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it's if it is. simply turning its pursuit into policy has done what no other country has. our aim is not war. the us secretary of state plays war with iran as washington sends more military power to the middle east. forces here and also coming up sweden reopens a rape case against the wiki leaks founder julian assange and says it will see his extradition from the u.k. . polls are closing right now in the philippines mid-term elections with voters expected to strengthen the president's grip on power. reporting from.
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norway on an area rich in biodiversity but also in the. big oil companies. america's top diplomat is downplaying talk of war with iran despite a military build up in the region the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh we'll discuss tensions with iran and a surprise stopover in brussels where he's due to meet european union foreign ministers and senior officials. but i'm going to miscalculate our aim is not war our aim is a change in the behavior of the iranian leadership we hope the iranian people will get what they finally want what they did so richly deserve the forces that we're putting in place of course as we've had in the region before you know we often have carriers in the persian gulf but the president wanted to make sure that in the
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event that something took place we were prepared to respond to an appropriate way and as the secretary of state i want to make sure that we had all the political diplomatic tools in the right place and we want to make sure that we can provide the president with an option set in the in the event that the iranians make a bad decision. foreign policy chief. supporting the iran nuclear deal is key to maintaining security in the region and wants to avoid any further escalation last month the u.s. tighten sanctions on iranian oil exports and put iran revolutionary guard on the list of terrorist organizations the u.s. has sent increased military forces including the aircraft carrier the u.s.s. abraham lincoln and b. 52 bombers to the gulf let's get more now from my colleagues correspondent live for us in tehran so how will they break down those comments from mike pump.
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well in many ways peter iranians have already responded to the kinds of messages the kinds of things that the u.s. secretary of state is saying he's saying that he wanted to change behavior from iran's leadership iran's leadership has said over and over again the 2050 nuclear deal that took years to negotiate and arrive at and sign was that change of behavior it was americans in iranian sitting together coming to a decision on how to move forward creating forward momentum in the relationship both sides of the time acknowledged it wasn't perfect but that was the change of behavior that iran feels that it made mr pump air had also said that he wanted to try to work this tradition ario donald trump a sudden sense of the u.s. president in recent days that he wants to be able to talk to the iranians again the iranian leadership has said over and over again that again the 2050 nuclear deal was a culmination of years of talking and that that is the deal that they've signed that is the agreement that they arrived at it was an international agreement that the united states effectively violated by pulling out of it or of about a year ago now and the iranian government here has said over and over again that
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they simply want to implement that deal that they will go back to the tenants of that deal and they will not hold any other talks beyond that iran's government civilian leaders have said that if they were to negotiate in this scenario or that they will not negotiate again they will not have another deal they will not talk again and the iranian military leadership has said that negotiating under the current circumstances is like negotiating with effectively a gun to their head with american pressure both economic and military at their door it will be the same as surrender and they aren't going to do so so the idea that what is happening now might lead to talks at the moment the iranian government has made their message clear they are not open to negotiating with this white house but the authorities in tehran must know for sure that when mr pompei o gets to brussels he will probably not be on the same page at all particularly when it comes to for there because she's got a very distinct take on where the the nuclear agreement should be but it's not.
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absolutely the iranian leaders have said that they're very disappointed in europe's inability to stick to its to its bargain to its deal stick to the agreement signed into 2015 the nuclear deal they say that the european leaders have come under american pressure and have not managed to push back so so far they've been very very vocal in their disappointment in europe's inability to help iran mitigate american banking and oil sanctions but frederica mockery of the e.u. foreign policy chief occupies a real special place here and she is very popular she was the most stalwart of one of iran's allies she was a very strong supporter of the nuclear deal and she has been the harshest critic of the united states pulling out of that so while the iranians were a lot are likely to see pump visit as one not to shake hands shake hands but more twist wrists mr pompeo is likely to come up against the most pushback he's gotten from the european leaders so far when he faces. zain thank you.
