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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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stories that matter the most embed is a free palestine listening post on al-jazeera. the. 5 people were killed and dozens injured after protesters are far it's on in sudan's capital khartoum. and i'm have a market in this is just syria live from doha also coming up. a u.s. official says iran is suspected of involvement in attacks on oil tankers in the u.a.e. but has no way of it and see yet global markets slightest china retaliates for trade tariffs on the u.s. . other quote reporting from lima protrude island in norway or an area rich in
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biodiversity but also in the course of the big oil companies. saddam's military has dismissed suggestions that the armed forces used live ryans against protesters on the streets of the capital khartoum at least 4 protesters and a soldier lost their lives during the violence of monday nights the military says infiltrators who made their way to the groups of opposition demonstrators could be responsible but not everyone is buying that ever morgan has more from khartoum. the doctors in this makeshift clinic try to save the life of a young man one of the dozens of protesters injured by what they say were members of a military unit known as the rapid support forces. as well as that i mean another there was a good idea they fired. bullets at us and on protesters as we tried to protect other
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protesters who were bleeding so i removed my shirt to use it to help someone the rapid support forces took the chance and attacked when. the shooting began on monday evening the protesters the members of the rapid support forces tried to remove roadblocks they set up on some of the main roads when they refused to allow that the gunshots. the military denies that day or the rapid support forces were behind the shooting tensions have been on the rise in funding when the military was accused of trying to disperse they said they've been camping outside army headquarters demanding the military council which overthrew the country's 30 year president i'm going to be here to hand over power to a civilian government right now if i can. get it right more than 30 more than 30 and right now it might be 40 or even more so i should think it will
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and it must be one of the injuries are injuries from just gunshots gunshot all of the injuries are gunshots. right oh protesters are demanding justice and the country state prosecutor may be able to deliver some on monday his office and mounts that the ousted president is being charged with inciting and participating in the killing of protesters since the demonstrations began in december last year but she will be tried under article $130.00 according to sudan's law if convicted he faces the death penalty the military council that ousted him says some security members also died in monday's confrontation of this the a 3rd party is behind the violence as an attempt to diminish the progress in talks with the opposition coalition in forming a transitional government no. seen with relief seen there were people who are infiltrating these groups they are or md and they targeted some of our military personnel we are aware of these people there are elements and plans of provocation . we know the means that they use they have targeted the military with armed i mean
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initially but these outlaws were using very crowded areas to target some of our soldiers but those at the citadel seem to have no faith in the council and are not convinced to modify another mother isn't enough the people who died did there have to be more deaths today and all the forces are saying it isn't them then who was it who blood for blood no compensation was i was i was on it was no protest this day no force would make them break their state in which is in its 2nd month they say too many lives have been lost in the quest for an independent civilian government for them to give and tensions are at their highest since the protests began and the risks of further escalation and further violence remains the people morgan are just they are a part of me but it was. also them in boulder who is the policy advisor on sudan for the enough projects and organization that researches
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conflicts he says the latest violence is a sign of discontent among some groups. i think this is going to ensure it is an indication that there are some in the military council or in the security organization whose problems also today you know the issues of the whole market you know president obama bashir not a lot ip here and beaming we used to create it on this movie that he council and the freedom and jake forces this because of the freedom agenda forces out a system that to be a power elite be a period of time vision we held by studios and that anyone probably we really should not have a position or as you want to go therefore have been an agreement of these 2 points to get a not sliding seat was this commission this is it is a problem association is part of this is what the condition of the freedom of j. force i believe what's happening today in there in your progress we've already had
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a gloss of the. institutions of not only sharon and the po ayers and managers of these institutions be them i'm jane forces have resized the elite institutions the reassortment grounds and soon what it probably was a 40 mandated cabinet was full executive power as an elitist living body clock that owns ition and their image of the middle grounds and this means that they have accepted who he lent and who really translate to be a part disobedience of the level of the something counts so what they missed a lot of in there in the midst of a hurdle for me than 100 going to be that one critic. and on names u.s. official is blaming iran for explosions on 4 ships off the u.a.e. coast early on sunday officials from the united arab emirates confirm that the commercial cargo ships were subjected to what they called acts of sabotage near the
