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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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in. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes hours after sudan's ousted president is charged over the killing of protesters on person is killed and several wounded by gunfire near the city and in part 2. reports a muslim man has been killed in sri lanka where attacks on mosques and shops owned by muslims have led to to a nationwide curfew stock markets dive after china fires back in its trade war with
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the u.s. saying it will raise tariffs on american imports and the e.u. foreign ministers urged the u.s. not to escalate tensions with iran as the secretary of state michael pale crashes their meeting. and in school the toronto raptors are into the eastern conference finals for just the 2nd time and franchise history of effort from. deciding their playoff series against the philadelphia 76. thanks for joining us we started this news hour in sudan where one person has died and more than 10 others have been wounded by gunfire near the proto sittin in the capital car to this says come after the news that the former president omar al bashir has been charged over the killing of protesters during the unrest which led
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to his ousting a month ago security forces in the capital were already facing fresh allegations of using excessive force this time against protesters in the north of khartoum talks are ongoing between the opposition coalition and the military the 2 sides are now have now agreed it to a power structure for the country's. transition following the military takeover on april 11th but they have yet to have more of the details well labor morgan is live for us in khartoum and joins us now tell us more about this latest news we've had about the one that and protesters wounded by gunfire while yes indeed felicity according to the sudan and doctors committee at least 15 people have been wounded since the rapid support for started firing of protesters now this all happened just before 5 o'clock local time when protesters said that the rapid support forces try to remove some of the barricades that have in place at
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one of the roads leading leading to him so they say that they confronted the military and that the military responded using live ammunition now of course there has been a lot of tension the book protesters are saying that the military is trying to disperse and break their city which is now in its 2nd month and they're saying that they're not going to move that they are the pressure cards that the opposition coalition has to force the military council to try to hand over parts of independence still in transitional government so things have been escalating lots of tension between the 2 sides the military trying to break up the protesters from so full on several roads including nile street one of the main streets that have been blocked by protesters and things aren't going well there are still reports of live ammunition being used reports of tear gas being used by the rapid support for us to try to disperse protesters and they're saying that they will continue to defend their revolution they will continue to protect the barricades and the city in which they started and they will not be moving no matter how much force is being used by the provide the military forces until a power power is handed over to an independent civilian transitional government i
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mean you talk there of a potential escalation you've obviously been following the story well since the protests began even before the former president tomorrow bashir step down do you get the sense that there's a bit of a gear shift now. well yes at the moment the protesters are saying that they will escalate and it's and the military which has been around the army headquarters synthesist and started have pulled back so it seems like they've left things under the control of the rapid support force it seems like they don't want to interfere and we've talked to some activists at the protests and they're saying that with the military has done so far is just looked at as the rapid support forces fired tear gas used brutal excessive force against unarmed protesters and they say that they're not confident in the military anymore they're not sure if the armed forces can protect them from the rapid support force let's remember that the rapid support forces are not a military force they're not part of the military they're a paramilitary group that was that was granted legal status in 2013 by the
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president and the and the and the legislative assembly so they are yet to be fully integrated into the sudanese military and that's something the protesters are saying is giving them right now the status to basically deal with the protesters with the force that they're currently seeing and on a very final note. we have heard that the former president bashir is actually being charged now over the killing of protesters is that a surprise him anyway. well according to the protestors this is something they've been demanding and the state the state attorney's office said that the charges include inciting and participation in the killing of protesters now according to sudan's law act this is falls under article 130 which is punishable by death if convicted so we're yet to hear from the state attorney's office when president former president i want to be sure will be present it for trial and what he will have to say a lot of things are yet to be answered by the state attorneys general state attorney general's office but for the moment the protesters are saying that they
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want revenge they want to make sure that every person who was killed during just this round of sudan protests but there were several protests in the past as well beginning of 2018 in 20122013 as well they're saying that they want accountability for the protesters who were killed when those demonstrations were stopped at the moment it's not clear if they will be happy that he's going to be presented and charged over the killings of protesters just over the past 5 months they're saying that they want more but we're yet to hear from the protesters who are now only focused on what is happening in front of the army headquarters and the attempts to disperse them here morgan with the latest there from khartoum thank you. well you know we're saying there's a chance protesters say they will not concede any ground to the military and a valve to continue their demonstrations until all of their demands are met 100 though met some of them in the capital khartoum. at the entrance to the venue of the protest vehicles belonging to the sudanese rapid security forces out on. not
