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tv   Super 30 2018 Ep 3  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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and muslim minorities since the easter sunday attacks last month more than $250.00 people were killed in the bombing of hotels and the churches minister numbers has more now from how about on that which is northeast of the capital colombo. the island wide police curfew has been brought into place to cramp down on tensions that have been erupting in weariest parts of the country now the police obviously trying to get a handle on the situation over the last $48.00 hours we heard that 7 areas had flashpoint obviously given the tensions we've seen a number of muslim business of they could be set upon the last day being particularly sort of violent and tense now there were several areas where there were localized police confuse that had been imposed but now we are seeing as of 9 o'clock local time that the curfew has kicked in and will continue to the early
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hours of tomorrow now the police trying desperately with the military and the armed forces to ensure that they contain the situation from spreading. global stocks have closed the sharply down as the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies escalates further beijing has retaliated against america's new tariffs with fresh taxes of its own despite president trump warning it not to our white house correspondent kimberly haokip reports. from electronics and appliances clothing and shampoos u.s. consumers are bracing for increased spending on products they use daily as a result of the hike of u.s. duties on chinese goods put in place last week by u.s. president trump our economy has been very powerful then despite the escalating trade tensions transposed to china is hurting and needs to negotiate a new trade deal with the united states we're in a great position right now no matter what we do i think china wants to have it
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because companies are already announcing that they're leaving china because they can't do that they can't compete but even if trump was downplayed the effects of the trade war and u.s. consumers china had already retaliated escalating the trade war even more raising tariffs on u.s. goods sold in china effective in june from 10 to 25 percent. last friday u.s. china trade talks ended abruptly with the u.s. side arguing discussions had been constructive but not enough for a deal. trump insists u.s. tariffs won't hurt americans but soybean farmers that export to china are already taking a hit with cotton and pork also seeing a slowdown trump's own economic advisor at mid it over the weekend american consumers are going to feel some pain again both size both sides will suffer and there is the uncertainty has rattled world financial markets and made investors
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nervous we're not at the beginning of the end we're at the end of the beginning and unfortunately we know from history that it's much much easier to start a trade war than is to end one especially. if you've done what the u.s. has begun to do here which is really make it a pride and autonomy question for people. most u.s. companies believe china does not abide by global trade rules but for months large u.s. retailers like wal-mart the rely heavily on chinese imports have been urging the trumpet ministration to finalize a trade deal but donald trump hasn't ruled out adding even more tariffs to chinese goods brought into the united states the tensions could play out for weeks trump says he'll next meet with chinese president xi at the g. 20 summit in japan in june where the 2 will try to resolve their trade dispute kimberly health at al-jazeera the white house and government is on the in new york has been monitoring the markets. for the dow and the s. and p. monday was the worst day since january 3rd that gives you an idea of how bad it was
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with this huge sell off some of the world's biggest companies taking big hits let's look at apple the world's biggest technology company their stock dropped 5.8 percent about 80 percent of apple's products come from china so you can see why they took a big hit boeing one of the world's biggest makers of airplanes their stock dropped to 4.8 percent that's over fears that china might try to target boeing with new tariffs and then caterpillar which is one of the world's biggest makers of heavy machinery and construction equipment they have 8 offices in china alone they were dropped their stock dropped 4.6 percent so you can see that you have very various companies some of the biggest in the world from different sectors of the economy all taking very very huge hits but what was interesting is out of the 30 companies
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on the dow $29.00 of them finished in the red on monday and so even companies that really don't have anything to do with the trade dispute between the u.s. and china they still also saw their stocks tumble on monday as well as one economist told me he said there's no longer a chinese economy there's no longer an american economy there is a global economy he said so as soon as this trade dispute started and as long as it continues you will see potentially a global downturn i would not say that there is necessarily panic here on wall street traders don't like to use the p. word but i will say there is a lot of worry. stuff to come in this half hour the voters left frustrated in the philippines as president attempted looks set to consolidate his power base in a midterm election last. reporting from the left protein islands in tech norway or an area rich in biodiversity but also in across the big oil companies.