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port of gera the incident happens 140 kilometers south of the straits of hormuz or into thirds of all oil traded by sea passes through there well rosalyn jordan has more now from washington d.c. . a centcom official is confirming to al-jazeera that at the request of the united arab emirates the u.s. military is helping in their investigation now the associated press is reporting that apparently all 4 of these of vessels 2 saudi ships one amorality ship and one norwegian ship were all a hit with explosives and have a hole in the water line of their vessels about 5 to 10 feet wide and that of sensibly means that they're no longer seen worthy and they've had to go into port so that they can try to be repaired the question is whether or not this is in fact the work of the iranian government or of proxies for the iranian government no one
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wants to address that question not even brian hook who is the state department's special envoy for iranian matters he was asked about this by reporters overnight as they were leaving brussels headed for sochi russia and he would not comment on whom he thought might have been behind this attack but certainly there is concern here in washington as well as in the gulf about this kind of attack especially in light of the growing tensions between the united states and iran. the european union has told the u.s. section of state that it fully supports the international nuclear deal with iran and cold only us to show maximum restraint might compel you held talks with the you following ministers cheering an unexpected stop over in brussels the block's foreign policy chief expressed concern that here a strategy towards tyrannic carries grave risks last week iran announced it was
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scaling back some commitments under the 2050 nuclear deal. michael pale heard that very clearly today from from us not only from myself but also from the other ministers of the states that. we are living in a crucial delicate moment where. the most relevant. attitude to take the most responsible attitude to take is and we believe should be and that of maximum maximum restraint voiding any escalation. butler has more now from brussels. well the u.s. secretary of state might pompei may have come to brussels hoping to persuade e.u. foreign ministers to drop their support for the 2015 iran nuclear deal but he would have left disappointed the e.u.'s foreign policy chief federica more greeny made it very clear indeed that member states still feel very committed to the iran deal she
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said that it is still the best bet for regional security and earlier in the day we heard from some foreign ministers including the german foreign minister said this deal is all about stopping iran from having nuclear weapons well more greeny also called on both sides on both tehran and washington to deescalate tensions she called for calm and she called on iran to continue complying with the 2015 deal she said that was extremely important so far iran had and as long as it does keep complying then the e.u. would support it ever since the u.s. pulled out of the deal and re impose sanctions on iran it has set up a payment system called instax which deals with some a certain amount of trade between the e.u. and iranian businesses but so far that's only for small and medium businesses so it doesn't mean it means basically the big multinationals in iraq iran and daimler
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will be unlikely to resume trade with iran because they will not want to risk u.s. penalties nevertheless more greeny says in stocks which was supposed to be up and running in a few months may now be up and running in a few weeks and that perhaps is an indication that e.u. member states are serious about trying to look as if at least they are doing more. u.s. markets close sharply dine on monday as the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies escalates beijing has retaliated against america's new tariffs by imposing new treaties on u.s. imports white house correspondent kimberly hole reports. from electronics and appliances clothing and shampoos u.s. consumers are bracing for increased spending on products they use daily as a result of the hike of u.s. duties on chinese goods put in place last week by u.s. president trump our economy has been very powerful that despite the escalating trade tensions transposed to china is hurting and needs to negotiate
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a new trade deal with the united states we're in a great position right now no matter what we do i think china wants to have it because companies are already announcing that they're leaving china because they can't do that they can't compete but even if trump was downplayed the effects of the trade war on u.s. consumers china had already retaliated escalating the trade war even more raising tariffs on u.s. goods sold in china effective in june from 10 to 25 percent. last friday u.s. china trade talks ended abruptly with the u.s. side arguing discussions had been constructive but not enough for a deal. trump insists u.s. tariffs won't hurt americans but soybean farmers that export to china are already taking a hit with cotton and pork also seeing a slowdown trump's own economic advisor at mit it over the weekend american
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consumers are going to feel some pain again both sides both sides will suffer and there's the uncertainty has rattled world financial markets and made investors nervous we're not at the beginning of the end we're at the end of the beginning and unfortunately we know from history that it's much much easier to start a trade war that is to end one especially if you've done what the u.s. has. begun to do here which is really make it a pride and autonomy question for people. most u.s. companies believe china does not abide by global trade rules but for months large u.s. retailers like wal-mart the rely heavily on chinese imports have been urging the trumpet ministration to finalize a trade deal but donald trump hasn't ruled out adding even more tariffs to chinese goods brought into the united states the tensions could play out for weeks trump says he'll next meet with chinese president xi at the g. 20 summit in japan in june where the 2 will try to resolve their trade dispute