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just us guarding the entrance to the square say the security men not welcome here some of us we are not afraid of the armed forces or anyone else they can bring as many of them as they want we won't leave here it's either we die here or we get a civilian government. tension is rising at the square with the protesters fearing attempts to disperse. the protesters responded by fortifying buddy kids around their comp and calling for more people to rally with them their aim is to increase pressure on the military leadership to handle the power to civilians. we've closed every entrance to the square and we're not opening until we know what the forces are up to they've been attacking us yet we've been peaceful. the protesters are libyan nothing to chance they say they don't want to be quiet time away is when the security forces come from them the protests off so far off one of them the only
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leverage they have against the transitional military council and they say they're not about to let it go. they have also called some of the magistrates leading to the central business district of the capital tempers are quick to flare between the protesters and frustrated motorists including military officers. even ambulances fitting the sickest. of the protesters. before being allowed to. cars and buses no longer apply these routes into the city so people entering the city from these sides are forced to walk. with. a given wasn't that doing that it's very difficult we were forced to get off the bus because of the closed roads will be forced to walk home later. protesters and security forces also confronted each other in the the city the deadlock in talks between the
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position and the military is adding to the tension on monday the military council had resumed talks with the opposition and we're making progress. in a confrontation between the protesters and security forces. there are reports a muslim man has been killed in riots in sri lanka where a nationwide curfew was in place after attacks on mosques and muslim owned businesses the government says it's also blocked social media apps to prevent the spread of false information tensions have flared between the majority buddhist senhor lee's and the muslim minority since the easter sunday attacks last month more than 250 people were killed in the bombing of hotels and christian churches. and this has more now from how about arlo which is northeast of the capital colombo . the island wide police curfew has been brought into place to clamp down on
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tensions that have been erupting in weariest parts of the country now the police obviously trying to get a handle on the situation over the last $48.00 hours 70 areas had flashpoint obviously given the tensions in a number of businesses of a cause being set up on the last day being particularly sort of violent and tense now there were several areas where there were localized. that had been imposed but now we are seeing. 9 o'clock local time. and will continue to the early hours of tomorrow now the police trying desperately with the military and the armed forces to ensure that they contain the situation from spreading. ok let's take you. for the latest pictures that we are
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getting out of khartoum the sudanese capital as you see there people continuing to be on the streets protesting as they have been there really for months and the continue to do so after the president omar al bashir stood down the protesters there is still putting pressure on the authorities a for a transitional government which is being a we understand there actually has been a breakthrough for a transitional power structure in the past few hours but a little bit thin on the ground for details we see protesters still there and of course that coming after one person has died and more than 10 others have been wounded by gunfire near the proto city in which is taking place in the capital car 2 so those latest pictures coming in to us here on al-jazeera we are trying to get more information and more reaction to that from the sudanese capital.
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so the come here on the al-jazeera news i want mystery surrounds the dalai age to several oil tankers and cargo ships in the gulf with claims of sabotage as tension wraps up between the united states and iraq. the voters left frustrated in the philippines as president of the looks set to consolidate his power base in midterm elections and in sports when they go in. well the latest of late victories in the n.b.a. n.b.a. playoffs. global stocks of close that sharply down as the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies escalates further beijing is retaliated against america's new tariffs with fresh taxes of its own this by president trump warning it not to our
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white house correspondent kimberly how could as well from washington. from electronics and appliances to clothing and shampoos u.s. consumers are bracing for increased spending on products they use daily as a result of the hike of u.s. duties on chinese goods put in place last week by u.s. president trump our economy has been very powerful but despite the escalating trade tensions trump boasted china is hurting and needs to negotiate a new trade deal with the united states we're in a great position right now no matter what we do yeah i think china wants to have it because companies are already announcing that they're leaving china because they can't do that they can't compete but even as trump was downplaying the effects of the trade war and u.s. consumers china had already retaliated escalating the trade war even more raising tariffs on u.s. goods sold in china effective in june from 10 to 25 percent.