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sweden has reopened a rape investigation against julian assange and is seeking his extradition from the u.k. the wiki leaks founder was arrested last month at the ecuadorian embassy in london where he spent 7 years after jumping bail he denies the swedish rape allegations from 9 years ago the u.s. also wants to extradite so so much over wiki leaks release of thousands of classified documents. that they later found no i have today taken the decision to reopen the preliminary investigation into the you know going out and after reviewing the preliminary investigation in its current state my assessment is that there is still probable cause to suspect that mr songe committed 3 paul brennan has more from london. the statute of limitations is fast approaching on this rape allegation against you and it was made in orchestras 2010 so that means
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that just 15 months left for the 10 years before the 10 year lapsing of the statute of limitations and so the swedish prosecuting or thirty's do have to basically get a get a move on what happens next well 1st of all they have to submit the european arrest warrant then the british government has to decide which arrest warrant whether there's the swedes or the americans who've already submitted their extradition requests for julian assange which gets precedence which gets priority that will depend on the home secretary sajid javid weighing up the relative seriousness of the offenses and also the chronology of which was submitted 1st and what the swedes are hoping is that by sometime during the summer they will get an indication of where the home secretary thinking is wiki leaks has reacted to this reopening with a degree of anger christine have roughed who is the editor in chief of wiki leaks saying that the case had been mishandled threw out
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a statement issued on monday said that the swedes and the brits had been under considerable pressure political pressure to keep going at julian assange was always willing said the statement to answer any questions from the swedish authorities and kristinn hrafnsson saying that the reopening of the case will give julian the chance to clear his name so it's far from over but the case is actually going now to proceed after so many years of being stuck in stalemate the palestinian activist who faces a possible threat from saudi arabia says he's being targeted because he exposed details about the crown prince. abdullah he says after the death of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi mohamed been shifted his focus towards arab activists opposing him he says his work with the washington post and jeff bezos triggered more hostility from saudi arabia. by 2017 certainly by 2018 arabic language twitter went from being the heart of this do you to full dynamic
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public's eye or a public sphere to being a swamp presided over by some of your troll masters so they'll qahtani and his minions the leading twitter intellectuals from saudi arabia were silenced jailed exiled or killed and b.s. and qahtani managed to subvert twitter from being a tool of free expression to a weapon for social control and propaganda. they use twitter to manufacture and engineer public opinion to push out propaganda to mob dissidents to disrupt conversations and to deliver threats. we know a lot about saudi hacking capabilities we know what kind of software they use but in my informed opinion the most valuable piece of software that's n.b.s. owns is not pegasus it is arabic twitter and the us has killed for twitter before and it looks like it's not done killing for twitter and you get no my late
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friend was very well aware of this too was anguished over the state of the free expression in the arab world and here a lot he realized the power of and importance of twitter during the last year of his life he started 3 significant initiatives 3 significant ideas aimed at reclaiming this public sphere. the us president donald trump has repeated his claim american consumers will not pay for tariffs on chinese imports and says china will be hurt very badly quotes if it doesn't make a trade deal with the u.s. china is promising to retaliate after the u.s. raise tariffs on $200000000000.00 worth of its goods but so far it hasn't said what that action will be its currency the yuan weakened to a 4 month low against the u.s. dollar earlier mr trump's top economic advisor larry kudlow outlined the impacts of the trade conflicts. both sides will pay these things and of course that's a tariff on goods coming into the country the chinese are no but the chinese will
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suffer g.d.p. losses and so forth with respect to a diminishing export market and goods that they may need for their own history on the president says china doesn't china it pays the terrace they may suffer consequences but u.s. businesses and u.s. consumers correct and yes to some extent i don't disagree with that again both sides both sides will suffer on this. and with one from beijing. well larry kudlow scott ments in a sense bear out what chinese leaders have been saying again and again namely it will be the u.s. consumer that will be hardest hit by this increase in tariffs larry kudlow also indicating it'll be at least another 3 months before all these tariffs actually start to take effect because there has to be a 60 day consultation period for the levies that president trump says he now wants
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to put on some $300000000000.00 worth of chinese goods that's the balance of the goods that china of course exports to the united states the language we're getting from chinese leaders continues to be fairly restrained very moderate i think that's because they want to be seen to be very much the adults in the room right now but state controlled media is not holding back in particular the global times newspaper which has a very sort of nationalistic leaning it has a very belligerent editorial on monday warning that the u.s. strategy right now was useless and also saying that china is prepared for a worst case scenario but the central thrust of the editorial was essentially this the chinese people have a far higher pain threshold than people in the united states plenty more still to come for you here in al-jazeera including ringback. i would love to.