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kimberley health at al-jazeera the white house. still ahead on al-jazeera the united nations says a severe drought in sin and go is pushing faces of children at risk of starvation. and there was an apostle of india's social hierarchy turn to politics to address their grievances. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well here across live on not much in terms of rain over the next few days now we do have some spots of rain across the area and we are seeing a buildup of thunderstorms in the heating of the day but nothing too significant here in tehran though you could be signature to that will last from tuesday into wednesday as well baghdad is you are heating up to about 41 degrees there as we go towards wednesday we're going to see those temperatures really stay in place but
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down here towards quaid city it is going to be windy with the time to there of $37.00 degrees now speaking of the wind across the gulf we do expect to see some windy conditions here in doha over the next few days temperatures are into the low forty's in will stay like that as we go through the midweek but we are going to remain dry so expect dust expect the winds and expect a temperature here of 42 degrees on tuesday coming down to maybe 41 but your temperatures are coming up to about 35 degrees there and then very quickly across parts of southern africa things are looking too bad across much of the area most of the tropical moisture is well to the north but down towards the south along the coast we are seeing plenty of clouds extending from cape town all the way to the northwest for johannesburg though it is going to be a beautiful day here on tuesday with the tempter 23 and 22 by the time we get towards wednesday. i'll just 0 world girls at an incredible journey to 1st hand accounts and extra or
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. nearly archive footage to the cities of palestine as they were before 948 and the impact the creation of israel had on the air witnessed the vibrant commercial and cultural values of america and i follow up close and the heritage that many of today's palestinians have never known the last cities of palestine on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera reminds of our top stories this hour. the tear gas and live reinsert being used against protesters on the streets all syrians
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capital khartoum at least 4 protesters and a soldier have died citron military says infiltrators had joined groups of opposition protesters and may be to blame for the violence. an unnamed u.s. official is blaming iran for explosions on 4 ships off the u.a.e. coast early on sunday officials from the united arab emirates confirm that the commercial cargo ships were subjected to what they called acts of sabotage near the ports offer gera. and the european union has told the u.s. secretary of state that it fully supports the international nuclear deal with iran and called on the u.s. to show maximum restraint my friend pale held talks with e.u. foreign ministers during an unexpected stopover in brussels. ancients costa visions among india's hindus known as the caste system continued to be a source of hardship for millions at the bottom of the hierarchy as despite the fact
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it was lords more than 60 years ago as the country votes in its general election india's from the lowest caste are once again turning to politics to make their for his her its face trivial reports from saharanpur districts in the states of the tar pradesh. it's been a life of labor for south pulsing mainly working in farmer's fields to support his family. but it's also been a life dictated by caste hierarchy i sing in this family or low caste hindus known as delegates. he says the government ignores the violence and discrimination they face at the hands of upper caste hindus. want to. treat us with disgust from childhood i've seen this. if you want to drink what they stop us and don't allow us to know what it. was because of that he only trust delicate political parties that have grown in size since india's independence. the most famous. who
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wrote india's constitution and advocated for dulux rights that's the reason his statue is found throughout this region his legacy led to the creation of political parties to fight for rights and here is inspired a grassroots movement. they call themselves. but there's nothing military about them i just want to dismiss they set up the school teaching children about the culture and history something organizers say they don't learn in the government schools they go to earlier in the day. against in particular. mindset. by the constitution that is relentless against the law. some kilometers away is where many upper caste hindus live and they also complain of discrimination want to. hear the men say
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reservations for adults in schools and government jobs puts them at a disadvantage. they are lower than us but we are this part off of our culture from the beginning we have always been on the run going to be there have been more incidents recently of dulux being lynched by so-called cow vigilantes hindus who take their own actions over accusations of smuggling or illegal cow slaughter would be going to this. family by and large a political ideology i think it can come to the soft. undo all the world world that has happened in our. on the back of things home he doesn't believe it's possible to break the centuries old mindsets of upper caste people in the area but he's hoping delegate lead political parties can help him and provide encourage meant for the next generation of delegates. district british india.