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last friday u.s. . china trade talks ended abruptly with the u.s. side arguing discussions had been constructive but not enough for a deal. trump insists u.s. tariffs won't hurt americans but soybean farmers that export to china are already taking a hit with cotton and pork also seeing a slowdown trump's own economic advisor at mit it over the weekend american consumers are going to feel some pain again though size both sides will suffer and there is the uncertainty has rattled world financial markets and made investors nervous we're not at the beginning of the end we're at the end of the beginning and unfortunately we know from history that it's much much easier to start a trade war than it is to end one especially if you've done what the u.s. has begun to do here which is really make it a pride and autonomy question for people. most u.s. companies believe china does not abide by global trade rules but for months large u.s. retailers like wal-mart the rely heavily on chinese imports have been urging the
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trumpet ministration to finalize a trade deal but donald trump hasn't ruled out adding even more tariffs to chinese goods brought into the united states the tensions could play out for weeks trump says he'll next meet with chinese president xi at the g. 20 summit in japan in june where the 2 will try to resolve their trade dispute kimberly health at al-jazeera the white house. is on the has been monitoring the new york stock exchange of forest so tell us how did that they end there. not very well it was a day that started bad and just got progressively worse as the day went on it was the worst day for the dow and the s. and p. since january 3rd of this year so that gives you an idea of how bad it was particularly the dow it closed over $617.00 points down at one point during the day it was down more than $700.00 points it rallied
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a little bit there towards the middle of the day but no matter how you cut it it was not good the markets do not like uncertainty and that's exactly what we're seeing what's particularly striking here about what happened is how many companies were hit hard let's look at apple the world's biggest technology company about 80 percent of their products come from china their stock dropped 5.8 percent on monday boeing one of the world's biggest plane makers they dropped 4.8 percent and then caterpillar which is interesting that's one of the world's biggest. companies that makes construction equipment heavy machinery equipment they had 8 offices just in china alone it's a company based in the midwest of the united states their stock dropped almost 5 percent as well so you saw industry plane makers apple with the technology sector all of it took huge huge losses these are some of the biggest companies in the world now say it was not only the companies that did business directly with china
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or do business with china out of the 30 stocks that are on the dow every single one of them except one so $29.00 of the 30 finished in the red and some of these were companies that have really nothing to do with the trade war so that gives you an idea as well i spoke to one economists and he told me i said how bad was it he said it was very bad he said and these are his words he said we no longer have a chinese economy or an american economy we have a global economy and he said whenever these trade wars happen especially between the 2 biggest economies nobody wins global growth will eventually suffer if this continues so a lot of uncertain. here i wouldn't say there's necessarily panic the p. word is something they don't like to use on wall street but i would say there is definitely a lot of worry that. the new york stock exchange the latest for us gabriel thank you and i'm now joined by bill schneider in washington d.c. who is a public policy professor at george mason university sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera than if you could hear
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a correspondent saying that you know it's not panic at the stock exchange obviously but there is a lot of worry do you think that president trump himself is worried that looking at the when the s. and p. having their worst they since january. you see i'm not sure should he be yes indeed because this could be a very big weight on the american economy and he could suffer from that when he goes into the election next year he believes that the trade will benefit the american economy and we will have continued well reasonably high levels of growth but trade wars have were. unpredictable effect and american consumers will be paying higher prices and that could be a slowing of slow economic growth but so are you saying that even though he is doing this i guess for his base because if it was one of his policies even before he became president the do you think that it could actually have the reverse effect whereby it ends up harming all americans including of course his base there's no