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hello again it's good to have you back well we are watching tropical cyclone and as it makes its way towards the queensland coast you can see the storm right there on the satellite image we're not talking a big storm actually the storm is probably going to be close to a tropical storm intensity but we do expect to see is gusty winds as it approaches the coast as well as storm surge rip tides are going to be a big problem here along the coast then on wednesday we do expect to see a landfall here in the cape york peninsula brings a very heavy rain across the area so localized flooding could be a problem there it will be widespread as a storm is quite small but it could be still a problem in that area down towards the south though nobody is looking at a nice day at about 16 degrees well for the north in the south island of new
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zealand we are seeing some stormy weather coming into play you can see those clouds start to roll in particular across the south island and for christ church that means we are going to be seeing some winds some rain and some temperatures dropping down to about 17 degrees there auckland with clouds in your forecast at 15 but by the time we get to wednesday it is going to come up a couple degrees to about 17 degrees there and then here across parts of japan it is going to be a mix of clouds and rain over the next you days when we've seen clouds up here towards the north but down here towards the south for saka the rain's going to kick in at $21.00 degrees in tokyo at 20. in 2008. 0 documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. 10 years on we return to see how the
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students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera in sudan one protester and one soldier have been killed a number of protesters have been wounded by gunfire and clashes at the protests in the capital khartoum the military council is accused on groups unhappy with progress towards a political deal opening fire at protests sites a muslim man has been killed in riots in sri lanka where
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a nationwide curfew is in place after attacks on mosques and muslim owned businesses and global markets have dived as the trade war between the world's 2 biggest economy escalates further with china announcing retaliatory tariffs on u.s. goods. the european union has told america's top diplomat that it fully supports the international nuclear deal with iran and called on the u.s. to show maximum restraint this as u.s. secretary of state might pump a.o. hell talks with the e.u. foreign ministers during a surprise trip to brussels the bloke's foreign policy chief expressed concern that u.s. strategy towards tehran carries grave risks last week iran announced it was scaling back some commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal while the e.u.'s foreign policy chief nice spoke about the message that they gave the u.s. secretary of state. michael pale heard that very clearly today from from us not
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only from myself but also from the other ministers of the states that. we are living in a crucial delicate moment where. the most relevant. attitude to take the most responsible attitude to take is and we believe should be and that of maximum maximum restraint voiding any escalation. as is the rector of the around project of the international crisis group he says europe will not have much influence mediating between washington and tehran look the problem is that the europeans have very little leverage because they have proven that the their economies are so intertwined with the u.s. financial system that they basically don't have much economic sovereignty and as such they can't really deliver much and they cannot make incentive side they run eons to be able to expect the iranians to reciprocate by taking constructive
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measures of their own and also with the us the only thing that the us wants from the european is to side with it in its campaign of maximum pressure against iran so i think the europeans are between a rock in our place there it seems that there's very little that they can do to constrain both sides well the u.s. government has confirmed that 4 commercial cargo ships have been subject to acts of sabotage it didn't describe the nature of the attack which happened in the air for a port off the m.e. rotty coast at the port is $140.00 kilometers south of the strait afford rules about a 3rd of all oil exports had by sea passes through the strait. yemen's and warring parties are taking part in new u.n. sponsored talks in jordan this comes 2 days after who the rebels began withdrawing from a date as 3 ports and handing them over to un supervise the local forces the move
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was agreed under a pact with the saudi backed government last december but it's told from months on base talks will focus on sharing out the ports revenues to help relieve yemen's urgent humanitarian crisis. mid-term elections have been held in the philippines and early results suggest the president the 3rd his allies will take most of the 12 senate seats available the poll is seen as a referendum on the river to go to to have his leadership including his drugs crack down which has cost thousands of lives and increased majority could allow him to push through more controversial policies but israel and ogun reports now from manila the vote was marred by technical issues and allegations of vote buying. as people turn up early to vote there is a strong sense of excitement but as the hours dragged by that's changed to persuasion. they have been lining up for more than 4 hours because they said our
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machine broke down so hard mccluster believes both to be accommodated by one machine thousands still we would like the boat because it only happens every 3 years michael carey news says he doesn't mind waiting for long as he starts long and hard about who to vote for but i will only put those who are something not politicians who only speak during campaign season. here at this polling station in downtown manila it's hearts and clams and the situation is similar around the country but people here tell us they don't mind the heat and the queues as they are determined to make their voices heard in this election but there are widespread allegations of vote buying and electoral registration machines not working properly leading many to question how credible the results may be. some of those machines broke down completely leaving officials to count votes by hand or try and find
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their own ways to make them operate. according to the commission on elections these machines were only being piloted for possible use in the 2022 president. elections and there are bigger concerns one election commissioner says there's been bribery and corruption and confirmed allegations some votes have been bought the police say they've arrested more than 300 people for vote buying something official say they're looking out for this midterm elections is seen as a test of president to go to church his popularity a lot is at stake critics say if he's able to gain full control of the senate he'll be able to expand his controversial policies like his so-called war on drugs that's left more than 5000 filipinos dead and is growing ties with china which are seen by many here as a threat to the country's sovereignty to terror to has been widely criticized for
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his hard line policies but despite all these worries and some bitter election campaigning many here say they still feel cautiously optimistic and they're determined to protect their democracy. dog and al-jazeera manilla. venezuela's opposition leader who has officially request of the support of the u.s. southern command where those representative in washington asked for a meeting to discuss strategic and operational planning to quote alleviate venezuela suffering and restore democracy blames the venezuelan president nicolas maduro for the country's ongoing economic crisis or it has led to widespread food and power shortages. the german humanitarian organization c watch has accused the libya are violating international law it says the libyan coast guard forcibly removed at least 3 migrants from
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a european tugboat in the mediterranean sea on sunday the migrants had been seeking refuge on the ship after swimming from their sinking robert. president trump has praised the immigration crackdown by hardline who garion prime minister viktor orban who visited the white house earlier on monday it was the right wing nationalist leader's 1st meeting with a u.s. president since 1998 times previous sesar barack obama refused to meet or bad during his previous them to us prime minister the white house says the visit is part of an effort to reengage with central european countries as china and russia's influence grows in the region it's a great honor to have with us the prime minister of hungary and big.


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