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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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it's that they had put on bridges and roads around there this morning they had closed most of the streets in the central business district leading to heavy traffic on the few open roads and they were generally expecting something like this to happen so what the protesters for sure will report is that no it's not anybody unhappy with the progress made and actually the timing is so curious because on the on today a purse conference was held by the military council saying that they had made some really good progress in terms of agreeing with the opposition forces the structure of the. trollish joints are a vision of council the supposed to hold to lead the country through a period of transition so the timing is really curious. many people would be wondering as to why these points the military talks with the kurds and
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drastic action. just to add to what you said there so than 73 council and the opposition groups agreed on monday to a power structure for the transition they had yet to the side on the timing and the makeup of transitional bodies but as you say i guess a step in the right direction and now of course we see this and we can see on our screens that pictures of the wounded and mohamed i guess the official numbers that we have are one person that 10 others wounded i know it's difficult for you to be able to tell with any certainty but do you think we are looking at much higher numbers than that. well ordered some of the protesters we spoke to just before i go tony they're saying the numbers are in the dozens of the injured and they say some of them are critical some of them have been shot others of this pub others i've been beaten with simply because of the protesters cowering under sheds the violence. if it was
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a really ugly situation. the toll could be much higher. casualties higher than the official said and good given by the military council mohammed though with the latest from khartoum ahmed who will cross live to you again in the coming. sort of certainly in the in the next program at 2322 g.m.t. but for the moment thank you mohammed there explaining the situation on the streets of khartoum you can see those latest pictures coming in to us here at al-jazeera. now i have news for years norway has profited from the export of its rich reserves of oil and gas the northern european nation still boasts vast untapped resources in areas filled with bio there for diversity but drilling in those areas is
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increasingly unpopular while such region is the lot of fun i'll insulters there is that clark is there he sent us this report the far north of norway is spectacular a lot of mountains and fuel general beauty it's an important fishing area as you can imagine it brings in the tourist dollars this is actually the highest mountain . particularly in the lafitte nile and we're getting up close to nature is what you do. the problem is the wealth of little lies beneath the waters for a long time let's hope niland to greenham across the big oil companies because red geologists know that there is cross the waters like the nonprofit all feel with an estimated $60000000000.00 and their bosses or the license to explore in the past this has been supported by the government and for many it's a big concern a little is a syrian all against oil but i'm also really afraid of the damage as it can happen
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if there isn't because there's i would i wouldn't take the risk but things may be changing recently norway's opposition labor party with drew its support for next gratian meeting now there's a majority in parliament to keep the islands off limits the young people today and they are more important about the future climate change and water real live live live about. and i think the fish wrists and the tourism industry is the future more than oil and gas especially in the. arctic areas. norway is a nation made rich by 4 decades of oil and gas extraction the sovereign wealth fund worth a colossal one trillion dollars so every move away from fossil fuels is significant the climate crisis is also more real it's close up in our face you have to do serious stuff the next 10 years. on educating people and already understand that it's even we start to understand but there will be some changes on this even maybe
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politically the sides of the markets will change to the mound of consumers will demand. we're happy with that we're making progress but for those in the face and who rely on these waters in fear the potential impact of oil spills is still skepticism we're never gets the fully. fully no for oil exploitation so for me it seems like it's only no intil it's yes and when it's yes there's no turning back at a time when the world needs to radically cut back on fossil fuel emissions it will become increasingly hard for the nation to justify new extraction contracts especially in these waters near clock al-jazeera the liberated islands norway. the american actress singer and activist doris day has died at the age of 97. that. will be will be.
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a great song day was one of the last surviving stars of hollywood's golden age she began her acting career as a young girl and rose to fame in the fifty's and sixty's featuring in dozens of films including pillow talk and calamity jane they also released 20 knowing studio albums and later in life was known for animal rights activists. u.s. actress felicity huffman has pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy hofmann admitted paying someone $15000.00 to correct the answers on her daughter's exams she's among dozens of wealthy parents who paid a total of 25 $1000000.00 for similar schemes to get their children into colleges like yo and georgetown prosecutors recommend recommended that the actress gets a 4 month prison sentence and the $20000.00 fine.
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israelis deputy prime minister has launched a new online game offering players various prizes including time with himself but there are so veiny announce the game on facebook inviting his supporters to like and share his posts and retrieve his tweets in exchange so vini says he'll reward players by sharing their photo on his page giving them a call or inviting them to spend time with him in person. so. right and that is almost state for this news hour a member you can get the latest on everything that we've been covering on our web site out to 0 adult column we're going to be back in just a few minutes with the latest on developments in this that thanks for watching back .
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on him a lot at the i was born in the same year as is going to voice i feel as though the state is my mother should be maybe not because of celebration for some a catastrophe for others the nakba is still going on they put my sons in jail so every day i feel this catastrophe twice over al-jazeera well tells the stories of palestinian and israeli women born in the same year but on opposite sides of this divide born in 48 on al-jazeera world. also one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place worth 2 worlds meet we can get to washington d.c.
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in 2 hours we can get so on join us in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly why those 2 cultures north and south america beats us to teach it's a very important place for al-jazeera to be one of australia's most love making and i'm the one that is under threat from an agonizing disease but one wildlife term for you know he's dedicating a lot of deciding what i want to east makes the woman respond 0. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. will bring in the news and current affairs that matter tea.