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question that in the morning all americans because it will make. that it made in china more expensive medicals an awful lot of american products many of them sold at wal-mart the largest retailer in the united states president had trouble is telling the american people and the truth what is telling them is that china is paying the tariff scenes as if we are taxing china that simply is not true one of americans believe it is true and in a standard that way it is not china that's paying the tariff the terrorist attacks on americans that means when americans buy goods that are imported from china there's a tax on that and that tax is growing bigger every time the president raises the terror and that is what americans are going to have to pay the chinese are not paying for the tariffs americans are in do you think that any of this is actually going to get the chinese to change their ways and change the direction of their economy. well we have a complicated and you know relationship with china i'm sure there are lots of
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things they want from the united states will this ball might sell this trade not mistreat cattle to change chinese. and practices seriously i down there communist country and one of the things they do that irritates americans is they subsidize their manufacturers so the manufacturers will be able to charge lower prices we would like the chinese to start knowing i'm going to certainly be willing to do that because in each of their economy perhaps they're willing to curb some very abusive practices like hacking like stealing american technology that's where some progress can be made we're not going to transform the chinese economic system overnight bill schneider a public policy professor at george mason university sir thank you. european nations are calling for restraint from both the united states and iran as tensions continue to escalate between them over the iran nuclear deal and the
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police came as u.s. secretary of state might pump aoe paid a surprise visit to brussels where he crashed the meeting over foreign minister is who were discussing iran this as the giant american aircraft carrier the u.s.s. abraham lincoln steamed into the gulf supported by land the based b. 52 heavy bombers and adding to the tension saudi arabia says to supertankers a shuttle to take saudi oil to the u.s. have been quote sabotaged off the coast of the united arab emirates that russia butler has been following developments in brussels. well the u.s. secretary of state might pompei may have come to brussels hoping to persuade e.u. foreign ministers to drop their support for the 2050 iran nuclear deal but he would have left disappointed the e.u.'s foreign policy chief federica more greeny made it very clear indeed that member states still feel very committed to the iran deal she said that it is still the best bet for regional security and earlier in the day we
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heard from some foreign ministers including the german foreign minister said this deal is all about stopping iran from having nuclear weapons well more greeny also called on both sides on both tehran and washington to deescalate tensions she called for calm and she called on iran to continue complying with the 2015 deal she said that was extremely important so far iran had and as long as it does keep complying then the e.u. would support it ever since the u.s. pulled out of the deal and reimpose sanctions on iran it has set up a payment system called instax which deals with some a certain amount of trade between the e.u. and iranian businesses but so far that's only for small and medium businesses so it doesn't mean it means basically the big multinationals in iraq iran and daimler will be unlikely to resume trade with iran because they will not want to risk u.s. penalties nevertheless more greeny says in stocks which was supposed to be up and
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running in a few months may now be up and running in a few weeks and that perhaps is an indication that e.u. member states are serious about trying to look as if it least they are doing more. the live reporting there from brussels well as you heard just before the u.s. government has confirmed that 4 commercial cargo ships have been subject to acts of sabotage it did not describe the nature of the attack which happened near the port just off the m erotic coast the port is $140.00 kilometers south of the strait of hormuz about a 3rd of all oil exported by sea passes through that strait now here's how the events played out on sunday morning iranian and lebanese media outlets aired reports of explosions at the city's port but any razzi authorities said that those reports were inaccurate hours later the u.a.e. said 4 commercial ships were subjected to what it called sabotage operations near
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its territorial waters saudi arabia's energy minister said 2 of its oil tankers were among those attacked and on monday on norwegian shipping company said the whole of its tanker was that mage by an unknown object off the coast of the united arab emirates iran described reports of attacks on saudi and iraqi ships as alarming and called for an investigation egypt and bahrain and the gulf cooperation council and the arab league have denounced the quote act of sabotage still more about all of this without levi zs the rector of the iran project that the international crisis group and he joins us via skype from washington d.c. thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera perhaps quite a bit of a confusing picture that is emerging what do you make of it. look it's too soon to judge whether iranians had any involvement with the accidents and the u.a.e. and the gulf but the reality is that if you look at the context washington has
