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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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by konami world to bring you more award winning documentaries and life in the. gun shop all of the injuries are gunshots. gun fire tear gas and deaths of protesters in sudan have been calling for civilian rule are attacked in the capital . hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up parts of sri lanka remain under curfew as the government tries to contain religious tension after last month's easter sunday attacks. north korea demands the return of its cargo ship seized by the u.s. and accuses washington of robbery. determined to get the voices of those at the
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bottom of india's social hierarchy turned to politics. top story sudan's military has dismissed allegations its armed forces used live rounds against demonstrators on the streets of khartoum at least 5 protesters and a soldier were killed during the violence on monday night the military blames what it calls infiltrators but the protesters reject that morgan now from khartoum was one of the doctors in this makeshift clinic try to save the life of a young man one of the dozens of protesters injured by what they say were members of a military unit known as the rapid support force has. said i'm in another one of those that they fired bullets at us and on protesters we tried to protect other protesters who were bleeding so i. i removed my shirt to use it to help someone the
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rapid support forces took the chance and attacked when. the shooting began on monday evening the protesters the members of the rapid support forces tried to remove roadblocks they set up on some of the main roads when they refused to allow that the gunshots. the military denies that day or the rapid support forces were behind the shooting tensions have been on the rise in funding when the military was accused of trying to disperse they said they've been camping outside army headquarters demanding the military council which overthrew the country's 30 year president i'm going to be here to hand over power to a civilian government right now if i can. get it right more than 30 more than 30 and right now it might be 40 or even more so a sure thing for you and it must be one of the injuries are injuries from gunshots gunshots all of the injuries are gunshots. right oh protesters are
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demanding justice and the country state prosecutor may be able to deliver some on monday his office and mounts that the ousted president is being charged with inciting and participating in the killing of protesters since the demonstrations began in december last year but she will be tried under article $130.00 according to sudan's law if convicted he faces the death penalty the military council that ousted him says some security members also died in monday's confrontation of this the a 3rd party is behind the violence as an attempt to diminish the progress in talks with the opposition coalition in forming a transitional government no. seen with relief seen there were people who are infiltrating these groups they are or md and they targeted some of our military personnel we are aware of these people there are elements in plans of provocation we know the means that they use they have targeted the military with armed i mean but these are. laws were using very crowded areas to target some of our soldiers
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but those at the sitting seem to have no faith in the council and are not confound started by another isn't it enough the people who died did there have to be more deaths today and all the forces are saying it isn't them then who was it who blood for blood no compensation was. i do i was on it was no protest this day no force would make them break their state in which is in its 2nd month they say too many lives have been lost in the quest for an independent civilian government for them to give them tensions are at their highest since the protests began and the risks of further escalation and further violence remains and have a joins us live from khartoum so what's your reading of the protestors reaction to the statements from the military. well at the moment peter the protesters have a lot of questions for the military to answer they're saying that if the military
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knew that they are infiltrators as they say and that they are armed then why did they not react until there was loss of lives and bloodshed they're also saying that they have set up barricades on several roads on nearly all the roads leading to the city and they're saying that they search protesters and make sure that none of them are armed so how is it possible that protesters were armed and shot as security forces so lots of questions and lots of tension in the air the military council yesterday during its presser said that it is still going to try to remove some of the barricades including the barricade on my street which faces the southern side of the northern side of the presidential palace they're saying that that barricade that has been set up by protesters is basically hampering road movements for many of the civilians around the tomb but protesters are saying that these barricades represent protection for their sect and which is now in its 2nd month they're saying that they will not allow military or nonmilitary personnel to remove their barricades so a lot of tension protesters are very cautious they're worried that the tensions may
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flare up again today that there will be more gunshots more loss of lives of course they're also worried that this may mean that no transitional government would be formed their main reason why they are in the in front of the army headquarters in their states and the opposition coalition and the military council are set to have talks today and the people in front of the army headquarters are saying that they are the pressure cards they're the ones who are giving legitimacy and they're the ones who are going to decide if the opposition coalition should continue negotiating with the military council or they should ask for accountability for the loss of lives and for the violence that happened on monday thank you. a curfew is still in place in ones for lincoln province because of religious unrest the violence is happening just north of the capital colombo where mosques and muslim owned businesses were targeted a big factory there was destroyed and elsewhere there have been several arrests after a group attacked a mosque one man was killed in rising on monday the u.n. says is concerned about the rise in religious based violence after last month's
