 6 people including a priest were killed in the northern town of witnesses say around 20 attackers lock worshippers inside and set the building on fire a similar attack happened 2 weeks ago in the area where fights is linked to al qaida were in operation. thousands of people rebuild. the storm last month was the 2nd to strike the country in just 6 weeks. which is one of the worst affected locations. this is the 1st time.
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since hit last month his family home is gone so to have all his belongings. before. now the rain is eased. managing to reach more remote areas and small islands in some places the damage is extensive patients had to be evacuated from this hospital when the storm hit thousands are now homeless. in schools and community holes even in this old fort. the 16th century building survived the people who lost their
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homes. because it's so strong. families. it's. hard. but many people are still waiting for help. many crops in northern mozambique. we are grateful for the help we have received but we need more it's not just food people also need medicines clinics and was destroyed. struggling to deal with. this is already considered one of the poorest countries in the world. it's a lot of money and in people's well how do. evil island most antique. something new on the menu in the world's biggest refugee camp in bangladesh aid agencies want to reduce malnutrition by encouraging bring the refugees to meet more fresh vegetables has. a basic diet of just rice and lentils is what most
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refugees such as thereto begum have been surviving on in this camp but the trip so far to stop promise is something different she has a wide selection of nutritional food to choose from to feed her family a more varied and balanced diet is on the menu thanks to a new electronic russians voucher for refugees they rely on rations every 2 weeks and the vouchers are especially welcome for under 5 year olds who need a wider range of meals have access to 20 food items which include fresh vegetables eggs dried fresh and alive a lot more dodgy diverse diet for a few refugees we are currently feeding about 330000 refugees through this mechanism and by the end of the year we hope to have all 880000 refugees will have access to this mechanism. elsewhere in the camp abdulmutallab tends to his micro
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vegetable garden ranger refugees are being given seeds into supplants food they can use their agro kits on any patch of land next to their huts to grow nutrient rich greens and vegetables. they're giving us seeds and plants for maize chilies eggplant spinach better lemons carrots squash and pumpkins we've planted all of them were comfortable now and it also keeps just cool there being out here but something to do. there's also the added bonus of selling any extra produce for profit. really closely with the department of agricultural extension to increase food production not only in the camps but in the host communities. in 2000 and we're delivered by. regarding to $25000.00 households inside the camps in an additional $25000.00 outside of the cabs and the plan is to expand this to move families by the end of the year to not only provide them with a healthy balanced diet but also help range refugees to be more self-sufficient
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side i say that al jazeera. norway has and billions of dollars exporting oil and gas and it still boasts vast untapped resources many lying areas rich and biodiversity but as nick clarke no explains there is growing pressure to stop drilling the far north of norway is spectacular a lot of mountains and fjords and raw beauty it's an important fishing area and as you can imagine it brings in the tourist dollars this is actually the highest mountain. particularly in the folk nile and we're getting up close to nature this is what you do. the problem is the wealth of little lies beneath the waters for a long time let's hope niland have been in the crosshairs of the big oil companies because well geologists know that in these coastal waters lies unarmed tall feel what an estimated 60000000000 dollars and their bosses or the like to explore in
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the past this has been supported by the government and for many it's a big concern. all against oil but i'm also really afraid of the damage as it can happen if there is a big always been so i wouldn't take the risk. but things may be changing recently norway's opposition labor party with drew its support for let's take an exploration meeting know there's a majority in parliament to keep the islands off limits the young people today and they are more important about the future climate change i watch a real live of live live about. and i think the fish wrists and the tourism industry is the future more at that oil and gas especially in the say is that arctic areas. norway is a nation made rich by 4 decades of oil and gas extraction the sovereign wealth fund worth a colossal one trillion dollars so any move away from fossil fuels is significant in the climate crisis is also more real it's close up in our face you have to do
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serious stuff the next 10 years. and that you care to people in norway understand that's it when we start to understand that there will be some changes on the small to even maybe a politically the side that the market will change the demand of consumers will demand. we're happy with that we're making progress for for those in the photo and who rely on these waters in fear the potential impact of oil spills still skepticism we're never gets the full the. full in no for oil exploitation so for me it seems like it's only until it's yes and when it's yes there's no turning back at a time when the world needs to radically cut back on fossil fuel emissions it will become increasingly hard for the nation to justify new extraction contracts especially in these waters nic lark al-jazeera the liberated island norway.
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this is al jazeera these are the top stories sweden's chief prosecutor has decided to reopen the rape case against julian a song which he denies the swedish rape allegations from 9 years ago the founder of wiki leaks is now serving a 15 week prison sentence in the u.k. for skipping bail in a separate case he was arrested last month at the ecuadorian embassy in london after 7 years in diplomatic century the u.s. also wants to extradite julian our songs after wiki leaks released thousands of secret documents. the u.s. secretary of state might come peo is done playing talk of war with iran last week the white house announced the deployment of extra warships to the gulf region on paper says washington does not want war with tehran we're not going to miscalculate our aim is not war our aim is a change in the behavior of the iranian leadership we hope the iranian people will get what they finally want what they did so richly deserve the forces that we're
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putting in place of course as we've had in the region before you know we often have carriers in the persian gulf but the president wanted to make sure that in the event that something took place we were prepared to respond to an appropriate way and as the secretary of state i want to make sure that we had all the political diplomatic tools in the right place and we want to make sure that we can provide the president with an option set in the addict in the event that the iranians make a bad decision iran's describing reports of attacks on saudi and u.s. ships as quote alarming and it's called for an investigation said to have happened close to the port. that's just south of the straits of hormuz which is a key maritime passage. those are your headlines the news continues after witness obvious here at 10 g. with the news out i will see you there instead of what. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so
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no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. in north carolina undocumented grandmother final tago is seeking sanctuary and as a church community in greensboro has come together to provide sanctuary protection for a woman who was scheduled for deportation yesterday. your take is checked in with immigration officials actually here and they have allowed her to stay until now last month she was given this ankle monitor and told she needed to leave the u.s. . and i don't miss my guess that and took us.


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