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significantly escalated tensions in a region that was already experiencing an enormous amount of turmoil and so it's not unusual for this to come out to surface in other places and this could very well be the beginning of an escalator it's very spiral given the amount of friction between iran and the u.s. and their respective allies in the region and the number of non-state actors who might take this isn't zone of their own not necessarily in coordination with their sponsors is so i guess saying how easy will easily asked a confusing picture can they think that the threat of escalation is raised because it could happen on purpose but also because it could happen in a very simply. absolutely i think even on a good day there was so much friction that any minute adverts and crash could happen but now with this much rhetoric and bellicosity and saber rattling on all
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sides of you see the risks are much higher and the problem is there is no channel of communication between iran and the united states between iran and saudi arabia these are countries that have no diplomatic. ties with one another even at the worst days of the cold war there was a channel of communication between the soviet union and the united states so the risk now is even if there is an inadvertent clash there is very difficult to imagine that one can find an exit ramp use it i suppose and all of this one could look to the european countries and say that perhaps they are trying to maintain the status quo and trying to deescalate the situation we saw my profile with activity on the school gate crasher meeting of the foreign minister is in brussels what hope or what actions rather they think the europeans could and should take right now if they want to deescalate the potential threat in the area. look the problem is that the europeans have very little leverage because they have proven that they their
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economies are so intertwined with the u.s. financial system that they basically don't have much economic sovereignty and as such they can't really deliver much and they cannot make incentive side they run eons to be able to expect the iranians to reciprocate by taking constructive measures of their own and also with the us the only thing that the us wants from the european is to side with it in its campaign of maximum pressure against iran so i think the europeans are between a rock an art plays and they're it seems that there is very little of that they can do to constrain both sides at levi's security analyst and expert on iran's nuclear program sir thank you for sharing your views with us pleasure. so lots more to come on this news hour including concern is growing for the safety of 3 well known critics of thailand's monarchy and military government months after their disappearance a month after he was dragged out of the ecuadorian embassy in london sweden
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resurrects a 9 year old great investigation into jewelry in the sun and serena williams returns from injury with paris in her sights years of her and latest comeback and sporting. hello again it will come back to you in a national weather forecast or still he had some very very messy weather here across much of south central europe notice a satellite with the swirling the mass of clouds that's a nerve low pressure it's very stationary right now and we're seeing a lot of rain in the same place we're talking anywhere from croatia all the way down here towards parts of albany as well flooding is a big concern over the next few days and the wind has been quite high in some locations we have seen over 90 kilometers per hour winds and we've seen downed trees as well as power lines now as we go towards tuesday the rain is slowly going
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to be making its way up here towards much of the east and we're going to be seeing some snow in the higher elevations temperatures overnight are going to be dropping look at vienna here only getting to 8 so the overnight hours are going to be very very close to freezing in some locations so more rain down here towards the south but new rain is going to be the big problem as we go towards wednesday well here across the northern part of africa that same storm system hasn't brought the rain but it has brought the cooler air in place and you can see here on tuesday we're still dealing with temperatures into the high teens with 2 nights at 900 tripoli at about 1000 as well the big change here is as we go towards wednesday as the storm pushes north those temperatures come up with tunas at about 24 degrees for you. in 2008 al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into
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its toughest universities. 10 years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super 30 announces era. russia has jeopardized the united states' security interests yeah we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside the pm what's the picture from the inside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft to get us russian balls to be a true none peace a man who didn't feel nauseous on al-jazeera. welcome