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picking up the pieces in mozambique survivors of not just one but 2 cyclons need all the help they can get. burned several social media platforms as concerns grow of a possible and to muslim attacks. how loud to the late spring low with cold to share is winding itself up in the north east of china this thing here and this is a frontal system which means it'll get cloudy and it will rain your feel a kick when it goes through a change in the weather type so 1st of all it will spread cloud across the sea of japan level sun to come out daybreak here on tuesday for the korean peninsula and here in the twenty's and ito invited us to work and because they have a cause nature of things 20 or bit more almost all of japan was right in showing up
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in the south beijing that's 29 the sunshine once again much the same on wednesday on notice by which time a bit of a showing of the sunshine the western side i think probably would give you 2223 maybe 25 inland in hum shoe so that's more of what you should expect and you could fog a line of cloud more or less from shanghai westwards was sichuan which will produce rain all in off moving from west to east more lest some of this it's an on and off story for the moment you're more or less off in hong kong should be dry if ng a little humid choose your wednesday great a chance for showers and that rain as you can see spreads through hand towards shanghai was particularly cloudy still in vietnam. rewind returns with updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries.
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the moving story of 2 young tuckman girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after these are progressive taliban occupation. but what has become of their dreams. rewind pencils and bullets. on al-jazeera. put them back you're with al-jazeera my name's peter darby your headlines the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is done playing talk of any military conflict with iran mr pompei o says washington doesn't want war with tehran last week the white
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house announced the deployment of extra warships to the gulf region. sweden's chief prosecutor has reopened the rape case against julian our songs and is seeking his extradition to wiki leaks founder was arrested last month at the ecuadorian embassy in london where he spent 7 humans after he jumped bail. the polls have closed in the philippines for mid-term elections which could see president roderigo to 30 strengthen his grip on power filipino subsided who will fill $800000.00 positions including half the seats in the upper house or senate to 30 is aiming to have more allies elected to that chamber which has resisted some of his more controversial policies including his crackdown on illegal drugs general allen duggan has more now from manila. when polls opened earlier. this morning people here told us that they were excited and eager to cast their votes not minding the humidity and the difficulty of the situation in many precincts here but as hours dragged on many
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voters excitement turned into frustrations some told us they have been waiting for as long as 5 hours just to be able to cast their votes while out there complained they were unable to see their names on the list and the election commissioner also said that there are been rampant vote buying across the country and over the last few days the police have arrested over 300 people involved in vote buying in many areas and not just here in manila when polls closed at about 6 pm local time there were still long lines in different areas but the poll watchers poll watchers assured the public that they were still going to entertain voters within the 30 meter radius of benny precincts and all of these things cast a shadow on basically the credibility of these elections still the government assures the public that the results will be fair and that elections will be peaceful. talks between the opposition and the coalition and the military are
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expected to resume late so the 2 sides are deadlocked over how to proceed with the transition following a military coup last month the opposition is demanding the transitional military council hand over power to a temporary civilian administration our correspondent joins us live now from the capital khartoum. actually achieve a breakthrough here. one is hard to tell of this point but no 10 day law they say they're far in that it would be to meet again to discuss those sticking points or create to look here among them the issue of who takes walk in terms of the libyan member transitional joint transitional council which is expected to lead the country for a period. they also have to determine where they are. the differences between the 2 groups with the transitional military council saying they want just a 2 year transitional period while the opposition movement say they want
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a 4 year period because they say that is and not time to instill the law and men the rule of role in the country and there are other sticking points including a new constitution for sudan saying there will be tucking it for the next $72.00 hours and they hope to make progress but again the gap between them is a widening and what's the military saying to these claims that are doing the rounds saying that someone has been trying to break up the demonstrations. well that's been the claim of the protesters who of the sit in outside the military headquarters that say that they have been up to homs by the rep and security forces who which is more or less have put a minute in militia type of group that is headed by the deputy of the