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house that president is charged over the killing of protesters one demonstrator and one soldier are killed by gunfire. in khartoum. are you watching al-jazeera life or on that also coming up on the program a muslim man has been killed in sri lanka where attacks on mosques and shops owned by muslims have led to a nationwide curfew and stock markets dive after china fires back in its trade war with the u.s. saying it will raise tariffs on american imports and the e.u. foreign ministers urged the u.s. not to escalate tensions with iran as secretary of state might pompei o crashes their meeting.
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we begin the program in sudan where one protester and one soldier have been killed by gunfire near their sit in in the capital khartoum a large number of others have been injured this after the news that the former president alvaro bashir has been charged over the killing of protesters during the rest which led to his ousting a month ago now security forces in the capital were ready facing fresh allegations of using excessive force. time against protesters in the north of khartoum meanwhile talks are ongoing between the opposition coalition and the military the 2 sides are have now agreed to a power structure for the country's transition following the military takeover on april 11th but they have yet to hammer out the details well mohamed though is live for us in khartoum and mohammed a lot of this coming out to us in the past hour or so so we understand one protester killed one soldier killed many more injured or what is the image at the
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picture that the you're getting of what's going in sudan right now. the station is voted on the streets of the cup with all khartoum a lot of traffic mortars to have been blocked from going through some of the streets stocks have been completely cut off by not only the police but also the military and sudan's corrupted forces who have been cutting out most of the activities that we witnessed tonight according to some of the protesters who we spoke to they say that calles and violence started when some people who they say while wearing uniform bihu the say up officials of the national intelligence and security department of the police started shooting and that is when they say the violence began of course there is
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a lot of tension in the city but this has not been this is been anticipated by the protesters earlier on today they had closed some of the key streets of the cup until those leading to the central business district and the reason they were given for that was basically they had. they had information that the military council wanted to disperse them from that square where they have been coming for the past 5 weeks or so. pressuring the minute she 200 of power to some sort of civilian or 40 and we saw vehicles full of police and full of security forces been turned away from different gates to the square so this was largely anticipated on the protesters white clearly they had a ball stand as those but it could some obstacles that pulled out around the
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perimeter of the square as well as bridges and railways and. so we all hold our own sponsor some. vehicles belong to the military blocking one of the key keys to the square full of protesters but the protesters have been away. the last moment and there was allowed to enter mohamed the timing of all of this quite interesting in the sense that today monday we also got news that the former president omar al bashir stood down a few weeks ago has now been charged over the killing of protesters during the unrest weeks ago and also just a few hours ago we heard stands of military and opposition actually have begun to agree on a transitional power structure which even though the details haven't been hammered out those seem like in a new in the right direction what do you make of the timing without speculating too much could it be linked could it not. one of the
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it's a very curious timing nobody expected this to happen when just hours ago the military council had held a press conference saying but the talks were going on a positive note they had agreed on the structure of a transitional joint council but we'll have both members from the opposition movement as well as the military council and. but when you talk to people all the streets off the couple took out of the will tell you that the military is actually not interested in hunting over power and that's one of the reasons why the resorting to violence but the military council on its. side is saying that that is not. very willing to hunt of a power and actually it's them who won 2 years way the opposition movement wants with a 4 year transition saying we're not power hungry we want to hunt of
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a power for want of a power in a proper and systematic way and of course the always maintained that the protestors of the square were absolutely no problem to them it's balls who've been crossing over to the other parts of the city causing so much distress to motorists and people going around the business that they were that against and of course the protesters have always said they're doing that because they specifically want to keep the pressure up while the negotiations that take place i mean you've been following developing since that well for a very long time but certainly the most recent ones do you get a sense that we are seeing an escalation in that potentially we could unfortunately see more violence to come. well i mean when you look at the situation as it has developed tonight anything
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is possible from here on in. the protesters have always been peaceful and we've been talking about it even within our teams how peaceful to be conducting their affairs they are maintaining their own security the square is full of people who are volunteers serving. protesters who are fostering with food and drinks when the time for breaking the fast comes and i mean nobody expected anything of this magnitude to happen about squire and the military have always maintained that they have no problem with the protesters being at the square but it's really interesting what some of the protesters will tell you is that these are hunting for live a lot of foreign interference in the whole affair and the negotiations and the military they say is taking all this from countries that have vested interest in the affairs of saddam. or how to deal with the latest from
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khartoum for the moment mohamed the sinking of. a muslim man has been killed in riots in sri lanka were a nationwide curfew was in place after attacks on mosques and muslim businesses the government says it's also blocked social media apps to prevent the spread of false information pensions a flared between the majority buddhists and muslim minorities the easter sunday attacks last month more than 250 people were killed in the bombing of hotels and churches minister numbers has more now from how about on that which is northeast of the capital colombo. the island wide police curfew has been brought into place to create down on tensions that have been erupting in weariest parts of the country now the police obviously trying to get
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a handle on the situation over the last $48.00 hours we heard that 7 areas had flashpoint obviously given the tensions we've seen a number of business of they could be set up on the last day being particularly sort of violent and tense now there were several areas where there were localized police curfews that had been imposed but now we are seeing as of 9 o'clock local time that the curfew has kicked in and will continue to the early hours of tomorrow now the police trying desperately with the military and the armed forces to ensure that they contain the situation from spreading.


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