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easter sunday bombings let's get the latest live from an elf and who's in colombo for us minal are the authorities there fighting what feels like me perhaps a losing battle that this violence is ongoing despite their best efforts. that's right obviously the authorities are still a little bit on the back foot as we're hearing reports on the ground when these marauding mobs started walking 5 through neighborhoods and muslim neighborhoods in a number of very areas in the northwestern province there are reports that the police the security were just overwhelmed there are certain eyewitness reports of say that the police could do nothing to stop these mobs very unruly who had one thing in mind and that's to cause maximum damage we have a trail of destruction as sort of day broke today most of them business some of them burnt to
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a cinder we've had other places shops vandalized damaged vehicles specialized so there is a trail of destruction of the mobs and what they did now the security services and the police trying there are most to try and get a handle on the situation and that seems to be a sort of an uneasy calm today as there is a heavy presence and realize that the police curfew in that northwestern province is still in place here in other parts of the country like colombo that curfew was lifted in the early hours of this morning but where lots of that violence erupted there still is a curfew in place peter the authorities i mean the investigation into what happened across that easter weekend is still active it's still ongoing that's the immediate back story but on top of that i guess the authorities do not want a situation where they have these 2 groups meandering around the streets of areas outside of the capital looking as if they are looking for trouble.
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absolutely peter i mean basically the authorities are being stretched to the max we've had the prime minister urging people to cooperate with the security establishment here alluded to investigations into the easter sunday bombings and the after march talking about the fact that if there is communal violence that the security will have to sort of have problems in terms of conducting those investigations or we've also had the army commander left in general. be very strong when he announced that the strong arm of the law and every single option available to the military would be used against anyone trying to disrupt the peace talks good any particular community mention the muslim community so this is how the authorities are trying to claw back and get back in control of the situation peter
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thanks so much ok let's take a live update on another big story north korea demanding the return of a cargo ship seized by the u.s. pyongyang says the seizure goes against the spirits of the recent summits between the u.s. and north korea the vessel was detained in indonesia last year it was towed into american samoa on saturday washington says the vessel was carrying coal that if it's true would be in violation of sanctions against north korea broad joins us live from the south korean capital so what's the reaction from pyongyang. that's right peter this does seem to be another example of another source of antagonism between the united states and north korea the north koreans predictably demanding the immediate release of this ship it's one of the north korea's largest vessels it's a bulk carrier as you mentioned there it was allegedly involved in the illicit transfer
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export of coal which was banned under united nations security council resolutions but as we know it's been has been well documented there have been a number of cases of north korean ships getting around those sanctions this allegedly is one vessel that was involved in that trade it was seized in indonesia early last year but it's seizure now and it's transferred to american custody seems to be evidence of the americans willing to push ahead and in force these sanctions it's maximum pressure policy as it calls it this vessel is now languishing in the state of american samoa this is a small island in the south pacific the north koreans as you said there say that this goes against the spirit of the declaration made between donald trump and kim jong un last year in singapore in june and of course it comes after what has been a very serious deterioration in relations the weapons testing a missile launches of last week meanwhile rob north korea's state run media
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revealing the extent of the drought in the country asking for revolutionary measures not quite sure what that means but the world food program executive director he's in seoul so what do you think's going to come out of those discussions. these food shortages are another factor in this as you mentioned the newspaper the writing of simone this is the most important newspaper in north korea it has confirmed that there is a large drought underway that again is affecting this harvest the u.n. said very recently that the harvest of last year was the worst for 10 years and as you mentioned there beazley he is the director of the world food program has been in seoul drumming up support for a large aid food aid shipments to the north meeting with moon jay and now moon j as we know the moderates president of south korea very much in favor of this conciliation acts of friendship towards the north he would very much like to contribute to
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a food aid program but at the moment he is finding he's got offers ition from domestic politics political groups who are to say the least not very happy about the provocations of last week so at the moment the possibility of a food shipments of the north remains an open question it remains in the balance and of course if the food safety situation is as bad as the u.n. says it is then the lack of this shipment is only going to make things worse seemingly w a p in seoul rather mean historically china has kind of come to the aid of north korea when it comes to shortages of food. does that mean that pyongyang is kind of pivoting away from that that relationship with beijing. well good question i mean in all of this in all of the considerations north korea now has got to look at the relations that it has been building up not only with south korea and the united states but of course as you mentioned there china and also russia as we saw