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transitional military council. general tommy t. and what is happening is the the the security forces say that that is no true and rather the confrontations there hard with protests those was nowhere near the square but in other parts of the city where the protestors were being a nuisance to more tuesday. is what's up any of the square itself the protesters of been boasting the budget case and strengthening them and they have been calling on more and more protesters to come to the sit in to a pause any attempts by the military to try and despise them mohammed thank you. curfews are being extended in some parts of sri lanka after attacks on several mosques and muslim owned businesses and the governments blocked popular social media because of the fear of revenge attacks sectarian tension remains high between
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the majority buddhist sinhalese and muslim minority following the killing of 250 people in the easter sunday church and hotel attacks mel fernandez has more now from cannot change in northern sri lanka. social media networks once again under restriction by the sri lankan government i spoke to the information department director while ago and he said that one of the main reasons was to clamp down on tensions on incidents that have been erupting over the last 48 hours we did see yesterday in chill out of the northwest of the country there was an incident where someone had posted on social media some comments which was seen as offensive there was a crowd that gathered outside his place of business obviously there was an exchange there was weiland and this continued later on in the evening where we saw at least 3 places in the country where there was a police imposed in the police administrative area so the government basically
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using this as this is the long term measure but. basically a tactic to clamp down to dampen any tensions that might erupt now obviously a time where there are a lot of fears a lot of sort of concern regarding the whole specter of full of the attacks i mean just this morning on my phone i got at least 3 messages you know warning of potential attacks all in the backdrop of assurance from the government from the army command that they have got a handle on the situation but for people that taking no chances as you can see the school behind me here in the one of the biggest government schools there's a heavy security presence as their reason schools throughout the country catholic schools yet to reopen after the easter sunday bombing so people not willing to take chances are millions of people in southern africa are having to rebuild their lives off to one side clune was quickly followed by another one. mozambique or hard hit
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especially on the island off the coast of northern mozambique. has been to see. a coup. this is the 1st time he says combat since hit last month his family home is gone so to have all his belongings. before. now the rain has eased aid workers a sturdy managing to reach more remote areas and small islands in some places the damage is extensive patients had to be evacuated from this hospital when the storm
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hit thousands are now homeless. in schools and community holes even in this old fort. the 16th century building survived the cycloid people who lost their homes say they feel safe leaving india because it's so strong but conditions families drinking water clothes blankets and food. aid has started to arrive by road but many people are still waiting for help. many crops in northern must. we are grateful for the help we have received so far but we need more it's not just food also need medicines clinics and hospitals were destroyed. mozambique was still struggling to deal with. this is already considered one of the poorest countries in the world will cost a lot of money and. how do. it while and mozambique.
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on the rise in yemen. more than 200000 suspected cases this year seasonal rains are helping spread the disease. and a story. exposed to the elements hungry and struck by disease africans who have crossed the sea from g.p.u. tea in search of a better life are the latest victims of yemen scholar at a demick this dusty hospital courtyard in the southern province of lahiji has become a makeshift ward the security forces brought the sick from a migrant detention center but the hospital was full many have already died of the disease there's barely enough food and water and hospital staff work with limited supplies to keep survivors alive. today we were fed during lunch one piece of bread and one flat bread nothing much and the people here are
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still hungry it is not enough there is so much heat and there is no air conditioning in the detention center even the water is a little not good enough for drinking it's estimated that more than 4000 african migrants are in yemen security forces in the cities of aden island huge have detained them in camps where poor conditions have allowed the epidemic to thrive. they're dying before eyes and we cannot do anything there are still cases to come just a few minutes ago the authorities called and told us that there were still more than 100 cases in which the patients were critically ill the destruction reeks by yemen's 4 years civil war has created prime conditions for the spread of cholera fighting and as strikes have damaged sewage systems and water stations and many people don't have access to clean water color is spread by contaminated water causing dehydration through vomiting and severe diarrhea. in the capital sana'a