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back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera in sudan one person has died and more than 10 others have been wounded by gunfire in the post city and in the capital khartoum a muslim man has been killed in riots in sri lanka where a nationwide curfew is in place after attacks on mosques and muslim businesses and global markets have dived as the trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies steps up further with china announcing retaliatory tariffs on u.s. goods. yemen's warring parties are taking part in new u.n. sponsored talks in jordan it comes to days after who the rebels began withdrawing
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from one day this 3 ports and handing them over to un supervised local forces the move was agreed under a pact with the saudi backed government last december but stalled for months and this talks will focus on sharing out the ports revenues to help relieve yemen's urgent humanitarian crisis and more than 200000 cases of cholera have been recorded in yemen just this year that's almost 3 times as many as the same period last year around a quarter of cases are children under 5 and health officials say the disease is now spreading among african refugees and migrants. has more. exposed to the elements hungry and struck by disease africans who have crossed the sea from. a better life are the latest victims of yemen scholar at. this dusty hospital courtyard in the southern province of la here has become
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a makeshift ward security forces brought the sick from a migrant detention center but the hospital was full many have already died of the disease there's barely enough food and water and hospital staff work with limited supplies to keep survivors alive. today we were fed during lunch one piece of bread and one flat bread nothing much and the people here are still hungry it is not enough there is so much heat and there is no air conditioning in the detention center even the water is a little not good enough for drinking it's estimated that more than 4000 african migrants are in yemen security forces in the cities of aden have detained them in camps where poor conditions have allowed the epidemic to thrive. they're dying before. when we cannot do anything there are still cases to come just a few minutes ago the authorities called and told us that there were still more
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than 100 cases in which the patients were critically ill the destruction wreaks by yemen's 4 years civil war has created prime conditions for the spread of cholera fighting and air strikes have damaged sewage systems and water stations and many people don't have access to clean water cholera is spread by contaminated water causing dehydration through vomiting and severe diarrhea in the capital sana'a health workers go door to door giving children the cholera facts seem it's a slow process but these drops could mean the difference between life and death in march the u.n. reported that the number of suspected cases had increased by 150 percent in the space of a month and a quarter of those affected are young children might as we'll be going to houses and give the vaccines and educate people because it's a very dangerous disease vaccines cannot ensure immunity and their fat sickness
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declined rapidly after a year but this temporary measure is the only option to help stem the spread of cholera an epidemic adding to what's already regarded as the world's worst humanitarian crisis. so here back to sudan. is a spokeswoman for the sudanese professional association which led the protests she joins us now on the phone from khartoum adam thank you for joining us we are hearing one person has died more than 10 others have been in gunfire near the proto city and in the capital khartoum we saw the latest pictures coming out of the sudanese capital people still gathered there are seeing the situation could be escalating what's your comment on what's going on some of her own mubarak can you hear me i think we've lost the line we have
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problems connecting our one with one summer on mubarak when you hear me. now we've lost the line we will try again speak to her she's spokesman for the sudanese professional. in khartoum will try later on. now midterm elections have been held in the philippines and there will be results suggest the president has allies will take most of the 12 senate seats available the polis seen as a referendum on rodrigo to paris his leadership including his drugs crackdown which has cost thousands of lives and increased majority could allow him to push through even more controversial policies but his demeanor and indo getting reports now from the capital manila the vote was marred by technical issues and allegations of vote buying. as people turn up early to vote there is a strong sense of excitement but as the hours dragged by that's changed to
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persuasion. we have been lining up for more than 4 hours because they said our machine broke down and so home in a cluster of billets both to be accommodated by one machine thousands still we would like the boat because it only happens every 3 years michael carey new says he doesn't mind waiting for long as he starts long and hard about who to vote for. something not politicians who only speak during campaign season. here at this polling station in downtown manila it's hearts and clams and the situation is similar around the country but people here tell us they don't mind the heat and the queues as they are determined to make their voices heard in this election but there are widespread allegations of vote buying and electoral registration machines not working properly leading many to question how credible the results may be. some of