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the disappearance of 3 well known critics a thailand's monarchy and military is causing concern the men were living in exile in neighboring laos before moving to vietnam it's believed they were arrested there and forcibly returns to thailand when hey reports from bangkok. 3 thai activists are missing and they supporters and family members want answers. they took this search to the vietnamese embassy in bangkok after the men disappeared from vietnam earlier this year among them the mother of c.m.t. to what happened. i'm worried sick because we haven't seen each other for a very long time i don't know if my son's here or not this country has laws so all i hope for is justice if my son's in thailand where is him now. the men are wanted for criticizing thailand's monarchy an offense that can lead to a long jail sentence. news of their disappearance comes just over
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a week after the coronation of the king the 3 men and many other tied dissidents fled to neighboring laos after the $2014.00 military coup but after becoming concerned about their safety it's believed they moved to vietnam and this is perhaps why they were worried in january the mutilated bodies of 2 other thai antigovernment and activists who'd been in laos were found in the mekong river the thai government says it doesn't know where the men are but the allegation is that the vietnamese handed them over to tie off archy's last week and rights workers. 2 by al-jazeera say that it appears to have been done in secret meaning there's no official record of extradition one of the missing known as uncle summer regularly criticised the royal family on you tube one of his last videos was dated september 2018 and shows him in vietnam human rights organizations say
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a worrying pattern is emerging of dissidents being abducted in southeast asia all this outside of any international legal framework. and very often. in sort of shady deals that are struck behind closed doors and this is a major concern in this latest case the activist spam li members say they have no information about what's happened to them or where they might be. the type elisei there's nothing to investigate because there's no record of them entering the country meaning it could be a long wait for answers when hey al jazeera bangkok. allies the philippines president rodrigo determining appeared to be leading in the midterm elections according to unofficial polls forcing stations cause late on monday and what's being seen as a referendum on the president and his most controversial policies more seats for his allies in the senate could mean less resistance says he tries to push through
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new legislation. the united nations says a severe droughts in angola is pressing thousands of children at risk off starvation many of them are being treated for manju tristian president joe lawrence saw the curd a state of emergency in january with us or as the reports. these health workers in angola are trying to save the weak vulnerable and hungry it hasn't rained properly in months and some of these children are severely malnourished the united nations says more than 2000000 people in the southern poverty of can any urgently need food and water and there are fears the situation is going to get worse. not hearing food in the community and in the families directly affect the children because their own families we have little food reserves that's why so many are in this precarious here with condition. some families try to survive on wild
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fruit if they can find any and finding clean water to drink and irrigate crops is another challenge. in some communities farmers like a story say they have lost everything. we are now standing at or they have a lot of water due to the drought as soria is worried what water and food he has is running out and he has a family to feed most of them if it in any emergency situation all support is necessary there is that only from the central government but also from the international partners the angolan government because this is a critical strategy to ration one of the most severe in the last 20 years. some parts of southern africa have recently been hit by cyclons flash floods and droughts people affected by that extreme weather agency need help and some humanitarian work has stated that aid isn't coming fast enough. out of there. u.s. media reports say the attorney general william barr has appointed
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a top prosecutor to look into the origins of the russian inquiry by robert mueller the probe will determine if intelligence gathering related to donald trump's 2016 presidential campaign was lawful and appropriate are told congress last month he believes the trump campaign was spied on reports cleared trump of colluding with russia but didn't know what's ruling it's possible obstruction of justice by him or his team. u.s. president donald trump has praised the immigration policy of hungary and prime minister viktor orban as he visited the white house it was the nationalist leader's 1st meeting with the u.s. president since 1998 former president barack obama refused to meet or venture in his previous stint as prime minister the white house says the visit is part of an effort to reengage with central european countries as china and russia's influence grows in the region. u.s.