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last week when it made these missile launches a people were questioning why he doing this is he going to one do all of the diplomatic work but north korea tends to be quite calculating it tends to be very careful not to overstep the mark so in the missile launches that we saw all of last week they were taking they were using short range missiles possibly not not even missiles that are banned under u.n. u.n. treaties so he is very careful i think to try to keep all of his options open that whatever happens with any of this missile testing not to ruin the good work that he has done in building up relations with other neighbors peter understood rob many thanks. still to come for you here on al-jazeera investigators examine damage ships in the gulf some it claims of sabotage. and also why the u.n. is sending out a warning about children in angola. hello
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there we still think the very severe weather over parts of europe at the moment it's been with us for the past few days it's brought acim very very strong winds as you can see from these pictures from current and we've also seen some very very heavy downpours as well as we can see from bosnia all of that water on the ground that causing quite a few problems of flooding people's homes causing quite a few issues if you're trying to get around in the cars as well now that wet weather is going to stick around as we head through the next few days you can see that system just swirling around the southeast. and for some of us are along the coastline of the adriatic it could be incredibly windy again with winds well over $100.00 kilometers per hour that could cause more problems with trees down power lines down and the rain could give us more of
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a problem with flooding so still very messy here in the eastern parts of europe for the west there is a very different picture we've got an area of high pressure in charges for an unsettled and pretty warm for some of us as well madrid up to 29 degrees london getting to around 60 but not feeling too bad in the sunshine and maybe sneaking that little bit higher as we head into wednesday for the other side of the mediterranean we've got more clouds here in a few showers mostly over the northeastern part about syria and then to chew newsy a few showers may be squeezed out of this for tuesday but elsewhere it's looking dry. weather sponsored countdown to. russia has jeopardized the united states security interest we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft. russian goals. not.
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all knowledge is in. welcome back let's update your top stories for you so far this hour sudan's military has today denied accusations its armed forces used live rounds against protesters in khartoum and it's blaming what is calling puts infiltrators at least 5 demonstrators and a soldier have been killed. a curfew still in place in one sri lankan province because of religious unrest there the violence is happening just north of the capital colombo where mosques and muslim owned businesses have been targeted. and north korea has demanded the return of its a cargo ship seized by the u.s.
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washington says the ship was carrying coal violating u.n. security council resolution. the united states has issued a warning to all vessels heading to the gulf that follows an incident in which 4 ships were damaged off the eastern coast of the u.a.e. on monday officials from the united arab emirates say the cargo ships were subjected to acts of sabotage near the port of put gyra an american military team is helping investigate the attacks one iranian officials are warning of plots to disrupt regional security roles jordan with more from washington. a centcom official is confirming to al-jazeera that at the request of the united arab emirates the u.s. military is helping in their investigation now the associated press is reporting that apparently all 4 of these vessels 2 saudi ships one amorality ship and one norwegian ship were all a hit with explosives and have
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a hole in the water line of their vessels about 5 to 10 feet wide and that of sensibly means that they're no longer seen worthy and they've had to go into port so that they can try to be repaired the question is whether or not this is in fact the work of the iranian government or of proxies for the iranian government no one wants to address that question not even brian hook who is the state department's special envoy for iranian matters he was asked about this by reporters overnight as they were leaving brussels headed for sochi russia and he would not comment on whom he thought might have been behind this attack but certainly there is concern here in washington as well as in the gulf about this kind of attack especially in light of the growing tensions between the united states and iran. in stock markets of 2nd hits on opening as the trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies escalates
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beijing has retaliated against america's new terrorists by imposing huge huge fees of its own on u.s. imports white house correspondent kimberly whole kit. from electronics and appliances clothing and shampoos u.s. consumers are bracing for increased spending on products they use daily as a result of the hike of u.s. duties on chinese goods put in place last week by u.s. president trump our economy has been very powerful that despite the escalating trade tensions transposed to china is hurting and needs to negotiate a new trade deal with the a night. states we're in a great position right now no matter what we do yeah i think china wants to have it because companies are already announcing that they're leaving china because they can't do that they can't compete but even if trump was downplayed the effects of the trade war on u.s. consumers china had already retaliated escalating the trade war even more raising
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tariffs on u.s. goods sold in china effective in june from 10 to 25 percent. last friday u.s. china trade talks ended abruptly with the u.s. side arguing discussions had been constructive but not enough for a deal. trump insists u.s. tariffs won't hurt americans but soybean farmers that export to china are already taking a hit with cotton and pork also seeing a slowdown trump's own economic advisor at mid it over the weekend american consumers are going to feel some pain again go size the size will suffer and there is the uncertainty has rattled world financial markets and made investors nervous we're not at the beginning of the end we're at the end of the beginning and unfortunately we know from history that it's much much easier to start a trade war than it is to end one especially if you've done what the u.s. has begun to do here which is really make it a pride and autonomy question for people. most u.s.