12:38 am
those machines broke down completely leaving officials to count votes by hand or try and. find their own ways to make them operate. according to the commission on elections these machines were only being piloted for possible use in the 2022 presidential elections and there are bigger concerns one election commissioner says there's been bribery and corruption and confirmed allegations some votes have been bought the police say they've arrested more than 300 people for vote buying something officials say they're looking out for this midterm elections is seen as a test of president of the go to church as popularity a lot is at stake critics say if he is able to gain full control of the senate he'll be able to expand his controversial policies like his so-called war on drugs that's left more than $5000.00 filipinos dead and is growing ties with china which
12:39 am
are seen by many here as a threat to the country's sovereignty to terror to has been widely criticized for his hardline policies but this spite all these worries and some bitter election campaigning many here say they still feel cautiously optimistic and they're determined to protect their democracy. dogon al-jazeera manilla. concern is growing for 3 well known critics of thailand's monarchy and military government who have disappeared all 3 men were in exile in neighboring laos before moving to vietnam they were arrested there and forcibly return to thailand amnesty international says it's a worrying trend by governments in asia when he reports from bangkok. 3 time activists are missing and they supporters and family members want answers. they took this search to the vietnamese embassy in bangkok after the men
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disappeared from vietnam earlier this year among them the mother of c.m.t. the wood. i'm worried. sick because we haven't seen each other for a very long time i don't know if my son's here or not this country has laws so all i hope for is justice if my son's in thailand where is he. the men are wanted for criticizing thailand's monarchy an offense that can lead to a long jail sentence. news of their disappearance comes just over a week after the coronation of the king the 3 men and many other tired dissidents fled to neighboring laos after the $2014.00 military coup but after becoming concerned about their safety it's believed they moved to vietnam and this is perhaps why they were worried in january the mutilated bodies of 2 other thai antigovernment and activists who'd been in laos were found in the mekong river the thai government says it doesn't know where the men are but the allegation is that
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the vietnamese handed them over to tie off last week and rights workers spoken to by al-jazeera say that it appears to have been done in secret meaning there's no official record of extradition one of the missing known as uncle someone lying regularly criticize the royal family on you tube one of his last videos was dated september 2018 and shows him in vietnam human rights organizations say a worrying pattern is emerging of dissidents being abducted in southeast asia all of this outside of any international legal framework. and very often. in sort of shady deals that are struck behind closed doors and this is a major concern in this latest case the activists spam remembers say they have no information about what's happened to them or where they might be. the thai police say there's nothing to investigate because there's no record of them entering the
12:42 am
country meaning it could be a long wait for answers when hey al jazeera bangkok. venezuela's opposition leader one grade though has officially requested the support of the u.s. southern command where those representative in washington asked for a meeting to discuss strategic and operational planning to quote alleviate venezuela suffering and restore democracy blames the venezuelan president nicolas maduro for the country's ongoing economic crisis which has led to widespread food and power shortages. president trump has praised the immigration crackdown by the hardline garion prime minister viktor orban who visited the white house earlier on monday it was the right wing nationalist leader's 1st meeting with the u.s. president since 1998 times previous sesa barack obama refused to meet or ban during his previous gintas prime minister the white house says the visit is part of an effort to reengage with central european countries as china and russia's influence
12:43 am
grows in the region. it's a great honor to have with us the prime minister of hungary and victor obama has done a tremendous job in so many different ways highly respected respected all over europe . probably like me a little bit controversial but that's ok that's ok you've done a good job and you've kept your country safe. anti-government protesters in albania have hurled fire bombs and flares a riot police in the capital tehran tirana that's hours after u.s. and the leaders called for restraint over the weekend similar protests turned violent with the opposition calling on demonstrators to keep up pressure on the prime minister at the stand down he's accused of corruption and for. swedish prosecutors have reopened the 9 year old investigation into
12:44 am