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actors felicity huffman has pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy have made miss it paying someone $15000.00 to correct answers on her daughter's exams she's among dozens of wealthy parents who paid a total of 20 $5000000.00 for similar schemes to get their children into universities like yale and georgetown prosecutors have recommended a prison sentence of 4 months and a $20000.00 fine. now for years norway has profited from the export of its rich reserves of oil and gas the northern european nations still boasts vast untapped resources in areas filled with bio diversity but drilling in those areas is increasingly unpopular where one such region is the look for it in islands of dizziness that clark was there and senses this reports. the 4 north of norway is spectacular a lot of mountains and fuel general beauty it's an important fishing area as you
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can imagine it brings in the tourist dollars this is actually the highest mountain . particularly in the folk nile and we're getting up close to nature is what you do . the problem is the wealth a little lies beneath the waters for a long time let's hope niland have been in the crosshairs of the big oil companies because red geologists know that they crossed the waters like the nonprofit all feel what an estimated 60000000000 dollars and their bosses or the like to explore in the past this has been supported by the government for many it's a big concern among those that see them all against oil but i'm also really afraid of the dems that can happen if there isn't big always been so i wouldn't take the risk but things may be changing recently norway's opposition labor party with drew its support for next gratian meeting now there's a majority in parliament to keep the islands off limits the young people today and
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they are more important about the future climate change watchers really live about . and i think the fish wrists and the tourism industry is the future more than oil and gas especially in the. arctic areas. norway is a nation made rich by 4 decades of oil and gas extraction the sovereign wealth fund worth a colossal one trillion dollars so every move away from fossil fuels is significant the climate crisis is also more real it's close up in our face we have to do serious stuff the next 10 years. and educated people and already understand that it's it when we start to understand that there will be some changes and it's not even maybe politically the size of the market will change to the amount of consumers will demand. we're happy with that we're making progress for those in the folks in who rely on these waters and fear the potential impact of oil spills still
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skepticism we're never gets. the 4. fold in no for oil exploitation so for me it seems like it's only an old until it's yes and when it's yes there's no turning back at a time when the world needs to radically cut back on fossil fuel emissions it will become increasingly hard for the nation to justify new extraction contracts especially in these waters nic clarke al-jazeera the let's go to the islands norway . this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. the. tear gas and live right in south being used against protesters on the streets of sit on capital khartoum at least 4 processors and a soldier have died sudan's military says infiltrators have joined the groups of
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opposition protesters and may be to blame for the violence. in. there are people who are infiltrating these groups they are armed and they targeted some of our military personnel we are aware of these people their elements and plans of provocation we know the means that they use i mean they have targeted the military with armed ammunition but these outlaws were using barricaded areas to target some of our soldiers one of our soldiers was killed also people from the medical team were injured we reaffirm that we are monitoring all those laws and we know who are infiltrated and are provoking the military and all their components an unnamed u.s. official says iran may have been involved in explosions on 4 ships off the u.a.e. coast early on sunday but provided no evidence officials from the united arab emirates confirm that the commercial cargo ships were subjected to what they called acts of sabotage near the ports offer gera. the european union has told the u.s.
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secretary of state that it fully supports the international nuclear deal with iran and cold on the u.s. to show maximum restraint but they held talks with the u. foreign ministers during an unexpected stopover in brussels. stock markets in the u.s. closed sharply day now as the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies escalates beijing retaliated against new u.s. tariffs on monday and impose new duties of its own on american imports and u.s. president donald trump has praised the immigration policy of one garion prime minister viktor orban as he visited the white house its national list leader's 1st meeting with the u.s. president since 1998 but those are the headlines news continues after this one of australia's most loved making random. is under threat from an agonizing disease but one wildlife campaigner he's dedicating a lot to say. what i want to east makes the woman. 0.
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hello and has this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week the poor kid who became a business magnate we find out if he can turn around south africa's economic mess. as india's economic expansion churns out a new breed of tech savvy entrepreneurs we find out why the benefits of growth are not reaching everyone. i'm the clock reporting from leave the photo and norway on the threats faced by one of the most important fisheries the world. when the end south africa's cyril ramaphosa was reelected the spite the failure of his ruling a.n.c. party to get a grip on the economy and corruption the former union leader.


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