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companies believe china does not abide by global trade rules but for months large u.s. retailers like wal-mart the rely heavily on chinese imports have been urging the trumpet ministration to finalize a trade deal but donald trump hasn't ruled out adding even more tariffs to chinese goods brought into the united states the tensions could play out for weeks trump says he'll next meet with chinese president xi at the g. 20 summit in japan in june where the 2 will try to resolve their trade dispute kimberley health at al-jazeera the white house. there's the director of the european center for international political economy he thinks the trade war will come so which of the 2 countries can best withstand the terror of hikes. i would even argue that the u.s. economy is artificially strong in addition to there but we also have to look into the fight over much of the growth has been artificially induced by the tax reforms
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in other words it looks strong the numbers are good and there is actually the employment levels are unusually high but what i would argue here is that the most important factor is perhaps looking at the tiger china in fact we are looking at the low but stable g.d.p. high unemployment many seasonal workers have been not being asked to actually return to the factory after the chinese new year and at the same time we are looking at a huge spike include prices in the coming weeks so yes it's a question about who can inflict the other side most pain and who is the most resilient to pain oh i should also add that the trade is not that high chalo growth of the united states if you look at u.s. export to china it's less than one percent of the united states really at the same time on the side of china chinese export to the u.s.
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it's almost 4 percent that basically means that you can reduce this trade what goes around you could probably reduce 4 percent of chinese u.d.p. and which china simply can't afford. france is honoring 2 soldiers killed in a rescue mission in iraq you know far so last week the special forces commandos died while trying to free for tourists they'd been kidnapped during a safari and been even in an area considered no go zone by the french foreign office. the u.s. president all trump has praised the immigration policies of the hungary and prime minister viktor orban as he visited the white house u.s. officials say the visit is part of an effort to reengage with central european countries as china russia's influence grows across that region the former president barack obama refused to meet mr or ban during his time in office citing his poor record on human rights. it's a great honor to have with us the prime minister of hungary and victor oregon who
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has done a tremendous job in so many different ways highly respected respected all over europe. probably like me a little bit controversial but that's ok that's ok you've done a good job and you've kept your country safe and israeli cyber firm is being accused of developing a software program used to hack mobile phones through the whatsapp the u.k. newspaper the f.t. the financial times says the n.s.a. group's pegasus program targeted an unknown number of people using the app whatsapp company officials say the spyware was used to penetrate phones through missed voice calls whatsapp has its 1500000000 users to update the app the israeli denies the allegations. thousands of children in angola are at risk of starvation because of severe drought that's according to the united nations many are being treated for money attrition. has the story. these health workers in angola are trying to save
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the weak vulnerable and hungry it hasn't rained properly in months and some of these children are severely malnourished the united nations says more than 2000000 people in the southern province of can a urgently need food and water and there are fears the situation is going to get worse. not hearing food in the community and in their families directly affect the children because their own families we have little food reserves that's why so many are in this precarious health condition. some families try to survive on wild fruit if they can find any and finding clean water to drink and to irrigate crops is another challenge. in some communities farmers like. say they have lost everything. this year we have an odd thing. a soria is worried what water and food he has is running out and he has a family to feed and much to all of the interest in an emergency situation all
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support is necessary there is that only from the central government but also from the international partners the angolan government because this is a critical strategy ration one of the most severe in the last 20 years. some parts of southern africa have recently been hit by cyclons flash floods and droughts. people affected by that extreme weather urgently need help and some humanitarian aid isn't coming. out of their. ancient class divisions among india's hindus is still a source of hardship for millions of people as the country votes in the general election enders from was considered the lowest cost are once again turning to politics to be heard finds jamil reports now from poor districts in pradesh. it's been a life of labor for thoughtful things mainly working in farmer's fields to support his family. but it's also been