a rape allegation against the weekend eeks founder julian assange and will seek his extradition from britain so it is a thorough as he's holt of the investigation in 2007 when i took refuge in the ecuadorian embassy in london but when the us also came to extradite him it's going to be up to the british government to the side where he goes next paul brennan reports from london. when julian a son she was dragged from the ecuadorian embassy in london last month it ended a 7 years siege of the building by british police within hours of assizes arrest u.s. prosecutors unsealed their indictment seeking his extradition for publishing hundreds of thousands of classified documents on his wiki leaks website and with our size now in custody swedish prosecutors are now resuming the rape investigation which was halted 2 years ago folks on the decision taken by marianne lee to discontinue the investigation on the 19th of may 27th tain was not motivated by difficulties
12:45 am
related to evidence. after reviewing the political arena based occasion in its current state my assessment is that there is still probably cause to suspect that mr astonished me to break. wiki leaks made julian assange both famous and notorious transparency campaign a celebrated his work governments and intelligence agencies denounced him. but it was an encounter in 2010 during a lecture to sweden which brought his downfall and allegation of rape was made against him a song has always denied the claim but he fled to britain. the lawyer for the alleged victim says she is pleased that the case is now being resumed. the prosecutor's decision is clear it signals something important and that is that if we want as a quote before the war nobody stands above the law even if your name is julian assange but his supporters say the case has faced political pressure throughout.
12:46 am
it is always ready is real concern yesterday since united states to face. letter prison or death sentence for his work. let's look before julian assange is currently in a british jail serving a 15 week sentence for skipping bail in 2012 but when the sentence is served it's not clear what his next destination will be it will be for the home secretary a government minister based here to decide whether the u.s. or the swedish expedition should take priority the relative seriousness of each of the allegations will be a factor the chronology of the applications will also be considered on that basis legal commentators here in the u.k. believe currently the swedish extradition bid should probably take precedence but political factors may well influence the ultimate outcome. al-jazeera london.
12:47 am
ok well let's take you live now to sudan you can see those live pictures there of that protests seemingly relatively quiet. we have we do know that one person has died and more than 10 others have been wounded by gunfire near the protests sit in in the capital khartoum now those are the latest figures we have potentially could be more we've also had some comment in the past few minutes from sudan's transitional military council they says say one soldier killed large number of protesters wounded that's what they say and also military council has accused armed groups unhappy with progress towards the political deal accuse them of opening fire at protest sites we can actually go live now to our correspondent mohammad though who joins us from the capital of mohammed at tell us what you can see and then tell us what you know about the situation as it
12:48 am
stands. bob writes ready to turn where our arm on the streets of call to the streets of. pocked with the traffic that has been stopped from most of the roads sort of be closed by the police and military is that it turns. situation tunde very celtic on the on in the evening when there was a commission as the square archives the military headquarters where the protesters have been comforting for the past few weeks the only the day tension was also high with the purposes for enforcing some of that but a case of the rule saying that there was attempted by the military council to this pos them and they said that was unacceptable we so vehicles belonging to the military talked with forces time away from different troops around the
12:49 am
square and people generally expecting something like this to happen but nothing of this magnitude the problems of its all stop the violence it all started when some people which will protesters are saying members of the national intelligence and security department of the police it wearing military uniforms went into the square and opened fire and then after about all the chaos began well that is what we are hearing the official line from the sudan military council they have accused on groups unhappy with the progress towards a political deal which of course has been ongoing for weeks of opening fire at protest sites so what do you make of that official statement from the sudan military council. well it will be discounted by the protesters and what they say is that. there was a sign that the militia was going to make such
12:50 am
a move for from the past 24 hours something that led them to. you know increase their surveillance and also bolster that body case that they had put on bridges and roads around there this morning they had closed most of the streets in the central business district leading to heavy traffic on the few open roads and they were generally expecting something like this to happen so what the protesters for sure were taught is that no it's not anybody unhappy with the progress made and actually the timing is so curious because earlier on today a person of.


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