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health workers go door to door giving children the color f.x. see it's a slow process but these drops could mean the difference between life and death. in march the u.n. reported that the number of suspected cases had increased by 150 percent in the space of a month and a quarter of those affected are young children. might as we'll be going to houses and give their vaccines and educate people because it's a very dangerous disease back steams cannot ensure immunity and their fat sickness declined rapidly after a year but this temporary measure is the only option to help stem the spread of cholera an epidemic adding to what's already regarded as the world's worst humanitarian crisis. al-jazeera norway has and billions of dollars exporting oil and gas and it still boasts a vast untapped resource most many line areas rich in biodiversity but as nick
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clark now reports there is growing pressure to stop drilling the far north of norway is spectacular a lot of mountains and fjords and raw beauty it's an important fishing area and as you can imagine it brings in the tourist dollars this is actually the highest mountain. particularly in the folk nile and we're getting up close to nature is what you do. the problem is the wealth a little lies beneath the waters for a long time let's hope niland for being in the crosshairs of the big oil companies because geologists know that cross the waters lie the non-corrupt all feel what an estimated 60000000000 dollars and their bosses what the license to explore in the past this has been supported by the government for many it's a big concern a little is a saying all against oil but i'm also really afraid of the damage it's a can happen if there is a big always been so i wouldn't take the risk. but things may be changing recently
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norway's opposition labor party withdrew its support for next gratian meaning now there's a majority in parliament to keep the islands off limits the young people today and they are more important about the future climate change. about. and i think the fish wrists and the tourism industry is the future more and that oil and gas especially in the. arctic areas. norway is a nation made rich by 4 decades of oil and gas extraction with the sovereign wealth fund with a colossal one trillion dollars so every move away from fossil fuels is significant and the climate crisis is also more real it's close up in our face you have to do serious stuff the next 10 years. and educated people in already understand that it's even if you start to understand that there will be some changes on the silty even maybe
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a politically the size of the market will change to the amount of consumers will demand. we're happy with that they're making progress but for those in the face and who rely on these waters in fear the potential impact of oil spills is still skepticism we're never gets. the fully. fully no for oil exploitation so for me it seems like it's only no intil it's yes and when it's yes there's no turning back at a time when the world needs to radically cut back on fossil fuel emissions it will become increasingly hard for the nation to justify new extraction contracts especially in these waters nic lark al-jazeera the liberated island norway. this is down to 0 my name is peter dhabi these are your headlines the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has arrived in brussels for talks about iran e.u.
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leaders are insisting that the 2050 nuclear accord is the best way to stabilize the region over the u.s. wants to isolate tehran by tightening sanctions on its oil exports. sweden has reopened a rape investigation against julian assange and is seeking his extradition from the u.k. the wiki leaks founder was arrested last month at the ecuadorian embassy in london where he spent 7 years after jumping bail he denies the swedish rape allegations from one years ago the u.s. also wants to extradite our songs over we can leak for release of thousands of classified documents to a palestinian activist who faces a possible threat from saudi arabia says he's being targeted because he exposed details about the crown prince. after the death of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi mohammed bin sandman shifted his focus towards arab activists opposing him he says his work with the washington post and jeff bezos triggered more hostility from saudi arabia. the polls have closed in the philippines for the mid-term election results which could see president roderigo to 30 strengthen his
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grip on power and the painters have decided who will fill $18000.00 positions including half the seats in the upper hand source senate mr druce is aiming to have more allies elected to the senate which has resisted some of his controversial policies including his crackdown on illegal drugs. the us president donald trump has repeated his claim that american consumers will not pay for tariffs on chinese imports china is promising to retaliate after the u.s. raise tariffs on $200000000000.00 worth of its goods but so far it hasn't said or action might be you are right up to date with all the top stories up next it's inside story i'll see you tomorrow from 7 g. by.
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they wins the elections in south africa small of knowledge of the african national congress be celebrating all souls'. and can the president meet the challenges behind the week of victory this is inside story. and welcome to the. south africans of just handed the african national congress its 6th mandate in power but voters also gave the policy a reduced majority in parliament the a.n.c. has ruled south africa for more than 25 years.


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