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a life dictated by caste hierarchy. thing in this family or low caste hindus known as delegates. he says the government ignores the violence and discrimination they face at the hands of upper caste hindus. want to. treat us with disgust from childhood i've seen this. if you want to drink what they stop us and don't allow us to know what it. was because of that he only trust delicate political parties that have grown in size since india's independence. the most famous. who wrote india's constitution and advocated for dulux rights that's the reason his statue is found throughout this region his legacy led to the creation of political parties to fight for rights and here is inspired a grassroots movement. they call themselves that there's nothing military about them i just want to do this and that they set up the school teaching
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children about culture and history something organizers say they don't learn in the government schools they go to earlier in the day. against particular. mindset. by the constitution that is relentless against the law. some kilometers away is where many upper caste hindus live and they also complain of discrimination want to. hear the men say reservations for adults in schools and government jobs puts them at a disadvantage. they are lower than us but we are this part off of our culture from the beginning we have always been on the right to do we have there have been more incidents recently of dulux being lynched by so-called cow vigilantes hindus who take their own actions over accusations of smuggling or illegal cow slaughter going if this basic idea is a family by and large
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a political ideology i think it can come up to this off. undo all the good work that has happened in. the back of things home he doesn't believe it's possible to break the centuries old mindsets of upper caste people in the area but he's hoping delegate lead political parties can help him and provide encourage meant for the next generation of delegates. meal al-jazeera district british india. these are your top stories sudan's military has denied accusations exam force used used live rounds against protesters in can't tune the planes what it calls infiltrates so please 5 demonstrators under soldier were killed people morgan has more from khartoum the tensions are still high at the square in front of the army headquarters here in the capital khartoum protesters are saying that they want to
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know who is responsible for the killing of their fellow protesters if the military is not responsible we've already heard from the military made last night or early this morning saying that they believe infiltrators were responsible for the gunshots that started and for the death of not just protesters but some of the military personnel as well so the protesters want to know exactly how those infiltrators that that the army has identified managed to make it to the army headquarters a curfew still in place and one strolling contrivance because of religious unrest the violence is happening just north of the capital colombo where mosques and muslim owned businesses were targeted. north korea has demanded the return of a cargo ship seized by the u.s. washington says the ship was carrying coal in violation of u.n. security council resolutions. the u.s. says a suit a warning to all vessels heading to the gulf that follows an incident in which 4 ships were damaged off the eastern coast of the u.a.e.
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on monday officials from the u.a.e. say the cargo ships were subjected to acts of sabotage near gyra an american military team as help investigate the attacks while iranian officials are warning of plots to disrupt regional security france is honoring 2 soldiers killed in a rescue mission in bikini faster last week the special forces commandos died while trying to free for tourists they'd been kidnapped during a safari and bernina in an area considered a no go zone by the french foreign office. if the rebels say they're responsible for a drone raid on saudi soil 7 drones attacked several saudi installations according to a goofy t.v. channel but it didn't mention what in the locations were what was targeted or whether there were any casualties those other headlines up next it's the stream i'll see you shortly after that but i. talk to al jazeera. you're just back from yemen what was the glimpse of the country that you go we
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listen to the children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter how does iraq. raising children isn't easy and it can sometimes seen the why is a never ending but ship digital screens be added to the list of things the fear or should they simply be embraced as part of parenting today that question is causing debate both in families and in academia after a series of studies have come up with controversial guidelines i feel me ok in your industry so you've probably thought about the impact of screen time on the mind of a youngster is this is a member of our community calm austin have a listen when the world health organization issues are poor like this that says that children should play more in circus where they're trying to do is.


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